this is part of the deleted

[[ im torn between trying to figure out how to make it more clear that Krie is not female for the sake of representation (ie not all nonbinary characters have to be androgynous) but also the fact that Krie genuinely doesn’t care because they’re aware that gender is a social construct and that it’s going to be different from culture to culture so if someone assigns them a gender from that person’s own culture it’s not really a big deal to them ]]

you: *exists*

me: I know this and I love you and I hope you’re doing ok today good luck at school/ work may all your assignments be passing don’t forget to treat yourself every now and then and take breaks/short naps when you can
















🙏🏻JIKOOK AU🙏🏻(PART 12) ~~Jimin is a new student, cheerful but scared of new people because he knows people will stay away from him once they know Jimin is not normal as others. Jungkook is a kind guy but naughty. He doesnt hate Jimin but he mocked Jimin once he find out that Jimin is different~~ P/s: So I just noticed that i only posted two snapshots without the other conversations but i already deleted it and i’m so sorry about that 😅 So here is the new post of Part 12~

(Part 1- Part 12)

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Apparently a trailer for John F. Donovan was mistakenly shown before a movie in France last night! This guy recorded parts of it, but did delete it after Xavier said it was a mistake. However, other people who saw it said it looked great and the one recording did say this about it and Kit: twitter(.)com/dream0fspring/status/920401375648813056

i heard! thank you anon. and this has just made my day (x)

Halloween Requests: OPEN!

Hello! Just wanted to let you guys know I’m working on the last request of the latest bunch, so now my ask box is open. Therefore, I thought it would be cool to open requests, but spice things up a bit and do a little Halloween special. So you guys can send fluffly, smutty or maybe some spook-ish suggestions that are Halloween themed (requests that aren’t about Halloween will be DELETED). 

Oh, also keep in mind that in Brazil this isn’t much of a traditional festivity for us, all that I know about Halloween, I learned with american TV shows, so I’m sorry in advance if anything comes out superficial, it’s just not part of my culture, but I’ll do my best!

See you in my ask box!^^

Added that second part of the pic that I have a feeling it’s gonna end up pretty big and kill my eyes and shoulders.

I kind of stretched Akechi’s part to get them proportionally right so it might be blurred ha ha ha.


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It’s hilarious when a white-washed movie fails horribly. When someone deprives actors of colour jobs that they should havd gotten in hopes that more people would want to watch it, but it still fails epically? It’s good that it failed

Yeah I accidentally deleted the reblogs on that post or I tried to make it just the bold text part but it kept that part too. I just mean to reblog to bold part I don’t agree with the rest so I deleted it cause I didn’t know how to fix it

I think I'm gonna delete

It sucks, especially after 801 lovely followers, but this isn’t working for me anymore.

I originally made this blog for two reasons. One was to include non monosexual lgbt concepts in rpg culture. A lot of representation I had seen in rpgs was gay characters and while I love that, bi, ace, pan, and so on exist as well.

Secondly, it seemed like a kind and friendly community and I wanted to be a part of it. Was I just hopping on the bandwagon? Absolutely, but it seemed like a fun bandwagon to be on and it wasn’t hurting anyone.

Since then, the community has had drama with antisemitism, transphobia, and more that I actively chose to stay away from. The discord that we have has felt less like a community and more like a gathering of strangers, even though the people haven’t changed.

I’ve been having trouble keeping up with ideas, and I rarely get submissions. Thus most of my posts are personal or discourse based and that’s unfair to my followers

Plus, I’m starting to have a falling out with DnD

I’ve only ever been a DM, and my PC that I was planning never got to be because the player who’s character was crucial to mine lost muse (I don’t blame them at all for that of course) and it’s beginning to feel more like anxiety and stress just for the sake of watching four other people have fun.

Anyway, no one asked for this rant and I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t feel right leaving without a good bye

I don’t want to make a decision like this while upset though, I’ll wait until I’m more rational to decide.

If you have any submissions, send them in now. I’ll keep posting them up until deactivation

so far in the past four days random guys that i don’t even fucking know have: punched me in the ribs, purposely sprayed me in the face with a shit ton of AXE deodorant that he found on the ground (which sent me into a coughing fit and made me smell fucking TERRIBLE all day), stolen all of my pencils, deleted the word document i was half-way through on a school computer just to mess with me, pushed me into my friend whos on crutches, which could’ve messed up his broken leg even more and tried to steal part of my lunch while i was eating it??? why are teenage boys The Fucking Worst????? 

apparently this was the original tag on the script for santa claus is coming to steele but they changed it and i hate everything

(you could totally tell the tag was changed because the one that aired felt so weird and hasty)

also this deleted scene from steele searching part 2 where steele refuses felicia’s advances, which i understand why it was not filmed - it reiterates the same things he tells her at the lake

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Did you mean to reblog that post saying it's stupid to dislike whitewashing? It just doesn't sound like something you'd usually say

I tried to remove the reblogs cause I liked the original part in big text and it left me with that. I didn’t notice till now. I’m such an idiot 😒thanks for letting me know I’m gonna just delete it
Close Quarters - Chapter 15 - DELETED SCENE
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

This is not actually a chapter. This is something that definitely happened, but which won’t actually part of the main work, because it’s not functional in the way I need it to be, in this story. So it’s a deleted scene. This is just a placeholder because this part of this season always runs me ragged. But I should be back in the saddle soon! And there’s also a big exciting surprise coming for the next proper update of Close Quarters, so consider this a harbinger. anyway. here is a preview. 

