this is only ten frames lol

10 mutuals + 10 songs !!

Rules: Put your playlist on shuffle and write down the first ten songs then tag ten mutuals. I was tagged by my lovely babe @rosextract I love you boo! Lol as you can see, I’m hipster trash and heres my jams

These are from my ‘Love Me Then Kill Me’ playlist (on apple music)

  1. Ammi Ammi by Archy Marshall (he’s king krule lol)
  2. Mona Lisa by Monte Booker & Naji
  3. Zoom Out by Jerry Paper
  4. Let My Baby Stay by Mac Demarco
  5. One and Only by Cuco
  6. Smile by Telepopmusik
  7. May by Monte Booker (feat. Ravyn Lenae)
  8. Baby Blue by King Krule
  9. Warm Frames by Toro y Moi
  10. Dent Jusay by Matt Martians (feat. Syd & Steve Lacy)

ight so here we go!

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