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If you’re looking for a sign whether you should buy the hard copy of Junji Ito’s Fragments of Horror, then this is it! I got this copy as an early Birthday present from a friend and boy, was I amazed at the sheer difference in terms of art and detail!

Should I mention again that Fragments of Horror is Junji Ito’s comeback after 8 years and his long break partly has something to do with the death of his cat Yon/Yonsuke? (yes, you got that right, it’s that “creepy” white cat from Cat Diaries which brought plenty of laughter to most of us).

So guys, before any parts of this manga gets adapted to anime, I encourage you all to buy this copy in your nearby bookstores to support our beloved author. 

And yes, you can also GET IT HERE.

Making your Content-Creators Feel Appreciated

So something good did come out of last night’s spectacle: we discussed what makes us happiest in terms of reader / watcher interest.

We like to be bothered. We understand you’re often hesitant to bother us: after all, do we have the time? We probably get bothered all the time. Trouble is, all of you think that. We get lonely. Spam us with affection, with questions, with ramblings, even just favorite quotes from our works / favorite compositions, wherever you can find us: on AO3, FFNET, Tumblr, Twitter - just do it.

We also like to be bothered with irrelevant stuff. Found another work - be it in the fandom, or something else entirely - that you think will be of interest to us? Freakin’ send it! Most of us will reply to it, too.

It’s flattering to find our works recommended elsewhere – extra cookies if the author’s or artist’s name is credited too. It means our works touched you enough for you to share it - and, that you have enough respect to keep our names attached to it.

Telling us you cried or that you love the new chapter is awesome: but even better is when you tell us what worked / what didn’t. Constructive criticism is painfully important, especially for the artists and writers in a fandom where we’re still trying to figure out our styles and our weaknesses if we should want to enter the professional world. Hearing the different perspectives on what’s working, what’s not, and just pointing out general errors … y’all might think it’s annoying us, but we heckin’ love it.

We love all our reviewers, but we love the ones who leave walls of text – especially favorite quotes / paragraphs – best. These are the reviewers we remember by name; these are the reviewers whose reviews we look for. It goes above and beyond, where they’re not just fangirl-ing, but they’re saying why they’re fangirl-ing over the work. These are the reviewers we want to steal from each other, quite frankly!

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fics where one of or both of them are authors?

Start in our  Writer!Blaine  Writer!Kurt tags, and definitely don’t skip:

The Life and Times of Author B.A. Dalton by DaybyDay

Blaine Anderson is a novelist in LA when he meets Kurt Hummel. Aptly nicknamed the Writer!Blaine AU


Sotto Voce by @girliesportsjunkie

Wine critic Kurt Hummel can make or break careers with his column for Taste Magazine. But when his publisher orders him to spend a year profiling rising stars of California’s wine country and organizing a competition between the big name wineries of Napa and the smaller artisan wineries of Sonoma, his world gets turned upside-down by an enigmatic young winemaker who puts art before business.

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I don't understand trad femininity? Why would my hobbies, interests, type of relationship/job be limited bc of my XX chromosome?


Traditional femininity does not mean that your hobbies, interests, and jobs are limited. Traditional femininity begins with recognizing that God made men and women to be equal in value but different in roles and that, as women, we submit to our husbands’ authority while he protects us and provides for us. It means embracing this design for the family and how God made you as a woman. Yes, domestic skills are strongly emphasized, but this does not mean that these have to be your only hobbies.

I am a traditional woman and I like sewing and cooking. However, I am also a mechanical engineering major, I like shooting, and I want to start lifting weights again. 

We are not limited as traditional women and traditional womanhood is a truly beautiful thing to embrace.

For more advice on how to embrace your femininity, read this blog post from @tradcatfem .

I hope this helps! God bless!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

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its so frustrating when you're in a classroom and they dismiss the ideologies of anarchist communism because "we need to nominate those in offices who will help us" and blah blah blah

Any knowledge of history would tell you that “those in office” aren’t going to do shit and if we want change we have to fight for it ourselves. For me anarchism is important not necessarily because its more moral but its strategies better reflect the reality of the situation, we can’t rely on authority to fight our battles, we can only rely on ourselves. Unfortunately our classrooms are better suited for conditioning than for debate or exploring new ideas.

