this is one of those things that looked so much better in my head

Lonely Fire

Marco tells Tom a deep, important secret about his childhood.

“Friendenemies” has been one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until they actually happen.
It was just so beautiful.
So, naturally, I had to ruin everything with a cheesy, edgy-ish one-shot.
I wrote this trash right after the premiere of the episode, so it’s a bit of a mess (more than usual at least).
It takes place right after the end of the episode and looked much better in my head than it does on “paper”.
Yes, even the title.

Hope you enjoy!

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Marco was by far used to most of the supernatural accidents he was usually unfortunate enough to bump into.
But it’s not like he had any other choice: when your roommate is a magical princess from another dimension, it’s more about surviving than a routine.

However, seeing his once-dead hero, martial artist and movie star Mackie Hand, kicking some serious butt, was an unique sight even for him.
The boy was just sitting there on the sidewalk, enjoying some cereal, his eyes glued on his undead, zombified idol, as he literally threw his ribs as if they were shuriken, easily getting rid of a bunch of goofy security guards who were clearly not paid enough for that.

“This is so much better than the movie marathon!” Marco thought, enthusiastically.

Indeed, it was like watching one of his favorite karate movies, ironically just outside of the movie theater marathoning the undead warrior’s filmography he was supposed to attend to that night. He was staring in awe at Hand’s extremely well-coordinated moves and was so involved into the action that he almost forgot that we wasn’t witnessing that mistake of nature alone.

“Wow, you were right! This guy’s for real.”

Tom the demon was sitting next to Marco, eating cereal from his own bowl (a rather mundane food choice considering that he’s the Prince of the Underworld) with all three eyes devoted to the zombie movie star roundhouse kicking whoever tried to attack him.
He looked genuinely invested by the karate-brawl in front of them.

“Yeah! I told you!” Marco proudly stated, chewing the root-beer flavored corn.

As much as he was happy that the demon was into his favorite kind of movies, that didn’t really change his overall opinion on him, especially considering how they got there in the first place: because of Tom’s lies and manipulations. Marco honestly believed that the three-eyed boy wanted to spend some time with him, as a way of making up for the terrible behavior he had in their past encounters (both to him and, perhaps most importantly, Star), so he gave him the benefit of the doubt. Predictably, however, it was all just a ruse, a way to pass some kind of anger-management test set up by the Prince’s life-coach Brian, with Marco being necessary to said “anger exam” as he apparently was Tom’s “most hated person”.

And for Marco, friendship wasn’t something you could just lie about so easily.

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I Forgot

Fluff for ur Nalu loving modern prom au adoring butts

Based off that “I forgot to ask you” post


The gowns, the elegant banquet halls, the ‘standing in front of rose bushes by your nearest park to take pictures for family’.

Junior Prom.

Lucy hated it with a passion.

She never liked those dances due to all the banquets and events she had to attend as a child, so you bet your ass she wouldn’t go as an adult.

But her inner stereotypical 17 year old girl was sadly dying to go.

But for better reasons.

She wanted to look stunning with her best friends and party on the dance floor like there was no tomorrow, then head to an insane after party where she would wake up with a headache and worry about her horrible decisions.

She craved that teenage dream.

And as much as her independent women despised it, she also wanted to be swept off her feet by a charming boy and finally get a Highschool sweetheart because dammit she deserved one. However, with only two weeks left of her Junior year, she feared the inevitable.

Lucy let out a loud yawn and shut her text book closed, feeling she had successfully done her share of studying.

Looking over to her clock, in big red numbers, 1:00. The usual time she went to bed ever since the beginning of May.

She jumped as her phone began buzzing in her pocket, moving to click on her ringer that she shut off during school hours.

Who the hell is it at this hour? The only other teen who was dumb enough to stay up this late would be-

Idiot-dragon-face-boy is calling….

Lucy giggled as the song “Hot in Herre” began emitting from her phone.

Natsu was pretty upset with his contact info, but what was she supposed to do after he lit the cafeteria on fire in middle school?

Also, ever since freshmen year, Natsu had grown up into the type of handsome young man that really made you want to take off all your clothes.

She even would go as far as to saying that she developed a crush on him.

“Hello~ Heartfilia residence. May I ask whom is calling?” Lucy said as she picked up the call.

“Yes, it is I, sir Natsu of the Dragneel family. I wish to speak to the princess Heartfilia about the arrangements of the upcoming ball.” He answered without skipping a beat.

