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Learning Graphic Design On Your Own

A Quick Note…

Everyone learns differently. Some people like to ask questions in class, others like to watch videos that they can pause and replay, and even more people could prefer to just tinker and see what happens (I’m personally a tinkerer). The first thing you should do when learning on your own (so probably online or through books) is to do some research and know how you like to learn.

So, let’s start with… what even is “Graphic Design”?

Let’s get this straight… graphic designers aren’t fine artists. They are problem solvers, visual communicators, and sometimes curators of information in an aesthetically pleasing way. We organize information and try to make the world an easier-to-understand and more beautiful place. Of course, there are other fields like advertising where we communicate to customers why they should buy certain products. Or there are User Interface/Experience designers that will develop websites and video game interfaces and design how you interact with it. Look into graphic design and see what field you want to be in. What do you want to do with graphic design?

Fun fact, the google definition says: “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” and to that, I’d like to say we do SO MUCH MORE.

Now that you know what you’re doing…Here’s the VERY BRIEF process!
(I may make individual posts for each step later on)

  1. Learn the basics
    1. Typography, how to use the basic principles of line, shape, color, and so on is usually for everyone no matter your field.
    2. Basics like composition are also very important. If you’re into editorial then typographic spreads will be more of your focus. If you’re in web design then seeing how websites are typically laid out will be a thing to look into. Basic typography, color theory, and principles still apply!
    3. Basics and principles are a google search (or a book) away! Everyone talks about these things ALL the time.
  2. Look up inspiration and develop an “eye” for design
    1. Follow design blogs! Follow other designers! On all of your social media! (There are so many Tumblr blogs and Instagram accounts solely dedicated to graphic design curation).
  3. Look into the big names of the industry
    1. Why were they remembered? Everyone else in the field probably remembers them for that, too.
    2. What was so great about them? Apply what you learn to your own work!
    3. If they’re well known, they probably have at least decent work to get inspired from!
  4. Research is done… time to do some work!
    1. If you’re just starting out, there are some things you’re probably not used to. Doing things by hand with sharpie markers on paper will definitely help train your eye and mind to think more about communication, not pretty things. 
    2. Abstract things down into simple shapes. Then try communicating that same object with fewer shapes. Maybe only lines? Geometric style? Play around with communication! This is key when you get into icons, logos, and other visuals that require a more minimal look. 
    3. Remember, you make information more easily accessible. The best logos are easy to remember because they are simple and effective. Your work may one day need that kind of punch!
  5. The jump from traditional to digital
    1. It’s time to learn about your program(s) of choice… my biggest piece of advice would be to just mess with it. Learning on your own by trying to make something is one of the best ways to train your mind and body on how to use the programs.
    2. Try every tool. Try making basic shapes. Then make basic objects with those shapes. Then try making a person or something more complicated. Try to test every tool to see what you’d use it for!
    3. Don’t know anything or how to do something? Google it! If you’re asking there’s probably 5+ different YouTube videos, 3+ articles, and 100+ tutorials on how to do it.
  6. Let’s work on projects!
    1. Now that you’re familiar with the history, principles, other designers, and the programs… just keep on making stuff!
    2. Making your own projects (make your own website, business cards, a flyer for a club, a T-Shirt, and so on…) is my biggest recommendation on how to learn graphic design. Actually applying everything you’ve learned will make you think in a problem-solving way! Also sharing things that you’ve made that actually matter is way more fun than sharing a fancy circle you made with no context. (You can say “look at this T-Shirt I made!” instead of “look at this weird circle I made!”)
  7. Get feedback from designers and non-designers
    1. Once you’ve made stuff… ask everyone! Non-designers will give you a client’s perspective of your work. A designer’s perspective will help you grow as a designer and they may see things that you and your average person wouldn’t have noticed. (you’re always free to ask me if you’d like!)
    2. Please remember to not take feedback personally (unless they’re being rude, then just ignore them). You’re learning and growing and there’s always room for improvement. A lot of feedback is not a bad thing!
  8. Stay determined!
    1. Being a designer isn’t easy. That T-Shirt you made that took you a couple days? Someone could say they don’t get it. Other designers could say there was a better way to execute your idea. Another person may even say it looks like something else!
    2. When you design you have to expect to make revisions, rethinking, and making more revisions until it’s at a good enough place to publish. But no matter what, you have to remember that it’s not about PERFECTION. It’s about getting it DONE and learning to grow. No one is perfect, and it’s mostly subjective, so just take the criticism you agree with and don’t apply what you disagree with. As a designer, you should know what’s right, wrong, or what you should consider bringing up to other designers.
    3. KEEP MAKING MORE STUFF! You can even remake older stuff as you go on! Just keep going!

