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multilingual pronouns list

hi! so the mods here at qla have decided that since not all our readers are native english speakers, it would be in everyone’s best interests to start a collection of gender-neutral pronouns across all languages. if you don’t see your language or pronouns on the list (within reason, for accessibility purposes we can’t include every english variant of a pronoun), please let us know and include conjugations if possible! thank you!

for further expansions on grammar you can check the posts in the pronoun project tag:)

arabic ( عربي )

  • هما (they, originally dual, can work as a neutral singular third person)
  • انتما  (second person dual)

bulgarian (български език)

  • те/тях/техен/им (generally used for a group of people, could be used as singular as in “they”)
  • то/него/негово/му (means “it”, informal)

chinese (中文)

  • mandarin/普通话:  他 or 她 (tā) - only the pronunciation is gender-neutral unfortunately, the characters are gendered
  • cantonese/广州话: 佢 (keoi5/keúih) - them/him/her/it
  • 它 - also tā, but means “it”. ask before using as it could be derogatory
  • 牠 - ta1, used for non-human animals
  • add 們 (men) to either for plural, add 的 (de) to make it possessive
  • 那个人 (simplified) 那個人 (traditional) (na4ge4ren2- that person) and 这个人 (simplified) 這個人 (traditional) (zhe4ge4ren2- this person)


  • onikání, which was used in the past as gender-neutral pronoun when refering to someone of lesser status. it’s oni/je/jejich/se they/them/their/themself and the use is: Oni jsou moc milým člověkem. - They are a very nice person.


  • de/dem/deres
  • hen/hen/hens


  • zij/hen/hun
  • ze/hun/ze - (note: literal translation of they, but ze is often used as “she”)


  • they/them/theirs
  • ze/zem/zeirs
  • xe/xem/xeirs (xyr)
  • hir/hirs/hirself
  • spivak: e/em/eir


  • ri
  • Ŝli - combination of he/she, generally used like “they” in english

estonian/eesti keel

  • tema/teda/tema (formal)
  • ta/teda/tema


  • او

finnish/suomen kieli

  • se/sen (means it, informal)
  • hän/hänen (formal)

french/le français

  • ol/mo - ex: ol s’appelle Bidule et c’est mo pote.
  • ille (referring to oneself), ceulle (referring to someone else)
  • eux (sometimes used as a subject-position instead of object-position)


  • ის / იმან / იმის (is / iman / imis) = they / them / their


  • xier/xieser/dier
  • xier/xies/xiem/xien
  • sie_er
  • er_sie
  • sier
  • es
  • sie_r
  • si_er
  • x
  • sie*
  • er*


  • αυτοί / εκείνοι ( are these the ones that mean it?? let me know so i can take them down)
  • αυτ@, εκείν@ (singular) φίλ@ς (plural) - not pronounceable, good for writing though


  • there aren’t actually any gender neutral pronouns in hebrew sadly. the first set is all male pronouns and the second one is all female. like the word ze (זה) is male for ‘it’ and it has a female form which is ‘zo’ (זו). atzmam (עצמם) is plural male (but it is used sometimes as neutral tbh). also the second set is only female pronouns for she, her, hers and herself

    also about the plurals, you need to add either ם or ן to make these words plural either in a male or female form,  like the plural words aren’t actual words it needs to be עצמם\שלהם\אותם\הם and it’s the male form you just need to replace it with ן to make it female but people use these as gender neutral pretty often because that’s the closest you would get


  • hín/hín/híni/híns
  • hé/hé/hé/hés
  • það - equivalent of “it”, ask before using, could be derogatory
  • hán/hán/háni/háns - mix of binary pronouns
  • when referring to an individual of an unspecified gender, use viðkomandi instead of hann/hún

ilokano/Ti Pagsasao nga Iloko

  • isuna (singular they), na (singular their), kaniana/kenkuana (singular theirs), isuda (plural they), da (plural their), kaniada/kadakuwada (plural theirs)

indonesian/bahasa indonesia

  • dia (third person singular), mereka (third person plural)


  • sibh/siad


  • ????

