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Random Thought:

So, I came across these pictures again and it made me realize that the thing that I love the most about them is that they’re actually canon. That thought makes me so happy because it makes me think of all the cute and dorky pictures Laura has (most likely) persuaded Carm into taking with her lol.

Like I can just imagine Carm sitting on a chaise lounge, reading her book, and Laura comes in to sit next to her and says how they should “document their adventures” or that she wants to update her account for her viewers. And Carm (after some mild complaining on how pointless it is) reluctantly agrees to be in them. And Laura is all excited in the pictures while Carm just casually looks at the camera and broods.

However, I also like to think that when they’re alone and Carm drops her walls with Laura, that when she decides to take pictures (just for them) that Carm is more open and authentic in them. Like she’ll genuinely smile and be warm towards her in pictures. Like with this one:

Anyway, just a random thought…

In my head, somewhere, there’s this muggleborn Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, who loves history. And she’s so excited about History of Magic, she reads all the books she can find, she looks for how it fits in with muggle history…

And then she gets to Hogwarts and realizes that wizards don’t care about history. At all. Class is taught by a ghost who doesn’t care about anything modern and seems surprised when he realizes students actually exist, no one cares if they fall asleep in class, everyone has been assigned the same essay topics every year for the last five hundred years. It’s all about rebellions and wars and treaties, and there’s no social history at all.

And her first couple years she just deals with it, because, hey, new fascinating world she’s learning all about, she can deal with one poorly taught class.

But what made me think about this was the title of Harry’s essay in third year. “Witch-Burning in the Fourteenth Century Was Completely Pointless - discuss.” Because look at that from the point of view of someone who knows something about the motives behind witch-hunts.

So that’s when she loses it and spends the whole summer researching and writing an essay on the historical effects of magical existence on muggles. How wizards let people scapegoat other muggles and especially women for things muggles wouldn’t believe in if there weren’t real wizards everywhere. How pureblood wizards were happy to screw up the lives of the muggles living near them and then avoided all consequences because hey, they had Flame-Freezing Charms if the worst happened, what did they care if someone else was caught and died horribly instead of them. How even today muggles were falsely diagnosed with mental illnesses because wizards weren’t careful enough with their Disillusionment Charms, or because wizards thought Memory Charms were the solution to everything no matter how they affected the victim.

And she hands it in at the start of the year and a week later she gets summoned to the Headmistress’s office.

And Professor McGonagall smiles at her and says “This is a bit unusual, but would you be interested in a TA position?”

I know literally zero people care but for some reason I cannot let go of Gleevengers and Blaine Stark, so have some headcanons about Blaine coming out to Tony and later on introducing Kurt to the Avengers:

  • Blaine doesn’t come out to his dad until he’s 15, even though he’s known that he’s gay since he was 7.
  • He promises that it isn’t because he doesn’t trust him, but because he didn’t want it to be a big deal, and so he only wanted to mention it if it was brought up naturally.
  • Tony isn’t mad that he waited and only responds by admitting he isn’t as straight as people might think himself.
  • While Tony wasn’t surprised in the slightest by Blaine coming out, Blaine’s eyebrows almost fly off his face at his father’s confession.
  • Tony naturally finds it hilarious, and their conversation ends with them laughing at everything and nothing, which is a better way to come out.
  • Blaine is more nervous about introducing Kurt to Tony and the Avengers than he was coming out, but that’s only because they can all be so goddamn embarrassing if it’s at his expense.
  • He’s rarely mad about it, because he know they’re just teasing.
  • But still.
  • Kurt, who should be the one freaking out, has to calm him down.
  • Clint makes an inappropriate joke five minutes in, Nat slings an arm around Kurt’s shoulders, which was probably the scariest thing she could do, and Tony’s fingers worm under Blaine’s arms in order to “tickle him to loosen up”.
  • Blaine is almost angry.
  • Only he isn’t really.
  • Afterwards Kurt says he loved them all and lets his own fingers collide with Blaine’s sensitive skin to make him laugh.
  • If Blaine didn’t adore them all he would think them knowing each other is the worst decision he’s ever made.
  • Don’t get him wrong though, it definitely is the end of his semi regular life.
  • He doesn’t mind too much.
remember the night you walked away from me? i looked at you with so much anger but so much love at the same time. i hated you, but i was in love with you. i would have done anything for you to stay but instead i just looked at you until you left.
since that night i’ve lost control of myself and everything around me. taking baths were peaceful; calm. but now i want to force myself under and stay there because really, that’s the only time it’s quiet. medicine was something you took when you were sick, or when you had physical pain. now it’s the only thing keeping me together every night when it’s dark & i’m alone. look what you’ve done to me.. i was such a happy girl. i appreciated the sun and the way it shined. i appreciated the way the sky could be blue on one side, but dark & gray on the other. i appreciated that an ugly sky that dropped rain could create a path of so many colors. i had a love for the stars and the way they made the moon look so big. i loved everything and i felt a deep happiness growing out of me, mistakingly feeling as if it could reflect off of you. i miss you; i miss you everyday. i couldn’t bear your absence, but now i can stand pain, and i welcome it in all forms.
They have an idol sister and they have a crush on a member (you) of her group (BTS)

Y/S/N: your sister’s name

Rap Monster: -he would always wanted to talk to you when he would visit. You weren’t exactly sure why he was so friendly but his sister knew and could tell but wouldn’t say anything- “hey Y/N. Great to see you again”

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Jin: -he would instantly get shy when you greeted him. You were just really cute to him and he didn’t know what to say to you- “h-hi”

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Suga: -you were a ball of energy and always offering smiles and maybe that’s why he couldn’t help but develop a crush on you- *gif*

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J-Hope: -he sister would tug him off after a little and ask him what he was really flirting with you- “I was. Sh’es really pretty. Can’t help it”

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Jimin: -you would tease him, you kind of figured out why he was so odd around you. He would laugh at your words before he got serious with you- “so do you like me as well or is this a pointless crush?”

