this is our bond in one picture

Voltron as Dear Evan Hansen lyrics

Keith: “Our friendship goes beyond your average kind of bond. But not because we’re gay!”

Shiro: “Does anybody have a map, anybody happen to know how the hell to do this?”

Pidge: “Kinky,”

Allura: “All we see is sky for forever. We let the world pass by for forever.”

Coran: “I’m sending pictures of the most amazing trees, you’ll be obsessed with all my forest expertise!”

Hunk: “All that it takes is a little reinvention!”

Lance: “No one deserves to feel forgotten. No one deserves to fade away.”

Matt: “ I will sing no requiem tonight.”

Ulaz/Thace (to Zarkon and Haggar): “After all you put me through, don’t say it wasn’t true. That you were not the monster that I knew!”


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Off Colors

‘Off colors’, ‘mistakes’ born from lesser Kindergartens and random ‘defective’ runts, fugitives, traitors, rebels and unnatural freaks.

It’s obvious that the totalitarian Gem Homeworld’s strictly intolerant standards that deem those considered aberrant and therefore abhorrent ‘lesser’ citizens closely mirror our own society’s system of opressing those who don’t fit the ideal ‘norm’. Humans, though we are born in a wide range of shapes and sizes and unique characteristics, must fit into a very narrow set of physical traits in order to be accepted. We’re expected to conform even in coloration, and disconcertingly, we live in a reality that deems those of the ‘wrong’ shade to be ‘wrong’ as people. By being unable to perform tasks that we are ‘supposed’ to be able to perform, we’re considered leeches on society, undeserving of even the right to live. Humans can form certain types of bonds with one another that our cultures find despicable. We do it all the time, and are often killed for it.

I find it interesting to note that the world of Steven Universe paints a completely unsubtle picture of the qualities that make our own world harsh and unforgiving for the outliers of society, and it makes it a central point to always take the side of the oppressed. The heroes of the story are like us: gems who suffered and were broken, gems who are ‘sentimental’ and ‘unnaturally’ attached to other gems and risking shattering in order to stay together, gems without the magical abilities they were designed to be able to accomplish and are therefore judged to be developmentally inferior, gems who ‘came out wrong’ and gems who cannot stand to remain in their assigned places in a degrading system.

And the show notes, time and time again, that the system is wrong. These outliers deserve to live freely, unoppressed and considered valid individuals despite their differences. And the outliers fight back- that’s the whole plot. Innocent people are in danger because the system is flawed, and it’s up to the heroes to figure out how to bring it down.

This matters to me because I’m an outlier too. I see myself, with my disabilities, as like a peridot with no weapon or a Padparadscha sapphire who cannot predict the future. I see myself, an LGBT individual, as someone at risk of being pulled apart from those I yearn for by an intolerant culture. I see myself and all of my undesirable physical characteristics as like a gem that emerged from her hole looking too different to condone. I see myself in the characters that are searching for empowerment, and determined to defend themselves from the enemy that would deem their lives worthless.

If I were a gem, I’d be an off-color.

And I’m proud of it.

2016 fic list

hey hey hey, so I decided to compile all the fics I wrote in 2016 here, since it seemed like a cool idea after seeing other people do it lol (it’s not much tho, just some knb and mostly bnha)

boku no hero academia

nerves of ice (4k words) - tododeku, fluff, sick fic 

improve and approve (4.4k words) - gen (pre-tododeku), kids with cool gadgets and little supervision

like i’m gonna lose you (1.1k words) - tododeku, fluff and light angst, future fic

a little love never hurts (until it’s no longer a little) (4.5k words) - tododeku, pining, recounting canon events w/ slight divergence

guiding light (3k words) - tododeku, childhood friend au, fluff and angst

it’s always darkest, when you’re not by my side (1.3k words) - tododeku, nightmares, hurt/comfort

off to a good start (2.2k words) - tododeku, third years, fluff

sunshine, trapped in our hearts (4.1k words) - tododeku, sequel to guiding light, friends to lovers, canon divergence

caught (500 words) - tododeku, crack, hsm references that’s it

taking the lead (1.2k words) - tododeku, light fluff and angst

starry skies, starry eyes (2.7k words) - tododeku, college au, birthday fic, i love writing about space

what… is that? (600 words) - tododeku, crack

the bonds that hold us together (9k words) - gen, de-aged au, fluff and angst

a not so picture perfect family (2.7k words) - tododeku, fluff

coming to terms (5.7k words) - bakukami, pining, friends to lovers

keep your head up, above the water (3.9k words) - bakukami, light angst and fluff

volume eighty-one (2.5k words) - todomomo, fluff

affliction (6.7k words) - tododeku, aged-up characters, fluff and angst

liberosis (800 words) - tododeku, aged-up characters, fluff

one string, fit for a bow (4.8k words) - tododeku, soulmate au, pining

the picture speaks for itself (3.3k words) - bakukami, fluff

game (1.5k words) - bakukami, fluff

flowery language (5.5k words) - tododeku, modern au, businessman!shouto and poet!izuku

cuddle week (6.3k words) - bakukami, tododeku, cuddle prompts, fluff and angst

kuroko no basket

of flames and smoke: dragons (5.9k words) - kagakuro, medieval au, incomplete

then, it’s a date (2.6k words) - akafuri, fluff

gravity (300 words) - aokaga, college au

the problem with hangovers (6.4k words) - morizuki, soulmates au

[ other unposted fics can be found here ]

So OT has made it abundantly clear what’s going on.  