That’s my super brief process!

Now honestly, I could’ve gotten down into the nitty gritty details of each step, but this is basically how I’d suggest going about it if you want to get a head start before getting into college, or you want to just learn on your own.

If you guys have any additional questions or want me to go more in-depth about anything, feel free to let me know! :)

Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) ♡

A/N: I got the name from one of the clothes shops of Saints Row V lol. I plan on making at least two more parts to this, I’m halfway through part two and have the beginning of part three in the works! ^_^. I’m sorry if there’s any misspelling, I get too excited and I tend to rush. Feedback is hella appreciated! - D.

Let’s Pretend: Tony finds a website of two shape shifting mutant porn stars who make their living impersonating the Avengers on their website and decide to show the team.

WARNING: Graphic details of sex. Swearing. Soon-to-be-smut. Second hand embarrassment lol.

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4 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as blood, drugs and guns.

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YOI Fan Rec Friday


Thank you for all the great recommendations this week!

Rec’d by anonymous:
rouge line by oeuvre, Teen, 7.4k
If there was one person Yuuri didn’t want to work with on a job, it was definitely the close friend he’d accidentally slept with.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Haute by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 9.4k (WIP)
Yuuri is a hot dancer and a dedicated fasionista. He doesn’t care what the haters have to say on the matter, he knows it and his subscribers know it. Shockingly, Victor Nikiforov seems to think so as well. And when Victor’s attention is focused on Yuuri, life begins to take an interesting twist.Has Victor always been so extra?

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
The Omni-Phichit by NonDairyRay, shamarmon, Explicit, 11k (WIP)
Phichit wakes up one morning to find he has attained full sentience. He is then forced through his own personal hell of living through different genres of fanfiction, and the only way to move on is to get Yuuri and Victor together. Luckily, he is the (multi) universe’s greatest wingman!

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Closing Shift by yaboykatsudon, Teen, 6.5k (WIP)
Bag-N-Save’s cashier extraordinaire Victor Nikiforov entered his second summer working his part time job. It wasn’t the most glamorous job out there, but it helped keep the lights on and pay for college. Being in a service job trained Victor to be ready for anything that was thrown at him, except for the cute, brown-eyed guy asking where the new trainee meeting was at.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @kyrie101 and anonymous:
a silver splendour, a flame by thehandsingsweapon, Not Rated, 86k (WIP) **Major character death
When a magic user’s craft fully matures it manifests in the form of a spirit guardian. Mages and elves bearing these familiars spend a year presenting them to each of the high courts throughout the year’s festivals. Both Viktor and Yuuri have their reasons for hiding the full extent of their gifts – Viktor’s been hurt before, when his own powers were used against him; Yuuri’s been warned that everyone will want his; what will happen when Yuri comes of age, and in doing so, makes two very bright stars finally cross?