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V: -he saw you for the first time today and he instantly fell for you. You were happy to meet him and the members of BTS- “Y/S/N, who is that? She’s like so perfect”

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Jungkook: -sure girls made him nervous sometimes. You were also a sweet girl who made him giggly and shy like a school girl. His sister went as far as to ask him if he had a crush on you- “I mean I don’t know. I might”

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The whole Emma/Jonas/PChris subplot felt so pointless until I saw someone pointing out in a Skam Facebook group that for the first time. With PChris, Emma got to be someone's first choice and I think that is a really sweet addition to the story

that is so sweet! i didn’t mind this subplot, i actually thought it was really funny and it made me happy for jonas/eva and i think pchris/emma look very pretty together. 

but what you said makes sense and it’s very sweet.

Unspoken Words (Jungkook scenario)

Paring : Jungkook/ female OC

Genre : Angst

Requested by @lessbaby2002: “Hi! I really love your scenarios! Can i request a Scenarios of Jungkook when his 02line girlfriend got into a deep coma after car accident? Thank youuu!!!”

A/N : thank you for sending your request, and I’m so sorry it took me so long TT. I hope you like it. I apologize for any mistakes. I didn’t give her a name because what happens in the story is sad so I just used ‘she/her’. THERE WON’T BE A PART 2!!! you guys pick the ending ^^ ENJOY!

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“Happy birthday.” Jungkook said sweetly, as he held each of her hands in his.

The birthday party just ended, and all guests left, everyone but her boyfriend. It wasn’t official but they were definitely not just friends, he didn’t ask her out yet but he hinted that she was going to be his one day, every chance he got, and she could tell he was jealous whenever one of her classmates flirted with her or showed interest, but he never said anything, only throwing hints.

Unlike her friends’ relationships, he wasn’t her age, nor did he go to the same high school when they met.

He is her neighbor’s youngest son, and if her mother wasn’t the type to make friends with everyone, meeting Jungkook could have never happened.

The fact that they both lived in the same neighborhood helped a lot when it came to developing the relationship, back then, he was always around, saying that he’ll take care of her, and often asking if someone was bullying her. But now he is a college student, and there is a distance between them. When he told her he was going to move, she almost started crying, thinking that he will go to another city, but luckily he didn’t have to, he was just an hour away from her and he promised to come see her every week.

And he did keep that promise.

Even now, her 17th birthday, and he was there with her, holding her hands. 

“So, um, you said you’ll give me my gift when we’re alone…” Technically, they weren’t alone, her parents were in the house but there was no one else in the bedroom. She actually thought he was going to pop the question, and just end the confusion everyone else had about the two of them.

He took a deep breath, and opened his mouth, only for a sweet voice to come out, soft melody, and beautiful words. He was singing, to her. For her. That was the gift.

It didn’t sound familiar, which means he might have made that. She stared and listened to him in awe, when he finished he smiled shyly and squeezed her hands.

“Happy birthday.” He repeated.

“Did you make that?”

He nodded cutely.

“Woah!” Her reaction made him chuckle. She knew he had a nice voice but she didn’t know he could make a song, well it wasn’t a full song, but still, it was amazing to have someone who will write something and sing it for her like that.

It hit her after a few minutes that he wasn’t going to ask her out. She sighed, she was happy but it was bothering her.

“What is it?”

“Nothing…” At this point, lying to Jungkook was pointless, he knew her like the back of his own hand.

“I know there is something, come on, you can tell me.” His voice was like a whisper, soft and sweet. So she gave in.

“Would you like to go out with me?” Jungkook was confused, it was written all over his face. It was late for a date, and it didn’t make any sense. She sighed again. “I mean, do you want to be my boyfriend, officially?”

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Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.

Honestly it’s really fucking cute when haters pop up doubting BTS and Yoongi because he’s been calling them out forever now. “Oh oh my haters, curse me some more. Keyboard warriors, please put effort into it. Yeah, just like that keep looking down on me, proving you wrong is my hobby.( We On)” Literally he’s the one who had to choose between eating cheap and walking home or eating even cheaper and riding the bus home. All in the name of music. All so he could work in his studio for no pay and struggle with a feeling of incompetence/depression when he literally performed for only a pair of people. A pair. Like two people. 

That’s why he didn’t think it was wrong to be an idol, because fuck it, some people can barely survive while only doing music. Yet, that’s all Yoongi wanted to do. That was the most important thing for him and he couldn’t imagine giving up music or shoving it the the side for another job. He’s being realistic, he’s making a living while doing something he loves and that path happens to be one of an idol. What did he get in turn for giving up everything else, for leaving home, for dancing at early hours in the morning, for lacking sleep and food and going through rigorous training? What did he gain from finding a median to allow him to keep dreaming? Unwarranted hate.

“You’re idols so even without a listen I can tell it sucks, I don’t like your lyrics even if I don’t see it it’s a video. Since you don’t have much power you must have done some dirty stuff, seeing the things you do you’ll fail soon. (Two!Three!)” You really think that came from nowhere? Of course not. He’s literally been called, to his face with others watching, an “icon” for girls, not “real” hip hop just rap. They called him an “industrialized icon” and not music To. His. Face. And that’s right, he didn’t have power. He sat there listening to these so called, self proclaimed “experts” of hip hop gang up on him.

