this is only one of the highlights of the night

The highlights of the night for me:

- JHO playing in the background
- Every person associated with Harry and the band tweeting about # of the band.
- Jeff breaking his social media silence to tweet about the band.
- Liam, who used to be the one who makes sure to take one for the team and thank the uglies (AKA : Simon, Syco, and Modest), made a surprise appearence and prevented the devil from accepting the award for them while totally ignoring his ass and only thanking his boys and the fans.
- Nialler tweeting about the win and @ at his Payno.

Lenny’s Sister Location theory: A power struggle between two animatronics

Maybe its just my denial talking, but I present to you this narrative: Baby never betrayed us at all, Ennard was actively working against her.

Let’s first go to where this began, Ennards origins. In Night 4 we’re told that the suit we’re trapped inside came from Baby’s original pizzeria and that it was never used the way it was intended. That place was the place mentioned in the Gas Leak story.

Let me highlight a few key parts to this story

“In other news: The grand opening of Circus Baby’s Pizza World has apparently been cancelled due to reported gas leaks in the building. Sources close to the establishment question the report, saying that the strange activity around the area at night suggest something else is to blame.

One local is quoted as saying, "Everything just stopped. There was so much excitement built around this place opening and then they just stopped talking about it. There was only a handful of people that ever got a look at the inside, kids from here and there, making sure everything worked right, you know. I guess they weren’t quite as ready and they thought they were!”

A tenant from across the street claims to have witnessed a large group of cars surrounding the building during the night, and large pieces of equipment being taken out of the building under tarps. A few weeks later the building was for sale.”

That bolded passage in the middle is the key component here: The only people who got to look inside are children who were acting more or less like beta testers. Pizza World never officially opened, and yet Baby seems to remember fondly the one and only time she got to perform.. It was after the incident with Afton’s daughter (We pretty much know its his daughter at this point) that the gas leak story was made up and Baby and the crew were hauled off to the shipping center to only be used privately.

Ennard was probably a side character alongside Baby. Why was he never used? Perhaps Afton was testing out a new design of the Spring Lock suits since Freddy Fazbears shut down. Why Ennard was never used is unknown, but the point is The suit you’re stuck inside once belonged to Ennard

Ennard HAD to start somewhere, he had to have a base form before he could start assimilating the other robots. So whatever character he was in Pizza World is what he started out as. Now lets cut ahead to the time of the game which leads to another scenario in my head: The first three nights is a power struggle between Baby and Ennard

Isn’t it weird how the thing given to employees to aid them seems to actively want you dead? Telling you to electrocute the animatronics to make them angry? Giving you false advice on how to get past Ballora? Telling you to ignore Baby on Night 3? Baby states she recognizes this scenario, and even KNOWS that your guide is going to lie to you.

Your Hand Unit is Ennard’s voice: He’s done this before, killing off the technicians who come to work there, Baby’s watched it happen before, enough to know what lies he’s going to feed you. Then Ennard catches on that we’re being helped and some time between Night 4 and 5 deals with Baby off-screen. Notice how much more malicious sounding Baby is Night 4? whereas she was rather gentle to us in the previous nights? Baby even insults you in Night 4… At that point its no longer Baby, it’s Ennard messing with us. The Bidybabs even acknowledge the REAL Baby on Night 1, stating that they had to leave because she was watching them. Baby is still herself at that point.

Also we’re in the scooping room on Night 4. Baby wouldn’t be in there, but Ennard would be to go assimilate more animatronics. Which swings back to my theory that the suit we’re stuck in is what Ennard used to live inside because Ennard WOULD know how to open his own face plates. Ennards motives for not killing us right there is that he was more or less trying us on for size. The suit was barely big enough to fit a person inside, if we can fit into the suit perfectly, he can fit into us perfectly.

On Night 5, Ennard has more or less taken control completely, yet has us going through the trouble of going to see Baby’s body. Why wouldn’t he just lead us to the scooping room right at the start? He wanted us to find Baby for some reason. He wanted us to get rid of that card in her arm.

