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Young Justice Batmom: Part 8

AN: It has been forever and a day since I last updated this. I love how it turned out and I’m happy this got voted number one! For those of you who don’t know I held a poll on twitter to decide which series update I should post to day and YJ Batmom won! Make sure to follow me on twitter for more polls, and previews! Click Here to go to my twitter!

This chapter is dedicated to @audreythetealovingcat she’s been working on some super top secret stuff for me, and It’ll be going live soon! Thank you again so much, you continue to astound me!

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    You complete the obstacle course without throwing up, which in your book… is a win. Especially since you’d thrown up the last two times you’d done it. If your father could see you now he’d be screaming.

           Years of physical training had gone down the drain in the years since you’d left your father’s organization and married Bruce. You’d never thought you’d have to fight again, and yet … here you were.

           “You’re getting better.”

           You crack open an eye to stare at your son, he’s balancing on his hands, on top of a ball. For a minute, you consider the possibility of him being part seal. You dismiss this as you heave your upper body into a sitting position. “I’m too old for this stuff.”

           Dick cracks a grin, “You’re in your twenties.”

           You nod, “My point exactly. That, and the fact that my husband is a task master.”

           Your eyes slide over to your husband. He’s standing in the corner writing notes on a clipboard. He glances at you for a second before writing something else down. Then without looking at you he says, “You’re the one who wanted to get back in fighting shape. I told you I wouldn’t go easy on you, and compared to Ra’s, I’m a freaking walk in the park. Now then, let’s go again.”

           You stare at him, “I want a divorce.”

           Dick slumps onto your back, and wraps his arms around your neck, before asking, “I can live with you, right? And Alfred will come with us, right?”

           Bruce smiles at the two of you before dropping the clipboard and rushing both of you. It’s instinct that has you hopping to your feet. Dick’s legs wrap around your waist, and then you’re running.

           You’re at the disadvantage, and you know it. You’re out of shape, and carrying a thirteen-year-old boy on your back. It’s honestly amazing that you last as long as you do. Bruce takes both of you down while taking the brunt of the fall.

           The three of you collapse in a laughing heap and just lay there. Dick is sandwiched in-between the two of you when he laughs, “We should do this more often.”

           You sigh, “Some families do a game night.”

           Bruce and Dick look at each other for a minute before shaking their heads and saying, “Nah.”

           You roll your eyes and hop to your feet, “Well I am going to go take a shower.”

           Bruce sits up, “What are you talking about, you still have laps to do. You didn’t beat your obstacle course time.”

           You glare at him, “You want to go back to being a billionaire playboy, don’t you?”

           “If he knows what’s good for him, he won’t even entertain that thought.” Alfred says as he enters the gym. “I worked long and hard to put the idea of lifelong companionship in his mind, and I refuse to go back to bimbos walking around in his dress shirts.”

           You glance at your husband, “When the hell did that happen? We got together when we were twenty. After you’d been training for two years.”

           Bruce winces, “I was sixteen, and he was supposed to be gone for the entire weekend.”

           Alfred rolls his eyes, “Like I was going to be that stupid.”

           You stare at your husband, and he stares back, before he says, “How about I forget about the laps, and we stay married.”

           You smile, “Okay, but only for Alfred’s sake.” You lean down and kiss your husband, when you pull back you whisper in his ear, “And maybe a bit for my own as well.”

           He pulls you back down for another kiss, before whispering, “Do you want some company?”

           You glance over at Dick who’s on the parallel bars, “Well we certainly wouldn’t be missed.”

           You grin at each other when the alarm goes off. He growls and you frown. Dick dismounts and simply says, “Let’s go guys.”

    You and Dick head straight for the Mountain while Bruce changes into his gear. You don’t bother with the mask or changing. At this point, the secret’s out, and you could not care less. You watch your son spar with Kaldur, and you find the Artemis at your side a moment later.

    “Hi Mrs. Wayne.”

    You smile at the girl, “Hello, Artemis.”

    The archer smiles back, “Why do you look like you’ve spent the morning getting your butt kicked.”

    You sigh, “Because I live with bullies, and I am waaay out of practice.”

    Artemis chuckles and takes a seat next to you, “So it’s possible to lose the skills, then?”

    You shrug, “I wish that were the case. Instead it seems to be more along the lines of they’re in hibernation. Then I find myself pinned and they seem to wake up a little at a time, and then my body just moves.”

    “Self preservation wins out.”

    You nod, “It would seem so.”

    There’s a moment of silence before she asks, “So does this mean you’re joining the Team or the League?”

    You snort out a laugh, “Neither. I’m a reserve member. I only go if they need me.”

    “Do you have a costume?”

    Your eye twitches, “I don’t do tights.”

    She laughs as Bruce enters, and you follow the kids to the command center. By the end of the briefing your eye is twitching, and you’re radiating anger. No one seems willing to approach you, with the exception of Bruce, and even he seems hesitant.

    “Y/N,” He says slowly.

    “Don’t you dare try to keep me from going, Bruce Wayne.” He winces at the use of his name.

    He tries again, “Y/N…”

    “I hate that damn clown, I hate him with everything I have. He needs to be put down, and I don’t want my kids near him.” Bruce stares at you, and your eyes narrow, “What?”

    “Two things. One we don’t kill, and two when did we get ‘kids’? Last time I checked we had a kid. Singular, not plural.”

    You roll your eyes, “The minute I became den mother those kids became ours. I’ve already dealt with the Joker hurting Dick once, I refuse to see it happen again.”

    “He knows the risk. We all do.”

    “He’s thirteen Bruce.”

    “And what could you do at thirteen?”

    “That’s a different situation.”


    “I was raised by an immortal psychopath who thought it was fun to pit his children against each other.”

    Bruce hesitates for a minute, “What would you suggest?”

    “Send two of the League with them, and I can help the League.”