latvian/latviešu valoda/lettish

  • viņi/viņu/viņiem

lithuanian/lietuvių kalba

  • Jie/Jų/Jiems/Juos/Jais/Juose

malay/bahasa melayu/bahasa malaysia

  • dia


  • wiya


  • dem/dem/deres
  • hen/hen(henom)/hens(henoms)
  • hin/hin/hins
  • sir/sir/sirs

portuguese/lingua portuguesa/português

  • el@/del@
  • elx/delx
  • elæ/delæ


  • all pronouns are neutral (he/she: “uha usa” or ਉਹ ਉਸ; him/her: “usa” or “usanū” which is ਉਸ or ਉਸਨੂੰ; his/hers: “usadā” or ਉਸਦਾ). also, the pronouns “he” & “she” in english both translate to “vah” (वह) in hindi. however, the rest of the pronouns are gendered. verbs are also generally gendered.

russian/ру́сский язы́к

  •  ох/ех/ех/ем/их/ниx

slovak/slovenský jazyk

  • oni/nich/im/ich/nimi


  • oni/z njimi/njim (they/with them/to them). Now if you want to say: I want to help them - you don’t use ‘njim’ but ‘jim’. (Želim jim pomagati; Pomagati jim želim.)


  • Pronouns that can be written and pronounced:

    • Ella/la/-a (binary feminine): “Ella es la niña linda”
    • Él/el/-o (binary masculine): “Él es el niño lindo”
    • Elle/le/-e (neutral): “Elle es le niñe linde”
    • Ello/lo/-o (neutral, similarly to the english ‘it’ can be very offensive so please be careful and don’t use it unless you are told to do so): “Ello es lo niño lindo”
    • Elli/li/-i (neutral, cacophonic and uncommon): “Elli es li niñi lindi”
    • Ellu/lu/-u (neutral, cacophonic and uncommon): “Ellu es lu niñu lindu”

    Pronouns that can be written but not pronounced:

    • Ellx/lx/-x: “Ellx es lx chicx lindx” (I don’t know who told you otherwise, but this can be used by both poc and white folks)
    • Ell*/l*/-*: “Ell* es l* niñ* lind*”
    • Ell@/l@/-@: “Ell@ es l@ niñ@ lind@”
    • Ell_/l_/-_: “Ell_ es l_ niñ_ lind_”
    • Ellæ/læ/-æ: “Ellæ es læ niñæ lindæ”


  • hen/hen(henom)/hens(henoms) - variations are in parentheses, gender-neutral third person personal pronouns
  • den/den/dens (dess) (means ‘it’)
  • de/dem (dom)/deras


  • Singular/Plural siya/sila (they) niya/nila (them/their) (sa) kanya/(sa) kanila (theirs/preposition them)


  • o/onlar

welsh/cymraeg/y gymraeg

  • nhw/nhw/eu
first dates w/ jaehyun

• right
• so your friend johnny had been begging you for months to let him set you up with one of his friends
• but you’d turned him down like every time
• bc the last ((and only)) time you let him set you up the date had been a disaster
• you’d ended up hiking up some mountain with this guy named yuta
• nd you spent the whole thing wanting to die
• not even bc yuta was bad company like he was nice enough
• but
• it was a date ?? on what planet does getting up at seven am to go hiking equal a good date idea
• anyway

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Heya Mum (Oh boy i hope i don't set the whole Mum/Mom discourse into motion). I know you're super swamped with asks rn but here me out here. SOOOO today is my birthday (Just turned 21!!! Turn Vertical!!!) and i just really wanted a fluffy Sanvers birthday scene (Either can be celebrating) - but only if you feel up to it, if not that's completely fine. This is my first time intruding anyones asks tbh but I digress. Thank you for all the love you shine unto us, it makes our days that much brighter


She doesn’t tell Alex that her birthday is coming up.

She doesn’t tell her, because it doesn’t occur to her: it’s never been a priority for anyone she’s dated before. She’s never been a priority for anyone she’s dated before.

And in school, before there was dating, there were white kids, straight kids, who glared and who took her lunch money and who would make a regular day ten times worse when it was supposed to be her special day.

