this is our movie ok


El Secreto De Sus Ojos (The Secret In Their Eyes)

dir. Juan José Campanella - 2009

Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film

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Prompts requested by @thatcrazyfangirlmaze sorry took to long.

10. That’s my spot! I guess we have to share
5.Stop looking at me like that it’s making me horny.

“Hey babe? You want popcorn or chips?” Peter asked you from the kitchen. “Both, both is good” you answered, you were lazily laying on the sofa searching for something good to watch on Netflix.

It was 3 am and everyone in the base were on a mission expect for you and Peter. Having the tower to yourselves you opted to watch movies.

“Ok so are you ready, we got our refills and movie” Peter sat next to you, pulling the blanket to cover your bodies. Peter grabbed the remote to press play, when you jolted up and screamed “bathroom break, sorry babe”. You ran to the bathroom making peter laugh.

When you walked to the sofa you weren’t exactly expecting your boyfriend to be sitting on your seat. No it wasn’t just a ‘seat’ it was your seat and Peter knew it very well. Hell every god damn avenger in this tower knew to not mess with your seat. And here you have Peter sitting on your seat while he shoved popcorn down his mouth.

“Uh Pete what are you doing?” He looked up at you offering some chips to witch you politely refused “ I’m eating chips, why?” He smiled Why is seriously asking WHY. He knows exactly why.

Ok Y/n deep breaths, “hum honey can you move? That’s my spot” you asked kindly. Peter looked at you and then at the seat on which he was sitting on, a sly smile adored his face “nah I like it here,” he spoke again.

You know that it was childish, but that was your seat and you were there first he didn’t have any rights to sit on it what so ever"

“Pete pls that’s my spot” you tried to sound made but it came out as a whine instead, Peter chucked “ i guess we can share” he said.

You smiled and sat next to him, but you were squished in the middle of Peter and small space between the edge of the couch.

“Comfy babe?” Peter kissed the side of your head “ you can always go sit on the other side?” He offered.

“ no no I am fine” you said and pressed play, you were watching Jessica Jones. Ned, Peter’s best friend kept telling him to watch it, and Peter kept bugging you to watch it with him.

You thought today would be the perfect time to do so.

The show is great, both of you liked. The only thing you weren’t prepared for was the sex scenes and right now you were in the middle of second one, and were you just at the first episode.

You don’t usually get ‘excited’ during sex scenes in movies but something about this really turned you on, maybe it was the way Peter’s hand rested on your thigh and his fingers made small circles on it or just the way he looked at you during the sex scenes or just him being so close to you that you were able to feel his little friend poke your bum or the way he breathed on your neck. Which ever it was it was making you crazy.

“Stop looking at me like that it’s making me horny” you breathed, you weren’t expecting Peter to hear you since the room was filled with moans coming from the tv, but he did.

He lean closer to your ear and bit your ear lobe, and whispered “ maybe that’s what I want”.

A/n : wow it’s feels like long time since I didn’t write anything and I am sorry about that, but not any more since I finished school and my exams I will be writing way more than before. Btw thanks for the 800+ you guys

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id 'ove to hear your cheesy aus bc cheesy things are so good and pure?

these au ideas are mostly from cute cliche foreign movies I’ve watched ok asdfghjk im sorry

-Our Times AU

  • Lance gets a chain letter in his desk, (if he doesn’t pass it on bad luck will come his way), he sends the letter but with a bunch of apologies and scribbles of drawings
  • Keith is the “delinquent” (who really isn’t) that Lance passes the chain letter to, but while Keith is reading the letter he gets into an accident
  • Keith searches for the letter’s sender and only lets Lance go and doesn’t say anything if Lance agrees to be his errand boy
  • They get to know each other and become really close, hanging on rooftops together, doing homework in the library together (Lance carries Keith’s books/backpack at first) but that soon changes and Keith carries Lance’s belongings at times
  • They pull a toradora by helping each other win their crush’s hearts, but in the process that only bring them closer, buying each other milkshakes to help cheer the other up, Lance making foolish faces to make Keith smile
  • it was pining Keith from the begging because he wanted to befriend Lance because he thought the letter was hilarious and the apologies in the letter came from a genuine person
  • Lance admits he thought he was going to die if he didn’t send that letter and thought he would never be able to learn how to skate
  • Keith takes Lance skating under the stars so he can finally learn
  • Keith is actually really smart, but gets outed by the principle and students because of his harsh looks, he just has bad luck
  • Lance sticks up for Keith when he’s wrongly accused which tugs a string at Keith’s heart because no one has ever done that for him
  • Keith just wants Lance to be happy so even if he didn’t end up with him, he thinks Lance deserves whatever lights his heart because Lance tries so hard to make others smile
Yooran week day 6

Day 6:   Sleepover // Hair and Makeover Night

(2494 words)

Yoosung was surprised that he’d managed to concentrate at all at work that day. With his head occupied with the fact that Saeran was coming over to his for a sleepover, he was certainly nervous.

