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Updated & Fixed Matresses For Bunk Beds (RE - DOWNLOAD)

For those of you who were no longer able to use my bunk beds, I have updated them for you. They only come in the standard quilted colours like before. Now has Comfort 10, Energy 10, Stress relief & discomfort relief! They are also updated to work with the monster under the bed.

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Hey guys. I’m Áine and this is Piper.

* She’s 19 and a singer/dancer
* She’s one of those girls who plays it up for the cameras but she’s a bitch when she thinks no ones watching
* She takes a while to warm up to people but when she’s friends with someone she’d never say a bad word about them
* She’s a real cutie but also a gossiper (hence her label)
* She was on the show when she was 9 and her personality was basically the same
* She’s always thought she was the best because her parents always told her so and spoiled her rotten (and still do)
* She’s bi curious but only really embraced it recently
* She’s never really had a proper relationship since she got semi-famous after the show so she basically only had time for sex relationships

So yeah. Obviously she was about 15 when she really got famous so she wasn’t having sex at 9 or anything. She’s into drinking and stuff, not so much drugs. I’d really love for her to maybe have a fuck buddy relationship with a girl but maybe said girl uses her more as her b*tch but the sex is good so she stays? Hmu guys x

Cat Purrsday uh?

I’ve never done anything related to sharing pictures with the F1 fandom but when people say cats I’m in. @missemmedi u better get ready because this post will be long.

For context, I used to rescue animals, but then I couldn’t find a home for the ones that were getting in so we are not adopting anymore… this is it. I HAVE 9 CATS.

This is OV7 -name of a Mexican 90s band- or Habibi -blame an Univision telenovela-. He’s the oldest and the boss, the jefe of the crew. When he gets mad, the tongue gets out. He’s mad in the picture. He’s biological brother of Ronnie and Chupitos, was born in November 1st, 2009 in my backyard, son of a stray cat that casually decided it was a good place to give birth. Unfortunately she was killed by a neighbor via poisoning when her kittens were only 2 weeks old so we took them in and adopted them all. One died a few years ago because the entire family has a sickness in their kidneys, so they need special food or they all get sick and die too. 

This is Ronnie. He’s also 7 years old. Poor dude is a bit huge, weighting around 8KG. He sleeps too much and likes to cuddle with humans. He also has regular checkups in the vet because of his health issues. He had a twin brother who’s name was Donnie, and we cuddle and cried together when he passed away and don’t let anyone tell you cats don’t have feelings. We cried. Together. He cried. Tears. Out of his eyes.

The princess of the home. She’s the eldest lady, likes to be pet. She also has health issues like her brother’s plus she has allergies on certain times of the year which cause her to loose her hair. Her name is Chupitos, which was roughly be translated to “lil-sucker”. She got that name because when her mom passed away, she used to suck on her brother’s bellies looking for milk. #SadStories

This is Qeta. She’s a chola. She got here in a car, as in she was stuck around the motor or something and then the car stopped outside my house, she got out and walked to my house. Literally, that’s what happen. She used to be really friendly but the mom of Venancio, Xirila and Abdul used to hit her so she grew bitter. As for today, she only hangs out with me, hates the rest of humans and cats alike and is really violent, but she’s my baby girl. We sleep together and like to sleep in the most uncomfortable way always.

This is Venancio. He’s named like this because as you can see in the picture, he has a mouth issue. His jaw is smaller than his mouth. He always is poking his tongue out because it doesn’t fit inside. That came with a joke, quite racist if I’m honest, about how Spaniards speak with their tongues, and how, if he spoke like humans, he most likely had an Spanish accent. So that’s why he’s Venancio. He’s really dumb. Also, he’s the older brother of Xirila and Abdul and took care of them after their mom passed away.

This is Xirila. She’s darkness and hate. Doesn’t like to be pet but is not aggressive. She learn to open the front door and get’s out to the street, I swear she learn it on her own. Cutest cat I know, I swear the picture does not make justice. On my mom’s birthday, she caught and killed a bird and went and left it on her lap. It’s the most hilarious, gross and amazing story I got to tell.

This is Abdul and he’s named like that because he looks exactly like Habibi, just more like a kid, so we guess another Arabic name and picked that one. He’s really soft and happy cat, is a few years old but still behaves like a kitten. He literally walks about with his tail up high because he’s happy 24/7. Also, ignore my sexy leg in the picture.