We take the card and then we send Baby on ahead to be scooped, presumably so Ennard can finish assimilating her. Why would he want that card gone though? Because perhaps Baby’s ‘good’ really is in that chip, and if he had assimilated that her personality would conflict against his, like having your conscious yelling at you loudly.

TL;DR: Ennard and Baby are two conflicting forces in your story, and unfortunately Ennard won.

Stream highlight number one of my stream from last night.

Whooo boy im looking at some of this garbage and I only slightly remember maniacally laughing while drawing it

Thank you to everybody who showed up! It was loads of fun! :D

Baby’s First Halloween

Something I realized last night: 

Louis just missed his supposed child’s first Halloween for an awards event that, while important and touching, was not a mandatory work engagement.

Being away a lot is one thing- even though we know Louis is the type who would be glued to his child’s side after birth- but missing being able to commemorate a first holiday is even more unlikely.  The tons of pictures of the baby in Halloween costume that have been across my dash only serve to highlight that point.

I’m not saying that everyone has to value Halloween as a holiday or be with their child through their first Halloween to dress them up and take pictures and trick-or-treat, but I think it’s pretty common for people to get excited over documenting their child’s first Halloween.  

Knowing how Louis is with kids, I find it extremely hard to believe he’d be happily across the world at an optional event instead of spending it with his kid.  

If he could take the baby with him to the UK it would be one thing, but I suppose the so-called agreement they have would prohibit that, which is another reason to question why Louis hasn’t been fighting harder to get more of the rights he deserves yet. 

I’m chalking this up to another point on the board against babygate being at all believable.

The Midwife

Thanks for the great response to my Magnette’s Musings post.  This is hot off the press.

I’ve already written Patrick’s take on the birth in “Because We’re Us” so this is from another perspective, which I am sure will be obvious from the title.

I hope you like this :)

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Comic Relief: Love Actually sequel for Red Nose Day leaves viewers in tears

It was the reunion no one ever thought would happen, but for one night only the original cast of Love Actually reunited in a 10-minute sketch for Comic Relief.

Touted as the highlight of Red Nose Day, expectations were high as fans of the Richard Curtis movie tuned in to see what had become of the much-loved characters 13 years after the original film.

In the one-off special, Red Nose Day Actually, Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor revealed that their characters Juliet and Peter are still very much together as their marriage proved the test of time.

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Things were very different for Mark, played by Andrew Lincoln, who memorably turned up at Peter and Juliet’s house to profess his undying and unrequited love to Juliet with a series of placards declaring : “To me you are perfect.”

Happily he had given up his creepy obsession over Juliet and found his own love story, with none other than Kate Moss.

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After finding an unlikely love in the corridors of power, Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon’s Love Actually characters Natalie and David had made it official. The former tea lady had married the PM who was still doing his dodgy dancing around number 10.

Most popular: Prince George starts school! Kate and William pick £6,000-a-term Thomas’s London Day School in Battersea

This time the PM was busting some moves to Hotline Bling, but his dance routines seemed to have taken a toll on his ageing bones as he took a tumble.

And who can forget the father-son duo of widower Daniel and Sam, played by Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster? While the Taken actor had barely aged, Sam is now all grown up and handsome.

After he famously embarked on a mission to woo his childhood love Joanna, it seems that 13 years later he had won her over as she made the trip from New York to London to ask Daniel for his son’s hand in marriage.

Colin Firth, who played heartbroken writer Jamie, who found love with his Portuguese housekeeper Aurélia, was back too. And while the pair had overcome a language barrier to find love and now have a growing brood of multi-lingual kids, we discovered that Jamie’s Portuguese needed some work as he confuses her announcement that she is pregnant with the evening’s dinner menu.

Bill Nighy, who plays aging rocker Billy Mack, was back with another song, this time a cover of the ZZ Top classic Give Me All Your Lovin’.

“Yes, but this time we’ve changed the lyrics to Give Me All Your Money,” in aid of Comic Relief, he explained.

Meanwhile, Rowan Atkinson’s overzealous store assistant had swapped the jewellery counter to sell red noses (of course) elaborately wrapped.

With all their stories now told, it was left to the PM to answer the all-important question of whether love, actually, is still all around us.