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
More Than Okay by LoneWolf_With_Internet, 6.4k
While on tour, the last thing Viktor would have expected during his stop in Japan would be to give a free performance to his fans at a karaoke bar, but what surprised him even more was the cute Japanese skater – that Viktor swears he’s seen before –the crowd pressured into joining him on stage for a duet. Needless to say, Victor had more fun than he originally anticipated.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Language Barriers by Galloping_Monroe, Teen, 108k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov had always wanted to travel the world. When an opportunity arises to spend his final year of university study abroad, he is quick to leap at the chance. Twelve months spent in twelve different countries, he can’t wait to see new places, meet new friends, and finish out his degree with a bang. He just didn’t expect to fall in love along the way.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
A study on awards, nail polish and tears by Singittome, Teen, 1.3k
Viktor Nikiforov has won everything there is to win! Except everything meant nothing when I had nothing. That was a lesson I had to learn the hard way, before you came to untangle the noose around my neck.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @iretae :
Sorry i stole your hat, i needed to hide the flowers you grew in my mind by badtimesforall, Mature, 3.7k (WIP) **Graphic depictions of violence 
“Hey,” Yuuri mumbled weakly, pointing to Victor’s head. “Isn’t that my hat? I’ve been looking for it."Victor stared at him incredulously. Yuuri offered him a faint smile, and then promptly keeled over.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Soon We’ll Be Found by lilithsins, Mature, 61k (WIP)
When Yuuri’s life is unintentionally turned upside down, he and Viktor are thrown onto a path in their relationship that neither of them could have foreseen. The future is a vast, uncertain cavern before them, and if they’re going to get through it, they’re going to have to lean on each other, to trust each other more than they ever have before… and it isn’t always going to be easy.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @poppysicle :
The Cure for Loneliness by poppysicle, Gen, 6k (WIP)
There are some unforgettable moments in life that Yuuri wishes to collect through his photos. His mother’s birthday. The first time he got a poodle. Skating at a large competition. The birth of Yuuko’s triplets. The family’s vacation to America. Last day of college. All the ones that mean the most to him. The only time he wasn’t able to snap a picture for the first time, was meeting him.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
even Time by DiAnna44, Mature, 18k
"After minutes, hours, days, weeks, Victor finally pulls back, but that passion, that fire, that love that usually exists within his eyes are filled with disgust, with sadness, with horror, and if Yuuri was anybody else, he might have mistaken those feelings to be aimed at him, but Yuuri isn’t anybody else, and has been with Victor for months now, almost a year, knows him almost as well as he knows himself, and Yuuri can see that Victor is disgusted with himself.”

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @omgkatsudonplease :
Meet Me by the River by c0rnfl0wer, Explicit, 11k
Every Kupala Night has come and gone without his attending, but now that Viktor Nikiforov is getting older and taking over the position as leader of his village, he has to start taking his life in a different direction. He wasn’t sure whether he expected anything at all in this way. But when Yuuri catches his wreath, he finds the path he had always longed for.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @onceandalwaysenglishmajor :
Of Fics and Fantasies by OnceAndAlwaysEnglishMajor, Teen, 5k (WIP)
Victor is a big shot published author who has lost his motivation. Yuuri is an English teacher who writes fan fictions and has aspirations of being a published author one day. Chris introduces Victor to fan fiction to hopefully get his motivation to write back. Things get interesting when Victor discovers Yuuri’s fan fiction of his work…

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Devil’s Backbone by Eznorb, Not Rated, 14k (WIP) **Please read the tags before reading!
Yuuri Katsuki, an angel that has been residing on Earth for ten years, is currently hiding from his own kind and from demons. All is going well until a demon stumbles across his home and decides to overstay his visit. Now Yuuri must deal with his gnawing anxiety and unwelcomed -though quite attractive- visitor. Though even with his not so fond past experiences with demons, Yuuri gradually comes to realize that not all of them are what his mind subconsciously crafts them to be.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Gray by fluffyloser, Mature, 13k **TW Eating disorders
The four times Viktor stopped eating and the one time he didn’t.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by @ponyons :
lucky stars by telespecteur, Mature, 1.4k
viktor and yuuri katsuki-nikiforov have a meaningful conversation, from the wall to the bed.

