this is post number 25k for me

I’ve waited a bit to post this because I hate posting when it’s exactly on the number but…


I’ve always been around 25K but to hit that number, well it not only settles my OCD heart, but it makes me so happy. 


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Today I reached 25 thousands followers! It’s such a big number! I’m so happy that you are here and I always wonder what makes you stay… do you like my taste? The art I post? Does my blog inspire you? I want to believe that you enjoy visiting it as much as I enjoy working on it.
As the number of 25k was approaching, I was feeling a little bit confused. I mean, probably about 10 people remember my name, you don’t know my face and know very little about me. No one really messages me privately, like just to chat or make friends. I felt like you think my blog is nice but ignore the person behind it.
Some time ago I realized that all these things are my fault- I was the one who never tried to get in touch with you, I almost never write personal thoughts or share my stories and photos. I tried to fix it recently, as some of you might noticed, and I will definitely continue this in the future. What’s the point of having so many followers if they just follow a faceless ghost?
I want to make this blog more personal and I hope you’ll like the new content. Please, help me with it- ask questions, tell me what you would like to see, what you like the most and what is missing in my posts. Let’s be tumblr friends.

And again-thank you so much, you are all amazing! 💖

25K+ promo

I’ve reached 25K+ followers yay c:


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I’ll be choosing blogs to promote in solos, lists and possibly screenies. Numbers will depend on notes,

Thank you so much for following and supporting me guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!