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jonas has always been a great character, young and flawed and trying his best. he was always there for isak through all the shit with his mum, and although he made some stupid choices about eva he did just want her to be happy. he just didn’t know how to make it happen.

BUT, the same way we saw isak grow up a lot, we really saw it with jonas too. in season three he’s taken a big step away from the guy teasing, ‘you only know gay songs’ to then calling out isak when he said that the dance instructor was 'so gay’. he’s obviously environmentally and socially conscious, he works hard, and the guys seem to really admire and look up to him.

so here is this sexually confident, and emotionally strong character that has always worked as a foil for people who don’t really know who they are or are struggling with what that is. celebrating self love and self care has always been central to skam characters, and jonas has so much of that, both for himself and to foster in others.

it begs the question then, DOES he get a season? do we find out more about how he was raised, and what he was taught, and how he uses that privilege for better? or does he take a back seat BECAUSE of that? does he continue to simply be there, and be available, as characters who struggle with bigger things are finally given a voice?

I’d be so interested to see his season, to see more of what makes him tick - I just wonder where they’d take it.

BTS Reaction to you having a wet dream

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would be surprised at the sounds coming out of your mouth, but would soon smirk before rolling over and going back to sleep, only to subtly tease you about it the next day, leaving you confused about what he was talking about

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He would most likely still be awake, working on his laptop. He would wake you up telling you that your moans were distracting him from his work, then put his headphones in and act like nothing had happened. On the rare occasion that he would actually be asleep, getting a good night’s rest, he would probably sleep through it.

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He would give a classic J-nope face at the fact that he was woken up

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then when he’d woken up to realize what was going on, prepare yourself for the long night ahead

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He would decide to wake you up by bringing your dream to life

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When he first woke up from the moans, he would get really shy from the fact that he was turned on.

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then when he realized that you obviously wanted him (and were asleep and couldn’t see how he was affected anyway), he would try to gently wake you up by peppering kisses along your neck and slightly grinding his hips against your butt (because he is totally the big spoon)

woops this went a little farther than the others damn bias wrecker

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He would start mimicking your moans until you woke up and gave him a strange look. The night would either end with fluffy sex or both of you just going back to sleep after laughing

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then he would snap out of it and try to start something, but chicken out after you woke up and asked what he wanted

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  • he’s a handsy ‘lil shit
  • when he asks for a kiss you’ll give him one on the cheek to tease him, only to be met with ‘you missed’ as you’re pushed up against the wall
  • he’s not afraid of PDA, he likes people knowing you’re his
  • jealous bellamy is the greatest kisser on earth
  • one simple kiss can escalate very quickly… ;)



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Y/N softly chuckled as she walked with Master Yoda. Even though she normally looked after the Younglings, she had to check in with him every so often. Thankfully, the Jedi was able to get someone to cover for her while they had the meeting. Having just finished, Master Yoda was walking her back to the garden, where the Younglings would be by this time.

“Are you sure you’re only a Master Jedi?” she teased.
He chuckled. “Suppose I am not do you?”
She smirked. “Sometimes you seem to fit better in the role of a trickster.”

Yoda laughed again, a bit louder this time. The pair slowed down as they reached the Temple Garden. Y/N couldn’t help the smile that grew on her face when she caught sight of Obi Wan.

The Jedi was gleefully playing with the Younglings. One of them, Ju Fae, was clinging to his neck while he gave her a piggyback ride. Y/N covered her mouth as she snickered when he started to stomp around like a Bantha. The remaining Younglings were giggling and screaming. Some attempted to attach themselves to Obi Wan’s legs.

“Help him, you must,” Yoda told her with a teasing tone.

She chuckled and nodded. Yoda smirked to himself before leaving. Y/N crossed her arms and walked closer to the kids and Jedi.

“Don’t tell me you’re stealing my charges, Master Jedi?” she quipped.
Obi Wan glanced up. He sent her his breathtaking smile.
“Ms. Y/N,” a young boy, Tiron, yelled as he yelled over to her.

Chuckling, she swung the boy in the air before settling him on her hip. Obi Wan limped over, children still attached to him. Y/N smiled, holding out her free arm.

“Come on, Ju Fae,” she cooed, “Let’s allow the Jedi some mobility.”

Giggling, she climbed over to Y/N. Obi Wan let out a playful roar while spreading out his arms. Y/N and the Younglings chuckled. An aide entered the garden. Y/N smiled at him.

“Hey, Hunter. Would you mind taking them for lunch? I’ll be right in.”
He nodded. “Sure thing, Y/N.”

