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So I’ve been thinking about it lately and there’s one simple switch that could have put season 3 in a different, possibly better developed direction. I’ve seen it mentioned before but the more I dwell on it, the more sense it makes.

Lena buys CatCo and brings in Sam to run that instead of L Corp. That’s it. Here’s why:

First of all, and this is a big thing that has been bothering me, but Lena would never leave L Corp. L Corp, her baby, her family company that she has vowed to pull out of the ashes and make it a force for good under the new name she’s given it. She has poured her heart and soul into this company and is damn good at it and they want me to believe that Lena would ever give L Corp to someone else to run so that she can look after another company? L Corp is the one part of the Luthor Legacy that Lena is clinging to because she can do good and great things as its head. It’s her father’s company, her brother’s company, her company and there is no way in hell that Lena would hand the keys over to someone else, say “lol it’s your burden now” and leave. L Corp means too much to her, it’s the key to the redemption she thinks she needs just because she’s a Luthor and Lena would not walk away from that.

  • Now Lena would of course still buy CatCo and take a little time to know the company, that’s a no brainer. It’s a good investment, she’d be pulling one over Morgan Edge, and most importantly, Kara asked her to do something and Lena is whipped. Kara is also whipped. Both these soft girlfriends are so in love and so whipped that of course Lena would buy CatCo because she can’t resist Kara’s pout as we’ve seen time and time again
  • Where was I going with this
  • Right so since we’ve established that Lena belongs at L Corp, here’s why Sam would’ve been a good addition at CatCo…

KARA AND SAM WOULD ACTUALLY HAVE SCENES TOGETHER AND WE WOULD GET TO SEE THEM BOND INSTEAD OF HAVING TO BE TOLD HOW CLOSE THEY ARE IN A SHOE-HORNED SPEECH. I’ve talked about how much it bugs me in this post but goodness gracious, I really can’t believe how badly they rushed their dynamic??? The show is called Supergirl and we barely get to see the relationship between her and another Kryptonian/possible relative? If Sam were at CatCo, we could see how she and Kara interacted. We could see them become friends, how they work together, how alike they are, how Kara and Ruby bond when Sam brings her to work. We could have been invested in that relationship because we actually saw their relationship. We would’ve rooted for Kara and Sam to be BFFs and would’ve been devastated during the Supergirl/Reign showdown because it would have been two people we saw become friends now fighting each other. It would have contained that emotional element that the original, admittedly cool looking, fight scene lacked and the development of that relationship would have been a lot more organic.

  • Plus can you imagine Sam’s reaction whenever she can’t find Kara only to be told by some employee that “Oh Kara just left for her exclusive interview with Lena Luthor.”
  • “How often does she have those?”
  • “Like every other day.”
  • Sam immediately calls Lena up “I know I can’t say anything because you’re my boss but as your friend, damn get it girl.”
  • Plus whenever Kara isn’t out “interviewing” Lena ;) you know she’s out on Supergirl business and now imagine not one but two people with secret identities leaving CatCo only to fight each other in the streets five minutes later.

Sam being at CatCo means an easy integration into the friends group. She knows Kara, Lena, and James so being invited to Kara’s apartment for game night? It’s no problem, she knows most of them. Alex would still be introduced to Ruby and that part of the storyline could continue without issue. This also raises the stakes for everyone because the more fleshed out connections Sam has with everyone, the sadder it’ll be when Reign is finally here to stay.

Speaking of James…James. I know many, myself included, dislike the current story the show is doing with him and I think Sam being the one at CatCo instead of Lena would fix all of that. The most obvious reason being that there would be no abrupt BS “romance” between him and someone the writers have made him continually put down. But for other reasons too, I promise!

  • The transition of a new head at CatCo would have been easier if it wasn’t Lena. James’ hostility towards Lena, whether it’s snapping at her for asking where Kara (an employee of hers) was going during work or having a bit of a condescending tone when explaining to Lena about advertisement space wouldn’t have existed. He might have been wary of Sam when she started since she was put in charge by Lena but I don’t see that lasting long.
  • James is so sure Lena is like Lex. He felt that way before and after meeting her. He felt that Kara, who defended Lena over and over, was under the same Luthor spell that Clark was under and because of that, didn’t believe her. I know it’s silly to think that Sam of all people would have an impact on James’ opinion regarding Lena when he doesn’t know her but I think that’s why it would work. Because Sam is someone completely unconnected to the Superman and Lex Luthor debacle. She’s just a regular person (minus the whole…worldkiller thing) who’s friends with Lena and has funny anecdotes about her and makes the woman in question seem more Lena than Luthor to James. And I think that’s important because while I don’t like the romance at all, I need James’s opinion on Lena to change and for them to even become friends.
  • And you know what, I think James and Sam would really get along. I just do. Whether as friends or a couple (we know James likes and is good with kids) I think that if they wanted to put James in a romantic relationship, this would have been a better choice. Sam’s a new character and it would have been a much cleaner start since there’s no baggage between them. And James is a good, stable guy. He’d be there for both Sam and Ruby.
  • And I do want James to have an actual storyline that isn’t just about romance. James helping Sam run CatCo but having more time to return to photography, getting over his unfair opinion of Lena, and connecting with Sam in a platonic or romantic way seems to be a good start, at the very least.

Lena being at L Corp means that Kara doesn’t have to lie to her as much. It’s amusing when it happens every so often but becomes decidedly less so when Kara just has to run out at work and Lena notices or other people have to lie on Kara’s behalf because Lena’s at CatCo and can’t find Kara. If Lena’s at L Corp, Kara doesn’t have to make up excuses about why she’s not at her day job.