With Wootton getting 3 different interviews, babygate 2.0 getting pushed ad nauseam, Harry suddenly having a beard in time for promo that The Sun is obsessed with while other outlets aren’t nearly as interested, Niall getting used to verify most all the major stunts, and Zayn getting absolutely 0 promo for his latest single, all 5 of them are clearly still stuck with OT in some capacity.

Liam suddenly giving interviews where he shades Zayn is so entirely nonsensical after the things both Zayn and Liam have said in real time and in the official print interviews for the past 2+ years.  The fact that Liam is now set for a Larry denial just like solo Zayn gave, even though neither of them have any reason to give such a denial as solo artists that supposedly aren’t under the same label with each other or Harry or Louis, is even more of a dead giveaway.

Louis and Liam didn’t both show up with shade and sharpies yesterday by accident.  Liam made it clear that he’s still (always) on Zayn’s side no matter what 1DHQ has over him that’s making him play along.  Louis made it clear that 1D is as strong as ever.  They knew what was coming and those two pictures were their declarations of love to Zayn and the band.

While I’m irritated that OT is still involved somehow, far past the point when anyone (even the boys) thought they would be, it’s kind of nice to have a road map.  I don’t have to worry about what’s coming because I know exactly what the source is before it even comes.  Our boys are the same people they’ve always been and their bond isn’t going to change.

Pinky Promise -Calfreezy

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: An imagine with calfreezy where you’re a bigger youtuber and your fans tend to send him hate because they think you deserve better and ship you with Simon?? Please

A/N: Hey babe! I hope you like this.


It all started with one picture of us together. Simon kissing my cheek. From that picture forward all I could ever see in my comments was a ship name which consisted of part of my name and Simon’s name. No matter how many times we told our fans that we weren’t together nothing would stop the same group of people from forcing this ‘relationship’ onto us.

I saw Simon as nothing more than a brother to me and he saw me as his sister. Nothing could break that bond between us. There wasn’t enough ‘Sibling Tags’ to get out point across; we couldn’t date, it would ruin the friendship we had. Of course you had those fans that wouldn’t listen and kept forcing this ship onto everything.

In the background, I was getting closer to Calfreezy. We were going on dates, hanging out more and soon a friendship turned into a relationship. We didn’t want to publicize our relationship too soon so we decided to keep quite and only let our circle of friends and family know. Two years after we decided it was time to let the public know.

We were sat in room, he was setting up my camera and making sure that the light was shining the right way and the camera was in focus. I made myself look more decent by applying more lipstick and fixing my hair a little more.

“Ready?” He asked and I nodded in response. He pressed record and I began talking.

“Hey guys! Today isn’t one of your regular makeup tutorials, if you haven’t noticed I’m joined with a guest! Why don’t you introduce yourself.” I looked over to him and gave him a smile.

“Hey guys, I’m Calfreezy also known as Cal.”  He kept messing up and laughing, so it took us 5 minutes to get the line perfect before we both started laughing again.

“Y/N, stop looking at me like that. I’m not going to be serious during this at all.” He laughed.

“Alright! So now that were done laughing! We have something very special and important to tell you. A lot of people have had speculations that Cal and I are dating and we’re here to say that this is true. We’ve been dating for two years since last week and I’ve never been happier in my whole entire life.” I smiled and gave Cal a hug.

“I can say the same babe. She’s the absolute light of my life and I love her so much.” He said, making my heart swell. He leaned down to give me a kiss.

“So guys, if you do have a problem you can unsubscribe because I don’t have time to be dealing with bullshit.” I gave the camera a very petty smile. I finished off the video like I usually did and started editing immediately. 

I few days had passed since I uploaded the video and the response was very mixed. Some were happy and some as usual was about Simon. I had completely given up on getting my point across for people so I just replied to the ones that were about Cal and I. I knew that people were going to comment about Simon, they wouldn’t give up. I was sick of it.

It was about three in the morning when Cal had called me, which was unusual because we had seen each other the same day and we had both said our goodnights. 

“Callum? Everything alright?” He sniffled.

“Have you checked my Instagram lately?”

“No, why?”