The thing that I disagree so much with people regarding Ciel twins
  • Our Ciel never be loved from his family

C’mon we have his own flashback of him having asthma and Madam Red taking care of his health while his mother and lizzy are concerned. 

There’s also a moment when his parent let him sleep together because he scared of the thunder. 

Vincent personally request to Diederich to help both twins anytime (So basically never he even forgotten about Our!Ciel safety and how he got the equal treatment, caring like he did toward Real!Ciel too). 

  • Real Ciel was quite evil toward Our!Ciel in the past 

You know when people said they hated twin cliche they thought of Real!Ciel not really care for Our!Ciel while this is so wrong I mean look they have a shared toys together to play. This image also implied that they used to play chess together. 

In the cult when both were being kidnapped, Real!Ciel assured Our!Ciel not to be scared because he’s here to protect him.

There’s also a foreshadowing where Arthur mentioned he is having little brother in the same age Our!Ciel when he got mentioned, Our!Ciel gave a sad smile because he probably also used to be cared so much by his twin brother. 

So regarding some people opinion, I may agree that the current real!ciel was no way kind like he used to be but I just hope people not disregard that Our!Ciel is no way get a bad treatment during his childhood until he is being kidnapped and prisoned in the cult. 


She’s been given to her ocean. One day, in its own time, the ocean will give her back.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman

Me: I hope that Pink Diamond is revealed to be a complex, devious but sympathetic villain, maybe her intentions were understandable and her goals actually noble and benevolent but her methods to achieve them abhorrent…

The Tumblr Discourse Warriors in the SU Fandom: god i can’t wait to cheer when Rose shatters that disgusting evil nazi slaver oppressor! Rebecca Sugar is the nazi queen of the KKK for depicting the Diamonds as having a personality beyond evil!! If you don’t hate the Diamonds you’re a colonialist nazi, you support colonialism and nazism, and everything Hitler did was your idea!!!

Me: …Thinking again, i hope Pink Diamond is revealed to be a fucking saint, the most pure and good character in the entire show.


Captain’s Log | September 15, 2017

The end is now upon us. Within hours of the posting of this entry, Cassini will have burned up in the atmosphere of Saturn … a kiloton explosion, spread out against the sky in a pyrrhic display of light and fire, a dazzling flash to signal the dying essence of a lone emissary from another world. As if the myths of old had foretold the future, the great patriarch will consume his child. At that point, that golden machine, so dutiful and strong, will enter the realm of history, and the toils and triumphs of this long march will be done.

For those of us appointed long ago to undertake this journey, it has been a taxing 3 decades, requiring a level of dedication that I could not have predicted, and breathless times when we sprinted for the duration of a marathon. But in return, we were blessed to spend our lives working and playing in that promised land beyond the Sun.

My imaging team members and I were especially blessed to serve as the documentarians of this historic epoch and return a stirring visual record of our travels around Saturn and the glories that we found there. This is our gift to the citizens of planet Earth.

So, it is with both wistful, sentimental reflection and a boundless sense of pride in a commitment met and a job well done that I now turn to face this looming, abrupt finality.

It is doubtful we will soon see a mission as richly suited as Cassini return to this ringed world and shoulder a task as colossal as we have borne over the last 27 years.

To have served on this mission has been to live the rewarding life of an explorer of our time, a surveyor of distant worlds. We wrote our names across the sky. We could not have asked for more.

I sign off now, grateful in knowing that Cassini’s legacy, and ours, will include our mutual roles as authors of a tale that humanity will tell for a very long time to come.

Stan's Twin Theory

Hey, this is a new blog dedicated to Gravity Falls, and specifically to theories about Gravity Falls. We have some interesting (possibly far-fetched) theories. This is one of them.