The Morgan Edge storyline could continue as planned because Lena would still have bought CatCo.

We could still get cute scenes of Lena at CatCo because of course she would check in to see how things are doing.

We would get Lena back in her office!!! Do you know how much I miss seeing Lena in her office?

The desk?

The couch?

Supergirl landing on the balcony to talk/flirt with her?

I just miss all the supercorp office scenes. They are so pure.

TLDR: It just makes more sense for Lena to be at L Corp and to put Sam at CatCo instead because everyone’s characterization would have been better, Kara and Sam would actually have scenes together, and it’s so much easier for Supercorp to bang in Lena’s office when Lena’s actually in her office.

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I love how Yang is the one that catches Blake's attention right away, but had I been in her place the only thing I would have been able to notice would have been THIS GIANT WASP. xD

(rwby5 rwby spoilers) lol i DO love that blake just doesn’t question the giant glowing wasp even though she’s never seen weiss summon before

I got tagged by @whatshappeningcowboy and @eisenhexa to post ten random facts about myself! (Thanks babes xoxo)

1. I sit cross legged everywhere it’s like physically impossible for me to not do it lmao

2. I have never in my life broken a bone but I almost lost my eye once ?

3. I loathe glitter lmao

4. I’ve been in a music video before

5. I’ve seen the sun set over the Pacific and rise over the Atlantic

6. Rae is the first nickname I’ve had that I actually like ? My name doesn’t make for good nicknames

7. Despite having my face filled with metal the only piercing that I’ve kept is the first one I got when I was 18

8. The lead singer of my favorite bands ex wife added me on fb and wishes me a happy birthday every year which is pretty neat

9. I am literally so ticklish like it actually sucks (tmi/nsfw ahead) I’ve had to stop sex because of it. My hair will literally tickle me awake. It suuuuuuuucks so badly I hate it

10. It took me an hour to come up with this list im so boooooring

I tag whoever wants to do this ?? Im bad at this

I had a panic attack today. That’s never happened before. Well, not like that. I’ve had something akin to one but it just paralyzed me. This time I was just uncontrollably sobbing, hyperventilating and rocking in my chair right in front of my case worker and mother. I feel so ashamed. I wish I could undo it. I don’t want mom to have seen me like that. It was scary enough that I had to experience such lack of composure myself. I just couldn’t stop. Grabbing onto my head and rocking.

I’m not in a bad mood. I’m continuing my focus on keeping my mood up, but I feel really weird ever since that happened this morning. And I think something broke in me. Now I can’t think about that topic without sobbing. It’s like the panic attack is waiting right under the surface to happen again.

I basically got some bad news that triggered all the anxiety and worry I’ve been carrying with me and trying to suppress for over half a year now. I’ve been so scared about this thing, and today at the meeting, it basically turned out to become as much of a problem as I worried it could be. And I just broke. I have no more energy to keep my anxiety away on this spesific topic anymore. Now I can’t gather any calm thought about this at all, and I feel weird.

I’m ok. But I feel very odd.

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Um, well, you know those little extra story things someone told Saihara about before? Well, there was one that had you guys in different costumes. Amami was in a Sherlock Holmes type outfit, Tenko in a boys school uniform, Gonta may have been in a girls school uniform (couldn't see his legs), Kaede was wearing some Playboy bunny like thing, I think Kirumi may have been a butler... Anyways you were wearing a maid uniform. And I think you looked cute.

“Well that sounds… interesting.”

“This is fake. I’ve never actually worn a maid costume. So please don’t pretend that you’ve seen me in one for real.”


DY’s childish games making TY brighten his mood  

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I know its, well, “fancy” to eat raw oysters, but coming from a waterman community with a staple that includes oysters: DON’T. 

Actually, don’t eat any shellfish raw. In a way, I’m not surprised that this isn’t common knowledge. After all, most people don’t live on the water, don’t see how oysters are brought up (tonging or dredging–the river I grew up on, dredging is banned due to conservation purposes), and people don’t see the type of infections folk get while working–a small scrape can mean losing a leg to bacteria.

Oysters most notably are likely to contain Vibrio, a type of bacteria. This isn’t about a rotten / fresh thing. Eat a raw oyster off a boat and you could contract it. The reason for this is that oysters are cleaning systems. 

This is why they’re so important to the health of an ecosystem (such as the Chesapeake Bay, where I’m from). This also means that they can easily house viruses and bacteria. The way to prevent this is to cook them. You can’t prepare yourself for Vibrio. You can’t tell which oyster does or does not contain it. The sole defense is to cook it.

And to be honest? Raw is a shitty way to eat them, no matter what. You’re not really supposed to chew raw oysters, only quickly swallow. (And having done it before, out of brave, stupid curiosity, I can see why: its gross, unappetizing, and disappointing.) Cook them, like everyone who tongs them up does. Fry or put them in a stew (boil them first). Or broil or bake them. Please don’t relegate these wonderful bivalves to being gross snot you swallow quickly… They deserve so much better.

Further: Seafood safety is a little more complicated than one may think (if you’re not used to seafood). Never eat fish that have been previously scarred or wounded (re: if you’re purchasing whole fish and it has wounds, DON’T eat it), and always consider the smell—some fish have a smell (different fishes, especially depending on fat content, have distinct smells), but: learn the smell of rotten fish. Always inspect fish at the market before purchasing. Cause, heck yea, some of the fish I’ve seen for sale at markets is sketchy as shit and I wouldn’t dang well touch it. 