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*    *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Direct Order by Nemamka, Explicit, 2.9k
“Where is he?! Where’s Private Katsuki?!”
His men never saw the Captain so full of anger. There was murmur. They looked around, searching. Then nobody moved. The silence grew on the battlefield.
Turned Wingman by Nemamka, Gen, 3.1k
Christophe wants to see Viktor happy. Good thing there’s a random pole at formal banquets like this, right? This is his point of view about that night, with a little bit of one-sided Vicris feels.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

The amazing “YOI Fan Rec Friday” banner was created by @omgkatsudonplease ! I love them a lot, check out their blog!

Dreams of You // Seo Johnny


the prompt: hello :) can I request a fluffy NCT Johnny soulmate!au where when the person sleeps, they see through their soulmates eyes.

words: 1662

category: fluff + soulmate!au

author note: this is actually my favorite johnny one i’ve done so far so pls enjoy it!

- destinee

Originally posted by taesyong

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anonymous asked:


📱 → ❝I sent you a picture of my dick. Please respond.❞

🍆 → ❝Stop sending me eggplant emojis when I’m trying to study.❞

credit: x.

COUNT → 2.059

GENRE → smut

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → graphic sex | light spanking | explicit language 

Your phone vibrated for the tenth time in the last sixty seconds. Frustrated, you brought your face out of your textbook and angrily pressed your thumb down on your home button, unlocking your phone to open your messaging app.

JUNGKOOK [11:02:53]: I sent you a picture of my dick. Please respond.

You had already opened it and looked at his dick at least two times now, but you had a big test tomorrow and really couldn’t waste precious time studying thinking about how you wanted Jungkook to come over and use that dick.

Again, you left him on read.

Jungkook knew where you lived and he had been at your dorm more times than you cared to admit, but some part of you was hopeful he would leave you alone. Then again, his ego was so fragile, especially when it came to his dick.

Your phone vibrated again and you looked at your notifications to see Jungkook was just sending you the eggplant emoji over and over again until you replied.

YOU [11:04:10]: Stop sending me eggplant emojis when I’m trying to study.

You let out a groan and turned your phone to silent so that the notifications wouldn’t distract you anymore. Looking to your computer screen at the syllabus, you flipped to the page in your book indicated by the study guide.

“A morpheme is…” you began to read aloud to yourself, but you were still distracted. Your eyes darted to your phone not even making a sound. It was almost more distracting when you knew someone was trying to talk to you. Shaking your head, you tried to focus. “A morpheme is used when…”

You slammed your textbook closed, irritated because he’d broken your focus. With a defeated sigh, you looked at your phone and your eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets at the last text you got from Jungkook.

JUNGKOOK [11:07:35]: You’re in so much trouble. Take off your pants.

Swallowing, you stood up from your desk, looking over at the door anxiously. He sent that text two minutes ago and you knew it only took him five to get to your dorm’s parking lot by car. You only had five minutes to prepare yourself.

And you knew he didn’t appreciate you ignoring his texts.

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Punk (Chap. 5)

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 2942

Warnings: Same as always

A/N:  FYI on Chap. 4 I had to go back and make a minor change bc of a continuity error.  Bucky’s hair is short (think TJ Hammond style) in this fic and i slipped up an put in a man-bun note (it’s my weakness). Sorry!  Now, back to the story….

Abandoning Wanda in your closet to hunt through the mass of new clothes you’d unceremoniously shoved in there earlier, you raced down the floor towards Nat’s room, ready to call the whole night off after that disaster of a dinner.  You rounded the corner and attempted to stop short but your socks had no grip and you crashed into a wall of muscle.  “Sorry, Sam,” you mumbled.  “You okay?” Sam laughed and steadied you back on your feet.