This is Copito. It got it’s name after that Lindsay Lohan movie where she plays twins. In the latinamerican dubbed version, the teddy bear is named Copito. So, he’s Copito. He used to sleep with that teddy bear but now outgrew it. He’s really polite and when he wants to be pet, he gets in two legs and taps your arm. He’s really smart but a lil bitch too.

He’s the youngest, we named him Obatman… a mix between Batman and Obama. He’s just a happy kitten who loves being the youngest. He doesn’t have a good relationship with Venancio, Xirila and Qeta but overall, he has been taken into the pack as the younger brother and is being taught by Abdul and Copito about how to catch and kill lil insects.

With all of this, I got an hypothesis. Cats are changing. The youngest have more flexible fingers and more useful “thumbs” in their front legs. Also, youngest don’t get scared with lemons. Also, I love cats. Each and every single of them and the ability to have a cat to pet 24/7 is the best thing ever. That’s it. You’re welcome.

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11, 12, 98

  • 11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Let me go count! 

I own 9 pairs but I only wear two of them.

  • 12. What was your last dream about?

Ohgosh I can hardly keep my last dream in order with my brain. And part of it was kind of… inappropriate to share on the internet. So.

  • 98. Color of your room?

Its like… Beige?? 

@polymathema tagged me for this challenge to name 10 favorite characters in 10 fandoms, and then tag 10 people. So here goes! In no particular order.

1. Homestuck- Terezi Pyrope

2. Harry Potter- Luna Lovegood

3. Discworld- all [shut up, i know i can only pick one but that’s impossible, in conclusion read terry pratchett’s books]

4. DC comics– Wonder Woman

5. Steven Universe- Pearl

6. Child of Light- Genovefa

7. Sailor Moon- Sailor Mercury

8. Mob Psycho 100- Mob

9. Magnus Chase/Percy Jackson- Alex Fierro

10. Tank Girl- Jet Girl

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Hey so the only DQ game I've properly played is 8, loved it and put about 200 hours into it. I'm curious which should I play next? Is it worth going back to the start and playing them chronologically? Thanks ^_^

I’d say anything between 4 and 9 except 7 is good. Why? Because 7 is really long and is really more suited for fans of 4-6, given its structure and narrative. Also the story is broken into pieces (literally too lol) and you don’t see the main antagonist until you’re like 35 hours in.

4 (NES/DS/Mobile) is good because its really easy to get into due to likeable characters and interesting plot divided in chapters. The accents in that game can be annoying, specially in the first chapter. (It should be noted that if you plan on playing in English, the best version is the mobile port because it has the party chat feature, while the DS remake has multi-5 text but no party chat.) I’d choose this one, for the likeable cast.

Seeing your icon, 5 (DS/Mobile) might interest you the most since you can recruit monsters in that game. Along with 3 and 8, its considered the best in the series by most DQ fans. (I personally think its the very best)

6 (DS/Mobile) is a love it or hate it, because at certain point you’re not given many indications of where to go next. Aside from that, there’s also the dream/real world parallelism, where you might have to explore the same towns twice.

9 (DS) is more light-hearted (there are some dark stories tho) and quite fun, but there are no set characters, the player creates their own party (you can choose their looks, name and class, and then the equipment is visible). As in 7, the story is divided by towns/regions, with an overall evil guy behind most of it. I’d choose this one, probably, since its developed by the same studio as 8.

Tagged by @ch-hyngwn to do the bias list tag, thank you so much!! (I love you🖤)

So my bias list is always a wreck but I’ll do my top ten?? (Also I’m only doing one bias per group bc I’m a mess and I always love the whole group)

1) Suga-BTS
2) Wonho- Monsta X
3) Zelo- B.A.P
4) Suwoong- Boys Republic
5) Taeyong- NCT 127
6) Kisu- 24K
7) Giriboy
8) Crush
9) #GUN
10) YooA- Oh my girl

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Flint, Vane, 9 :P

Oh yes, some Flane for my muse <3


Vane pulled the cheroot from out behind his ear.

“So it’s settled then?” he asked. “My men get first picks on whatever valuables there are.”

Both The Walrus and The Ranger had set their sights on the same Dutch merchant vessel, but Vane had beat Flint to the chase and had therefore taken the greater risk.

Flint nodded at Vane and they both rose from the table in the center of the main deck. Flint had held himself in check at giving Vane the best of the prize, but then the other captain felt the need to smirk at him, lips turning up in a crooked smile as he placed the cheroot in his mouth. Flint clenched his jaw.

“Enjoy it, you fucking savage,” he muttered, just loud enough for no one else but Vane to hear.

