this is only one of the highlights of the night

Back from Women’s March #1. (There will be another one held tomorrow in a different city.)

In response to my anti-porn sign, I got a mix of encouragement and harassment.

The encouragement was almost entirely from women, while the harassment was entirely from men. One woman expressed disagreement with my sign, but she didn’t harass me.

The real highlight of my night was when the march had ended, and three young teens saw my sign. 

It caught the eye of a boy, who then expressed confusion with his friend (also a boy)– “how is porn rape?”

They started to walk away, but I called out to them that I could explain if they wanted.

One of the boys walked over me to listen. He seemed genuinely concerned and interested in what I had to say, and not only did he listen intently, but he called his friend over as well.

Soon the girl who was with them walked over too, and also expressed concern and interest, and listened intently.

While explaining, I warned them that people–lead by traffickers–have been trying to rebrand prostitution / human trafficking as a positive thing.

The girl thanked me, and her expression and tone sounded so deep and sincere.

This is what I want to do. If I’m able to reach even one kid, then all my work is worthwhile. I will never stop fighting for women, for trafficking victims, for children. 

types of students

a. coffeshops, highlighters, little post-it notes, wanting to be perfectly organized
b. 2 am, eyebags, stacks of papers, the deadline is in half an hour
c. messy bullet journal, messy desk, messy life but still trying
d. night: telling yourself how productive you’ll be tomorrow, day: let’s binge watch another netflix series
e. buying tons of cute stationery, having only one pen left by the end of the school year
f. working really hard to achieve your goals only to be asked why you’re so smart
g. ancient libraries, the smell of new textbooks, wanting to acquire all the knowledge
h. studying to help people, to save the environment, to change the world

Color Reference Guide to Recognize & Avoid Whitewashing

I’ve made a tutorial on how to color adjust to fix washed out coloringsbut I noticed people aren’t always sure when their coloring needs fixing in the first place. So I’ve made a bunch of colorings you can use to compare your own to. It’s designed to help avoid whitewashing, but also help avoid over-correction.

If you’re not a content creator, you can also use this guide for reblogging as well. :)

Using the Guide

  • Each set comes in three: cool, neutral, and warm. If your coloring is bluer/whiter than the cool tone, consider readjusting.
  • Examples of what might be too pale/bright are beneath each set
  • There are various categories (daytime, night scenes, etc) for each type of scene you might encounter
  • Each coloring has a color palette beneath for the highlights, midtones, and shadows of the character’s face. If you’re having trouble eyeballing it, use the eyedropper tool to double check.

1) For the sake of simplicity, I’ve used one character per category, but characters of color are not interchangeable. Identify the skin tone for the character you’re coloring and work with that. This is only meant to give a frame of reference for what is and isn’t whitewashing

2) If any of the colorings look different than what they’ve been stated as (i.e. the cool tones look too warm or some look way too dark to be visible) calibrate your monitor. It means your screen color and gamma needs readjustment.

Guide itself is under the read more!

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there are so many important messages that suga is trying to convey to his listeners through his mixtape and im sure that if you’ve read the lyric translations, you definitely know what i mean. i am seriously blown away that we’ve been fans of bts for what, 3 years now? for 3 years, ARMYs have easily labelled yoongi as ‘lazy’, given him that ‘idagf’ image, and yet, we were oblivious to so many of his hardships. we’ve always known that he’s hardworking, more quiet than the other members, and more reflective, but this mixtape honestly blew me away because yoongi’s gone through so much in his idol career and we had no idea. 

first off, he touches on a sensitive topic that idols don’t speak openly about: mental health. he raps about seeing a psychiatrist, battling with depression, self-hate, experiencing social phobia since age 18, putting on a front, and loneliness. His entire song “The Last” really touches on this:

a word said like habit, oh, I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck
those words are all words I use to hide my weak self
that time I want to erase, that’s right, the memories I want to erase of that day I had that concert
I was afraid of people, so I hid in the bathroom and stared at myself

and in “So Far Away”:

I’m in so much pain and lonliness but people around me keeping telling me to regain my consciousness
I try to vent my anger but I only got myself so what’s the point of venting my anger
I’m scared to open my eyes everyday and start breathing

these lyrics from ‘At Dawn’ also illustrate this:

I pretend I’m not lonely, I pretend I’m not suffering
I pretend I’m okay for no reason, meaninglessly I pretend to be strong
don’t come over the wall I’ve put up in front of myself
don’t throw me off this island in this wide sea 

he also talks about his struggles during his trainee days and i dont think he’s ever talked in depth about this period of his life. this mixtape gives us some insight about him moving to seoul, getting a part time job to afford the cost of living in the city, going to school dead tired after work, and still training with big hit to live out his dreams

was I needy for success? No just needy for money
it’d been a long time since I forgot the words ‘in style’
I practiced at night and went to my part time job at dawn
then even if I dragged that tired body to school I just slept
I became 20 that way, the sight of the graduation room was suspicious

and the fact that he admits he puts up a front:

I hide the self that’s behind my defensive posture
I hide myself completely like I’ve become a criminal, always
I can’t even take one step outside the dorm that’s like a prison 

all of these are reasons im so moved. because it really highlights how idols only show one side of themselves to the camera, and fans can never really know them fully. we only know the version of bts’ min yoongi that he wants to show us through shows and broadcasts. 

behind every idol rapper who succeeds
there’s a weak self standing, it’s a little dangerous
I fall sometimes again into depression and compulsion
hell no, anyway I don’t even know if that’s the real me

but through his music? through his mixtape, he’s trying to show us another side of him, and i’m so thankful that he’s opened up to his worldwide audience. this takes courage. talking openly about your hardships and your weaknesses to people who look up to you, that takes some damn courage. so thank you, yoongi, for opening up to your fans. 


