this is over 6 years old okay

Okay, but like a cute AU where the kids are between the ages of 5-6 and Eleven (Eleanor) is new to Hawkins and the literal first day of school she just latches on to Mike and doesn’t let go. Mike has no idea who this weirdo is but they’re like 5 years old and most problems at that age don’t last past nap time anyway. But this girl just doesn’t leave him alone, she follows him during recess and when the boys play tag and she’s “it” she only chases after Mike and when he’s “it” she doesn’t even brother running away from him. By the time they’re back in class and it’s art and crafts time, Mike sees that Eleven doesn’t have any crayons, he doesn’t really think about it and scoots over so she can share his because Mike’s mom told him to share his things with his friends and other people and this new girl may not be his friend but she is a people. Mike watches her draw but she’s really bad, to be fair most of them are horrible they’re only in kindergarten, but Will is very talented and teaches Eleven how to draw a proper flower. Nothing fancy, just a simple 6 petal thing. The day goes on like that and before any of them know it, it’s home time. As Mike’s collecting his things and saying goodbye to his friends a small chubby hand presses a folded up piece of paper into his equally small and chubby one. It’s from the new girl, she seems shy because she runs away shortly after. Mike thinks that’s a little Strange but proceeds to open the folded up paper only to find the pretty yellow flower she had drawn during art with his crayons. And at the bottom of the paper are two crudely written letters. E & L.


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Mini mycroft joining a conversation with parliament guys about parliament things

“Hullo gentlemen.”

“Good morning Mr. Holmes,” echoes the parliament cabinet as the small boy pushes a wheelie chair over to the large redwood table beside his father in his recently tailor 3 piece suit.

Mycroft tries to remain looking professional as his 6 year old son climbs into the overly large chair among the cabinet members. As cute as this may be he can’t break out his phone to record this display but hearing a tell-tale ‘click’ from his right side tells him that Anthea has already taken care of that.

Once situated in the seat and barely eyelevel with the table little Reginald Holmes takes his tiny briefcase (a gift from Sherlock no less) plopping it upon the table and takes out a journal (a gift from John) along with his Lighting McQueen writing pen. 

It is adorable.

Just too adorable for words as the 6 year old looks down the hushed table watching him in silent amusement and ask, “So what’s on the table today gentlemen?”

There’s a faint giggle from down the table that sounds like Jefferson but Mycroft can’t be sure so he manages for a warning glare all around.

Trying to carry on as usual (thankfully today wasn’t a terribly important meeting that had sensitive material nor high clearance to be met) Mycroft tries to restart the meeting where they left off. “Well Mr. Holmes, today we are attempting to ascertain whether or not we should cut funding to certain groups that and if not how to cut spending elsewhere to balance the budget.”

Reggie looks very determined to write everything that his father says but due to his motor skills most of it looks like scribbles and half words. "Yes, go on,“ Reggie insists as his brow furrows in concentration.

“I propose that we cut funding to studies that are unnecessary or frivolous," Peterson calls out from the end of the table. "For too long we’ve been wasting tax payer’s dollars on insane studies such as ‘is too much water detrimental to humans' and 'what wines pair better with Chinese cuisine in order to gift them to China’  rather than toward things that truly matter such as how to fix our homeless problem and to tackle our obesity epidemic,” Peterson cites.

“Now just wait a minute Peterson, some of those studies are vital toward our very survival as a human race,” McCoy starts off only to be cut off by Lord Ramsbottom.

Please, as if we needed a study to figure out that literally anything can be stressful given enough intensity and pressure,” he scoffs, what we need are worthwhile solutions to problems that matter now.“

"But let me play the devil’s advocate,” Smith pleads from across the table, “A lot of those researchers have families and rely on our funding to keep them above water-”

“Yeah and they certainly were raging in the streets when we started passing over our own citizens to outsource manual labor to foreign countries and I didn’t see any of them crying out in favor of their families,” Ramsbottom sneers, “At the very least I can count on those that wish to actually produce something to expect results rather than a some half-baked almost conclusion.”

