this is one that i have never seen before!

I’m from a (relatively) small town/city, and it’s pretty rural and redneck. Basically, half the population has a gun in their hands and a deer in the back of their truck by the age of ten. This doesn’t lend itself to much in the way of LGBTQ+ resources.

Anyway, I went to a bigger city yesterday and made a stop at a book store. They have a branch of the same store in my town, but I wanted to see what the city had to offer.

They had an entire LGBTQ+ section. That’s something I’ve never seen before. I honestly, actually, seriously almost cried. I also threw out my meagre savings so I could buy four books (plus one for a friend). There were still two others books I wanted but couldn’t afford.

Plus - there were books on being nonbinary. I have never ever seen that before. I got so excited.

So yeah. I saw a small LGBTQ+ section in a bookstore and I almost cried. Good times.

TLOS6 in Miami

I was able to see Chris on the TLOS6 tour here in Miami today, for any of you who are interested. :)

I have never been to one of these nor have I seen Chris in the flesh before, and lucky me, he wore shorts! ha ha (If you’ve never been to Miami in the dead heat of summer, it is HOT. Seriously, if you walk outside it feels like walking into a sauna. The humidity is horrible.)

-There were not too many people there - maybe 300 tops.  I see pics from huge auditoriums that are packed but I guess reading isn’t a priority down here? Good part was, he was pretty close up and I was in the 3rd row. I would say that the majority of people there were parents with their kids, but there were a few older teens/young adults sprinkled here and there. He took his selfie pic and said, “if I look cute, this will be on my instagram later - if not, you will never see this.”

-Before he started he talked about how today was his first day off on the tour, and said he “tanned” and then joked about going from “off-white to eggshell.” He also joked that his masseuse had to wear sunglasses when he got a massage earlier. 

-The first reading from Worlds Collide was pretty hilarious. The characters are at the airport going to NYC and are fascinated by things in the human world - wondering what the purpose of a “baby bjorn” is, looking at glamour magazines, having caffeine for the first time, and are baffled by having to “pay” for things.  Anyway, Chris was really animated during the reading of all of the different characters, and all the kids were cracking up.  Very cute.

A few answers/highlights different than what I’ve seen/read before:

-When asked why Conner and Alex are teenagers and not young kids or adults, he answered that he guesses he just likes teenagers better - “Teenagers kept the lights on at my house for a long, long time.”

-There was a fan there from Germany who asked a question about a place in one of the stories and his response was “oh crap” because he didn’t know the answer. Then she told him what it was (it was a German word) and he realized that he had been saying it wrong in his head this entire time and she gave him the proper pronunciation of the word. He joked that he wished he knew how to say it correctly before he’d done the audio book. 

-During the costume contest, he joked around, saying “don’t mind me, I’m just judging you.” The winner was a girl dressed up as the map of TLOS.  The runner up was a character named Whitney? Not sure the exact name, but she had crazy pigtails that she made by putting hangers IN her hair.  

-A very young little boy asked him the name of the girl in The Curvy Tree.  Chris asked him, “what’s your name?”  (Aiden.)  “Let’s go with that, it was going to be Mildred, but that’s much cuter.”

-Conner gets an “I Do My Own Stunts” tshirt at the airport in this book, and someone asked if that was a Struck by Lightning reference, and Chris was impressed that the kid noticed that and figured it out.

-He was originally in talks with 2 different publishers for this series, but “Little, Brown won.”

-He cannot write stories by hand like J.K Rowling, because his hand constantly cramps.  Only uses a computer. 

-He named the books the Land of Stories because there was a theme park he loved in Clovis called “Storyland” and he didn’t want to be sued for having the same name. (That was said jokingly.)

-First story he ever wrote was about Santa’s daughter being kidnapped and Jack Frost had to save her.  He realizes how “anti-feminist this is now” when he looks back on it.

-Hardest part about finishing any book is getting the ending part right.  He always agonizes over those last few paragraphs. It’s always a big relief when he finishes a book because he has a recurring fear that every time he starts a new book he will die before it gets finished.