Hi y'all, so I’ve been doing make up for years for proms and weddings and engagement photos and such and thought I would offer some tips because I love make up and maybe not everyone knows these! Obvi keep in mind everyone is different and these may not work for you…

- Try Nivea’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm for Men as a primer. A little goes a long way and rub it in until it gets tacky

- There is literally no reason to buy mascara from high end brands and I’m a high end whore. My favorite is the Clump Crusher water resistant

- If you can’t decide between two foundation colors, choose the one that’s lighter. Bronzer can fix that shit quick

- The “buy concealer that is 56 shades too light” trend needs to die. One or two shades is plentyyyyy you don’t wanna look like a reverse raccoon and flash photography only makes it worse

- BAKE your under eyes and if you’re hoeing tbh bake your entire face. Message me if you don’t know what baking is

- Two best foundations I’ve ever used are the Too Faced Born This Way and Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hr

- Stop applying your make up with your hands ladies pls buy a beauty blender and get it damp

- Take the foundation off your lips once you’ve set it bc if you just put lip product over it it’ll bunch up in the corners of your mouth

- Sigma has great brushes and shed less than any of my high end brushes. I’d definitely recommend splurging and getting a full set of them

- Do not base your purchases off of sellout YouTubers that are getting paid to say everything they’re saying

- Buy a setting spray and spray your eyeshadow brush w it before applying shimmery eye shadows and spray your whole face with it when you’re done

- I see girls on here all the time saying not to wear falsies which I think is absolutely insane but my falsies advice is start with individuals and work up to strips. That’s what I did

- Exfoliate your face and use the Biore black head strips on your nose for smoother make up application

- Don’t leave your lower lash line bare. I see this so much and it’s super weird looking. Do a little eyeshadow and mascara at the least to complete the whole look

- Avoid matte lipstick/liquid lips unless you’re sure your lips are smooth hydrated and snatched otherwise they will look like a butthole in 15 minutes

- W/ eyebrows and make up: less is more girl. ESPECIALLY from a man’s perspective

- If you’re going to put a base shadow down before doing your eyeshadow look (which I’d recommend), avoid putting it anywhere you’ll put shimmer and instead fill that space with a cream eyeshadow or more primer to make that shimmer popppp
- Wash your beauty blender every time you use it or it will grow mold I promise

- Buxom’s lip glosses are the absolute best. They are so high quality, smell good, last FOREVER, and tingle on your lips like mint

- Clean your make up brushes as often as you can (I wish I did more than I do) not only because it’s hygienic but because they will apply SO MUCH BETTER

- If your eyebrows are always rubbing off, invest in a waterproofing liquid to put over them. NYX has a cheap one that really works

- Make sure to go over the line of your falsies with black eyeliner to hide the glue. I don’t care if the glue is “clear” or “black” it’s visible

- If you can’t find a contour color that’s cool toned enough try an eyeshadow!

- Put tons of highlight on your cupid’s bow it’s so cute in my opinion and always gets lots of compliments

- TAKE YOUR MAKE UP OFF EVERY NIGHT. DO NOT SAVE YOUR MAKE UP FOR THE NEXT DAY. Some girls will fight me on this but imo no make up is cuter than gross make up and it’s so bad for your skin

- If your eyes are always watering your shit off get some anti-allergy or anti-dryness (whichever you think you have) eye drops

- You can exfoliate your lips before lipstick application easily with honey and sugar. Do this before putting on foundation and such. If you’re a bougie bitch you can buy scrubs from places like Lush

- I’m convinced that Burts Bees is the only chapstick I’ve ever used that didn’t make me end up needing chapstick more than I did in the first place

- If you don’t have time to wash off your make up then just use a make up wipe! The Kirkland brand ones are my all time faves because they don’t sting my eyes or leave a residue on my face

- Stop over washing your face. It makes it produce more oil to compensate and it could be why you have acne

- You don’t need to pay to get your brows waxed/threaded if you just pluck the spare 2 or 3 brows that grow out of place each day. You’ll keep your shape, save money, and your brows will always look good

- If you don’t use eyeshadow primer please buy some and watch your entire eyeshadow collection transform. If you can’t afford it but have concealer that’s second best and still works well

I could go on forever and might make a part two but I’m tired now. Probably going to make a make up favorites list by product category soon!

Message me with any make up questions ever because I love blabbing about it! Spread the luv and happy face beating!! 💄

The highlights of the night for me:

- JHO playing in the background
- Every person associated with Harry and the band tweeting about # of the band.
- Jeff breaking his social media silence to tweet about the band.
- Liam, who used to be the one who makes sure to take one for the team and thank the uglies (AKA : Simon, Syco, and Modest), made a surprise appearence and prevented the devil from accepting the award for them while totally ignoring his ass and only thanking his boys and the fans.
- Nialler tweeting about the win and @ at his Payno.

BTS Love Yourself Theory: Jin

BigHit has said that BTS is acting with a false self in these highlight reels, as in they’re hiding their true selves because they are afraid people will not love them for who they really are. 

This makes a lot of sense towards all of the members, but in specific Jin. 

Jin is pretending that he is still alive, when he is really dead.