But the funny thing is BTS and Min Yoongi were bound to gain popularity, they were bound to be recognized, way more than these hip hop experts could ever dream of; why? Because “during that time, at the least, I slept less and moved more.(Agust D)” Also because he’s had truckloads of more experience and because he, as a person, always gives and cares for fans. Being a bling bling “icon” for girls? Fine. Why not? As long as his music was doing what he always wanted it to, giving a voice/ energy/ hope/ warmth to the people who didn’t have it. “I can withstand tiring and harsh trips back and forth from work because my people are watching. Even if my body hurts, i can withstand it because the screams come crashing. The difference between pre and post debut, even while living on a line between rapper and idol my notebook is full of rhymes. Between the waiting room and stage i hold a pen and write lyrics, this is me, in your eyes what has changed? Damn shit i’m the same, I changed? Go and reiterate i didn’t change and guarded my roots i’m still rapperman. (Born singer)” Hard working and a true pinnacle of somebody who does everything for music and to connect with fans. It’s no surprise he got fame, unimaginable fame that shut out all the “real” hip hop haters and made them admit, in shame, they were schooled.

He’s always built a wall because of this, and Yoongi does a good job of hiding it. We’ve never seen Min Yoongi openly cry. He’s always managed to hold back. He’d pat his members on the back, he’d smile at them, he’d hug them, but he’d never cry. Because to those just waiting for their time to pounce back, to them it’s a weakness. “아… 아이돌 다 됐내.” You’re just fully an idol now… that’s exactly how they’d belittle him. But look at him. Finishing tours successfully, breaking records, dominating charts world wide. He spreads more music and leaves more of his legacy in the k-hiphop scene than anybody who’s ever talked ill about him. So yes, he deserved this award. He deserved it so much. Because even if it hurt him inside he knew how harsh reality was, he took the title that was slaughtered and seen through colored lenses and he bore it proudly even if people tried to break his back with it. He made music, he lived his dream and this was the physical proof of his effort. “That’s right, keep (hating) on and on. We’ll be happy by ourselves, good yeah i’m good (Two! Three!)”

That’s why haters are pointless. “Take it away from them? It was stolen from ______? They don’t deserve it?” Give me a fucking break, do yourself a favor and get over it. You can’t steal this glory from him, you can’t for a second downplay it. This was all him. It was all his. (As this is a Yoongi appreciation post i’m using singular nouns) but seriously. The countless doubts and ridicule he faced to produce something that would make a wide audience happy is rewarding him and being recognized. So don’t you dare, ever, not even for a second, argue that he didn’t deserve this. And don’t you dare call him out for finally releasing his emotions because he’s achieved his goal. This is his moment, his year, his prize. 건드리지마 손도 대지마 “Don’t touch it, what’s mine, don’t even put a hand on it.” (Give it to me). Don’t touch whatever belongs to Min Yoongi. Don’t.

Heyo, so I heard you weren’t feeling too hot creativity-wise so I’m here to bring some ideas that might help! Or might not, in which case I’m really sorry. I promise I mean well.

  • Don’t push yourself too hard! Maybe you should kick back a little, not worry about creating. Watch something! Maybe not Jack or Mark, since they’re who you edit the most and I don’t want you to stress about that.
  • Try binging Thomas Sanders! He’s my go-to for happy vibes and creative energy, so it might work for you, too! Maybe Princey has a solution to a creative rut
  • …or movies! Movies could work too!
  • Or if you want to create but lack the ideas, try looking at your older edits. But not with a “wow so cringey why” attitude. Look for things and ideas you’re happy with, maybe stuff you’ve forgotten to use again, or try redoing older edits! Look at all that progress you’ve made!
  • Or look through others’ stuff and try looking for things you like and wanna try yourself, and not go into thinking “they’re so much better than me and I suck”! (I promise you don’t, you’re amazing.)
  • If you get an idea, even if you can’t work on it right now, please write it down! If you already have neat notes then this bulletpoint is pointless (pun intended?) but I know I tend to have a lot of ideas up until I sit down to create. Then they’re all gone.
  • Listen to some music! No, really. This song always gets my creativity going somehow, try finding what works the best for you! I can recommend listening to Audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell, they make you feel epic.
  • A lot of art and character challenges can work for edits as well - if you’d like me to dig up some for you, hit me up.
  • …also if you just wanna talk in general c:
  • Also, here’s a few posts with links to fun creative stuff to do if you feel like it!! x x
  • …and here’s a huge list of AUs to have fun with
  • But most importantly: remember that no one is rushing you. We love your edits and your gifs, but more importantly, we love you. I love you. Please don’t push yourself too hard. You’re allowed to not be at your best all the time. We’re patient, we love your stuff nonetheless, and we’ll wait until you feel better about it again. Now all I ask of you is to be patient with yourself.

…and if this helped in any way, even just a bit, read through it again the next time you’re in a rut with your edits. I hope it’ll help then too.

- Love, Kata

I was going to reply privately but good lord this is a handy list, and it was so damn sweet of you to do this for me! Thank you so much; I appreciate it more than you know! I’m saving it in my drafts so I don’t lose it.

As for the last bulletpoint…It drove me to tears. I just don’t want to bore you guys and I love making things for you..So I feel kind of shitty when nothing is coming to me, but I love you guys. So damn much. <3

A Walk To Remember

Requested by @johnscupoftea - Reid and the reader go hiking

Title : A Walk To Remember

Pairing : Spencer Reid x Reader

POV : Third Person

Word Count : 1090

A/n : I don’t know how I feel about this fic, please let me know. I love Spencer but I suck at writing him and it drives me up the wall. 

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There were a lot of things that annoyed Reid. Bullies, unnecessarily angry people, the fact that he was a genius and still couldn’t come up with a cure for alzheimer’s.

The Outdoors.

This might seem like the most irrelevant one on the list but trust me it isn’t. Because Spencer could tolerate everything else, he could learn to get over it. He couldn’t however get over his annoyance over the wilderness.  It was just really big, and creepy and had bugs and bears.