-Favorite TLOS book was # 5 because it was all original and he didn’t borrow any of the fairy tale stories in that one.  He also said that he really “creeped himself out” writing about the cemetery of the undead and ended up having to tone it down because he couldn’t sleep after he wrote those parts. 

-Probably the most poignant moment was a girl who asked him a question and got really emotional about it, and I think he did too. She was so nervous, shaking and crying, and asked him how he feels about being such a huge impact on people’s lives and how much he’s accomplished.  At first he cracked a joke and said that it feels wonderful to sit on a stage and have people clap for him, but then he said that his successes makes all of the “trollers online worth it” and when she blurted out “you make me so happy!” he smiled really big at her and said “you make me happy too.”   It was so sweet.  He later had her pull the raffle winners and asked her to meet him backstage afterwards as well.

I think that’s it. I enjoyed it and got my book, and finally got to see Chris live and in person. He’s absolutely adorable, and very funny.  I will post a few pics as well.

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Could you make gifs of some ianthony moments that are not so recognised? Like we have the obvious kiss, hug etc but maybe the ones not many people talk about? (Sorry if this is really vague xD) Thank you!

No, you’re alright! :D I actually love this request because it gives me a chance to bring back some classic Ianthony moments that the rest of the fandom has either forgotten about or just has never seen before! Since you asked for multiple moments, we’ll just turn this into a list! :) Most of these moments are from Lunchtimes and Smosh is Boreds because there are A LOT of gems in those older videos that are worth bringing up! Plus I need something to do while taking some time off work. xD


1. Ian’s deepthroating abilities.

This moment turned four years old on June 24 this year and it saddens me at how many people don’t know about Ian’s deep throating abilities. This man has a SUPER talented mouth and NO ONE talks about it. Ian probably wants us to forget that, but because of me, it’s back on your dash. You’re welcome. To all the fanfic writers that remain in our small fandom, PLEASE remember this video the next time you write something smutty! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


2. Anthony Caressing Ian’s Beard.

So, if some of you guys don’t remember, sometimes when Anthony would be answering Twitter questions during a lunchtime, he would sometimes “answer” ones that would require him to do various things to Ian. One of them is this one. I don’t care if a fan did request this one. Anthony didn’t HAVE to pick this question and has said multiple times throughout the series’ duration that he filtered through A LOT of shit questions before he found a actual good one. So, he could have easily skipped it, but he wanted to caress Ian’s beard. Bless you, random Twitter user… bless you.


3. The San Francisco Vlog.

This video was, and continues to be, a FANTASTIC blessing to the fandom. You know what’s sad, though? NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT! I know I was supposed to be singling out specific moments here, but I CANNOT pass up the San Francisco road trip. Sponsored or not, they gave such beautiful moments like playful sword fighting, Ian suggesting that they should kiss, and even a Titanic-like shot AS SOON as the video starts. Seriously! It’s such a forgotten gem and needs to be remembered!


4. The “Slow” Dance.

Like number two on this list, this was also the result of a Twitter question. This time, they were asked to slow dance. They went through with it, but not the way we were expecting… -__- Teasing motherfucking bastards… It doesn’t really matter though. We got Anthony giving Ian a sweet look and we can easily just make a gif of it and take it out of context ;) You’re welcome.


5. The Staring Contest

Now, when I first came into the fandom three years ago, THIS was the moment that everyone remembered and recommended for me to watch. It was the moment that was plastered all over the Ianthony blogs, Wattpad book covers, Google image search, you name it. Then larger moments like the NEAR KISS and ACTUAL KISS came along and it overshadowed this once golden moment. Now, hardly anyone knows/talks about this moment and it’s a little sad. Granted, them kissing twice along with a HEAD KISS is bigger than a moment like this, but it was still a defining moment of the Ianthony fandom and it deserves some love because it is honestly a great moment! It is just a few months shy of SEVEN years old, but it’s still a cute moment that they shared and is DEFINITELY worth a comeback! <3

PS… This was also the result of a Twitter question.


6. Ian Calling Anthony “Babe” On Camera.

Yes, this actually happened…

PS: This is an older gif I made a few years ago. Why make a new one when i already had one, right?