It’s been pretty much established in all of BTS’ HYYH music videos, Jin is the one who is dead. But I feel like for the longest while he has been having the hardest time coming to terms with this, because he doesn’t want to leave behind his brothers and he wishes he could do so many things over again, but better this time. He still has regrets (on his posters it says: If I could turn back time, I want to be the best man, If I could turn back time, I want to go back to that summer sea, he means turn back time to when he was alive). 

The beginning of his dialogue in the third highlight reel is this: “Looking back I had known all along, that underneath the glimmering world before my eyes lay my deception, that everything was to collapse with a breath of wind, I turned away, sidestepped, simply closed my eyes. Afraid I was, afraid to be loved for who I am.”

This refers to all of the members, but in specific to Jin, he’s admitting that he knew all along that he was dead, but he chose to deny it, because no one could love him for who he is, he felt no one could truly love him if he isn’t alive, that they’d just forget about him

When Jin is driving, he looks as if he notices something in his rear view mirror

And if you notice during the scene (watch for proof), he’s in the same intersection where he was at the end of the video because of the blinking yellow lights reflecting off of his car and around him, like here 

This is the same intersection (I’d watch the scene again for a clearer view)

Now I feel like all of Jin’s parts in this video were kind of out of order, because sometimes he was driving peacefully, but other times he looked distraught and in denial, driving recklessly 

I think the parts where he was acting irrational, looking as if he’d seen something he didn’t want to was after he died. Jin died in that intersection, not the girl. He drives through the same intersection where the girl is hit and killed, when he looks back he doesn’t see her he sees himself 

Jin most likely dies on his way to get the flowers. When he actually arrives by the truck, the girl isn’t even there waiting for him like he saw. Watch the scene again and look across the street, she isn’t there 

I think the girl is meant to represent Jin, she is supposed to be the one who shows him his true self and what he actually is; dead. But Jin doesn’t know that yet, he’s still in denial and obtaining his false self

She suddenly appears out of nowhere then, she was never there before 

The she runs across the street to him and gets hit, Jin’s own accident replays in front of his eyes and he knows this

This isn’t a face of shock, this a face of realisation and understanding. He just watched himself die, he is already dead. That’s why the scene is suddenly basked in an ominous purple, in some countries it is meant to represent death and mourning. Jin is dead.

He realizes this now, it’s no longer a dream, he is AWAKE 

The lyrics in his song say: 

I want to stay I want to dream a little more But still It is time to leave (It’s time for him to go to Heaven now that he knows he’s dead)

Wide awake Wide awake Wide awake
Don’t cry
Wide awake Wide awake Wide awake
No lie
Wide awake Wide awake Wide awake
Don’t cry
Wide awake Wide awake Wide awake
No lie

Jin died that night and finally realizes it. That’s why he was the only one with a date in the second highlight reel, because that was before he left his home to pick up the flowers, before he got hit by a car in the intersection 

That was the last day he was alive

Love Me Do - h.s. a.u. one shot

You met him at a low point, and looking back on that it was probably for both your own good. You met him after 21 years of being single, being the single best friend, being the awkward third wheel, and being the obligatory best friend that was always there for advice and encouragement and comfort, but never comforted yourself.

You were tired of being single. You were tired of the hole in your heart and the tingling heavy feeling of longing for someone to hold. All you wanted was for someone to be worried about you, to talk about you to others in a loving way, to get nervous around you because of their feelings.

You watched a lot of TV and cinema. It was your true passion to direct and be involved in the film industry. Cinematography was your guilty pleasure of a lifestyle you longed for, and film school wasn’t enough for you. You wanted to be in the big leagues, but instead you were just the coffee girl assisting your professors for extra credit and learning their coffee orders by heart.

But mostly, you were lonely.

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Sometimes, the cases are just sad. 

They end, and they’re solved, and they’re easy, and done, but that doesn’t really mean anything. There are still people left hurting and lost. Families ripped apart. Sherlock having to explain something numbly, being forced to ignite the grief in someone’s eyes.

Those times are not always, thank God. But, whenever they do happen, Sherlock hardly sleeps. John can see how he quietens- not his usual contemplative mode, but something withdrawn and achingly lonely. How his fingers twitch for a cigarette- a distraction.

On one such night, John wakes to an empty bed. He finds Sherlock in the kitchen, sitting in an almost darkness, the only light coming from his laptop. The ghostly blue of the screen highlights the dark shadows under his eyes.

He’s replaying the family’s appeal. And now, John cannot understand how he could ever think Sherlock didn’t care.

He doesn’t say anything. He just walks over and shuts the laptop lid. Sherlock’s eyes remain blank and staring, as if the screen is still in front of him.

John clears his throat. “Sherlock,” he says. His hand reaches up, and strokes Sherlock’s hair. “It’s not your fault.”

Sherlock blinks. Something lights up behind his eyes, as if he’s only just seeing John is there. “I…” he says, and his voice falters, and John pulls him to his chest. He feels Sherlock’s body shake a little.

“It’s not your fault,” he repeats.

“I…I know.” And it almost sounds like he’s starting to believe it.

John’s hand moves from stroking Sherlock’s hair to squeeze his shoulder. “Come keep the bed warm?” he suggests.

Sherlock laughs, taken by surprise. John smiles in triumph.

But, in bed, Sherlock turns and hides his face in John’s neck. His body starts to shake again. “I hate this. It doesn’t make sense, it- it’s cruel.”

There’s anger there, John knows. Grief. Empathy. Fear.

