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Seijoh4week prompt writings

Ok these are really bad but gimme a break I wrote one at 12 p.m. and another at 7 a.m.

Aquarium Date:

“Like you two weren’t off making out with each other,” Iwaizumi retorted. At this, miraculously, Matsukawa and Hanamaki turned pink, though only slightly. With a huff, Iwaizumi linked his hands with Oikawa’s (they had come apart sometimes, neither had noticed) and turned around, gently pulling Oikawa through the tunnel and away from the fish, closely followed by Hanaki and Matsukawa as they bickered with Oikawa.

“Oi! Kawa,” Hanamaki shouted from the entrance. Matsukawa sniggered from besides him as Oikawa squawked in protest.

“Don’t just tack my name onto a greeting!” Oikawa whined as Iwaizumi rolled his eyes. “Iwa-chan! Don’t just stand there, you have to defend me!” Matsukawa mimicked Oikawa’s high-pitched moaning of “Iwa-chan”, as Hanamaki smirked and Iwaizumi hid a smile behind his hand. Oikawa screeched in outrage in the exact tone Matsukawa had used, and they all burst into laughter.

“C’mon, we’re not gonna be able to get tickets if we just hang out here forever.” At Iwaizumi’s comment, the rest scrambled to get inside the huge marble building. All three of them voted for Oikawa to buy the tickets and/or attempt to get a discount by wooing the clerk, who was a short, shy looking girl. As planned, when Oikawa started flirting with her, a wink here and a half-smile there, she immediately blushed and stuttered, resulting in four tickets for half the price (honestly, they all kind of felt bad for getting in cheap, but a free ticket was a free ticket).

They easily got through the short line and stepped inside, with a cry from Oikawa “To the exhibits!”. Soon after, the four separated into two groups, as Hanamaki and Matsukawa wanted to go see the sharks, earning another remark from Oikawa - “Of course Iwa-chan wants to go with me, Makki!” - and Iwaizumi groaning - “Don’t leave me with just him.” Still, the strawberry-blonde pulled Matsukawa towards the shark exhibit and Oikawa hooked his arm through a grumbling Iwaizumi’s and dragged him off to see “the pretty fish, Iwa-chan! And the coral! Honestly, who would want to see plain old sharks?” “I like sharks, Kusoikawa.”

The two wandered after getting lost (“Dammit Oikawa, you suck at this.” “You’re not much better Iwa-chan! Or else we wouldn’t have gotten lost.” “Shut up.”). For some time, they could hear Matsukawa and Hanamaki yelling at each other about memes and whatnot, probably something they’ve seen on instagram or tumblr. Soon though, their voices faded, leaving only Oikawa’s complaints hanging in the air. It seemed not many people ventured this deep into the aquarium - or maybe it was just early.

“Mattsun and Makki are honestly so uncivilised, yelling in a place like thi- oh,” breathed Oikawa, the chatter having finally stopped. Iwaizumi looked around, noticing they were in a cavern of glass, surrounded by water and fish on every side except for the dark tunnel they came through in. Multicolour fish swam around the glass walls in swarms, passively floating through the calm water. Oikawa’s eyes reflected the bright blue, gold, red, and oranges that shined on the fish scales. In Iwaizumi’s opinion, Oikawa’s eyes were much prettier than the fish, but he didn’t need to know that - he would get a big head if he did. Instinctively, their hands found each other’s, fingers locking in place. After a moment of silence, Oikawa returned to his talkative self, fluffy hair bobbing as he jumped up and down.

“Woah! Isn’t that fish so pretty?” Oikawa gushed, pointing at a bright coloured fish with frilly fins. It was, Iwaizumi thought. Not missing a beat, he quietly murmured, “Yeah, just like you.”

“Haaah?! You can’t just say that, Iwa-chan!” Oikawa’s stage-whisper echoed off the glass and reverberated in the small cave. He buried his flushed face in his hands, falling silent after that outburst. Iwaizumi pried his fingers away from his face, smirking. Oikawa looked up at him (a miracle he didn’t comment on it, Iwaizumi thought as he thankfully noted the slight slouch that allowed him to be just slightly taller), eyes shining and glossy.

“Wait- are you crying?” Iwaizumi asked in astonishment. He had expected something like, “I know I’m pretty, but if only you were half as good-looking, Iwa-chan,” or “That’s so unfair that you always get to compliment me, no, I’m not blushing!” or something along those lines Instead, the eyes that seemed to hold galaxies were filling up with tears as Oikawa looked up at Iwaizumi.

