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Imagine being Theo's sister and getting taken by thee Dread Doctors

Sorry, I know this is pretty long for an Imagine but I couldn’t figure out a good title.
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You were Y/n Raeken, Theo’s shy and naive sister. You had always been quiet, no matter who it was. But with your twin, he seemed to be the only one to get you to talk and be comfortable.

You had been in the AP class, and when you were at your locker, you noticed Lydia stand in front of you.

“Hi, I’m Lydia.” She said with a smile, and you offered a shy one in return.

“Y/n. ” You said.

“I thought you were just a sophmore, how are you in the senior AP course?” She asked, and your eyes flitted to the ground.

“I tested in as a senior. I’m just really intelligent and have an eidetic memory.” You said softly.

She let out a gasp of shock before saying, “That’s nice. I know what you mean though. I could’ve finished school last year, but I decided to stay.”

“Yeah.” You said, and then you were saved by the bell. It rang clearly and you quickly grabbed your books and made your way to your last class. After school had ended, you went out to wait for your brother by the truck. Soon enough, he appeared, and he had a smile on his face when he saw you.

“Hey Y/n/n, how was today?” He asked getting into the truck.

“It was alright. Do you know Lydia?” You asked and he nodded his head. “She actually talked to me earlier, just before last class. She asked about why I was in senior AP classes and I told her because I tested in that way. And she was saying how she could’ve graduated last year but she stuck around. I wouldn’t have, but then again, she’s got friends and I have you.” He nodded his head and said , ‘nice’ before concentrating on the road again.

“Oh, I’m going to the park later today. And then I’ll be home at around 6 or 7. That ok?” You ask suddenly remembering your plans.

“Sure, but no later than that.” He replied. You were in the park drawing random faces, when you saw some people sitting down next to you.

You glanced up to find Lydia and her friends, Scott, Stiles, Kira, and Liam. “May I help you?” You hesitantly asked while staring at them.

“Yeah, uhm, Stiles, here, seems to think your brother, Theo, has some ulterior motive for wanting to join Scott’s pack. Does he? And it’s ok, you can trust us.” Lydia said softly, and you shook your head.

“He has hardly ever had ulterior motives for anything, and the way you put it, makes it seem like you’re suspicious of him for something he hasn’t even done. I know he’s trying to prove himself to you all, and now I know he hasn’t in the slightest. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I should be going.” You replied and hastily stood up, but an arm kept you seated. You glared up to find it was Scott.

“What has he had ulterior motives for? Your heart rate increased significantly when you said that, what’s he done.” Scott said.

“It’s nothing alright? And if you’d stop to think for a minute, you would actually have listened to Lydia and known that I am quite introverted and I don’t like pressure of any sort. Good day.” You said, and he let you go. You grabbed your things and made your way back home, much earlier than expected. Getting there, you saw that Theo was gone. You sighed and went to your room. You heard weird noises, and opened your door to investigate when you felt the prick of a needle being put into your neck and you were on the ground in seconds.

Theo came home to find that it was after 9 o'clock at night and you weren’t home. You never did that. And that’s how he knew something was wrong and he went to Scott, not knowing who else to go to.

“Scott. Oh god. They took her. My god, they took my little sister. Please, you need to help me get her back. I can’t have my little sister getting turned and killed. Please, you’ve gotta help me.” Theo pleaded, he was crying and panicking slightly, and he had never felt like this before.

“Course we will. Won’t we Scott?” Lydia said, and he nodded. They went out in search and they finally stumbled upon the right place that had your scent. Then suddenly, they heard you screaming.

You were screaming, the Dread Doctors were causing you so much pain. You couldn’t ven tell what they were doing. You heard growling and they stopped what they were doing. You sighed in relief, and it was then that you noticed how tired you were. You slowly closed your eyes, welcoming the darkness and bliss from consciousness.

Theo, Soctt, Kira, and Liam were fighting them while Stiles and Lydia got you up and out of there.

“Never touch my sister again!” Theo roared, and suddenly, they were all leaving. He turned and rushed outside to find Stiles and Lydia taking you into the jeep. He got in and had your head on his lap while he constantly had a hand on your face, running his fingers through your hair. You weren’t even responsive to that, and that worried him. They took you to Deaton’s, and he fixed you up so that you wouldn’t be in pain, nor die, hopefully, because of the doctors.

When you woke up, you were laying on your stomach, and you saw Theo and the others sitting around you. They didn’t want to leave, wanting to make sure you would wake up before they did. You slowly recahed out and ran your hand through Theo’s hair and he woke up.

“Hey.” You whispered.

“Hey. You really had me worried there sweetheart.” He said.

“Yeah, he was panicking and all worried for you. You’re lucky to be alive. If we hadn’t gotten there when we did…” Scott trailed off.

“Thank you. All of you.” You said with a small smile. You were still very tired and your eyelids began to close once more.

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