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- Growth - (a Stony fanfic)

(“Soulmate"AU where you get a tattoo for every person you fall in love with)

Pepper’s tattoo is on her hip. Well, the one that isn’t faded yet. 

There are five dull, grey ones scattered across her body, seemingly random and different in shape and size, but what do they matter? They’re done.  It’s over. The only one she looks at these days are the sunglasses on her hip. They’re big. Obnoxiously big and shiny and she knows who they’re for, of course she knows. Tony has a little stiletto to match, right there on his ankle, bright blue and sparkly and the first time he showed her, she nearly apologized. It’s hideous and the both know, but it means love, so who’s gonna complain? 

Understandably, no one is happy when the sunglasses start losing colour. At first, it isn’t even visible, the fade from black to grey barely noticeable, but then the grey becomes off-white and the glass loses its shine and Tony leaves, a bright blue stiletto still sparkling on his skin.

But Tony is fine, he said. Its fine, he’s fine - he’s always fine.

And Pepper sighs and strokes the steering wheel on the back of her hand that just appeared the day before.

Tony is fine.

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Supergirl Editorial

So I’m a writer, I’ve written fanfiction, I’ve written short stories, I’ve written poems, I’ve written scripts, I’ve done a lot of writing. I’ve done enough writing to know that what they’re doing on Supergirl this season, well let’s just say, it’s been missing a few marks. Look, I just have one question for the writers of this show, just one. What’s going on with you guys this season? I mean truly, what is going on? Last season was strong in character development, action, good storytelling, and it seems that a few of those things are lacking this season. Let’s start with a certain new character who goes by the name Mon-El. Now before I get started, I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I actually really like Mon-El, I am not even joking. I think he’s fun, he has a good sense of humor, Chris Wood is clearly having a blast playing him, and his positive attitude is freaking contagious. Yes he was a jackass in the beginning, but he’s coming around. Not only that, I think his story arc is really interesting, I’m curious to learn about his past, whether or not he’s the prince, and I’d actually like to see him develop his powers and become more like his comic book counterpart. However, all of this seems to be taking second banana to a romantic story arc that is forced, not entertaining, done with actors that have zero romantic chemistry, and something that literally a huge majority of the fans don’t want. But here’s my problem, with it. Well I have a lot of problems with it, but let’s just go with the basic. It lends absolutely nothing to the overall story. And as a writer, that really bugs me. You give us the potential for a fun and great character, a character who could actually have a future on these shows, and you turn him into the arrowverse equivalent of Mary-Jane from the Sam Rami Spider-Man movies. Oh that’s right, I went there. A romance based on some “Dude-bro” guilt tripping a girl into liking him is not only a terrible plot point, but a pointless one at that. Now on the other hand, maybe making them a non healthy relationship is the idea, which if that’s the case, ok, but you’re giving us no reason to think that. For example, in season six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy sleeping with Spike was purposely meant to be a destructive relationship. It was meant to show how Buffy hated being back on Earth and how she was using Spike to help quench these feelings. And it was very clearly meant to be non healthy. Here, it’s just “oh Kara’s friends are all abandoning her and she feels lonely (Which by the way, Alex ditching Kara on her birthday? Really guys? Really?) and Mon-El is the only one who is there to comfort her”, I mean give me a break. And as I stated before, Melissa and Chris have absolutely no romantic chemistry, they have great friendship chemistry, hell they even have a bit of sibling chemistry, but no romantic chemistry. Which brings us to another topic (yea you all knew this was coming), let’s discuss another new character who goes by the name Lena Luthor. Here is a character who is interesting, complex, well written, well acted, and who has flaming hot chemistry with Kara. Now please, writers, please explain to me why we can’t have Kara and Lena together? Cause of Alex and Maggie? It’d be too much to have two lesbian couples on one show? Come on, its 20freaking17. Same sex couples on tv shows are not as taboo as they used to be. Now one could make the argument that they’ve already had one coming out story, and two could be redundant, ok, a fair point. But remember what Mon-El said last episode? How Daxamites didn’t care about sexuality? Who says the same can’t be said for Kryptonians? Hell, you could just have Kara and Lena get together, and when she announces it, everyone being confused about her liking girls all of a sudden, that could actually be really funny. Or if you prefer the dramatic way, Kara being inspired by Alex to question her own sexuality as well could be good, as well as believable for Kara as a character, given the bond that her and Alex share. And I’m sure there are quite a few other ways you could do it. All I know is, it would probably be a lot better than the current romantic arc you have for her at the moment. Also, I don’t think we can talk about Lena without bringing up the giant elephant in the room that is the supposed “spoilers” for 2x15. I’m gonna be blunt, I don’t know if these rumors are true or not, but if they are, I got a few words. First of all, if Lena really does become a villain all of a sudden, it will just be plain stupid. Not only stupid, but lazy as well. If you write her entire arc on her trying to be better than her family name, and prove that not all Luthors are evil, then have her just become the villain randomly, that is not interesting character development. And I’m perfectly aware of the fact that it wouldn’t be the first time a good guy was really the villain the whole time in these shows. But here’s the thing (SPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven’t seen The Flash) Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon were pretending to be people they weren’t (Harrison Welles and Jay Garrick), and they are established villains in the comics. Lena Luthor is not a villain in the comics. Nor was she in Smallville (SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen Smallville). Yes for those who remember, Tess Mercer was in fact Lena Luthor. Now she was unbelievably shady and sinister as all get out, but in the end, she was still one the good guys, she was loyal to Clark and everybody to the very end. So making her a villain would not only be stupid and lazy, but it also wouldn’t make any sense. I also read somewhere that the idea of Kara and Mon-El is that they’re supposed to be “Star crossed lovers”, I’m sorry but nothing would be more star crossed than a Super and a Luthor, even you guys have to admit that. I’ll say this, there are only two ways I can think of, that maybe, just maybe, you can make Lena a villain to where we might buy it. You could either make her the villain for the rest of the season (which given the fact that Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher are looking to be the villains this season, I doubt that’ll happen) or make her descent into villainy expand over the course of seasons, like Lex in Smallville or Morgana in Merlin. So basically, making her a villain and just killing her off would be one of the single most moronic moves you guys could even think of pulling. I’ve had people tell me that it’s not the writers jobs to please the fans, a notion to which I respectfully disagree. When the writers continually write what the majority of the fans don’t want, they will stop watching, the numbers will drop, and the show will get canceled. If they do give what the fans what they want, they will watch, the ratings will climb, the show will stay, and you will make money, it’s literally that simple. And you know what? The majority of the fans want Supercorp, I know there is a percentage that do want Karamel, and I don’t mean to sound like a prick, I really don’t, but Supercorp fans vastly outnumber Karamel fans, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I hate to say it, but guys, if you look at the chart, it’s pretty clear. And like I said before, I don’t even know if these rumors are true. And if I’m wrong, cool, this post will be irrelevant. We’ll watch the show, peacefully, quietly, we’ll enjoy it. But if I’m right, you will not only lose respect from me as both a fan and as a writer, but you will lose respect from quite a large amount of fans as well. So please, we’re begging you here. These plot lines are a total mess and they are not hard to fix. Hell, why don’t you reach out to the fans for advice? I’ve seen plenty of fan fiction plot lines that are better than the current ones. I mean the fans already know what they want, giving it to them is not that complicated. I love Supergirl so much, it’s become one of my favorite tv shows ever, please don’t let some stupid, very easily avoidable, romance plot line ruin it. This has been an editorial from That Writer Guy. Hope you enjoyed.