“Y/n if you don’t stop that I am going to hurt you” Spencer growled as Y/n continued to sing nursery rhymes.

“ Why,don’t you like it” she smirked , continuing to push through the branches that blocked their way.

“Not really”

“ Well it keeps me calm so shush.

If you go down in the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today
You’d better go in disguise!

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain
Because today’s the day the
Teddy Bears have their picnic

He slapped a hand across her mouth “ I am serious stop” he hissed.

 She laughed against his hand and ran up the hill.

“ You really don’t like the woods do you?” She asked, her hands on her hips.

“ Not particularly” he panted trudging up with the hill.

“Well I do. I also like my bed and would like to get back to it. So the sooner we find this lost dog the sooner we can go home.” She sighed, giving him a hand and pulling him up.

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Do you at this point think a selfie would do anything for you? You obviously still care since you wanted a selfie, but what emotion do you think you would feel? At this point it's probably easier to get something from Cait, so maybe we should ask her when she's online. How did you feel about the group pic from the rugby game?

1) Not really but it would still be nice to see.

2) I’m just kind of in a weird funk where I miss them and want to feel shippery again so I’m trying to force myself to get over the bullshit, but it’s not really working.

3) Sam is way more likely to respond to shippery tweets than Cait, although as we know he hasn’t been interested in about 6 months soo tweeting him is pretty pointless. Idk why I bothered.

4) It definitely made me happy for a short time but that was replaced by frustration when there was more fuckery a few days later. It never ends.

5) I think you guys are just going to have to put up with my sporadic mood swings and my feelings changing on the hour. Like I said, I’m a damn mess 💁🏻

6) Idk why I answered this message with numbers instead of paragraphs.

I just finished episode 7. I know I’m slow, but every episode leaves me so emotionally drained and I need to time to recover.

Loneliness. No matter how someone seems from the outside, loneliness can happen to anyone. To feel lonely even when you’re surrounded by people is something I have experienced. It’s like you’re the only one who’s different. In this sea of people you’re the one left out. The one who doesn’t fit in anywhere. No one understands you.

When Zach took the messages from Hannah’s pouch, it broke my heart. It’s a small stupid thing, but it made her so happy. It was the highlight of her school life at that point. It was something she looked forward to and some stupid guy took that away from her.

That hit something inside me. No matter how stupid or pointless something may seem, it could mean the world to someone. People don’t understand how taking it away or ignoring it’s importance can affect someone. Little things matter. They fucking do matter!!

Fuck, this show is going to destroy me.


By AllyinthekeyofX

Dialogue only for @xfficchallenges

They are driving.  It’s in-car dialogue and dialogue isn’t my strong point but I tried!  Thanks as always to @guitargirl48 for being my fic rock and telling me it wasn’t too crap.


“Hey Scully, you want to play a game?….eye spy? Make the trip pass faster.”

“Mulder, in case it hasn’t registered through your layers of obsessional focus - the same obsessional focus that dragged me out of bed at 4am on a  precious saturday morning to go haring half way across the country on what will probably be yet another wild goose chase, I should probably point out that it is still dark outside”

“There are lots of things we could see in the dark Scully.”

“lots of things YOU could see in the dark Mulder.  I on the other hand just want to sit here and try to persuade my body that it’s still under the influence of restful slumber.”

“Do I take that as a no?”


“Yes no or yes yes?”


“Yes you want to play a game or no you want me to shut the hell up?”

“Mulder you don’t have to shut the hell up.  I kind of like it when you talk..”

“You do?”

“Yeah.  The sound of your voice puts me to sleep.”


“I didn’t mean it like that.”


“Mulder are you sulking?”


“You are.  You’re sulking because I won’t play a game…..oh for fuck sake. Will you stop it?”

“Stop what?  I’m not doing anything..”

“You’re doing that thing with your face…that kicked puppy thing.”

“Kicked puppy thing?  Scully you’re delusional.”

“No.  I’m not at all.  Every time you don’t get your own way you pull this face….”

“Awww Scully you look kind of cute all wrinkled up like a baby armadillo”

“Eyes on the road Mulder, right now.”

“You were the one who told me to look at your face….your armadillo face…your cute wrinkled armadillo face…hey Scully did you know that armadillos are genetically predisposed to only giving birth to quadruplets?  Pretty cool huh?”

“Amazing.  I’ve been waiting my whole life to unlock the secrets of armadillo procreation.  Thanks for that.”

“Ok, how about this one.  Horses lack the ability to breathe through their mouths.”

“I know.”

“You know?”



“Mulder I just know.  I don’t know how I know.  How the hell do you know that armadillos only give birth to litters of four?…sometimes we just know pointless bits of information and our brains store it for no other reason than to annoy our FBI partners at 5am on a saturday morning.”

“No information is pointless Scully.”

“Yeah well, I’ll grant you that all information has a certain relevance to someone, but it’s all relative as to how much weight we allot to any given subject.  For example, did you know that brain freeze is actually an accepted medical condition?”

“Brain freeze?  As in eating ice- cream- too- fast brain freeze?”

“Sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia; commonly known as brain freeze”

“I love it when you talk medical Scully.  Okay, did you know that comparative to body mass, a barnacle has the largest penis known in nature?”

“You just made that up.”

“No I swear it’s absolutely true. Why do you think lady barnacles always look so happy?”

 “Hmmm okay, well did you know the ‘dot’ over the top of the letter j is called a tittle?”

“Not bad Scully.  But yes I did and I’m never adverse to a nice tittle.”

“Mulder that was terrible even by your standards.  Ask me another.”

“Another what?”

“Another pointless fact question.”