Injuries on whole (or cut fish; if you get a piece in a bag–I often buy bags of tilapia or salmon with skin) to avoid: 

1) Cuts. These can be small; don’t eat them. You have no idea when the fish was injured–alive, in its habitat (wild or farm), on the boat, afterwards. It can breed bacteria. 

2) Missing eyes. Unless you accidentally popped it out yourself (I have done this), don’t eat it. Again: You have no idea when this happened and therefore if its bred bacteria. 

3) Some of the fish I work around is very small–such as herring. Sometimes, there are pieces of them that have snapped off (like a tail or head or in half) during some process I wasn’t part of. Don’t eat it. (If you did it yourself, well, whoops.) Same if the skin has been scrapped away. Sometimes there are small punctures. 

Golden rule: If you didn’t do the damage, don’t eat it.


“Must have been mental before the System. People had to do the whole relationship thing themselves.”

otherwise known as: Black Mirror’s Hang the DJ Phan au

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BTS / Mafia AU – You start to have feelings for them after an arranged marriage

REQUEST: Heyyy,,,so I just finished reading your exo’s arranged marriage and how yn starts to slowly have feelings for them and I was wondering if u could do one for bts too….I mean if you’re fine with it tho!! But if u do, thank you in advanced💖

thank you for this request, i hope you enjoy! ❤️

i’m also completely drained of ideas for this specific au thank god it’s the third of the three groups i write about shskdfj



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Despite being a notorious member of the Mafia, your husband was always fair when it came to his favorite past-time activity – playing poker.

Ever since you were given away to him, you hated poker. Not necessarily because he played it, but because it brought all kinds of people to your house. It was already hard to get used to being a part of a Mafia family, and now you had to meet all of these other dangerous looking men and women.

You had admitted to Jin that you hated poker one time, and expected him to kick you out of the house immediately, but instead of that, he just watched you for a moment.

“Come watch me play,” he told you then. “I’m sure you’ll be impressed.”

“It’s not even about the game,” you said. “It’s just that there’s constantly some people hanging out here.”

“And you want to be alone with me, right?”

Blushing furiously, you turned away from him. “That’s not what I meant.”

Jin laughed at your reaction, but then he placed a hand on your shoulder to get you to turn back around. You did.

“Look, just come,” he said once your eyes met. “I’ll introduce you to everyone and if you still hate them, I’ll tell them to leave right away.”

You scoffed. “Yeah, tell them that this random girl doesn’t like them. That’ll get them to leave.”

“You’re not a random girl,” Jin said matter-of-factly. “You’re my wife.”

You wanted to tell him that it didn’t feel like it but chose to only have one argument at a time. Sighing, you nodded and the next time Jin’s poker buddies came (so, thirty minutes after you had this conversation with him), he took you with him to the basement, where they always played.

Surprisingly, as Jin walked around the table introducing you to everyone, you realized that these people only seemed rude and dangerous. Now they actually looked warm and friendly, as all of them smiled and waved at you.

“It’s sad to make you lose while your young wife’s watching,” a man, sitting adjacent to Jin, said.

“Oh, we’ll see who loses,” Jin replied with a small smirk.

You sat by his side the entire game. Sadly, you didn’t know much about poker and you were starting to get really bored but then Jin placed his hand on your knee, making you jump up slightly.

He leaned in to you to whisper something in your ear. “We’re winning.”

You gave him an excited smile and he went back to the game, retrieving his hand from your leg, forcing you to suddenly feel colder due to the lack of his warmth.

The game ended less than twenty minutes later. The man who had previously warned Jin about losing was the first one to stand up from the poker table.

“I don’t understand,” he said. “I know you’re good, Jin, I do. But you were incredible tonight. It almost feels like you’re cheating.”

Jin smiled, wrapping his arm around your waist before replying. “She’s my lucky charm.”

He has never been this affectionate before. Or maybe you just haven’t hung out with him enough for his affectionate side to come out. You definitely regretted that it took you this long to get here, sitting by the poker table, with proud smiles on your faces, while Jin’s poker friends slowly got up from the table to leave, muttering about how they would never play with him again.

You were bored the entire game, but you were certain you’d endure it again and again if you got him look at you with that look in his eyes.


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You and Yoongi had an understanding. He knew that you didn’t want to get married to him and he accepted that. Why wouldn’t he? You were basically forced to marry him and leave your family behind.

However, he wanted to help you get used to this new life because frankly, there was no way out now that you were his actual wife. Those were the rules, at least in his family’s household: you either stayed married or you died.

You didn’t want to die and Yoongi didn’t want you to die, either. He may have seemed like a ruthless gangster to others, but when he came home, he tried to do everything he could to make this life easier for you.

One morning, you woke up to find a small velvet box on your bedside table. Confused, you reached a hand to open it and nearly dropped it in shock once you saw what was inside.

A huge diamond ring, reflecting the dim lighting of your bedroom, was placed in the box. A small note was attached to it, and carefully, worried that you’ll break the ring if you touched it, you picked the note up.

           “We never actually got to get engaged. So, I’m proposing to you even though we’re already married. Will you marry me? :) x, Yoongi.”

You knew Yoongi well enough to know that he didn’t joke like that. He actually wanted you to have this ring. And there was no way you could have accepted it. It looked like it cost almost as much as this house.

So, you got out of bed, grabbed your robe and the ring, and headed to the shooting range where Yoongi usually was in the mornings.

“What is this?” you called out over the sound of shotguns, once you saw your husband.

He placed the safety lock on his gun before turning around to look at your expectant face.

“It’s a ring,” he said matter-of-factly and then quickly got concerned. “You don’t like it?”

