this is perfection.your face is ...asdfghjkl

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request: got7 reaction to the effects of the laughing gas they gave you at the hospital before the operation still not wearing off on the trip home (thanks, unnie)

A/N: this is how i think they’d react, no harm done

Mark: Hyena laugh all the way. He’d swing his arm over your shoulders and sway you from side to side, laughing at every little thing you say because you were just so damn cute. Then he’d kiss your temple because somebody as cute as you deserves an award.

*hyena laugh* *ruffles your hair*

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Jaebum: He’d probably be amused when you started crying hysterically, blabbering about how you had a perfect boyfriend (which was him) and use your unconscious actions against you sometime in the near future.

“Hey y/n,”


“Remember when you puked on the guy and he—”


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“Yeobo, why are you so cute?” *pinches your cheek*

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Jackson: let’s be honest we all know how he’d react.

“Um hello, stranger you have muscular arms.”

“I'm—” *Jackson dying of laughter* *picks you up in his arms* “Your boyfriend!!!”

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Youngjae: Little sunshine would play around with you, showing you his tongue and doing ugly faces and making you laugh uncontrollably because you always tried to cover your ugly laugh from him but he thinks that your laugh is heaven to his ears.


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Kunpimook: Bambam would be slapping his knees laughing at your ridiculous antics and when you started talking about how his legs were more perfect than yours he’d hold both your cheeks, squish them and chuckle, planting a kiss on the tip of your nose bECAUSE HE’S SUCH A FLIRT.

“Aigo, y/n~” *taps your forehead and you laugh making him laugh*

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Yugyeom: MY BIAS ASDFGHJKL Ok this baby would be so damn happy you’re hallucinating and take advantage of you. HE’D HOLD BOTH OF YOUR HANDS AND TWIRL YOU AROUND WHILE YOU GIGGLE LIKE MAD AND YOU TELL HIM HE HAS A NICE ASS AND HE’S JUST LIKE

*his eyes turn into slits and his cheekbones are up so high and his front teeth are like a rabbit’s* *ugly sounds coming out of his mouth but cute at the same time*

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I absolutely love the requests about the Shimada's dragons! Do you think you could do one where the two (separate of course) walk in to see their s/o all curled up with their dragon, sleeping?

yaas of course dear <3 

Hanzo: His face would light up, he’d just love that the two of you are getting along. Then he’d hover over you, kiss your forehead gently, doing his best not to wake you up. 

Genji: He’d find it absolutely adorable, and go like asdfghjkl behind the mask. He’d take a mental picture before laying down next to you, pulling you close and muttering how you are the perfect partner for him. 

luke as a bf would:

hey i know this is not a calum blurb, but i got a request to do the other boys as well :) xx

-hide all your favorite foods on the top shelf so he could wait for you to ask for his help as you stand on chairs trying to get them down

-have endless laughs and so many inside jokes  

-say things like ”can i kiss you?” “yes luke” 

-”you sure?”

-apologize immediately after a fight 

-sing you to sleep and cradle you in his big arms ;( 

-”i love you so much it hurts”

-grip your hips so hard that you would get bruises 

-fall asleep in your lap and when you try to get up, just wrap his arms around your waist and go “baby nooo”

-call you “my girl” asdfghjkl

-start long and passionate makeout sessions 

-stay up all night literally just staring at you.. wondering how he got this lucky 

-scribble lyrics in a notebook about how perfect he thinks your face/body is 

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How about sleepy Xiumin spam? Also, your Xiumin spams are lethal. Every time I see one I temporarily forget to breathe because he's just too perfect

let’s start with the “everyone is having fun but I just wanna sleep”

cute little sleepy elf :3

sleepy but still fucking hot cute

he’s so cute here asdfghjkl look at that face omg

look at how adorable he is trying to pay attention aw

me *stops the concert to take Minseok to sleep*

xiuhan sleeping together ♡

(is it okay if I find this very attractive?)

literally sleeping while walking wow talent

totally done with life tired

he’s so beautiful…. *wipes tear*

can we talk about how cute he is while yawning???

just look at him ;___;

so precious

cute baby :(

asdfghjklqwertyuiop so freaking adorable

this is the most precious thing in the world: a cute and tired baozi being hugged by a cute caring deer


… Minseok… pls…

Hi hey hello there! I don’t know if many of you know, but this blog is officially 1 year old. Wow. 

