this is our bond in one picture

Voltron as Dear Evan Hansen lyrics

Keith: “Our friendship goes beyond your average kind of bond. But not because we’re gay!”

Shiro: “Does anybody have a map, anybody happen to know how the hell to do this?”

Pidge: “Kinky,”

Allura: “All we see is sky for forever. We let the world pass by for forever.”

Coran: “I’m sending pictures of the most amazing trees, you’ll be obsessed with all my forest expertise!”

Hunk: “All that it takes is a little reinvention!”

Lance: “No one deserves to feel forgotten. No one deserves to fade away.”

Matt: “ I will sing no requiem tonight.”

Ulaz/Thace (to Zarkon and Haggar): “After all you put me through, don’t say it wasn’t true. That you were not the monster that I knew!”


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2016 fic list

hey hey hey, so I decided to compile all the fics I wrote in 2016 here, since it seemed like a cool idea after seeing other people do it lol (it’s not much tho, just some knb and mostly bnha)

boku no hero academia

nerves of ice (4k words) - tododeku, fluff, sick fic 

improve and approve (4.4k words) - gen (pre-tododeku), kids with cool gadgets and little supervision

like i’m gonna lose you (1.1k words) - tododeku, fluff and light angst, future fic

a little love never hurts (until it’s no longer a little) (4.5k words) - tododeku, pining, recounting canon events w/ slight divergence

guiding light (3k words) - tododeku, childhood friend au, fluff and angst

it’s always darkest, when you’re not by my side (1.3k words) - tododeku, nightmares, hurt/comfort

off to a good start (2.2k words) - tododeku, third years, fluff

sunshine, trapped in our hearts (4.1k words) - tododeku, sequel to guiding light, friends to lovers, canon divergence

caught (500 words) - tododeku, crack, hsm references that’s it

taking the lead (1.2k words) - tododeku, light fluff and angst

starry skies, starry eyes (2.7k words) - tododeku, college au, birthday fic, i love writing about space

what… is that? (600 words) - tododeku, crack

the bonds that hold us together (9k words) - gen, de-aged au, fluff and angst

a not so picture perfect family (2.7k words) - tododeku, fluff

coming to terms (5.7k words) - bakukami, pining, friends to lovers

keep your head up, above the water (3.9k words) - bakukami, light angst and fluff

volume eighty-one (2.5k words) - todomomo, fluff

affliction (6.7k words) - tododeku, aged-up characters, fluff and angst

liberosis (800 words) - tododeku, aged-up characters, fluff

one string, fit for a bow (4.8k words) - tododeku, soulmate au, pining

the picture speaks for itself (3.3k words) - bakukami, fluff

game (1.5k words) - bakukami, fluff

flowery language (5.5k words) - tododeku, modern au, businessman!shouto and poet!izuku

cuddle week (6.3k words) - bakukami, tododeku, cuddle prompts, fluff and angst

kuroko no basket

then, it’s a date (2.6k words) - akafuri, fluff

gravity (300 words) - aokaga, college au

the problem with hangovers (6.4k words) - morizuki, soulmates au

[ other unposted fics can be found here ]

Off Colors

‘Off colors’, ‘mistakes’ born from lesser Kindergartens and random ‘defective’ runts, fugitives, traitors, rebels and unnatural freaks.

It’s obvious that the totalitarian Gem Homeworld’s strictly intolerant standards that deem those considered aberrant and therefore abhorrent ‘lesser’ citizens closely mirror our own society’s system of opressing those who don’t fit the ideal ‘norm’. Humans, though we are born in a wide range of shapes and sizes and unique characteristics, must fit into a very narrow set of physical traits in order to be accepted. We’re expected to conform even in coloration, and disconcertingly, we live in a reality that deems those of the ‘wrong’ shade to be ‘wrong’ as people. By being unable to perform tasks that we are ‘supposed’ to be able to perform, we’re considered leeches on society, undeserving of even the right to live. Humans can form certain types of bonds with one another that our cultures find despicable. We do it all the time, and are often killed for it.

I find it interesting to note that the world of Steven Universe paints a completely unsubtle picture of the qualities that make our own world harsh and unforgiving for the outliers of society, and it makes it a central point to always take the side of the oppressed. The heroes of the story are like us: gems who suffered and were broken, gems who are ‘sentimental’ and ‘unnaturally’ attached to other gems and risking shattering in order to stay together, gems without the magical abilities they were designed to be able to accomplish and are therefore judged to be developmentally inferior, gems who ‘came out wrong’ and gems who cannot stand to remain in their assigned places in a degrading system.

And the show notes, time and time again, that the system is wrong. These outliers deserve to live freely, unoppressed and considered valid individuals despite their differences. And the outliers fight back- that’s the whole plot. Innocent people are in danger because the system is flawed, and it’s up to the heroes to figure out how to bring it down.

This matters to me because I’m an outlier too. I see myself, with my disabilities, as like a peridot with no weapon or a Padparadscha sapphire who cannot predict the future. I see myself, an LGBT individual, as someone at risk of being pulled apart from those I yearn for by an intolerant culture. I see myself and all of my undesirable physical characteristics as like a gem that emerged from her hole looking too different to condone. I see myself in the characters that are searching for empowerment, and determined to defend themselves from the enemy that would deem their lives worthless.

If I were a gem, I’d be an off-color.

And I’m proud of it.

Relationship Day 1: Our Garden

There’s a lot of noise out there. A lot of eyes, a lot of mouths, a lot of people wanting attention. And it’s great, you know, being recognized on this scale, being able to connect with people, to chat, to flirt, to be a person that people want to know. But I do have a Master, my partner, and well… sometimes he’s felt drowned out by the chorus.

Not today. Enter Relationship Day, our day, the day I dial down the noise and let our partnership sing. I’d already been marking this day between us as a special day of the week. It’s our anniversary. Every week I pause in my day, alerted by my phone, and give praise to my man at the exact minute we first spoke to one another. The day my life changed and this wonderful new experience began. It made perfect sense to make today the day of celebrating us even more.