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So the 101 Dalmations are Kaneki + the Oggai. (Kurona doesn't count b/c she's considered a "floppy" by Kanou?) It raises some questions about links between Kaneki and his new younger siblings (left-eye kakugans/obscured eyes talking about humans or ghouls/searching by smell than "sight"?). I found it also strange Furuta counts Kaneki as one of the kids Rize "bore" for him (ch. 101). Considering his role in Kaneki's ghoulification, he's setting himself up as a "father" figure for Kaneki to kill.

That’s all really good speculation, I don’t have much to add to it at the moment because I’ve said a few times before this that Furuta is specifically setting himself up as a villain figure.

It’s interesting that you would say that Furuta sets himself up as a father figure then. In an almost childish way, if Furuta were to think of who the biggest villain of all would be, he’d probably come up with Tsuneyoshi. 

Furuta’s been a hypocrite his entire character arc, a few chapters before this he said revolutions were all well and good but isn’t killing your father a bit to much Takatsuki? We know that Furuta suffered from the Washuu first hand, being a child servant born only to serve them. He was also, when he was very young more conscious than others, even the other garden children that his place was wrong and what his father was.

He even as an adult knows specifically what the Washuu are. I doubt he’s under the illusion that his actions are any better. 

Therefore when people say “Furuta is just as bad as the Washuu before him” that’s the point. If the Washuu really were the last villains of the story, Furuta never would have rose up to replace them. Replacing somebody with exactly the same thing is kind of pointless story wise. Furuta is constantly reflecting the same actions, but turning them up in intensity to show how horrible they are. He’s playing the villain, a villain modeled off his father, in a stage-play currently written by him. There’s not a doubt in my mind, the part he suggested to Kaneki, the person who the CCG and Ghouls need to join hands to defend against, is Furuta himself. 

Furuta’s flaw is not being exactly the same as the Washuu, or not realizing how bad the Washuu were. Furuta’s flaw is that he has so little hope in anything, that he can only point and laugh about what’s so wrong about the world. That his plan to bring the death of the CCG can only come about by him acting as a villain, and destroying anything around him. Just like Arima really, because he was born as a garden child he doesn’t aspire to overcome the circumstances of his birth. The two of them both instead frame their own revolutions by casting themselves as a villain, to be destroyed with the same world that gave birth to them. 

That’s probably also why he’s casting himself as a father figure, just as Arima was to Kaneki. 

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any writing tips for anyone creating their first webcomic? I've got a lot of things figured out in my story, but something that worries me are a few of the side characters. I just don't know where to take them or what kind of character arc to give them. I didn't want to worry about it too much, since this is my first story and I didn't want it to be too long, but now that I'm including new characters, I'm stressing about fully fleshing them out even though I'm not sure what to do with them.

Haha, you are definitely not the only one that suffers from those problems! Sometimes if you get stuck with a character or a plot, you can muscle your way through it just depending on how badly something needs to work out. Stressing about it definitely doesn’t help, though!