He thinks of the Sherlock who sits down and explains to children why he’s sorry, he’s so very sorry, but their mother isn’t coming back… the Sherlock who leaves post-it notes on delicate case files with Not one for the blog… the one who strides into Scotland Yard in righteous anger, demanding to have a murder inquiry reopened. Justice. Closure.

John kisses Sherlock’s forehead. His neck feels wet, and he holds Sherlock tight. “You’re trying,” John whispers. “That’s it. That’s all you-”

“Is… is it enough? How can it ever-” Sherlock chokes on the rest.

“Oh, Sherlock,” John kisses him again. “’Course it is. You… it means the world.” 

Sherlock exhales against John’s neck. His breathing wobbles.

“Shh, now. Close your eyes. I’m here.”

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Knight and Prince/Princess AU?! :)

  • As kids, Character A swore to protect Character B from danger, and now that they’re grown up, Character A serves as Character B’s loyal knight and bodyguard. But when Character B is arranged to marry another royal from a different kingdom, Character A isn’t sure what to do with all their unsaid feelings.
  • “I understand that you’re here to keep me safe, but really! I don’t need an escort when I’m walking to get a glass of water at night! Geeze!” AU
  • Character B is a knight that’s been tasked with protecting Character A, a member of royalty, as Character A travels to a nearby kingdom. When the group is attacked by bandits, Character B is shocked to learn that Character A is a masterful fighter.
  • After an attempted assassination, Character A is a commoner that is a decoy for the royal prince/princess. Dressed up in royal robes and attending public meetings, Character A quickly becomes friends with their new bodyguard/knight, Character B, who helps Character A understand their new role.
  • “If you think that I’m helpless, then how about you teach me to fight?” AU
  • Character A is a knight that absolutely hates their job. The only highlight of their day is getting to talk to Character B, a royal that likes to talk to Character A about their dreams of running away. One night, Character A is roughly awaken by Character B, who is whispering: “c’mon, I’m leaving tonight!”
since you — t.h

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warnings: none this is just pure fluff. 

summary: you had a very caring best friend who didn’t intend on leaving you in the library to study all night. 

word count: 850+ ( i wrote something short?? shocker?? )

        Tom hated crowded places. He didn’t know what it was about them; the people, the noise or widely enough, the combination of the two. The campus library was the epitome of crowded places and as Tom walked in and scanned the room, he couldn’t help but get lost in the piles of papers stacked on desks and the small batch of students surrounding the printing station, but then his eyes landed on a girl with her arm outstretched in front of her; a literature textbook underneath with her cheek pressed against it.

        He made his way over to you,  chuckling quietly to himself when he noticed that you were asleep, your hair had created a curtain over your face that Tom couldn’t help but push back behind your ear,


        You didn’t move much, in fact the only thing you did was shake your head a little and tuck yourself more into your textbook. Tom stood there for a minute, staring at you; admiring you because he always loved the fact that you were so driven with your studies. You always had countless papers sticking out of your textbook and ten different shades of highlighters, each with its own purpose that Tom never understood. “You only need one,” he’d say and hide the other nine shades until you promised him that you’d let him stay over that night if he gave them back. He obliged, he always did.  

        He had half a mind to laugh at the thought, but instead ignored it and continued to pack your things until the table was clear; clear of everything except the textbook that you were resting on.

        “Y/N… hey, we gotta go,” he whispered, running his finger across the edge of your face.


        “We gotta go, babe. C’mon, It’s almost four a.m”

        His voice was quiet, so quiet yet somehow it was the only thing your subconscious focused on as he tucked the final remainings in your bag before carefully lifting you onto his back, your backpack hanging off your shoulders. It was a complete piggy-back formation, one where your arms were around his neck and his were around your thighs. As he walked outside, he noticed a few rain drops falling from the sky. He stopped, pealing his sweater off his body and placing it over your head so you clothes wouldn’t get wet. 

        The raindrops were distracting to say the least, but they weren’t nearly as distracting to him as your lips on his neck. They were soft and slightly open and with each breath you took, it sent chills through Tom, so much so that after every five steps, he stopped to exhale.

        You slowly woke up, but didn’t bother to move anything except your fingers to Tom’s cheek where you gently wiped the raindrops off the soft surface; his breath heightening.

        “Someone’s awake.”

        You shook your head, digging your head deeper into his neck and mumbled, “hey, T.”

        Silence filled the air as you first tried to pry yourself off him because as tired as you were, you knew your best friend was just as tired, but he didn’t budge. His grip only tightened, leaving you to smile and lean up to kiss his cheek, a quiet thank you escaping your lips.

        “Oh, I forgot to ask,” you continued as Tom hummed in response, “how was your study date with that girl from your engineering class?”

        “It wasn’t….” he shook his head. “It wasn’t a date”

        You stared at him, your eyes practically burning holes through his skin as he rounded the street of your apartment. Tom felt your intense gaze and groaned,  “Y/N…..she’s a friend, I don’t even like her like that.”

        “You say that about every girl, T,” you reminded him. “C’mon you gotta give her a chance. She’s so into you.”

        “She’s not my type”

        “Since when did you have a type?”

        Tom didn’t respond, in fact it almost seemed like he ignored you until he got into your apartment building, yet still he had nothing to say as he opened the door with the spare key that you had given him. He tried his best not to make any noise, remembering that you had roommates he had to be considerate of, but he couldn’t help but laugh almost a little too loud once he set you down in bed and saw that you had dozed off again.