    Bruce stares at you, “You’ve only been training for …”

    “My whole life Bruce. I’ve been training for my entire life. I’m rusty, I won’t deny that, but I can help take down some plants.”

    He stares at you in contemplation, before sighing. Then he lifts his finger to his earpiece and says, “There’s been a change of plans, Hell Cat and I are going with the Team.” There’s a moment of silence before he barks back, “Of course I’m sure. I’d be next to useless against giant plants. Batman out.”

    You smile at him before leaning in to kiss him, “I’ll go suit up.”

    Dick is less thrilled than you are by the news. “I can’t believe my parents are going on a mission with me! I’m thirteen, I don’t need a babysitter.

    You scoff from your seat in the bio ship, “Richard Grayson, get your temper tantrum under control now, or you can wait in the ship.”

    His head turns to stare at you with the use of his full name, “MOM!”

    You raise an eyebrow, and stare back before he relents and slumps into his seat, “Let’s get one thing straight. The minute I became den mother you all became my kids. This mission is an active fight against high level villains, and I’ll be damned if I let some stupid clown hurt my kids.”

    The kids turn to face you, a bit surprised by your declaration, but no one protests. There’s several moments of silence before Bruce says, “Looks like your days of being an only child are over kid.” There’s a stunned silence before the ship bursts out in laughter.

    The mission is hard, and by the end you want nothing to do with swamps, bugs, or plants ever again. In fact, you’re even considering sabotaging Alfred’s ficus. But you consider it worth it to see Bruce punch out the clown, especially after he went after your baby with a knife.

    “Wow those mosquitos really did a number on you.” Artemis smirks.

    You try to resist the urge to scratch one of the numerous bites on your skin, “Yeah, I can’t leave the house without being doused in bug spray during the summer. Mosquitoes flock to me.”

    “You need a better suit.”

    “Oh, I have ideas for that!” M’Gann calls from the other side of the room. And before you know it the rest of the kids are all pitching in their ideas, before Kaldur says loudly, “Perhaps we should let our mother have some say.”

    You blink owlishly for a moment before, M’Gann says, “Well, Mom?”

    Artemis nudges you with her elbow, “Aunt Y/N?”

    Wally and Dick grin at you, and then Conner too asks, “Mom?”

    You glance at Bruce over their heads and he smiles at you. Smiling you open your arms and say, “We’ll talk about it later. For now, group hug!”

    Then you’re surrounded by your kids. You glance at Dick who’s hanging off your back, and he simply smiles and says, “I guess we’re one big happy family now.”

    You smile and say, “You’re still my baby.”

    He just groans.

Flood my Mornings: Unimaginable
  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.

@themusicsweetly​ asked:  For when Claire eventually is preggers, their first time with an ultrasound machine.

So here’s the thing: 1951 is at *least* ten years too early for fetal ultrasound. 

HOWEVER, this was one of the first FMM scenes I wrote after the reunion (even before this prescient ask!)  and at the time, I wasn’t even thinking about historical accuracy. Soooooo, I’ll ask you to put on your suspenders of disbelief (TM @stageandhistory​‘s teacher) and just enjoy the anachronistic ride. 

[Also, there’s a bit more of a time jump on this one than I normally go for, but I was feeling antsy to get to a landmark scene, so HERE WE ARE. (but I’ve got some planned flashbacks in the works for later, so don’t hesitate to request scenes from the months I passed over, if you’ve got a need!)]

Late April, 1951; Harvard University Hospital 

“Fine—Sweetheart—I’m fine!” 

The words were barely more than a muffled mumble into his shirt. Based on how tightly he was clutching me, I should have insisted to speak with him directly instead of leaving the message with the Fernacre receptionist; or at the very least, I should have been more emphatic with her that there was absolutely no emergency at hand. 

I hugged him tighter in reassurance. “I’m so sorry, darling—I truly didn’t mean to frighten you. Everything’s fine, I promise.” 

“But Nancy said ye were in hospital.” 

At the hospital—at Harvard—” 

“Aye, not your proper hospital—and I was in the furthest pastures—” he said in a rush, cupping my head hard. “It took them so long to ride out to track me down—that—and then the Traffic—I thought—the bairn—

God, and what must he have thought? With my being several weeks past six months, the same time at which—

“We’re fine, Jamie, I swear. See? We’re in the academic wing, not intensive care.” I pulled out of his arms and tugged him toward the open door nearby. “Come with me: I have something to show you.” Trying to suppress my grin, I ushered him into an empty lecture hall and closed the door behind us. 

Standing there, still in his work clothes and smelling of horse, Jamie was breathing heavily and looking as though he meant to either cry or fight someone or both. “Please say what’s happened so I can stop this aching in my chest.”

Despite his agitation, I managed at length to get him to sit in the professor’s chair. I leaned against the desk facing him, trying to keep back the storm of happiness. “You know I had my final examinations this morning?”

 A nod, a pause, and then a tentative, “…Did they go well?”

 “Very well, I think. But as I was gathering my things and headed out, my professor suddenly stopped me and asked if I’d be willing to assist one of the med-tech research departments with a demonstration. I was taken aback of course, but I trust Dr. Gordon—you remember, he’s the one that’s been so impressed and supportive?— so I was willing to see what was what, at least.” 

This exposition did not seem to have done anything to lessen Jamie’s tension; in fact, he looked downright ALARMED at mention of me participating in some sort of vague experiment. Well, so had I been! 

I went on, hastily. “And so he led me to the research wing and introduced me, and—And well, I called Fernacre as soon as they explained what it was that they were going to be testing out, because—Oh, Jamie, it would have been absolutely magical to show you as it was happening. But I managed to get the next best thing.” 