So she doesn’t tell her, but Alex knows anyway, because Alex is observant and Alex may or may not have had Winn hack into Maggie’s file because she’s gotta have a birthday sometime and she knows Maggie, knows that she’s not the type to tell her, to expect anything.

But she should expect something – she should expect everything – because Alex notices, and Alex pays attention, and Alex dotes on her.

So the morning of Maggie’s birthday, Alex gets up for her run extra early. She says nothing out of the ordinary as she kisses Maggie’s temple, as she makes sure she’s snuggled tight into the sheets. She says nothing as she tiptoes back into the apartment an hour later, sneaking extra quietly because she has extra things in tow. Lots of extra things.

Half a dozen helium balloons – one in the shape of a motorcycle – and pancakes and syrup and eggs and coffee from Maggie’s favorite bodega, and, to her own surprise, a stuffed animal puppy with wide, excited eyes and tongue hanging out.

Stealthy as she tries to be, the motorcycle balloon knocks onto the door frame, and Maggie sits up groggily.

“Al?” she asks, her voice scratchy and thick with sleep.

“Morning birthday girl,” Alex smiles as she drops everything on the counter and pads into the bedroom – her bedroom, rapidly becoming their bedroom.

“Birthday – what – Ally, how’d you – you – why would you – “

“Because,” Alex explains, pushing Maggie back gently by the shoulders, straddling her and kissing her soundly as Maggie’s groggy confusion turns into a sleepy, perfect smile. “The world became a much better place the day you came into it, Maggie Sawyer. And that needs to be celebrated, don’t you think?”

Maggie sighs breathily and arches her body up sleepily as Alex traces kisses from her lips down her jawline and her neck.

“Alex, you… you didn’t have to go to any trouble – “

Alex stills and leans back to look down at Maggie with a furrowed brow and anger at past lovers in her eyes. “Maggie, celebrating you? Treating you like you deserve to be treated? Why would that be any trouble?”

Maggie arches an eyebrow and says nothing, because she can’t say anything, because this must be what birthdays are supposed to feel like, and she glances over Alex’s shoulder and sees the motorcycle balloon and laughs and squeals like it’s Christmas morning and flips Alex off of her and pads across the apartment to see what else Alex got her.

Alex laughs as she sits back up, as she watches, as she follows, and she checks her phone to make sure that Kara and the others are still on for tonight.

Because as thrilled as Maggie is with the balloons and breakfast and stuffy, Alex Danvers hasn’t even begun yet.

There are flowers from her girlfriend on Maggie’s desk at the precinct when she gets there, and all her colleagues know, and all her colleagues thump her on the back and pile bottles of wine and hockey tickets and Supergirl action figures (from their kids) and lesbian sex dice (from her teasing, laughing work partner) onto her desk throughout the day, and Maggie knows exactly who is responsible for making sure everyone knew and shook down with gifts.

Lunch – from her favorite vegan restaurant across town – is delivered to her in the field by one Adrian Rodriguez, the bill footed by one Alex Danvers, Adrian’s absence from physics class excused by Alex Danvers, who has agreed to tutor him in everything he’s missing and pay his train fare so he didn’t have to put out a dime for anything, except for the comic book he’s gotten made for Maggie, tracing the story of her and him and a bunch of the other queer kids she’s helped out and befriended over the years, and Maggie tries not to cry because she’s at work, dammit, but she cries anyway.

And Adrian accompanies to the bar that night – “no alcohol for you, mister underage” – and Maggie expects it to just be Alex, but she should have known better by now, because not only is it Alex: it’s Alex and Kara and M’gann and James and Winn and J’onn, but it’s also her sister and her niece and her favorite cousin and her best (and only) friend from back home.

And it’s all her favorite music blasting out of the bar speakers and it’s a massive vegan rainbow cake and it’s streamers and it’s her girlfriend decked out in a tight red dress, and Maggie knows exactly what she’s wearing underneath it and exactly how her last birthday gift for this year is going to be given to her, and she licks her lips and she has no words for her perfect girlfriend, but Alex doesn’t need them because her smile is enough, and she tries to hold in her tears but she doesn’t have to, doesn’t have to, because this is her family, her family, her family, and – for once – everyone just wants to celebrate her.