        Luckily, your clothes weren’t wet, but Tom knew how cold you got anyway so found a spare sweater in the corner of your room and placed it over you. It was his; his sweater that he had left one night when you two had watched more episodes of your shared favorite TV show than videos for a research paper.

        He shifted the covers over you and thought there was something about this night that made him so happy.

        It might have been the way your hair was tousled up or the way you brushed the raindrops off his cheek or even, the way you snugged into his side, head on his shoulder with your arm loosely wrapped on his chest when he laid down next to you. It could have possibly been all three of them because as he glanced down at you and shifted bits of your hair away from your face, he smiled softly and said,

        “Since you.”



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word count: 4113

warnings: fluff

prompt: based on this song

author’s note: Y/D/N = Your Daughter’s Name, Y/S/N = Your Son’s Name (not my gif)


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Highlights of the ATL Houston show last night

Jack called Alex daddy

A girl threw her shoe on stage, and when Alex said ‘now you only have one shoe!’ She threw her other one up

We all sang Alex happy birthday

Alex made us sing any lyrics that said fuck


Also Backseat Serenade

Jack and Alex explained they would no longer be degrading each other on stage bc they are 'going full posi’ on each other and only complimenting one another. Except Rian because “If Rian realizes he’s hot, it’s all over for this band” So they would be continuing to insult Rian

Night Shifts. [Smut]

A/N; I am so sorry that this took me ten million years to write. This wouldn’t have been possible without the bad influences in my life! ( @we-are-like-a-timebomb ,  @writing-obrien . @dumbass-stilinski and the wonderful @mandylove1000 <3 ) Enjoy! xoxo 

Pairing: StuartxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 5,716

Listen to this.

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How to be Parisian wherever you are

On skin…
- Beauty in France is epidermal - nobody cares that much about make-up, it’s what’s underneath that matters.
- Skin should look natural. Freckles can appear in spring… sometimes your cheekbones blush when you lie, and your whole face flushes when you are intimidated.
- French women avoid using foundation, which merely serves as a shroud, and therefore trivialises.
- Skin of your face must be treated as a canvas. Start with a moisturiser to smooth your skin.
- Hide any imperfections with concealers (such as YSL’s Touch Eclat) or a BB cream. If you really can’t live without your foundation, then mix it with a touch of moisturiser to mute its effect.
- Never go to bed without taking off your make-up, so you fall asleep not smelling like the party. Yes you climb into bed more tired for this care. But that’s the price we pay to save our skin.
- A few strokes of mascara (Hypnôse by Lancôme) - be generous on your top and bottom lashes, to accentuate your look and disguise any bags under your eyes.
- Bright red lipstick (Dior Addict) will not go amiss for a night out.

On hair…
One of the Parisienne’s most distinctive features is her head of hair. There are several characteristics that make it easy to identify. Her hair style is never “immaculate” and it’s rare that she goes for a blowout. She cultivates, depending on her age a type of capillary blur, to varying degrees of tidiness:
- Do not dye your hair, or if you do, only in your original colour to highlight it, or to hide any grey.
- Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer (in fact, you might as well throw your hair dryer away) but instead use two much more environmentally friendly resources: fresh air in summer and a towel in winter. Whenever possible, wash your hair in the evening rather than in the morning, so as not to leave the house with wet hair.
- There’s no point in accessorising your hair. Avoid hair clips or headbands if you’re over 18.
- As your face gets messier with age, your hair can get neater for balance.
- Either go all grey or no grey hair. Salt and pepper is for the table.
- Rum, honey, two eggs yolks and the juice of a lemon: not a recipe for baba au rhum, but just what you need for a restorative hair mask.

On nails…
- Short, clean nails, sometimes worn with polish.
- The French manicure is something of an enigma: it is the exact opposite of French chic. The Parisienne does not understand the point of it and never wears it.
- She’ll go to great lengths for a pedicure but wears mismatched underwear.
- Before throwing out a juiced lemon, rub it on your fingernails - it’ll strengthen and brighten them.

On plastic surgery…
- First choose one part to focus on, one single operation.
- Next, put off for as long as possible. In France it is rare to find a 35-year-old who has had plastic surgery.
- Generally the fight begins in your Forties, often with the help of hyaluronic acid and Botox.
- Resort to Botox no times than once a year, or else you run the risk of it becoming visible.
- Small lifts are contemplated after the age of 50: your eyelids, the bags under your eyes or the wrinkles around your mouth,
- At the age of 60, you can think about maybe getting a “mini-lift”.

On health…
- She drinks vodka in the evening and green tea in the morning.
- She eats a four-cheese pizza but puts Stevia in her coffee.
- Once a week, brush your teeth wtih baking soda - it’s a natural whitener.
- Drink a gallon of water before going to sleep - it’s the best way to avoid a hangover.
- Your skin retains the memory of every party you ever went to, under your eyes and at the corners of your lips. Be wary of your excess.
- Your skin, hair and nails all love beer. Not the kind you drink - that gives you a belly - but instead beer in the form of brewer’s yeast. Sprinkle it on salads, steak and vegetables. It’s an excellent alternative to salt.
- On exercise? She thinks of her mother’s backside and the cost of a gym membership, but that’s not enough.
- In short, you’re not a slave to the cult of the perfect body - so learn to make the best of what nature gave you.
- An aromatherapy massage isn’t a luxury, it’s an investment in well-being.