“Well, I’ve been getting a lot of hate comments and they’re all about you and Simon and how you’re going to leave me for him and how I don’t deserve you.” He spoke softly. I could tell he was upset and it was breaking my heart.

“Cal, give me an hour.”


“Just give me an hour.” I rushed out of bed and slipped on my shoes. I grabbed my keys and bag. I ran out my apartment and slipped on my jacket as quick as I could. I drove as quick as could to his favorite pizza place. Once I picked up his pizza I drove his apartment.

I decided to the stairs, almost knocking everything out of my hand as I ran. I couldn’t unlock the door so I knocked instead and waited for someone to answer. 

“Oh thank God, I was so hungry.” Harry tried to take the pizza boxes out of my hands.

“Let me give Cal’s first and then I’ll give you yours. Where is he?” He pouted and pointed towards his bedroom. I took off my shoes and walked towards his room. I knocked softly and walked him when I heard him mutter something.

“Man, I said go away.” He huffed, frustration was very evident in his voice.

“Fine, I’ll go eat pizza with Harry.” I said playfully slowly backing away. He shot up out of his bed at the sound of my voice. I handed him his pizza box, giving him a kiss on his neck.

“I thought, you were going on a Twitter rant. I was sat refreshing your page for ages.” He sighed, opening his box, a small smile appearing on his face.

“I don’t like seeing my boy upset, so I decided to spoil you. I know it’s not much but I had to do something.” I gave him a long hug.

“God, I love you.” He gave me a very passionate kiss. I pulled away and told him I was giving the other box to Harry.

Cal was sat in between my legs, his laptop on his lap. We were in the middle of watching Finding Nemo when he decided to pause the movie.

“Y/N, would you ever leave me for Simon?” I stopped stroking his hair to listen to what he had to say.

“I would never.” I was upset at the thought that he would even think that. 

“Sometimes, I feel like you will. You’ve known him longer, he looks better than me, he has a nice personality and not to mention your fans absolutely love you guys.”

“Cal, don’t ever think that. You know I love you more than anything in this world. You know that I love you for everything. From head to toe, you are so beautiful to me, in every way, shape or form. I could never leave you for Simon, let alone anyone else. You treat too well. I’ve only got my eyes on you and you know that Airey.” I spoke softly and slowly, making sure he heard every word I spoke.

“Pinky promise?” I giggled at his childishness and latched onto his pinky finger.

“Pinky promise.” I kissed him and continued stroking his hair.

Control [Part 2 of 2]

Word Count: 5,388
Warnings: Some angst, hand to hand combat, anxiety, fugitive behavior, idk guys.
Summary: @blazeshira’s request - “Hi! I saw that you had your requests open and I was wondering if you could do a Bucky fic where the reader was also given the serum & trained with him along with the other winter soldiers but they developed something before she was frozen along with the others & he forgot her until he went to Siberia w/ Steve & he sees her chamber & realizes she escaped before Zemo could kill her so he tries to find her? Fluffy fluff & some angst, please & thank you!”
A/N: Part 2! Thank you all SO SO SO much for all of your kind words on part 1!! You all made me feel so much better about posting it. I seriously couldn’t ask for better readers! You guys are incredible! Thank you all for taking the time to read these stories! It means so much to me!!

If you would like to be added to my taglist for everything, let me know!!

I hope you all enjoy this! <3 Lemme know what you think!!

[PART 1]

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Siberia, Russia; 2016
    Bucky’s Point of View

“I got heat signatures,” Tony starts. Steve asks how many, and Stark replies with, “Uh, one.”

Coming back willingly was absurd.

This was the last place I wanted to be. I’ve done everything in my power to put this place out of my memories over the last two years, and here I am willingly walking back into danger with this punk all over again.

I guess history does repeat itself. Hopefully the end result will be kinder this time.

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You people keep making theories which makes me over analyze and make theories!

Alright one more then I need to stop!  Like seriously I can’t keep this up, I NEED TO STOP!

So this is more like what I think will happen in season 3 (which I’m certain won’t happen but I want to say it anyway!) and it’s more of a what I want to happen.  I’m sorry this is so long!

So Lotor is coming to town and he’ll be the next big threat.  I know everyone makes him the big flamboyant guy who hits on Lance but I don’t know if that’s what they’re going to do to him (I would be lying if I said I didn’t like the idea though)

What I think they’re going to do is have him attack the paladins weak points, or more specifically Lance.  Voltron is good at build up and hinting at things a season early (case in point: Galra Keith was hinted in season one).  Lance was feeling worthless in season two, I think they’re going to touch on that in season three.  I know Lance and Hunk didn’t have enough screen time or development but season two was mainly about Keith being Galra and Shiro trying to have a stronger bond with Black.  

Hunk is also someone who had good moments like being the only one who stood up for Keith when Allura was treating him horribly.  Hunk is one of the supportive characters, more specifically for Keith.  And I think season three Shiro should bond with Lance.  