“I am still optimistic,” he explained. “The power of good finally wins.

"Times for many people have got harder. And people are nervous. But wherever you see tragedy you see bravery. Wherever you see ordinary people in need, you see extraordinary people come to their aid.

"It’s not just romantic love that is all around,” he concluded. “Most people still, everyday, everywhere have enough love in their heart to help.”

Following a trying week for the British public, Grant’s heartwarming speech seemed to resonate with viewers who suggested that PM Theresa May’s speechwriter could learn a thing or two from him.

The brains behind the special, Curtis, co-founded Comic Relief with Sir Lenny Henry in 1985. While Curtis had earlier expressed his doubts about revisiting his “slightly chaotic ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Christmas film” fans were in no doubt as millions tuned into see what had become of the cast.

Trending on Twitter, everyone was agreed that the mini-sequel was worth the wait as it was met with widespread praise and delight, and hopefully a lot of donations for Comic Relief.

To donate to Comic Relief, visit, or phone 03457 910910. To donate £10 via text, text 'YES’ to 70210, or to donate £20 text 'YES’ to 70220.

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soymilkheaven replied to your post:Your move, UFOtable

If the up the ante for the last night in town scenes and the final battle … I’m not sure my fangirl heart can take it. I’m drowning badly enough in soymilk feels as it is!

In the manga, Lastonbell was somewhat merged with the Lailah and Mikleo 2nd Arte acquisition, so the talk was actually done in Ladylake rather than Lastonbell. Highlights include:

  • Sorey and Mikleo discussing their place of birth.
  • Alisha and Sorey talking
  • Mikleo and Uno having a heart to heart (their relationship in the manga is definitely different but in a good way)
  • Lailah and Rose friendship, discussing Dezel and Symonne
  • Zaveid and Edna
  • Sorey and Mikleo meeting at the gates from the noble’s district, then going down the stairs, where Sorey gives Mikleo the Celestial Record for safekeeping along with their dream of exploring the world and its ruins. 

For the visually inclined, and those who’ve seen LQ photos: The scene is done along a long staircase, with Mikleo a few steps above Sorey, and Sorey making serious eye contact.

I am honestly pretty slayed and dead. 


The Hammock From Heaven

It’s all kicking off, essentially. We’ve sorted our trip to Medellín for the second bank holiday weekend of May, it’s less than two weeks until we hit the Caribbean coast for the duration of the Easter break, it’s less than 2 days until Estereo Picnic, a festival in Bogotá featuring The Weeknd, Justice and The Strokes among the highlights. Plus, we’ve only got the next three days at work to prepare for the Monday’s monstrous whole school, to-scale re-enactment of Alice In Wonderland, for which I’m in charge of producing almost a hundred giant playing cards, of which I have so far made one. We have also discovered the ease of which one can rock up to a bus station at short notice and hop on a bus to pretty much any place in Colombia, as was the case when we departed for San Gil, a town seven hours north of Bogotá, on Friday night for the bank holiday, or ‘Puente’, weekend.

Anticipating an unstoppable flood of people trying to leave the city for the long weekend, we got to the bus terminal at around half eight in a mind to catch the eleven overnight bus, but when we got to the ticket booth it became apparent that we had massively overestimated the level of demand for tickets and we were able to get ourselves booked on a bus leaving in half an hour.
In short, the ride was long. It took over an hour just to get out of Bogotá and from then on the winding dirt roads either nudged us from one side to the other or shook us about like dice in a cup. Consequently, it was hard to maintain more than brief patches of sleep, several of which I woke from to find myself nuzzling with the wise-looking stranger-man sat next to me. His only words to me the entire seven-hour journey were “Something to eat?” when the bus pulled up at an empanada stand at 2am, but I could tell we dug each other’s vibe.

We finally arrived in San Gil at 5am, though tienda porches were still occupied by surly, moustached men, who must have either been coming to the end of their night out, or only just starting their Saturday morning. I must admit, at first I wasn’t entirely at ease with the prospect of trekking across town to get to our hostel at the early hours of the morning; there seemed to be type of ‘y’all ain’t from round here’ vibe as the natives followed along our weary walking with their eyes, as did the vultures which made a wall of speckled blackness on a building on the other side of the river, which we could only assume was some kind of meat factory. However, as the night began to enhance into the day, it was beautifully pleasant to hear San Gil waking up around us; some more people emerged out of their houses and into their cars, while the birds came to and began conducting their chirping orchestra.

