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their then, and now, and what is to come

inspired by this lovely song~ listen at the same time as it’ll be easier to follow the panels :3 

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hey do you know the one where dan is asexual and realizes he doesn't feel the same attraction to phil as phil does to him? i think there's a line near the end where they're having sex and 'dan remembers holding phil's hand'. i've been looking for ages and i checked the asexual tag and masterlists. thanks :)

Does anyone know this fic?

- Tori

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss (Cheryl x Reader Request)

‘I was wondering if you could do a cheryl x reader where reader has somewhat of the same behaviors as Cheryl like she tends to ignore happiness etc. and the reader always goes out with different guys and fools around with them and Cheryl confronts her about it and reader starts crying and then fluff happens. Thank u and sorry if this was hard to understand. 💕 oh also reader is popular.’ - Anon

Characters/Pairings: Cheryl x Reader, Kevin, Betty, Veronica,

Warnings: Kissing, underage drinking, implied smut.

Word Count: 980

Notes: Decided to write in 3rd person for a change, hope that’s okay.


Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

‘I thought Cheryl was bad, isn’t that the second guy y/n’s been with tonight?’ Kevin observed, drink in hand as he, Betty and Veronica gathered in the corner of the hall of the ever famous Thornhill Manor. Y/n was shoved against the wall by a blonde broad shouldered guy. Their mouths collided messily, both clearly under the influence of alcohol

‘It’s really not a pretty sight.’ Betty grimaced.

‘I’m all for “you do you” but it’d be great if they could do it somewhere out of my line of vision.’ Veronica quipped, taking a gulp from her cup.

‘I think your wish will be granted Ronnie, you’ve heard the rep y/n has.’ Kevin raised his eyebrows at the two girls. Right on que, y/n grabbed her blonde beau’s hand and led him upstairs.

‘I don’t even recognise that guy, does he go to Riverdale?’ Betty asked slightly bewildered.

‘I think there’s some people from Greenvale here, some stayed after the game to party I guess.’ Veronica answered.

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Hi ! Could you rec some of your mutuals's blogs? My dash is dead 😭 Thank you in advance, I love your blog !

hi baby!!!! omg omg i would BE HONORED TO?? oh man oh man i dont even know where to start omg it might take me awhile THANK U FOR YOUR PATIENCE?? and also thank you for loving my blog wth WE LOVE YOU BACK!!!! 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 but ok i’m going off the top of my head as to who i reblog form the most SO MUTUALS I’M SORRY IF I FORGET YOU I HAVE SUPER BAD MEMORY SO

  • @jxdoraa - MY QUEEN JAJA AND MY BFF (a+++++ blog too ofc)
  • @joonvaljoon - maycee is my nsfw bestie and she’s the #1 person who understands my thIRST FOR JOON hehe i LOVE HER!!!
  • @thiinkingofhim - if you don’t follow seanna already i’m surprised bc we tag each other in litearlly everything lolol
  • @dropthehixtape - frankie aka my babyboy aka hobi/jin’s babyboy!!!
  • @gukjoon - lina’s edits are everything AND IS SUPER TALENTED
  • @butaer - ems and her gifs?? amazing???!?!
  • @taejinmin - (I literally had to triple check bc i still can’t believe we’re mutuals lmfao but) kinga’s HQ blog and her gifs/moodboards are evERYTHING
  • @kookieminnies - tori is a sweetie and her gifs are magiCAL!!!!
  • @bfkook - I think i reblog from moni way too much BUT THEIR BLOG IS PERF!!!
  • @gamjin - my jin to my jooon!!! abby is probs one of the nicest ppl you’ll ever meet you’re welcome
  • @yxonmin - jadie is super sweet and is a must follow!!
  • @defendkimseokjin - I LOVE BRITT AND YOU WILL TOOOOOO
  • @namseoke - MY PASSIONATE 94 LINER!!!!
  • @cherryprincejin - recent mutuals (yay!!!!!) but they’re super active and their tags are hilarious lol
  • @1rapmon - I found out del and I have the same bday and I freaked out AND SHE LOVES NJ SM!!
  • @bts420 - steph is so nice and her tAGS!! are gr8 hehe

i’M DEFFO FORGETTING LIKE 20 OTHER PEOPLE LMFAO and I’m sorry this took like an hour??? and I deffo almost added people who aren’t mutuals oopsie but I hope this helps, cutie!! I follow like 400 blogs so if you need ay more recs check out my blogroll!! ✨✨✨✨✨