“Gentlemen please! Think of the child,” McCoy tries to settle the shouting from both ends. He gestures to Reggie,  "Don’t you think he too would like the opportunity to have funding if he became a scientist? That chance to prove himself?“

"Nope, cuz’ I want to a pola-la…pola-la…politician like daddy when I grow up,” Reggie proclaims while still struggling with his letters and spelling.

 McCoy looks rather peeved at Reggie but Mycroft’s glare is enough to keep whatever the man wishes to say trapped behind his firm line of his lips. McCoy leaves his seat to walk over to Reggie in a move that naturally has Mycroft’s hand on his brolly.

Leveling himself to Reggie McCoy asks him, “But what about the scientist’s families hmm? Don’t they deserve to live a regular life?”

Reggie giggles, “No one is owed anything unless there’s a contract-anything else is just commonism. Uncle 'Lock taught me that.”

“That’s communism Mr. Holmes,” Anthea corrects softly still filming from her phone.

“What she said,” Reggie elaborates.

If possible McCoy looks even more annoyed. “So you’re saying that those families should suffer? That they and their children should be on the streets starving?”

Mycroft is already feeling the need to grasp his brolly even tighter if McCoy doesn’t let off his boy but Reggie is oddly cool.

Reggie smiles at McCoy. “Now you’re just being silly,” Reggie accuses, “I never said that and that makes you a drama queen just like Uncle 'Lock.”

Now there’s definitely some chuckling going around the table and it drives McCoy to a troubling red. “Oh yeah? Then what do you propose we do to ensure that none of these scientists get laid off and become part of our poverty problem?” he demands.

Reggie doesn’t even look up from his journal. “Easy, we get them tow work on want we want them to  solve and they’ll still have a job. Everyone else that refuses has to come up with their own way to fund their experiments just like Uncle 'Lock," Reggie says evenly as he tries to write neater.

The rest of the cabinet murmurs in agreement as Mycroft spares his small son a very proud smile.

"I say Mr. Holmes, your son is rather bright for his age,” comments one of the senior staff as the meeting concludes.

Mycroft eyes his son who is now engaging Ramsbottom with most be a very enjoyable discussion. "You know what they say, like father like son.“

okay i worked it out best i can without going and counting shit

there are 1850 posts tagged homestuck here

but i know some of them have multiple pictures in the same thing for whatever reason so ill add like. rough estimate of like 70 for that

then i know for a fact some shit has just disappeared cause my old deviantart says it has 14 deviations but there are only two there????? so thats another 14

then god fuck i drew a lot in school my planner was huge bc i had so much doodle paper in there, then the books and what i doodle now id say like. 150 for nice round numbers

i Think ive drawn homestuck around 2184 times

Special Interest Hell

Beware The Fairies

Your Sam Winchester’s daughter and your cousin, Mary, is your Uncle Dean’s daughter at only 6 years old. 
Family fluff

This is my entry for @one-shots-supernatural‘s spn hiatus writing challenge. This weeks being  “Be quiet, they’ll hear you.” 
(Sorry I missed last weeks hehe)

“Y/N!” Mary, your little cousin, whined. Her small hands tugged at your shirt as you stared at her blankly. You sighed and put your book down, folding your arms over your chest “What?” You demand.

“Uncle Sammy wants you.” She mumbled, her hands clutching her teddy bear.

“Okay. Thank you.” You got up from the comfortable chair and left the library. If your Dad wasn’t in the library or on a run he’d be in the main room. But you’d barely made it halfway out the door when Mary grabbed hold of your leg. “Hey!” You cried out and started dragging her across the floor.

She giggled “I wanna piggyback ride!”

“Ugh, fine. But get off my leg first.” You knelt down when she let go and she hopped on your back, wrapping her arms around your neck. 
“Onwards!” You declare, pointing into the distance dramatically and heading off. She laughed, rambling about utter nonsense when suddenly you stopped. She did too. 
“What?” She shook your head as best she could to try and get your attention.

“Ssshhh,” You hushed “It’s the fairies.”

