this is our senior musical this is the last one

Last year I was in a pit sectional and we were messing around with our marimba mallets -always a good idea, especially when we only had enough pairs for each of us. Our section leader (senior) that year bragged that he broke a total of 10 mallets his high school career. A sophomore went “I can do it too!” and hit his mallets together as a joke. No one expected them to snap that way, since we’ve been doing it to keep time with our music. They snapped perfectly in half. It’s an inside joke now.
—  Anonymous
I might be 3rd chair this year??

So we have a playing test for 6 scales to determine our seating in our band. I went and got a 34/36, meaning I only missed 2 notes, and apparently our 3 time 1st chair was scared that she wouldn’t make 1st this year because I did so well. Turns out she got one more point than me, and my senior friend got a perfect 36/36! So basically I’m likely to become 3rd chair, compared to being like 7th chair last year.

Practice is worth it y'all.

Things That Have Actually Happened in Band Part 2

On the last night of band camp (which is at a state park), one of our senior guys ran around the park naked wearing nothing but a music note thong.

During the halftime show, our guitarist played his solo while thrusting to the beat in front of the entire crowd.

Our band director duct taped our drum major’s legs together because he dropped the f bomb.

Our band went to our rival school’s band camp and put stickers of their band director’s face on EVERYTHING.

We left a snare drum at an away game so we had to turn back around on the already 4-hour drive to retrieve it.

[TRANS] 140924 Seungyoon, Seunghoon & Jinwoo’s Recommended Songs on BEAT.

“Beat Listeners, guess’s who’s back? We are WINNER! Hello we’re WINNER”

This is a historical first day that WINNER is spending with beat. Through BEAT , the WINNER members will show you songs that they like.

 Seungyoon: WINNER’s “Tonight”

I, WINNER’s leader Kang Seung Yoon will be going first. I wanted ’s Song to be the first song that we share with Beat. The WINNER that we love, a song that’s good to listen at night, I recommend “Tonight”.

Seungyoon: Taeyang’s “Stay With Me”

This next song suits senior Taeyang’s emotions and charming voice very well. On top of that, Senior GD’s featuring gives the song a fuller sound. Let us listen to senior Taeyang’s “Stay With Me”.

Seungyoon: Maroon 5’s “Shoot Love”

SY: The band that I really like and respect,Maroon 5, released a new album in september. Each song on this album, “V”, is remarkable.

JW:Yes, as expected of pop experts, Maroon 5 has different kinds of music styles on their album.

The title track,“Animals”, which was used for a CF fits my taste best.

SH: Marron 5 was in the recently popular movie “ Begin Again” and participated in the OST. Marron 5 promotes regularly so I think fans will really like it.

SY: I am one of those fans. I like this song which makes my head move automatically even when I’m still. I think if you guys , Seunghoon and Jinwoo, Listen to it you will dance with me. Let’s listen to it now, Maroon 5’s “Shoot love”

Seungyoon: Epik High’s “It’s Cold”

Since it’s fall, the sky is really clear and there’s more of a fall mood. The man’s season is coming. A song title that makes your body chilly, the melody and lyrics fit fall really well. It’s a song that has a lonely and lyrical feel, seniors Epik High’s ’ It’s Cold".

Seungyoon: OneRepublic’s “Secret”

The last song that i’m going to recommend is OneRepublic’s “Secret”. It makes me remember when I did this song for the monthly evaluation during my trainee days. I really listened to this song a lot and practiced. I practiced so hard that the mic stand broke, it makes me remember that. So this is the last song that I’m recommending, OneRepublic’s “Secret”.

Seunghoon: Megan Treanor’s “All About that Bass”

This time , this will be a list that I, Lee Seunghoon will recommend. The first song that I will be recommending is a song with an exciting rhythm and an addicting hook.It makes my shoulders move automatically. It’s a song about being confident about your body and in Front of other people. Megan Treanor’s “All about that bass”. Are you guys ready to dance together?

Seunghoon: Michael Jackson’s “Slave to the Rhythm”

The eternal hero of my heart, Michael Jackson. This song is “Slave to the Rhythm”; It’s the song I like most from his recent album. He did a hologram performance at the Billboard awards and he looked like he was reborn. It’s a Killer song, Let’s listen to it together.