Now back to Lance, the whole seventh wheel thing got to him, as well as fans.  He wants to feel important but instead he feels worthless, like they don’t need him and I want Lotor to use that against Lance.

I want him to tell Lance lies and make him feel awful and believe in those lies.  I want this to happen while Keith is the leader.  (Shiro is coming back, they can’t have him magically disappear when he just got his bayard back), and have Keith struggle with Lance feeling inferior.  In season one and two you can clearly see that Lance is one of the few people who can keep Keith calm (Shiro is the only other person I can think of), technically speaking Lance is the only one in the group now who can keep Keith calm and under control.  

I feel like this could help strengthen the bond between those two, hell those two have been bonding since season one, and it could lead to something more.

If Lotor does in fact “fall in love” with Lance then I want Lotor to lie to Lance not only to break Voltron but to have Lance all to himself.  Have almost a possessive type of crush that is dangerous.  Lotor could make Lance feel like Voltron is better off without him.  Most likely that won’t happen but it’s an idea.

Now Lance is hinted to be bisexual, and if I’m correct someone, I’m not sure who, said Lance is going to fall in love with one of the paladins in season three.  I can only see Keith being that paladin because those two have bonded since season one and are showing signs of caring, jealousy, being protective, and working well together.  So Lotor can come in and push Lance, or even Keith, over the edge where one will have to help the other.  

Now this is a stupid silly theory, sorry for no pictures.  It’s long and stupid and I talked about this with my sister so this is both of our ideas combined.  You can believe what you want, we won’t know anything till season three in September.  So something to look forward to!  Anyways I won’t promise anything but hopefully this is the last theory I make.

“Our Bond Will Not Weaken From Distance”

Okay, so there’s two good ways and one iffy way I can think of using this.
Say, you and a person you are very close with are going to be separated for whatever reason, be it from moving, death, or not being allowed access to eachother.

Good Idea:
You and the other person can carry this on your person or keep it with you in general.

Good Idea:
You can draw this on a picture of you and that person.

Iffy Idea:
Or you can draw this sigil and have both of you put a drop of your own blood on it.

(the picture is from my snapchat @/swaqqynarwhal it’s SO cringey i made it in 5th grade ok but add me)










ME !!! NEXT TO ME !!!






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나는 로빅이다. #桃源境 #도원경 막방 기념 #빅스 요원들이 오늘 코엑스 팬사인회에서 작성한 ‘릴레이 감사 편지'를 공개한다. #스탈라잇고마워

I am Rovix. Releasing the “relay thank you letter” written by #VIXX agents at the COEX fansign to commemorate the end of #Dowonkyung promotions. #ThankYouStarlight.


Picture: Starlights, we our bond has become even more close and strong through our fifth anniversary. Also, by working out, mind and body become strong as well ^-^ We will always be the VIXX that works hard. Love you Starlight ♥ I love you even more Starlight ♥ Look at these kids I was grateful when Leo got a hold of me one night and made a delicious meaty midnight snack. The time I spent together with everyone was joyful. Thank you so much for supporting us during our fifth anniversary activities. I love you. This letter is now at an end. Afterward – illegible – ;; Let’s see each other for a long time.

translations: @hakyeon-go-go

In some of my favorite Star Wars fics (such as Allegiance by @kaelinaloveslomaris or Where Our Intrepid Hero Doesn’t Get Away by @littlesparklight ), sometimes Vader and Luke communicate via a telepathic Force bond thingamajig.

Considering the way Vader’s Force presence is often described as being almost alive (and exceedingly protective/possessive of family), I always end up picturing something like DreamWorks’ concept art for Pitch the Nightmare King from Rise of the Guardians.

So by contrast, I wondered whether Luke’s Force presence might look young and bright and a little vulnerable in comparison. And the background is what I tend to imagine the inside of at least one of their minds to look like. I don’t really know why.


I’ll just share my experience because I am beyond happy it happened. So, I attended the autograph session hosted by Netflix and unfortunately they didn’t allow us to take pictures. I’ll tell my impressions and what happened in order of how they were sitting.

Matt: His smile is just unbelievable, trust me, and he doesn’t stop smiling. He was the first in line and he was surprised about how tall I am and wouldn’t stop talking about it, saying I was just like him. Yeah, we bonded over our height haha #teamtol. I asked for a hug and he nicely hugged me (I didn’t ask it to the others bc the staff said it wasn’t allowed and Matt was the only one placed where they wouldn’t yell at me lol). He is even more sweet and charismatic than I thought. And again, his smile is insane.

Dom: Dom saw my tattoo (a key on my forearm) and was like “oh, let me see it” and I showed him. He was super surprised and then the most weird and fun thing happened. He said “Oh my God, my ex-girlfriend has the exact same tattoo on the exact same place.” He was so surprised that he told Alberto about it and showed him my tattoo.