Apart from how I interact with others on this day, I have been inspired to aim to write a little bit about how Master and I’s relationship has evolved each week. It might be a small thought or it might be big. Hopefully not too saccharine. But exploring it with words for my own benefit even.

Today’s subject is a concept Master and I put into words in recent weeks. We call it our garden. A metaphor for the relationship, our love, our desire, something we put work into, to grow and nourish just like a living thing. A space that’s ours that we feel comfortable in. And that we may, if we choose, invite others into. 

You see Master and I definitely don’t have a closed relationship. We don’t believe in or practice monogamy. But nor are we out seeking our own pleasures. Rather than an open relationship, we call it a shared relationship. People that we trust can share in the garden, can share in what we’ve built. But they have to respect it; too often lately uncaring people are trampling the plants underfoot, particularly in their pursuit of the bull. We won’t tolerate anyone being pushed aside for the other. We are as one. 

I finish this post with a beautiful picture from when Master and I first met in December last year. One of my favorites. A powerful, bonding moment. And soon, very soon, I will be in his arms again.

 - Bull 2017

“Our Bond Will Not Weaken From Distance”

Okay, so there’s two good ways and one iffy way I can think of using this.
Say, you and a person you are very close with are going to be separated for whatever reason, be it from moving, death, or not being allowed access to eachother.

Good Idea:
You and the other person can carry this on your person or keep it with you in general.

Good Idea:
You can draw this on a picture of you and that person.

Iffy Idea:
Or you can draw this sigil and have both of you put a drop of your own blood on it.

red carpet | t. holland

word count: 2056
warnings: nada :-)
note: i just had this idea pop up and well i think its cute and i hope you think so too :> anywayy… again, im not much of a writer so pls pardon my writing :’)


You felt your heart beating out of your chest. Your palms started to sweat. This was it. The premiere that’s been eating you up this past week. You’re so nervous, your tongue’s tied already, you haven’t even spoken a single word ever since you left your hotel. Of course, you’ve done movies before. You’ve won and been nominated for numerous awards already, you’ve worked with Scorsese, Nolan, Spielberg—all of them admiring your raw and genuine talent. You were one of the top A-List Actresses in Hollywood.

But this… this was entirely different.

Yes, you knew this was a Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. Yes, you knew you only had a supporting role in this movie and that this shouldn’t be that much of a big deal to you. So why were you so conscious of what you were wearing? You usually spend an hour tops to prepare for a premiere, but this time you took ages to get ready.

You wanted to look good. You wanted to look your best without trying too hard.

Hmph. You’re not doing all that for the paparazzi, that’s for sure.

You stepped out of your limo and instantly, the bright flashes of cameras blind you, the screams of fans deafen you, the amount of big time movie stars you’ve worked alongside with numbed you. You composed yourself and took a breather, then started walking down the red carpet, with your white lace gown trailing behind you, as if you were royalty. You loved your dress a lot, you gotta hand it to your designer for the amazing design. It was a shame that you had to go alone though.

You wanted a certain someone to be your date, but you guess that someone didn’t see you that way.

You gracefully pause in front of the crowd to pose for some pictures. Later on, you went to the fans and signed some autographs and took selfies. Your once poised and elegant manner banished as soon as you started to have some fun making the most ridiculous faces for the pictures you were taking with your fans. You loved them. You wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for them.

A few more minutes spending quality time with your beloved fans, you were ushered away to have a few interviews.

“Y/N!” The fifth interviewer of the night beamed, “How does it feel to be on a red carpet yet again?”

You laugh and smile, “It feels great. I love the energy these Marvel fans are giving out. It makes me wanna show up in my costume rather than this dress.”

“Well, won’t they appreciate that.” The interviewer replied, “Your dress is absolutely stunning, though! You look really, really, really pretty.”

You reply with a flattered smile, but before you could even verbally reply, someone cleared their throat behind you, disrupting the conversation.

I think the proper term for her is gorgeous.”

You instantly felt your knees go weak as soon as you heard that heart-melting British accent.

Tom Holland! What a great surprise!” The interviewer exclaimed as she saw the Brit behind you.

He hugged you from behind, his arms snaking around your waist, “Hey, love.” Tom winked at you quickly that the interviewer didn’t notice.

“Hey there, Spidey.” You casually punch his arm and pinch his cheek.

Right beside you right now was the reason you felt all those things beforehand. You couldn’t deny it any longer… Tom Holland made you nervous.

The interviewer once again spoke up, “Tom, how are you?”

“I’m good, thanks. It’s really fun to be here.” He flashed his signature smile.

“We were just discussing Y/N’s outfit for tonight. Any comments?” The interviewer wiggled her eyebrows.

You felt my your cheeks flush red again.

“I’m speechless actually. She looks so good that the words haven’t been invented yet.” His cheeky and adorable smile widened with every word that came out of his mouth, to which you blushed intensely at.

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” The interviewer giggled.

You laugh along with Tom and feel his hand rest on your shoulder.

“Okay, real topic guys. You two have been spotted out together so many times, your chemistry on-screen and off-screen is just off the charts, you’re always gushing about each other in interviews. So everyone on this planet wants to know…” The interviewer said, “Are you two seeing each other?”

You didn’t even think of what you were going to say, you just blurted it out… “We’re just really good friends.”

Mental facepalm.

You felt Tom’s chocolate brown eyes on you.

“I mean… uh…” You went off track as you tried to fix what you said.

You were at a loss for words. You didn’t really know how follow that up. It was true that you and Tom were friends. How can you not? You two instantly clicked right away from the moment you both met in the first script reading of the movie. You’ve always thought he was cute. It came to the point that that little innocent admiration for your co-star became… something more. There were so many times you wished you could just tell him how you felt, but you just keep chickening out. Scared. Fearing that he won’t feel the same way.

You loved the fact that Tom is always so open and comfortable around you. He’s always there for you when you need help in the most little things. If you need pads, he won’t hesitate to go the store and buy you pads—with wings. If you need someone to have a movie marathon with you, he’ll come over any time of the night with the complete collection of your favorite Disney movies. If you need someone to talk to, he’s there.