On imperfections…
- The Parisienne retains her little imperfections, cherishes them even (the gap in her smile or her slightly crooked tooth, her prominent eyebrows or strong nose): these are the signs of a certain strength or character and allow her to feel beautiful without being perfect.
- The Faux Pas: over-plucking your eyebrows. Having lip augmentation - it makes you look like a duck. Wearing too much make-up. Having more than two different colours in your hair.

On perfume…
- Find your perfume before you turn thirty. Wear it for the next thirty years.
- Be unfaithful: cheat on your perfume, but only on cold days.
- A touch of perfume on your hair, behind your ear or on the nape of the neck, never did anyone any harm.
- Always put on perfume before going out.

Fall In Deep

Harry, for all he knows, is that there’s no definite meaning of love; it’s entirely subjective.

But if he were to be asked what it was, he would answer. Because he knows it by heart and by memory — because it became pretty specific after almost every sleeping night and waking day with you.

For him, love’s having to deal with and comforting you every time you would rant about something that’s slightly beyond your control.

“Why do they only serve it in breakfast?”

“Because it’s a breakfast meal, love,” he’d remind even though he finds this encounter with you amusing, you having a fit of your favorite meal only being served by 7 to 10 in the morning because you didn’t wake up early enough being one of the highlights of his day.

“Well can’t they serve it 24/7? I mean that meal is clearly better than some of the ones they have!”

Harry chuckled, pinching the bridge of his nose as he turned right, the fact that you were looking for a breakfast that happened to be also your favorite meal while it was 10 in the evening only slightly fazing him.

“Could make it for you.”

“Do you exactly know how as they do so?”

You asked as he looked at you, your eyes shining with the thought as your lips were in a smile, completely facing him.

Harry shook his head, laughing as he’s now looking for a parking spot right at the grocery.

“No — but I think it would suffice.”

Love was not to drink every night you plan on doing so just so that he could drive you home safely and deal with your little tantrums and antics with open arms.



This was repetitive for the last two minutes by the duration of you being carried by him on the way to the front door, you being the one to giggle every time he said your name.

“Come on, love. Best for you to take a nap. Never seen you this buzzed.”

“But that means you wouldn’t be carrying me.”

Harry’s eyes softened at your admission that you really liked to be carried by him, finally having the front door open and have himself settle on the couch, grabbing the blanket and have it wrapped around the both of you.

“Who says I wouldn’t be carrying you while you sleep?”

Love was to sometimes have his shirts stolen from him without prior notice because you were afraid that you’d forget the way he smelled every time he leaves.

“S’this mine?”

Harry lifted up the his shirt he’s pretty much sure that’s his, carrying his scent that’s slightly tainted with yours.

He found it after digging around once you said you had a spare toothbrush on one of your drawers, finding his shirt he’s now sure that was misplaced after finding something missing from his closet.

“It’s… yours.”

You said hesitantly, a smile fixed on your lips as he knows you’re flustered with the tucking of your lips and his smug smirk not helping the situation at all.

Harry laughed, feeing genuinely delighted as he slung it over his shoulder, coming over to you to drape his body over yours.

“You can keep it.”

Love was to embark on little adventures that only took minimal time for it to be concluded and without reason, just becauss you wanted so.

“Why did we go for a drive?”

“To get your mind off things — only that it’s you on the passenger seat.”

Harry merely laughed, looking down on his tangled fingers in his lap as you sneak glances at him while driving.

“I used to do this every time you were upset.”

It was your turn to smile, gripping the wheel as you try to aid in Harry’s thoughts.

“I know.”

Love was to look at you and always falter for a split-second just so he could make sure that this was real — that this angel was right in front with him, the same one who put up with him for long amounts of time — and have details sink into him.

Whether you’re watching something or staring into a view, you’re always in his sight. Be it pictures or in real time, he loves it.

He loves watching you furrow your eyebrows on something you don’t get. On how you laugh when you find something funny that makes him do too. He loves it when you’re annoyed that served as the main reason he teases you playfully.

Harry loves looking at you on how determined you are to prove a point when it’s doubted; when you go straight to his arms the moment you see him and breathe him in.

When the time he looks at you sleeping, under the sheets and eyes closed and lips slightly parted, he’ll savor it in, or maybe even take a picture. He swears that you were the main reason he developed a lot more love for photography since he wants you to be the only focus, something he could see while you’re not beside him.

It hurts him to look at you every time you’re crying, especially when he’s the reason of it. His heart would sink and eyes would look at you in remorse, his fingers going over his rings as a habit when he’s nervous.

So by the time you stop what you’re doing and feel his eyes on you, you’d look at him with a smile on his face, his eyes grateful.

“What, love?”

He’ll chuckle, scratching the back of his head before putting a hand on your waist.


Harry, essentially, had the times where he doubted love every time he would come crushed from a break-up, being so fed up with the idea that he avoided it.

But things were put into a different picture ever since he laid his eyes on you and felt his heart skip a beat in the way that it was noticeably different from all the times before.

He smiled to himself, looking down on his shoes before he met the anticipated eyes on him and onto the doors opening slowly behind them, his heart rapidly on its beat as he finally laid his eyes on his girl in a wedding gown — his would-be wife in a matter of minutes.

For all he knows, Harry’s never been sure that this is the time he fell in deep.

Music is in the air, my friends.  How can it not be? Music Meister was super annoying butttttttt I have to say, sending people in a musical world – sort of the best super power if you ask me. Barry downloaded the team about what we were all doing in the musical.  I swear, every time Barry time travels or goes to another dimension I never tire of hearing what my doppelgangers can do.  Apparently in the musical, I was a bus boy named Pablo – I dig it.