“I thought you wanted to sleep? Okay, pointless fact about sleep.  Did you know that before the introduction of colour television, only around 15% of people dreamed in colour?  Now it’s more like 82%  I mean how weird is that?  It’s like The Wizard of Oz….everything in black and white and then suddenly there it is - a technicolour landscape laid out for the taking.  Makes me wonder if our dreams are somehow subconscious links to our viewing habits.  That if I watched nothing but cookery shows I would dream in smell-a-vision….it’s a whole new spin on waking up and smelling the coffee….in fact on the subject of coffee, I could use some caffeine right about now.  What say we pull over at the next………oh.”

(Whispered) “Hey Scully, did you know that sea otters hold hands when one is sleeping to ensure they never drift away from each other?…..”


I have a lot of questions about the facebook live and I am going to take this opportunity to express why I actually am quite pleased with it and the direction this may be taking us.

I know this is likely a minority opinion, but I have absolutely no issue with a professional collaboration between Darren and Lea. 

Fact, Darren has 1.6 Million IG Follows. Lea has 4.5 Million.  

Fact, Darren has 1.9 Million Twitter Followers. Lea has 4.7 Million

Me, I like that promotion. That is nearly 3 million people that would not otherwise be exposed to Darren and his music who may now take a peak. And if they like what they hear, just may buy his EP.  

And let’s face it, like her or not. Lea is a beautiful, talented woman who works her ass off to maintain her image and has an excellent work ethic.  For PR purposes, she is a perfect person to get some promotion. And they are equally using each other.

And what I really liked. They aren’t even pretending this is anything but PR. Lea said last night that this was the first time she had ever been to Darren’s house. Granted, we all know that isn’t his house, but the average person watching that Facebook Live doesn’t have a clue. If they wanted to pretend they were Besties and have been hanging out constantly for the past two years, that comment would not have been made. It was quite clear that these two really had not seen each other outside of their dinner with Chord the night before (I love how much they mentioned that dinner and made it seem like it was just the three of them reminiscing about Glee) and of course the Comic Con which was not mentioned but there are photos and video.

On a professional level, Darren has nothing to loose and everything to gain. I am confident that whatever they post today on YouTube will be posted by multiple news sites. And they will mention Lea’s album. And they will mention Darren’s album. Not so sure how that is a bad thing.

But I see this beyond a professional level as well. I feel as though we are heading in the direction of a renewed “friendship” between the two.  And that friendship provides a distraction as we near the end of the PR relationship from hell.  It is very clear to all of us, I think, that we are headed to the end of this horrific nightmare of a chapter in Darren’s life. And that is a very good thing. What I don’t think has been decided, though others will disagree, is exactly how this ends. Staged Break up?  Reveal of her as a beard?  The whole truth? No one knows. And if I were a betting person, I would say negotiations are still very much ongoing to exactly how this completely unhealthy relationship ends. What I have noticed?  The way in which the bearding has been happening lately has massively shifted. They have removed her from virtually all of his professional outings and have contained it to isolated “private but not really private events” that are broadcast all over social media. It seems to me this will continue until the finale is decided.

And Lea is the perfect distraction while all of the behind the scenes negotiations take place.  And further, she is the perfect distraction once it is clear that Mia is no longer the official plus 1.

So as Darren’s new PR friend, she is a person to go to events and parties with. But even better. She is a person that is connected to Chris.  I cannot say this enough. This is so critical right now.  Remember, as I pointed out yesterday, Lea hasn’t just been interacting with Darren lately. She and Chris have also been interacting on social media as well. To overlook this is a massive mistake. So I view this as an excellent bridge to opportunities for these two extraordinary men to been seen in public together again.  And that is crucial. Because again, you and I, we know. We are ready for them to come running out of the closet and broadcast to the world that they are in love and have been for six years. Everyone else? They don’t have a clue. And there is nothing wrong with a little preparation and groundwork.

I won’t lie, I was quite concerned that they were setting us up for Lea as the new beard. And I think I have made my opinion on that quite clear.  A new beard is pointless and will have little to no gain as barely anyone who actually pays attention believes the straight narrative.  But I no longer feel that is the direction- if that was the push, they would not have had their happy PR dinner with the fourth wheel with nothing to contribute and they would not have done the live stream from the PR house (I really cannot for the life of me figure out why they did it from the storage room. Big mistake, but I digress).  So as a PR friend?  I see nothing but positives for Darren. And more importantly, I think it could play a huge role it the eventual truth (or partial truth).

I also would not be surprised at all of we see them onscreen together in a Murphy production soon, whether she is cast in a small role on ACS, they both drop by AHS, or Glee 2.0.

Mysterious Things // Carl Grimes Imagine

At last!!!! I’ve finally finished the third and final part of my ‘Miscellaneous Things’ series! Thanks so much for being so patient my loves <3

Tell me what you think! I worked v hard on this one lmao

find part 1 here  and part 2 here     or find all of my writings here

-Mads <3

A L E X A N D R I A // P A R T 3 // 2 8 9 2

I took a deep breath, hesitating before knocking on his door.

It’s been a month y/n. Get a fucking grip.

After finally mustering up the courage to knock, I took a step back, fixing my hair subconsciously for the third time.

I heard footsteps jog up to the door, and before I knew it, there he was, looking as painfully adorable as ever, but also extremely confused.

“Y/n? Oh shit uh… h-hey, I didn’t think you’d, you’d actually come.” Carl rubbed the back of his neck, before reaching up to attempt to fix his hair.

“I literally told you yesterday that I as coming to look after Judy today, Carl.”

“Yeah, yeah I know but I thought… I don’t know, I thought you’d bail because you’d be stuck with me all day..since..ya know..” He trailed off. I scrunched my eyebrows, confused.