7. Flirting With One Another While Playing an Immersive “Horror” Game.

Okay, so it’s not really a horror game, but you’ll know what I mean when you watch it! Back when “Gametime With S*osh” was a thing, we got cute little flirty moments all the time, but it was always one sided or short lived. THIS however, was different. It was the first time we saw the flirting reciprocated. It also lasted throughout HALF of the video and it was amazing. When it first aired, it was PLASTERED all over the tag, but now everyone has forgotten about it… FIX THAT! Watch these two love birds flirt with each other and bring back this amazing video!


Real talk, this took me NINE HOURS to finish. I’ve literally been working on this all day. I had intentions on making this 10 moments, but I’m totally drained and need some sleep. xD I hope this was enough to satisfy your request, Anon! :) 

Also, if you or anyone else would like to see another Ianthony moment revive post, please let me know. It was a lot of work, but I have A LOT of material to work with and that really helps! There are so many gems out there that has been lost to time and I would LOVE to bring more back for you guys to enjoy and so we can all appreciate these two dorks just a little more than we already do! :D

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So: Jeanmarco amusement park date. Thoughts on how that would go down?


SECONDLY they would have so much fun oh my GOD jean would definitely blow all his money trying to win marco prizes and then complaining how rigged the games are when he couldnt win

then getting all pouty when marco decides to take a shot at it and win on the First Try (but he got jean a cute stuffed animal so its ok)


do they have carnival games at amusement parks???

THEY WOULD RIDE ALL THE RIDES TOGETHER and on the big and scary ones they’d cling to each other and jean is screaming bc He’s Pretty Sure He’s Going To Die but marco is laughing bc he loves roller coasters!!! and he’s laughing at jean bc he’s never seen anyone look so sick before omg

AND THE FOOD they’d eat all the gross amusement park food bc who goes to an amusement park looking for healthy food???? no one, thats who

and then the grand FUCKIN finale they ride the ferris wheel when it’s starting to get dark and everything is so pretty at night bc of all the lights and when they reach the top marco smooches jean and he smooches jean and lets just say fireworks go off at that time too bc im a cliche HOE

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I've seen a couple of places live streaming some of the comic con panels do you think they'll live stream the ouat panel? I'm totally not going to be up at 3 am just so I can see it nor will I stay up for the doctor who one after no not when I have to be up early I would never do that because I'm just responsible and adult-ish and stuff... ;)

It’s never been live streamed before so I doubt it will be this year. I had a quick search online and the only place I can see offering live streams is IGN and OUAT isn’t scheduled.

The full panel usually makes it to Youtube within a few days though.

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WOO guessing game...let's try drink!

Okay, so… I have about six long fics in the works. This one is mShep/Joker - occurring post war. I didn’t have drink, but I did have drinking and drinks, so here you go. And I gave you a nice long snippet. :) Thanks for asking!!

It occurs to Joker that he’s never actually seen Shepard drunk before. Drinking yes. There had been the mandatory celebrations after defeating Saren and then the Collectors, and of course there had been times in the port side lounge on the Normandy when the ground team would gather – graciously letting Joker and Cortez join in – to share a few drinks and laughs and just generally unwind after a particularly tough mission. The party at Anderson’s apartment might have been the closest he’d ever come to witnessing drunk Shepard, but the mood that night had been decidedly more upbeat than tonight.

Watching Shepard brood with his cheek on his fist as he downs shot after shot of cheap rum isn’t exactly how he’d hoped to see Shepard getting drunk. The man has a fun side. One he rarely lets others see. On the Normandy, he’d mostly been all business, and Joker can’t help wondering exactly how long it has been since the Commander has really cut loose and let himself unwind.

“How long’s it been since you got laid, Shepard?”

Who else wants to play along? :) Send me a word or two and I’ll send you a snippet from one of my WIPs!


Originally posted by dean-appreciation-blog

Person: Dean


Word count: 474

requested by anon

note: request are still open, and I only have one more that I still need to write so please request on.

“Babe, do you think this would match me?” You held up a striped off-shoulder shirt to your boyfriend. Off shoulder shirts has been the latest trend to ladies, lowkey you were trying to get with the trend without your boyfriend knowing since you know how fashionable he can be.