You heard Bucky snort from behind and winced. Great, he’d just seen you stuff your face full of Chow Mein and apple pie and now he caught you hurdling down the hallway like the giant boulder from Indiana Jones.  “He’s fine,” Bucky clapped him on the back.  “Not even you could crack this thick skull.”  

And with that he pulled Sam’s sweatshirt hood over his eyes and gave him a noogie before guffawing like a doofus and racing past you with Sam hot on his heels.

“Ay yo!  What the hell’s that mean?!” he hollered.  “And don’t touch my hair, man!”  Sam’s voice carried down the hallway as he chased your best friend.  A loud thud and muffled ‘ooof’ confirmed that he’d caught up to him and apparently rugby tackled him in the living room.

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To Become A Hunter [2]

Part 1

Characters: Sister!Winchester reader, John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Words: 3600+  

Warnings: Anxiousness, some violence, verbal abuse, a bit of a language, bad mental health, John’s A+ parenting, implied abuse. I know it looks like a lot, I’m just making sure. This is dark though.

A/N: Boom, part 2/3 (as it looks like right now). As I said, this fic has some darker themes, but there’s nothing too graphic I would say. Hope you like it. 

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Your name: submit What is this?

Heart pounding. Head throbbing. Legs wobbly. Sight blurry. Body tired. And a fire burning inside your lungs, or at least that’s what it feels like.

The sun is about to reach it’s peak, in the middle of the sky, like the star on top of the christmas tree. It’s starting to get really warm as well, at least that’s what you think as you try to push forward, try to complete the task.

You have no idea where you are. You’re completely encircled by trees, that look exactly the same to you, except for ’the road’ that just never seemed to end. You briefly wondered if you even took the right direction, but you quickly concluded that it was unlikely that you didn’t, and that the thought was too scary to think of right now.

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Cute Things from Stephen King’s original script for “Chinga (Before Chris Carter’s re-write):

1. Scully herself is a victim of the grocery store frenzy caused by the doll; she ends up hitting herself in the head, but later lies to Mulder over the phone, saying she’s fine, because she doesn’t want him to worry. 

2. Mulder is NOT completely helpless in this version of the script; in fact, he is preparing to go make a speech at a university, but bails to go see Scully when an officer faxes him a picture of Scully hurting herself in the grocery store (more on this below).

3. Actual lines from the original script:

*After Scully suggests ergot poisoning may have caused the grocery store attack, Mulder goes into graphic detail about the effects it has on people, and Scully responds, “I love it when you talk dirty.”

*A minute later, Scully declines Mulder’s offer to come help her, and when he then wonders why she called him, she responds, “I guess I just missed the sound of your voice.”

4. The ending scene, as written by King, is amazing. (One final note before you read it: in the original script it is even more obvious that Sheriff Jack Bonsaint has a crush on Scully. And at the end of the episode he asks for her number, implying that he would maybe come to see her in Washington D.C. Then, this happens):

BONSAINT: Maybe we could—
He stops, realizing that she’s stopped paying attention to him. He sees where she’s looking, over at a man in a topcoat who is sitting on the bench outside. There’s a briefcase between his knees. It’s MULDER. Scully is out of the car almost before it stops, and hurrying over to him, her face amazed and intense. Behind them, Bonsaint gets out and stands watching. Maybe he won’t find any business to do in Washington, after all. Maybe there wouldn’t be much point.
SCULLY: What are you doing here, Mulder? How did you get here?
MULDER: Hitched a ride from Andrews to Portsmouth Naval Air Station in an F-111. Those Navy kids drive fast. You okay, Scully?
SCULLY: Fine. Why did you come?
MULDER: (shrugs; smiles) I thought you needed help. Call it woman’s intuition.
SCULLY: What about your speech? Weren’t you supposed to give a speech at George Washington University tonight?
MULDER: The world’s not short of speeches, Scully. It’ll get along without mine.
They reach the top of the steps and face each other. This is a classic lovers’ shot, profiles like you’d see on a Valentine’s heart, lit by one radiant overhead globe.
SCULLY: This is the second time I’ve seen you tonight, Mulder.
MULDER: Really? Want to tell me about it?
SCULLY: It might hurt my credibility.
MULDER: (identical delivery) Really? Want to tell me about it?
CAMERA moves in on Scully as she thinks. 
SCULLY: I might. I believe I just might.