Stan’s Twin Theory:

Stan has to have a brother (although not necessarily a twin), because he’s Dipper and Mabel’s Great-Uncle, and they all share the same last name, therefore he must have a brother. However, we believe he has a twin. Here’s why:

  • twins are genetic (and the gene can skip generations) 
  • There are some pieces of evidence found in the show that supports our claim

We also believe that Stan’s twin may be the Author. Here’s why:                            

1. The Hiding Spot

Look, a hole in the ground

In Tourist Trapped, Dipper found the 3rd book in the forest near the Mystery Shack. This may seem like a stretch, but think about it! where would you hide something important that you might want to access easily? By your house.                                        

Gideon’s factory

In The Hand that Rocks the Mabel it is shown that Gideon’s family factory is located on Gopher Road, the same street as the Mystery Shack. 

The Mystery Shack’s address via the Deed is 618 Gopher Road.

This could explain how Gideon found the 2nd Journal. 

And it’s interesting to note that Gideon was searching for the 1st Journal at the Mystery Shack. 

Possible hiding spots

There are possible hiding spots listed in the 2nd Journal, they seem to be located around a building similar to the Mystery Shack.

2. The Bunker

The Bunker is located underground, in the forest near the Mystery Shack.

There is a sign on the wall of the bunker that says that it is a nuclear fallout shelter. Now, where would you build a fallout shelter? Near your house of course! During times of bomb scares people would build fallout shelters in their backyard.

And since the Author did experiments in the bunker and was observing a shapeshifter, it would be more convenient for him to have the bunker close to the place where he lived. 

3. The Glasses              

In Carpet Diem, a secret room is discovered in the Mystery Shack, and Stan finds a pair of glasses.                                                                  

Stan finds the glasses

Later he is seen staring at the glasses, and he frowns at them in both scenes.

Stan contemplating the glasses

This could possibly represent an old memory of a friend or *cough* brother. It is obvious that someone lived in that room at some point, so why would Stan want to cover it up?


In Dreamscapers, it is shown in the 2nd Journal that the Author was surprised to see glasses on the Bill Cipher wheel, possibly because those are his glasses.Take a look at the glasses, they are similar to the ones found in the secret room.

We don’t think these are Stan’s glasses because his glasses are square with rims at the bottom, while the glasses found in the room and on the wheel don’t have rims at the bottom and are rounded.

Also in Dreamscapers, is a flash back of Stan when he was just a wee lad.

Notice his glasses are square and have rims at the bottom.

Here is Stan a little bit older. Notice that he still has square rimmed glasses.

But, in The Time Traveler's Pig, a younger “Stan” is shown with round glasses without rims at the bottom. His glasses look exactly like the one’s found in the secret room. 

Is this really Stan?

Also, this “Stan” has a cleft chin, whereas we have never ever once seen Stan with a cleft chin (not even in flashbacks). 

4. The Calender

Another small point: the calendar in the secret room has the date July 4, 1982 circled. It can be assumed that 1982 is the year the room was abandoned.

The room definitely looks like it hasn’t been touched since the 80’s

However, in the Author’s bunker, there is a calendar on the wall. Guess what year is on the calendar. 1982.

The calendar in the Mystery Shack and the calendar in the Author’s Bunker are from the same year, 1982. 

This suggests that both the room in the Shack and the Bunker were abandoned around the same time. 

5. Wrestling Match Flashback

In a brief scene in Stan’s flashback in Dreamscapers, we see young Stan at a wrestling match. There is a kid reading a book in the stands that looks very similar to child Stan, he even seems to be wearing the same clothing.

Could this be Stan’s twin?

6. The Swing-set 

In Dreamscapers, Stan’s mindscape is very creepy. One notable object in Stan’s mind is a dilapidated swing-set. This is the stuff of horror movies. 