You look good with anything but I’ve never seen you pick out such clothing before, are you making a change? How about this?” Dean held up a shirt that was more of your style, a t shirt. You somehow always made t shirts very fashionable even though it’s so plain.

I wouldn’t say a change, just trying something new you know,” you said as you grabbed more shirts that were off your “like to wear” list. The trendy shirts are really pretty and you liked them but they just weren’t your style. There were about five shirt you were hanging onto, that you were confident that you liked and was going to where at some point.

“Okay then…lets go give it a try….miss…hello my girlfriend would like to try on these clothes,” Dean had pointed at the shirts you were holding as you have a warm smile to the lady.

“Of course, follow me please,” you followed the lady to the fitting room and she unlocked one of the room that was not in use. You took of your original shirt and tried on the off shoulder on first. It’s not as bad as you thought it would be maybe—

"Y/n are you ever gonna come out and show me?” Dean had cut you out of thought and into reality. It’s not bad enough to not show him right? You had thought to yourself, okay let’s get out. As you walked out of the room, Dean began clapping while his face in awe.

"Wow you girlfriend really matches that shirt!” The worker had said, also giving a small clap.

"I think you made the shirt look good!” Dean commented, making you blush a pink shade to your cheeks, “I’d say it’s a keeper.

Going through the other four were great as well, Dean liked all of them on you, actually making you blush each time.

"Anything else you’d like?” Dean said as you both made your way to the front.

"Hmm nah I’m tired,” which was actually true, shopping is seriously tiring when you have nothing in mind of what to look for from the beginning.

"Okay, here give me it, I’ll pay for it.”

“No it’s fine I can pay myself” Dean stared at you with his soft eye making you want to give up the fight instantly,“okay fine you can pay this but I get to pay for the food.”

“Nah I’ll pay for that too.”

Note: I think he would be the nicest little shit while shopping, I wish I gotta man like that. It funny how I wrote his and am saying that.


DY’s childish games making TY brighten his mood  

the bold type was so unprecedented like i watched that first episode n kat is all “ahhh im a proud hetero u kno :-)” and i rly thought that was gonna be the end of it! i thought it was gonna go the exact way of all “str8 woman meets a lesbean n thinks she’s being hit on” content where theres clear chemistry that every queer on earth picks up on but str8s cant see and that would be it! and i just kind of resigned myself to the fact that this was just gonna be another feminist=str8 girl power shows

but then the intro to the second episode was like “no kat is entirely smitten! this plot line is not only ongoing but going to take up a third of the shows action!” yall i was YELLING and im really not exaggerating when i say i have never seen this kind of queer female rep….ever

this relationship. is btwn 2 woc. one of whom is a practicing muslim lesbian who wears the hijab (and as the sapphic love interest of color for the questioning main is everything that uhhhh floriana LIAR wishes she/sanvers ship was and thats the tea!)

and one of whom is a biracial Black woman who very realistically questions her orientation and its just…..the thing abt it is she’s so excited to figure this out! She’s confused and doesn’t rly know how to handle these feelings but she’s still havin fun on the journey! shes just havin a good time! and i have NEVER seen that before. the coming out process is always framed as this painful horrible excruciating sad process and at times yeah it is but other times? it’s nice. sometimes it is really truly just Good and (for the moment) untouched by all the sad parts str8 society forces on us.

and when kat tells her friends that shes questioning they just…support her? sutton says “we have to unpack this!” all excitedly bc she rly just wants to help! she wants to help kat figure it out bc she’s just a genuinely good friend! she’s! not! trying! to! label! kat!

jane lets kat fish a yoni egg out of her vag in a scene that WASN’T framed as a “haha were all just So Straight this isnt even weird! Like I love straight we can act so gay and just Be Straight u kno :)” like literally 3 seconds before kat was talkin abt how she might be into girls n jane still asks her to take it out AND doesn’t make any “haha don’t enjoy this TOO much :-)” type jokes or seem uncomfortable abt anything besides the fact that her friend has a hand inside her vagina like….in this age of Bad allyship where “”“”“"friendly”“”“”“ homophobia has kind of? Become? A thing? hell nope this scene and this friendship changed my whole ass life!!

