this is pointless but i love this feature

I’m pretty new to this fandom so this has probably been brought up before plenty times but there’s been something bugging me.
Don’t get me wrong, I Love “The Story of Tonight Reprise”. it’s adorable and hilarious, and every song that features John, Laf, and Herc is automatically one of my favs

but the part where John says (after Laf and Herc sing “If Alexander can get married”/)“There’s hope for our ass, after all!” is…. weird, to me. considering history, at least. like by no means am I an expert on revolutionary history, i cannot stress enough that I am a Canadian so I didn’t learn about the US, and history in general isn’t my forte, but, like…

John Laurens was married before Hamilton, first of all (which I am willing to overlook) BUT it is known that he didn’t really have an interest in women in general. even his marriage was more than likely out of honor than a result of wanting to be married (to a woman no less)

so for him to be the one that sings “there’s hope (that we can all get married)”  is just… weird, to me? and well huh maybe that’s supposed to be a nod at him attempting to hide his sexuality?? but he’s drunk with his three closest friends (in-musical verse anyway), so to me it comes off as strange (and a bit too straight for him idk guys) 

Anon said: Hi I was wondering if you could do a Nate imagine where your pregnant and just laughing and having a good time cuddled up in the coach with Nate talking about the baby and suddenly you go really quiet because you think about how your dad left when you were young and scared what Nate might do but he says he not going anywhere and makes it really cute, thank you 😘

Note: another request from 4 or 5 months ago.

“Seriously babe he’s kicking really hard” I rubbed my tummy while my boyfriend of 4 years, Nate recorded. “Just like his father” he laughed, “what the hell does that mean, you never kicked me” I furrowed my brows, “let me have my moment dammit” he laughed, “maybe if you make sense with what your saying, then I’d let you” I chuckled. I felt the baby’s hand rub against my tummy, and sure enough when I looked down to my stomach, you could see his hand. “Babe look” I smiled, he looked down and smiled widely placing his hand on top of the baby’s to compare size. “Dam he’s got my hands” he chuckled, “wonder what else he got” I said “maybe my looks” Nate smirked admiring himself. “Your such a asshole” I laughed smacking his arm. “Man I’m excited for him to come” Nate smiled rubbing my tummy, “me too, do you know how spoiled he’s gonna be by the boys?” I laughed, “at least we will have them to babysit when we need alone time” he smirked, “your disgusting” I hit his arm, “you didn’t think so when you were calling me daddy the night we created him” he smirked. “Oh my god can you not be perverted for a second” I hit his chest this time.

I have everything I wanted a boyfriend, a home, and a child. I smiled to myself but then fell quiet, yeah I have everything I wanted I even have Nate’s family to help but I don’t have my child’s grandfather, my father here and even though I know Nate would never do that to me like my father did and walk out… It’s still a possibility. I was thinking of all the possible situations that could happen that could cause Nate to leave me, when he placed his hand on my shoulder causing me to jump a bit. “Babe are you okay?” He asked with concern, “Y-Yeah” I fake smiled, “no your not, every time your deep into thought about something you make this face. Your doing it right now” he shot back, I took a deep breath out and my eyes instantly flooded with tears. “Lil mama what’s wrong?” He brought his hand to my cheek wiping them away, “I’m scared Nate, you know my fathers not here and the story behind that, I’m scared I’ll do something stupid and you’ll leave me and the baby” I held his hand as it resting on my cheek, “Y/N, do you really think I’d leave you so easy?” He questioned, I didn’t reply. “I’ve spent 4 years with you, we’ve argued about pointless shit but never did I give up on you, never did I give up on us. If I wanted to leave I could have left all those other times. I’m in love with you and no matter what happens, I’m staying. I’m gonna marry you one day, just wait on it. We are in this together forever” he smiled bring me to his chest, “promise?” I smiled a bit, “promise” he kissed my forehead, “now lay down, and let me play with you hair lil mama” he chuckled, I did as he asked and the rest of the night we talked about our feature and the life we were gonna continue building.

All I’m saying is that this love triangle crap could have been AVOIDED if the writers had looked at their show during season 1 and said 

“hmmmm we have this drop dead gorgeous man in Liv’s life who is fascinated by zombies, accepts and celebrates her current state, is a close friend and confidant, is always there for her, and has great chemistry with her. The fandom likes him and hell, we could even put them in a relationship without changing the dynamic of the show all that much. MAYBE, just MAYBE, he should be her love interest.” 

