this is possibly the dumbest thing i have ever made

Things my physics professor has said (sentence starter edition)
  • "How can you be a god in Blackjack when you only know three of the six things you can do in it."
  • "Put it through the loop. No the loop. No the loop. Just put your finger through the loop."
  • "We take Slinky's...and do science"
  • "You insulted my calculator?? Get back under the table."
  • "Do it again less wrong"
  • "Can the work do ramp to the ball?"
  • "We could just microwave it..."
  • "Oh my goodness, its food just eat it...I don't want to see your Wendys salad I don't care"
  • "You have more access to the internet than the entire country of China"
  • "Stop, you are using the universe's energy to accomplish nothing."
  • "Was Einstein on drugs when he discovered this? Quite possibly."
  • "Stop talking...You're still talking."
  • "I don't know what a wa-wa is and I don't want it in my classroom."
  • "Congratulations Kyle, you've won the award for the dumbest thing I have ever heard."
  • "Do you guys know how much money I would get paid per child?"
  • "I love this lab because it is the only time I get to drive that class insane"
  • "You should be punished for not winning."
  • "The amount I care is decreasing, like that graph I made."
  • "How dare you assume that I'm just a particle?"
  • "Here is the nice thing about color pencils if you break it you get two...don't break my color pencil"
  • "This is a dystopian future, represented as a pie."

I know I’m quite possibly the clumsiest person in the world and I bump into things and trip over my own to feet. But I’ll never understand how I end up with some of the bruises that I have. I mean, I just discovered one on my outer thigh. I’m starting to wonder if there’s monsters that live under my bed that come out while I’m asleep and punch me in the thigh until it ends up bruising.