this is pretty emo

  • Baekhyun: They say that love is forever. Your forever is all that I need. Please stay as long as you need
  • Yixing: Can't promise that things won't be broken. But I swear that I will never leave
  • Baekhyun: Please stay forever with me.
  • Yixing: The way that we are. It's the reason I stay. As long as you're here with me. I know we'll be Ok.
Strange things Brendon Urie has worn
  • a tshirt that read ‘lap dance tester’
  • bunny ears
  • high heels
  • a tshirt that read ‘i died on the oregon trail’
  • Basically a furry costume
  • booty shorts that had ‘are you nasty’ printed on the ass
  • a purple hoodie
  • a purple llama suit
  • a tshirt that read ‘who the fuck is Beebo?’
  • a crop top
  • Ryan’s jackets, ties, t-shirts, even his school tshirt goddamn
  • a tiara
  • that yellow over the shoulder thong thing
    Does Ryan Ross hate his fans?

    So in response to an ask I got, I thought I’d make a detailed post 

    First of all I want to stress the fact that Ryan Ross is a shy, awkward guy. Naturally, people tend to compare him to Brendon. But while Brendon is excitable and wild, Ryan’s quiet and introverted. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just their personalities.

    Post split, a fan sent him flowers on his birthday. When she met him after a TYV concert and asked him if he got them:

    His reaction when a fan gave him a gift basket:

    LJ era excerpts showing how he appreciates fans’ art even if they aren’t confident about it. More recently he’s also appreciated fan art on ig 

    An Afysco era discussion, basically the same topic

    He’s always pretty polite and respectful

    • Recently Z Berg talked about how he’s internet shy. So he’s not too active on social media.(x)
    • Another very important point is that his ex manager, sh**e used to post nasty shit from Ryan’s accounts, posing as Ryan, which confused and hurt fans.(x)
    • Sometimes, his sarcasm can be misinterpreted, but trust me he’s just trying to be sassy
    • Ryan used to feel bad about not being able to sign everyone’s stuff. Even after he’s been musically inactive I’ve never heard of him denying a fan a photo
    • Ryan has said he doesn’t mind fans illegally downloading his music for free.
    • That story about how he had so many stuffed toys in his bunk that he could barely fit but he didn’t want to throw them out cuz they were gifts from fans.
    • He gives good hugs??? jfgjkfkl

    In conclusion, my boy is just shy, he’s said it millions of times. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate his fans. I’m pretty sure he understands us pretty well.