“Yes! God Iwa-chan, you’re always so nice, and pretty, and perfect…” Oikawa sniffed. “I just… I don’t know, it’s not fair!” Oikawa mumbled, pouting, but the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. Iwaizumi laughed.

“Tooru, what did I do to deserve you?” Iwaizumi leaned over and pressed a soft kiss on his lips, silencing a shriek that was sure to surface after what he just said. When Iwaizumi leaned back, Oikawa let out a small croak.

“No fair! You can’t just call me by my given name before I do, Ha-Hajime!” Oikawa’s whole face was red, while Iwaizumi’s ears were tinged a slight pink.

“Yeaaaah! Get some, Iwaizumi!” came a delighted shout and a wolf whistle, signalling the other two showing up. Oikawa somehow turned redder, while Iwaizumi, once again, rolled his eyes in exasperation.

Different kisses shared among them:

There were eight; eight kisses shared among them that they all remembered from the countless nights they had laid snuggling, or times they cried in defeat, or another.


When Iwaizumi, for the first time as a six-year old, had fallen from a tree and scraped his forehead, Oikawa had planted a tender kiss there, saying how his sister would do that for him when he got hurt, to help it heal faster.


When Oikawa’s parakeet died, he had cried for days, until Iwaizumi bumped his nose against his own, explaining that it was an Eskimo kiss. They laid in bed that night, staring at the glow-in-the-dark stars plastered all over Oikawa’s bedroom wall.


In their first year in Kitagawa, at night in a training camp, Iwaizumi had been dared to kiss Oikawa. Both of them blushing, Iwaizumi had quickly pecked him on the cheek and furiously dared the other to do something - Oikawa didn’t remember, as he had buried his face in his pillow and stayed there until the third years came to tell them to shower.


The first time Hanamaki had kissed Matsukawa was on his ears, which promptly turned as red as they could go. There was endless teasing from Oikawa and Iwaizumi after that.


Oikawa’s knees had given out, and he had fallen to the ground in pain, ball bouncing uselessly on the floor. Iwaizumi, despite the urge to yell about pushing himself too much, had lifted Oikawa up and placed him on the bench, examining the injured knee. He gently placed a kiss there, as tears fell from a one silent Oikawa.


At a third year training camp at Seijoh, Hanamaki and Oikawa had started fooling around, which ended with the third years kissing all of Oikawa’s ticklish spots (a.k.a. His tummy), which also ended with Mizoguchi coming in to lecture them about being responsible and mature.


Iwaizumi had taken Oikawa’s hands, commenting on how they were perfect for setting. Long and lean fingers. Delicate, but strong. They were the ones that set the ball to him, or served with the precision to break down the other team’s receives. He brushed his lips against every knuckle, his calloused palms.


The first time their lips touched, it had been after the match with Karasuno; the final one. The one they lost. On the bus ride home, everyone had been silent, and most asleep after the tiring game. Even Kyoutani had been muted. When they got back, Oikawa had insisted to stay and practice a bit more, and for some reason, the Coach had agreed. The third years had stayed behind, silent except for the grunts and panting as they jumped and jumped. Soon, all four were lying on the ground in defeat. Oikawa leaned towards to Iwaizumi, and suddenly they were kissing, tears mingling between their lips pressed together. Tiredly, Matsukawa and Hanamaki reached over, and they were leaning against each other on the gym floor, hot and sweaty and crying.

Lemme be honest this is the first time I’ve written a Haikyuu!! fanfic that doesn’t have as much angst in it

Also sorry it’s so late, I had a lot of problems with my computer and was super busy. Here’s the art part of this week

title: for once in her life perrie writes something actually fic formatted and not shitty bullet points and SURPRISE its almost 2k words of shameless kandreil smut :):):)

enjoy, u sinning fucks

The soft white sheets of Neil’s dorm bed rumpled under his back, pressing insistently into sweat-slick skin. He lay in the center of his mattress, gazing half-lidded at the ceiling through a veil of auburn lashes. Behind him, the glow of a buzzing fluorescent street lamp slashed through blinds to pool gold on blankets and tousled auburn curls.

For the first time in months, eleven p.m tasted like solitude.

“I’m going out,” Andrew had said shortly, just before leaving with Kevin for god-knows-where. “Don’t do anything stupid.” The you aren’t invited was implied. For once, that was all right with Neil. Living in constant proximity to two other boys meant a lack of privacy that had only grown more frustrating over time— even if one of them happened to be his boyfriend. Not-boyfriend. Whatever.