Lucy let out a light laugh as he chuckled through the phone.

“What’s up?” She said, eyes wandering over the collage of photos that spread across her wall.

Pictures of the girls, all dressed in the cringiest fashion trends of their middle school years and rocking insane hairdos. Pictures of the boys, all standing to look bad and tough with hair spiked to a lethal extent with Axe Gel.

Then, there were the many many pictures of her and Natsu. Whether they were at each-other’s houses, movies, school, or the lake, they were always together and they were always smiling.

Her favorite one was the picture that Levy had taken during their freshman year. Her and Natsu weren’t paying attention as they had their backs faced to the camera, with both of them resting their feet in the lake water while watching the sun set. Her head was rested against his shoulder, and she remembered them falling asleep after that and Gajeel pushing them into the water.

Natsu wanted a copy immediately.

She smiled as she thought of those fond memories.

“What’s the color of your dress?” He asked, breaking her train of thought.

“What? My dress?” Lucy asked, looking at his contact picture with confusion.

“Yeah, I need to know so I can find a tie to match.” He said, sounding as if he pulled out some pen and paper.

“Match? We’re gonna match?” Lucy asked, swinging her feet back and forth on her swivel chair.

“Yeah, isn’t that what couples do? I thought you of all people would know this Luce.” He snorted.

“We’re a couple? Since when did we decide on going to prom together?” She said.

The phone was dead silent on his end, and Lucy had to choke back laughter at his next words.

“Shit…I forgot to ask you…” He mumbled.

She couldn’t contain herself as she burst into a fit of giggles, surely waking up her father.

“Its not funny! I had everything prepared and I got you all these flowers and stuff and it was gonna be so cute! People would’ve recorded it and put on twitter and done something like #goals or dumb things like that! Ughh stupid stupid stupid…” He groaned in frustration.

Lucy’s laughter died down as she let out a happy sigh. “Honestly, this was a perfect way to ask me.”

“So that’s a yes?” Natsu said with nervous glee.

“Duh. Its a shame you had to waste all that money on those flowers.” Lucy said, drinking some water as she began swiveling in her chair once more.

“I’ll just save it for when I ask you to be my girlfriend.” He mumbled nonchalantly.

Lucy felt her water come back up as she choked in surprise, feeling her face heat up.

“NATSU?!” She heaved.



You Jealous ? (Neymar imagine )


“Y/N you don’t get upset when you see Neymar hanging out with her like that?” Rafaella asked

I looked over to her, and then over at Neymar and Lindia, and sighed. “Oh please let’s not talk about those two”I said turning back around

Rafaella chuckled, “What did he say when you mentioned it last time?” She asked

“He gave me the entire, we’re just best-friends she knows me better than anyone and so on” 

Rafaella shook her head, “Even though he’s my older brother he’s really naive” 

I nodded, “You could say that twice” 

She chuckled, “And it doesn’t help that she’s amazingly gorgeous, but does she need to wear the constant belly top, and shorts?” Rafaella asked as she watched the two

I shrugged, “I don’t know, and it hurts that this entire thing is a one way deal. He hated how much time I spent with David and now he’s spending the exact amount of time with her” I said 

Rafaella sighed looking at me, “I feel so sorry for you that you have to deal with him” 

I chuckled, “Thank you” 

“What are you thanking my sister for?” Neymar asked as him and Lindia came and sat down

I rolled my eyes and Rafaella and I went back to looking at the magazines. “Y/N can you pass me that” Neymar asked

I handed him the plate, and he nodded giving it to Lindia and placing food on it. Rafaella and I watched the entire ordeal silently, “You’re not going to serve food for Y/N?” Rafaella asked

He raised an eyebrow, “Why?She can do it” 

I just shook my head, and placed the magazine down. “I’m going to head out, Rafaella I’ll call you later” I said 

“Y/N are you really going to leave?” Neymar asked

I nodded my head, “I have some things to take care of” I said

Neymar just nodded and turned back around, I sighed and left heading to the car. Once I was inside, I started the engine and drove back to the house. When I arrived at the house, I headed straight for the room to get some clothes. There was a party tonight for one of Neymar’s and I’s friend, and I promised myself with this party I was going to give Neymar hell for it. 