“What? No, I love it,” you said. “But that’s not the point. I can’t accept this.”

“Of course, you can,” Yoongi placed the gun down and walked towards you. “I got it for you because I wanted you to know that you’re wanted. You’re not just an item that your parents gave away. You’re a human being. And you’re my wife.”

You had opened your mouth to argue further but his last sentence stole every possible argument from you. What could you have replied to that?

Your answer to his statement was in the form of an unexpected hug that almost knocked Yoongi down on the floor.

“Thank you,” you whispered as you felt him hug you back. “Thank you for making it feel like home in the furthest place from home I can imagine.”


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Hoseok didn’t know you were in this restaurant. No one did, because you stopped by the door as soon as you entered since you saw your husband, albeit not a truly real one, sitting at a table with a girl you’ve never seen before.

“I’m sorry,” you heard Hoseok say to the girl. “But I’m married.”

That’s right, you thought, already feeling irrationally jealous, although you and him barely interacted when both of you were home.

“Yeah, I know,” the girl said, giggling. “My parents are arranging a marriage for me, too. But how real is an arranged marriage anyway? Who’s to say it’s not just a pretext to gain more power?”

You saw the girl extend her hand over the table and place it over Hoseok’s. You had to bite your tongue so you wouldn’t gasp and attract everyone’s attention.

“I’m sorry,” Hoseok repeated  and pulled his hand from under the girl’s. “But it’s very real.”

“Oh, don’t be like that,” the girl leaned back in her chair and although you couldn’t see her face, you just knew she rolled her eyes. “No one ever stays faithful in an arranged marriage. There’s no point!”

“There is a point for me,” Hoseok said, standing up from his seat. “I’m planning to stay faithful to my wife because that is the whole point of a marriage. And it doesn’t matter that this marriage was not by choice. I truly wish you well, and hopefully, you change your attitude about this.”

He was about to walk away, but the girl grabbed his hand, stopping him. “Hoseok, wait—”

“Please let go of me,” he said. “Before my wife kills you.”

Cold ran through your body.

The girl let Hoseok go. “She’s here?”

Suddenly, you felt Hoseok’s gaze drift to you. How could he know that you’re here?!

“She’s always with me,” he told the girl, walking away from her and towards you.

You froze in the same spot as you watched him approach you, dreading the scolding you were about to receive. But Hoseok just stopped in front of you, extending his hand for you to take.

“Shall we go?” he asked.

Somehow managing to break through the fear, you nodded and took his hand, allowing him to lead you out of the restaurant. Right before you left, you turned around to look at the girl who was talking to Hoseok before. She was watching the two of you leave with wide eyes and jealousy so prominent that it was probably visible from Mars.

And although many times before you thought that being married to Hoseok was one of the worst things that could have happened to you, today you were proven otherwise.

You didn’t even know where this jealousy came from but you knew it was going to stay, although Hoseok just proved to you that you had nothing to be jealous of. He wasn’t even considering being unfaithful to you.


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Ever since the wedding day, you’ve been very awkward around Namjoon. You did want to get to know him – he was your husband, after all – but he always looked really annoyed and frustrated with you, so you didn’t dare to strike up a conversation with him.

However, soon you got tired of answering your friends questions about your marriage by saying, “I don’t actually know what kind of person my husband is.” And that is why, gathering every ounce of courage you had, you dared to enter his bedroom.

“Namjoon?” you said as a way to announce yourself. “Can we talk?”

Namjoon looked away from his laptop to look at you. “About what?”

“I have a question I’ve wanted to ask you,” you said and then took a deep breath. “Do you want a divorce?”

Namjoon blinked his eyes, looking at you as if you’ve just spoken a foreign language.

“No..? Should I..?” he said, feeling too awkward and confused to form proper sentences.

“I don’t know. I just mean, like, we don’t even know each other,” you continued. “And I’m getting this vibe from you that you don’t particularly like me very much. Maybe even hate me.”

Hate you?” Namjoon stood  up from his chair. “Why do you think I hate you?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” you asked with an awkward laugh. “You look at me like I’m the enemy of the nation, or something.”

Namjoon was going to reply something but then he changed his mind and looked down, thinking about something.

“I didn’t realize that,” he finally said. “It’s probably because I’m just a little uncomfortable. Obviously, I want to get to know you – very much, in fact. But I didn’t know if you felt the same way and I didn’t want you to think I was lame by getting all excited about the prospect of actually… knowing my wife.”

You smiled at this. “You have every right to get excited about that.”

“Okay,” he nodded, smiling back. “I’m sorry I made it seem like I want to divorce you. Honestly, that’s the last thing I want.”

“Oh, that makes me feel better,” you said, exhaling in relief and making him laugh.

“Do you want to hang out tonight?” Namjoon asked then. “I don’t have to do any work, so I’m all free to finally get to know the person I’m spending the rest of my life with.”

For some reason, the term “for the rest of my life” made your heart beat faster.

You nodded, with a wide smile. “I’d love to do that.”


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Being the wife of the heir of a Mafia family meant you had a lot of things normal people couldn’t even dream of. Normal marriage was not among these things, since you only saw your husband during mandatory family meetings or sometimes when you passed him in the hallway.

Another thing that wasn’t included in this job description was the guarantee that you’d get to do everything you wanted to do.

You couldn’t go out as much as you wanted to, and even the places that you could go to were limited. Which is why when you found out that your favorite band was coming to your city, you wanted to rip your hair out because you couldn’t go. Concerts were in a list of forbidden activities.