Alberto: He listened to Dom and saw the tattoo as well, then we shook hands and he was laughing about what Dom told him. He asked me if I knew Dom’s ex-girlfriend and if I was secretly her haha. The three of us talked about it and it was definitely an unusual conversation, but it was fun. Domberto is the best friendship and I saw it with my own eyes haha.

Kat: She saw what was going on and she basically interrupted Alberto so we could shake hands even before it was her time to sign my poster. I told her we were super excited about season 2 and she was super happy to hear it and told me she is super excited for us to see it. She is the sweetest small cinannamon roll to ever live, seriously. She is so small, smiley and pretty.

Eme: She was the last one and the staff was rushing me to leave, so we just quickly talked about how much she was enjoying Brazil and she is super adorable as well, and the beauty queen you all know she is. Actually I just got surprised bc she is as small as Kat in real life.

So it was what happened. I’m so happy about everything and so grateful for the chance to meet them. ALL of them are the most friendly, sweet and beautiful people to ever exist and deserve all the love and support. 

The Reclamations Games

You notice a parchment on the walls where you pass. It is adorned with pictures of balloons and celebratory writing, recognizing the anniversary of the Reclamations United.

For three years, we have been grown from a small group of few, to a large home for many stories and lives. We share knots of destiny between intermingling bonds, growing stronger and deepening our hearts into one another. As we reach a third cycle of unification, we celebrate our ties to each other with what we would like to call “The Reclamation Games”!

The Reclamations games is open to any and all! This event is going to be taking place at 8pm EST on Sunday the 28th in our normal Open House time slot! We’ll be listing the rule-set below and we hope that you can join us! We’ll be meeting up at ward 4, plot 6 of the Lavender Beds!

Before we get into the swing of things, we will ask of those who plan to participate to stand in one place while spectators move another. This will make the team selections easier. We will then proceed with the opening ceremony, welcoming everyone to the event and explaining the reason behind all of this. During this, teams will be randomly selected by three officers via dye colors and hempen tunics traded to participating individuals. Once the speech is done, we will give you your team leader’s name and they will gather up everyone in your squadron, which will then move on to dying your tunics with the dye provided and putting them on. You will NOT be allowed to change out of it, exchange dyes with other teams, redye your tunic to join another team, or bribe another team to switch or let you in. This will result in you and any persons involved to be disqualified.
The games will work on a point system. Eachg ame victory gives you three points to your team. The team with the highest score wins the games.
No belittling team members.
No favortism. Everyone gets a shot.
Members may not participate more than once. (Subject to change)
Respect your team members and leader.
**Have fun!
The first game will be a spear toss. Each team will select one person from their squadron to test their throwing skills.
*Each participant will have two chances to roll via /random option. We will take the higher roll.
*You cannot switch out teammates once you have chosen and/or have rolled.
*You cannot attempt to sabotage another roll, this will lead to your team being disqualified.
*The team with the highest roll wins. If there are ties, we will have the tying teams roll once more.
*You cannot aim the weapon at another team. This will lead to disqualification.

Next we will have our axe toss. Test your strength and see how far you can throw an axe.
* Each participant will have two chances to roll via /random option. We will take the higher roll.
*You cannot switch out teammates once you have chosen and/or have rolled.
*You cannot attempt to sabotage another roll, this will lead to your team being disqualified.
*The team with the highest roll wins. If there are ties, we will have the tying teams roll once more.
*You cannot aim the weapon at another team, this will lead to disqualification.
The third event is a relay race. Teams will be split between a short distance, and will need to run to one end and tag in their team mate to go back, repeating this until all members have ran.
*To signify a lap, you will trade an object to your next team mate which is followed by a /joy emote. We will have a hawk eye on teams.
*Sprint is allowed.
*No mounts are allowed. Use Of one leads to party disqualification.
*No attacking other racers or sabotaging them. This leads to disqualification.
*No fake trading or skipping a member. This will lead to disqualification.
*Do not spam the joy emote whether you are spectating, waiting for your turn, or are done. This will confuse all of us.

* Once an item has been traded off you must return to the FC house 

*The race is over when the first team has gotten all members across the field.

The final event is a surprise! Only your team leaders will know, so pay attention!

I am convinced that the reason why tumblr has removed the ability to reply to posts is because it does not want us to have our own communities within the larger whole. Your dashboard is not a social network; it is not a place for bonds to form and friendships to develop. Those things can still happen but that is incidental to the main goal of the site: to produce content. 