SCULLY: (in the black, and with a touch of reverb, perhaps) I believe—

Through The Phone

Rated: M

Warning: Dirty talk galore, mentions of graphic smut, season 3 Game of Thrones spoilers.

Summary: The sexual frustration is real when Namjoon goes on a month long business trip, halfway across the world. So when the chips are down and the tides get rough, and you can’t actually get to one another… what do you do? You go to the next best thing of course - phone sex. 

Note: where did this come from and why tf did it get fluffy at the end thats not the way pwps are supposed to end i hate myself. btw the pacing is probably a little rushed because i wrote this between the hours of 2am and 5am :))

Words: 3.1k

You rolled over onto your back in bed, sighing dramatically as you pushed the covers off of your upper body, suddenly feeling too hot for them. The coldness of the bedroom was a contrast to your warm exposed skin, immediately arousing your nipples from the chilly sensation and giving you goosebumps all over. You turned your head to the side to look at the alarm clock that sat on your nightstand.

2:06 A.M.

This had been happening to you a lot lately, waking up in the middle of the night because of the intense dreams you’ve been having. Even in your sleep, you couldn’t escape the extreme desires you had that seemed to be getting harder to deal with more and more each and every day that passed without your fiance.

You shamefully pressed your thighs together, trying anything that would help ease the intense yearning sensation you felt between them.

The dream you had just experienced that involved your fiance had gotten you so worked up, that you could feel the evidence of your arousal leak out of your folds and drip down one of your ass cheeks onto the sheets beneath you. You felt your face heat up at the fact a simple dream about Namjoon had provoked your body so severely. But it was silly actually, because you were the only one in the room. The only one in the entire huge apartment, to be exact.

You were utterly alone, so why must you be so shy by the way your body was reacting?

With a sigh escaping your lips, you reached across for your phone that was on the complete opposite side of the bed at the very edge - a result of your restless sleeping, no doubt. And without a second thought, your fingers flew across the screen and soon your phone was calling your fiance.

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psycho 05/taehyung

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

warning and a note: this story has some sexual harassment/slight violence (knife) in it so if you are uncomfortable with reading this kind of story please stop right here, i understand this might be hurtful to some people but this is just my crazy imagination and I’m sorry if you have ever experienced anything like this and I also wish this doesn’t happen to anyone ever, i know that taehyung isn’t like this in real life this is just a story

note: in this chapter i mention his brother but because I don’t know his name i put h/b/n instead which stands for his brothers name 

note2: sorry for any mistakes I will try and fix them later on

summary: it’s going to be okay I promise


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Free Crochet Pattern: chubby striped bear amigurumi (and bunny!)

Alright, time for a new crochet pattern! This time it’s for this cute little striped bear, which is actually a revamp of an old pattern from maybe 5 years ago.

Unfortunately I can’t find any pictures of it, but this new version is way cuter anyway!!

I made 2 different critters with this pattern & they’re identical except for color changes and the ears. Let’s get started!

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Light reading

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) is not like the other maidens. She was born the daughter of a warrior and she wanted to follow her father’s steps. Being smarter than the rest, she grew up with the princes of Asgard as equals and friends. She enjoys reading and so does Loki, but their light reading habit turned into something else that night.

Warnings: Slight smut, not very detailed. Still a bit cute.

A/N: I’m taking so long and I swear I’m trying to get things done! So, I was once talking to my babe Raissa from @imaginedaily and she told me Andy Black would make a great young loki, and as this one shot takes place before the Thor movies, I thought it’d be great to put him in the usual gif I put.