I handed him the glossy print, heart thudding. “It’s something like an X-ray, see? This was only a prototype—very few people in the world have used this technology.” He kept staring down, and I babbled anxiously to fill the silence. “It isn’t even a good likeness of the fuzzy readout I saw. I badgered someone to find a camera, and the flashbulb reflecting against the glass television screen makes it quite hard to see, and I’m sure the print itself isn’t great, either—I badgered another department to develop it for me quickly, so it’s barely more than a blur, but…”

For more than half a minute Jamie had stared down at it, turning it this way and that—

But finally, the image must have clicked into place, for he gasped and nearly dropped it. 

“You see it?” I was beaming, holding back tears. “Can you see?

“Is that…?”

Yes,” I choked out, “that’s him.”

So engrossed was Jamie in the image before him that he didn’t immediately seem to hear me. Then, he looked up so sharply it must have hurt his neck, blinking like he’d stepped into bright sun. “H—him??”

“You can’t tell in this shot,” I whispered, not meaning it to be a whisper, but so hoarse with feeling I couldn’t help it, “but the technician was certain.“

“We’re going—” Jamie was grinning like an utter addle-pated simpleton. “—to have a—a wee lad?

I nodded, smiling back but also weeping, lips pursed tight, and suddenly unable to speak at all through the lump of happiness in my throat.

“Oh, Claire…” Jamie was on his feet in a second, laughing and holding me as tightly as in the hallway, but this time in joy. “Oh, LOVE!” 

The next I knew, he was beaming into my eyes, holding my face. “I’d have been just as thrilled wi’ a wee lassie, mo chridhe, but….Jesus, God, to KNOW—!! It’s…absolutely miraculous.”

“Honestly, this is— unimaginable to me, too,” I whispered, leaning my forehead against his as I looked down at my belly (at my son!). “To be able to see an unborn child….To be able to see right into the womb without cutting! I never even dreamed of such a thing. Jamie, it…I saw him.” 

“And he’s—alright?”

“As far as they could tell.” I sighed and smiled, giving in. “Yes…yes, he’s alright.” 

If two sane people could be delirious with joy and relief, it was us. We must have looked quite out of our senses to any passerby, so intensely we were beaming and grinning and clinging tightly to faces and hands. 

Without preamble, Jamie stuck the precious photograph in his breast pocket, swept me up into his arms (ignoring any protest against handling my massive bulk), and settled back into the chair, cradling me in his lap. 

We sat there in beatific silence for I don’t know how long, with soft touches and wordless sounds of tenderness and awe. 

At last, Jamie simply couldn’t contain himself. “What will we name him? Our—son?” 

We hadn’t discussed names at all, to date—both of us perhaps afraid to tempt fate until the birth was closer at hand. But I had seen him, today—seen the outlines of his tiny feet move at the same exact moment I’d felt him kick—And it changed everything. There was still risk, and there was still fear; but the hope in me was glowing and radiating throughout my entire being. This child, this little boy, was alive and well. He would be well. And he needed a name. 

“Well, let’s see….” I beamed and traced patterns on Jamie’s shoulder. “I suppose we can’t have a Brian AND a Brianna.”

Jamie laughed, “No, indeed. The first Brian Fraser will get the big head up in heaven. Though what about your Da? Henry’s a good, strong name, aye? What d’ye think?” 

“I’d very much like to use it as a second or third name… but I can’t quite see it as his first.” 

“’His,’” Jamie echoed in a gleeful murmur. “…He’s a him.”

My delighted giggle hit me mid-kiss.  “Yes, darling,” I crooned against his lips, “he’s a him.” 

Jamie brightened. “Say, now, what about Robert? That was my wee brother’s name, and one of my Da’s as well.”

I must have made a face at this, for he smiled and rubbed my belly, leaning down to whisper confidentially, “Your mam doesna like your name one bit, wee Rabbie.”

I laughed and amended, fairly, “If you feel strongly about it, I might be persuaded. I’ve just—Honestly, I’ve never liked the name Robert. Robert…. ROBERT….” I tried the name several more times, making grotesque faces as I tasted the syllables. “No, sorry, just won’t do.”

Jamie wasn’t offended, and in fact, we both repeated the rejected name a few more times each, trying out ridiculous accents and intonations to completely rule it out as a frontrunner until we were little more than a mass of giggles there in the professor’s chair. 

Then, as if by magnetic force, we quieted and turned our eyes back to my belly—to our little him. 

We were still for a long time, both of us imagining we could see our son curled up asleep, as I had so briefly and hazily today.

“Lambert?” Jamie said. 

I smiled fondly, but shook my head.

“William?” I offered softly, a while later. “For your brother?”

Jamie made a sound of acknowledgment, thinking, but said nothing.

There was a bird singing outside the tall, sunny window. Leafy sun-shadows spangled the walls and a tiny breeze brought the scent of spring to surround us. 

And as a second bird chimed in outside our little haven, Jamie’s hand tightened lightly, significantly, on my belly, eyes shining. “What about…Ian?”

“…Ian…” I breathed back, putting my hand over his, feeling something settle perfectly into place. “Oh, yes, that’s….Ian…”

Not the blood-brother long-mourned: the brother of Jamie’s heart whose loss was still an open wound. They’d known each other all their lives; had fought together and defended one another, had been each others’ champions in battle and at home. And it struck me for the first time that Ian Murray was the only brother I myself had ever known, too. Ian had been a true kindred spirit, ever an ally in our den of blood-Frasers. And beyond that, Ian was—had been my friend. I missed his ready smile and his wit, his compassion….


It was painful—but perfect. 

“Ian…Henry,” Jamie murmured reverently. “A fine name.”

“Ian Henry…Fergus?…” I offered, my voice cracking.  

I felt the convulsion go through Jamie and I touched his face. I know, love. I know.

Lord, the grief—the grief of holding one son between us and longing for the one we’d left behind; and for Jamie, how much more raw that grief. For Fergus had been there with him for those two broken years, had been a joy and a comfort to him when little else could be; and we could never see him again. 