Anyway, I thought it’d be cool to do a follow forever since I’ve made so many amazing friends over the past year.

So, um, idk thank you to everyone who has stuck with this mess of a blog ilysm <3

Yeah, let’s get started yay (and if you aren’t mentioned, just know that i love youuuu)

(Starting w/ my absolute faves bc I have a few things to say to them yay)

May (icanfeelweregettingcloser): May my bae. You were probably the first proper friend I made on tumblr and idk I guess I have to write something about you here. No but seriously I love you so much and you’re one of my best friends (even though we haven’t met and won’t get to this summer:( Sorry bb). Yeah so overall, I’d say you’re pretty cool and not a terrible friend. Ily :)

Mel (foreveralonefaith): Mel Mel Mel the shady piece of Troyler Trash. Even if you are them things, you’re still pretty dang cool if you ask me. I love you so much and our facetime’s are the best, even though we basically just shade each other all the time. Yeah, you’re the cooliest person ever and I’m so jealous that Troyler are getting to meet you and I’m not. No, but seriously I love you and have fun at vidcon (even though I’ll text you before but still). Ilysm :)

Tulsi (ysltroye): Tulsi ma lil binch whaddup. I love you and I can’t believe you’re 18 what the hell ur 5 ok. Ok I love you and our Twitter convo’s bc we’re so shady and it’s hilarious to me tbh. Ok so now that you’re an adult and doing taxes and voting and shit is making me sad. Come and visit me to make me feel better, ya? Ya. (I’m serious. Come and see me.) Ok to end this I just want to say that your face is literal perfection and your accent is the best omg. Ily :)

(okay lowkey the rest of these are going to be a lil bit shorter bc I’m not as close with these peeps. Still love you tho, dw.)

Hannah (peace-out-little-munchkins): Han, you’re the cutest and ugh I love you and your accent and everything else tbh. You’re so gorgeous and asdfghjkl your Youtube channel is one of my faves. Ily :)

Bianca (woosivan): Bianca you’re so pretty it hurts ugh. I love you and your blog and idk I think you’re super cool, man. I really do. <3

Reem (thr-u): Literal face goals ok. Reem, you’re one of my favorite blogs and I think you’re awesome. :)

Bram (mynameisbram): You’re a super cool guy and I love you and your blog.<3

Eden (all-things-ncis-la): Eden, I love you so much even though we don’t talk that much because of timezones ugh. Your blog is one of my favorites and ily:)

Meike (phanoutnugget): Meike you’re so pretty and ugh it isn’t fair. I love you and your blog so much :) <3

ok now for my other favorite blogs yay! 

a-forever-within-numbered-days all-about-franta allthingstronnor avocadotronnor ben-slays-pierce bright-lights-troye conniefrannie connieandtroye connortylertroye crazytronnor danisontnonfire depressed-youtube-music-lover disneyoakley franta-fanboy hellamellet hellatronnor holy-fricken-helbig itmeandyouknowit itstronnor jennytimexx live-like-the-divergent minityleroakley munchkinstroye mysassylittletroye oktronnor punk-sivan queenk15 s-u-g-g-s suckmy-troyler swagg3rrr the-troyler-blog tronnorcuddles tronnor-obsessed tronnorfrandom tronnorloving troyeainttouchnogirl troyeboyforever troyemyeverything troyesivanisafatvirgin tylertroyeandconnor youtubers-needed youtuberswifi zalfiesherlock

I’m really sorry, I know I’ve forgotten a ton of people! (And to those I have forgotten, I love you a lot ok <3)