It was almost completely light when we arrived at the Hostel Nirvana, and muggy as well. The quaint establishment stood neatly in front of a backdrop of vintage Colombian green mountains against an overcast sky with its contrasting but simultaneously complementing hard cheesy yellow walls and faded red roof tiles. I only needed to be in the place for three seconds before knowing that this was the best hostel we possibly could have booked; in the front room were two cats. Ordinarily, I’d end that sentence with a smugly bracketed ‘(Need I say more?)’, but in this case it is necessary that I say more. Behind the cats, in a humble cardboard box, was a litter of kittens, too shy to come out, too young to walk. The next delightful surprise was the pool out in the back, accompanied by a chunky inflatable crocodile. And I only needed to flick my eyes a flicker upwards to discover the true icing on the cake, a colossal hammock, suspended over the ground below by four mighty wooden masts that I fathom could have supported the hostel’s entire population at a squeeze. So, quickly abandoning the notion to nap until eight o’clock, I joined Stephen and Ela for a crack-of-dawn swim and a lounge on the hammock from heaven as the sun began to sweat its heat through the cloud, and birds of magnificent blues and yellows gathered and somersaulted, and the insects began to drone their sickly then sweet whistling drone. It was a morning that immediately etched itself into my memory, and the day was still new and untouched.

The plan hatched for the day was to head to Barichara, a small colonial town half an hour outside San Gil, and hike from there to Guane, an even smaller colonial town. To get to Barichara, we needed to catch a bus from a dusty, rustic bus station across the main part of town, which in turn entailed walking through the thriving hive of the morning market. In a heat just below the line of unbearable for us gringos, the buzz of activity was staggering. Looking around, there was not a single person not doing something, be they flogging vegetables from a stall, strapping a crate of oranges to their motorbike, or unloaded an enormous sack of twin-pot yoghurt out the back of their car. The fifteen-minute stroll was a mere insight to the hard-work and hustle that goes into the lives of these rural Colombians day in, day out, and anyone who tries to stereotype Latinos as lazy workers clearly does not know what they are talking about.

Barichara was a sweet town; its bright, petite square, boxed in by its clean white buildings on three sides and proud church on the remaining, it was essentially like a scaled down model of Villa De Leyva, where I had visited with Dad a few weeks before. It was a nice place to amble and we got some late breakfast (or arguably early lunch) followed by the most precisely, intricately made coffee I’ve ever had from a single quiet man, a coffee guru of sorts, in his tiny shop. Sufficiently caffeinated, we undertook the hike to Guane, which took us little over two hours, and the entire way round the views over the endless plains were breath-taking, as I have almost come to expect from any exhibition undertaken in this country. The rippling sun exposed all the radiant greens splattered across the landscape like some furious collage, and regularly a bird or lizard would delicately flutter or trickle across the canvas. The walking was tough going at times, so when we did finish up at Guane, a scaled down model of Barichara (so a super scaled down version of Villa De Leyva), we were sticky and uncomfortable enough to want to return to San Gil for a swim. So, as it turned out, the day ended as it started: a dip in the pool and a sink into the hammock. The key difference, however, was that all five of us were beer-in-hand, sat in an outward star formation, looking at the other stars in the murky, polluted night sky with our feet touching in the middle. It was one of those times where everything just syncs up with each other - the music, the setting, the people you’re with – and you know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, and every bad thing that’s ever happened to you becomes good because they were events in a long chain reaction that brought you to this moment.

The next day we had wanted to go to the famous Caño Cristales. That didn’t work out, but it doesn’t matter.  Our back up plan was to check out a famous waterfall nearby, allegedly the best thing to do in the Santander area according to TripAdvisor. That didn’t work out either, but it also does not matter. We did some more ambling and headed back to Bogotá a few hours earlier than originally planned, and I watched the darkness of the road wisp past me while I listened to Nick Cave and thought about how crazy it actually is that I’m here, that all these experiences from the past few months are actually happening to me and not some character in a film or a book. I guess this blog could be perceived as boastful sometimes by some people but… you gotta admit, it’s pretty cool.