If you’re having difficulty with character motivations, I’ve found that answering a couple questions for them can kickstart what to do with them:

  1. What is it that they want the most?
  2. What are they willing to do to get it?
  3. What would they absolutely not do, even if it’s to get what they want?
  4. What do they fear more than anything?

Working off of that might help!

What I find interesting about Deep Space Nine is that when I read about what was going on behind the scenes in the writers’ room, it’s evident that the writers were just sort of making it up as they went along. Like, Gul Dukat wasn’t really intended to be a recurring character; the writers hadn’t decided that the Dominion was on the other side of the wormhole until the first season was over, and they didn’t know that the Founders were Odo’s people until the summer before they wrote that fact into the season finale. No one knew that Bashir was genetically enhanced until they were in the process of revealing it. Damar was introduced as Dukat’s background lackey on a freighter without ever knowing that he would become ruler of Cardassia and then a rebel war hero, and the pah’wraiths were created for a one-off episode about Keiko getting possessed.

And yet somehow…it works. Like, if you look very closely, you might notice a few discrepancies (the first episode, for example, seems to be setting up a quest for the lost Bajoran orbs as the main story arc but this is only actually referenced sporadically on the series itself, and no one really seemed to know what the hell they were trying to do with the Maquis), but for the most part, it manages to remain quite coherent.

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Umm, hello! So I've been mulling something over in my head for a while now-that is, whether I can actually call myself a Baccano! fan if I haven't caught up to the light novels. I have a vague sense of what happens, and have read the first few, but it's been a while and because I haven't read all the novels thanks to sheer inability I'm kind of nervous. Everyone seems to know so much more than I do and I'm afraid to try to join the community because of it and I was hoping for your advice.

Hey anon,

Thank you so much for asking me this, because I want to make something clear right now. 

You are a Baccano! fan.

You know, if we started deciding whether not someone was a fan based on how knowledgeable they were in regards to a series, that would be utterly terrible. There are Star Trek fans out there who have certainly never seen all iterations of Star Trek, nor have they read the comics, or books. There are people who’ve only seen the Lord of the Rings movies, but still consider themselves fans. 

And you know what? They are. They are fans. 

Being a fan does not mean you have to know everything there is to know about a series - there is no ongoing competition here, no race that some of us are trying to win.  There are twenty-two novels in Baccano! so far, and it’s still going - that’s a lot, you know? No one will fault you for ‘being behind’ and revoke your fan card of the series, because that’s just silly. 

You’re a fan because you like Baccano! a lot. That’s it!  That’s the bar. You’ve passed. 

I promise you, there are several people in this community who are still in the process of reading the books. Some have been liveblogging their reactions (to the immense delight of those of us who have read them.) Some are still stuck in 1933, some in 1934, some are (probably) desperately rereading the 2002 arc because they’ve forgotten half of what happens. 

And there are those who are still only mostly familiar with the anime and the first few novels. And they are just as much fans as those who have reread the novels three times and counting

The thing is, you’ve always belonged to this community. You always, always have.  Don’t worry about ‘not knowing as much’ as everyone else - there are those still powering through the series, and even the more supposedly ‘well-read’ fans forget stuff left and right, because holy shit there’s 22 novels two drama CDs two manga one DS game one anime one short story and there is SO MUCH content, honestly, dear Lord. 

Frankly, the only thing you should be worrying about is spoilers, in case you plan on picking up more of the novels at some point. I’ve been trying to use the tag Baccano! spoilers now and then but I’ve been fairly inefficient on that front.

And you know what, anon, I think you’re forgetting one thing - this is a pretty small fandom, all things considered. Which means people are uniformly delighted every time someone starts participating in this community, regardless of how much they know or read. I’ve seen more than once people join - people who have only seen the anime (and sometimes not even the OVAs) - and be met with unabashed welcome (and sheepish warnings of - “aha, we’ll try to warn for spoilers if you’re concerned about them”). 

So, fellow Baccano! fan, I’m so glad you’re here. Please do join in the fun - we are more than happy to welcome you. If you have any questions at any time about the series, someone will be sure to respond (like me!). I am so looking forward to seeing your content. 

Thank you for speaking up. Everything I’ve said here applies to all folks who feel similarly - folks who’ve only seen the anime, folks who’ve maybe picked up the first novel - anyone and everyone who feels like they’re not ‘good enough’ to be a part of this community. 100% bunk, that. You’re all fans and I’ll shout it from the rooftops if I have to. 

- Rev 

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SuperCorp Rise!

More like great Karamel angst and reunion! Oh I want kara to wear one of his T-shirts and hug the pillow his head was on during that wakeup scene. The montages! I will die if there are sad montages and flashbacks of things that happened offscreen this season! 

The kind of love karamel had, that level of domesticity, when that love is taken from you for tragedy, every inch of the house of the house reminds you of the person you lost for years. When I had with someone, even though it ended in heartbreak, I had to move to another city because every inch of my house and the places we visited reminded me of the person. 

But the person I loved the most who died, love that ends in tragedy stays with you FOREVER! It’s been a decade and a half and with every passing day, I only love that person more. People can’t move on from tragedy for years because it was not their choice, no breakup, no closure, they were forced into a single life when neither was even close to ready for it. Moving on takes years, the person they lost only becomes a much bigger part of their heart and no new person can ever take their place. Anyone who has experienced grief knows this and writers love harnessing this for story worlds where characters can return.