Originally posted by andybiersack-daily

The master of swords said goodbye to all of the maiden warriors that trained at that time and congratulated all of you for such an enriching session. You were getting better by the minute and all the training had some effect on your body as well, for which you were incredibly grateful. You were the daughter of a master of arms and one of the queen’s most trustworthy maidens, so you were always surrounded by the princes. You called them your friends and the feeling was the same from them.

But as you grew up, you became more interested in defending the kingdom rather than serving the queen. You wanted to follow your father steps and so you began training and going on small excursions with the other Asgardians.

As you walked to your chamber, you found your childhood friend. The youngest prince, Loki, was heading for your chamber as well, to look for you because he had found something very interesting as he went through his father’s library.

“So, how was training?” He asked, as you walked over to the wardrobe. The room was a bit too much for you, but your parents had chosen it for you and they said that they wouldn’t accept a no for an answer, especially now that you were to become a warrior. “My brother says you’re getting very good at mastering the sword.”

“Yes,” you nodded, “but I believe it is kind of in my blood, I mean… Father is a master of arms himself, so…” you shrugged carelessly.

“I haven’t seen you in battle myself, but everyone points out how graceful you are. Well, you are a pretty woman, like your mother. You’ve got in yourself the best of both worlds.” He chuckled.

“Uhh—” your mouth hung open—“well—thank you—I mean… I—I guess so.” You took out your sleeping garments: a pair of tight shorts and a long shirt. You looked over your shoulder, and he had a shit eating grin of approval. “Make a painting, Odinson,” you sneered, “it’ll take as long as it will last.” He shook his head in amusement. “So, what do you have there?”

“It seems like my father keeps these books away from all of us.” The youngest son of Odin said, flaunting his newest discovery in one of his pale hands. “I went through some of the pages, and it’s very… interesting. Midgardians seem like a fascinating kind.”

“How so?” You asked as you got rid of your sweaty garments. Since you and Loki were friends since childhood, you had seen him naked when he was little and he had seen you too; besides, undressing among a large amount of people was kind of an everyday thing for you.

“It is very graphic.”

“Graphic as in… cold blooded graphic?” You turned your back to him. “Humans can get very, very bloody.” You said from over your shoulder.

“As in sexually graphic.” Loki smiled wickedly, showing his teeth and giving you a naughty look.

You sighed and shook your head, leaving the training gear inside your wardrobe. Loki was already sitting on the rug and waiting for you to sit next to him. You complied, holding your legs close to your chest as he went through the pages of the book. It was very graphic indeed, and in his silky, deep voice, it was truly giving you the chills.

The pictures in the book were rather crude and unlike other human paintings, they had little to no detail at all. They weren’t very delightful to look at, but you were already having another picture. Loki doing all those things to you. Having his unusually cold hands all over your body, and his thin lips sucking on your neck, or better, on your breasts as you moaned his name.

“(Y/N)?” He asked, suddenly dragging you out of your thoughts. You looked at him, completely perplexed and rising your eyebrows. “You just… moaned.” He said, with a slight taint of laughter in his voice. You turned red in a split second and tried to explain yourself. “Maybe we should leave this reading for another day…” He suggested.

“N—no—” you stuttered—“I’m fine.”

He let out a breathy giggle and happily complied. Truth be told, he was feeling the effects of the book. He was imagining you going down on him, and riding his shaft like a professional. You fanned yourself as you got lost in your thoughts again; the mere wonder of how his tongue would feel in between your folds, and his cock sliding up on you, reaching a point that your fingers never could… It felt like heaven, a painful heaven.

“I’m getting bored.” You huffed loudly. “What if we take this book into practice?”

“What took you so long?” He smiled in amusement and left the book aside.