Vane’s smirk died on his lips. He narrowed his eyes and Flint knew he’d hit the right nerve.

“Can I speak to you in the captain’s quarters?” Vane said, not quite clenching his teeth. Now Flint echoed his smart-ass grin.

“Make it quick,” he grunted.

The two of them spoke briefly with their quartermasters and entered the quarters of the Dutch ship together. The moment Flint had closed the door behind him Vane was slamming him up against it, effectively pinning him with one arm pressed tight against his throat and the other across his waist, his hawk-like face scarcely an inch away from his own.

“You’ve used up my patience for your fucking name calling,” he sneered, eyes darting back and forth over Flint’s. “Do not call me that ever again.”

“Let me…breathe…you ass,” Flint choked out.

Vane removed his arm but as soon as Flint pushed off the wall he slammed him back again with a fistful of his shirt. Furious, Flint’s hand shot up and wrapped around his neck.

“Why are you always so goddamn difficult?”

They stared one another down. Flint saw the violence in the other captain’s eyes and felt the same stir in his blood. Yet the longer he glowered at Charles Vane, the more aware he became of things like the sweat shining off the bridge of his nose, the faint scar tissue over his eyebrow, or the way his breath was a mixture of sweet and sour. The arms that held him were strongly built, like Billy’s. Flint relaxed a little. The tip of his tongue darted out of his lips as he flicked his eyes over Vane’s body.

“There are more productive ways to release tension, you know,” he said in a low voice.

He watched Vane blink, once, twice, his words confusing at first. Then Vane swallowed–and Flint caught the motion of his eyes darting down and then up Flint’s body.

Uncertainty coated his expression, his confidence faltering, and oh god, did that make Flint feel better.

Vane released him entirely and backed up a step.

“Get your share and get the fuck off my prize,” he muttered, though it was without his usual force.

Grinning broadly, Flint put his hand on the doorknob and paused. He looked back at Vane and arched an eyebrow, the question–or opportunity–hanging in the air between them. Vane swallowed again.

“I said get the fuck out,” he said again.

Still smiling, Flint wordlessly left the cabin.


Laura attempts ficlets- send me a prompt

15 things I tell myself when I don't want to work/study

1. You are very lucky and privileged to have access to almost unlimited knowledge and you should appreciate that. 2. Be one of those rare people who step over their insecurities and succeed. 3. Only 5 minutes. Only today. (Repeat it 5 minutes later and every day). 4. You will know what to do as soon as you start. Ideas never appear from inactivity. 5. Make yourself proud. 6. One hour every day doesn’t feel much but it’s 365 hours a year. You can’t not succeed after so much work. 7. It’s not supposed to be easy. Nothing good is easy. 8. If you had a child to look after, you’d make them study because you want them to accomplish something. Don’t you love yourself? 9. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” George Adair 10. Every mistake increases our chance to make progress. 11. If you give up now, you’ll have to return to this later anyway but from the very beginning. 12. Let the process be your result. 13. Every moment you thought your fears would suppress you has become the time you made it. 14. Maybe you think you can never find something to use your skills and mindset for. But if you continue investing in what matters to you, it will find its way out there. 15. I allow you to think globally. You have a right to the boldest dream.


9 Havasupai Native American children are suing the US Bureau of Indian Education

  • Nine schoolchildren from the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Supai, Arizona, filed a lawsuit Thursday against the United States federal government for providing them with an inferior education.
  • The Bureau of Indian Education is required by federal law to give Native children educational opportunities that “equal or exceed those for all other students in the United States.” 
  • The suit alleges that BIE has fallen woefully short of that goal.
  • The only subjects taught at Havasupai Elementary are math, reading and writing. 
  • It lacks any kind of system to teach special education students, which make up roughly half the student body, according to the complaint.
  • As a result, children with disabilities and behavioral disorders are routinely excluded from school activities, removed from classrooms, suspended, expelled or handed over to federal law enforcement as a result of their disciplinary issues. 
  • Some are compelled to leave the school altogether and pursue education away from their tribal homeland (Havasupai Elementary is the only school on the entire 188,077-acre reservation).
  • The school is persistently understaffed, leading to unsupervised classrooms, longterm vacancies and schoolwide shutdowns lasting weeks at a time. 
  • Havasupai Elementary doesn’t even have a functioning school library. The most recent data, from the 2012-13 school year, showed that its students ranked in the 1st and 3rd percentiles — on a median scale of 1 to 100 — in reading and math, respectively. That puts them in last place among schools operated by BIE. Read more