Highlights from last night’s DL meeting include me getting called on unexpectedly to share information that I didn’t prepare beforehand. It also included me going, “Yeah, no, I mean, I do have a piece about that interaction, but I can’t really submit it for official approval because there are timeframe issues that I don’t think I can fix without scrapping the whole thing.”

“Oh come on, I’m sure it’s not that bad.” 

“No, I mean, chronologically, it literally can’t exist because the first part happens before -major event- and this goddess wasn’t even born yet, let alone earned godhood.” 

“Okay, yeah, that’s pretty bad.” 

Christmas Miracle

Can you do an Andy imagine where he has been on tour for a few months and you have been home. He comes home to surprise when you start to get worried when he has not called or texted

‘okay sleep well’

A sigh left your lips, one of thousands you were holding back. You couldn’t help the slight anger in your gut, though it was not only anger but also worry.
It’s been a few months since Andy was on tour with the guys but it wasn’t the same as usual. You were used to countless nights alone, but those were usually filled with long phone calls, lots of messages or skype sessions, but this was new. Were where those calls, the messages?

It now seemed that the highlights of your days contained a short message every 2-3 hours with one or maybe five words.
Of course you understood that Andy was probably busy with practising when he didn’t have to perform their show and performing as well, but he normally always had the time to talk to you.

'No’, you shook your head and put your phone onto the coffee table in front of the sofa you were sitting on, 'stop being so selfish’
You knew what it meant to date a rockstar, so you shouldn’t complain.

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Min Yoongi. 800+ words. Fluff. College!au

“The bed’s cold. You can help me warm it up.”

There isn’t even so much of a knock when he hears the door clicking open and later closing. And that’s how he knows it’s you. Only you would have the audacity to strut into his dorm room like you own the whole building.

Soft lips touch his cheek in a feathery peck. He notices the smile pressed against his skin, causing the corners of his lips to lift up in a pleasant grin; the only highlight of the night amidst the unending articles he’s going through for his research. If he’s to be frank, he’s starting to see doubles on the screen and his brain can barely pick up on what he’s reading.

“It’s late.” Yoongi states in a halfhearted attempt to scold you for wandering the hallways at three in the morning- you might never know if a pervert might pop out of one the rooms just as you are passing by.

“I’ll kick him in the balls and make a run for it, like I did with you.”

“Except I wasn’t a pervert.”

“You crept up behind me without a sound and put your hand on my shoulder, how am I supposed to think otherwise?”

“Maybe the decrease of weight of your backpack because you’re a book short.”


“Exactly,” you reply sharply. Still, he hears the lightness in your voice, meaning that you’re not all too upset that he’s not having a good rest.

You sigh at the sight of the made bed in front of you; he hasn’t slept at all today. You’re starting to wonder if couches and chairs are more comfortable than a good old, soft bed since he’s always seen sleeping in them more than his own mattress.

Either way, you make yourself at home and climb into bed, discreetly breathing in his scent when you lie your head on the pillow and making sure to leave enough room for him on the one person bed as well. His desk is next to the bed; you get to see a pretty nice side view of your boyfriend’s distressed face, or at least half of it. His shoulders are slumped, and his hand is tapping the pencil against the upper right corner of the paper with the text he’s engrossed in.

“Come to bed,” you say coyly, your head resting on your folded arm on the pillow as you lie on your side, facing him.

“Go to sleep, it’s late,” he tells you, the sound of lead brushing against paper slicing the deadly silence.

“I won’t until you’re in bed with me.” You set your terms.

He finally straightens up, loosening the tense muscles on his shoulders, takes off his glasses and cranes his neck to look at you. A hint of condescension is portrayed on his face at your stubbornness.

“The bed’s cold. You can help me warm it up.” You innocently peer up at him, knowing that he’d cave; the only time he’d get in bed earlier than 4 AM is when you ask him to.