“The fairies?!” She whispered in excitement. You grinned.

Be quiet, they’ll hear you. They’l get scared if they know we’re here.” You explained, loving how adorably gullible she was.

“If you’re very quiet you might be able to here them. They whisper things. They sing.” You made up, watching her curious eyes dart about the room in fascination.

Her eyes widened in shock and she nodded seriously. You started moving especially slowly to keep the atmosphere “Where are you going? I wanna find the fairies.”

“My Dad wants me, afterwards we can go fairy hunting, okay?” You offered still making sure to keep you voice a hush.

She nodded reluctantly.

You walked into where your Dad and Uncle Dean were, Mary scrambled off you back and ran over to her Dad who picked her up happily. You rolled your eyes causing your Dad to chuckle. “Hey, sweetheart. Would you mind babysiting over the weekend? I think I’ve found a case but Mary won’t be at school and Cas isn’t around…” He explained.

You sigh. You didn’t like missing out on hunts but you knew you couldn’t risk taking Mary with you. “Okay… I guess.” You shrug, peering over his shoulder to look at the article.

“Sounds like an Amazon.” You point out absentmindedly having finished reading. Your Dad sat back in thought “Actually that’s not a bad shout.” He sounded impressed.

“Thank you.” He smiled.

“See? You’d be dead without me.” You smirked and shot Mary a wink.

“Can we find the fairies now!!” Mary squealed, jumping up and down to get your attention. You laughed under your breath and nodded. Your Dad and Uncle Dean gave you a strange look and you grinned innocently “Beware the fairies.” You warned. Picking Mary up and throwing her over your shoulder. She laughed and you wondered back to the hallways. Your Dad and Uncle shared a proud and amused look before shaking their heads and going back to the research. 

“Your kid has the mental age of mine.” Dean chuckled, taking a swig of his beer.

Sam laughed despite himself and nodded “It’s more fun for Mary that way. Besides, be quiet they might here you.”


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Any good kidfics floating about??

soo im assuming you mean fics where lance and keith ARE kids rather than they HAVE kids, if you meant the other way round send in another ask

Gaining Social Competence by sweet_rabbit (3/? | 6,415 | General)

“My name is Keith and you’re going to be my friend!”

The boy, Lance, looked up from his grass picking project with wide blue eyes and responded, “…Qué?”

‘Kay? Keith thought. Like… “okay?” He said okay?!

It was official: Keith had made a friend. His dad was going to be so proud.

Love At First Grass by Cookiesauces (1/1 | 1,748 | General)

“Alright, kiddo, I’ll be by the bench over there, okay?” Shiro told a 4 year old Keith and sets him down on the ground from his hips.

Keith blinked in what Shiro hoped was acknowledgement and waddled towards the playground.

all i know is we said hello by rire (1/1 | 4,031 | General)

“I don’t know you,” Keith says.

“Well, you should,” the boy says emphatically. His skin is the colour of caramel. Keith likes caramel. The boy points a caramel-coloured thumb at himself. “I’m Lance McClain. I’m the coolest kid on this side of the playground! And I’m going to be a pilot when I grow up.”

//minor character death //homophobia

Forever and Ever

Forever and Ever

Summary: Lucas and Riley met each other in kindergarten and promise each other that they would be together forever and ever.

Word Count: 1,631

For: @josiebearx “An AU of young Riley and Lucas as best friends and over the years they fall in love and get married + Rucas first ‘I love you’.”

 5 and 6 years old

“Okay everyone, its circle time!” Ms. Lance announced to her kindergarten class.

Little Riley Matthews dropped down her favorite purple marker and rushed over to the circle shaped rug. She made sure that she was sitting next to her new blonde best friend, Maya Hart.

“Good job circling up kids! Now, I would like to introduce you to our new student,”  

The students looked around the circle trying to spot out the new student in their class.

“Lucas, would you like to come up here and introduce yourself?” Ms. Lance asked the tad bit shy blonde boy.

Lucas gave Ms. Lance a soft nod and walked to the front of the circle. The teacher gave the go ahead to begin talking.

