this is our decision to live fast and die young


Time Machine Video of the Week

MGMT - Time to Pretend (2008)

MGMT, are a Connecticut-based indie / rock / psychedelic band, formed by Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser in 2002. And were later joined live and in the studio by Will Berman, Matt Asti and James Richardson.

Time to Pretend was the first single off Oracular Spectacular album, which got high rotation on radio etc and gave the band worldwide acclaim. It was the band’s debut single in the UK.

The music video contains references to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 film The Holy Mountainand the classic book Lord of the Flies. The video was directed by Ray Tintori.

I’m Feelin rough I’m Feelin raw I’m in the prime of my life.
Let’s make some music make some money find some models for wives.
I’ll move to Paris, shoot some heroin and fuck with the stars.
You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars.

This is our decision to live fast and die young.
We’ve got the vision, now let’s have some fun.
Yeah it’s overwhelming, but what else can we do?
Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute?

Forget about our mothers and our friends.
We were fated to pretend.

I’ll miss the playgrounds and the animals and digging up worms.
I’ll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world.
I’ll miss my sister, miss my father, miss my dog and my home.
Yeah I’ll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone.

But there is really nothing, nothing we can do.
Love must be forgotten. Life can always start up anew.
The models will have children, we’ll get a divorce,
We’ll find some more models, Everything must run its course.

We’ll choke on our vomit and that will be the end.
We were fated to pretend.

Yeah yeah yeah

The Flash  S2 Sentence Starters
  • “Central City believes in the Flash. So do I.”
  • “ You know you’re not invincible, right? “
  • “I gave you that mug! “
  • “In this city, I expect super evil flying monsters.“
  • "Are you expecting trouble?”
  • “The Flash doesn’t just protect us. He restores hope where it was lost.”
  • “I did not do anything that would cause that. I’m 92% sure.”
  • If you keep getting no for an answer, stop asking questions.“
  • "Come here. It’s a great name. Welcome to the team.”  
  • “You carry a handkerchief now? What are you, 80?”
  • “The answers gotta be here somewhere.”
  • “I’m going to give you the thing that you want most.”
  • “I think I saw it in a comic book somewhere.”
  • “I’ll race you.”
  • “You will lose.”  
  • “Let’s get out of here.”
  • “You’re the only family that I have left.”
  • “ Nothing is getting through here without us knowing.“
  • “It’s safe..ish.”
  • “Why is it that bad guys always insist on having the creepiest hideouts? “
  • “ I just want to go home. “
  • “It’s a great opportunity, you should take it.”
  • “ You’re my joy (name)”
  • “Your plan in asinine.”
  • “ Villains gonna vil. “
  • “ Maybe plummeting to your death is the motivation you need. “
  • “Weirder than a talking shark wearing pants. “
  • “I’m gonna have to find this guy and give him a piece of my mind. “
  • “ Now, if I can do the impossible today, so can you.”
  • “What is wrong with you two? That’s not friendship. “
  • “Are you telling me I can see the future? “
  • “ You died! “
  • “ I have spent most of my life feeling very unlucky. “
  • “Cocoa isn’t cocoa without the mini marshmallows, and you’re out. I checked. “
  • “ Sorry, I’m not interested in being a hero.  “
  • “ You’re doing a lousy job of being a villain this week. “
  • “ Oh dear Lord. Just kiss already! Oh, the thirst is real. “
  • “ Every Earth has The Godfather, Vito. “
  • “ Oh, I totally forgot that this was an open line. Keep doing what you’re doing. Make smart decisions. “
  • “ Since when did our lives suddenly become an Indiana Jones movie? “ Sometimes you just gotta slow down to get back to where you want to be. “
  • “ I am continually amazed by the similarities of our two worlds. “
  • “It’s very strange to be holding your autobiography, especially when you didn’t write it, and it’s not about you. “
  • “ Superpowers. Ah…sign be up. “
  • “ He said no to being a superhero! Who does that? “
  • “ You know what they say, live fast, die young. “