Like lol I know I should be over ravioli by now because come on. And I’m not against characters in shows just being friends; hell I would not mind if this show was just Liv, Ravi, and Clive solving mysteries. But I could never get behind Ravi and Peyton because it always felt…pointless? Like it was just something for the characters to do because they couldn’t think of other ways to feature them prominently. It wasn’t given a whole lot of development and much of their active relationship was offscreen, followed by Peyton leading him on and then Ravi being a possessive dick to her for a mistake she made out of ignorance. Like if you wanted to have Peyton sleep with Blaine, that’s enough. There’s your drama. Let her deal with that without the unneeded layer of “and now my ex boyfriend is pissy about it.” And this godawful love triangle that 0 people enjoy. 

Plus, oddly enough, I like Major and his relationship with Liv 500x more when they’re friends than love interests.

Title: Don't Hold Back Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader Word count: 1,159 Theme song: You’re My Best Friend by Queen

Originally posted by peterparkerdaily

    A/n: So this is my first Marvel fic, I have fallen hard for Tom Holland as Spider-Man and I just had the thought for this fic in the middle of the night so I stayed up til’ 2 getting it down. Tell me what you guys think! I hope you like it ❤️

After pacing for what felt like hours, you finally decide to sit down in front of your floor length mirror leaning against the wall and take a good look at yourself. Your eyes held a touch of crazy, probably because of how much you’d been stressing all day over your ‘speech’ for Peter.

“I… I love… I love you,” you tried, but it just sounded so lame. And it didn’t help that every time you even thought of saying those words to Peter, a jolt of anxiety would soar through your stomach. Noticing your cheeks look a little too splotchy for your liking as well, you groan and rub a hand down your face; how were you going to face him?

You and Peter had been friends since sixth grade, seeming to be the only one the other could really find a friend in, through all the seasons and changing of schools. But with Peter going to Midtown and whatever the heck other hobbies he’d picked up, leaving him with cuts and bruises you noticed every once in a while, most of his time was taken up and that left you with meager pickings.

The more you started to miss him, the more you’d reminisce of your memories made. Going through all your pictures together, you’d think how cute he was when you caught him off guard taking a picture in the midst of him laughing so hard he’d start wheezing. It was always over the dumbest jokes you could think of, but Peter couldn’t get enough of them, especially the science puns. You had started looking those up just for him.

And then you started getting butterflies when you’d see him and your cheeks would flush when he smiled at you. Slowly but surely, you came to a big, fat, red warning sign of a realization. You had become the fricking ‘fell in love with my best friend’ trope. And some people might say you were too young to know what love really was, but after all the years you and Peter had gone through side by side, you were alarmingly aware that you did know love.

That was why you had decided you needed to tell Peter how you felt. You hadn’t kept a secret from him practically since you met him and you both had made a pact to always tell each other everything. Sometimes it physically hurt to keep something this big locked away, and if Peter cared about you as much as you figured you knew he did, then he wouldn’t want you to keep it in. Even if he didn’t feel the same.

So, you had called him before school and asked him to come over if he was free sometime after school, and he readily agreed. Now here you sat, waiting to hear the last knock on your door before everything would probably change with Peter. You weren’t stupid, you knew even if Peter said it was okay that you liked him like that and things could still be the same, you would both always be wondering if the other was thinking how different it felt.

You shook your head at yourself and decided to apply some touch up makeup, maybe it would help take your mind off your current predicament, having something else to zone in on.
And it couldn’t hurt to at least try a little harder on your looks, today of all days. But even as you focused on dabbing some concealer under your eyes or brushing some toner over your cheeks, you couldn’t help running over the words in your mind.

You sighed and finally put your makeup aside. Getting up to grab a pen and notebook from your nightstand, you settle on your bed, facing your open window with a view of Queens that probably wasn’t that best, but it was yours; you start to just write out what comes to you when you simply think of Peter. A couple lines in, you stop and read aloud.

“You’re my best friend. You’re the bright spot in my cloudy day. As far as I’m concerned, you’re what keeps the world spinning on its axis. At least my world. God, how cheesy is that.” You grumble before continuing, “As much as I don’t want to hurt our friendship, because I don’t want to live in a world where Peter Parker isn’t my best friend. I owe it to myself, and even you, to get this off my chest.”