“Hi, I’m Lucas,” he started

Riley looked up from twiddling her thumbs to see the cutest boy she ever seen. He was slightly taller than anyone in the class and had these innocent green eyes. This boy made Riley feel something she’d never felt before. Was this the feeling she read about in her princess books? Was it the feeling of falling in love with prince charming?

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Riarkle Teaser of a Teaser
  • Farkle: I like you.
  • Riley(Freezes): What?
  • Farkle: I like you, Riley.
  • Riley(Still Frozen): Okay.
  • Farkle(Rambling): And I know you hate change and I know that I promised I would love Maya and you the same and never choose but I was six when I said that! 6 years old, and I wore orange turtlenecks and wanted to take over the world, for goodness sake! Things DO change! OK, well maybe I still do want to take over the world a little bit but that's not--
  • Riley: --Farkle.
  • Farkle: Yea?
  • (Teaser of a scene I'm working on since I promised y'all something!)
Loose Tooth

*Requested: (ONE SHOT) Y/N is Newt’s 6 year old sister and loses her tooth.*

You wiggled your tooth. Is it okay to do that? You ran over to Newt, your big brother.

“Newtie! Newtie!” you said and showed him how you could wiggle your tooth with your tongue.

He laughed and bent down, patting your head.

“Don’t be silly, Y/N. It’ll fall out when it’s time.” he said and you smiled and pushed your tongue against the tooth. Suddenly, your tongue was sticking out through a hole where your tooth used to be.

You looked on the ground and saw the little white square in the dirt. Your mouth dropped open and you picked it up. You looked up to see Newt with a smile on his face.

“Newtie!” you said and showed him your tooth.

You ran off to find Minho.

“Minho! My tooth fell out! Thomas!” you called out and the Gladers started to come closer and closer to see what was going on.

They all chuckled and patted your head congratulating you as you ran around showing off your first lost tooth.

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Kuroo when his girlfriend's little sister (like 5-6 years old) has a cute lil crush on him?? Whenever kuroo comes over, his gf's little sister tries to steal him away from her and Kuroo plays along with it because it's cute and funny. :D and also his girlfriend's reaction to the entire thing!

AAA this is such a cute request!! (Unfortunately my answer started out acceptably cute and got weird really fast OTL I’m so sorry.)

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@xmusicsaveslivesx i think i need help girl….



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Astro debuted a month ago, with their title song Hide&Seek. 

Originally posted by adeusrealidade

They are under the company fantagio. They have all been trainies since they were as young as 10-12 years old. They have 6 members and they are amazing. They have done quiet a few things before their debut last month. 

They were apart of OKAY READY ASTRO VER.

Originally posted by daddy-mj

They were in a web drama called To Be Continued. They also, right before their debut went through a “convention” (you could call it) where for a week straight each new day they had to come up with a dance and perform it. This was how the members were officially chosen for Astro.




KIM MYUNGJUN ~ stage name is MJ

He was born 1994.03.05

Height is 173cm, or 5′6

He is the brightest, most loud, and called the happy virus of the group. When he was young all he wanted to do was sing, and now he is the lead vocal of Astro. He has great chemistry with the groups maknae Sanha :3

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PARK JINWOO ~ stage name is JinJin ( MY BIAS WAHHH)

Jin jin was born 1996.03.15

Height 174 cm, or 5′5

Jinjin originally when he was a young cutie wanted to be a singer but he found with his way of speaking that rapping suit him more. HE IS LE LEADER OF MY BABIES. His mother is a slower speaking korean, hence the reason he is slower when he speaks. The members gave him the nickname slow rapper because of this. He is a very good dancer, and i believe to go slightly under appreciated out of the memebers.

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LEE DONGMIN ~ stage name Cha Eunwoo

Eunwoo was born 1997.03.30


Eunwoo is the visual of the group, all of the members agree that they want Eunwoos looks. The members talk about when he walks into a room, all eyes turn to him. He is the member who eats the most, but never shows it, just eats and eats haha. He also is working harder to perfect his dancing. HE IS ALSO A BIG MOMMAS BOY THEY WENT SHOPPING ON OKAY READY AND BOUGHT HIS MOM A WALLET WITH LEFT OVER MONEY SO CUTE RIGHT????