Monsta X in the Hunger Games

Shownu:  despite his outward appearance, he’s actually a very caring guy and would never brutally/try to hurt anyone in any way. He’d probably come from one of the higher districts, but never takes his status to an advantage and tbh he thinks it’s unfair how the whole games are played out year after year. Befriends a couple people before he realizes they’d turn their backs on him as soon as they get rid of their next target. He’d win for sure, or at least be one of the last surviving members since he hides very well and secludes himself.

Wonho:  is from the lower and more poor districts, but he’s well known around to be a tough guy and could probably handle anything thrown at him. Hoseok wouldn’t trust anyone when first getting chosen, he’d stick to himself and his tactics, only focusing on winning and making his whole family and district proud. Tbh he probably wouldn’t make it too far since he’d fall for someone when they helped him out, only to betray him later on.

Minhyuk:  is actually the Katniss of the group bc he’d volunteer as tribute, probably for his little brother or best friend. Everyone would be in shock bc they’d think he wouldn’t know how to handle himself since he isn’t from a well-off family, so he has no particular set of skills…little did they know, he’d be such a trickster when getting rid of the people who were causing harm to others in the game. He’d be like Robin Hood and serve justice to those who wronged the helpless ones, and it wouldn’t be surprising when he won.

Kihyun:  tries to use his skills at deception and fool people into becoming friends before he backstabs them- literally. He’s very skilled at knife throwing and probably has sleepless nights all the time, in fear of someone catching him hiding near the thick trees. He’ll most likely have a lot of sponsors since everyone would think he was the safer bet, and that he’d totally win and come out on top. He’d end up overestimating himself, and end up missing his chance at winning.

Hyungwon:  he’s grown up like a prince all his life, having grown up in the first district and all- is absolutely outraged when his name is picked, and probably has a biased opinion of those in the lowest districts. His mind will soon change when he makes a close friend on the dangerous fields, most likely someone he saved, and becomes very close to them. Unfortunately I don’t think he’d last for long, someone probably will take advantage of him and betray him.

Jooheon:  he knows he’s not exactly going to be the strongest or most liked of the bunch, so he’d have to rely on his skills of charming other people to get far ahead in the games. He’d regret making those friends only to lose them to another player who he’s made a deal with. Makes it very far and somehow survives all of the attacks that were meant to end him, and will most likely win if he keeps himself away from everyone.

I.M:  he is VERY smart, and knows these games aren’t about making friends or coming out of them to be named a hero. He’s just doing this bc his name was chosen, and maybe bringing a bit of respect to his family along the way. He’s not skilled in the muscles area, but he sure knows how to find a source of water and how to hide himself from any attackers. He’ll lay low and keep himself fed and hydrated enough to survive, just enough to not make himself seen by anyone, and will definitely win the whole game with his smarts.

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could u share ur brush settings ;-;

These two are the brushes I use the most. The first one is for sketches, lineart and really small details while the other one is for painting. ( Other than that I mostly just use the basic brushes + the blur brush ) Keep in mind that I often change the settings based on what I’m working on!! ;; Hope this helps!

[ BTS ] Reaction to you calling them Daddy

V - I don’t think he would be really displeased, but he wouldn’t really have the kink down pat. I don’t think he really cares what you call him as long as you’re enjoying sex with him. You had given hint after hint that you held the kink, but today you decided to test those waters you were wading in at a dinner party with your parents. “Daddy, pass me the salt, please” you said, your eyes on Taehyung as you pretended to stir your mashed potatoes. He looked back at you, but didn’t make any effort to get the demanded item. Eventually, your actual father gave you the salt with a small nod, and you were left with an answer to your question.

“Y/n, don’t do that to me in front of your parents.. It was awkward..”

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Rap Monster - Oh god here is the king of kinks. He would be so into it when you whispered it in his ear that you wanted to spend some alone time with your daddy. Of course, you weren’t really thinking like that (or at least, you pretended to) and when he grabbed your arm to pull you out of your office chair to get you out of your office and into his bed as soon as possible, you couldn’t help but let it out that your parents were asking about having a dinner together. He just made a small ‘o’ shape with his mouth, before grinning a bit.