His eyes flit over the papers strewn on every inch of his desk, stealing away what features left it has as a desk, except its legs and the fact that a chair is facing it.

“Work can wait.” He decides before standing up.

Swiftly, he pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it aside, his pants joining the white material at its spot not a second later.

You’d help him out of them, but you’re already comfortable under these sheets; plus, you get a nice show of your boyfriend stripping down to his underwear. A giggle leaves your lips as he slides into bed too, your arm immediately going to his torso as you snuggle against him.

His lips meet yours in the dead of the night; it’s short, but enough for his feelings to reach you. He misses you, even if you had just last seen him five or maybe six hours ago. He pecks your lips for a second time, okay, maybe one more, another one, and another, and another- alright just one more.

You end up breaking the kiss when you can no longer contain your chuckle, finding it immensely adorable how he’s showing his love for you- that and this side of him hardly ever makes an appearance, but when it does, he becomes a mushy sap.

He doesn’t seem to care and dives in to kiss your eyelid. Or at least, you think he’s trying to when his lips land on your lashes, which makes you crack up even more. By now, he’s kissing any spot on your face he can place his lips on- nose, forehead, jaw- though his sightless coordination could use some brushing up.

“Good night, _____.”

“It always is when I’m around.” You smugly speak over the darkness.

A heartbeat of silence later, you open your mouth again. “You’re welcome, by the way.”

He doesn’t utter a word, but even then you know that he’s smiling, despite not being able to see in the pitch black flooding the room entirely.

“Hey, Yoongi?”


“Don’t you ever wonder what would’ve happened if I didn’t kick you in the nuts?”

“We’d probably still end up together because I’d be accidentally on purpose intercepting your way to your room or class. We’re meant to be.”

“Now that’s just pushing it.”

((“It was a pretty good kick though.”))

It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on Earth has ever produced the expression “as pretty as an airport”.

Airports are ugly. Some are very ugly. Some attain a degree of ugliness that can only be the result of a special effort. This ugliness arises because airports ane full of people who are tired, cross, and have just discovered that their luggage has landed in Murmansk (Murmansk airport is the only known exception to this otherwise infallible rule), and architects have on the whole tried to reflect this in their designs.

They have sought to highlight the tiredness and crossness motif with brutal shapes and nerve jangling colours, to make effortless the business of separating the traveller for ever from his or her luggage or loved ones, to confuse the traveller with arrows that appear to point at the windows, distant tie racks, or the current position of Ursa Minor in the night sky, and wherever possible to expose the plumbing on the grounds that it is functional, and conceal the location of the departure gates, presumably on the grounds that they are not.
—  douglas adams - the long dark tea time of the soul

Product: Elf disney Elsa beauty book
Cost: $12.99
This set comes with an eyeshadow brush (not pictured) but I was so pleased with this brush which I was surprised by because everyone said most of the brushes for this line were not so good. 8 eyeshadow colors (I’ll post a swatch of those and my review of them next). Face highlighting powder(snow queen) which I was iffy about because I’m so pale and most highlighting powders just make me look terrible but this one was wonderful, it gives you a really nice summer glow. A shimmer(starry night) and regular eyeliner pencil(frozen heart), the eyeliner pencil is like any other ones, the shimmer one is like any other pencil as well, you can really only see the sparkles in it if you’re facing a certain angle, I had higher hopes for the sparkle eyeliner but all in all it’s not bad. And last but not least a lip color, called royal pursuit (I’ll post a picture and a review of this next as well). It has a small mirror which unless you’re right up on it, it makes your face a little distorted, if I was in a rush I would use it but not for my day to day. When you open the flap where the mirror is it gives you two step by step guides for two different looks “Elsa the princess” which I think is more of a day time look and “Elsa the snow queen” which is more of a night time look. Both look wonderful but I prefer the snow queen look.


The first picture was taken on February 1st, 2015. The day before that I woke up on the floor of my friend’s apartment. He told me that I got jumped and blacked out. I don’t remember anything from that night other than going to the club. That was the night that I was supposed to lose my life. This highlighted a spring semester in which I started with a 1.99 GPA, had family problems and incurred thousands in student loans. But I think the most disparaging part about this whole ordeal was that my “friends” made me the punchline of all of their jokes and saw me as less of a person due to one isolated incident.