And she wouldn’t have to move on, Chris is conformed for season 3, his hero’s journey arc is only 1/3 done so judging from the pace he’ll become Valor next season and there’s another season of the hero arc finally coming to an end. The first few episodes will have him in flashbacks, she’ll only fall in love with him more and the reunion will be ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL! Can you imagine the sex fam? 

otp tag

I was tagged aaaages ago by @furious-winter 


So, in no particular order:

I. Nagron (Agron x Nasir from Spartacus)

II. Jamie x Claire (from Outlander)

III. Cherik (Charles Xavier x Erik Lehnsherr from X-Men)

IV. Leoaster (Leonardo Da Vinci x Zoroaster Da Peretola from Da Vinci’s Demons)

V. Gendrya (Arya Stark x Gendry Waters from Game of Thrones)

VI. Vanessa Moschela x Giuliano De Medici (from Da Vinci’s Demons)

VII. Huddy (Gregory House x Lisa Cuddy from House MD)

VIII. Leario (Leonardo Da Vinci x Girolamo Riario from Da Vinci’s Demons)

IX. Lannitarh (Jaime Lannister x Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones)

X. Lorenzo De Medici x Clarice Orsini (from Da Vinci’s Demons)


Vanessa x Giuliano: The second they first crossed paths :) 


Jamie x Claire: Surprisingly, no, I have not read any fics about them


Leoaster: No


Huddy: Well, they are no longer together anyways… I think I remember that when they broke up, I was screaming at my tv


Nagron: So, you know what they say about lgbtq characters and ships. That they first use their relationship and sexuality to spice up the show and then they kill them. This isn’t what happened with this ship. Nasir and Agron both had a great character development and even though we got a few very graphic sex scenes, they didn’t tone their arcs down at all. Also [spoiler alert] they were the only rebels (who were also warriors) to survive the fall of Spartacus and the victory of the Romans.


Hm, while I aknowledge the fact that some have a stronger bond than others, I cannot really tell which one has the strongest…


Lorenzo x Clarice: Well, I’ve watched the whole show only once and now that it’s over, I am searching for gifs, pics and fanart of those two


To me, I think it is Huddy. I’ve been shipping them since my early teens. In canon, I think it’s Cherik


Giuliano x Vanessa: Hm… this is a bit complicated… They were flirting a lot at the begining, then they had sex once and then [spoiler aler] he got assassinated and died in her arms…


Jamie x Claire vs Leario: I am sorry Jamie and Claire and everyone in the Outlander fandom, but I am gonna go with Leario. We’ve seen what kind of miracles they can achieve when they team up…


Huddy: I think they had to, because they were also working together…


Leoaster: Yes they are :) Well, not in a romantic way (@STARZ you fuckin’ had one job!) but yeah, they stayed together until the end


Lorenzo x Clarice: Yes :) Both on the show and historically


I don’t know, I am not sure… Like, most of them can be so deadly…


Gendrya: Yes (Melisandre) and she was pretty successful -_- )


All of them okay??


Cherik: Yes and I am not even sorry


I cannot believe I am doing this, but I am gonna go with Huddy, since they have already broken up :/ I mean yeah, my beloved House deserves happiness, but as we saw on the show, he wasn’t his happiest when he was with Cuddy, but when he was with Wilson…

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Do you like the Shane stuff in the update? Like the whole arc, do you find it satisfying to what you wanted? I kind of feel a little sad about it. I married him but he doesn't seem to be much happier :/ It's only been a month of marriage tho, maybe it gets better? Also I love your blog and I love Shane.

First off, thank you! 💖

Okay SO. I actually really like Shane’s arc. A lot. It is among my favorites in the game actually.  I played through it all and for his six heart cutscene I actually redid it a few times to see other options play out bc I wanted to know how he would respond to some of the different lines (although I’m a dumb and forgot to screen cap them). We’ve been married for like. 3 and a half seasons. (We had a lovely autumn wedding.  How cute.) I have a lot of feelings so I’ll put my answer below the cut.

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Which of the currently unadapted Gintama comedy arcs should anime onlys be most hyped to see this fall?

HONESTLY!!!! There’s nothing much, since no one really knows what the “porori arc” will actually be, but since Rakuyou we haven’t had a lot more, there’s a few comedy episodes between the end of the arc and the beginning of the Silver Soul arc, but if they animate at least the first part of this arc, man you can be EXCITED this arc is bomb and nothing less, SO YEAH. Please look forward to the silver soul arc, it will touch your tamas. (soul)

It seems like some people were a bit confused or frustrated by the focus during the Nekoma vs. Fukurodani and Nekoma vs. Nohebi matches often being on Lev, so I’m here to break it down for you and show why it was a very important for the upcoming matches. (Now this is obviously going to contain spoilers from the manga so please be aware of that before you continue reading)

Let’s start right from the beginning where Lev made his first appearance, the training camp arc. 

So we know that he’s been playing only for a few months and has to start right from the basics. Kenma describes his technique as even worse than Hinata’s and says that his basics in passing as well as his serves suck. At one point Lev has to ask Kenma what “read blocking” means which means he hasn’t even memorized all the playing techniques yet. At that moment his only advantage is his height, he spends most of the time at the training camp practicing with Yaku to catch up to the rest of the players.

