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AU: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are the renowned Jay Gatsby and Miss Daisy Buchanan. The public knows all about their little affair, despite their desperate efforts to keep it under wraps. But alas, Gatsby is quick-tempered and overprotective and sweet Daisy is delicate and naive. Will he be able to keep her?

"She was everything, Nick. Everything to me. The passion was short-lived, a summer love, if it could even be classified as that, but God, she taught me the meaning of the word love. She taught me how to love. She was so beautiful, Carraway, but you know that anyway. She had the sweetest smile and I swear upon the stars and the move above us that whenever she smiled at me, I pocketed a little stardust from that sweet, sweet smile. God damn... And I let her slip away. Now, I just have to win her back."

Hi guys, so this comeback had me running back here. Sorry, I pretty much dreaded over losing my previous blog @kingjunmyeonn. I still don’t know how to start over again. I have no idea???? I’m back for good. I’m still having a difficulty with stuff right now but I’m having a good start. I wish you guys can help me with this. I missed everyone.