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hey over two weeks back i asked if there were any insecure!phil fics since there's an insecure tag but little to no ones where phil is insecure. I got a reply from one of the admins (i think it was Tori) and they said to check the tag and if there were none they'd find me some. I did and then sent another ask asking if someone could please find me some. I'm not trying to complain or anything so i'm sorry if i come across as rude but if possible, please can you find me some?

An Unconventional Present - Phil’s insecure about his age. He’s insecure about the crow’s feet by his eyes and the smile lines around his lips, but Dan loves them. Lives for them. They’re proof that Phil smiles much more than he frowns; he’s the softest ray of sunshine Dan’s probably ever seen.

Jottings - Phil just shows enough of himself, just enough to make people believe that he is alright.

Let Me Show You

Phil has a secret. He doesn’t know how to kiss.

He kissed a few girls when he was younger, but they never seemed impressed and it made him feel insecure to the point of avoiding relationships because he was embarrassed.

When Dan learns of his friend’s insecurity what will he do to help?

Like A Shibe (ao3) - After TATINOF, Phil’s feeling insecure about how fans think of him compared to how they think of Dan. Why didn’t he ever get to be drawn like a French girl in the stage show? Dan’s always the sexy one. Dan tries to reassure him.

Phil-Sized - Phil is insecure about being shorter than Dan and Dan is having none of it.

The Way I See You Dan’s shocked when he realises that Phil’s self-conscious about the way he looks. Apparently Phil doesn’t know that he isn’t allowed to be sad when Dan’s around. So Dan takes it upon himself to fix the situation - by complimenting something about Phil’s appearance every day. Trouble is, Dan isn’t very good at hiding his teensy tiny crush on Phil.

Hope this helps you out :)

- Tori



Funny thing, at first when Soriel was announced to be up next, and Toriel went up, none of the Sanses at first moved, until I think it was Asriel who held the thing asked anyone? where then @nuggetdotgoldien as one of the dreamer Sanses alongside the other dreamer Sans rushed up with the other 3 following, I think she and the other one who I still can’t recall the name up rushed up first  xD

Dreamer Sans on the right is @nuggetdotgoldien, the Sans in front of her is @fellowfny who I still can’t tag so linked instead, and the glorious Underswap Toriel is @pancakehaven, the other dreamer sans is @zero2love

If you recognize yourself in any of my photo’s and want to make yourself known then feel free to message me and I will tag you :D

The Darkness In Me (Part 2)

Hey guys! Here comes Part 2 of “The Darkness In Me”. Thank you for all your feedback so far. I really appreciate it! Hope you all enjoy! @belleetlabeast THANK YOU, as always for being a sweetheart ♥ and editing this!

Summary: From the outside you seem to have everything. Everything other girls want to be. Good looking, beautiful and an amazing singer. But no one sees what really blooms inside you. The darkness is about to consume you every day a little bit more. Can this handsome stranger who was there when you needed him the most also save you from the darkness lurking inside you?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1039

Y/E/C = Your Eye Color   

◄••• Part 1          Part 2          Part 3 •••►

A bright light makes it hard for me to open my eyes. After giving them some time to adjust to the brightness, I squint against the sun that shines through a large wall of ceiling-high windows. Confused and panicked I look frantically around myself, in order to find out where the hell I am. I find myself lying in a comfy, soft king-sized bed.

The bedroom I’m in right now is huge. It’s almost bigger than my whole apartment. The furniture in the room is modern and stylistically. Whoever lives here must have a lot of money and a very good taste in home decor. I try to recall the events from yesterday, how I got here in the first place, but all that comes to my mind is this horrible smell of whiskey, rough hands all over my body and a hard hit against my head when I got slapped.