Then there is a huge gap, the next time Nekoma appears is when the matches to determine who gets to go to Nationals begin. Their first opponent is Fukurodani. Now before we start to talk about that match I have some numbers. I took the statistics of their regular players and added all of them together as a comparison (I can post those individually in case anyone is interested). Nekoma has a score of 132 while Fukurodani has 147 points (Karasuno has 145 and Aobajousai 143). All of these teams are pretty close in points but there is a larger difference between them and Nekoma. Of course just having strong players doesn’t equal a strong team, there needs to be a good game sense and teamwork which are exactly Nekoma’s strengths. Nekoma can keep up with teams like Fukurodani because they’ve played against each other a lot, they know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Despite all that it would still be possible for Nekoma to fall short, Nationals is not just some regular tournament, it’s the strongest teams of Japan coming together and they don’t know all of them as well as Fukurodani. So something has to happen to justify Nekoma getting a ticket for Nationals and not immediately loosing and this is where Lev comes in. He has the most room to grow and he needs to do so, which is what Furudate is showing in the matches against Fukurodani and Nohebi.

We can see an improvement in his technique but he still struggles with serves or misses the ball when he’s spiking. Despite that his instructions are getting more specific and he tries his best to remember them and implement them right away.

At this point we can tell that he has had a lot of practice and has developed some game sense. He’s not a hindrance to his team anymore and is able to score points not solely based on his height.

Nekoma loses against Fukurodani and there is a scene in between that match and the one against Nohebi where Lev is in a bit of a slump and Kuroo comes over to talk to him.

Here we can see that Lev is very aware of his own shortcomings and that he wants to find a way to connect with the other players. Kuroo responds by telling him that a team is a complicated thing and that he has to be able to mesh his strengths together with the rest of them to create on cohesive unit.

Then there is a short moment were Nekoma and Nohebi face each other before their match starts.

Kuroo tells Daishou that they’ll play as usual, while Lev adds that that has gotten a different meaning since he has become part of the team. This already foreshadows that there is gonna be more development ahead.

Before the match against Nohebi starts Lev had a short flashback to the moments where he unnecessarily lost points in the last match so we can see that he puts a lot of thought into improving himself and reflecting upon his past mistakes. Once again he remembers the fact that Kenma scolded him for not bringing in his elbows during the last match, so we can assume that he’s a quick learner and adapts little details fast.  

The most important scene is happening towards the end of the match. Yaku gets injured and Shibayama replaces him as the libero. Lev has the realization that in order to play well together with Shibayama he has to change his own playing style.

He gets a taste of teamwork for the first time and his interpretation of a functioning team changes.

It’s the first time he’s in synch with the rest of the players. Not only are his abilities allowing him to change his playing style according to the players on the court, he himself has gained some awareness of his team members and how they function best together. This was an absolutely vital development before they advance to Nationals, otherwise he’d only be a hindrance to the other players and become the target of their opponents.

Of course that doesn’t mean he’ll be the main focus during the upcoming matches, this is just a short explanation of why he was often in the spotlight in the past and to showcase his development. Within a few months he went from a complete beginner to someone who’ll play among the best teams in Japan, so his improvement had to be shown. To put it simply:

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Do you have a list (and pictures) of all the Manga you own? I constantly see Manga titles in your pictures of your sailor moon collections and I've always wanted to know what stuff you have! That would make a cool post!

Ah, great question! I have a ton of non-Sailor Moon manga; I actually have an entire bookshelf and an extra shelf dedicated to it!

My manga bookshelf is primarily composed of Pokemon (one shelf) and Sailor Moon (two shelves) but the top shelf is for assorted manga. 

Top shelf!

  • Junji Ito horror manga
    • All three Museum of Terror collections
    • Uzumaki (all three volumes)
    • Flesh-Colored Horror (a collection of one-shots)
    • Gyo (the recently published two-in-one edition)
    • Fragments of Horror (another collection)
  • Doll by Mitsukazu Mihara (volumes 1-6)
  • Mantis Woman by Senno Knife (a collection of horror shorts) 
  • Hell Girl manga, volumes 1-9
  • Dolls (also known as Plant Dolls) by Yumiko Kawahara (volumes 1-4)
  • Helter Skelter by Kyoko Okazaki
  • A bunch of Puella Magi Madoka Magica stuff:
    • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (volumes 1-3)
    • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story (volumes 1-3)
    • Puella Magi Oriko Magica (volumes 1-2)
    • Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Extra Story
    • Puella Magi Oriko Magica: Sadness Prayer (volumes 1-2; these are the original Japanese editions as Sadness Prayer has yet to be translated)
    • Puella Magi Kazumi Magica (just the first volume for now, but I plan to buy the rest of the series)
    • Puella Magi Tart Magica (Volumes 1-2)
    • Puella Magi Suzune Magica (Volumes 1-2)
    • The Rebellion Story artbook: Only You
    • The Wraith Arc (volume 1; in Japanese)
  • Ah! My Goddess (an assortment of volumes and two DVD sets)

Bottom Pokemon shelf:

(it’s really messy, sorry; also, the books in the front are blocking a row in the back so you can’t see it)