Seunghoon: Rachel Yamagata’s “You won’t let me”

I usually like exciting upbeat songs but when I get sentimental at midnight, I listen to this frequently. The Rhythm of the Piano makes your heat flutter. Let’s listen to it tonether. Rachel Yamagata’s “You won’t let me”

Seunghoon: John Legend’s “Open Your Eyes”

When you want to fall in love , John Legend’s “Open Your Eyes”. John Legend made a remake of an original song and made it a big hit. It’s about telling a girl hurting from break up “please look at me who’s next to you”. It’s one courageous man’s confession. Let’s listen to “ Open your Eyes” together

Seunghoon: KSY’s cover of Yoon Jongshin’s “Instinctively”

SH: Number 1 on the charts as soon as it was released. This song made many students visit guitar shops. “Instinctively”. Wow~

SY: I’m Embarrassed.

SH: The song is still in the top rankings of Karaoke rooms.

SY: Oh really?

SH: How do you feel?

JW: You’re incredible.

SY: I’m very thankful.

SH: Can you sing a short vers for us?

SH: ~ I felt it instinctively ~

SH: Well, This song needs no words, let’s listen to it instinctively!

Jinwoo: WINNER’s “Go Up”

Hello~ I’m WINNER’s Jinwoo. Finally, I get to introduce songs to you. Like Seungyoon, the first song I’m recommendng is a meaningful song. It’s what made WINNER this popular. It was when WINNER was Team A. I chose a song that I felt really affectionate to, out of all those songs. Whenever I listen to this song, I vividly remember the memories of WIN. Let’s listen to it together. WINNER’s “ GO Up”.

Jinwoo: Michael Jackson’s “Man In the Mirror”

A mirror is a reflection of yourself. Whenever I listen to this song and look at the mirror, I self-reflect. That song is  “Man in the Mirror”. It is one of King of Pop, Michael Jackson’ famous songs. I think it’s a good song where it makes one self-reflect when one looks in the mirror and sees another person. Let’s listen to it together.

Jinwoo: Tamia’s “Officially Missing You”

This is one of my favorite songs. Last years on my birthday, It gave us our first win. Tamia’s “Officially Missing You”. Let’s listen to it together.

Jinwoo: G-Dragon’s “Crooked”

JW: It’s G-Dragon’s “Crooked”, a senior artist who I really like.

SY: Jinwoo-hyung really likes this song.

JW: You’re right.

SH: Not just the music. His clothes and performance are really cool, and he always has a lot of energy on stage.

JW:That’s right. With that in mind , let’s say goodbye while listening to G-Dragon senior’s “Crooked”. Next time Mino and Taehyun will visit their favorite songs.

ALL: Bye ~

SH: Sleep well

Translated by Chrissy96 & Timthepuma


[TRANSLATION] EXO - 140821 1st Look magazine: "run AWAY, EXO"

“The manly aura that you showed in front of the camera today was really cool. How does it feel to film a new concept that isn’t usually common for you?

Tao: Until earlier, we showed you a bright and uplifted side of ourselves, right? That’s nice too but we always like trying new things. Our outfits are very rough and we’re on a majestic motorcycle so it feels like we have somewhat become real men. The concept was very clear so it was easy to film and it seems like it’s been a while since I had this much fun with the members.

Until now, we thought that EXO were the ‘pretty boy’ but now that we’re seing you, all the members are full of a charismatic and manly aura. When you see each other, who seems the most suitable to this concept?

Everyone: Tao! He was the best!

Sehun: The look with the MCM fur jacket and the Jaguar Bisetos backpack was the coolest. Tao hyung’s facial structure is a but sharp and very manly. When he looks at the camera seriously, the atmosphere becomes very charismatic. Since the makeup today is very strong, it seemed to fit well with the concept. Of course, his real side is totally different.

Kai: In real life, he’s a total softie. Kind of clumsy too. (laughs)

Recently, the members’ personal schedules have enlarged. They are participating in dramas, movies, and variety shows; how are they different while working and in real life?

Chanyeol: Today, I came from a different dorm than our members because I had filming for 'Roommate’. Because I have to spend time in a different dorm than them for the filming of the show that I participate in, I think about our members a lot. People say that when we’re together, you may not realize it but when we’re separated, we feel the importance of each other. It’s a bit emotional sometimes, and I often miss them a lot. If we have been apart for even three days, I feel happy when I meet them and realize the importance that I didn’t know.

Sehun: Luhan hyung was in China two to three times recently for his movie filming. Didn’t you miss us while sleeping alone in the hotel?