“Well, you’ll just be getting to spend time with both daddies. One’s a lot meaner than the other, though.”

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Jin - When you told him, you were expecting him to be repulsed a little bit. That wasn’t the real case at all, but that didn’t make it any easier on your part. At first, he wouldn’t be very into it. But then he realized that if he was in control then he wouldn’t have to really mind about how absolutely everything felt for you. It was his escape of being so gentle with you. Of course, he would occasionally ask if you were okay with that. He grew accustomed to the nickname, and even began calling you names like “baby girl” and “princess” after a while. He was a good daddy, and made sure how to treat his baby girl right, if she was obidient.

“Baby girl, do you like it when I’m rougher with you like this?”

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Jungkook - Since he’s the type to bring his personality to the bed, I think he’ll be all for it. After all, as the Golden Maknae, he’ll definitely like to hear that he’s the older, more mature and in control one in the relationship. But to be the complete dominant of his cute girlfriend, I think that’ll get him into it quick. He might even be more into than Rap Monster, but I don’t think that’ll be a bad thing. Even if he is shy at first, if you press his buttons right, at times I think he’ll set up rules on what you shouldn’t and should do if you want sexual release (like no masturbating unless he’s there with you), and if you break them, well, that’s a story for another dad.

“I’m the one in control, listen and obey me, and only me, babe.”

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Jimin - Tbh we all know he’s daddy, you don’t need to tell him that. Well, maybe, it depends on what type of mood you can get him in. I feel like he would be both dominant and submissive. And for that you may have to do a little extra work if you’re hoping to get him into the mood for being rough. But once you do, it won’t take any time at all to be face first into your pillow screaming out how he was your daddy and how you would always obey him whenever he needed something. Of course, expect when all that’s said and done to spite back at you when he asks if you’d go get him a drink or something just as you began to fall asleep.

“You’ll listen to me no matter what, right babe?”

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J-Hope - Nope. NOpe. I don’t think so. Expect him to turn away and make a silly comment about it. You just said it out of the blue if he liked being called daddy, and he did, to a point. It was fun to bring up in conversations, but I think he’d be like V and not really care what you call him as long as you’re having a good time. Besides, this little rain of sunshine is just a jokester, and maybe he’ll tell you from time to time to call him daddy, but I think you’d know very well not to actually do that. He’d laugh a little bit, but keep it to a minimum to make sure you were still enjoying yourself during sex. Of course, it’d be brought up sooner or later after you two finish.

“Do you remember that little nickname from last night? I sure do.”

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Suga - You had decided to test something while you were trying to find a way to get Suga’s attention off of his music and onto you for a little while so he could rest. You came close to his ear, delaying your question as you thought this through. You already knew he had a thing for being the dominant one, even if he was a little lazy. “Daddy, come lay down with me?” He mumbled something about needing a break and his hand fell from his mouse and snaked around your waist. From how he treated you, you still can’t tell if that was the worst or best decision of your life, but you do not regret it at all.

“Don’t tempt me, girl. I’m not nice to things I like.”

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Hello! I love your rotoscope gifs! Ive been interested in making one myself, but not 100% sure how :( did you use photoshop to make them? How did you achieve that penil-animation look? Thank you in advance :D

Hi! First of all, thank you!!

I use Clipstudio Paint Pro for everything when I draw and the gifs are no exceptions! (I use Photoshop to tweak the gif speed settings though)

Like everything else on Clipstudio Paint, the animation feature is pretty intuitive and easy to use, even though it’s only got pretty basic features 

Ehhh and also, I am by NO means an expert (tbh Idk what I’m actually doing when I’m rotoscoping???? It’s probably very wrong and inefficient??? I’ve never taken art-related classes or anything so I’m 99% sure what I’m doing is not right lmao) so I think I’m probably not the right person to ask this ;_; But what I do can be best summarised as

  • Rough out the entire thing to get a general idea of the animation i.e. create rough drafts of each frame (references are VERY useful here) 
  • And then refine them frame by frame; I find that it helps to sketch the next frame over the previous frame, to keep things consistent

(kinda like so? The blue is the previous frame)

(Sorry I don’t have the proper progress shots here - didn’t save them..) 