You can’t help yourself. You were falling for him, each time he smiles at you. The more you denied it, the feeling grew and grew until you can no longer ignore it. You’ve always wanted to see the things he does for you as acts of romantic and courtly love, but you know in your heart that he did those things because he sees you as a mere sister. It hurt a lot. You’re still wrapping your mind around that little heartbreaking thought.

So you came back to your reply. We’re just really good friends… Your own voice echoed through your head.

Really good friends.

Friends. You thought. That’s what Tom and I will be for the rest of our lives. Just. Friends.

What can you do, though? You’re young and stupid. Love only makes things worse for you.

“I think what Y/N meant was… we have a really strong bond. We wouldn’t want anything to interfere with that. We have our ups and downs. We may have our preferences and our differences, but I know this for sure…” He turned his head to glance at me, “We’re really good together.”

You felt butterflies flutter in your stomach after hearing his answer.

The interviewer smiled and closed up the interview, “Thank you, Tom! Thank you, Y/N!”

After bidding your goodbyes, Tom and you headed back out to the red carpet, posing for more pictures alongside each other. You were 4 or 5 feet away from him as the camera flashes come one after another. Again, you feel yourself drifting away. The blinding flashes, the deafening screams, the numbness… it all came back from the moment you no longer felt Tom’s presence within your reach.

Though, you still keep a plastered smile on your face. You don’t want anyone thinking there was something bothering you. It was easy to cover it up anyway. You were an actress after all.

“Hey, Y/N…” Tom’s voice surprised you, causing you to slightly wince at his touch when he put his hand on your back, “Are you alright? You seem flustered.”

“I’m fine. What are you talking about?” You lie.

Tom then furrowed his brows. Then without a word, he pulled you to the side.

“Y/N, do you honestly think I don’t know when you’re feeling a bit off?” He crossed his arms on his chest.

Of course.

Of course!

Of course, he could see right through you. He knows you more than you probably know yourself. It was silly thinking you could convince him otherwise.

“Tom, just drop it, okay? I’m fine…” You let it out with a bit of frustration.

He sighed. He already knew what this was about.

“Y/N…” He took a step closer to you, making your heart race a thousand times faster, as if the beat earlier wasn’t fast enough, “Just so you know… I think you look beyond beautiful tonight.”

You look up at him, red bloomed on your face. You tried to hide it, but you realized it was pointless.

“You don’t look bad yourself, Holland.” You replied with a small and shy smile.

He chuckled softly and took your hand in his, “I meant to tell you this a week ago but I just kept on letting fear come first. I was scared.” He held his head down in embarrassment, “But I’m tired of running away from this. I’m done.” He looked into your eyes and you saw how nervous he was. It was even making you nervous as well. You were both trying to gather all the courage you can suck up.

“Now, let me try this again—for real this time.” Tom laughed half-heartedly, “Forgive me if I sound a bit too cheesy, but Y/N Y/L/N, from the very moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew I found the girl who would finally make me fall down to my knees just thinking about her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her cute rosy cheeks… Y/N, you’ve bewitched me. You make me feel the tingly feeling in my stomach every time I’m around you, and it’s bloody annoying. Look, what I’m trying to say here, without sounding like a complete fool, is that I have strong feelings for you, Y/N. I.. I like you. I really like you.”

You widened your eyes and almost choked on thin air, “Are you… are you serious?”

He chuckled, his dimples showing and his eyes looking cute as ever, “I confess my feelings in the monologue I’ve been practicing for weeks, and that’s the response I get?”

You laugh and blush furiously, “Tom, I… I’ve been waiting for you to say that for the longest time.” You wasted no time and engulfed him in a hug, your chin resting on his shoulder.

“Does this mean you like me too?” He wondered like an innocent puppy.

You reply with a giggle, “Yes, you moron. I feel the same way.”

His smile reached up to his eyes when he heard you say that. He was so happy. So were you. You looped your arm into his as you both walked back onto the red carpet, posing for more pictures, but this time, it was different.

People started to screaming louder as soon as they saw Tom’s hand intertwine with yours and your arm hug his waist. You two were smiling so wide, knowing that you were with the one person you’ve been wanting to be with ever since. You still can’t believe you arrived to this premiere empty handed, nervous and worried. The camera flashes once again, came one after another. The screams of the fans, louder and louder. You noticed the rest of the cast including Chris Evans and RDJ on the side, wolf whistling and applauding.

Damn, did everyone want you two together?

When things seemed they couldn’t get any better, Tom swiftly pulled you closer to him. Before you could question his sudden actions, he cupped your cheek, leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for the longest time too.” He cheekily smiled as he caressed your cheek with his thumb.

You laughed and he laughed. Not minding the blood curdling fangirl and fanboy screams the fans were yelling out. You could only imagine the amount of tweets and tumblr posts you’ll be tagged in later on.

Pinky Promise -Calfreezy

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: An imagine with calfreezy where you’re a bigger youtuber and your fans tend to send him hate because they think you deserve better and ship you with Simon?? Please

A/N: Hey babe! I hope you like this.


It all started with one picture of us together. Simon kissing my cheek. From that picture forward all I could ever see in my comments was a ship name which consisted of part of my name and Simon’s name. No matter how many times we told our fans that we weren’t together nothing would stop the same group of people from forcing this ‘relationship’ onto us.

I saw Simon as nothing more than a brother to me and he saw me as his sister. Nothing could break that bond between us. There wasn’t enough ‘Sibling Tags’ to get out point across; we couldn’t date, it would ruin the friendship we had. Of course you had those fans that wouldn’t listen and kept forcing this ship onto everything.

In the background, I was getting closer to Calfreezy. We were going on dates, hanging out more and soon a friendship turned into a relationship. We didn’t want to publicize our relationship too soon so we decided to keep quite and only let our circle of friends and family know. Two years after we decided it was time to let the public know.