His dilemma was made far worse by the simmering effects of his desperate attraction to them both.

No. Not both. One of them, Neil told himself firmly. Andrew. Not Kevin.

As if to prove it, he closed his eyes and pictured the sharp slant of Andrew’s cheekbones. A nearly-invisible smattering of freckles, the flutter of pale lashes over slightly hollowed under-eyes. Neil arched his back into the mattress, one scarred hand reaching tentatively under the band of his sweatpants. His heart sped on.

The winter air whispered through the cracked bedroom window, freezing, freezing, freezing.

Neil was burning.

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//Scenario — Diarmuid and Riel, bathing together. They’re each wearing bottom swim pieces, if only because Rea would likely be unable to focus otherwise. She’s happy, but nervous, and at first she hides using the water as if to disappear. Her face is even redder than the rest of her is from the steaming heat.

Slowly she relaxes, bit by bit. At first she starts to splash at him, sticks her tongue out and makes faces (often when Diar, once again, offers to leave). Then she finally turns her back to him and gets a washcloth to begin cleaning herself. Diar lounges back himself to give her room and waits, before asking if he should leave.

Instead, Rea grabs another washcloth and hands it to him so he can get to her back. He obliges, touch careful and gentle but steady all the same. She handles her hair, herself, though Diar makes sure she’s thorough with the entire process.

Once she’s done she stays, just to enjoy the hot water. But eventually she falls asleep against Diar, curled up in on herself as she often does when sleeping. Before the water cools he pulls her out and wraps her up in soft towels, ever conscious of her privacy.

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26, your choice of character :)

26.) Poison. 

Here’s a little snippet of a scene I had in mind for a way-down-the-road chapter for a fanfiction I was writing for Fullmetal Alchemist. In short, it’s *spoilers* post-Brotherhood/manga, so it’s after Edward’s had kids. This fanfiction is about his children - Isabelle and Marcus - and the challenges they have to face. ENJOY MY SHITTY ANGST! Also keep in mind once I do get to this chapter it won’t be written word for word like this. This is just a rough draft :P

Send me a micro prompt!

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So when can we expect an Evansson fic from you? :p

i just saw this- i hope it wasn’t an old ask. but idk man. i’ve always had the idea for mutual pining and shitty timing with them, had the idea since civil war that they were both just waiting for this… ah one day i will do this. one day.

this last month’s been worse than all of 2016 combined. life has been p shitty recently, but it’s getting better. haven’t posted in awhile about personal shit, and some of my friends aren’t on my facebook, and i just want to yell a bit

my job’s good, partner’s good, car’s good, etc

but my health.. i had to terminate a pregnancy at 7.5 weeks last Friday, which I’m still recovering from (Pain. So much pain. I had super bad morning sickness, too.) and have some complicated feelings over that. But it was the best choice at this stage in my life. And I need like $3k in dental work, but that’s do-able. In time. Life will get better. It always does.


all i wanted was to spend some time with my car and Avery gotta try and kill us. c’mon man, be a good sport. let us have this moment. (also plz excuse my shitty aim and what have you w o w)

with @blufeniix

Just Cheer Up *Clint Barton x Reader*

Requested by grimmisconflicted: hey, i had a shitty day for depression today, so can i request a thing where reader has depression and is having a bad day, so boyfriend clint is trying to make her feel better but winds up telling her to “just cheer up” and she snaps at him? but happy ending p p p please? thanks :3
Warnings: depression tw, swearing, fluff @ the end
A/N: oh god am i qualified to write this prompt. depression fucking sucks, Isae, sorry you’re having a bad day :( (also, your name is rly fucking cool) ALSO SORRY ITS SHORT-angie

      Oh God, that feeling was back. The one that made your stomach sink, and your heart ache, all while feeling completely numb at the same time. One too many small things had gone wrong today, and you were sick of it.

     You trudged into your apartment, kicking your shoes off and letting your things roughly fall to the floor. You heard Clint rummaging around in the kitchen, and made your way to him, after fighting the urge to slip by him unnoticed and just be alone.

     “(Y/N)! Hi baby!” He greets happily, turning to see you. 

     You smile weekly at him, wishing your face would at least participate in the effort to pretend you’re feeling alright. Your boyfriend notices, however, after taking in your dismal expression.

     “What’s wrong?” He asks, hugging you to him in a crushingly tight embrace.