  • Once the current frame is done switch back and forth between the consecutive frames to check everything is consistent and flows smoothly (I just go back and forth and fix stuff until it looks right…. Like the creases in the clothing, the hair, the hands, etc.)
  • Play the entire timeline up to the current point to check if anything seems weird. Fix whatever I got to fix
  • Next frame!

So it’s draw-fix-repeat, basically…

Once I’m done with all the frames, I move over to Photoshop and tweak the frame speeds (cuz Clipstudio doesn’t let me change the speed of individual frames) - again, I just fiddle with the numbers until it looks right lol

And as for the pencil-like feel of the sketches, that probably comes from the brush I use, which is the brush called ラフ用ペン that I downloaded off Clipstudio Assets (but it’s been a while since I got it and I’m not sure if it’s still there… in fact I think this brush may have been a part of a package but I can’t remember which??? sorry ;_;)

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What are your top 10 killugon moments?

this took a lot of thought. i’m gonna go by chronological order rather than ranking bc i don’t think i could actually number them but here goes!

-the entirety of episode 7, tbh

this is kind of an odd one, but hear me out.

gon and killua have a lot of really great moments early on (especially in the 2011 anime), but this episdoe stands out. gon finding out about killua’s background as an assassin, but taking him at totally face value, and killua saying no one’s done that before. not only that, but gon not judging him. gon and killua vs. netero, which is really the first time they work together in a fight. the whole contrast between gon and killua’s personalities and fighting styles as set up by the episode - gon is persistent and won’t give up, no matter what; killua is prudent and tactical but prone to giving up when a situation looks hopeless, and can be temperamental. and just…the way gon is so earnestly impressed by watching killua fight, even immediately after netero just talked about their negative implications

not one of their “best” scenes, maybe, but it’s interesting insight to their early relationship + foreshadowing for how all of it ends up developing in the future (plus, scenes where gon is just really earnestly impressed by everything killua does are always fantastic)

-and on a more heartbreaking note, this scene

the first of many heartbreaking scenes that are very good, to be fair. this whole scene, for one so early on in the series, is legitimately upsetting to watch, given the blatant emotional abuse/gaslighting illumi is directing toward killua, and the sheer strength of will killua has to even stand up to it as much as he does - to pull strength from his desire for friendship with gon - it’s so fucking good. and then leorio and kurapika getting upset on his behalf, also, and leorio telling him he’s an idiot and gon’s already his friend…gon getting PISSED THE HELL OFF when he hears about all of it after he wakes up and BREAKING ILLUMI’S FUCKING ARM ON KILLUA’S BEHALF, his whole dedication to rescuing killua…UGH (clutches chest) these kids…..

-the fucking shit with sadaso and his shitty squad

i know it’s another oddball choice but hear me out. there’s something i just really appreciate about this whole part. killua genuinely trying to deal with this situation like a somewhat more normal person would rather than The Assassin Way (i will never not be amused by “not killing people sure is hard. clean living is tough” lmao). his willingness to throw his fights since it’s not like he’s interested in winning heaven’s arena, anyway…so long as they leave gon alone. his utter fury when he finds out they did anyway. It’s Good.

-together on whale island, under the stars

listen i had to include this scene. this whole part was sweet, but this scene especially so. the 2011 anime always looked pretty good, but this is probably the first scene where they pull out all the stops and prove how utterly gorgeous it can be?? and just. aaaaaah. this is kind of the turning point for their friendship and the Defining Moment for killua’s characterization from here on until, like, the election arc. it’s so good.