That post you made four years ago of a picture of a collapsed wine display in your local grocery aisle–the one that still gets hundreds of thousands of notes now and then, drowning out every other note you get in response to your dog dying or your engagement announcement, the one that continues to haunt you without the help of a third party extension that tumblr won’t officially endorse or condone, the one your friends and oldest followers know never to reblog again because you’ve begged them to not make it worse–that’s the sort of content tumblr wants to see. Tumblr doesn’t want you to say “my grades are failing, I’m worried I’m going to lose my scholarship to UMass and I’m terrified to face my parents.” Tumblr wants you to say “mom: how’s school? me: (insert jpg of a turtle covered in spaghetti).”

Tumblr does not want you to make posts meant to be heard at or below the volume of your followers list. Your personal posts are just crowding the memes. 

Mom? Pt 2.

A/N: Part 2 to this one-shot.

Mom? Masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader   Sam x Sister!Reader   Mary x Daughter!Reader

You all sat around the table, happy to be there together and happy that everyone was safe. You had all taken a beating, Cas had healed you all but you were all still pretty sore. This is why everyone had decided to stay in; eating fried chicken, pie, and drinking beer. You let out a chuckle causing Sam to give you a curious glance. You shook your head and took a sip of your root beer while smiling.

After Dean left to thought it would take forever to feel this happy again.

When Sam was taken you weren’t sure your family was going to be normal ever again.

Here you sat, at your kitchen table, with your two older brothers and your mother who has been dead for over 30 years.

For a Winchester life was good.

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Grammar & Style: Using Transitions to Skip Time

Anonymous asked:

I write in first person present tense and I came across this annoying problem. So in my story I have it all planned out. It’s in her school year and I have some of the big major things written, but how do I fill in the gaps? In Leven Thumps the author does it as they wake up and it’s day by day. In The Giver the author skips months. I have no idea what to do. I am a young writer that has big dreams and plans to make this into a novel when I’m older.

When it comes to gaps between story events, the last thing you want to do is fill the time between them with scenes that aren’t important to the story. All scenes need to have a purpose, whether that’s to move the plot forward, explore character development, flesh out the setting, or deliver backstory. If you can fill time with a scene that accomplishes one or more of those things, that’s fine, but otherwise it’s better to skip ahead to the next important scene. There are lots of different ways you can do that:

Chapter Breaks

Chapters are like miniature stories: they should have a beginning, middle, and end. If you have reached a viable ending for your chapter and need to skip time, the best way to do that is to have the time pass between chapters. For example, chapter one may end a week before Christmas as the main character is anticipating the arrival of his boyfriend, returning home from college. Then, chapter two can begin a few days later when the character is at the airport picking up his boyfriend.

Here’s an example from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. At the end of chapter seven, Elizabeth Bennet has gone to Netherfield Park to see her sister who had gone there to visit the Bingleys and promptly came down with a cold. Chapter seven ends with the Bingleys inviting Elizabeth to stay at the house until Jane is better:

We don’t know what happens between Elizabeth deciding to stay over and five o’clock. The chapter break serves to skip past that time, and the chapter begins with the transitional statement “at five o’clock,” which lets the reader know that it’s now later in the day.

Here are some fictional examples from a previous post:

End of Chapter One:

As I watched the colorful bursts of fireworks lighting up Times Square, I knew that 2011 was going to be a great year.

Beginning of Chapter Two:

The rest of winter and most of spring passed by in a dizzying blur. It was hard to believe that graduation was fast approaching… 

End of Chapter Eleven:

I dropped off my rented cap and gown on my way to Sarah’s, and we piled into Sam’s car and headed for the mall. As we bonded over chicken nuggets and strawberry shakes, Sam took our picture and uploaded it to facebook.

“Best year ever,” she said, a contented smile on her face. I couldn’t have agreed more.

Beginning of Chapter Twelve:

It’s hard to believe that day at the mall was almost two years ago. So much has changed that I hardly believe that was ever my life…

Scene Breaks

Sometimes you need to skip time in within a chapter, in which case you may choose to do a scene break. Perhaps chapter one begins with a scene where a character is dealing with a crisis at work, and then next big scene is a meeting that takes place an hour later. Rather than filling in that hour with something unnecessary, you could do a scene break and begin the next scene with something like, “An hour later I was speeding through the city on the bullet train, hoping I’d make it to my meeting on time.” “An hour later” is a transitional phrase that tells the reader that an hour has passed since the last scene ended. Scene breaks can look like this:
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Donec pretium maximus lobortis. Aliquam dui urna, tincidunt a ligula a, cursus commodo turpis. Vivamus aliquam diam purus, in venenatis sapien pellentesque ac. Nulla tempus augue ut pellentesque iaculis. Suspendisse potenti. Nunc consectetur, lacus ac venenatis pulvinar, diam dui interdum nisl, lobortis blandit lacus elit ut nisi. Fusce purus nisl, efficitur vulputate elit vitae, dapibus tempor enim. Integer fermentum ut metus venenatis efficitur. 

Or there might be a symbol in the space, such as *** or a pretty scrollwork. 