Hunter immediately corralled the kids and started walking back inside. Y/N slightly bit her lip before looking around. She held back a smirk when she noticed it was empty. She returned her gaze to Obi Wan, beaming.

“I didn’t realize how good you were with Younglings,” she commented lightly.
He raised a brow. “Does that surprise you?”
She giggled, wrapping her arms around his waist. “You know, it really doesn’t.”

Gently, he pushed some hair out of her face. He smoothly rubbed his thumb against her cheek. With a sudden urge, Y/N leaned up and gave Obi Wan a chaste kiss. His eyes fluttered in surprise. The two weren’t exactly dating, but they weren’t friends either. And they’d never kissed before. Y/N pulled back with a slight blush.

“I, uh, I’m sorry,” she apologized, “I couldn’t help it.”

Without responding, Obi Wan pulled her, by her chin, until their lips met again. Though it was slightly longer, and more intimate, than the first, it was still brief. Y/N’s eyes fluttered open, only making the man smirk.

“I think you should get back to the Younglings,” Obi Wan teased.
Y/N chuckled, snapping out of her mini stupor. “And you to training that wily padawan of yours.”

Obi Wan smiled as he watched the woman step back into the Temple. She gave him one last smile before disappearing down the hall. The Jedi allowed himself a brief moment to reflect on the woman he had fallen in love with.

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Reaper and mcree headcanons with a s/o who's terrified of spiders?


  • Hears you screaming and thinks you’re under attack
    • He runs in to see you screaming at a small black speck on the floor.
    • He laughs for about five minutes
    • And you get mad at him 
    • He eventually squishes the spider
    • Teases you about this forever
      • Only stopping if it actually bugs you
  • Will just kill any spiders that you see after this without question
    • Just stares right at Widowmaker while doing it if she’s in the room


  • Is also scared of spiders
    • Pretends not to be but they’re creepy to him
    • After realizing that you want to him to kill it he blanches
    • “Don’t you worry darlin’” he gently steps towards it, “I’ll get it.”
    • As he squishes it he represses the need to shudder
    • Plays it off that he’s unaffected
      • He’s going to have nightmares
  • Whenever you see another spider he mysteriously disappears
    • Doesn’t reappear for another ten minutes

im just so fucking tired of being lied to and played and tricked into believing something would happen im just exhausted from so much anxiety these people give us just for a good rating or attention and i swear to god if this is only teasing just to make fun of this fandom i will kick some serious ass

Okay, so. Little details about Lego Batman that I really, really appreciated:

  • Jim and Barbara Gordon are people of color. 
  • It teases a heterosexual love interest only to make fun of it as a trope. Doesn’t actually come to fruition by the end of the movie.
  • Harley is treated as the Joker’s competent partner in crime rather than his battered girlfriend.
  • The Joker is written as gay. Like, it’s not even subtly coded, his entire MO is getting Batman to validate their relationship.
  • Robin doesn’t give a fuck about gender roles. He unabashedly talks about wearing eyeliner, and has consistently feminine behavior. The moment where he tries to emulate Batman’s brand of stoic hetero-machoness is explicitly written to portray it as wrong and self-destructive.
  • Barbara Gordon is written so well. She isn’t inducted into the Bat Family because “wow, she’s like one of the guys!” Her angle for crime fighting emphasizes the importance of sympathy, and the communal approach of following police protocol rather than leaning on vigilante heroism.
  • They tear Suicide Squad a new cinematic asshole, and it’s incredible.
  • 60s Batman can’t catch a break either. Everything is a punchline. Nothing is sacred.

Consensus? Go watch it, it’s so fucking good.

Scorpio & Pisces
  • Scorpio & Pisces, cuddling in front of the TV in Scorpio's apartment:
  • Pisces, glances from the corner of their eye @ Scorpio: Hey babe, are you okay?
  • Scorpio, staring @ Pisces: Why are you still dating me??
  • Pisces, raises an eyebrow:
  • Pisces, sighs: Because if we broke up- we'd both be lonely... And I made a promise not to make you cry and-
  • Scorpio: Do you love me?
  • Pisces:
  • Pisces: I won't if you keep on fucking interrupting me

Hold up, what the fuck is this?  Natasha wearing glasses in a ponytail + choker + v-neck romper combo?  And they cut it off?  What was the context?  Why not completely cut this out so I don’t have a constant reminder that this happened and I only saw glimpse that barely flashed before my eyes?  What kind of tease is this?  Who do I need to contact about this?