We were sat in room, he was setting up my camera and making sure that the light was shining the right way and the camera was in focus. I made myself look more decent by applying more lipstick and fixing my hair a little more.

“Ready?” He asked and I nodded in response. He pressed record and I began talking.

“Hey guys! Today isn’t one of your regular makeup tutorials, if you haven’t noticed I’m joined with a guest! Why don’t you introduce yourself.” I looked over to him and gave him a smile.

“Hey guys, I’m Calfreezy also known as Cal.”  He kept messing up and laughing, so it took us 5 minutes to get the line perfect before we both started laughing again.

“Y/N, stop looking at me like that. I’m not going to be serious during this at all.” He laughed.

“Alright! So now that were done laughing! We have something very special and important to tell you. A lot of people have had speculations that Cal and I are dating and we’re here to say that this is true. We’ve been dating for two years since last week and I’ve never been happier in my whole entire life.” I smiled and gave Cal a hug.

“I can say the same babe. She’s the absolute light of my life and I love her so much.” He said, making my heart swell. He leaned down to give me a kiss.

“So guys, if you do have a problem you can unsubscribe because I don’t have time to be dealing with bullshit.” I gave the camera a very petty smile. I finished off the video like I usually did and started editing immediately. 

I few days had passed since I uploaded the video and the response was very mixed. Some were happy and some as usual was about Simon. I had completely given up on getting my point across for people so I just replied to the ones that were about Cal and I. I knew that people were going to comment about Simon, they wouldn’t give up. I was sick of it.

It was about three in the morning when Cal had called me, which was unusual because we had seen each other the same day and we had both said our goodnights. 

“Callum? Everything alright?” He sniffled.

“Have you checked my Instagram lately?”

“No, why?”

“Well, I’ve been getting a lot of hate comments and they’re all about you and Simon and how you’re going to leave me for him and how I don’t deserve you.” He spoke softly. I could tell he was upset and it was breaking my heart.

“Cal, give me an hour.”


“Just give me an hour.” I rushed out of bed and slipped on my shoes. I grabbed my keys and bag. I ran out my apartment and slipped on my jacket as quick as I could. I drove as quick as could to his favorite pizza place. Once I picked up his pizza I drove his apartment.

I decided to the stairs, almost knocking everything out of my hand as I ran. I couldn’t unlock the door so I knocked instead and waited for someone to answer. 

“Oh thank God, I was so hungry.” Harry tried to take the pizza boxes out of my hands.

“Let me give Cal’s first and then I’ll give you yours. Where is he?” He pouted and pointed towards his bedroom. I took off my shoes and walked towards his room. I knocked softly and walked him when I heard him mutter something.

“Man, I said go away.” He huffed, frustration was very evident in his voice.

“Fine, I’ll go eat pizza with Harry.” I said playfully slowly backing away. He shot up out of his bed at the sound of my voice. I handed him his pizza box, giving him a kiss on his neck.

“I thought, you were going on a Twitter rant. I was sat refreshing your page for ages.” He sighed, opening his box, a small smile appearing on his face.

“I don’t like seeing my boy upset, so I decided to spoil you. I know it’s not much but I had to do something.” I gave him a long hug.

“God, I love you.” He gave me a very passionate kiss. I pulled away and told him I was giving the other box to Harry.

Cal was sat in between my legs, his laptop on his lap. We were in the middle of watching Finding Nemo when he decided to pause the movie.

“Y/N, would you ever leave me for Simon?” I stopped stroking his hair to listen to what he had to say.

“I would never.” I was upset at the thought that he would even think that. 

“Sometimes, I feel like you will. You’ve known him longer, he looks better than me, he has a nice personality and not to mention your fans absolutely love you guys.”

“Cal, don’t ever think that. You know I love you more than anything in this world. You know that I love you for everything. From head to toe, you are so beautiful to me, in every way, shape or form. I could never leave you for Simon, let alone anyone else. You treat too well. I’ve only got my eyes on you and you know that Airey.” I spoke softly and slowly, making sure he heard every word I spoke.

“Pinky promise?” I giggled at his childishness and latched onto his pinky finger.

“Pinky promise.” I kissed him and continued stroking his hair.

my commentary/list of quotes on dear evan hansen

  • you fell out of a tree? what are you, like, an acorn?
  • “i was just lying there waiting for someone to come get me, i was, i was telling myself “any second now they’re gonna come get me”” “and did they?” “no that’s the part thats funny”
  • hey connor, lovin’ the new hair length! very school-shoooter-cheque!
  • [completely toneless] no it was funny, i’m laughing, can’t you tell?
  • zoe: “you apologize a lot” evan: “sorry”
  • “i wish that uh, anything i said, uh, really mattered to anyone??” evAN M Y BO Y I LOv e YO u
  • “fell out of a tree? well that is just the saddest fucking thing ive ver heard” - connor
  • “it’s foolproof! literwally nothing i tell my parents is true, and they have no idea.” - the guy in deh whose name i cant remember but he’s obsessed w/ sex
  • evan: “he, uh, knew i was kind of, um—“ zoe: “a nerd?” evan: “a loser, i was gonna say, but uh, nerd works too”
  • “he never lets you meet his family and when you try to tlak to him in the halls he kicks your ass? that’s a recipe for secret gay lovers!”
  • “oh yeah a secret email account! so you can send pictures of your penises to each other!”
  • [about the moaning/rubbing nipples line] “this has to be realistic” “there is nothing UNREALISTIC about the lovve one man has for another!”
  • “our friendhsip goes beyond the average kind of bond” “but not because we’re gay” “no not because we’re gay”
  • “the only man i love is my dad”
  • [talking about his parents being concerned that he’s at connor’s house all the time] my dad? yeah, he uh, lives in colorado, left when i was seven, he doesn’t really mind either
  • watching dEH is hard for me bc i relate to Zoe bc of my brother but im a Connor to my sister and I M A FAILURE IM SO SORRY
  • turns out his name is jared? not jeremy? whoops lmao
  • “just making things up in a completely fabricated email exchange”
  • “you treated him like a criminal” ~ zoe about connor
  • “hE DIDN’T WRITE IT” evan really????? back to this again????? “i wrote it” KJFHVDFKGVJC E V A N OH MY GOD “wrITE A LETTER TO YOURSELF” agaghhhhhhhh kldjsgdgv sdfuhg’pv[ ]\[ I CONNOR EVAN EVAN YOU CANT EVAN
  • you done messed up, evan, you done messed up
  • fdjsfgnsf oc m dnl gpe[sdpjc. my BOY
  • “mistakes were made” ~ evan hansen, probably
  • “why didnt i know?” “because i never told you” “you shouldnt have had to” @my mom
  • hhhhh brb jumping off a tree
  • all i see is sky      for           forever
Control [Part 2 of 2]