“Aye,” Jamie said at last, smiling weakly through reddened eyes. “Ian. Henry. Fergus. Beauchamp—”

Fraser,” we finished together in a whisper, all four hands covering our little boy. Life and loss, joy and mourning, so inextricably intertwined. 

There were tears in Jamie’s eyes, as there were in mine, and his voice was deep and husky with love as he looked down at our hands and rubbed gently. “You’ll do them all proud, Ian.”

And damn me, if our little guy didn’t kick, right on cue. 



“…Jessie,” Hanzo’s voice was steady and patient but clearly concerned, “What are those?”

“Babies, duh,” The wolf answered unhelpfully, eyes full of affection for the two mewling kits.

Hanzo sighed out heavily, patience running thin. “I can see that. Why are they here in our den?” He’d come inside at Jessie’s insistent prodding to find their warm bedding thrown to the side and hastily put down where the twins now resided.

Jessie put his ears down, guilt on his face. “Well, you know the other day? How you were complainin’ there weren’t no little ones ‘round?”

“No,” he lied, slowly realizing what exactly Jessie was getting at.

“Well, you did and you’ve seemed so down lately, you know with your brother stuff an'all so… I talked to a few folks and uh… well… long story short these are a mix between a snow leopard an a wolf.” He bared his teeth in a small grimace.

Hanzo decided he didn’t want to know how that came about. Instead he fixated his eyes on the more slow leopardish one that had bumped into his paw. He pushed it gently back against the other one. “We can’t keep them, Jessie. We have work to do. You should take them back before,” he paused as he was bumped again.

“Sakura likes ya!” Jessie wagged his tail and bent down to lick her head lightly.

Hanzo folded his ears back, “What did you name her?”

“Sakura, like those trees ya like so much.” He puffed up his fur, pleased with himself. It was so damned endearing.

Hanzo was resolutely not blushing. He sighed again, this time with a touch of defeat. He wasn’t ever going to be able to turn them away. “And the boy?” He asked allowing them both to curl against his warm fur.

Jessie’s eyes sparkled a touch with mischief. “Dunno yet. You pick that one.”

The snow leopard studied the twins, which clearly took after the leopard side. Hm… “How about Damon?”

The wolf sank down beside him and licked between his ears. “Perfect, love. Jus perfect.”


Unser neuestes Familienmitglied! Der kleine Star ist aus seinem Nest gefallen und scheind sich ein Bein gebrochen oder verstaucht zu haben aber er hat zum Glück einen gesegneten Apetit. Mal schauen ob wir den kleinen Kerl durch bekommen.

Our newest family member! The little starling has fallen out of his nest and seems to have a leg broken or sprained, but fortunately he has a blessed apetite. Let’s see if we get the little guy through.

April 2017

This is a compilation of fics that I’ve read/re-read over the past month. Faves get a star ( ★ ). There is also a separate fic rec page for my favorites here and a fic rec sorter here, if you’d like to check those out. :)

MONTH: April, 2017 | (older lists)

▶▶ A Neutrino Walks Through a Bar by Moku
Teen And Up | 45,261w
Stiles had become the most popular matchmaker of Beacon Hills in less than a year. And he really didn’t know how that had happened.

▶▶ A Not So Easy Arrangement by hazelandglasz
Explicit | 5,314w
AU where Derek’s still the Alpha, and Erica and Boyd aren’t dead. Stiles and Derek have to fake-date because of werewolf reasons, but it shouldn’t be too hard because they’re already having sex together? And they’re great friends? Shouldn’t be too hard, Stile thinks, but he’s been pining away, and he was actually gonna ask out Derek for real, because he kinda loves him, but now he just feels weird. And he’s still finding ways to fall in love with Derek.

▶▶ accidentally? by bibliosexual
Mature | 3,683w
BOSS: “know why I called you in here?”
ME: “because I accidentally sent you a dick pic”
BOSS [stops pouring 2 glasses of wine]: “accidentally?”


Or, in which Derek receives a surprising email one morning.

▶▶ all stories deserve an end by bleep0bleep
Teen And Up | 2,351w
No one hardly ever comes up to this area of the forest, especially with the rumors of the “mad wizard.” Stiles encourages the rumor, because it means people leave him alone. It’s a good, solitary existence as long as Stiles pretends the aching loneliness in his heart isn’t there.

▶▶ anything, anything by drunktuesdays
Explicit | 5,242w
Prompt: Stiles wakes up in Derek’s bed in a world where they’re married now, and Derek keeps leaving the room every time he tries to have a conversation about how this happened, since they weren’t even dating.

▶▶ Bones Straining Under the Weight by weathervaanes ★
Explicit | 15,645w
One of Stiles’ favorite things about life is Derek Hale’s food blog. He never expects to meet the man in person.

▶▶ But, Doctor! by stilinskisparkles ★
Mature | 30,269w
“We had to splint a girl’s leg in a ditch,” Scott says excitedly.

“Bro, you sound way too happy about that,” Stiles complains, opening up his bag and pulling out a Twinkie.

Derek removes it from his hand silently and replaces it with an apple. Stiles scowls at him for a second then bites into it, regardless. Derek sits back and lets the group discuss the merits of dramatic lifesaving feats for winning over the ladies. Scott is convinced it’ll help impress Allison; Isaac thinks Scott’s a loser. Stiles—

Stiles is falling asleep on Derek’s shoulder.

▶▶ First Impressions Are Overrated by Leslie_Knope
Teen And Up | 14,634w
In Stiles’ defense, he didn’t deliberately ram his grocery cart into the (evidently precarious) pyramid of oranges.

▶▶ I Call You Names Because I Love You by tylerfucklin (Deshonanana)
Mature | 13,025w
Years of touring with Stiles would never have prepared Derek for the day his beloved techie fell in love with someone else.