But you just couldn’t understand what the problem was. You knew a way to sneak your gun into the venue and you could have defended yourself if you had to. Hell, you could have defended at least five more people.

Your husband Jimin knew you were upset about that, how could he not? You complained about this for at least a million times. And Jimin felt guilty. He knew that the reason why you couldn’t go to this concert was because of his family. Your family had no such rules and if you hadn’t married Jimin, you wouldn’t have missed the event of a lifetime.

On the night of the concert, you had locked yourself inside of your room, refusing to open the door to anyone. You had warned them that you’d be mourning so they should have known that you weren’t going to open the door to anyone. And yet, someone kept knocking on your door. But since you ignored them, they seemed to go away.

And then, in the midst of suffocating silence that you spent regretting your existence, you heard your window start to open. Your second-floor window.

Jumping from your bed, you watched in horror as a blond head slowly appeared inside of your room.

“Jimin?!” you gasped at the sight of your husband. “What the hell are you doing outside of my window?”

“Well, you wouldn’t open your door,” he said, shrugging his shoulders as if this was the most usual thing he’s ever done.

“Yes, and for a reason!” you said. “Well, come inside before you fall off the—”

“No, come here,” he shook his head and sat down on your windowsill. “I’m sneaking you out.”

“What?” you asked, still more confused than ever. “Where?”

“To the concert,” Jimin said, groaning. “Come on. Your windowsill is hurting me. Let’s go.”

“We can’t, Jimin, your family—”

“That’s why we’re sneaking out,” he said, extending his hand. “I know you want to see this band perform live and I’m your husband. I want to make all of your wishes come true. So, come, we’re going to be late.”

Shaking your head in disbelief, you grabbed his hand and allowed him to help you climb out the window and down the ledge until you reached the floor safely and without being caught.

And you didn’t know if this was the adrenaline or the excitement of finally getting to see your favorite band, or maybe it was something else entirely, but you were sure no one has ever done so much for you before, and you couldn’t help but feel so much affection for this blond boy, making your dream come true, despite knowing very well that this will get him in a lot of trouble.


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The last thing your mother said before she gave you away to Taehyung was to give him his freedom.

“It’s the most important thing in an arranged marriage,” she told you. “Let him date other women. Let him do what he wants to do. At the end of the day, he’s still your husband. This is the key to having a successful marriage.”

“But what about love?” you had asked her.

She laughed at your naïve voice. “Love isn’t real, sweetheart.”

Somehow, you thought her advice was probably the most insane thing you’ve ever heard but could you argue with her? She has seen more arranged marriages in her life than you have. Actually, she was in one with your father. She had to know better, right?

And Taehyung didn’t particularly mind it. He loved socializing and meeting new people. He wasn’t as good on the field with a gun, but he was fantastic at making new connections, and he was always organizing meetings with potential clients. You thought some of these “clients” had to be girls that he was seeing in secret. You told him you didn’t care if he went on dates with other girls, and Taehyung was a little surprised at first.

He thought he’d test the waters, and set out for a date a few nights after you gave him the green light to date whoever he wanted to date.

You felt a lot of different emotions after he left. The most prominent of which was the sad realization that you didn’t like the fact that he was on a date with a different woman. Sure, you didn’t choose to get married, but it still didn’t feel right.

About twenty minutes after Taehyung left, you heard the door of your house open. Confused, you left your bedroom and walked right into Taehyung in the hallway.

“What are you—”

Before you could even express your confusion, he wrapped his arms around you, knocking all breath out of you.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. “I’m so so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Once he relieved his grip on you, you managed to finally find your voice. “What are you talking about?”

“I don’t like this,” he said, pulling away from you, to look you in the eyes. “I don’t like that we’re not exclusive. We’re married, for the love of God! I couldn’t even enter the restaurant. I don’t know what I expected. I can’t date other women. I’m married!”

“Taehyung, I told you it was okay—”

“It is not okay,” he shook his head, not even letting you finish. “It is the furthest thing from okay and I don’t care what you say. I’m never dating anyone else. Why would I? I have you. You’re my wife.”


“Please don’t say anything else,” Taehyung said. “I think I need to take a shower to wash this guilt off. God, I can’t believe I even considered to go on a date with someone else. Just the thought of it makes me want to puke.”

You watched him walk away from you to enter the closest bathroom, while you tried to recover from this shock. Taehyung refused to even consider going on a date with anyone else because of you. Because you were his wife.

Your mother was wrong, after all. Love was real. And it was right around the corner.


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You hated the idea of getting married because your parents told you to. You knew your sister was in an arranged marriage but you were still naively hoping you wouldn’t have to suffer the same destiny. You even had a boyfriend that your parents were slowly warming up to, so you had hoped he’d be the one for you.

Until one day your parents brought Jungkook to your house to introduce him to you.

“This is the man you’ll marry, Y/n,” your father said, shattering your entire world into pieces.

You were forced to break up with your boyfriend to marry this complete stranger. To say you hated him was an understatement.

Jungkook knew this. You told him this right after your wedding, and even though you knew it wasn’t his fault you two had to get married, you still hated him nevertheless.

One night, about a month after the wedding, you were sulking in your bed – as you did every night – looking at old pictures of you and your now ex-boyfriend. Just as you entered his Facebook page, however, you froze.

His profile picture was of him kissing another girl.

You thought you were seeing things as you looked at the picture. Then, you checked who the girl was and found out from her Facebook that she started dating him a few weeks after you got married to Jungkook.

You couldn’t believe this as you angrily slammed your laptop shut and tried to distract yourself by thinking about something else to keep the tears from coming.