Tao: It seems like he didn’t miss us at all. We sent so many text messages and there were no replies.

Luhan: After filming, once I returned to the hotel I was so tired. I really fell asleep right away. Why are you guys all saying you missed me! I sent replies to all of them in the morning! (smiles)

Aren’t the new challenges and experience you have to face hard by yourself?

Lay: I think it’s a nice experience and a thankful opportunity. I’m so thankful for all the things we recieve. Frankly, it’s very hard when we first crash into it ourselves. It seems like it will be handled easily but in reality, things don’t always go as we would like them to go. Recently, I was a one-day MC for a Chinese music program and I spent all night memorizing the script. Even with the practice, it was so scary to stand on the stage by myself without the other members. But it was a heart pounding, fluttering experience. Meeting new people and challenging myself little by little is very fun.

Do the members moniter each other and give good advice? How does it feel to see your members doing a great job in each of their criterias?

Luhan: We’re very proud of them! We watch all the programs, performances, movies etc that our members come out in. We always say a word of advice too.

Chanyeol: D.O is currently starring in a drama. Every Wednesday and Thursday nights, we all sit around together and watch the drama. In the beginning, it was awkward and quite funny seeing D.O in a tv screen but as each episode aired, it seemed like he was really good at acting so it made us proud. Honestly, we actually watched the live stream for the drama press conference too. D.O is a beloved member, and it seemed like the sunbaenims on set took extra care of D.O and like him very much. Seeing that made me relieved, but also a bit like I was sending my child away. It may seem a bit weird but it seemed like seeing a precious child you raised turning into an adult? Haha.

The strong bond between the members can be felt for sure. In May, EXO held their first solo concert in the Olympic Recreation Stadium very lavishly, right? How did it feel to have a stage made just for 'EXO’?

Kai: In the midst of preparing for the concert, many bad things happened so honestly, it was very hard. In order to create a perfect stage, we had to change all our choreography and stage positions and practiced until we were tired to exhaustion. But we were able to pull it off because the members worked hard together until the end, and seeing them like that was very gratifying and reassuring. To every singer, their own concert is very special to them but to us, this concert was much more special and much more meaningful.

Sehun: He’s right. Any singer would dream of a concert of their own. But for us, we wanted a stage really meant for us, and a place for us to interact with out fans. With that kind of mind, we each prepared a special stage and in order to show them the best of us, we practiced all night. Since it was our first time, there were definitely spots in which we were lacking, but it was a time where we were able to sincerely play with our fans. I was so happy that it cannot be expressed entirely in words.

The look in your eyes all changed once we moved on to the concert topic. Your sincereness can truly be felt.

Chanyeol All stages are precious, but the first concert especially is the most important. Since it was was our first concert we were holding in Korea, our nervousness and expectations were multipled by hundreds. And just days before the concert, something big happened so we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to show our best to our fans. But once we stood on stage, the fans cheered us on very deligently and enjoyed it with us, I was so thrilled and touched. In the last day concert, our fans did an event sending a message to us. During that time, I was so touched that all the strength in my leg was gone.

Sehun: The fans prepared an event for us. We had no idea. Everyone was so thankful that they all shed tears. Seeing the entire stadiun fill up with our lightstick was very touching.

Kai: The fans cheering at our Chinese concerts are be unforgettable too. I’m very excited for the stages prepared to come in Japan and Singapore and more. We will try our best and prepare in order to grow more, and we will always show a side of us that is greater than before to our fans.

The fans seem to be expecting a new album. Compared to the mysterious rookie days and the more friendly and rising stages, what kind of sides do you think you can show and portray?

Chanyeol We are still in the middle of shaping our own color of EXO. I think that EXO’s charms come from being able to take in many genres of music and images and being able to portray them. Rather than making a specified image, I want to try more things. The sides of us that we can show you are endless. Especially since we have many members, there are many kinds we want to try too. 'Wolf’, 'Growl’, and 'Overdose’ were all music with our color of that can’t be found anywhere else. Of course, we would like to show a great performance compared to other groups too.

It seems like the name 'EXO’ has taken a special place in each of your lives. It also seems like you all consider each other much more than just a member and coworker.

Sehun: It seems like compared to friends my age, I have gone through a bit more, and a bit wider range of experience. Of course, there are some things that I missed out on as being a normal twenty year old man, but it’s alright because I am experiencing other things too. Being in a team with members from a different nationality, and spending times together like brothers is already very special. All our members are great people and I’m very thankful that I got to meet them like this.