I saw many people pointing it out, but when Mark said “crop top” when referring to the chest binder (because I get it, he doesn’t know. i don’t expect people to know what a binder is if they’ve never seen one before) my trans ass, like a dolt, went with it, and didn’t realize until people on tumblr said that you can be a trans dad AND I’M SO FUCKING HAPPY ABOUT IT OMG?!??! this game is a gift from the gods


You ever accidentally hit pause at exactly the right moment on one of the 2 frames Sammy has blink and you miss it yellow eyes after drinking Azazel’s blood? I never noticed before, although tbh I could have seen a screencap of this like 6 years ago and forgotten by now :P

Makes you wonder because he had black eyes in 4x22 so does Sam get demon eyes the same colour as whatever he’s been drinking? 

Also how much do these look like Cas’s eyes in 12x19.

Inexorable (1)

So I thought, why not combine that shit and make it a mini-series or something? I really hope you two anons enjoy it! No idea how many parts there will be. We shall see. Gif isn’t mine, cred goes to the owners! 1,560 Words

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader 

Genre: Fluff, a little crack, (Eventual) Smut, Mafia au!

Part 1 | Part 2

Everyone’s heard of blind dates – never of blind marriages, not even in the mafia world. Yet, here you were, walking down the aisle, your hand latched onto your father’s arm, towards a young man you had never seen before. 

You hadn’t even gotten the chance to speak to him, let alone this being the first time you actually got to see his face. There was so much rage bubbling inside you at the moment, but it was all hidden behind a small smile.

Combining two mafia organizations together was a huge deal; something bosses usually agreed on with the exchange of girls, but considering Red Python was one of the most powerful organizations in the country, they wouldn’t want just any girl. They wanted a suitable bride for the heir of said organization.

And your father, being the great, generous man he was, suggested you.

Keep reading

Concerning Concret/Concrete

I’m seeing a lot of people, out of nowhere, talk about this gem saying she’s a racist and stereotypical figure. But I don’t get it? 

The “design a gem” page has been revealed long before the release of the actual book. Therefore, many have seen this gem. So I want to know why is this a problem all of a sudden?

Being a 20 yr old African American, never did it ever cross my mind that this concept was racist in any way and no one else seemed to think it either. She’s cute, shy and innocent and I hope to see a rendition of this design in the actual show.

I would love to have a CIVIL conversation about this topic. Someone please help me understand why this is an issue all of a sudden.

Hail Brodin!

Our party has just walked into the village of Bergmitia where we have seen the very swole inhabitants checking out each other’s muscles and slapping each other on the ass. We hear an occasional shout of ‘hail Brodin’. Our cleric dwarf sees these rituals(and having never heard of bro’s before outside of game) and decides to greet them in kind.
CD: I slap the nearest one on the ass and ask ‘who’s in charge here?’
Dm: the man turns towards you and says 'Bro, do I know you, Brah?’ In a hostile tone
CD: take me to your leader.
Dm: Brah, no one is in charge here except the word of Brodin. Hail Brodin! Various inhabitants chorus back the cheer.

CD and the NPC go back and forth for a bit, DC getting increasingly irate with being called a bra.
DC: I punch him in the face
Dm: roll for strength
DC: *rolls a 1* I reach out and lightly stroke
Dm interrupts: you are a dwarf so his crotch is directly in front of you
DC: Turn your head and cough
NPC: Brah, why didn’t you say so earlier? Brodin accepts all!

Later, after convincing the town to drink themselves stupid, we are looking for somewhere to sleep for the night
DC and I: let’s take one of their houses!
Same NPC: 'Bros, you can stay with me!’
DC: alright, but I’m taking the bed
NPC: That’s fine, there’s room for both of us.
Dm: As you settle in for a sleep you feel NPC slowly put his arms around you. You are the little spoon.

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Coming off the neighbors AU: Viktor lives in an apartment on one side of the street and always hears music booming from the apartment directly across him on the other side. It doesn't bother him so much as make him curious, but he never seems to catch whose responsible for it. Then one evening he sees a door -SLAM- open, and Yuuri just jumps fresh from a shower, dressed but with a towel wrapped around his head, dancing furiously to whatever song is playing.