Transitional Phrases

Occasionally you need to skip some time within a single paragraph or sentence. Looking again at the example from Chapter Eight of Pride and Prejudice:

At five o’clock the two ladies retired to dress, and at half past six Elizabeth was summoned to dinner.

We lost an entire hour and a half here, because the sentence begins at five o’clock and ends at six-thirty.

A fictional example:

Marta purchased the book and hurried home to read it. By midnight she’d read it twice through. 

We don’t need to actually see what happens between Marta purchasing the book and midnight when she finishes reading it for the second time. It’s enough to just be told what happens and how much time has passed.

I hope that helps! :)
On Inuyasha's Orientation

Oh yeah. I’m going there.

People in this fandom don’t talk about the character’s sexualities and orientations as much as they should. There are so many headcanons you can have of someone that includes their orientations, and I’ve talked to multiple people about this and decided, hey, I’m going to make a post about this.

Then I realized I tend to rant. A lot. So I’m just going to make this an analysis and call it a day.

So in Inuyasha, there can be a lot of headcanons for what each character’s sexuality/orientation is. Sesshomaru is often considered to be asexual, aromantic, and/or both, and others headcanon him as something else. Everyone has their own different opinions, and this analysis is no exception. So here’s my own idea of what Inuyasha’s sexuality is.

It’s under my own personal belief and headcanon that Inuyasha is a demiromantic demisexual.

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Sorry, Not Sorry - Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

Everything around me is moving so quick. Spencer having these irregular mood changes, Jennifer, suddenly, provoking me, Emily liking me. What is going on? Everything was normal until, Emily arrived. When she showed up, Spencer was acting so unusual.

He never tells me, “I’m in the middle of having intercourse with my girlfriend so bye.” He knows how rude and disrespectful that is. Especially, when there is a guest. 

Maybe it’s all in my head. Maybe, since I like him, his flaws don’t appear to me. Who knows, he has probably told me that sentence before. Whereas, me, being the love-struck girl, my mind twisted the words. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still like him, of course. It’s just that I’m seeing a new side of him I have never seen before. 

OK, I need to stop overthinking this. Spencer is my best friend; best friends are always rude to each other in an arch manner. It’s what makes them closer and have more of a bond. 

I sigh, archness is present in a relationship too, but ours is only friendship. A friendship that cannot be broken whatsoever. Unless, I turn into some psychopath and kidnap Jennifer. 

Wouldn’t mind doing that. With her out of the picture, I can finally have Spencer to myself. He will have no one else to cry to, aside from me. I’ll be there for him and next thing you know, he’s all mine. 

On the other hand, I’ll likely be messy and leave my knife with fingerprints and get caught. So, there’s that. In addition, I’m too delicate to possibly be capable of pulling anything like that.

I sigh once more and roll over on my stomach. I wish I can talk to someone about this, except, you know, the one person I used to tell everything to is gone and probably doesn’t want to speak to me again. 

The thought of Emily not wanting to even look at me, makes me feel so ashamed of what I said to her. It was all in the heat of the moment and I couldn’t control my rambling mouth.

I feel pinching in the corner of my eyes, tears streaming down underneath them. Everything is happening so fast and I wish it can all stop. Stop my best friend from hating me, stop the pain that is aching in my heart, and stop liking Spencer. Which will be impossible to complete. 

Knock knock knock

I lift my head up and face it towards the door. Who the hell is bothering me right now? If it’s Jennifer I swear to god I’ll punch her pretty face.

She probably got forced to apologize to me and is going to be a fake little bitch about it.

Without waiting for me to answer, the door opens to reveal a shirtless Spencer, with his hair wet. Oh, fuck me. 

“Hey, thought I’d like to apologize for Jennifer earlier.” His eyes meet mine, they’re full of sincerity like they were when I told him about Dylan. His passion to make me feel better is so adorable.

I lift myself up and sit crossed legged on the bed. “Its fine I guess.” 

I know that Jennifer did that on purpose to get to me. She knows what she was doing and she didn’t care at all. 

He gives me a weak smile and takes a seat next to me on the bed. He scoots closer and puts his hand on my thigh. His hand is so warm and so large, I wish it could move up to a little more. 

“Are you doing okay?” I know he was referring to Emily. 

“Well, about two hours ago, my best friend from high school told me she likes me and when I rejected her, she got mad and stormed off. Leaving our friendship nowhere to be seen. So, I guess I’m fine.”  My flippant tone made his smile disappear and I feel bad. 

“Look, I’m sorry. I’m just upset about the whole situation. I mean wouldn’t you be sad if your best friend just left you and you know you two will never be friends again?” 

He looks down. “Are you referring to you? Because if you are, I would be devastated. You are the best thing that has happened to me. I never had any real friends in high school. They would all use me to get answers to their homework or test.” I look at him with pure love and adoration. He has told me the story before but for some reason, the emotion behind it seems so raw as if it is still going on now. 