Word Count: 5,388
Warnings: Some angst, hand to hand combat, anxiety, fugitive behavior, idk guys.
Summary: @blazeshira’s request - “Hi! I saw that you had your requests open and I was wondering if you could do a Bucky fic where the reader was also given the serum & trained with him along with the other winter soldiers but they developed something before she was frozen along with the others & he forgot her until he went to Siberia w/ Steve & he sees her chamber & realizes she escaped before Zemo could kill her so he tries to find her? Fluffy fluff & some angst, please & thank you!”
A/N: Part 2! Thank you all SO SO SO much for all of your kind words on part 1!! You all made me feel so much better about posting it. I seriously couldn’t ask for better readers! You guys are incredible! Thank you all for taking the time to read these stories! It means so much to me!!

If you would like to be added to my taglist for everything, let me know!!

I hope you all enjoy this! <3 Lemme know what you think!!

[PART 1]

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Siberia, Russia; 2016
    Bucky’s Point of View

“I got heat signatures,” Tony starts. Steve asks how many, and Stark replies with, “Uh, one.”

Coming back willingly was absurd.

This was the last place I wanted to be. I’ve done everything in my power to put this place out of my memories over the last two years, and here I am willingly walking back into danger with this punk all over again.

I guess history does repeat itself. Hopefully the end result will be kinder this time.

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“Offline” (Chapter Two)

Thanks for the love on this fic! Tagged everyone who showed interest in Chapter One, so if you would like to be added to or taken off the tag list let me know!


Enjoy :) 


“How are you getting on with the new Quartermaster?” M asked, glancing up from his desk just long enough to wave Bond into a chair. “He seems to be adjusting as well as can be expected, but I will confess to only having spoken with him a handful of times.”

“I think he’s an obnoxious twit who has been given too much power because he knows how to turn a computer on.” Bond snorted, then added entirely as an afterthought– “Sir.”

“Mmhmm.” M didn’t sound the least bit fazed. “His report on you wasn’t entirely complimentary either, but when has Q branch ever been pleased with 00’s?”

Bond smiled, or at least his lips moved in semblance to a smile. “Yes well, they shouldn’t give us expensive things to break.”

“Quite.” A file was pushed across the desk towards him. “New assignment, then. I’m sure it won’t be too taxing for you. Beautiful women, lovely locale, you will be loitering about in a casino, should be just the thing to get you back to your usual self.”


“Bond.” A long suffering sigh. “You are aware of the Minister’s issues with your recent behavior. Do use this assignment as a chance to waylay his concerns and reestablish yourself as a top agent.”

“When have I been anything less than a top agent?” Bond asked stiffly, and M finally looked up to meet his gaze steadily.

“Since Vesper ripped your heart out and tossed it somewhere overboard in Venice, I believe. I have done my best, as did my predecessor, to keep the details of that hushed, but I cannot stifle the rumours and if you do not make a recovery soon, I will not be able to stifle the inquiries. I don’t want to lose you, Bond, but I cannot have a loose cannon gadding about with a license to kill and a death wish. You understand?”

“I do not have a death wish.”

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My oldest

My oldest, my daughter went to her first concert in the city with her friend Friday night. I wasn’t as nervous as I anticipated. She text me all through out the night checking in so I was at ease. I felt so many emotions but I felt proud. Proud of her that she knew what to do. She is a gorgeous young lady with a gorgeous figure. Her friend is very beautiful and the two of them handled themselves like ladies. I fell asleep and wasn’t up all night waiting by the phone. I left my faith with my daughter and it was easier than I expected. Being a mother I feel I live in constant fear but I was able to let go. She shared some hilarious stories the next day when we all went to get protein shakes. She told me so many men hit on her. One man even asked to take them out since they were so beautiful and she took his picture without him knowing just incase she needed it. She told him she was 15 hahaha. That was hysterical because she is not but she said the man went running and said oh shit!!!! They got hit on so much they took a cab to the metro and had a plan to go into a crowded store because they felt men were non stop talking to them. They were brilliant and I am so proud. She listened and she carried herself as a mature young lady. Her boyfriend was with us getting protein shakes and we all laughed and talked. They decided they were going to the movies so I left them and went home with my other three children. My daughter arrived home in an hour and asked if I could drop them off to the movies. I said of course but to my surprise my youngest daughter was smiling excitedly and asked me for a twenty because she had gotten invited by her big sister to join them at the movies and dinner. My heart melted and danced. I gave her the money and I had to close my door to let out a good cry. This is all I ever dreamed of that my children don’t forget each other. I had four children for them to be there for each other. I never emphasized this I just set them up. I was forced to be nice to my sister and forced to take her to the movies the few times I was allowed to go. I hated the kid and today my sister and I have no relationship. I feared this and I had to make sure my children understood each other and love each other. They go out together often the four or in groups of two. They watch movies and shows together. My son and daughter play legos. Two of them like one show another two like another show. They watch it together and they bond. They put on movie take blankets to my livingroom with pillows and put on movies like Moana and they sing and make dances. It was just so touching that my daughter included her sister in her date and was happy to take her sister. They even took pictures together. I have proud moments with my children all day everyday and I tell them. This is a moment in our lives. We go through many moments at different parts of the day. I wouldn’t change this for anything in the world. The road that brought me here was not easy and it is full of sacrifice but what gratification when you witness the bond your children have. The importance of being siblings.