▶▶ I Do Do You? by Captain_Loki ★
Explicit | 6,540w
Stiles and Derek wake up hung over and married in a hotel room in Las Vegas. It wouldn’t be so bad if the year before their relationship hadn’t fallen apart.

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Your spirit comes to me
consoles the woman that it sees,
and here I long to rest
my love for you confess.

Within the warmth of an embrace,
your silhouette I’ll trace,
with imaginary fingers
search for love while it lingers.

In this, our solitary universe
where bodies do converse,
between bedsheets made of light
from stars that fill the night.

Then blend as we collide
with nothing left to hide,
you search
my heart
my soul
my flesh
inside this dream
we come to mesh.

Enjoy solace we come to find
inside home within our minds.

Brie ~ 2016

Photo Credit - Guy Denning

Shy and I will be at Anthrocon June 29th - July 2nd!  We will be in the dealers den tables M13 & M14 selling our usual books, stickers, prints, bags and more! Stop by and say hi! I’m still debating if I’ll be taking commissions or not at the con- we’ll see @ O @ Then RTX in Austin TX the weekend after! WOWZA ROAD TRIP!.

EXO WOLF: Reaction to when their pup gets taken

Xiumin: *he’s just heard the news that his pup has been taken away by the rival pack but he gets the entire pack to help him search for his pup and most likely kill the wolves who took her*

“say what now?”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Luhan: *he came back home, excited to play with his pup but instead, he finds you crying and you tell him what happened. Long story short, he’s planning murder*

“Jagi, it’s okay. It isn’t your fault. Don’t worry okay? I will take care of this and I will get our pup back.”

Originally posted by krismehard

Kris: *he’s completely furious that anyone would do anything like that. He understands that the two packs are rivals but taking his child was completely unacceptable. he starts to plan a way to get his pup back and safe at home*

Kris: D.O!
D.O: Yes?
Kris: Plan our next attack. Have zero mercy. We’re getting my child back

Originally posted by wufanz

Suho: *came back after hunting and heard the news of his missing pup and leads his pack with Kris to find his kid. his usually upbeat nature would completely change and he’s ready to kill anyone who gets in the way of him getting his pup back.*

“Guys, lets kill.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Lay: *he just wanted to play with his pup today but it turns out, his little baby was gone and taken away from him. this usually patient and kind wolf will not be taking anyone’s shit today and wants to get his pup back right away*

“This comes first. Anything else will have to wait. I am getting my pup back and no one is going to stop me”

Originally posted by prk-jihoe

Baekhyun: *normally loud and happy, baekhyun would be almost completely quiet, making the mood sinister and even slightly scaring you. everyone knows that he’s not going to play around - not when his pup’s life is at stake*

“Stop fooling around. Let’s get going. Now.”

Originally posted by xehun

Chen: *like always, he would think this was at first a joke but once he looks around his entire den, only to find that his pup really is missing, he will be devastated*

“Why do these things always happen?”

Originally posted by achenlove

Chanyeol: *just like lay, suho and baekhyun, he wouldn’t be like his usual self. he would be sad and depressed but would quickly push those feelings aside and focus on getting his little one back*

“I need to get him back. I have to get him back. I know I will get him back.”

Originally posted by lullabyun

D.O: *he was cooking in the den kitchen until he heard a loud noise and your scream. he runs into the living room to find a member of the rival pack with his greasy paws on his daughter. completely furious, the infamous satansoo appears.*

“You will let go of my daughter. You will leave my den and you will leave our pack alone. If not, expect to wake up in hell.”

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Tao: *while his pack is planning ways to get his son back, he can’t stop blaming himself for his son’s disappearance. he believes that it was his fault and that he didn’t protect him”

“It’s all my fault.”

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Kai: *just like Tao, he would believe that he failed as a father and blame himself for it. although, he would contribute to the conversation about getting his kid back more than Tao would*

“I’m sorry, please forgive me when I get you back.”

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Sehun: *after a long day of hunting with his hyungs, he wanted just to come home and cuddle with you and his daughter. when he found you sobbing, he ran over to comfort you. you told him how the rival pack took your pup and he told you that he and his members would go look for her first thing in the morning, but for now, he would stay with you and calm you down.*

“We’ll find her. I promise.”

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Ego Incorporated (pt. 8)

“You shouldn’t be allowed to treat people that way,” Amy scolds as Wilford leads her along. The other Egos share the next two floors. Ed Edgar has a room full of used cars, and Amy has no idea how they got the cars up here or how they could possibly get them back down again. She only assumes that the Egos can do just about anything they put their minds to, if they should have the inkling. They’ve kept Wilford from blowing up the place thus far, and that’s a great achievement in and of itself.

“And besides, Bim is such a sweetheart, and he’d never speak up for himself on his own.” Amy peers into an old pickup. It’s full of old magazines and extra cowboy hats, and it smells leather and sawdust. “Where is Ed?”

“Out trying to sell his son most likely,” Wilford spits. He’s annoyed with Amy because she’s annoyed with him, and the cycle of annoyance continues as he ushers her into Silver Shepard’s section of the floor. It’s mostly full of his own memorabilia. “Come on, there isn’t anything else to see.”

“What about the top floor? Oh, and the roof!” Amy tries on a pair of Silver’s gloves and wiggles her fingers. “How does wear these things?”

“His hands are quite large,” Wilford mumbles, kicking over a standing lamp.

Amy rolls her eyes at him. “Quit pouting. It doesn’t suit you.” Amy pats his cheek gently and strides over to the elevator. “Come on, show me the top floor and the roof.”

Wilford brushes his fingers through his pink hair a few times and huffs. “You don’t want to see the top floor. We’ll just go up to the roof.”