Kai: When we all first met, there were obviously some things that didn’t fit right and there were times where we bickered and argued. But that is a very natural thing. As we lived together for about three to four years, there are things that grew where we know what each other were feeling even without saying a word. It’s very comfortable.

Chanyeol: Each of the members are all very kind. Even if there is a fault, they all understand and yield. Even if we see each other everyday, there are some minute things that we can get our feelings hurt about. I think it’s very important to trust and understand one another.

Luhan: Not just as a façade, I think we are all really close with each other. As we went through periods of practicing together while soaked in sweat up until now, more faith was shared and our friendship grew deeper. 'Dependence’ was created.

Tao: To me, our members are much more than the greatest friends in life.

Starting last week, we were able to meet you through a new variety show 'EXO 902014’. There are great expectations because it is the perfect opportunity to show off the members’ hidden charms.

Lay: It’s a program where we recreate the hit songs and the culture from the birth of K-POP, the 1990’s. Every episode, we showcase a '2014 version’ music video of our seniors’.

Chanyeol: All of our 11 members will participate as a lead in one of the music videos. It seems like it will be a very new experience for all the members. More than anything, the fact that we are able to recreate and discuss the songs of the legendary 'first generation idols’ from the 90’s makes us feel very honored.

Kai: For me, just talking with the sunbaenims was very surreal too. There were lots to learn and we received a lot of adviced for things that were persistenly difficult for us. When I was a trainee, I practiced the dances of H.O.T. and Shinhwa a lot. It’s still so amazing that we can meet up and talk with each other. I didn’t know that time was flying by as I was deeply into listening to them talking about the IMF era, when they were at the top of their peak, and many anecdotes from during their promotions.

Sehun: As a singer, they have once been to the peak of their careers and they are still carrying on to promote or live to tell the tales of their legends. It somewhat seems like how we will be in ten and twenty years later. That makes me think more about our future and know that we have lots to learn from listening. I also wonder how I should become a better singer, and a better person.

We are quite sure that after gathering all those thoughts and concerns, a more mature, and strengthened EXO will be made. Lastly, a word for the fans who endlessly send their never erring support?

Chanyeol: I really want to thank our fans who always protected our sides whenever. We recieved support and touching moments too. I want to ask them, to go together forever with us.

Kai: There are singers because there are fans, and there are fans because there are singers. I’m saying we are one! I wish that we are all as happy and fun as now forever. I want to enjoy being on the stage with our fans forever.

Sehun: You all talk too much. The interviewer said to say 'a word’. (laughs) You must write this down. EXO-L is the best! Everyone, I love you.”

Credit: translation,, Source: 1st Look.

[17’s Diary - Wonwoo] 2014/06/14 ‘The Time of Happiness in a Week’

I was able to perform. It was San E and Raina seniors’ “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”. At first, when I heard about this from the manager, I wasn’t too sure if I would do a great job. But, while practicing, San E senior and Raina senior made it very comfortable and treated me very well and they also listened to my problems. They were such senior singers who were hard to talk to, but because of this performance, it’s easier now. Now we have our first performance. I kept on sweating, not because it was hot, it was mostly because I was nervous. But because it was a performance that I always dreamed of performing, it was also very exciting! The second broadcast, Mcountdown. I really tried to do my best, but I ended up having many mistakes. My facial expressions looked cold. I came out on camera more than I expected but I ended up having a cold expression. This performance was not the best one. ㅠ The third broadcast, Music Bank. This was live. Last time I performed with our members, so I didn’t get nervous much. But now because I’m by myself, I was very very very nervous. It was a live performance!!!!!!! My facial expression was worse, and I did many mistakes. Because I felt very sorry towards my seniors, I went to the practice room at night and kept practicing after the performance. I miss my members a lot. The last broadcast. Show! Music Core. I had to wake up early for the rehearsal. I didn’t even get to see my members’ faces. But when I went to recording room, I saw my hyungs and dongsaengs. My members came to MBC in secret to support and cheer me on. They practiced until late at night and they didn’t even get to sleep but they still came…. After the performance I ran to place where the audience were. I really wanted to see them. (They all told me that they wanted to see Raina noona but I knew it was because of me haha). Strangely, I laughed without even knowing it. I think it was because on the last performance my members came to see me. For a week, I didn’t really smile too much… haha (thank you~ my members^^ I knew I could count on you guys~). Next week, is a baton touch! Another Seventeen member will perform with San E senior and Raina senior. So, I thanked them for treating me well. Hahaha~ Next time, I’ll debut and see you all at broadcast. Thank you. During the week, I experienced what it was like to be on broadcast. Although it was hard and tiring, it was also a lot of fun and touched my heart. Even though I felt that I could’ve done better, I also had so much fun and I was happy that I could perform. My members and I could come here someday with the name Seventeen. We have to work harder!!! Here’s a quiz! Who do you think will be the next member? Hahaha. Was that random? Anyways, whoever is going to perform next week, good luck!! Fighting to “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” also!! Haha. (I was listening to that song while writing this diary. Seniors~ I’m pretty awesome right?)