So OT has made it abundantly clear what’s going on.  

With Wootton getting 3 different interviews, babygate 2.0 getting pushed ad nauseam, Harry suddenly having a beard in time for promo that The Sun is obsessed with while other outlets aren’t nearly as interested, Niall getting used to verify most all the major stunts, and Zayn getting absolutely 0 promo for his latest single, all 5 of them are clearly still stuck with OT in some capacity.

Liam suddenly giving interviews where he shades Zayn is so entirely nonsensical after the things both Zayn and Liam have said in real time and in the official print interviews for the past 2+ years.  The fact that Liam is now set for a Larry denial just like solo Zayn gave, even though neither of them have any reason to give such a denial as solo artists that supposedly aren’t under the same label with each other or Harry or Louis, is even more of a dead giveaway.

Louis and Liam didn’t both show up with shade and sharpies yesterday by accident.  Liam made it clear that he’s still (always) on Zayn’s side no matter what 1DHQ has over him that’s making him play along.  Louis made it clear that 1D is as strong as ever.  They knew what was coming and those two pictures were their declarations of love to Zayn and the band.

While I’m irritated that OT is still involved somehow, far past the point when anyone (even the boys) thought they would be, it’s kind of nice to have a road map.  I don’t have to worry about what’s coming because I know exactly what the source is before it even comes.  Our boys are the same people they’ve always been and their bond isn’t going to change.

Rental Love* (9\10)

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Male/22/Long Island N.Y.C.
Tired of showing up stag at holiday events? Want your family to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you? Just want some arm candy for a work event?
Look no further. Your solution is here!
I will attend holiday events with you as your paid date.
Accepting all genders as applicants.
Email if interested. Interview & application will be set up there.
Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. The bad part? Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible.
They’re all a bit surprised about the last one.
Read Part One Here Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

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You people keep making theories which makes me over analyze and make theories!

Alright one more then I need to stop!  Like seriously I can’t keep this up, I NEED TO STOP!

So this is more like what I think will happen in season 3 (which I’m certain won’t happen but I want to say it anyway!) and it’s more of a what I want to happen.  I’m sorry this is so long!

So Lotor is coming to town and he’ll be the next big threat.  I know everyone makes him the big flamboyant guy who hits on Lance but I don’t know if that’s what they’re going to do to him (I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the idea though)

What I think they’re going to do is have him attack the paladins weak points, or more specifically Lance.  Voltron is good at build up and hinting at things a season early (case in point: Galra Keith was hinted in season one).  Lance was feeling worthless in season two, I think they’re going to touch on that in season three.  I know Lance and Hunk didn’t have enough screen time or development but season two was mainly about Keith being Galra and Shiro trying to have a stronger bond with Black.  

Hunk is also someone who had good moments like being the only one who stood up for Keith when Allura was treating him horribly.  Hunk is one of the supportive characters, more specifically for Keith.  And I think season three Shiro should bond with Lance.  

Now back to Lance, the whole seventh wheel thing got to him, as well as fans.  He wants to feel important but instead he feels worthless, like they don’t need him and I want Lotor to use that against Lance.

I want him to tell Lance lies and make him feel awful and believe in those lies.  I want this to happen while Keith is the leader.  (Shiro is coming back, they can’t have him magically disappear when he just got his bayard back), and have Keith struggle with Lance feeling inferior.  In season one and two you can clearly see that Lance is one of the few people who can keep Keith calm (Shiro is the only other person I can think of), technically speaking Lance is the only one in the group now who can keep Keith calm and under control.  

I feel like this could help strengthen the bond between those two, hell those two have been bonding since season one, and it could lead to something more.

If Lotor does in fact “fall in love” with Lance then I want Lotor to lie to Lance not only to break Voltron but to have Lance all to himself.  Have almost a possessive type of crush that is dangerous.  Lotor could make Lance feel like Voltron is better off without him.  Most likely that won’t happen but it’s an idea.

Now Lance is hinted to be bisexual, and if I’m correct someone, I’m not sure who, said Lance is going to fall in love with one of the paladins in season three.  I can only see Keith being that paladin because those two have bonded since season one and are showing signs of caring, jealousy, being protective, and working well together.  So Lotor can come in and push Lance, or even Keith, over the edge where one will have to help the other.  

Now this is a stupid silly theory, sorry for no pictures.  It’s long and stupid and I talked about this with my sister so this is both of our ideas combined.  You can believe what you want, we won’t know anything till season three in September.  So something to look forward to!  Anyways I won’t promise anything but hopefully this is the last theory I make.

I’m really sad

One of my family’s cats just died. She had to be put down, because they just discovered a massive tumour. We had her for 11 years, and I think she was a bit older than that.

She was one of my favourite cats, and she had a special bond with me unlike any of the other cats our family has ever owned. She enjoyed being chased around the house which is kind of a funny thing for a cat. She also purred a lot when you pet her. She reminded me a lot of myself because she seemed very shy and cautious.

I’m feeling really sad right now. I almost nevery cry, but I’m crying right now.

Here’s some pictures of her. Her name was Rin-Rin or Rinny, but I didn’t like that name so I always called her Grey or Grey cat. RIP.

sarathegoattess  asked:

your retelling of angelos was amazing, do you have any fic recs

thanks bee! 🐝 i’m glad you liked it

i might have a few recs up my sleeve :-) these are gonna be all of my favs. maybe take a look at my AO3 (even though i’m trash and have SO MANY WIPS whoops), if any of y'all show love for a work on there i might be inclined to actually work on it

since you didn’t state any theme/preferences this list is gonna be all over the place so hold onto ya socks:

Evolve by All_I_Need (5k) - MY HEART HURTS! s4 fix it, sherlock basically somewhat confesses that he WANTS to confess, and tells john to let him know when he’s ready. that’s like one of my favorite tropes that is so underused, where one of the MC is open about their feelings and giving the other time. and this one was super in-character and i felt the eventual confession in my stomach, nowamean? like it’s so easy to imagine it playing out like this. short and perfect. there’s a shorter unofficial part 2 from sherlock’s POV.