“Why? What’s on the top floor?” Then Amy thinks about it, and she realizes that the only major Ego whose humble abode she has yet to see is Dark’s. “Oh.”

Oh, is right,” Wilford chortles. “I imagine you aren’t quite ready to face…”

The elevator doors open slowly to reveal a pale man in a fine suit, his hands folded behind his back. He tilts his head to the side at the sight of Amy and Wilford standing together before him, and it almost seems to amuse him. “Hello, Miss Amy.”

The way he says her name immediately unnerves her, and she takes a few steps away from the elevator. Wilford Warfstache prickles up like an angry cat. “I’m not in the mood to deal with you, Edgelord. Scurry back to your little den of iniquity, won’t you?”

“But aren’t you giving our guest a tour? She really ought to see my office, of course!” Dark looks past Wilford to Amy, and his eyes seem to try to swallow her whole. He traces his tongue along his top lip and quirks his mouth into a half-smile. “Wouldn’t you like me to handle the rest of the tour?”

Amy backs into a display case containing of a plethora of Silver Shepard figurines. Dark tries to take a few steps forward, but Wilford puts a hand up on the other Ego’s shoulder. Wilford smiles and wiggles his mustache at Dark. “Do I really need to resort to violence, Darkipoo? I sure would hate to make a scene in front of Miss Nelson on her first visit.”

Dark’s gaze flicks from Wilford’s eyes to his feet and back before settling once more on Amy. He fixes her in place with his calculating glare, and she feels his gray aura envelope her in its embrace for just a moment before it recedes. “No, I suppose we shouldn’t frighten her away so quickly. Should we?” Dark knocks Wilford’s hand from his shoulder and spins around on his heel as calm and collected as can be.

He disappears into the elevator, and Amy slides down the display case to the floor. She’s never encountered anything or anyone like… whatever Dark is. Wilford takes a staggering breath and pulls a dagger out of thin air, roaring and sinking it into the wall somewhere behind Amy.

Silver Shepard, hiding behind his hands, clucks like a startled chicken as the dagger hums in the wall only inches from his head and asks, “Did I come in at a bad time?”

Wilford rolls his eyes and pulls Amy rather roughly to her feet. “We were just leaving.” Warfstache punches the elevator button and waits impatiently for it to come. Once he and Amy are inside, he crosses his arms over his chest again and properly pouts. “Dark always ruins all my fun.”

Amy, finally returning to her senses, shakes the last of the gray aura from her head. “Thank you, Wilford.”

It takes a moment for Wilford to realize what she’s talking about, but then he shrugs. “I couldn’t let him take you. If anyone is the building is going to kill you, Miss Nelson, you can be sure it’ll be me,” he winks at her.

Amy laughs and nods. “Alright, Wilford. I think that I’ve seen more than enough today.”

Together they ride back to the lobby, and Wilford walks Amy to the revolving glass door. “Will you ever come back?” he asks quietly.

Amy looks back over her shoulder at him and raises an eyebrow at him. “You won’t get rid of me so easily, Wilford Warfstache. I’ll be back sooner than you can blink.” With that, she steps outside into the warm sunlight as a breeze tosses her golden hair.

And that’s how all the trouble began…

(Wow, another ending to another story already! I hope you’ve enjoyed this one, even though it’s been rather sporadic in updating. Don’t worry, though, hopefully I’ll have another story started soon! Stay gold, cutie pies!)

LGBT people do not in any way benefit from “allosexism”, because gay sex, and sex involving trans people is incredibly stigmatized and fetishized. Trans people are asked about their genitals, lesbians are fetishized by men and gay bars are treated as sex filled dens of sin.  Our sexualities are policed and censored by the general public and we are often told that we are only worthy of respect if we “tone it down” and desexualize ourselves. Claims of “allosexism” are ridiculous because it assumes that society regards LGBT sexuality in the same way that it regards heterosexuality, something that is simply not true. 


The following words are prepositions in danish:

in (ex. “in England” = i England")
inside (ex. “inside London” = “inde i London”)
at (ex. “he is at school” = “han er i skolen”)

on (ex. “on the ground/floor/wall/ceiling/coast/beach/chair/table” = “på jorden/gulvet/væggen/loftet/kysten/stranden/stolen/bordet”)
at (ex. “he is at the school” = “han er på skolen”)

to (ex. “tied to a post” = “bundet til en pæl”)
for (ex. “here is a letter for you” = “her er et brev til dig”)

from (ex. “it is from him” = “det er fra ham”)
off (ex. “keep your fingers off that book!” = “hold dine fingre fra den bog!”)
out of (ex. “like something out of Hemingway” = “ligesom noget fra Hemingway”)

over (ex. “hold an umbrella over your head” = “hold en paraply over dit hoved”)
above (ex. “the stars above us” = “stjernerne er over os”)
beyond (ex. “far beyond his expectations” = langt over hans forventninger")
across (ex. “walk across the lawn” = “går over plænen”)

under (ex. “under the bed” = “under sengen”)
underneath (ex. “it’s underneath one’s jacket” = “den er under ens jakke”)
below (ex. “below the level of the sea” = “under havet overflade)
during ( ex. “during my stay in London” = “under mit ophold i London)

at (ex. "at the next station” = “ved den næste station”)
by (ex. “sit by the fire” = “sidde ved ilden”)
on (ex. “their house is right on the sea” = “deres hus er lige ved havet”)

for (ex. “I will do it for you” = “jeg vil gøre det for dig” or “it was a pleasure for me” = “det var en fornøjelse for mig”)
of (ex. “the goal of his journey” = “målet for hans rejse”)
to (ex. “he was like a father to me” = “han var som en far for mig”)
on (ex. “he shut the door on me” = “han lukker døren for mig”)
from (ex. “they hid it from me” = “de gemte det for mig”)
before (ex. “she held her hand before her eyes” = “hun holdt sine hænder for sine øjne”)
in favor of (ex. “I am in favour of organic farming” = “jeg er for økologisk landbrug”)