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MOON BIN ~ stage name haha, moonbin. ( The members call him bin-ah)

Moonbin was born 1998.01.26


Moonbin was a trainee before the rest of the members and worked ten times as hard. He used to do clothing commercials for toddlers, and then got a roll in TVXQ’s Balloons vid (CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE THROW BACK FOR A SEC I WAS INTO THAT SONG WHEN I WAS LIKE 12 AND HE WAS A TODDLER LIKE WHAT) After being in that music video, it gave him the motivation to dance and work hard. He calls him self catdog, because he is sharp and delicate like a cat, but like a beagle because he loves to smile and laugh.

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PARK MINHUK ~ stage name Rocky

Born 1999.02.25

Height 176 cm, or 5′7

Rocky was insipired when he was young by watching dancers, he is the lead dancer, working so hard to the point of exhaustion. He has a slight emotionless vibe and is always smiling. But he is actually realllllly shy and loves getting loves from his fans. Everytime he is on v app and he sees someone call him handsome, he turns all red and laughs. I think he is so cute, and a little bun who needs protecting. He is the groups rock, hence stage name rocky, he is always there for those who need him

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YOON SANHA ~ stage name sanha


Born 2000.03.21.

Height 181 cm, or 5′9

Sanha was the last to join as s trainee and his parents were very worrried about him leaving home at such a young age. On the show, ASTRO OK READY his parents sent him a good luck, hwaiting video and he was very emotional. Sanha has so many talents up his dang sleeve, he can dance, he sings, he raps, he CAN HARMONIZE SO WELL WITH MJ I CRY, he plays guitar. He is always smiling, and will stay young forever because i said so.

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Why do people feel the need to hate on phil?

 Yes he may be 28 years old, but how is that a problem? 

Phil makes creative, original videos and comes up with tags that younger youtubers make videos from. 

Phil has been on YouTube for 9 years. 

Phil is an extremely important person, he not only does YouTube just he works at BBC radio 1, he was voice casted in big hero 6 and has had so many more achievements.

Phil lester is an incredibly genuine person, who is here to make people smile and to let them know that it’s okay to stand out and that everyone is good in their own way.

Phil’s age does not make him any less in the youtube community, Phil is mature and is a fully capable adult.

His Twitter layout and his videos is him expressing his personality as well as making it friendly for all ages because he is someone who wants to be able to make his videos enjoyable and suitable to watch for all ages.

If anything Phil is an amazing role model and he should be treated with respect.

His Royal Hairness

>Your father has had enough of you nearly breaking yourself and the various fragile decorations strewn about the castle. You nearly ripped a nearly hundred year old tapestry in half yesterday tripping over your own giant legs. Okay, well not giant exactly, you’re only like… 6'10. Only.

>You have been instructed to wait in one of the smaller libraries for your new guard, who is supposed to keep a better eye on you than the other one. Which sucks because you liked him. You busy yourself with some book you have no actual interest in while you wait. You have seated yourself in front of the window and your poof of brown curls is blocking most of the sun from the couch. Not all the sun, of course. It’s a rather large window after all.

white: i kno u hate white ppl but like.. it kind of hurts me feelings. not all white people are bad. 

me: i kno tht white ppl starting from when i was 6 years old hv called me and my ea friends racial slurs and white ppl continue to mock my parents’ broken english they worked fukcing hard to learn and white ppl continue 2 treat my parents w less respect because of that and they still tauntingly say ni hao to ppl who look east asian and tell us to go back to china And at the same time also say shit like I Have A Thing For (east) Asians and maybe even b genuinely interested in my culture but think its okay to shout over actual ppl of my ethnicity on our issues but anyway!!!!! not all white ppl are bad got it so am i supposed to play the guessing game like Spot the Notbad White idk pal u gotta tell me what to do