trans cr: Jane // pledis17 Instagram

-requested by anonymous-


Y/n p.o.v

I made my way through the crowded halls of garrison high, gripping tightly on to the black case that held my French horn. I didn’t say much, nobody knew who I was for the mere reason that nobody had ever heard me speak, i had a few friends and even they barely heard me mutter a word. I just wasn’t born to speak up, I always hid behind the skirt of my mother as a child and I now hide behind the loud mouth of my 4 friends here, I had met them in band. God I loved band, not only did I make friends here for the first time but I could play my favorite instrument and still get an A without me having to speak. That wasn’t the only reason why I loved band though, I loved it because of him too. Mr. Horan, his blonde hair and blue eyes charming every girl outside and inside the orchestra classes, he was only 21, taking on experience so he could finish his masters degree In music, he took substitution for mr. Cranberry for the rest of the year since mr. Cranberry broke his hip during winter break. Don’t get me wrong, mr. Cranberry was a funny old man, I loved band since the moment I stepped into the school but Mr. Horan just made everything more exciting, now instead of taking my time to get to class, like I usually do to avoid the loud crowd, now I push and speed walk toward room f309 to meet with the man who makes me touch myself at night.

I didn’t have a chance with mr. Horan, for many reasons, the main reason was because he was my teacher and I was his student and these type of relationships were illegal and we could get into really big trouble for even the thought of it, I knew it was wrong and I never though that such feeling would come out of my shy body but they did and now I was stuck. The second reason why, is because I wasn’t the prettiest girl, girls practically threw themselves at him everyday, waiting for the day he gave back to them but he never would he was respectful and gullible to believe that girls from this high school wanted to sex him up. The list just went on though and I was so far from his reach, I don’t even think he knew I existed, I had never spoken to him, never raised my hand to ask a question, never bumped into him, I just dragged my feet to the back of the room and practiced on my cleaned French horn. I entered the room, my heart beat rising as he smiled over at Cassidy, Cassidy always flirted with him, she played the violin and she always caught his attention. One more reason why my chances with him were just faded kinky desire. Her blond hair ,wavy, her blue eyes matching his as sweet words left her pink glossed lips, enchanting Mr. Horan, like I never could. I frowned as my heart dropped slightly and I dragged my feet to the back, as a routine.

“Cassidy has nothing on you, you are gorgeous” my close friend rose encouraged, I nodded and sighted as I took out my shiny instrument and fixed it slightly so it could match the tone of the song we were practicing for our showcase. Cassidy had walked back to her seat, swinging her hips side to side, she gained his attention, she always did. The school bell rang as few students rushed in, instruments in hand, Mr. Horan waited for them to take a seat and sighted “good morning, ladies and gentlemen, today we will practice the show case song for one more time and then we will continue on for our last lesson” everybody cheered, we just wanted to get it over with, none of us were excited for the showcase, this school was full of pricks and sluts who wouldn’t care for any of the music we played, it was a waist of our time anyways but we had to do it to gain credit, thank god I was a senior and didn’t have to put up with this shit anymore. He tapped his fingers against the black stand as everyone got there instrument, he started waving his hands around as the music started playing. He then instructed our area to began and I closed my eyes blowing into the French horn bringing life to the rest of the music.