“Carl, I’ve told you before that things don’t need to be awkward between us, ok? Plus, I’ll be ok with Judy on my own for the day so you don’t have to hang about if you don’t want to.” I said with a small smile, stepping past him into the house towards Judy’s room.

“No! no, I’ll stay here, Dad said- well, he implied that… I-I want to stay here. With you.” Carl stuttered from his place near the door behind me. My eyes widened slightly at his comment, but I kept walking, saying nothing.

It was true, I had told Carl several times that I didn’t mind still being friends. Yes, I did confess my love to him a few weeks ago, but I’ve come to accept that he was never meant to be mine.

Carl however, always made it awkward. He hardly spoke to me anymore. Sometimes I would catch him staring at me, which made my heart skip, but then he’d look away guiltily and I’d realise that Enid’s hand was wrapped around his.

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Have you ever thought about it? You know, the idea of us? I have, but I never push it because I know you’re in love with her. I wonder what it’d be like if you looked at me that way, if I was the one that painted a smile on your face just by existing. What if I had the chance that she does? What if my voice was the one you woke up wishing you could hear? What if our lips met and it wasn’t a dream, it was real and you made the first move? Maybe it’s pointless to ask, but what if?
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: a girl who loves a boy but he is in love with someone else. They flirt all the time and laugh together, but she knows deep down he thinks they are just friends and has feelings for another girl. She wants him to be happy, but she can’t help thinking what if? What if he just kissed me one night because we couldn’t help it? What if we could make this work? What if?
MC giving the RFA home made chocolates on their first Valentine’s Day together

This is my try to do Valentine’s Day head canons/imagines. I’m a week early, but oh well. If you read this … I’m sorry about the culture mix I probably ended up using.

Does contain mild spoilers like real names.


  • Well, he never had a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day before. He usually ended up meeting his LOLOL friends and eating bowls of noodles with black bean paste on April 14th, or “Black Day”, instead. They would sit together talking about how love was overrated. Afterwards they would all go home to drown their sorrows in LOLOL.
    • Last year, one of his friends had found a girlfriend and did not take part in their little circle of loneliness. Yoosung did try to be happy for him, but inside he had never felt so betrayed before.
  • This Valentine’s Day however would be different. Since he has you now. This means that he will receive chocolates or something from you, right? He already got excited about it as soon as Christmas was over, and has been looking forward to it ever since.
  • When Valentine’s Day comes around Yoosung would be so thrilled the whole day, at any time expecting you to just magically show up to give him a gift. He almost has a heart attack when he actually sees you waiting in front of his university.
  • You smile at him and hand him a small box with a cute ribbon and a little card on it.
    • “For my love Yoosung <3”, it says.
  • It contains home made chocolates. You have spent many hours at night making them, but you’re glad you did it. When you see Yoosungs face lighting up in joy and excitement you’re sure that it was all worth it.
    • “MC … you made them just for me?”
    • “Of course!”
    • “I … Thank you so much, MC. They are amazing. I’m so happy!” Yoosung pulls you towards him and hugs you, tenderly kissing your forehead. He’s so touched and happy that he can’t even feel embarrassed about being right in front of his university with other people around you.
  • Yoosung spends the rest of the day overjoyed. He will mention that his girlfriend is the best at every opportunity until both his LOLOL friends and the rest of the RFA are annoyed with him. He still won’t stop, though.
  • He’s also keeping your chocolates untouched for a while. It would be a shame if he would just eat them right away. He also definitely has at least one picture of them on his phone and will keep it forever.
  • Expect him to at least try and actually make home made chocolates for White Day to return the favor.


  • Has got a lot of Valentine’s Day gifts before. Mostly from his fans, of course. He appreciates those flowers and cards and chocolates a lot … But still, they are not the same as a gift from a lover. Since Valentine’s Day is about love, romantic love, right? As much as Zen loves his fans he would gladly give up all the gifts he gets to get just one from the person he truly loves – which he never tires to explain to everyone.
  • So he has usually spent the day lamenting in the chat room about how he was doomed to forever live the sad life of an actor who was only admired from afar (much to the annoyance of Yoosung).
  • Since he has you by his side this time he’s pretty excited about it. He doesn’t mention anything, but he’s very aware that Valentine’s Day is coming. He’s very curious about the gift he’ll get from you. When the day finally comes he can barely wait to find out.
  • But first, there is a whole pile of boxes and cards and flowers waiting in front of his apartment door. The fans are being sweet as usual. As he brings everything in, he notices one of the boxes in particular. It’s cutely wrapped in red and white paper, and there is a shiny red card in the shape of a heart attached to it.
  • Deciding to open this one first he turns the card and almost jumps in surprise.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! <3”
  • You have not put your name, but he recognizes your handwriting right away. Zen can feel his face becoming warm and his heart beating faster. Has a wide smile on his face while opening your present.
  • He finds it so cute that you would just leave your gift with the others for him to stumble upon it unexpectedly.
  • When he sees that you actually made home made chocolates for him he pretty much melts. He calls you right away to thank you and tell you just how happy he is.
    • “Babe, you’re so cute”, is the very first thing he says when you pick up. You just chuckle softly into the phone.
  • Zen will definitely take a selfie with your chocolates, possibly while eating one of them, and post it in the chat room.
    • “Look at what MC gave to me for Valentine’s Day! Isn’t she so amazing?”
  • Expect LOTS of kisses and cuddles and declarations of love when you two see each other again.
  • You will probably get a really huge bouquet of flowers or two on White Day.