  • A shit ton of Pokemon Adventures/Special stuff; I’ve got volumes 1-14, volumes 17-18, volumes 22-29, and a few DP volumes as well. In addition to Viz’s second edition printing, I’ve got first printing versions (from like 2000-2002) as well as some Chuang Yi editions (if you don’t know, Chuang Yi was a Singapore-based manga translation company that was, for many years, the only source of English-language Pokemon Adventures manga until Viz decided to start printing the series again). 
    • I’m planning on buying the complete Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and Black/White series (Viz has released box sets for each), but I don’t know where I can possibly fit them, lol.
    • Also, Pokemon Adventures comprises the vast majority of what you see on this shelf.
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventures (volumes 1-6)
  • The Electric Tale of Pikachu (volumes 1-3)
  • A bunch of books about the Pokemon anime leftover from my childhood (no, I won’t get rid of them and I’m not too old for them, shut up Mom)
  • A couple of Pokemon movie manga adaptations
  • A few other miscellaneous Pokemon manga
  • A ton of guides for various Pokemon games

(Note: I’ll be making a post on my Sailor Moon stuff later)

And finally, here’s the other anime shelf. Sorry, I was too lazy to move all the wands, haha.

  • The first volume of Matsuribayashi-hen chapter of Higurashi When They Cry
  • Pet Shop of Horrors by Matsuri Akino (volumes 1-10)
  • Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo by Matsuri Akino (volumes 1-8)
  • Presents by Kanako Inuki (volumes 1-3)
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch by Hanamori (volumes 1-7)
  • Bride of Deimos by Yuho Ashibe (volumes 1-6)
  • Nightmares for Sale by Kaoru Ohashi (volumes 1-2)
  • Goth by Otsuichi and Kendi Oiwa
  • Dark Metro by Yoshiken (volumes 1-2)
  • A couple of DVDs just laying around (namely Mean Girls and the series The Future is Wild)
  • In Clothes Called Fat by Moyoco Anno
  • Chronicles of the Grim Peddler by Lee Jeoun-A (volume 1)
  • The Limit by Keiko Suenobu (volumes 1-6)
  • Beautiful People by Mitsukazu Mihara
  • Confidential Confessions by Reiko Momochi (volumes 3-6)
  • Attack on Titan: No Regrets (volume 1)
  • Reiko the Zombie Shop by Rei Mikamoto (volume 1)

Holy shit, writing all this out made me realize how much fucking manga I own and how much money I’ve spent over the years, lol. Also, it goes without saying, but I recommend everything here! 

A thing in which I try to explain what Gintama means to me.

As I’m sure anyone who follows me must know (how could you not?), I love Gintama. It’s my favourite manga, my favourite anime, and my favourite tv show full stop.
I’m actually pretty new to the series. I was first shown some episodes two or so years ago (if I recall correctly, my first experience with Gintama was the Correspondence Arc). I didn’t get around to watching the whole series until the start of this year (I’m currently doing my first re-watch), and only caught up to the manga  a few months ago, just in time for the Shogun Assassination Arc aka The Most Soul-Destroying Thing I Have Ever Read.

For me, Gintama is on a level of its own. It has everything. It has parodies and gags galore and all the dick jokes you could ask for (probably more). It has romance, which is not a main focus, but which is always handled beautifully when it does come up. It is one of the best examples I have seen in portraying friendships and relationships in general. It has plenty of action and adventure. It can be very lighthearted and uplifting, or downright heart-wrenching.
There is a chance you will experience all of these things in one episode. You will be rolling around crying from laughter one minute, and in a curled up, knee-hugging, sobbing mess the next.
And of course, you have to hand it to Sorachi Hideaki, the mastermind behind all of this. He is a phenomenal writer, something that has come to our full appreciation after the latest arc’s revelations, for which, we are all now painfully aware, there was blatant foreshadowing and various not-so-subtle hints throughout the entire series, right from the beginning (the Gorilla has me in awe) and he is the man we all have to thank for this masterpiece.

Virtually every chapter/episode, and every arc, even the silliest, least serious ones, have something to take away from them, some important lesson to learn, some quote that will strike a chord in your heart and make you think.
Hell, most of the chapter/episode names are life lessons in themselves. The Gintama chapters aren’t even called chapters, but lessons.

The thing I love most about Gintama, though, is how well it portrays its characters, how human and real its characters are, and the relationships they have.
Sakata Gintoki, the protagonist, doesn’t have some big dream. He’s not a cookie-cutter hero. He manages to be both the best and worst role model you could ask for, depending on the situation. He’s lazy and has almost zero ambition. He’s blunt, he’s crude, and he can be very childish and immature. He doesn’t want to work, he doesn’t pay his workers or his rent, he’s often rude to his clients (and friends). He’s broke, and the money he does have generally goes straight into gambling, which he is horrible at, and alcohol. But he will be one of the best friends you could ask for. He’s fiercely loyal and despite outward appearances, extremely kind and caring. He will help any one of his friends or family at the drop of a hat, no matter what trouble they are in or how bad it is. He’ll do the same for someone he just met, someone he doesn’t even know. He would protect you with his life, and gladly give it if you could survive. He is much wiser than he generally appears, wise beyond his mid-to-late twenty-something years. He struggles with mental health isuues and immense self-loathing. He has been through so much, more than many people go through in their whole lives, yet he is still here. He’s still alive and trying to make his way through the world when most people would have completely given up after going through what he did. He is so, so strong, and so brave. And so selfless. He has every reason to hate the world and everything in it, but he loves it so much, loves the people around him so much, and only wants to help them, but cannot understand why they feel the same toward him.
And that’s only one character. (I’d advise you not to let me get started on the Joui ¾ and the Yorozuya in particular because I will go on forever about either of them if you let me.
I’d also advise you not to get me started on Katsura Kotarou specifically. I have a genuine crush on him - I am such a loser wow - and can go on about him for a very, very long time.
To be honest I could go on about practically anyone in this series for ages so maybe just don’t ask about anyone at all to be on the safe side.)