I lean up to him and give him a kiss on the cheek. He blushes and playfully punches me. It’s the little things we do that makes me fall for him harder and harder.

“Okay, now can you leave and put some clothes on?” I laugh. As much as I want to see him shirtless, I know I’m going to do something I might regret soon. 

“Awe, I thought you wanted to see all off this.” He says in a try hard seductive tone while trailing his hands down his body. 

Oh, trust me I do. 

“Ew just get out,” I say while throwing my pillow at him. 

He throws his hands up in surrender and exits. 

I was about to lay back down until he pops into the room again. “Can you check the mail for me please?” 

I groan. “Why can’t you get it?” 

“Because I don’t feel like going outside.” He says before leaving. 

I roll my eyes and find some shoes to put on. The walk from the doorway to the mailbox is quite a walk and I don’t feel like walking in the grass barefoot.

When I come back inside, I have a pile of mail just stack in my hand. I’m surprised it didn’t fly out of my grip. 

I set the mail down on the island and start looking through it. 

Bills, bills, social security, magazines, a letter, more bills. Wait. 

I rummage through the pile of mail I looked at and see an envelope written to me.  However, for some reason, whoever wrote this, referred to me as Y/n Reid. On the bottom, underneath the name, it says to open the letter when I’m alone in my room. I look at the cover to see who the letter might be from but there is no luck.

My heart starts racing and I run to my room to open the letter. My curiosity is getting the best of me right now. What if it’s a secret admirer? No, it can’t be, if it was, why would they put Spencer’s last name as my last name?

So many questions in my head at the moment, hopefully, to be answered soon.

Once, I enter my room, I close and lock the door behind me, so Spencer won’t bother me. I really don’t want him to interrupt me especially at a time like this. 

I sit myself down on my bed and open the letter. I was surprised to see that it was written by hand. The handwriting was fairly neat, like a women’s. 

Dear, Y/n

You probably ran to your room to open this letter and find out what it has to say am I right? Your curiosity is going to get you killed or even make you sick one day. So, just be careful sweetheart. 

I read over the first paragraph again and again to have an excuse to not read further, despite the fact that I know I have to. 

I know more about you than you think, Drug-addicted mother, abusive step-father that almost raped you, you almost getting raped at a party after, lying about being a virgin when you were 15. There are so many secrets about you. It would be a shame if Spencer were to find out. Especially about the time when you lied about Dylan. Dylan never recorded you. You recorded yourself and leaked it to make it look like it was him. 

You’re not so innocent, Y/n.

I put my hand over my mouth and start crying. It’s true. It’s all true. I was a bitch and I hate to admit it, but I was also a slut in high school. I didn’t want Spencer to know the truth about me, for the sake of him judging me. That’s what I love about college, nobody knows who you were in high school or what you did or who you hung out with. It’s like walking into a whole new book.

However, I won’t tell anyone unless you do these 5 things for me. These 5 things will determine my thoughts on you as a person and make me reconsider ruining your life. 

 You want a chance with that geek right? You want to wrap your legs around him like the slut you are? Then do follow what I have planned for you. 

 You’re probably crying right now and reminiscing all the things you did in high school. Thinking about the times you slept with your “Best friends” boyfriend over and over behind her back. 

 What about the time you got a girl expelled and made her deport to Mexico because the guy you wanted at the time was taken and you needed to get rid of her? 

 You’re a bitch, Y/n. It’s a good thing you’ve changed right? Or do people really change?

I can feel myself crying with embarrassment. I regret all the things I did in high school, disregarding that I know I will never be able to take what I did back. So, the only thing to do is live with my past. 

Here are the demands you have to do. I am watching you as you read this. So, if you go to the cops, Spencer is dead. 

 I gulp and trail my eyes down to the list.

 • Envy is a sin and shall not be felt. 

Envy? I wouldn’t go so far as envy. I am jealous of Jennifer and wish to take her place, but I do not envy her. 

• Do not force infidelity

How can I make Spencer cheat on me with Jennifer? He is head over heels for her and I’m not even close to being in his league.

• Don’t make yourself the center of attention

Does he mean don’t make a big scene about certain things or dress flashy?

• Make people stay in your life


• In order to save a life, you have to stop living yours.

 If you cannot follow these commands, say bye to Spencer. He’ll never want to speak to you ever again. He’ll look at you with total disgust and never love you.

Not like he will anyways. 

If you do follow these commands, I’ll show you who I am. Do we have a deal? 

Of course, we do, you basically have no choice. 

Just know, I am watching you as you read this and will be watching your progress. When you have completed one task, you will get a text from me saying “next”. 


Have fun. -anonymous 

Don’t hate me. I love you!  Sorry, it’s a bit short but next part will be longer and juicier I promise!