There’s a rueful pause. And then, in a tone that makes it hard to tell if he’s joking, John asks, “How hard do you think it is to fake mono?”

There’s an awkward silence. Gordon coughs delicately. “I mean…considering it’s called ‘the kissing disease’, I think the most difficult part would probably be convincing anyone that you managed to get mono in the first place.”

“Urban myth.”

No, pretty sure that one is pretty much one hundred percent dead accurate, J. Pretty sure that a virus transmitted via bodily fluids and primarily afflicting those of college age is justifiably known as the kissing disease. Dummy.”

As far as general medical knowledge goes, Gordon and John probably represent opposite ends of the spectrum. Gordon’s interested in medicine the same way John’s interested in space, and vice versa. Gordon knows that he’s an Aquarius and that it’s bad for his interpersonal relationships when Saturn is in retrograde. John attempts to treat the entire spectrum of human affliction by popping a couple aspirin and hoping for the best, and he waves a hand dismissively as he corrects himself, “Minor detail, then. That’s not the only way to get it, is what I’m saying. It’s—what, it’s mostly fatigue, isn’t it? Sore throat. Lasts for a long time. Anything that would give me the excuse to stay in bed and not talk to anyone for a few weeks seems like it could be a good deal. Really, though. Do you think I could do it?”

That their current reality is one that has John posing this question is a point in favour of a vast and improbable multiverse, in Virgil’s opinion. This must be one of the stranger realities.

so, i’m still devastated about this whole thing. not only did i lose all my fandom posts and my original gifsets and writings, but i lost journal entries, posts i made every time one of my nieces and nephews were born, jokes my dad would tell, fan accounts from concerts. it’s like, i feel like i lost part of my identity. i’m not joking when i say that tumblr and that blog shaped me into who i am. everywhere i look around my house, i see things that remind me of that blog. a song will come on and it’ll remind me that i discovered it on tumblr. i feel like everything i love now - movies, tv shows, books - i love because i discovered it on tumblr and i shared that love with you all on my blog. and it’s all gone. i feel like a piece of me went missing when that blog got deleted. i know i’ll get over it, but i know it’s going to take some time. i dedicated so much of my life and time to that blog. i lost my safe haven.

anyway, i guess what i’m trying to say is that i may have gotten my same username back, but this blog won’t be the same as it was. to make sure this never happens to me again, i’m going to refrain from making original posts and content, unless something brilliant strikes. i’ll mostly stick to reblogging content. i’m going to try and find some of my original Sterek posts on friend’s blogs and get them back on this new blog. 

i know a few of you have given me links to some of my posts and i love you guys for that. i’d really appreciate it if any of you have links to my stuff, if you could send them to me. 

i’ll stop rambling now, but i just wanted you guys to know kind of where i’m at right now. love you guys!

The Neotag

I just wanna say how much fun I’ve had with you guys so far. Chatting to some of you has really helped me open up just a little. Yes, I still get super anxious sometimes, but it’s all part of the journey, and I’m glad that I get to be part of this community during this time in my life.

I tend to feel super insecure, overthink things and feel like I’m attention grabbing, so it was initially hard to even talk to people or just interact with posts here. Yet, I got up the courage and I’m starting to improve, I think. I’m still super nervous though.

Thanks for being there anyways. Thanks to everyone, even those I haven’t talked with. Because just being part of this nice, accepting community has made me feel happy. The silly memes, the nice art, the great OCs. Seeing all of it makes me feel like I’m part of something special.

So thanks. I mean it.

i use my phone to do everything. except make phone calls because phone calls are awful

Spider-Man: Homecoming + text posts (pt 2)

I hate the way my heart hurts
I hate the way my dad looks at me these days
like he expects me to fall apart at any second
like he wants to say,
clear the dining room table
and clear the fucking hallways
Cause I might burst at any second

I hate the way my mom keeps telling me
that I’ll find someone new
Because every time she does I smile but
I really want to shake her
and tell her that I would rather meet you
a thousand times over
instead of some boy
Who laughs differently
Who holds my hand wrong
And only ever tells me he likes my body
with the lights off

Because your laugh is so infectious
that all your friends love you for it

you rubbed your thumb across the tops of my knuckles even when your mind was in
a thousand other places

You liked me better with the lights on.

I hate the way my heart hurts
and God I hate how happy you made me
I don’t know how to handle myself
I don’t know how to handle my heart
And how it hurts so much
it makes my teeth chatter
like I’ve been cold since you left
like ice has made its way through my heart and into my veins

So I guess
Clear the dining room table
clear the fucking hallways
check the x rays for ice in my bloodstream
I’ve been ready to burst ever since you left me