My fingers tickled the valve levers as I took a deep breath and started blowing again, the familiar music coming to life inside the band room. We continued playing and then the song was over, everyone cheered and clapped as we had gotten the song in perfect sync “great guys! I’m so proud of you!” Mr. Horan clapped. Everyone cheered and smiled brightly, “now, i talked to mr. Cranberry on the phone and we have decided to take on a French horn solo, to you know give the song more spirit, so which of my French horn players would like to volunteer?” His Irish accent proposed, I started to sink in my seat, I wasn’t much of a audience kind of person, I was confident sitting all the way in the back and playing my French horn with passion and that’s how I would like to keep it “y/n volunteers” rose screamed, my eyes widened and I looked up at rose “what are you doing” I mouthed over at her. “Is that so?” Mr. Horan asked, raising an eyebrow, I was quiet shocked he actually knew I was in his class, that he wasn’t surprised and ran to his clipboard to check my name because again, I was like a ghost here. Rose nodded “yup, she’s been dying for you to propose such, so she can volunteer and she’s an amazing player” I wanted to smack her so hard. “Meet me at the end of class, y/n” he stated walking back to his desk and leaving everyone to mutter.

“Rose!” I screeched, she chuckled “relax, I’m doing you a favor, you will have some alone time with mr. Horan” I rolled my eyes “really? If I wanted some alone time, I would just have to stay here till class was over and then we will be alone” she put her instrument back into it’s case “yeah, but you wouldn’t have a reason to stay after and now you do, just face it, I’m a master mind” I shook my head, anxiety rising in my body, I couldn’t talk to boys outside this class without tripping over my own words what makes her believe I was going to be able to talk to my teacher to which I had a crush on. The rest of the class, I was left pondering what I was going to say. Of course I’m not going to go up to him and confess my undeniable love because I know he doesn’t feel the same way and I’ll just stay looking like a fool. He will probably rub my shoulder and say something like “it’s okay, this is normal to have a crush on your teachers but this can’t be” or he will use the excuse that he Is married or something. I mean I have never in my 19 years of life have liked a teacher before so I don’t know the drill but it’s better to think negative then positive in this situation.

The end of the class bell rang and the classroom emptied out, I sat still in my seat, oh this is going to be bad, really bad. Mr. Horan stood up from his desk and my heart beat quickened “come over here, y/n” he smiled, his blue eyes looking into my y/e/c ones “I don’t bite” he chuckled. I blushed slightly and gave him a slight smile before walking down some steps and reaching his desk, oh god, we were so close now, he smelt so heavenly, now I see why Cassidy wanted to approach him so close “so your friend rose sounded so enthusiastic when she volunteered you to do the French horn solo but are you sure you want to do this?” My breath hitched and nodded, at this point I would do anything to spend some time with him “yeah….I mean it’s my last year here and for the past 4 years of my life, I have been the really quiet, shy girl and I want to be different when I leave” I spoke quickly, his eyes widened and he smiled “this is more then I have ever heard you speak in my entire time teaching band” he chuckled, I looked down, blushing harder “sorry” he shook his head as he took his hand over my chin and looked into my eyes “no…don’t worry, i like the sound of your voice” I could see it, my cheeks looking like bright red tomatoes, oh god “t-thank you, mr. Horan” he leaned down to look at some papers “call me Niall” he proposed. I nodded sounding his name out as a smile spread on his face.

We studied the solo for a while then he told me to pick my instrument up and play it myself, every minute I spent with him my heart threatened to rip through my chest and I know that I have been blushing this entire time. “Okay” I looked down at the music sheet and started playing, I closed my eyes and let the sound fill in my ear, when I was done I put my horn down and looked at Niall, his eyes were opened wide, his yaw hanged low “wow, that was Incredible” he praised, I giggled and looked at him. He walked closer “has anybody told you, how beautiful you are y/n” his face was so close to mine, just layers of clothes separating us “and I’ve Been meaning to tell you that for a very long time, I mean, I’ve liked you for a very long time, how you are almost not there because you don’t say a thing but I know you are there because your presence is vibrant” he complimented, pushing a strand of my hair back “I like you a lot” out of all the outcomes that I had played out in my head none were like this, I was shocked and my heart dropped, I was scared to say something back “I like you too” I said in a whisper, his big smile appeared again, I loved his smile to much. He walked over to the door and locked it, pulling a shade over the little window in the middle of the door, he walked back to me and pressed his body onto mine, putting his forehead against mine and taking my cheek into his hand where he rubbed his thumb just below my ear as his jaw clenched and he looked into my eyes “would you like to kiss me y/n?” My breath quickened and I nodded slightly.