  • She did try to make home made chocolate and give them to guys she liked before. But it has been years and she has pretty much forgotten about this tradition since then. She doesn’t really think about it when other people around her mention it. She just doesn’t get the hype.
  • Why is it even bad to spend Valentine’s Day alone? Surely it is not that important …
  • So this time around Jaehee is not even really aware that it is Valentine’s Day. She does realize that there are a lot of couples in the café today, but oh well. She is simply working as usual, minding her own business, enjoying the smell of coffee and the familiar, warm atmosphere of the café.
  • However, what Jaehee does not know is that you are very well aware that today is Valentine’s Day … and that you have a different idea about it. You have put in quite some effort to prepare for it without letting Jaehee notice anything.
  • When the café closes and Jaehee tries to go to the back to change clothes, she is stopped by you at the counter. Jaehee does not immediately understand what is going on when you hand her a little, decorated box. She just automatically takes it, saying “thank you” in confusion.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jaehee”, you say while smiling brightly. “I hope you like them. I tried coffee flavor filling.”
  • Jaehee looks at the chocolates, still in confusion. She has no idea what is going on. Why are you being so sweet? Why are you giving her choco-… oh. Oh. Ooh.
  • Jaehee blushes so hard when she realizes what just happened.
    • “M-MC, oh my god, that is … You … Oh my god, I c-can’t believe you.” She cannot say anything without stuttering like a fool. It adds to her embarrassment. “Th-that is so, so sweet of you …”
  • You just give her another smile and leave for the back to get changed. Jaehee does not move from the spot for several minutes while trying to process the fact that you decided to give her home made chocolates as a Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Do you even do things like that for another woman? What … what is going on? Jaehee is so confused about the whole thing. But she appreciates both the gesture and the chocolates a lot.
  • Also, be sure as hell that Jaehee will try her best to make the best chocolates for her “best friend” in return.


  • Jumin has actually refused Valentine’s Day gifts before. To him, it is just another regular day that has been commercialized. It’s all for the sake of profit. He does not understand why people fall for this so readily and enthusiastically.
  •  Like, why would they even need a day like this? They say it is to appreciate their loved ones, to take the opportunity to show how much they mean to you … But Jumin honestly doesn’t get why this would be necessary. You should always appreciate your loved ones and always show them how much they mean to you, you should not need a special day for this.
  • This is what he believes and so he does neither get interested nor excited about it when Valentine’s Day comes around.
  •  Little did he know that you have been getting all fired up about it. When he shut Zen down in the chat room about how getting worked up about this day was a waste of time and actually kind of pathetic, you just smiled patiently, not arguing with him.
  • So when Jumin comes back from work on Valentine’s Day he finds you waiting for him in his penthouse. Since he loves it so much when you are at his home he’s just happy and doesn’t get suspicious at all.
  • Until you give him a wide grin and hand him a little box, decorated with a ribbon and a heart shaped card.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jumin!”, you proclaimed cheerfully.
    • “MC … Why would you get me a gift today? It was not necessary. I know that you love me and you don’t need to prove it by following pointless traditions such as this one.”
    • “Aw, don’t be a spoilsport. I just wanted to do it. Is that so wrong? Just take a look at it!”
  • So Jumin opens the box and sees the chocolates. Dark chocolates, just the way he likes them. For a moment he wonders where you could have bought so obviously hand made sweets, then he realizes that you must have made them yourself.
  • Ok, now he thinks it’s adorable.
  • Even if he does not care about Valentine’s Day he is happy knowing that you care for him and think of him so much. He gives you a hug and lots of kisses, pulling you close to him and telling you how much he loves you.
  • You probably end up eating the chocolates together that evening.
  • Jumin will see to it that only the finest confectionary and most beautiful flowers are prepared for you on White Day. If you did it for him, he must return the favor after all.


  • Saeyoung never wasted a lot of thoughts on Valentine’s Day. He did sometimes chime in and tease Yoosung and Zen a bit (lol Single Awareness Day), but these were pretty much the only times he even came in touch with that day. He did not give anyone so much as an opportunity to exchange gifts.
  • This year is different though. When the topic is brought up in the chat room he actually gets really excited. After everything you and him have been through he thinks it would be nice to do … normal couple stuff like celebrating Valentine’s Day, for a change.
  • Asks you if you have any wishes for that day. Do you want to go somewhere? Is there anything in particular you’d like him to get for you? He’ll prepare for everything and make sure you’ll have the greatest Valentine’s Day ever.
    • “Saeyoung … I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but … you know, it’s usually the girls who make gifts on Valentine’s Day. Your turn is on White Day.”
  • Oh. He has kind of missed that little detail, probably had something different in his head because of the years he spent abroad. Anyway, he is already fired up by now, so he won’t go back on his plans.
    • “Is it that important? Then let’s just pretend that I’m the girl on Valentine’s Day. I still have the wigs and outfits.”
    • But … you have already made plans for Valentine’s Day, too. “Nooo, I want to be the girl. I already prepared the recipe and ingredients for home made chocolates!”
    • “You … wanted to make home made chocolates for me? Oh my god, that’s so cute, I can’t believe you’d do that for me! I kinda wanna make some for you, too. Wait … why does only one of us get to do something anyway? Isn’t this unfair?”
    • “Hmm. Actually, since this is about us … I think we should just do it however we want to.”
    • “Right, right?”
  • And so you decide to celebrate in your own way. By making home made chocolates together. Of course the two of you end up going completely overboard. You try to make fillings out of crushed Honey Buddha Chips, and Doctor Pepper flavored creams. The results aren’t half bad actually. But the kitchen is a mess.
  • Melted chocolate and chip crumbs are everywhere. Everywhere.
  • By the end of it all you’re both exhausted and may or may not be sick with stomach aches, but it was all worth it. You had such a good time. Lots of giggling and chocolate-y kisses.
  • You’re so going to do it again on White Day.