Cautiously I touch my left cheek, where his hand hit me. A sharp hiss slips out of my mouth as my fingers make contact with my bruised face. My eyes become teary at the thoughts what could have happened if it wasn’t for him to show up. Just the image of his gorgeous blue eyes are enough to calm me down.

Just like he knew I was thinking of him, the door opens carefully and he steps inside the room with a fully laden tray in his metal hand. Wait what? Metal hand?!

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Sabotage Pt. 4

Author: mermaidinplaid
Warnings: still none, unless you count sassy Sam lol

Despite not wanting to, you had done your duty as wing-lady and went out with Bucky last night. Although he found someone he wanted to take home, for some reason she didn’t seem interested in going with him. Of course, you knew she wouldn’t be leaving with him as soon as you took your place next to her.

Being the man that he was, Bucky had taken Steve up on some extra training sessions today; he needed to do something to work through his pent up frustration.

You hadn’t left the compound in a few days but maybe it was time to go home for a bit, focus more on yourself than on sabotaging Bucky Barnes.

“Hey, kid.”

You turned your head to look over the back of the couch. Sam was walking into the living room in sweatpants and an old t-shirt, carrying a bowl of popcorn.

“Someone looks ready for a busy day of movie watching.”

Sam scoffed and plopped down on the couch beside you “I save the world for a living. I’m entitled to as many busy days watching movies as I want.”

“Yeah yeah.”

Sam looked at you with a cocked eyebrow “What’s the matter with you? I can always count on you to give me shit.”

You shrugged your shoulders “Nothing. I’m just tired.”

Sam chuckled “Tired of Barnes eyeing everyone but you?”

Your head snapped in his direction.

“Come on, now. Just cause I’m a guy doesn’t mean I’m blind.”


“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna say anything. But you should.”

“Shut up, Sam. Don’t be stupid.” you pinched the bridge of your nose between your fingers

“Me? I’m being stupid? Who’s the one helping her dream dude pick up women?”

You flinched at what he said. Sam had a point. What you’d been doing was stupid and selfish.

“I’m not helping him pick up women. I’m doing the opposite actually.” it was starting to feel good to have someone to talk to about this

Sam laughed loudly “You’re the reason that red head didn’t seem interested at the bar the other night.” he shook his head “I knew it. That’s sneaky.”

“No, Sam. It’s stupid, just like you said. Stupid and selfish. I’m not woman enough to tell him how I feel, that’s not his fault.”

“Tell who how you feel?” of course Bucky would choose that moment to enter the living room

And of course he would choose to enter the living room not wearing a shirt, his chest glistening with sweat from working out with Steve

“Jesus Christ.” the words came out a little too loudly

Sam and Bucky were both staring at you, no one saying a thing. You were beginning to feel uncomfortable so instead of answering, you bolted, leaving one man confused and the other trying to hide his laughter.

“What’s up with her?” Bucky was using his discarded shirt to wipe sweat from his face

Sam shrugged his shoulders and shoved some popcorn into his mouth “I dunno. From what I understand she’s got the hots for some guy but he’s too stupid to realize it.”

Bucky furrowed his eyebrows “What? Who could be stupid enough not to see what a great girl she is?”

Sam turned and stared so hard at Bucky that he thought he might actually singe the man’s eyebrows “I don’t know, Buck, but whoever he is…he’s a real dumbass.”

Sam then turned his back and started flipping through the tv channels.

Bucky started walking towards his bedroom, thinking about what Sam had just said. Walking past his room, he stopped in front of Sam’s door, knowing this was where you hung out when you wanted to be alone. He knocked a few times but you didn’t answer.

“Hey, doll, you in there?” you still didn’t respond so he opened the door “I just wanna-”

You weren’t there. Bucky had no idea where you could be but he just assumed you’d gone somewhere else in the compound, somewhere no one would think to look for you. He planned on finding you later to discuss whatever Sam had been talking about. You were always there for him, after all, so he wanted to be there for you.

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There's a fic I'm trying to find where Dan 'runs away' from his family sort of and for money he's a cam boy and he's doing unhealthy things to make extra money and I think at one point he was bleeding from his bottom from doing it so hard. He was dissociating, and Phil was like an apparition appearance for Dan. I've looked through all the tags and searches and blogs but I can't find i :( Thank you in advance!