The second picture was taken today, March 6th, 2016, a whole year after my face healed. I have not only survived, but I’ve thrived. I’m transferring from my current university with a +3.0 GPA, acquired an internship and a job, grew my hair out using the LOC method, became closer with my family and turned my knack of vivid storytelling into writing scripts and screenplays, to the point in which my friends have urged me into making a YouTube channel by the end of this month. I know there are some of you right now that are going through a very dark time in your life, this is mine, and I can tell you as living proof that you can get through it!!! Just keep pushing fam. Aye shoutout to @goodvibesandskittles for indirectly helping me through all of this… you’re a real one. I decided to post this for #Blackout as we’re going through racial tension, political unrest (Donald Trump is winning states in primaries!) and internal struggles, not as a reminder as to what happened, but to show you guys that a change will come and thangs will get better ✊🏾


I threw a Steven Universe themed going away “Good luck in Army” party! :) All the pictures here were before people started really showing up, but it got pretty crowded later on.  I’ve got more, but these were the highlights.

The living room was the main room playing Steven Universe all night, had all kinds of snacks and food throughout the night(square pizza, French Onion Dip, imperfect pork chops[hot dogs], etc), in the other room was a 40″ tv for Rock Band 2 and I had a bunch of hand drawn “Guitar Dad” posters (no printer, but it was fun) that a lot of people took home throughout the night.  There’s the big one I did, that one’s about 3′x2′ or so.  And there’s a “One night only” Mr.Universe event poster I did. =P

Those are life size decorations of the Crystal Gems!  That 7′ Garnet was a mofo, tell you what.  I also had a bucket of adhesive gems for people to sort through and pick out their own Crystal Gem. :D

That drink under the floating, kinda hidden Peridot I decided to name “Peridot”, too, since it’s inspired by her.  A fun, citrus kickin’ drink.

I didn’t get to do a lot of ideas I was hoping to pull off(burn CDs of Steven Universe songs with “Drive My Van Into Your Heart” cover, something with Connie and Jasper, something with Sour Cream, make drinking games to the show, etc) but since I only had about two weeks to really pull this off I think it was a pretty great success.


The Difference A Dark Sky Makes

“As the Moon came out of eclipse, a brilliant sliver of greyish Moon emerged on the eastern side, a sign of the Earth’s shadow slipping off of it. But the Milky Way was still visible overhead, just gradually less-and-less detailed. The fainter stars slipped away into the night, while the brighter stars became fainter and less colored.

But there was a surprise to me as well. The portion of the Moon still in eclipse — much to my surprise — remained reddened in color! It only occurred to me at that moment that the un-illuminated portion of the Moon, the part still in eclipse, would still be the recipient of the light of Earthshine, but that light would be predominantly red while the Moon was in its full phase!”

By far, one of the highlights of astronomy this year took place earlier this week: a total lunar eclipse featuring a perigee Moon. The sight of watching the Earth’s shadow consume the Moon, eventually swallowing it whole and revealing a faint, red lunar disk, and then the process reversing itself, is unlike any other visible to the naked eye. But the rest of the sky is always a treat as well. While a full Moon often ruins an otherwise pristine night sky with its light pollution, a dark sky during a lunar eclipse can be just as exciting as a new Moon sky, with a transition unlike anything else.

kissing jimin
rated t for too fluffy for my own damn good
word count: 498 

There is something about kissing Jimin. Something in the lust and pull of his lips and Jungkook’s, the way he curls a hand at the base of Jungkook’s neck to keep him close, as if holding onto something precious and perfect and porcelain. There is something about kissing Jimin. Something in the way that Jungkook can’t breathe for breathing in Jimin’s candy apple shampoo, the one that comes in highlighter green bottles and foams up way too much and makes running his fingers through Jimin’s hair feels like tugging on paradise. If only for the tiny little noises Jimin makes when he does it, soft, comforting little mewls that rakes down Jungkook’s spine and curls up in the base of his stomach, keeping him warm for hours on end.

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