With Barry and Iris back on the right track, morale at a high - it felt appropriate that we all take a breather and go do something together.  And obviously, given what we were just up against it had to be karaoke. We got there and after a few rounds of liquid confidence everyone was ready to scan the book and pick their songs.

A lot can be said about your karaoke jam – take Iris for instance.  She’s not super musically inclined but girl picked crowd pleaser with TLC’s “No Scrubs.” It got the crowd going and everyone knew the words to sing along.  It brought me back to my middle school gymnasium dances where the girls hung out on one side and the boys on the other.  Yeah, I was the cool wallflower.  But that’s the thing about music – it can transport you back to a specific time and place in your life.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Iris wasn’t the only one of us with good musical taste – Joe chose Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” That guy can sing ­– he’s so soulful and just a natural on stage….seriously, he should think about doing a career change.  Caitlin can’t carry a tune, bless her heart, but her song choice was solid – Alanis Morisette “Ironic.”  I think the highlight of the night was that H.R. didn’t know or recognize any of the songs – so he just grabbed the microphone and sang a “classic” Earth-19 song.  Everyone at the bar wanted to kill us but it was a hilarious moment that was so worth us almost getting kicked out for.

Post war AU where Slughorn asks his 8th year class to write on a piece of parchment their personal definition of love before he shows them how to brew the proper amorentia, and Draco is flustered because he doesn’t know what it’s like.

That evening, he doesn’t return to his dorm and spends the night by the black lake, staring off into space and drowning himself in his thoughts yet again. Although this time, he hopes for at least a single thought on love to surface.
There is none.

Draco then becomes frustrated because shouldn’t he know this? Shouodn’t he know how to define such a simple and common emotion?
Didn’t he know love?

This only frustrates Draco even more, and the soft glow of moonlight highlighting the awful mark on his left arm does not help him one bit. He picks up a rock in anger and throws it into the lake, screaming a release.

“I know I should be respecting your privacy, but could you keep it down?” a voice interrupts his stupor.

It’s Potter.
Draco scoffs.
Great. Just what he needed.
He was irritated. Potter wasn’t supposed to be here. No one was supposed to be here. But then again, he was too drained to even argue, so he obliged.

Silence filled the air for a few moments, until Harry decided to speak up. At first Draco was reluctant, but he eventually gave in to Harry’s attempt to start a conversation. Besides, they weren’t really enemies anymore. They’ve moved past that, and it was a mutual agreement.

Surprisingly, they end up spending the remaining hours of the night talking.
It felt good, Draco had to admit. It felt good to talk to someone. It felt even better to talk to someone who understood.

The next day, without putting much thought to it, Draco passes his parchment to Slughorn without a word.

Slughorn raises his eyebrows in curiosity and asks Draco what he meant by what he wrote, and Draco smiles but doesn’t answer.

“Love is a single strike of lightning in the midst of a strong storm. Very curious, Mr. Malfoy, eh?” Slughorn eyes him with apprehension.

Draco turns crimson, not at all expecting that Slughorn would read his submission aloud for the whole class to hear.

Harry sees the back of Draco’s ears turn red as well, and a knowing smile creeps into his lips. “Come to think of it, sir,” he interjects, making Draco turn to him, eyes wide with shock, “it’s not very curious at all.”

Harry turns to Draco and throws him a subtle wink, leaving him dazed for the rest of the hour.

Stress (Percival Graves x Reader smut)

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Requested: So I just read Touch. Very nice, liked it a lot. But I remember you saying you were in the mood for writing smut? Because I would love some new Percival Graves x Reader smut because I’m a desperate little thing. Thanks for writing these stories!

Summary: You get caught masturbating by your boyfriend, Percival Graves.

Warnings: HEAVY SMUT ;))))))  (i hate myself lmfao)

Words: 1,500

Author: @xfandomqueenblrx

DO NOT repost this on other sights and claim it as your work.

I feel so sinful for writing this. Pls god save my soul


You rushed back into the apartment you shared with Percival, crashing onto your couch in exhaustion. 

Today was extremely stressful, and you couldn’t wait to fall asleep. 

You stood up from your position on the couch and walked over to yours and Percival’s room. You had been dating Percival for several months now, and you knew he wouldn’t be back home until later on in the day. So, you decided that instead of falling asleep, you could relieve your stress in another way.

Opening the door to the bedroom, you threw your belongings onto a nearby chair and began to strip down. Percival’s late nights at MACUSA normally meant that by the time he came back home, he would only have the energy to cuddle and fall asleep. It’s not like you didn’t like it, in fact, it was normally one of the highlights of your day, being able to hold onto Percival at the end of the day and fall asleep in his arms. But, you had needs that hadn’t been fulfilled in a while. 

You stripped down until you were all the way nude, except for your underwear. Once a majority of your clothing was off, you laid down on the bed and began to touch yourself, thinking of Percival’s hands roaming your body and touching you in sinful places. 

You palmed your breasts, thinking of Percy biting and grabbing at your nipples. A small huff escaped your lips at the thought. 

One of your hands then roamed down to your core. You slipped your hand into your underwear, rubbing and pinching your clit. You became even more wet as other sinful thoughts filled your brain of Percival pleasuring you. You yearned for his touch, his fingers, his tongue all over your body. 

You moaned out as you slowly inserted one of your fingers into your core. Meanwhile, your other hand kept at your breast, pinching and rolling your nipple in between your fingers.