Somewhere in the distance, you heard the door of your bedroom open.

“Y/n?” Jungkook’s careful voice sounded. “Is everything okay?”

You covered your face with your hands, not replying to his question and hoping he would just go away and leave you alone.

“What’s wrong, Y/n?” Jungkook asked, staying in the room. Not only that, but he also sat down on your bed next to you.

Taking a deep breath, you chose to give him the satisfaction of seeing you at your lowest.

“My ex-boyfriend is in a new relationship,” you told him. “He seemed to move on in just two weeks while I spent all of this time missing him.”

Jungkook was not satisfied. In fact, his face twisted in anger.

“What a piece of shit,” he said. “Do you want me to kill him?”

You almost laughed. “Yeah, like you could do that.”

“Of course I could,” Jungkook said in a serious tone. “You’re my wife. I could do anything for you. Besides, I am in the Mafia and he’s just a low-life.”

You looked at Jungkook again. His eyes looked genuine and you were surprised to feel somehow drawn in to him.

“I just don’t understand it,” you said, sighing. “He told me he loved me. Hell, he proved that many times. Or so I thought…”

“Please don’t start doubting your relationship now,” Jungkook told you. “He could have really loved you. Maybe he still does.”

“I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be kissing some other girl if he still had feelings for me.”

“People choose interesting ways to move on,” he said. “And he seems like the type of guy to find a rebound girl to get over his ex. He’s the perfect definition of an asshole. I think you really dodged a bullet by marrying me instead.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at this.

When you turned your head, you saw a smile on Jungkook’s face, too. He looked like he wanted to give you a hug or comfort you in a more intimate way than just with his words, but he didn’t dare. Looking down, you leaned into him and placed your head on his shoulder, showing him that it was okay to touch you. After you heard him breathe in sharply, he placed a hand on your waist, finally finding the courage to pull you closer to him.

You stayed like that for so long that you lost track of time and your neck hurt from holding it on his shoulder for so long. But it felt too good to move. It felt right. It felt like this was where you were supposed to be.

Okay, can we just pause a moment and watch Shaun “catastrophize” the car accident after Lea let him try driving? This is a real autism nuance that I have NEVER seen portrayed, but it’s one I think almost all autistic people can relate to.

Lea was teaching Shaun how to make the car peel out (burn rubber) and wasn’t specific enough about telling him to take his foot of the gas before taking it off the brakes. So he took his foot off the brake first, drove the car off the road and I think the axle or a tire got messed up because he ran over a big rock.

Lea didn’t react the way Shaun expected. She took the blame for the accident and had to calm him down because he was making a big deal out of it. But why is Shaun reacting this way to something Lea considers minor?

Answer: Autistic people are never allowed to fail the way neurotypicals are.

Neurotypicals are given a shot at something, and if they mess up they get to laugh about it / get a little embarrassed and try again.

Autistic people are given a shot at something, and if we mess up we get lectured / yelled at, the opportunity is taken away from us and we’re told “obviously you can’t do it, so why bother trying again?”

We are kept on a really short leash by the authority figures in our lives. This is especially true of autistic people such as myself who can’t live independently and need some or a lot of help every day. We’re expected to defer to caregivers as authority figures as if we’re not capable of deciding anything for ourselves or being an authority in our own lives without a “go ahead” from someone else. Some of us might need someone else to help us do the thing after we make our decision. 

The reactions caregivers give to our decisions may cause us to decide the opposite of what we actually want so we don’t inconvenience them and cause a conflict– and that can feel like not having a real choice at all. 

“I want thing A, but they always get mad when I want thing A, so I’ll say I want thing B instead because less social pressure.”

I’ll give a simple scenario to express what I’m talking about here. Assume the autistic person needs assistance getting dressed, and how they express what they’re saying (speech or AAC) is up to your imagination.

One day:

Autistic person: “I want to wear my red hoodie today.” 
Caregiver: “I haven’t sorted the laundry yet. I’m tired. Why don’t you wear the blue sweatshirt instead?”
Autistic person: *Hesitant*
Caregiver: *Sighs and looks annoyed*
Autistic person: *Stomach gets a tight feeling; this is social pressure. Pushing against social pressure causes conflict. Conflict is painful.*
Autistic person: *Conflict discomfort is unbearable, seeks to end it the quickest way possible.*
Autistic person: Fine…I’ll wear the blue sweatshirt.
Autistic person: *Feels defeated, like their choices don’t matter.*

Another day:

Autistic person: *Wants to wear their red hoodie.*
Autistic person: *Remembers the caregiver’s response about the hoodie last time*
Autistic person: *Stomach gets tight again.*
Autistic person: I’ll wear my blue sweatshirt today.
Caregiver: *Looks relieved.*
Caregiver: Okay, let’s get you dressed.
Autistic person: *Stomach tightness goes away, but they feel defeated like their choices don’t matter.*

And what about nonverbal autistic people who need lots of daily help and can’t make their communications understood? Many of their meltdowns may be sensory, but I can betcha all the money in every bank on Earth that some of their meltdowns are from feeling like they have no say or control in their own lives. Every decision is made for them, they’re maneuvered through their day, get tugged on if they resist and then they act out explosively (ie aggression, bolting, vocalizing) because that’s the only choice they get to make that is entirely their own.

I think caregivers should present them with choices during the day, even if it’s as simple as what color shirt they wear or if they want oatmeal or a muffin for breakfast. Let them have some say in their lives. They might look at or touch the thing they want if you offer both and say they get too choose.