More Things Than Are Dreamt Of (series) by 1electricpirate (38k) - canon compliant potter!lock. you heard me. this isn’t teen!lock or anything (i’m not a big fan of teen!lock), so no hogwarts, but it implies that john was at hogwarts right before harry potter and everything that happened. it’s BEAUTIFUL! it has an amazing variation on TRF, one that you really need to see for yourself. i have a magical realism fic i’ve been working on and this fic is the best motivation on how i’m going to write it. handles magic in such a believable way. you don’t need to be a big HP fan to enjoy this (i’m not a huge fan myself). it’s a great little set of fics!!

A Study in Winning by Jupiter_Ash (106k) - a classic. i’m a hoe for super AUs, the ones that literally have nothing to do with canon. this is one of them. the famous tennis AU where sherlock and john meet in wimbledon. in fact, i’m due a reread. the story really draws you in as much as the romance, so much so that you can imagine this being a movie. super awesome (and hot), and you get super sucked into cheering on for the characters while you read. it is AWESOME!

Residuum by AuthorGod (7k) - after S2, an alternate reunion scene. short and sweet. a bit of angst, but john is just so happy that sherlock’s back and sherlock isn’t cocky, they just missed each other so much and it feels very organic. mary’s not in the picture either, so it all works the way it’s supposed to!

State of Flux by Atiki (25k) - were you wondering where our john watson went? i found him in here! post s3, and plays with a wonderful trope where they are in each others space and intimate BEFORE the first kiss. john moves back in after mary and alladat, and pining. sherlock is a virgin and pretty overwhelmed about sex, but they get there eventually. these idiots are so in love with each other it makes me physically ill. LMAO all honesty, though, our john has returned from war and i forgot how much i missed him during the s4 mumbo jumbo. this is a beautiful, nicely-sized read.

A Fold in the Universe by darkest_bird (153k) - okay so. this is A Lot. let the record show that i intensely dislike A/B/O fics bc they weird me out. but um. this was SO GOOD! basically in one universe, alpha!sherlock and omega!john are bonded, and in another our normal john and sherlock are regular flatmates. and then the johns accidentally switch places due to a warp in parallel time and space. this has sci-fi elements (FAV) and is overall so funny, meaningful, and just entertaining to read. it’s a big un but i mean, if you also don’t like A/B/O dynamics you might be pleasantly surprised. i absolutely loved this.

The Thin Line by Odamaki (11k) - FUCK LMAO AO3 TOLD ME I’VE READ THIS 10 TIMES. oh god it’s so great. picture this: our boys hiding in a wardrobe during a case, john gets a boner, and awkwardness ensues. oh god it has THE funniest scene i’ve read in a fic: they hop out of the wardrobe and sherlock is like “do you need a…” and john is like “YES” and sherlock fuckign gropes him and john is like “JESUS CHRIST I MEANT A MINUTE NOT A HAND”. do yourselves a favor and READ THIS! hot and hilarious my lordt.

I Want to Hear You Say It by LolipopCop (8k) - after TLD (and especially after That Morgue Scene), we were all pretty pissed at john. since i’m an angst queen for both of our boys, this fic was great! instead of “i don’t want to die”, culverton makes sherlock say “i love john”. john hears the recording. crying and confessions ensue. happy ending, and my heart broke and rebuilt itself while i read this!

(Never) Turn Your Back to the Sea by DiscordantWords (40k) - oh my GOD. saved the best for last. i just read this and it has now undeniably become my favorite EVER fanfiction (i don’t say that lightly). it’s post S4, parent!lock, beautiful, and in-character to such a degree that i’m still about 1895% sure that one of the creators wrote it. it doesn’t take into account any theories, meaning it takes S4 at face value, but fuck. it handles eurus so well and actually ADDS things that i’m going to have issues with mentally separating from canon because it fits so well. just. i can’t say anything more about it. the best thing i’ve ever read.

i hope this helped you out!! majority of these i’ve read more than once, and honestly about to read again. i’ve read so many more awesome fics, these are just the ones that’ve made an impression.

happy reading! 😘

Rush // Christian Yu feat. William Singe

My Aussie babes tbh.I’m sorry I did Will dirty lol but if you don’t know who he is check out his music.

Just want to say thanks to everyone who’s been supporting so far y’all are amazing and I really do appreciate the feedback.

Fluff // Kinda based of Will’s song Rush but with a twist.


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He said it was the last time.

So why was he here?

Getting home from work the last thing I expected was to find a very drunk Christian outside my door.How the hell did he even get inside the building?

“Baby you’re h-homeeee,” Christian hiccups smiling lopsidedly at me. “I-I miszed youuuuuu.”  

“Christian what are you doing here and drunk off your ass for that matter?”

“I told youuu I miszed you duhhhh.”

He looked up at me,eyes glassy and slightly hooded.Christian and I weren’t a couple.We were best friends,keyword being were.You see everyone has their vices and it just so happened that we were each others.

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This is the story of how I ended up on Taylor’s living room floor.

This is the story of how I ended up on Taylor Swift’s living room floor…

Have you ever been like, “if I ever get an opportunity, these are the people I would want to take with me.” And then they get the opportunity and do the exact same thing for you? That is what happened this weekend.

So then, now that everything has calmed down…

I got a random message from Lyndsay being like “YOU NEED TO TAKE NEXT FRIDAY OFF AND COME DOWN TO LONDON. I CANT SAY WHY.” (I was already going to London this weekend and had the Friday off so that worked out well.)

I was thinking, lol, imagine if it was to do with Taylor. AND THEN IT WAS. I got a call from Taylor Nation during my break at work and I found out Bethy had put me forward as a plus one to go.

We still didn’t know exactly what it was. We started out like “don’t get your hopes up, we won’t meet her, it’ll probably be a show like Houston.” Then as the days went by, we were like “WE ARE MEETING HER AREN’T WE???”