(this is probably when killua fell in love with gon tbh)

-this mess

LIKE it’s a very funny scene, but ugh the foreshadowing…for the needle thing (more on that later), but also just in general. you could write so much about their different modes of self-sacrifice/self destructive tendencies…and about what all of this says about their relationship as a whole (and the fact that they’re both a couple of self-sacrificial dumbasses, especially where the other’s concerned.)

they’re good kids, brent

…but also they need a ton of therapy


there’s lots that could be said here about like. killua’s inability to accept gon’s praise at face value, or his inability to express his own feelings out loud, or even the fact that they have two different impressions of why killua is there (and killua’s thoughts trail off, so we don’t get to hear how he’d finish that thought directly…but we can sure make some educated guesses)

but i just want to bask in what a sweet scene it was okay

-it has to be killua


on the one hand, it’s REALLY SWEET and speaks volumes for the level of trust between them and it’s good

on the other hand, hello there, self destructive tendencies, remember how i was talking about those coming up in the last arc bc Hoo Boy. again, BIG FORESHADOWING here - in this particular scene, for killua, but then it’s paralleled AGAIN with the way gon ends up destroying his own hands later on in the arc GOD DAMN IT TOGASHI

destroy me



so herein we get to the point where i’m not sure i can even talk about these scenes without becoming a wreck

the needle thing is SUCH a good metaphor for abuse and the way it’s foreshadowed throughout the series, and then how it becomes such a roadblock here

it’s not totally a great or healthy thing that so much of what killua does is for other people’s sake rather than his own, but it’s realistic for his situation and up to a certain point, anything that can motivate you is better than not being motivated at all. and killua managing to push through that wall that is his family brainwashing him and manipulating him and conditioning him to run away, in order to save gon




UGH mariya ise’s voice acting in this scene is so good. i am wrecked. i don’t know what to say about this scene, honestly, except that it’s DEVASTATING

and also aaah i just noticed the parallel between palm talking about the wall inside her head and killua removing it and the needle thing, fuck


like. i’m not going to defame gon for what he said to killua in 116 bc obvs he was in a very fragile emotional state and a lot of people get way too hard on him about that

but also it was FUCKED UP and VERY OUT OF LINE

and damn right killua was owed an apology for that

he’s hurt, he’s deeply upset because his best friend is in a COMA and it’s an incredibly fucked up situation for kids their age to be in

but also like speaking of killua’s tendency to do things for other people’s sake…i think this is really the first time we’ve seen him stand up for himself like this. aaaaa

and i know we all feel cheated that we didn’t actually see the apology scene, but given all the leadup to it i can’t imagine that wasn’t deliberate on togashi’s fault, like…assuming the series goes on for long enough, i’m sure he intends to come back to that

honorable mentions: “i want to introduce him to my best friend killua wearing a salmon suit”, “gon, you are light”, THE FUCKING SCENE WHERE KILLUA HOLDS GON’S WITHERED HAND RIGHT BEFORE HAVING NANIKA HEAL HIM JESUS CHRIST TOGASHI


that is the face of someone who knows, that is a knowing look if i have ever seen one in my life

BTS: would they have kids?

Jin:  he’d love to have kids for sure…lots n lots of kids. I see him being totally devoted to his s/o and their children, meaning he’d probably ask to try having children pretty early on, and tbh he’d spoil them to no end.

Suga:  he’s totally a sucker for little kids, and his little heart would almost burst with love every time he sees you interacting with them. Even during the early stages in the relationship, he’d make it known that he wanted this.

J-Hope:  I think he’d only want to have kids if this was his partner’s biggest wish, but he doesn’t seem like the type to be worried about that kinda stuff in a relationship since he’d focus on the present instead of the future.

Rap Monster:  talking about it first and setting aside some time for actually trying is the priority, since he wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with an unexpected pregnancy. Once you’ve planned everything out, he’s more than open to the idea.

Jimin:  omg ofc!! He’s a baby himself and to have other babies running around the house sounds like a dream. He’s already picking out the names for like 14 kids and planning what to get them for their 18th birthday.

V:  it might be just me, but tbh I don’t see him wanting or planning to have many children unless it really pleased his partner. Like he’s just in love with his life and living and traveling the world with you seems to be enough for him.

Jungkook:  it would be such a huge thing for him when you ask that he be the father of your children. He’ll fall in love with you all over again when he sees that you’re really serious about it, so ofc he’ll want to have many kids.