The characters of Gintama are like friends to me, like family. They are always there for me, and they are always able to cheer me up. When they are happy and laughing, so am I. When they are sad and crying, I’m crying right along with them.
I genuinely mean it when I say these characters and this manga/anime are very much some of the most important things to me. Gintama is the only thing capable of cheering me up without fail, and don’t you know, I nearly always need cheering up. I’ve never been one of the happiest people, even as a kid, and I’ve struggled with depression for years. Gintama is a light in my life, a shining silver ray of light capable of convincing me that things can and will get better, and it is exactly what I needed all these years. Yes, there will always still be bad times, times that you’ll hit rock bottom, but you are capable of bouncing back. And even if you don’t believe it, there is someone who cares about you, who loves you, who believes in you, even if you don’t love or believe in yourself.
In the last few months, I have gone through probably the hardest time of my life so far, and Gintama has been the only thing getting me through. It’s like a form of therapy, I guess you could even say.

So yes. Gintama is a precious gift, and you should all give it a chance if you don’t already watch it, and if you did watch it but stopped after a few episodes, maybe give it one more chance.

anonymous asked:

A while ago, one of my friends watched all the way to GI and told me (while I had only seen the first few episodes) that hxh wasn't good, lacked any kind of stakes, and that at the point she was at it was just Gon and Killua running around doing whatever they wanted. Now, I've finished the show (she's still in the middle of GI) and I love it and know that it is wonderful but I'm horrible at debating and putting what I love about it into words. How would you defend hxh in this situation?

Man, this is really tough. If your friend watched past the Yorknew arc – which I think is one of the best – and still wasn’t convinced HXH is good, I really don’t know what to say. What parts did she enjoy? What specifically made it seem like the show “lacked any kind of stakes”?

Someone else I spoke to kind of said the same thing, that they made it to Greed Island and just didn’t care for it, specifically citing that they don’t like “shows about children”. I really don’t know what to say to these people because what they look for and enjoy in media must be so different from me. Personally, I stand by HXH for delivering a multitude of diverse, complex characters, breaking the shounen trope mold, having a clever, well thought-out magic system, and providing arcs that vary in mood/genre while maintaining a cohesive story. Personally, I think Togashi is extremely talented in creating worlds, characters, and a narrative that unites them. This is probably really shitty of me, but all I can think is, “well, maybe your friend just likes cookie-cutter trope-filled media,” which there is nothing inherently wrong with, but it’s just so……….. boring!!! lol

Also, MAN, do I wish HXH was about Killua and Gon running around together doing whatever they want, lmao.

anonymous asked:

Aside from Ash, is there any common criticism you see toward the main characters of the anime that you feel is totally wrong or off base? Like how people constantly complain about Ash not being a good trainer like Red or being stupid, etc. But ignoring Ash, what common criticism do you see towards the other characters that bothers you because it doesn't feel justified?

This will be fun.

Well to start a big one for me is..

Participating in Contest and being a Coordinator apparently being “sexist” or belittling of female characters: Fuck this complaint with a rusty ten inch pole, the only reason people even say this is because it’s a thing that’s “not what the main character is doing” and that’s horseshit, Contests are treated as a very legitimate way of Trainers interacting with their Pokemon, shown to be just as serious as someone going for Gym badges, not any lesser. GIRLS AND BOYS PARTICIPATE IN THEM so whatever sexist undercurrent you’re trying to find doesn’t exist. Even in DP where the females dress up in pretty outfits you have the boys doing pretty much the same damn thing.

I didnt see people complaining when Misty wasnt really occupying herself with anything in particular during her time with Ash (and he was the one driving the story forward) but suddenly it’s a big deal when the females have a journey that’s treated with just as much importance as Ash but because it’s not battling in the conventional since it’s belittling and “girly”, fuck off with this please.

And this goes right into

Misty’s successors (but particularly Dawn and to an extent Serena) getting criticisms  because they’re more “aware” of their beauty and put a token effort into how they look and are somehow shallow character because of this: This is just an odd complaint to me, again I know people can be annoyed by I guess the girlish stereotype of a female character caring about her looks but again, it’s only a few choice scenes? And it’s not tied to their character in any vain way (well okay technically Dawn at first when it came to contest, all it took was a simple character arc to smooth that out) and you only BRIEFLY see it most of the time. A lot of the time it’s played for laughs and not much else, such as when Dawn has like a bad hair day and gives extremely self conscious and that’s just how’d most people react I find? I guess my point is that occasionally caring about one’s appearance is not a bad thing at all, especially when it makes up a very minor part of the character’s “pie chart”. If they have plenty of other characteristics to bring to the table why should it matter? You don’t have to LIKE the trait but please don’t act like it’s their ONLY trait I guess is what im saying.

