this is phil's bedroom from manchester

- “i am now going to proceed to stay up till 4am on the internet.”
- “as usual.”

there’s a good chance that dan hasn’t even noticed phil fell asleep yet.


summary: Dan stays at Phil’s house for the first time and leaves his bear at home. At first he can’t sleep, but he ends up with a very pleasant surprise.

genre: fluffy as heck

warnings: none

word count: 1072

thanks to @phaninfariland for being an awesome beta!

Dan looked around with wide eyes. He still couldn’t believe he was in AmazingPhil’s bedroom. He knew Phil was real by now—if their many Skype calls over the past few months hadn’t already convinced him, their meeting at the train station did. All he needed were Phil’s arms wrapped tightly around him and hearing his name breathed onto his neck as they took in each other’s physical presences for the very first time.

And now here he was, surrounded by the familiar blue and green that was at once comforting and slightly nerve-wracking. Because the train ride from Reading to Manchester was so long, they didn’t get much time together that first day, but they had already spent most of it talking about everything they could think of and watching movies on the sofa, snuggled up next to each other under blankets to fend off the October chill.

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Who would’ve thought the northern boy with the black and white camera would have come so far?

Congrats on 2 million subs Phil. You deserve this and so many more. You’ve made your Philions happy, no matter what we were going through, for years and I know you’ll keep making us smile with every tweet, accident, and video. Thank you for taking us along on this journey from a poster-covered bedroom in a suburb of Manchester to this moment that I know we’ll all remember.