Getting dressed, in a two piece red outfit, I did my hair and makeup and then left for Camila’s house. When I knocked on her door, she opened it with a smile. “Well hot damn, who are you hear to date” She joked

I chuckled, “I know it’s early but, I decided you’d need some help” I said

She smiled, “You decided correctly” 

We both laughed, and I went inside helping her get everything together before people had started to arrive. Once everything was done Camila went upstairs and got ready, when she came back down she was stunning in black short dress and heels. “And everyone should be entering now” She said and right on time people started to come into the house

I chuckled. I was talking to a few girls when one of them said Neymar was here. “Y/N” He said 

I looked over, “Oh hey Ney” I said

“I thought you were going to wear the black dress?” He asked

“I was but, I thought hey it’s a party and decided on this one. Lindia here?” I asked

He nodded, “Yeah she’s in the kitchen” 

“Great” I muttered


I shook my head, “Nothing, I’m gonna go look for Rafaella” I lied

Neymar nodded, and I walked away going to the drinks. Mixing whatever I could into one cup, I sighed taking a long sip. “Damn I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl mix drinks and drink it all” A guy said

I chuckled, “Well now you have” 

He smiled, and we talked for a little bit. He was really cool, didn’t seem like an ass but then again you can’t judge people. As the night went on, and the drinks continued to flow into my body I became more drunk with every sip. And soon enough I was pretty drunk. 

“You-You’re cute dance with me” I said pointing to someone

I couldn’t even seen the face, but we just danced and then some. And within moments the guy was ripped away from me. I turned towards the person, “Really” I said

The person took my hand in his and led me up the stairs, “Whoa, haven’t you heard–heard of slow” I slurred

Whoever it was continued to drag me until we were inside of a room. “I’m not easy” I said

He handed me a cup, and I drank it. After a little bit, some of the alcohol started to go away. Looking at the man now, I saw Neymar. “Oh it’s you” I said smiling

“What the fuck Y/N” Neymar said


“You-you just made out with some other guy” 

I chuckled, “So now you notice me?” I asked

“Y/N why did you make out with him, why did you drink you hardly ever drink” He yelled

I covered my ears, “You know who I am” I questioned again

He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Look you’re feeling my emotions” I said 

“What the hell are you even talking about?” 

“I-I was mad too, but you didn’t care Neymar!You just went on with that bimbo all happy! You ignored me, and yelled  at me. But now you’re feeling what I’m feeling” I said little laugh’s coming out

“Lindia? She’s just a friend” 

“A friend who’s legs are wide open” I said as I turned towards the wall and laid down on the bed


I put one finger up, “Neymar shh! “

“Y/N what are you-” 

“Shh!!! Lord”

“Okay you’re really drunk-” 

“You’re drunk” 

“No Y/N you’re drunk” 

“You’re a stranger who’s drunk” 

“Wait-what? I’m not drunk and I’m not a stranger I’m your boyfriend”

“Boyfriend?” I questioned. “I have one?” 

“Yes me” 


Neymar grumbled, and lifted me up taking me back downstairs and eventually to the car. “Wait Camila” I said

“I’ll call her” 

~The Next Day

When I woke up in the morning the first thing I did was throw up, the second thing I did was go on the couch and lay down. “Y/N!” Someone yelled

I covered my ears, “Oh there you are” Neymar said sitting on the couch across from me

I looked at him with a bored expression, “What?” 

“I have a question” 

I raised an eyebrow, “Well I don’t have an answer” I said turning and giving him my back

He sighed, “Look I’m sorry about how I’ve been acting with Lindia, I didn’t know it would make you jealous” He said

I sat up and looked at him, “Hold on one second there, Jealous?Who me? Of what, that stick you call a best-friend?Have you had anything to drink lately” I asked

“You are jealous, otherwise you wouldn’t have kissed that guy last  night” He said

I closed my eyes for a moment, “Neymar there are two things in this world that I am jealous of, one being Amber Rose’s body and two I’m jealous of Rafaella getting those shoes from the mall last summer. I am not jealous of a bimbo looking stick. Nope not this girl” I said and laid back down

I heard Neymar chuckle, “Alright so you’re jealous” He said getting up

“Then weren’t you jealous of Warren?” 

He turned around, “No” 

“Okay then I’ll call him over” I said getting up and going towards the room

Neymar quickly ran, grabbing my hand. “Wait-wait-wait we don’t need to bother the man he’s busy” 

“And you’re jealous”