after ( ex. “she followed on after” = “hun fulgte efter”)
afterwards (ex. “shortly afterwards” = “kort efter”)
later (ex. “three days later” = “tre dage efter”)

round (ex. “it is just round the corner” = “det er lige om hjørnet”)
about (ex. “with a sash about her waist” = “med et skærf om hendes liv”)
of (ex. “what are you talking of?” = “hvad snakker du om?”)
on (ex. “a book on gardening” = “en bog om havebrug”)
a (ex. “once a month” = “en gang om måneden”)
in (ex. “in the evening” = “om aftenen”)

with (ex. “he said it with a smile” = “han sagde det med et smil”)
by (ex. “divide by five” = “dividere med fem”)
on (ex. “he was not on the train” = “han var ikke med toget”)
in (ex. “he said it in a friendly voice” = “han sagde det med en venlig stemme”)
of (ex. “a week of snow” = “en uge med sne”)
including (ex. “there’ll be ten of us, including your brother and sister” = “der vil være ti af os, med din bror og søster”)

of (ex. “the best of his three novels” = “de bedste af hans tre romaner” or “a product of good quality” = “et produkt af god kvalitet” or “a wall of clay” = “en væg af ler” or “an outburst of joy” = “et udbrud af glæde”)
by (ex. “we were surrounded by friends” = “vi var omringet af venner”)
off (ex. “she fell off her bike” = “hun faldt af sin cykel”)
out of (ex. “he did it out of jealousy” = “han gjorde det af jealousi”)
from (ex. “I don’t play to win, but from an interest in the game” = “jeg spiller ikke for at vinde, men af en interesse for spillet” or “her eyes were red from crying” = “hendes øjne var røde af at græde”)
with (ex. “our boots were grey with dust” = “vores støvler var grå af støv”)
on (ex. “they got high on cocaine” = “de blev høje af kokain”)
for (ex. “that’s not bad at all for a beginner” = “det var ikke dårligt overhovedet af en begynder”)

by (ex. “by that road” = “hen ad vejen” or “laugh at” = “grine ad”)
at (ex. “come in at the door” = “kom ind ad døren”)
by (ex. “enter by the door” = “gå ind ad døren”)
through (ex. “come in through the door” = “kom ind ad døren”)

with (ex. “I am staying with friends” = “jeg opholder mig hos venner”)
at (ex. “I lived at my uncle’s” = “jeg boede hos min onkel”)
from (ex. “the book is obtainable from all booksellers” = “bogen er opnåelig hos alle bodhandlere”)
by (ex. “come and sit by me” = “kom og sid hos mig”)
on, about (ex. “I had no money on/about me” = “jeg havde ingen penge hos mig”)
in (ex. “anaemia is more common in women” = “anæmi er mere normalt hos kvinder”)

through (ex. “I am going through” = “jeg går igennem”)

against (ex. “manuals is obtainable against payment” = “manualer er opnåelige mod betaling”)
on (ex. “the terrorists attacks on the US on September 11, 2001” = “terroristerne angriber mod USA den 11 September, 2001”)
opposite (ex. “in the opposite direction” = “i den modsatte retning”)
to (ex. “our son-in-law is good to our daughter and their two children” = “vores svigersøn er god mid vores datter og deres to børn”)
pointing towards , facing , to , towards , at (ex. “the town is pointing towards the mountains” = “byen er rettet mod bjergene”)

behind (ex. “it is behind me” = “den er bag ved mig”)

in front of (ex. “the car was parked in front of the house” = “bilen var parkeret foran huset”)
before (ex. “the food was set before her” = “maden var sat foran hende”)
ahead of (ex. “he got ahead of the others” = “han kom foran de andre”)
op on (ex. “they are 10 points up on of the others” = “de er 10 point foran de andre”)

past, by (ex. “they ran past/by” = “de lov forbi”)
over (ex. “the rain is over” = “regnen er forbi”)
at an end (ex. “the war was at an end” = “krigen var forbi”)
finished (ex. “the war was over but not finished” = “krigen var ovre men ikke forbi”)

earlier (ex. “I’ll get up earlier tomorrow” = “jeg vil stå op før i morgen”)
before (ex. “I have been here before” = “jeg har været her før”)
earlier [on] (ex. “as I said earlier” = “som jeg sagde før”)
just now (ex. “but you said just now that …” = “men du sagde lige før at …”)
formerly (ex. “formerly he worked for another firm” = “før arbejdede han for et andet firma”)
used to (ex. “he used to work for another firm” = “han arbejdede før for et andet firma”)

before (ex. “before April the first” = “inden den første april”)
by (ex. “you must be here by Monday” = “du må være her inden mandag”)
within (ex. “within an hour” = “inden en time”)

along (ex. “we walk along the road” = “vi går langs vejen”)

between (ex. “we are between the cars” = “vi er mellem bilerne”)

about, round, around (ex. “the world about/around us” = “verden er omkring os” or “we sit round the table” = “vi sidder omkring bordet”)

without (ex. “without his help” = “uden hans hjælp”)

These were the prepositions! I hope this was understandable and useful!

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I know you said no more fox hux but I love the headcanon you made about him being scared of thunder. Maybe, if you feel like it, could you write something for it? please?

Kylo isn’t sure what sound rouses him from sleep.

Whether it’s the rumble of thunder, the crack of lightning or the rain pounding on the window, Kylo is now wide awake regardless.

It’s the middle of the night, Kylo notes as he blinks himself into alertness, realising that his fox isn’t lying next to him like he was hours ago when they’d fallen into bed.

“Hux?” Kylo shouts, sitting up, noting that their bathroom light isn’t on so Hux isn’t in there.