You couldn’t help yourself, you started to moan out Percy’s name. 

“Oh, Percival…”

Suddenly, the bedroom door slammed open and revealed a surprised Percy standing in the doorframe. You gasped and grabbed at the blanket to cover yourself. You sat up and clenched your legs together in a last and feeble attempt to hide what you had been doing.

It felt like hours before Percy began to slowly walk towards you. A carnal look spread over his face, his lust clouding his eyes. You involuntarily whimpered while he came closer to you. He sat on the bed right next to you and leaned in to your ear.

“Did you forget I’d be home early tonight, princess?” 

You shivered and looked down. Ashamedly, you nodded. Your embarrassment was apparent as a fiery red blush spread onto your cheeks. 

Percy brought his hand up to your chin and lifted your face up to look at him. He kept a secure hold on your face so you wouldn’t look away. He glanced down at your lips, his face so dangerously close to yours. Finally, he closed the distance between you two, kissing you with a hunger and need you’d never experienced from him before. 

His other hand took the blanket away that you had been holding, baring your nude body to himself. The cold air made a chill run up your spine, and your nipples hardened.  

Percy broke away from you and smirked. He loved your body, and he couldn’t help but allow his hand to graze all over your skin. He started at your stomach, fingers slowly grazing up towards your breasts. Bending his head down, he attached his lips to your neck, sucking and leaving bruises. Your hands clenched on to the bedsheets, and a hot breath slipped past your lips as Percy pinched your left nipple. 

Percival smiled against your skin. He then payed attention to your right breast, squeezing and rolling the nipple between his calloused fingers. 

You squeezed your eyes shut. It’s been so long since he’s taken care of you like this.

Percy sat up slowly and brought himself down towards your heat. Your legs were still clenched together because of how wet you had become. 

He sat in front of your legs, putting his hands on your knees and slowly opening them to reveal your core. Percy smirked once he saw how wet you were. He then stooped down and slid his finger up your folds.

“Princess, you’re so wet… All for me.” 

You bit your lip and arched your back, aching for more. He got the hint and slowly brought his face down to give you what you wanted. His tongue lapped up your heat.

“God, you taste so good.” 

You whimpered and raised your hips up towards his face. Percy grinned and latched onto your clit as he slid one digit into you. You were in absolute bliss as Percy lapped you up. He then added another finger, going faster and sucking harder on your clit.

“O-oh, don’t stop, please.” You clutched onto Percy’s hair and arched your back. You were so close to your climax.

Percival noticed you were on your brink of orgasming, but decided to deny you of that pleasure. He quickly slipped his fingers out of you and detached from your clit with a loud pop.

“Not so fast, princess.”

You groaned and laid there, breathing heavily. You soon heard a loud clink and looked to your side. Percy had stood up from the bed and had taken the responsibility of taking off his clothing. The loud clink you heard from earlier was the sound of Percival’s belt hitting the floor. His pants were now loose and wrapped around his ankles, and now he was quickly undoing the buttons of his shirt. He still had on his boxer briefs.

You sat up and shuffled towards him. His erection was pressing against its confines in his boxers, and you couldn’t help but lean down and lazily trace the outline of his dick. Percy groaned and threw his shirt to the bed and quickly took off his boxers. His cock sprang out, demanding attention. A few drops of precum leaked from the tip

You laid down on your stomach, grabbing onto Percy’s dick. Slowly, you stroked him up and down, earning you a long groan.

“Oh, sweet heart, don’t be a tease.”

You nodded and wrapped your lips around his cock. He filled your mouth entirely, and you slowly slid his dick down your throat, trying to adjust to his size. Percy let out a long breath, murmuring how good it felt to have your mouth around him. 

Stroking him up and down, you bobbed your head along the length of his cock. Percival grabbed a fistful of your hair and guided you, pushing you to go faster. You choked as his dick throbbed against the back of your throat. He loved seeing you like this, disheveled and on all fours in front of him. You were beautiful, and you were all his.

He let go of your head and pulled you up from your position, pushing you back down to the bed. He hovered over you, kissing at all of your exposed skin. Your cheeks, your neck, your breasts. He then lowered himself down to your ear, his hot breath fanning against the shell of your earlobe. 

“Ready, my love?”

You nodded and looked him in the eyes before kissing him long and hard on the lips. His tongue gained entrance to your mouth, all the while guiding himself to your core. He slid his cock up your slit and you gasped at the sudden feeling. Percy then slid himself into you, slowly, allowing you to adjust to him. 

He looked at you to see if you were ok so far. You nodded at him and smiled. He then continued to slide himself in and out of you, gradually increasing in his pace. You groaned, feeling him fill you up to the brim.


Percy followed your command, pounding into you. Your mouth parted in ecstasy and you whimpered at the amazing feeling. He brought his hand down to your clit, rubbing that special bundle of nerves.

You were a moaning mess, fisting the sheets, getting lost in oblivion. Percy was grunting, hitting you in all the right spots. The both of you were getting close to your climaxes.

You squeezed your eyes shut, feeling that familiar feeling of tightness in your core. Percival felt it too, and he began to pound into you harder, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. You moaned loudly as you released all over his cock. 

Percy kept on pounding into you, riding out your orgasm and approaching his fast. His dick twitched, and you felt him fill you with his seed. He slid out of you and rolled over next to you. 

He pressed his chest to your back and brought the blanket over the two of you. You smiled back at him and he winked at you. 

“Good night, princess.”



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