Can anyone help find this fic?

- Tori

          PSA:   so who wants to play how many times can torie change her url? because i think im about to make it my 6th. like i love the built squad, you are all so great  &&  fantastic but i just. this one isn’t sitting right with me  &&  i know i shouldn’t apologize but i also know that people have special tags for me  &&  with me constantly changing my url it can become a hassle  &&  i just want y’all to know that you don’t have to change my tags. lmao. keep them the old ones. i don’t mind. this next url i’m about to hit y’all with though is close to my heart soo. so just bare with me,  &&  if it annoys y’all then it’s simple, unfollow me. lol.

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anyway i don’t know 9 people and as usual i’m late to the party i think so i’ll do my usual: do this and tag me in it if you wanna!! 

I was tagged by the lovely @awkwardlyizzy​ and I have nothing better to do, so fuck it, I’m going nowhere with my life, might as well.

Name: Victoria (I really don’t like that name, Tori is better I guess (if you think of a nice one, send it to me, I’m thinking of going by a new one)).

Star Sign: Leo (I’m the exact stereotype for it, and at the same time, no)

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What I’m Wearing: Okay, I’m currently wearing a space hoodie and red sports pants, but today I had on a NASA shirt under a NASA bomber and a black skirt.

Favorite Fictional Character: Bitch, I’m not fucking choosing, fuck off.

When Did I Start This Blog: A year ago…? Dunno, but this shit show is part of my life now.

Do I Run Any Other Blogs: What do you take me for, someone who organized their fandoms and shit? No.

Do I Get a Lot of Asks: No (send some I’m desperate for attention)

Why’d I Choose this url: Many variations of fuck off were taken, so, yep.

I tag @pandapie1970, @psychotic-cheesecake, and @onikashiba (only if they want to).

Also, sorry if I come across as mean, I’m in a shitty mood, but I’m normally nicer.

occasionally-arts  asked:

So I was thinking of your night terror sans and then I realized. What if like the very first night he decided he could sleep by Tori he had one. She'd probably freak out and have no idea what to do.

oooOOOOOOH NOOOO !!!! and she just kinda starts telling puns to him to calm him down and what if she says something that just sets him off/says somthing that he heard in a dream and shes just so cONFUSED AND WORRIED AND AAAAAAAAAAAA

tfw your boyfriend and your ex swap bodies (souls?). no one but sans thinks this is funny. idek how to explain why I drew this other than being sleep deprived hahah

tl;dr sleep on time kids


forlornkiller  asked:

hey i remember reading this fic and the entire fantastic foursome had superpowers- chris has fire, pj has mind reading/control, dan has telekinesis and phil has ice/water powers. i looked in the superpowers and supernatural tags but i couldn't find it. i think it was on tumblr but they also have a link on ao3. thanks for helping me :)

EtherealAU- Super powers. Dan’s not normal. In fact, he’s never met a single person exactly like him. No one else can move objects with their mind, just by a simple thought. He lives life carefully, limited interactions and semi-non-existent social life. That is, until a pair of sapphire eyes change everything. Dan Howell/Phil Lester, PJ Liguori/ Chris Kendall.

~ Tori

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I'm looking for a fic where I think dan had a public kink, but was hiding it from phil, and when phil found out (dan like got off in a restroom) he started doing lots of things from fucking against windows, to handcuffing him to a tree and then I think they like fucked in a park and a group of teenagers came passed and joined [i may have merged to separate ones together in my head but I don't know] I looked through your public tag but couldn't find it.

Can anyone help find this fic?

- Tori

wrenjdavis  asked:

I'm looking for a fic were it is like 3 am and Phil (who is sick) finds Dan on the couch and they find your blog and read some of the fics. I think it's Reality but Idk

ProblematicLate one night, Dan stumbles across the blog phanfic and is captivated by the reality tag. He wonders, if these writers had access to a few more choice details about his and Phil’s relationship, just how close to reality could they get? He decides to find out.

- tori