     Your arms loosely wrap around him and you shrug. “You know, the usual,” you try to joke, a strained chuckle slipping past your lips.

     He doesn’t respond, just simply presses a kiss to your head. The gnawing in your chest gets stronger and all you want to do is be alone. You wiggle out of his grasp, kissing him gently. “I think I’m going to lay down for a bit, ‘kay?”

     His face fall slightly. “Well, I-uh, had a nice night planned,” he stutters.

      You feel horrible, and you don’t know which would be worse: pretending to have a good night for Clint’s sake or telling the truth. “I-maybe tomorrow?” you choke out, eyes almost tearing up. 

     He nods with pursed lips and goes back to rummaging through the cabinets. “It’s always tomorrow,” he murmurs quietly, “I wish you’d just fucking cheer up already.”

     And with his insensitive words, tears are unleashed and you sniffle, just barely audibly. He turns around, surprised you’d heard and horrified he’s said his innermost thoughts to you.

      “(Y/N), I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean that, I swear-”

      “Do you even understand?” You say quietly. “Do you get what it feels like? To feel empty every single fucking day, and to feel numb, and-and to feel lonely even when you’re right next to me, for no fucking reason? Do you understand what’s it like to feel your soul eaten from the inside out? It feels like hell, Clint. I would never wish it upon anyone, even you.” By the end, tears are streaming down your face and you’re stuffed up and you’ve already turned to leave, but there’s a burn of anger in you that you haven’t felt in so long. 

      You lock yourself in your shared room before he can apologize. You just think and cry, but mostly you feel numb. After what you think is an hour, you hear the doorknob jiggling. How could he think you’d be stupid enough to leave it unlocked? Seconds later, it opens. Clint walks in, one of your bobby pins in his hand. 

      “Stop looking so surprised, I am an Avenger, remember?” He teases. The last thing you want to do is laugh.

      He sits next to the bed, leaning his head on the nightstand, respecting your space. “I’m really sorry about what I said. I was being selfish and stupid and I guess my anger made me say it. I didn’t mean it.”

     You turn to him. “I know. It was true though, and that made me feel worse. I wish I was happier, then we both would be,” you admit. 

     He takes your hand. “Me too. But right now you are going through a hard time, and I will try my best to help you through it,” he tells you sincerely, kissing each of your knuckles gently. 

     “I love you,” you tell him, pulling him up so he can sit next to you on the bed. 

     “I love you too,” he says with a smile, pulling you to his chest and wrapping his arms around you. “Now, do you want to talk more about it or watch some cooking shows and order pizza?”

     “I just want to get it off my mind, so the second option for sure,” you tell him honestly. “Plus, I’m always a slut for Chopped,” you joke.

      He chuckles, the deep sound felt on your back and side. “Anything to make you happy,” he says, kissing your neck softly and grabbing the TV remote. For the first time all day, your lips tug upward slightly in a real smile.

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Dear mio-sama Whats the worst anime ever made? Sincerely, anon-desu P.s. show no mercy

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren 

Originally posted by sugoihentai

This show was absolutely garbage holy crap. The amount of bullshit these writers and producers crammed into 12 episodes is astounding. It was absolute the shittiest story  you know what? What fucking story. This shit was worse than the 60 something episodes of filler in Naruto. Holy shit you have no idea the shit I did to force myself to watch that shit. I would just look for best girl and keep telling myself it would get better. But ffffuuuccckkk it did not. 

Originally posted by canerdian

Why watch it if I hated it so much? Because I had hoped that it would get better. The first season was actually really good. I liked it a lot and was excited to hear about a season 2. Sure it had one of the shittiest endings ever made in an anime but season 1 was enjoyable enough to where I can overlook that enormous flaw.  Hell I even thought that the shitty ending was there because of season 2 and that everything would get better. 

Originally posted by kv3dia

Holy shit I was wrong. Season 2 was more disappointing than SAO. Season 2 was so disappointing that I actually felt better about myself because there was no way in hell I could ever be that bad. All they fucking did in season 2 was shit around with a new shit character and no one had any character progression. It was just teasing and fucking around the idea of character progression without actually doing shit. Hell that shit had no closure, no plot, no good jokes, hell I couldn’t even enjoy seeing my favorite character that much since my heart was full of darkness and despair. 

Originally posted by ohayocelestia

The only thing that the show ever got fucking right was the animation. KyoAni are masters of their work and I was impressed by their skills. However there is no fucking way that animation can carry a shitty fuckfest of a plot. 

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Should you watch it? 

Fuck No