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1. Let it hurt. Let it consume and devour you. Then let it go.
2. People will always have their side of the story and you can’t control which side the people you care about believe. But you can control how you let it affect you.
3. Be consumed by love, not controlled by it.
4. Never compromise on the way you want to be treated.
5. It may seem like you can’t imagine living life without them, but in a month, 2 months, a year, you won’t be able to imagine life still stuck in their rut.
6. You aren’t weak just because you feel so deeply.
7. Heartbreak, in the end, is life experience.
8. Someone can only love you as deeply as they love themselves.
9. Allow yourself to face your demons. Discover your darkest fears. Learn to love every single flaw you have.
10. Be alone long enough to learn how to give yourself the type of love you keep trying to give everyone else.
Multilingual Nico though
  • Like I have this hc that Nico knows like 9 languages
  • There’s a new, really young camper who’s native language is Korean and can only speak a little English. Everyone’s like “Oh no, how we gonna explain everything???? Nico just rocks up and speaks to them fluently 
  • People are like???? When??? How???? 
  • And he’s just so casual about it “When I was figuring out how to shadow travel I ended up in a lot of places ya know” 
  • “Do you watch anime subbed or dubbed?” “Neither, the dubs are normally wrong so I just watch it in Japanese” “Uhhhh…” 
  • He likes a lot of foreign punk bands pass it on
  • Him and Piper have conversations in French to annoy Jason
  • Frank can sort of follow along (He’s Canadian guys) and his Grandma also taught him a little Mandarin so they try and chat in that and it’s just funny
  • He overhears Leo talking about how pretty Calypso is in Spanish, or cussing out his project that just won’t work and he’s there like… “You know I speak Spanish right?” 
  • Percy feels superior because Nico can’t speak fish but he’s just “Yeah, it’s not my type” 
  • Will loves it

I’m selling my Yuri!!! On Ice paintings!

They are watercolor and ink paintings, each about 9″ x 12″ n sturdy watercolor paper. I am selling them right now because perhaps they would make a fun gift for a friend this holiday season! Or TREAT YO’ SELF!

Each painting is $25, except the paintings of Yuuri only and Viktor only (These are $20). Shipping is an additional $3-$5, depending on your location (I will do international shipping!) Paypal money ONLY**

If you are interested, first off–THANK YOU! Yuri!!! on Ice is the little show that could, and has inspired me beyond belief in its run. Send me a message to my inbox, letting me know which one(s) you would like to have! Here is a list:

-Eros Yuuri 

-Viktor and Yuuri busts

-Takoyaki Date

-Skating Viktor

-Ramen Date

-“Be My Coach”

-Silver Medal

-Viktor/Yuri Banquet Dancing

-Viktor/Yuri with Flower Bouquet

-Coffee & Tea Date

Thank you very much, you guys!! You set my heart on fire! Hehe :)


            ↳ Rafe Adler + Character Selection Quotes

[Special thanks to @rafe-adlers​ for providing me w/ the Biker Rafe footage!♡]

Bronx & Saint,

I believe that the world at its core is a good place. It is somewhere you should explore. Wander. Don’t cave into fear. Speak out when you see injustice. Judge people by their actions not their race, creed or gender. Be brave for those who can’t be. Know that some wounds heal by hiking in the woods or laughing with a good friend. Some wounds however will only heal with time. There will be obstacles on your journey. How you respond to them will define who you are–whether you crumble to them or are carved into greatness. Listen to people who are different than you. Be silly. Find peace between the moments. Let your heart guide you when nothing else will…

Above all don’t be afraid of the dark. Know that it is only dark until you cast your light on it. Remember the world is you and you are the world. It is your job to find the good in it.

Love always, 



preview analysis: Yuuri

so i got to thinking about the preview for next weeks episode (or rather, the lack there off) and i got hooked on this

considering the state he’s in, i’m going to run off the assumption that this is after his free skate. we got glimpses of some of the competitors post-skate, which i thought was an interesting parallel to the preview for ep.7, where we saw glimpses of them pre-skate instead. and considering the only other preview to give us so little to work with in terms of Viktor and Yuuri and their relationship was, notably, the preview for episode 7, which gave us a major development in their relationship, i’m thinking that episode 9 might bring about another major development for them, and we already know that this episode is going to be extremely important. 

it’s also notable that this preview has given us little to work with over all, which is unusual in itself. but, besides that, there’s something interesting about this screenshot.

all of the other times Yuuri has finished his free skate, he’s been very expressive, especially towards Viktor, who we know is going to be absent in this coming episode, such as here

from ep.5, and here,

for ep.7 (both of these directly follow the final pose).

