this is our bond in one picture

looking for little friends!!

Hiii!! 😄 I don’t really have any little friends, and I need some! I know I have Daddy to talk to about little stuff, but I need little friends too! We can introduce our stuffies to each other and color pictures for one another! And we can talk about little stuff, but when one of us has had a bad day we could talk about big stuffs too!! Oh oh, and and and!!! If we get close (and if you’re comfy with it, of course!) we could even send each other snail mail like penpals 🐌💌 (snails are one of my fav animals btw!… are they animals? Or… insects? I dunno, they’re just sweet, precious friendos!) !!! Like cute lil letters with stickers!!!!!! How exciting does that sound?! And we could Skype if you’re comfy with it and watch little space shows together or color together!! I’m just in sucha happy mood and I wanna make alllll the friends ever!!
Soooo… message me please! Don’t be shy, I promise I’m really friendly and easy-going! And if you aren’t comfy messaging first you could like/reblog/reply to this and that way I’ll know it’s okay for me to message you first!! You could even send me an anonymous ask first with questions to see if you’re comfy enough to message with me, I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfy! 😄
I can’t wait to make friends!!!! 💞


I’ll just share my experience because I am beyond happy it happened. So, I attended the autograph session hosted by Netflix and unfortunately they didn’t allow us to take pictures. I’ll tell my impressions and what happened in order of how they were sitting.

Matt: His smile is just unbelievable, trust me, and he doesn’t stop smiling. He was the first in line and he was surprised about how tall I am and wouldn’t stop talking about it, saying I was just like him. Yeah, we bonded over our height haha #teamtol. I asked for a hug and he nicely hugged me (I didn’t ask it to the others bc the staff said it wasn’t allowed and Matt was the only one placed where they wouldn’t yell at me lol). He is even more sweet and charismatic than I thought. And again, his smile is insane.

Dom: Dom saw my tattoo (a key on my forearm) and was like “oh, let me see it” and I showed him. He was super surprised and then the most weird and fun thing happened. He said “Oh my God, my ex-girlfriend has the exact same tattoo on the exact same place.” He was so surprised that he told Alberto about it and showed him my tattoo.

Alberto: He listened to Dom and saw the tattoo as well, then we shook hands and he was laughing about what Dom told him. He asked me if I knew Dom’s ex-girlfriend and if I was secretly her haha. The three of us talked about it and it was definitely an unusual conversation, but it was fun. Domberto is the best friendship and I saw it with my own eyes haha.

Kat: She saw what was going on and she basically interrupted Alberto so we could shake hands even before it was her time to sign my poster. I told her we were super excited about season 2 and she was super happy to hear it and told me she is super excited for us to see it. She is the sweetest small cinannamon roll to ever live, seriously. She is so small, smiley and pretty.

Eme: She was the last one and the staff was rushing me to leave, so we just quickly talked about how much she was enjoying Brazil and she is super adorable as well, and the beauty queen you all know she is. Actually I just got surprised bc she is as small as Kat in real life.

So it was what happened. I’m so happy about everything and so grateful for the chance to meet them. ALL of them are the most friendly, sweet and beautiful people to ever exist and deserve all the love and support. 

In some of my favorite Star Wars fics (such as Allegiance by @kaelinaloveslomaris or Where Our Intrepid Hero Doesn’t Get Away by @littlesparklight ), sometimes Vader and Luke communicate via a telepathic Force bond thingamajig.

Considering the way Vader’s Force presence is often described as being almost alive (and exceedingly protective/possessive of family), I always end up picturing something like DreamWorks’ concept art for Pitch the Nightmare King from Rise of the Guardians.

So by contrast, I wondered whether Luke’s Force presence might look young and bright and a little vulnerable in comparison. And the background is what I tend to imagine the inside of at least one of their minds to look like. I don’t really know why.

I am convinced that the reason why tumblr has removed the ability to reply to posts is because it does not want us to have our own communities within the larger whole. Your dashboard is not a social network; it is not a place for bonds to form and friendships to develop. Those things can still happen but that is incidental to the main goal of the site: to produce content. 

That post you made four years ago of a picture of a collapsed wine display in your local grocery aisle–the one that still gets hundreds of thousands of notes now and then, drowning out every other note you get in response to your dog dying or your engagement announcement, the one that continues to haunt you without the help of a third party extension that tumblr won’t officially endorse or condone, the one your friends and oldest followers know never to reblog again because you’ve begged them to not make it worse–that’s the sort of content tumblr wants to see. Tumblr doesn’t want you to say “my grades are failing, I’m worried I’m going to lose my scholarship to UMass and I’m terrified to face my parents.” Tumblr wants you to say “mom: how’s school? me: (insert jpg of a turtle covered in spaghetti).”

Tumblr does not want you to make posts meant to be heard at or below the volume of your followers list. Your personal posts are just crowding the memes. 

One day space paladins Keith and Pidge, aka mullet and smol birb, got together and decided to make a blog.

This is that blog.

Cue emo Keith, sassy Pidge, and space conspiracy bonding.

((Hey so this is the introductory post for this blog! Mostly it will be pictures of our cosplays, but maybe we’ll do a video or something eventually.

Just a PSA, this is not a shipping blog, meaning that we don’t ship Pidge and Keith together.))

splinterofthemindseye  asked:

Bequeathed Blade - Damian

Damian -

Before meeting you, I never considered the idea of writing a will. This notion was inspired through you - that my words and voice need to be heard. I have been the victim for abuse through the violence of the world and honed my skills to contend with the daily struggles Azeroth faces. 