Good times

Since we can assume everything in the mind is a symbol of a significant part of Stan’s life, then this swing-set is very telling. It likely symbolizes a broken childhood. Since it is a two swing swing-set, it could symbolize another person, likely from Stan’s childhood. A close friend… or sibling…

The fact that only one of the swings is broken is also interesting. In Into the Bunker, the Shapeshifter states that the Author “hasn’t been himself in 30 years” suggesting that he probably went crazy. 

Are all these merely coincidences? Maybe… But this is Gravity Falls we’re talking about. This show is filled with foreshadowing, plot twists, and secrets. There is just no way that all of this could be a coincidence. 

So, what do you think? Is this a stretch? Or are we on to something? Feel free to comment with your own theories. The more the merrier! :)

Searching for Fanfiction101
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: 1,000 fanfics about their kids but only about like 10 of Jack and Sally
  • Undertale: Hundreds of Sans X Reader fics and the rest are AUs/ships with a small portion of general
  • FNAF: hundreds of thousands of fics and no one has time to go through them but most are made by little kids
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: More than half are of human Tony and Paige fighting and the rest are Crack fics
  • Fran Bow: There are none besides that one Itward X Reader fanfic
  • Ancient Magus Bride: None anywhere unless you search on AO3
  • Candle Cove: Candle what?
  • Mystery Skulls Animated: A quarter is some gay ships and the rest are OC or Lewvi
  • Pucca: Abandoned area. 1 or 2 fics per year but barely gets any reads
  • Steam Powered Giraffe: Good fanfics from the SPG cosplayers but that's it
  • One Punch Man: 98% Saitama/Genos and no one cares about the rest
  • Teen Titans: Lots of emotional fanfics on the old series but gets nothing cause of its TTG reboot
  • Spongebob Squarepants: You have a lot of free time to be looking for fanfics of fucking Spongebob
  • Wander over Yonder: The show is dead the fandom is dead and so are its authors
  • Battleblock Theater: 0 Results. Try again?
  • Don't Starve: 100% Don't Starve Together but 0% DS
  • Wizard of Oz: Only crossovers. Maybe 2 of the original but ONLY CROSSOVERS
  • Shrek: someBODY ONCE TOLD ME
  • Beetlejuice: Really good ones of the movie but if you're looking for the cartoon buddy I got bad news for you
  • Wizard101 / Pirate101: Who the fuck makes fanfiction of this
  • Zootopia: Did you mean Wildehopps?
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: 86% shipping and the rest we just don't know
  • Robots: 3 Results
  • Megamind: Good fanfics and some hidden ones of Roxanne turning evil
  • Subway Surfers: Dude that's a mobile game no one makes fanfics of that shit
  • Looney Tunes: You don't get stuff as good as the show tbh
  • Lazytown: Gay fics of Sportacus/Robbie. That's it.
Love doesn’t need to last a lifetime for it to be real. You can’t judge the quality of a love by the length of time it lasts. Everything dies, love included. Sometimes it does with a person, sometimes it does on its own. The greatest love story ever told doesn’t have to be about two people who spent their whole lives together. It might be about a love that lasted two weeks or two months or two years, but burned brighter and hotter and more brilliantly than any other love before or after.
—  Krystal Sutherland, Our Chemical Hearts

I hate that time is parallel.

I hate that at this very moment, someone is having the worst time of their life.

I hate that as I write this down, someone has lost the love of their best friend.

I can be the happiest I’ve ever been, and someone out there will still be suicidal.

I can be just finding myself, and at the same moment someone has lost all hope.

But what bothers me most is when I can look back and know that sometime while I was alive, someone I’ve grown to love had hated themselves.

So I keep asking myself: where was I when Tyler shouted “hello” to the trees around him? Was I asleep when he was at his darkest point? Which nights were the ones when Josh couldn’t sleep because of worry, while I was lost in dreams? The lyrics for Save were written before I ever knew about this band, and yet at some point Tyler was writing them while I was alive.

I hate that time is parallel. But it helps a little bit, knowing that as I laid awake and unsure in my bed, someone else was doing the same. When I felt as if I had lost all my purpose, Tyler was just finding his.

I hope that made sense.