Despite all the times they had hung out, even before they got together a few months ago, they had never slept at each other’s house and, for some reason, this seemed like a big deal to Yoosung.

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Leico bromance??

Okay I haven’t seen a lot of Leico in a while so this was refreshing 

  • They play video games
    • alot
    • Nico lived his whole life in the Hotel Casino ok he rules at video games
    • Leo isn’t as good but he tries
    • “YOU CHEATED!”
  • Leo is bi and Nico is gay
    • sorry I dont make the rules
    • *hands brush together* “no hommo tho”
    • “it doesn’t work we’re both queer”
    • *sees a hot guy* (at the same time) “Dibs”
  • Although Nico lived in the hotel he doesn’t know a lot of movies for some reason???
    • Leo doesn’t know a lot either
    • they both have movie nights
    • everyone wants in but they refuse
    • “this is ~our thing~ ok”
  • They can’t sleep at night sometimes so they share a bed
    • they didnt talk about it at first
    • but they did one night and it made it a lot better
    • the nightmares still come but it helped to talk abt it
  • Leo bursting in the Hades cabin at 1 (One) in the morning, dude, hitler is your cousin
    • Nico procedes to think about this for the whole week

annnnd yeah that’s all I have so far

Fandoms and their movie interpretations...
  • Harry Potter: We have amazing movies that don't have too much inaccuracy in them
  • Hunger Games: Our movies were good nothing too different about them.
  • Percy Jackson: Our movies were terrible, like did anyone ever even read the script like ummmmmmmmm ANNABETH IS BLONDE OK?!
  • Divergent: We're still waiting for the allegiant movies to come out...
  • The 5th Wave: The first movie was ok I guess, but there's still not a third book
  • Maze Runner: So far we're doing pretty good I guess...
  • The Mortal Instruments: Well the movies were awful, they couldn't have done more worse but it's ok because we got our own T.V. show, Screw movies
  • The selection: ...
  • The Selection: Well this is awkward

The truth is we both did a movie. I did a movie called “Friends with Benefits”, he did a movie called “No Strings Attached” and if we would’ve just paid attention to how those movies turned out, we would know that we can’t get into a relationship this way and yet we did exactly as both those movies foretold. Like we literally shook hands, we were like “We’re gonna have fun, ‘cause we’re both single and young.”. Three months later we’re living together, six months later we’re like married and have a kid. Like literally we clearly didn’t watch the end of either one of our movies. (x)

Ok so you know how during Civil War filming Scarlett was seen walking around with her pixie cut dyed red so everyone thought Natasha would chop off her hair in Civil War?

What if the final post-credit scene is Natasha standing in front of a bathroom mirror. The Civil War is over. The Avengers are fractured. Some of her closest friends didn’t make it. She looks grim as she holds the electric razor in her hand. Cut to the bathroom floor as her long auburn hair falls lock by lock. We see her splash some water on her face and reveal her pixie cut. She gives herself one last look as she turns and grabs a duffel bag off the floor. She has to figure herself out now, without SHIELD, without the Avengers. It’s time to find out who Natasha Romanoff really is.

She walks out the bathroom door and the screen goes black. And then the words appear: Natasha will return in Black Widow: an original Netflix series, coming 2017. 

people are really upset about the dark tower which i understand but all i gotta say is: i need a cold shower and a glass of water cuz i’m thirsty af

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AAAAHHH That mam from resident evil is so hot, like dammmmm. I went to see it with my dad and while he was ok with the movie (we destroy it on our way back home) I was crushing bad on him aaaah

haahahhah xD same!

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To mix up your inbox a little: What DC or Marvel heroine would you want to have a standalone movie(let's pretend the catwoman "movie" never happened) and who would you cast as the lead?

Omg lol this is refreshing and actually such a hard question! I had to think about it a bit because there are SO many female lead movies I would like to see. Now that we are finally getting our first WW movie I can cross that off my list. 

OK SO I would love a Hawkgirl movie, specifically a Shayera Hol movie. I wouldn’t want her first movie to be on earth, Thanagarian’s are actually my favorite fictional alien race tbh and I would LOVE a movie based on Thanagar, taking inspirations from JLA. Showing her rise in the military, her training to become a spy and such and ending it showing her preparing to go to earth. I would cast Eiza Gonzalez -