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but poor lil sicky-poo luke waking up feeling even worse than the day before and it doesn’t take a trained eye to tell he’s under the weather. he’s much quieter than usual, isn’t eating very much, and is caught with his eyes closed more than once at breakfast. “luke, come on, let’s go back to bed,” you urge as everyone starts dispersing from the meal. “it’s okay, i’m fine,” he shakes his head, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to make himself more alert. “baby. you have a couple hours until soundcheck. come on, you look like crap.” your intention isn’t to insult him, and he’s too tired to fire back at you anyway, so he finally just sighs and nods at you. as the two of you walk back out to the bus, luke shivers, despite the rather mild temperature outside, and you quickly return his grey hoodie that you’d put on when you woke up. luke graciously takes the warm garment and puts it on, tugging the hood up, before taking your hand. you two pile onto the quiet bus and luke heads straight back to his bunk and toes off his boots before climbing up. you can hear him coughing a bit as you make your way back and a part of you wonders how he’s even going to do the show tonight. “baby?” he calls out, his voice small and desperate, and you follow it until you reach his bunk. “are you coming up?” he’s laying on his side, his colourless face buried into a pillow, and his eyelids droop so he can just see a fraction of you. you give him a sympathetic smile and wipe his hair from his balmy forehead before climbing up yourself. you don’t make him move, just crawl overtop of him to the other side until you’re laying comfortably behind him. he reaches back to take hold of your arm, pulling it him around him tightly and he scoots back enough until you’re both fit together like a puzzle. “wake me up in a couple hours, baby?” he mutters, but he’s out almost before the sentence is complete with soft snores filling the bunk. 

sa-satan  asked:

prompty prompt: landlord!derek helping strays finding a home and then saves dumb and dumber from themselves, stiles shamelessly flirting with him (dereks dogs totally loving scott more than they should) please and thank you ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

you’re the worst, but fine

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Derek had only just wrapped his hand around the bundle of leashes, when there was an excited bark from further inside the apartment followed by the sound of paws running across the hardwood floor.

He couldn’t help but smile at the sound, the smile only growing when the three dogs came into view, all with their tails wagging excitedly and tongues hanging out. Dexter, the tiny terrier with an incredible amount of energy, jumped up and put his front paws on Derek’s thigh, a tiny bark erupting from him.

“Sit,” Derek ordered as he untangled the leashes, and when all three of them sat down, he moved to attach one leash to each of the dogs’ collars.

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