But since you are reading this, I want you to know just how much you mean to me. The instances in which we met do not begin to illustrate the picture of our flourishing bond. Had I not been in Draenor when I was - that very salvation you had to offer might have been for forfeit. And I know that I was not the only one governed by violence. 

We complement each other, and I’m sorry that this is the instance in which you are being reassured that we were meant for one another. I hope that you could see the life and happiness you brought to me. There was no one else in Azeroth that could have done that. Surely I had friends, but none could reach the conclusion I needed to be shown a new path. 

Know that I will always be with you - because you gave me a reason to live. A soul to bare and a heart to share. Take note that my gift might be a little different than expected, but I know you will make use of it when the time is right.



Included with the letter was a parcel that contained all the reserves of hourglass sand she had. While he could not venture back in time to spare her this fate, it would be enough to change other travesties from occurring. 

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A quick picture of the shirts a friend and I made to go to our local Pridefest today. With her a lesbian, me a bisexual, and having a friendly bond over the game Life is Strange we figured these shirts would be something fun to make. After one failed test run and several hours of stenciling and cutting out letters to look somewhat like the game’s logo… we ended up with these beauties.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures of us in the shirts because two hours into Pride the event had to evacuate due to an oncoming thunderstorm and possible tornado. Still, it was amazingly fun and people were celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday.

I hope everyone’s Pride month is going fantastically. <3

Nohrian-Style Cooking

(AO3 Prompt Collection. The second prompt of the day: some international sibling bonding. For @unassumingvenusaur, based on our discussion of the Nohrian tofu incidentSend me prompts, if you like!)

Xander stared balefully down at the potatoes and pictured Iago’s face on each one of them. His grip on the knife tightened, and he took a deep breath.

“No mercy!” The knife descended, cutting through the food with what could probably be described as excessive force. In a surprisingly short time, the potatoes had been finely diced.

Wiping sweat from his forehead, the crown prince of Nohr glanced over toward the door of the kitchen. I thought I heard something there… a sort of squeak? “Hello? Is someone there?”

A small figure in a white-and-red dress emerged from behind the door, eyes downcast. “S-sorry, Prince Xander… you sounded angry, and it kind of s-startled me.”

“Lady Sakura…” Xander blushed slightly. “I apologize if I frightened you. I hadn’t thought that anyone was listening.”

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i have over 800 photos on my phone and most of them are of brendon urie but i refuse to delete them because what if one of my friend s suddenly forgets what he looks like and i need to remind them or what if my dad thinks he sees brendon urie but cant remember specifics so he needs different angled pictures or what if i meet the president and we need to bond over our love of him or what if

I’m not very fond of this picture, but I am very fond of this band. They had zero time to stop and somehow managed to add on 20 pictures to their already crammed schedule. The radio station said no, and they insisted it happen. We drove a grand total of 12 hours roundtrip to get this picture and meet them. We laughed, and cried and bonded with new people and old. Met our favorite band and the people behind the music that keeps us alive. Then we extended that and took over a Cracker Barrel with everyone. It’s weird to think that my life would be completely different had I not started listening to them. I would have never met my best friends, my future college roommate( tylerjosep) and I wouldn’t have found much purpose. Thank you, again. You inspire me every single day.

As the title on the banner says, this is a post about interacting in general, bonds between the muses and muns. Before going into further details, I want to mention that in order to allow the actions bellow, you just have to leave a LIKE on this post, nothing more. 

By liking this post, you will allow the mun to : 

Write completely random starters and mention you in them. This basically means that if another mun and I talk about a headcanon we both enjoy, I’d most likely use those facts in the random starter once the feels hit me. Non-discussed subjects would never be used for starters. 

♦ Write headcanons about our characters, depending of course on the bond between them and tagging the other mun. 

Tag other muns their urls in pictures/videos/audios etc that somehow represent our friendship or the unique bond between the muses.

♦ Spam your askbox with Tsunade whenever and, once again, with completely random topics depending on the mun’s mood. 

♦ Participate in reblogged memes; meaning that the mun is allowed to send several asks about the same or many different meme posts.  

♦ Talk to the other mun OOC or IC.

♦ Contact the other mun via IM whenever something new related to their character crosses the mun’s mind. 

Thank you all for reading this, I’m looking forward to interacting with many other talented writers and their magnificent muses !! —{Tsunabae mun aka Tina }

trishapaytas: we never get pictures together but I’m so excited we did last night. me and @joeygraceffa seriously seemed like the most unlikely of friends at first but I swear to goodness , our bond runs so deep. He’s hilarious sweet gorgeous and humble. The easiest friendship ever. I couldn’t be more thankful to know this one @joeygraceffa


Just friends? I will never every buy that they were just friends. I call bull crap big time. Maks and Meryl fell in love right before our eyes. Anyone that dates one of them and tries to compete with that special love friendship relationship and bond between Maks and Meryl is brave. Good luck with that one. These two are drawn to each other like a moth to a flame and these pictures and others tell us the real truth their true feelings for each other is clearly written across their faces when they are together. It was special Maks said it and it always will be. And whatever it is was is or will be is totally up to them. And we’ve all have made some very special friends because of this one and that one. And may these two figure it out if they haven’t already.❤