Decided to try and add the whole minor trio, too


  • Has literally no idea what all the fuss is about. The day has been so irrelevant for him up until now that Valentine’s Day doesn’t even exist in his vocabulary. When the others start to mention it in the chat room more often he becomes curious and actually googles it.
    • Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14. It originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus, and is recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.”
  • Alright, so it’s something religious? Then why is the search full of hearts and roses and present ideas? So confusing. Saeran learns that it’s a day associated with lovers and giving each other small presents, but it makes no sense to him at all. Like, what in the world compelled people to celebrate romantic love on some old Christian holiday?
  • He ends up researching and reading more articles about it than he will ever admit, just to make sure he got his info right.
  • He’s relieved to find out that local tradition usually only involves girls making gifts on Valentine’s Day while guys would return the favor on White Day. So at least he doesn’t have to worry about you expecting something from him.
  • When Valentine’s Day comes Saeran still acts like he doesn’t even understand, but he’s actually become really aware of the tradition and it’s implications.
  • He’s secretly hoping to get a gift from you, not only because he’s emptied his sweets stash and is craving sugar but also because it would be kind of like a little, formal proof that you cared about him.
  • So he makes the cutest expression when you hand him the little wrapped up box, trying to hide his excitement. He fails miserably when he finds out you actually made home made chocolates for him. Even Saeran understands that this is a whole lot of work, and you willingly did this for him.
    • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Saeran”, you chuckle a bit. “I made them just for you, I hope you like them.”
  • He’s already put one of the chocolates in his mouth before you finished talking. You chuckle even more at how happy he looks eating. Then he puts down the box and instead pulls you close to him, kissing you without a word. He doesn’t say it but it’s obvious that yes, he definitely likes them. So you’re happy, too.
  • Despite never talking about it and claiming he’s not doing anything when asked by the others Saeran will try and do his best on White Day. He’ll get you sweets and chocolates in return, plus a bouquet of roses. Because he read somewhere that those were important.


  • V knows what’s up and is really calm about it. Oh yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. He does think it’s nice that lovers are coming together, giving presents, and appreciating each other. It can be beautiful. But in the end it is still a regular day. So he would be happy to receive a gift from you, but would also not mind at all if you didn’t celebrate.
  • Simply nods and smiles when people talk about it. Though it’s a bit amusing how Zen and Yoosung are making a fuss over spending the day alone once again while Jumin is giving overly pragmatic remarks, Luciel is poking fun at them and Jaehee’s trying to get all of them back on track. Such a cute and lively bunch.
  • V is just happy that they are all okay on a day like this.
  • But he is very touched when he actually does receive this cute little gift box from you.
    • “Oh gosh, is this really for me?”
    • “Who else, silly?” You smile. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jihyun. I hope you like them!”
    • “Thank you so much, MC. I love it. I’ll treasure it.”
    • “… you haven’t even opened the box, my dear.”
  • Insists on taking a picture of you and the box before opening it. He needs to preserve the moment.
  • Definitely also insists that you eat the chocolates together. Probably feeds you the first one, then kisses you. Gives you an innocent smile and explains that it was to get a better taste. You end up giggling and feeding each other until all the chocolates are gone.
  • V decides to get you roses to return the favor. Since this is about expressing his love for you, he is really serious about it. So … he gets not one or two or three, or even a regular bouquet of roses. But one freaking hundred and one of them, red, fragrant, and fresh and beautiful. Complete with a personalized card, featuring a cute picture of the two of you.
  • Along with a note. You’re sure that it’s a sweet note, even though you can’t actually read it.


  • Of course aware of what Valentine’s Day is. He just didn’t care about it. Of course he was not able to, because of his job. But he also never felt as if it was a big loss.
  • This time around he still does not really care. It’s just not that important. Who cares about chocolates or whatever when you already have a life free of the danger of getting murdered at any moment.
  • It’s a bit of a strange situation when you show up with the chocolates.
    • “What? What is this?”
    • “… this is my Valentine’s Day’s gift for you.”
    • Looks at the little box in his hands in confusion. “Uhm, alright?”
    • “… you could show a bit more enthusiasm. It’s, like, a token of my love and affection for you.”
    • Now he looks at you. Blankly, for a moment. “I see. Yeah. Thanks, MC.”
    • “…”
    • “Hey, don’t be upset. I’m sorry, okay? I’m, like … I’m actually touched. Thank you.”
  • This isn’t a lie. It’s the first time he’s received something like this. Feels quite good, actually.
  • When he finds out that there are home made chocolates in there he honestly does not know how to react. You … spent not only money but also effort in this? This is serious, alright.
  • Kind of shrugs the whole thing off in order to not act too awkward in front of you. Like damn, a former secret agent is not made for stuff like this.
  • But when White Day comes around … you’ll find him just standing there, handing you a neatly wrapped present.
    • “Here, take this. This is for the chocolates you made for me. They were delicious, by the way … so, yeah. Thanks again. Stop giggling MC, what’s so funny anyway? I’m not used to this stuff, okay, don’t judge me! Just take this, be happy, and let’s get it over with.”

anonymous asked:

It makes me rly sad that it's now kind of popular to hate hamilton. Like I remember just a year ago everyone was united and just loved the show and then tuck happened which was a great show but the hate for hamilton started and ppl just tried to find problematic things just for the sake of it and idk it makes me sad that something we all loved just got hate just to be edgy and be pc. I know it's still doing well and it's rly just in the musical fandom but still it makes me sad :/

i totally get you! i think a lot of people on tumblr begin to dislike things once they become popular which is annoying honestly. we should really focus on the quality of the work rather than the popularity of it! its important to recognize those smaller shows for how incredible they are! but that doesnt mean more popular shows dont have those same qualities as well! i also hate how people shame people for liking popular shows? everyone has a different personal connection to different shows and we need to respect that! i see people shame people for liking hamilton all the time and its just so disrespectful and rude honestly