And hey, if it won’t hurt anything if they act like they want both, let them have both! Who cares if wearing two shirts that don’t go together looks a little silly? Who cares if they want a muffin with their oatmeal? They’re making their own choice. You can still steer them away from choices that would be dangerous while still giving them choices. 

Like, don’t present them with any winter clothes in summer, and don’t offer food choices with foods that upset their stomach.

But let them have a chance to choose.

And let them have a chance to try, fail and try again.

Shaun was yelling “I want to make my own decisions!” when he had a meltdown. I wonder how many autistic people who can’t understandably express that thought are having meltdowns for the same reason.

Society teaches autistic people that we should do everything possible to not inconvenience our caregivers, but the cost of that is we feel little to no control over our lives.

The worst failure is not trying.

Let us try.

BTS / Drunk confessions

REQUEST: hi~~ can you do a bts reaction on their s/o drunk confessing their love to them when in reality they were already a couple and they have been dating for a while already. thanks!            

Thank you for this request! I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by blackandwhitebangtan

It was supposed to only be a couple of drinks with your best friends. You had no idea how you ended up so intoxicated, you could barely move. One of the bartenders ended up having to call Jin (because his number was called last on your phone) to take you home.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this drunk,” was the first thing Jin said when your equally as drunk best friends passed you over to your boyfriend.

“What do you know?” you replied, slurring your words. “You’re not my boyfriend.”

Jin stared at you for a good minute. “I kind of am, though.”

“You are? Really?” you squinted your eyes. “Jin?”

“Yes, Y/n,” Jin said, not hiding his amusement at your drunken behavior. “Let’s go home, okay?”

“Okay,” you said, not conscious enough to put up a fight.

As soon as he placed you in the passenger seat and tied a seatbelt on you, you leaned your head against the window, grinning happily. When Jin sat down behind the wheel, he glanced at you and, noticing your cheerful expression, smiled as well.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“You wouldn’t get it,” you said, trying to wave your hand to dismiss the topic, but you ended up hitting the dashboard in the process.

“Try me,” Jin said, starting the car.

“Okay, but don’t tell anyone,” you warned, leaning in to whisper to his ear as if it was a top secret. “I love my boyfriend very much. He’s the best boyfriend ever. He’s probably sleeping at home right now but I’ll tell him I love him when he wakes up.”

Shaking his head, Jin turned to look at you. “Don’t worry. I’m sure he loves you very much, too. Even when you don’t recognize him.”


Originally posted by seokjins-wings

You and Yoongi started to go out after spending three years of being just friends. In your opinion, it was only natural that sometimes you tended to forget that he was no longer just a best friend to you.

Sometimes, you woke up in the morning next to him and gasped in horror until you remembered that you weren’t just friends anymore. In fact, you’ve been in a relationship for almost six months now.

Other times, you got too drunk to remember your relationship status. And since you never drank alone, Yoongi was always there, enduring your drunken blabbering.

“What you don’t know, Yoongi,” you said one night after the two of you had gone clubbing. Yoongi may have looked away for just five minutes and you’ve already consumed five cocktails and were starting your sixth. “Is that I have a crush on you. That’s right.”

Although he’s seen you forget your relationship before, Yoongi still bit his lip to prevent himself from laughing as he listened to you. “Do you, now?”

“Yes,” you repeated, sighing dramatically. “It’s so sad to know you’ll never feel the same way. About me, I mean. Because I have a crush on you. I really do.”

“What if I told you we were actually dating?” he asked.

“I’d say you’re lying,” you replied with a hiccup, “And then I’d ask,” another hiccup, “why are you lying, Yoongi? Don’t play with my,” hiccup, “feelings.”

Biting his lip even harder, he got up from the bar stool to gather you in his arms.

“Come on, Y/n,” he said. “You’ve had too much to drink. Let me take you home.”

“Okay,” you said. “I love you, Yoongi.”

He finally laughed at this, kissing your cheek as the two of you made your way towards the exit of the club. “I love you, too, Y/n.”


Originally posted by jinful

Nor you, nor Hoseok liked to drink particularly much, which is why both of you were extremely lightweight. It seemed as if you’ve just taken a sip of champagne, and you were already so drunk, you could barely stand on your feet.

“You’re really beautiful,” you told Hoseok, drunkenly placing a hand on his face while he laughed loudly. “Are you single?”

“I don’t know,” Hoseok shrugged his shoulders. He was just as drunk as you were. “Probably not.”

“Oh, that’s okay,” you said, removing your hand from his face. “Will you go on a date with me sometime, though?”

“I’ll ask my girlfriend,” Hoseok said, deep in his mind realizing that he wasn’t single, but not being sober enough to remember that you were his girlfriend. “I love her a lot, you know.”

“Is she pretty?” you asked, leaning on the bar.

“I think so,” he nodded. “And she has this really nice… what’s it called when you talk?”


“Yeah, that!” Hoseok said excitedly. “She has a nice voice. And she always finishes my sentences for me.”

“She sounds really nice,” you sighed.

Both of you took another sip of your drinks and then stared at each other for a moment.

“So,” you started, completely forgetting about the conversation you’ve just had with him. “Will you go on a date with me sometime?”


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“I would like to make a toast!” you announced to the group of your friends that have gathered at your house to celebrate your and Namjoon’s engagement.

“Babe, uh, aren’t the guests supposed to be making toasts?” Namjoon, considerably less drunk than you, asked you quietly.

“No, shh, hold on,” you shook your head at him and turned to look at your friends again. “I would like to make a toast to Namjoon! He’s the greatest man who has ever walked this Earth! I love him very much and don’t laugh at me when I say I’ll marry him one day because I will!”