however, the look on Yuuri’s face after his FS in the preview is vastly different. he looks distant, like he’s not 100% with whatever is going on. there’s something else too that’s bothering me because i can’t pin it down but he looks… dreadful, almost. or perhaps disappointed is a better word. like he’s being brought back down to reality. 

that brings me to this thought tangent: we all know that Yuuri has to place in this competition, at least at 4th, because otherwise he wouldn’t be going to the Grand Prix Final, and we know he has to make it there at least. his FS is probably not going to be a disaster. one theory i had was that he’d do worse than China, because of anxiety and Yakov’s coaching methods; i saw him getting 3rd or 4th. it’s a possibility, but there was still something bothering me about that, and i finally realized what it was.

this episode is going to be about showing Yuuri’s strength on his own, without Viktor. personally, i’d like to see him do better than he did in China, because it’d be solid proof that he doesn’t need Viktor to skate well. that he can be on his own and still do amazing things. however, just because he may not need Viktor by his side to skate, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want Viktor by his side. and here’s where that screencap comes in.

it looks like Yuuri’s just skated his heart out, maybe not a perfect program but nearing so, and he was riding that high the whole time so he wasn’t thinking about the fact that Viktor wasn’t there. he’s skated this program so many times in practice and now, in competition, and he forgets that Viktor isn’t there. this time his free skate is not going to be centered directly on Viktor like in ep.7, where Yuuri caught sight of Viktor while he skated and let his thoughts dwell on him, but instead its going to be centered abstractly. he skates, and strikes the finishing pose, directing the feeling he’s been channeling the whole skate like he always does, except it’s not Viktor standing there. it’s Yakov. and that exact moment of realization, of, oh, right, he wasn’t here to see me skate, is what i think is going on in this screencap. 

the sharp sting disappointment melting away the feelings he’d had while skating, the loneliness and ache of I miss you

maybe he doesn’t need Viktor to skate, but Yuuri wants him there. to smile and tell him he did great, to sit in the kiss and cry and do stupid things in front of the cameras to show how proud he is. 

it suddenly doesn’t hold as much worth to him if Viktor isn’t there to share it with him, and that, i think, is going to be a very significant point to be made in this next episode.

TL;DR: this screencap of Yuuri from the preview looks like he just finished his FS and realized Viktor wasn’t there to see it, and makes me think this episode is going to focus on the fact that Yuuri doesn’t need Viktor to skate, but he still wants Viktor by his side regardless of that.

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The Ten Commandments

1. Be your true authentic self.

2. Make time for those you love.

3. Treat others people as you’d like them to treat you.

4. If it hurts you, let it go.

5. Change your thoughts - and that will help change your feelings

6. Don’t put it off till another day. If it is important, then do it today.

7. Enjoy the journey – it’s not just about goals.

8. You only have one life – so make it meaningful for you.

9. Be kind to others.

10. Always find a reason to laugh and smile.

official ranking of every octopus emoji on emojipedia

An honest face, a friendly wave. A reassuring presence in the sea. Only six legs though. 9/10

Ha ha, look at this guy! This octopus is a silly one, and fun to be around. Nice colour, nice expressive eyes, nice waviness of tentacles. Still only six of them. 9/10 

Google octopus is here to party and lets everyone know it! But judging from their eyes, inside maybe they’re wondering if they’re getting a bit old for this kind of life, if there’s anything more fulfilling out there. Six legs. 8/10

Small and happy to see you. A friend to sit on your shoulder. Six legs. 7/10

Definitely an octopus, despite being short on legs. Looks like it was worshipped in ancient times. 7/10

Eight legs! But they’re weirdly rigid. A smile that is at first endearing, until you realize there is no emotion beneath it. 6/10

This appears to be a baby squid, not an octopus. Far too few legs. Still clearly of the sea. 5/10

Technically an octopus only because it has eight legs. Their relationship to the head is wrong. It seems to be trying to convince you it’s not an octopus by walking on two legs, arranging two like arms, and trying to hide the others. Untrustworthy. 4/10

Too few legs, and how they attach to the head is unclear - they could also be the mandibles of a space alien. The gaze of a True Neutral. 3/10

Four legs, which are short and not tentacles. A failure. 2/10

This is a hat. A hat you would put on a child on a winters day, and take a cute picture of, yes, but still a hat and not an octopus. 1/10.

A misshapen, asymmetrical devil noot-nooting at you from the depths of hell. Should be destroyed. 0/10