Fast forward to Friday and the 4 of us meet at Waterloo and then head to our hotel.

We head down to the meeting point and queue whilst we wait to be signed in. Then we head into a room in the hotel whilst we wait to be taken. We get offered free drinks by the hotel and the most lovely hotel worker gave me her crisps because I felt so light headed from not eating all day due to being so nervous.

Then comes the time we get on one of 4 busses. We drive for about 10-15 minutes and we realise we aren’t going to a venue or some small building, BUT A HOUSE.

AND THEN WE GET OUT AND WE WALK TO ONE OF HER DOORS AND IT SUDDENLY DAWNED ON ME. I AM AT TAYLOR SWIFT’S HOUSE. I first heard her on the radio on February 16th, 2009 at 9:10 a.m, and now here I am, 8 years later, 6 concerts later, many international trips with my friends later, here I am at her house.


Then Bethy and I head upstairs and oh my god there is Scott and Andrea Swift, her actual parents, just standing there. Scott handing out picks (I mean what else?)

We see all the food, the drinks and the oh so cool kitchen. Then Lyndsay and Megan came from the other bus and we are all together in the house of the woman who brought us all together. The woman who is responsible for is heading to Nashville.

Anyway, 3 poops in Taylor’s toilet later, we get ushered into her living room and waited for her and she walked in and I was basically 3rd row, which is like front row at a show.

She told us so much about the album, stuff you’d only expect her to tell her closest friends (which is what we are to her but still) And now we all have a special bond with our idol. One built on trust.

But we can’t talk about what she told us fast forward to waiting for pictures and being shown the magazines we will get with reputation. (But the album is genuinely incredible.)

We were taken to meet her in our pairs. So me and Bethy went together. As soon as we waked in she hugged Bethy and then hugged me. Then Taylor spoke to Bethy about her outfit and then Taylor and I had a sarcastic conversation about me letting Bethy wear that outfit because I wanted to and we couldn’t both wear it, so this one time I let her go with it.

Then they had to move Taylor away as the front door needed to be opened so they moved her incase a stranger saw her and realised she lived there. Then Bethy asked her musical insecurity advice. Then I apologised for my resting bored face for making me look miserable when I actually had the best fun. AND I MADE HER LAUGH SO HARD SHE COULDNT HANDLE IT, she’d never heard of resting bored face and she just loved it. I MADE TAYLOR SWIFT LAUGH SO HARD. Then I got to thank her for being the reason that I have friends and for being the reason I’ve had my only relationship and her face changed to one of pure understanding of what that meant to me and she was like “Aaaaaaaaaw you are so sweet” (paraphrasing because I can’t remember all of the sentences she said) but she hugged me AGAIN.)

Then I desperately had to pee again so I did that and then came out to see Bethy talking to Andrea and then I joined in and hugged her and we were just with Taylor Swift’s mom talking about Taylor and how happy she is and then Andrea had to wipe away tears of pure pride of how happy Taylor is and I thanked her for allowing Taylor to follow her dreams because Taylor has changed all of ours lives into incredible journeys and we hugged once more.

Then we head down to the basement ready to leave to find out Taylor told Megan and Lynsday that she knew we all went to Nashville!!!!! LIKE TAYLOR KNEW THAT?

Then we got our goody bags of free merch which included a hat I will never take off, a shirt, sticker, pop socket and a one of a kind London Secret Sessions key ring. So amazing. Then on the bus back we all spoke to a member of Taylor Nation and we just sat in the hotel as our social media exploded.

Friday was just the most incredible day you could dream about, except you don’t dream about it because you never expect that it could happen, but it did…

Since, we have bonded with other people that were there and now we have new friends from places all over the U.K and Europe.

Now I can’t wait for the album to come out and to go on tour and for all the adventures this era will bring.

I will never not be eternally thankful for this opportunity and the trust that @taylorswift and @taylornation put in us. These secrets will stay with us. These friendships made with stay with us. And I cannot wait for the rest of the world to hear the album.

Love you all. @swiftedbethy13 @2paperairplanesswift @whats-with-that-bitch

…Are you ready for it?

Thank You Teen wolf(part 1)

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Today is the day. The day we’ve been dreading yet awaiting. The day Teen Wolf ends. I can’t put into words how this show as affected me but I’ll try. I love all the characters (except Gerard can’t go break his freaking hip and Monroe can go fall in a a hole) The characters are all unique, all wonderful in their own way with their unique sense of humor.

It started with Scott, stiles, Allison and Lydia and expanded from there. We may have lost characters and yes it broke our hearts, but they were never forgotten and that makes me happy(except Isaac. Where the heck is my baby) ahem all good. I related to every character in my own way. Each character I loved for different reasons.

I loved being a part of this fandom, even though it got sadly problematic at times, arguing over ships. At least we can agree, Sciles friendship is endgame. Even though it won’t end till tonight, I hope it ends with Scott and Stiles.

As much as joke about hating Jeff, he did make Teen wolf possible, so thank you Jeff, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you everyone, especially Dylan, Tyler, Tyler H, Holland, and Crystal who started it all. I’ll always be reminded of teen wolf. From when I see a blue jeep to when I see a hole. Teen wolf will forever hold a special place in my heart(yes I’m crying as I write this) I’ll dearly miss it.

But I am thankful for the laughter, ships, happiness, episodes , and friendships it has given me. I’ve made so many lovely friends through bonding over this show, especially @just-jordie-things minutes after meeting her I was ready to quote Lydia (and you are my new best friend) it didn’t take us much longer to realize that our profile pics were Ally and Lydia, which added to the excitement. Who knows, I may have never met her if Teen wolf wasn’t in the picture.

(And @anukite @omgprincesspride
@baileystorm17) more lovely friends I’ve made

Teen wolf will live on. I’ll never forget it, never. As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, this is just one of those beautiful things. Maybe not goodbye, maybe let’s say till the end of the line, till we meet again. Nothing is ever truly gone as long as it lives in your heart.

(Ps this is the only part 1 to the thank you. The part two will come after the episode)

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