He captured my lips in his, we moved out heads in sync as he pushed me onto his desk, he pushed all the music sheets and other things he had on his desk off and sat me on the edge, I wrapped my legs around his waist as if it was a reflex. He begged for entrance and I gave it to him, now our tongues fought for dominance, I ran my hands through his brown routes as he rubbed his hard on against my covered heat, thank god I wore a skirt, he started to unbutton my shirt, revealing my black lace bra, he smirked and completely pushed it off, now kissing my neck and my chest, leaving love marks here and there. I moaned slightly, whimpers following after. He pulled away, leaving me to pant as he tore away his tie and then his white shirt, giving me a full view of his pale muscles as my mouth watered. I wanted more. He pushed my back against the top of his desk and never In a million years, would I have imagined myself being in this position. He pushed my skirt up, admiring my black panties, he smirked and started to push them off, he moaned when he finally got a view of my heat.

“It’s so pretty” he muttered before he ran a finger down the slit “so fucking pretty” he moaned again. A whimper left my lips as his fingers danced around my wet walls “and you are already so wet for me, y/n” I moaned as he dipped a finger in “so tight…so ready” I could see his bulge getting bigger in his pants “are you ready for me?” He asked, going up to my kiss my fainted lips, I shuttered as he started to move his finger inside “yes” I begged, he smirked, he kissed down my neck, while massaging one of my nipples in his hand. He took his fingers out while his middle one rubbed my wetness around. He pulled his cock out and I whimpered, he was already so hard. I felt so vulnerable completely naked in front of him as his icy blue eyes scanned every inch of my skin, he unbuttoned his dress pants and pushed his underwear along with it, he laid on top of me, keeping some of his weight off as he held onto the edge of the desk, I cut feel his pink head rubbing against my entrance as we French kissed on top of the desk, the anxiety of any old being able to knock on the door and finding us, making everything hotter “you are so shy out there, not speaking a word, such a good girl but look at you now, all wet and hot for me, begging me to pound into your delicious tight pussy, over and over again” I whimpered. He knew what he was doing with his words “you are a box of surprises, y/n” he slowly slid into me. Making me gasp and grip onto his biceps.

“Do you like it slow?” He asked, his hips moving slowly into me “or do you like it fast?” He asked again, now speeding up, making our skin slap “look how wet you are” he moved his fingers to rub my clit “already making that juicy pussy to make those sexy sounds against my cock, my cock is so fucking hard…fuck” he shut his eyes and bit down ontop of me. This view was amazing, I couldn’t stop myself from moaning over and over again, he panted, he was very vocal and I loved it. He expressed how he felt, how I was taking him there, I loved how he felt inside me, making my walls contrast around him “niall…baby…uh” he moaned and went deeper, entering his whole member in me, I gasped louder, my nails running down his back “uh y/n…so fucking good” I screamed, he chuckled, short pants leaving his lips “do you like it?” I moaned “do you? Come on y/n, do you like how I pound into you on top of my desk, huh? You little beauty, ah fuck, I’m almost there!” He groaned, I nodded “me too” I furrowed my eyebrows, as he had a concentrated look on his face. He rubbed my clit harshly, going faster and deeper “niall….I can’t” he grunted loudly as I came around his cock, he pounded a few times in and came, filling me up with his hot load “fuck….shit” he kept cursing under his breath.

He collapsed on top of me and we laid there breathless “damn” I muttered, he chuckled as he pulled out and kissed my cheek, he put his underwear back on and then his pants, I sat up and tried to jump of the desk but my legs shook, making me have to hold onto the desk, niall chuckled “here, baby” he put on my panties for me, along with my skirt and my shirt, he kissed my forehead and continued by putting on his shirt. There was a slight knock on the door and I hurried to grab my horn and collapsing into a desk because my legs weren’t so strong at the moment, Niall worked his way to the door, he opened the door, trying to still his breath “hey, Cassidy!” Niall cheered, I rolled my eyes, as she stepped inside, she waved slightly at me and looked back at niall, this bitch, we were never friends. “Mr. Horan, I was just wondering If I could practice my violin here” she played with the buttons of his shirt “sorry, kind of busy” he said, moving her hands away from his chest “you should be leaving, the bus is almost leaving” he pushed her out slightly and waved goodbye as she tried to protest. He closed the door and puffed his cheeks, I giggled “she scares me” he confessed, making me laugh now “how are those legs?” He asked, I smirked “I think they might be better if you kiss me but I don’t know” he hummed and got closer to me “let’s see” he kissed me deeply and pulling away slowly “better?” I bit down on my lip “maybe”

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