this is pointless tbh but oh well

@buffy-angel-and-co replied to your postYour favorite season 7 outfit for Buffy? Which…

Interesting choice, I should have known it would be something from Him! ;)

“Him” was Season 7′s Lord and Savior. So of course Buffy’s best outfits are from there! ;)


not much happened today. just went to the gym, then back home. i got all your emails written down! school starts late august, so expect messages then

i still dont know where my ps4 is (its probably gone 1 way or another tbh) and of course, doomfist decides to come out. oh well, itll be easier to play once i get a pc. my mum let us keep the 360, despite that meaning that taking the ps4 was pointless? so im stuck replaying old games rip

see yall tomorrow, be safe!

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What are your thoughts on To the Bone? I know that a lot of people online are accusing it of romanticising EDs, but I know that multiple people working on the show (including the main actress) have suffered from EDs in the past, and I also know that people will automatically assume and accuse any show with that kind of storyline of romanticising without watching it first. I have mixed feelings.

i agree ! it isnt even out yet and people have such strong opinions and literally any show with a character with an ed is often seen as “romanticizing” when its reality and like most people working on the show know what having an ed is like. i have seen people say oh itll just be inspo porn but tbh every show w an anorexic character is often seen as that when a lot of the time its well written. i havent seen it yet, who knows it might suck and be 13rw 2.0 but i think writing it off immediately is pointless. and even if it sucks: a discussion will happen either way. as much as i dislike 13rw, bc of the controversy, mental illness was a HUGE topic on social media and was very educational. so i guess the silver lining if it is bad is that a discussion will happen

Okay so I’m really sorry I accidentally deleted an anon ask!! It said “what is your opinion of Eliza Schuyler? My friend thinks she is vapid and pointless and I feel like I can refute them well enough”

Vapid and pointless ?! I actually sat down at my computer to write that, I am so outraged.

Okay so my opinion of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton is that not only was she a total certified Babe/Cinnamon Roll, she is also the Original-Flavour Bitch you don’t wanna mess with. I don’t know if you meant Eliza in the musical or in real life so I kinda did both.

  • At first I can see why you would be like « oh she is vapid » cause like in Helpless, she is, well, helpless. But I mean who could blame her, so would I be tbh. Alex marries her primarily because of status, that enough qualifies as not pointless although a bit dickish.
  • I know in the musical it sounds like Eliza sending GWash letters about her pregnancy is the reason GWash didn’t give Hammy boy a command and sends him home. In real life homeboy threw a tantrum and resigned by himself. She was protective of her future child and look what happened look more drama
  • I feel like it should be obvious but let’s have a closer look at It’s Quiet Uptown. Eliza has been cheated on (that sucks). Her husband told the story THROUGH A FUCKING ESSAY IN THE NEWSPAPER (that sucks MAJORLY). Her son decided to defend his stupid father’s rep and got shot (wow okay thanks). And she takes his hand and forgives him ?? That is some Herculean strength there. Anybody would have bolted. She gave him support to the end even though he was a drama queen.
  • (I just thought I’d mention  how badass Burn is, and how angry Philippa plays it more than heartbroken which only adds to the strength and general badassery that is Eliza Schuyler)
  • Did you know that Talleyrand complained that Alex liked historical figures too much and did not appreciate Eliza’s beauty enough ? Get your head out of your ass Hammy
  • In his farewell letter, Alexander called Eliza « best of wives and best of women » what more do you want in life to tell you how awesome she was ? The man kinda had a way with words
  •  Okay. Alexander gets shot and this is very sad. What does Eliza do. She gets all of his writings in order (I just imagine her swimming through piles of handwritten papers with « fucking Thomas Jefferson did it again » angrily scrawled upon half of them), while son James was trying to write the first biography of a father he saw die (way to raise your children). She fundraises for the Washington memorial. She establishes the first private orphanage. In my opinion she got even more badass after Alex’s death
  • She protected Alex’s rep to the end. Like, James Monroe was the one to start telling people about the Reynolds affair right ? She asked him for an apology all of her life, and when he came to visit her on her deathbed to give said apology, she declined, That’s cold.

This may have been a bit too long and I may have gotten carried away. But to sum up, Eliza was a beacon of strength and Alexander absolutely did not deserve her. I love the guy but come on she is the real MVP here