You take a deep breathe, figuring if you’re practicing you should definitely get ready for this part, “Peter, I-”

“Love you,” a voice from behind finishes with you. Your eyes go wide and you’re instantly on your feet, pen and notebook forgotten to the floor as you spin to face the intruder, who you already know all too well is not an intruder.

“Oh my God, how long have you been there!? You really shouldn’t sneak up- wait, what?” You start to berate Peter but stop in your tracks as the full realization of what he said, what you both said, dawns on you. Peter offers a shy smile and starts away from the doorway towards you, but you can’t seem to move, only stare.

“I was trying to follow your lead, but I guess I only got it partly right, let me try again.” Peter returns. He’s standing mere inches from you now, looking at you intently. That damn smile, just for you it seemed, probably making your efforts with the toner pointless. You don’t dare say anything, in fear of breaking this bubble you feel like you’re floating in, so you hold your breath as you wait for him to continue.

“I Love you,” he reaffirms. You take another deep breath, letting the words soak in as you see the truth etched into his features. Then you let it out and with it, all the nerves that had been bundling up inside. You can’t stop yourself now, you throw your arms around his neck and close the remaining distance between you in a rush, crashing your lips to his.

He doesn’t hesitate for a second, his arms closing around your waist, pressing you even closer to him as he kisses you earnestly, and yet softly, in return. When you finally pull away breathless, you were probably looking a bit starry eyed, and a grin crept its way onto Peter’s face.

  “You know, I don’t think your speech was too cheesy at all.” Peter says playfully and winks. You roll your eyes and groan.

“It really must have been terrible if you liked it.” You tease back. 

“Hey, I think I have great taste.” He defends, raising his eyebrows at you, then coming back in to kiss you again before you can say anything else. Your eyes flutter shut and you smile into his lips. 

Yeah, things would definitely be different, but it felt more right than you could have imagined.  


Summary: Dan has an existential crisis during Playlist Live, and Phil saves the day. Featuring OY such as Louise!

“Life is pointless….one day we’re all going to die and everything we’ve accomplished on Earth will be for nothing. What’s the purpose of even living? What am I even doing here?”

Louise grabbed the tall boy by the shoulders. “Dan, snap out of it love!”

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lapisrune  asked:

Eeee! The Crystal Gems were awesome and I love them! I wish there was a feature in Pokemon where we can recolor and use them, though I guess that would make shinies pointless... Could you do the Mystery Skulls gang in whichever pokemon you think would suit them best with their palettes? This year for the convention I'm going as Sora from Kingdom Hearts :D

cant wait for them to make a video for a song i like tbh freakin out was good but not great and i actually dont like hellbent

fantasy and only one when

Arthur is an engineer!

I spent so much on who to use Vivi for but she has a scarf?? so this is as good as it gets

an obvious one but I couldn’t think of a less obvious one so yea

spooky ghost plant girl

I mean the true form is literally a nine tailed fox so

and bonus!!!

the dead beats!!!!

a saga

A Little Secret

as requested by the lovely @moonbaki:

Might I request a small story in which Jacob finds out their love is with child?

Aaah, I tried to make your request more original seeing as this prompt could be written a variety of ways- and with that said I would also love to do it again :) Once I’m available I wouldn’t mind receiving the same prompt/request! c: (especially considering how much I enjoyed writing it~)

Warnings: Protective/fluffy!Jacob (the fluff is more so in the second half, at least). Mentions of fainting (idk if that’s a trigger but hey better to be safe than sorry).

Words: 3,260

((Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader))

Summary: The reader has been sick for quite some time, and Jacob ends up finding out why when he finds her passed out on the ground (oh no!) 

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what's your ipad for? i've been thinking about buying one, i already have a mac and an iphone soo idk if it will be worth it, thanks! and is it an ipad mini or a normal ipad?

Hello! 😁

I am using iPad mini. I was facing the same decision as you when buying it, because I felt like it may not be that useful since I already have a MacBook. The truth is, that I ended up using my iPad way more than the MacBook, which I carry to class only occasionally. 🙊

  • TEXTBOOKS! Even if I own an actual paperback or hardcover version, I always get the ebook one. The textbooks and particularly medical textbooks can be really heavy and I appreciate that I can carry almost all of them inside a very light and small iPad. 
  • POWERPOINTS/KEYNOTES! Countless applications and among them my favorite Notability let you make handwritten notes and highlight in your powerpoint presentations or pdfs in the class. Which is great. I use this feature a lot. I used to print the powerpoint presentations, but then I ended up having tons of papers and I love being organized, so this is definitely my choice of making notes.
  • EVERNOTE is my favorite application for making written notes (if there is no powerpoint available). I usually make handwritten notes when studying at home, but that is pointless to do at school during lectures, because I would only catch half of it. So that is my choice number one. Of course it makes your life easier to get a keyboard for that.
  • Keynote, Pages, Ankki .. - there are many apps that just look and work better on the iPad bigger screen. 