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29 Drabble challenge

forgive me, i’m not sure how good this will be. 

also forgive me because it’s probably gonna be short

“come over here and make me”


y/n!” your boyfriend called, bursting into your shared hotel room. 

you’re currently in london, spending some time on tour with him before classes start again. he had been in and out of the hotel room many times in the past hour, trying to get ready for the busy day ahead.

you on the other hand, had stayed in the exact same position on the bed for an hour, ignoring his calls for you to get up. 

“seriously y/n, you need to get up or else we’re going to be late and andrew will kill me.” shawn pleads.  

you rolled over, checking the time on your phone. there was still an hour and a half until you needed to leave the room for breakfast. you let your phone rest on the nightstand as you pulled the duvet over your head. 

“there’s still an hour and a half.” you grumbled, “let me sleep.” 

“y/n, you take an hour to get ready!” 

“if you want me to get up so bad then come over here and make me.”

you heard shawn sigh, followed by his footsteps making their way to your side of the bed. 

before you had any time to prepare yourself the warm duvet was viciously ripped off you, leaving you exposed to the air conditioned room in only shorts and one of shawn’s shirts. 

“so first you’re sleeping in, and you’re wearing my hogwarts shirt? that’s it.” 

he threw you over his shoulder, while you repeatedly hit his back. 

“put me down! i’m tired!” 

he set you down in the small washroom where all your things were laid out already. 

“now get ready.” 

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I did my whole coming out to my manager on ny first day but hes still calling me "she" and it's stressing me out. Hes the only one i told tho, bc I dont know how these coworkers will take to me coming out, im so stressed and tired i just.... The worst part, for me, about getting a new job is having to come out to a whole new set of strangers. But the longer i wait the harder it is. Ugh. I tried reminding him that im a boy but idk if he even realizes what that means tbh. Im so tired.

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Hi, i love your gifs, how do you make them so HD looking, what settings do u sharpen and what colors u use

ahh thank you! ♡ I think I still have a long way to go for my gifs to be considered hd lmao, but I’ll be glad to show how I make mine if it’s of any help to you :’)

something all gifmakers can agree with, however, is that the quality of your gif depends heavily on the video quality; that’s why a lot of us prefer using .ts files (if you have the patience to download and deal with them, that is. a place to download them from is this one). 

here’s an example - the following gifs were made from the exact same scene, in the exact same dimensions, sharpening and topaz settings and coloring (I tend to use this one as a base for most gifs), with the difference that this one was made from the official performance on youtube:

and this one from a .ts file:

(tbh this is a rare occasion in which I use Diffusion on gifs, but only because the quality is really good; normally, I much prefer using Pattern.) here’s a better comparison:

here’s a tutorial on how I make my gifs + my usual Topaz settings (and here are some tips on how to lessen the gif’s size). for the gifs above in specific, these are the sharpening/Save for Web & Devices I went for:

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I haven't been on tumblr in awhile and I come back and I see a bunch of "cars" stuff?? (I'm joking you can like whatever you want I was just a lil surprised) if I may ask, why do you like it so much??

my grandpa is really into cars and fixing them up and taught me a lot about them growing up- how to change a flat, how to change my oil, what it means when something doesnt sound right, etc etc. so when the movie came out, he took little old me to see– if im not mistaken, mostly because it was right up his alley, but he knew since it was animated that it would be fit for a kid too. 

i fell in love with the movie.. like any other disney movie out there, and i always used to have weird dreams about talking cars…. so im not saying pixar pulled a reverse inception on me and stole the idea, but that’s basically what they did…….LOL 

anyway, as soon as it came out on dvd 12 year old me popped that sucker into the portable dvd player every freaking night until i burned the thing out. the only thing i gained from it was the ability to quote the entire first film and an adoration for the franchise. from then on, my fam would buy me merch and my grandpa, who loves to encourage my interests has only really fueled my love…

plus now that im older and wiser, i can appreciate the film for it’s animation (for 2006 anyway) and dialogue- which i think is downright hilarious tbh,,,,

PLUS to have a third movie come out now so many years later??? it’s just a fun franchise and a fun set of films! i dont know why i typed all of this out and it’s unnecessarily long but i love it