Speaking of which…

Dawn being an Ash clone: This. One. Drives. Me. Nuts. Okay I will not deny that Dawn and Ash share some similar character quriks that’s part of why the two of them work so well together as a team but it’s still frustrating to see people boil Dawn’s entire character to just “Ash 2”, like it’s so insulting to me. It just screams to me that people are to lazy to look further into her character then what’s on the surface and would rather just make sweeping generalizations and call it legitimate criticisms. There’s just so much more to her then that to me, there’s her bouts with self doubt, always being quick to blame herself when things to go as she planned, but at the same time her boundless optimism that overshadows even Ash at ceartain points, always trying to turn a bad situation into a good one, her creativity and clumsiness, etc etc. Like?? It just bothers me so much.

May being seen as weak, incompetent, irresponsible etc: This is something I see quite often and it’s very annoying to me. Yes May be a bit spacey and absent minded every now and then but she’s by no means an idiot who’s everyone’s inferior. I think people get this perception because a good part of her character arc is working her way up out of the shadow of characters who establish themselves as her superiors at first like Drew and Ash, and people see THAT version of May more then they do the character who’s overcome all that and becomes a very talented Coordinator all her own. And they completley ignore the moments she shared with Max, taking it upon herself to be a big sister and make Max her responsibility while they’re traveling. Like I said THAT version of May is lost on a few people and what they see is some gross exaggeration in her place. 

Iris’ win over Ash at the Battle Club not being fair to Ash: This is a relatively minor one but its still annoying whenever I see it come up. Iris had every reason to beat Ash in that particular instance, she had a experienced Pokemon with a type advantage that Iris managed to use effectively (unlike that farce of a Axew vs Golurk battle) and ended it in victory. It’s not like Exacdrill was a new capture it was a Iris’ FIRST Pokemon (and had it longer then Ash had Pikachu tbh) so yeah, I can believe that she would beat Pikachu in this instance.

Galaxy Quest

I just rewatched Galaxy Quest this evening, in honor of Alan Rickman, and of course this means we should all talk about it.  

I co-taught a film course, and I’ve taken four years of script work shopping classes.  Sometimes I get the pleasure of being asked “What kind of scripts should I be reading?  What should I be studying?”  And there’s always some great go to scripts and script writers for various things.  But my answer at some point always tends to fall to Galaxy Quest.  

If you want to learn how to write a perfect script, watch Galaxy Quest.  

Galaxy Quest is absolutely one of the most perfect movies ever made.  

What makes Galaxy Quest so perfect?  Well, a lot of things.  

Basically it has a perfect set up.  Not only do you get to really know these characters, you get to know them very quickly. Arcs are set up within the first few lines of dialogue and circumstance.  

Granted, said arcs are simple at their core, but all the little details as it progresses kicks everything up a notch.  

Within the first few lines and moments we know the entire crew from their TV show character to themselves.  

We know Jason is an egocentric, we know he can’t move past his glory days on the show, and we know he’s ignorant to the isolation he’s put himself in from his cast mates.  

We know Gwen feels useless as a cast member since her character was often reduced to the sex item.  

We know Alex is a washed out big time artistic actor who resents his fame for what he considers to be a below him science fiction show.  

We know Fred, who is of this world is not quite a part of it because of his eccentricities. 

We know Guy both wants the fame of the show but is afraid of any form of risk.  

We know Tommy even as the youngest of this cast is trapped in the shadow of the show and Jason.  

We know the cast resents Jason’s fame.  We know Jason took moments from the other actors on set.  

We know all of this, very naturally within the first few lines of dialogue.  We believe this conversation happens because we believe it is one that happens at every convention they are at.  We believe in this repetition of exposition because this exposition is made to be incredibly real and personal.  

The next thing it does well is the world building.  

I speak of course as a sci-fi junkie who goes to conventions.  Everything about the convention and nerd characters is written as parody with a lot of love.  It isn’t an ignorant joke of nerd culture, it is a loving humorous presentation of that culture.

There is nothing mean spirited in humor.  It is in itself a love letter by nerds for nerds. (Geeks, whatever term you want to use).  

(In my opinion parody rarely works if there isn’t a love for the source material). 

The transitions between these moments if seamless, there is nothing clunky about the structure of acts or scenes.   

Most importantly, all of this set up pays off.  Every single character in the ensemble gets their moments.  Jokes continue to develop and come full circle.  The moments referenced from the original show, small character things, the meta blend of the two.  It’s done with such precision, it’s really incredible to think about.

Of course beyond script, you get some of the greatest comedy performances.

Alan Rickman in particular in it, is stellar.  What an absolutely memorable character.  The anguish of a theatrical career lost.  The frustration of playing second fiddle to an actor he doesn’t deem worthy of his respect.  The repetition of the line he loathes with such a passion.  The anguish of the line when he says it genuinely to his fallen friend.    

It’s just an absolutely riveting performance.  

It’s scripts like this, that make me plea and beg Hollywood.  Stop rushing scripts.  Stop rushing preproduction.  You can have this, you can have this magic with more things if you would just do the work for it.  Just take the time to make sure details and moments go somewhere and aren’t wasted. 

Im summary, Galaxy Quest is one of the greatest films of all time.  If you haven’t seen it- fix that.  If you haven’ seen it in awhile, it’s on Netflix and rewatch it.  If you want to study film, rewatch it.  Think about the lines.  The characters, the scenes.  The transitions between acts.  The payoffs.  The humor.  Everything.