Your friends exchanged glances, giggling quietly at your obvious intoxication, but then they clinked their glasses, toasting nevertheless.

“Y/n,” you heard Namjoon address you quietly. “How drunk are you right now?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged your shoulders, finishing your glass of champagne. “I only had one glass.”

“One bottle is more like it,” he said with a sigh.

“You know, Namjoon,” you said dreamily. “We’ll get married one day. Just you wait and see.”

He cleared his throat. “That’s kind of the point, Y/n. That’s why I gave you this ring.”

“What ring?”

“The engagement ring on your finger?”

“I’m engaged?!” you gasped, looking at your hand. “How will I get married to Namjoon if I’m engaged to someone?!”

“Oh, God,” Namjoon sighed, knowing that he was in for a long night until you sobered up enough to remember that he was the one that you were engaged to.


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He was the ridiculous drunk in your relationship, not you. And yet, somehow, one night the tables turned. Jimin was still relatively sober, while you were drunk out of your mind. At first, he found this funny, but then you told the bartender you were going to flirt with the guy at the end of the bar, and made your way towards Jimin, while he watched you with confused eyes.

“Hi there,” you told him, trying to wink, but ending up just blinking both of your eyes.

“Hey,” Jimin replied awkwardly.

“You here alone?”

He decided to play along. “Yeah. Why?”

“I’m just wondering what a cute guy like you is doing at a bar alone…” you said, daring to place a hand on his thigh.

Jimin had never in his life heard you flirt like that, so needless to say, he was very amused, albeit a little scared.

“Well, believe it or not, I came to this bar to watch my own girlfriend flirt with me,” he confessed.

“I thought you said you were single,” you said.

“Are you?” Jimin countered.

You were about to reply but then stopped yourself. Your mind cleared a little.

“You know what?” you said. “I’m actually not. I came here with my boyfriend. He should be here somewhere. Light hair, big brown eyes, plump lips that I would really love to kiss right now.”

He bit his lip as he listened to you describe him, and then jumped off the barstool, taking your hand in his.

“Let’s go home, babe,” he said. “So you can kiss your boyfriend.”


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Taehyung could hold liquor very well. You were the absolute opposite, which is why you didn’t enjoy drinking very much. However, tonight was a special night. The boys were hosting an award after-party, and you were invited along with their other friends.

A few hours into the party, you were already too drunk to walk properly, so you just settled on the armchair and listened to Yoongi drunkenly explain to you what the thought the real meaning of Go Go was.

“And that is why they sing “yolo yolo” in the chorus,” he concluded while you nodded enthusiastically.

“That makes so much sense, I—”

“Hey, babe,” Taehyung sat down on the handrest of the armchair next to you, distracting you from Yoongi, who stood up and walked away to share his deep insights with someone else. “How are you?”

“Um,” you scooted away from him. “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

Taehyung frowned. “Yeah, I know.”

“Okay,” you said, standing up. “So, I’m going to go.”

“Wait, what?” he stood up after you. “Where?”

“To find my boyfriend. He wouldn’t like me talking to other guys.”

Taehyung chose to put his confusion aside when he heard you say this. “He doesn’t? What would he do if he found out you were talking to some guy?”

“He would probably try to beat the guy up,” you admitted, almost losing your balance, and having to lean against a wall. “But he’s not violent. He’s just very jealous.”

“Very jealous, huh?” he smirked, suddenly starting to enjoy when you talked about him to him, without realizing.

“Yeah,” you shrugged your shoulders, smiling suddenly. “But I love him.”

“You love him.”

“Yes. So, excuse me, but I can’t be here. I need to find my boyfriend,” you said and began to stumble your way down the room

“Y/n!” Taehyung called out after you, smiling teasingly. “Tell your boyfriend I said hi!”


Originally posted by jkguks

You and Jungkook have arrived at the party together, but somehow, you got separated. You were drinking by the bar and chatting with a few of your friends, while Jungkook was playing pool at the other part of the house.

He came to find you a few hours later so the two of you could head home. What he hasn’t realized, however, that you got really drunk while he wasn’t with you.

“You know, Jook… I meant, Jungkook,” you hiccuped, “I have probably never told you this, but I’m honestly in love with you.”

He stopped walking. “Y/n, we’ve been in a relationship for two years now.”

You opened your eyes wider. “We have?! That’s incredible!”

A little concerned now, Jungkook placed a hand on your waist to guide you to the taxi that was waiting for you two outside.

“I spent the entire night trying to come up with a way to tell you I loved you,” you told him. “But it turns out we’re dating! How cool is that?”

“Yes, Y/n. It’s very cool.”

“Can you kiss me?” you asked, stopping to touch his face and almost poking his eye out. “To prove that you’re not lying to me.”

“I’ll do that when you’re sober, okay?” Jungkook said.

You pouted. “But I’m sober now.”

He almost laughed at this. “You’re the furthest thing from sober. Let’s go home.”

“Wait… we live together?”

“Yes,” Jungkook sighed. “I don’t know how you’d find home if I weren’t here. You’re never drinking alone.”

“This night is the best night ever!” you announced cheerfully, almost falling over, but Jungkook caught you. “What else is new? Do we have any pets?”

“Yeah. A dragon in your backyard,” he said half-jokingly to hide the fact that he was starting to get annoyed you didn’t remember him.

“A dragon?!” you squealed. “We’re the best couple on the planet! I’m so happy!”

He turned to look at your joyful face and couldn’t help but smile. “How did I get so lucky to fall in love with a girl who is capable of drinking so much, she forgets all about me?”