But there comes another flash of lightning before the noise of thunder follows a few seconds later, and then frightened whimpers sound from underneath the bed.

Kylo frowns, climbing out of bed to look underneath, only to see Hux huddled in on himself, lithe body shaking, eyes scrunched closed and his fox ears flattened to his head.

“Oh, Hux,” Kylo says softly, kneeling down, surprised that Hux has managed to even fit underneath their bed. “Is it the thunder?”

“I hate it, Kylo,” Hux says, hands covering his human ears. “It’s so loud and bad and–”

Another flash, another rumble. Hux cowers and Kylo’s heart flutters. He reaches under the bed, stroking down the soft curve of the fox’s back and to his tail, smoothing the wayward fur back into place.

“Come back into bed, sweetheart,” Kylo says. “It’s warmer, I’ll protect you.”

Hux opens his eyes and moves his hands away from his ears, and slowly crawls out from underneath the bed and into Kylo’s arms, who lifts him bridal style into a strong embrace. Nuzzling his nose into Kylo’s neck, the fox cries quietly as his mate holds him tight, the rain hammering down on their windows. They settle back into bed and Hux nestles as close to Kylo’s chest as he can manage, his fox ears tickling the underneath of Kylo’s chin.

“Ssh, it’s alright,” Kylo smiles, kissing the top of Hux’s head. “It can’t hurt you.”

“That’s what my mother used to tell me and my brothers,” Hux murmurs, and Kylo feels his lover tremble. “Even on the same night as–”

Hux’s voice trails off, pulling the blankets over them as the lightning and the thunder finally sync, the rumble sounding at the same time as the big flash.

“Same night as what, Hux? Talk to me. You’re shaking.”

The rain eases as the storm passes over their apartment building, moving with the winds. The fox breathes out, his ears returning to their usual alertness rather than flatten to his head against the loud assaults from the storm. He pushes himself out of Kylo’s hold, brushing stray hair out of his eyes as he sits up, back against the headboard, grey tee baggy on his small frame.

“The same night as the fire.”

Kylo sits up too, unnerved by the fearful looks in the fox’s eyes.

“The fire?”

Hux nods.

“I was part of a litter of four.” A small smile ghosts Hux’s lips. “Four boys to one parent. Our mother did her best for us but a litter of any more than 2 to a kitsune, male or female, means a lot of energy so the pups can be a handful.”

Kylo can’t help but imagine Hux as a small boy, able to shift into a little foxling, playing with his 3 brothers whilst their mother sat nearby and watched over her children with a proudness in her eyes.

“You’ve never mentioned your brothers before,” Kylo says, smiling, but it fades when he sees Hux’s expression fall.

“I’m the only one left.”

Kylo’s chest clenches, and tears fall from Hux’s eyes.

“It was the worst storm I’ve ever seen. My mother tried to take us deeper into the forest to find shelter after our den had been destroyed but everywhere was engulfed in flames. One of my brothers was injured, and whilst running back to help him, another became hurt and they were lost to the fire. I remember running to them but falling instead, slipping down into a hole in the forest floor and…that’s all I remember. I woke up to my home destroyed and my family with it. My three brothers and my mother. So you see, I have no brothers to talk about.”

Without hesitating, Kylo takes Hux into his arms, kissing his cheek and rubbing his nose against him like he knows comforts Hux in a way that only a fellow kitsune would know. Hux cries into his mate’s shoulder as the thunder fades completely into the distance, leaving the softly-falling rain the only sound to comfort them.

“I’m sorry, Hux,” Kylo says, wishing he could somehow stop his fox from hurting. “I’ve lost family too. Not in the same way, but…I know the grief kills a little part of you every time you think of them.”

“Their spirits live on with mine,” Hux says, sitting up to look at Kylo’s eyes. “That’s what we believe. Kitsunes. Death means the joining of souls, giving strength to the ones still fighting in Life. But…I still miss them.”

Kylo doesn’t know how to respond. Feeling compelled as Hux’s only remaining family, and mate, he takes hold of his hand and squeezes hard.

And to his delight, Hux squeezes back, equally as sorry about Kylo’s own pain.

“It’s alright, Ren,” Hux nods, tail wafting behind him. “I have you.”

“You do,” Kylo says softly, bringing Hux’s knuckles up to his lips to kiss. “You always will. By the spirits of your brothers, I swear it.”

And Hux’s eyes glow like Kylo has never seen before.

Finding Home (4)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Drinking / alcohol. Campfire. Tons of feels and angst. Slight ScarletVision. Mention or implications of bullying, thievery, drugs, domestic abuse, bystander effect, parental death and porn. Lots of references from the movies and a few from the comics.

Author’s Note: THIS TOOK SO LONG OMG, and it’s SO LONG. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. So, keep in mind that the backstories they mentioned here are just the backstories I come up in parallel to what they’ve experienced in the MCU, mixed only a tiny bit with their origins in the comics. I only hoped I balanced all of them well, they’re so many. Have fun with your Avengers gathering! 💖️

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin.Part #5: haze.

4: coin

n. a flat, round piece of metal

Holy shit. Arms around yourself, you stopped pacing as a limousine – a limo, of all things – slid down the road with the ease of T’Challa and the swagger of Tony Stark, glistening beneath the orange glow of a nearby streetlight. It stopped right in front of you.

A large man in a suit stepped out from the driver’s seat, and approaching the passenger door, gave you a nod. “G’evening,” he said, then clarified your name. You bobbed your head in return, and he beamed. “Name’s Happy. Tony sent me.”

Your wide eyes swept across the length of the vehicle. “This is really unnecessary,” you said, just as he opened the back passenger door.

“Tony wanted to show off,” he said, shrugging a shoulder. You stepped inside, and sitting on the plush, black seats, you scanned its stylish and elegant interior, all black and grays and silver, and –

“Uh, hi.”

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