Then there is the compatibility which shares the very same notes you’ve made through iCloud to all your other devices where you have the application so you can easily access it on your phone or your computer or anywhere else where you can sign with your apple ID. This is a good feature when you need it and you don’t have the device you made it on with you. DUH! 😂 

So there. I do recommend buying iPad or any other tablet for that matter. It is very useful and you will appreciate how much you can fit in this small thing. 

I got a special request from brooke-to-broch for Emma and Killian to have a “heated moment” when Hook was at his “most piratey.” Thus, we go back to 2x12, “In the Name of the Brother,” for some canon divergence/missing (sexy) scene at the hospital after Hook awakens from his car crash injuries. (Some dialogue not mine, obviously.)

Emma sat on his bed, watching him intently while he slept. His face was bruised and battered from the car accident, but he was peaceful as he slumbered, giving him a boyish appearance. She considered reaching out and smoothing his hair back from his brow, but thought better of it. This man was trouble, of that she had no doubt.

There was a connection between them, a pull that she couldn’t deny. She had felt it from the moment they met, but it only amplified on their joint venture up the beanstalk. He was a lone wolf as she had been, a tortured soul. Pain haunted his past, and he was wary of his future. Who stands in the way of a moving vehicle, without even the smallest attempt at self-preservation?

She’d be a fool to engage him; yet here she was staring at the pink of his lips and the strong line of his jaw. When his eyelashes began to flutter, her breath caught for a moment, because really - how did someone get that beautiful? She knew in no time she’d be confronted with those deep blue eyes, so she steeled herself for it. She wasn’t about to let him get the best of her.

“Where’s Cora?” she intoned.

Immediately he lifted his wrist, only to find it bound to the hospital bed. He raised one eyebrow, clearly unimpressed. “Again? You’re really into this, aren’t you?” he said, his accent thick from slumber.

Emma smiled in self-satisfaction while he grimaced. “Damn, that hurts.”

“I told you, you cracked a few ribs,” she stated, rising from the bed to stand over him. “Where’s Cora?” she repeated, with more force this time.

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thedisdainfullysilentvisitor  asked:

klaroline + things you said to her after she said my name (Either Cami or Aurora but I've been wondering about what would happen if Aurora dropped Caroline's name to get a reaction from Klaus)

AN: This happens some time after the crossover when the spoilers of certain bartender’s death prove to be true.

Full disclosure: haven’t watched TO in ages (apart from CO) so I don’t really know what Aurora is like.

“Clearly Cami’s death has taught you nothing, my sweet love,” Aurora’s mocking voice reverberates across the room as she clearly revels in Klaus’ shocked expression. “You see, you can bury me behind a wall of bricks but I always come back.”

The hybrid’s features quickly form into the mask of calm, his steady gaze piercing when he focuses on the red-head. “It seems your punishment was just as pointless, love. As you very well know, Camille has met her end. You have no leverage left now.”

“Oh, I think I do,” she drawls, a gleeful grin spreading on her face. “Caroline.”

Her back crashes with the wall faster than she can blink.

“What. Did. You. Just. Say?” Klaus growls, his hand gripping her by the neck.

Aurora is gasping for air, her throat crushed and her feet jerking a few inches above the floor. “I will get my revenge,” she manages to croak, the last scraps of reason lost along with her beloved brother.

His smile is ghastly when Klaus attacks her neck, ripping the flesh apart with his fangs. He leans back, admiring the damage he’s done and then darts forward, snarling in her ear, “I would love nothing more than to make you suffer for the next few centuries since you’ve dared to speak her name. Oh, the things I would do to you, my sweet love.” His tone is mocking as his fingers sink into her chest and clench around her heart.

“Nik, please…” Aurora’s eyes are filled with panic now, body writhing in a hopeless struggle.

“Sorry, love. This little game of ours was entertaining but I cannot risk her.

Klaus watches the life leave the red-head’s eyes, her body slumping to the floor as he weighs the heart he’s just ripped away in his hand.

Good, he thinks. New Orleans is ready for its Queen. His Queen.