this is part of the reason i took so long to read it

so yesterday for… reasons, i had to wear professionally-done makeup. it’s not something i have EVER done before (!) and it was really fun. but. but. there was an industrial amount of mascara (done very nicely, and the makeup people were very complimentary about my eyelashes) and it took me a long time to remove.

so. it’s the next day, and my eyes are still fucked by it. by a combination of the mascara and the eye makeup remover. they feel gummy and watery and it doesn’t feel great focusing on anything, which. um. i want to be able to read/write.

does anyone else deal with this when they wear/remove mascara etc.? is there any easy way to deal with it??

Cheer Danshi!! GO BREAKERS Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Man…this chapter took a ridiculously long time to finish up translating, due to my laziness…

So, anyways, hi there! You may or may not know me from my élDLIVE translations. If so, I use the exact same format as that one for this one. If not, first of all, go read élDLIVE! Second of all, the way I do my translations is that I put the dialogue for each page beneath the image. Each line corresponds to a speech bubble. Names and text boxes are bolded. Narration and internal monologues are italicized.

Special thanks to Funimation for their subs so I can check if my translations are accurate (part of the reason why it took so long was because I was confused over some things). But, I’m pretty sure my translation is off in some places, so if you notice something, please send me a message!

This chapter is split in half due to length. The rest of the chapters will not be.

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So, I’ve been meaning to make this post for almost a week now, but didn’t really have the time to sit down and take it all into consideration. I’ll give it a try now~

I really, really loved the parallels between Chapter 3: Nothing to See and Chapter 9: Go Home Again. 

In Chapter 3, we see the narrator facing the most dangerous and scaring situation of her journey until that moment and ultimately deciding that she couldn’t stop and continuing her search. 

In Chapter 9, she has given up and returned home, but the dangers didn’t go away. The Thistle men continue following her, and with no reason this time.

The way they created the same feeling and even brought back some parts of the text really expressed the sheer terror and despair she was feeling. And truth that sometimes everything is going to try to bring you down and you might think it was all just too much for you from the beginning, but the fact is that sometimes that’s just how it is. There’s not a reason behind it being so difficult, and, as scaring as it is, you’re not wrong for trying. Sometimes, we make something so essencial to us that the ideia of giving up half way is even worse than every hardship that may come in the way. Sometimes, no matter how difficult things are getting, we just gotta keep going.

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amxne  asked:

reminds u quietly about hte thing

Sorry this took a while for me to answer, I just knew I’d have a lot to write and would need to be in the right mindset to type it all out. This got really long because I felt the need to explain the context and the headcanons behind it, so I’ll have to put it under a read more.

Okay, so. Raph’s family reacting the OT3/4. This involves a lot of his mother, who plays an integral part to it.

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