You straddled his lap, finally feeling his cold hands on an uncovered spot of your skin. You threw your head back and he took the opportunity to land his lips on the hot skin of your neck, just above your pulse point; he licked his lips before sinking his teeth on you and sucking. You rubbed yourself against him, feeling a growing bulge really near your wetting folds. He appreciated the gesture by sucking harder on you. That would be a very difficult spot to cover later, but you’d think about that when you’d finished your business with him.

You took your hands to the hem of your shirt and slowly slid it up. If you had known you’d end up naked, you wouldn’t have worn anything that night. It proved to be useless.

You pushed him back enough to be able to look at him. His green eyes shone brightly, but the light was not even close to loving; it was pure lust that took over him, and you could might as well enjoy yourself with it.

In a split second, the trickster was lying on top of you on the huge bed, pinning your wrists with his cold hands that were a cool refresh. His lips looked for you furiously, like an animal that finally got to catch its prey. But even though he had the eyes of a predator, you were not the one to call a prey.

You let him out power you, feeling the neediness of his touch as he got rid of your upper garment. He took out his own clothing, revealing a perfectly sculpted torso on such a slim frame. You two made passionate love all night, feeling the endorphins bubbling inside your body and the love that he procured you each time he stopped to look at you.

Once you were ready to call it quits, and you felt tired enough to sleep like a baby you slid under the silk bedding. It was a bit messy from all the moving, and you made a mental note of taking them to washing because they still had the strong smell of sex all over them. Loki, who was now fully dressed, walked closer to you. He patted your head and gently kissed your temple, getting ready to leave you and let you get some rest.

“You can stay here if you’d like.” You offered. “You won’t escape from the walk of shame anyway.”

“Do you want me to stay here?” You bit your bottom lip and nodded nervously, feeling a strong warmth on your cheeks. “Well, I can’t decline such a lovely invitation.” He turned on his heels and slid beside you; for the very first time, you noticed his skin was not cold, and his temperature matched yours.

His arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer to his chest as he buried his face in your hair and nuzzled at the back of your neck. His soft and rhythmic breathing dozed you off and it worked better than a lullaby.

puppy love

genre: fluff, boyfriend!au

star of the show: SF9′s Rowoon

word count: 2,348 words

author’s note: my first sf9 fic. of course its gonna be for rowoon. 

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

opening line: “Your boyfriend is an overgrown bundle of love and affection who doesn’t realize how much strength he has because he still sees himself as a kid at heart.” 

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motel ‘97 - 05

➵ pairing: jungkook x reader  
➵ genre: mafia au, angst, fluff, smut.
➵ warning: violence, crude language, read at own risk.
➵ word count: 4K+

01, 02, 03, 04, 05,

                 Tangled in his sheets, the thick aroma of him being the only thing I could smell. The bland room with boring walls. The golden rays of light that shone through the window at the top of the wall..  I felt safe.  But I wasn’t supposed to. These men were nothing but trouble. This is his fault. He brought me into this unwillingly. Every second I lived, I was a threat to someone, or someone was a threat to me. I wasn’t made for this lifestyle. I could not handle something like this. I need to remember that. I’m getting out of here.. But at what cost..? What am I even supposed to do after something like this? The scars.. The trauma. Minji will eventually pry out the truth from me and I couldn’t let that happen.

I let out a small moan and shifted the sheets. I sat up, rubbing at my eyes, feeling disoriented and out of place. Waking up here was not something I wanted to be familiar with. I laid completely still, staring at the bland ceiling for a few moments before I stretched my arms out, letting a yawn escape before returning to my resting spot to find the bed empty. It was very peaceful and silent in the room. A safe haven among all the chaos and hell here. The warm rays of sun shining into the dull room no longer existed. It was replaced with dull dark grey clouds and rain. The clear droplets racing down the glass window pane. I slowly moved my legs over the edge of the bed, letting them hang freely. Even so, I ended up moving too quickly, waves of pain washing over me. I ripped the sheets off my legs and noticed the bruises among the bandages were starting to fade. The ones on my arms.. Not so much.

      I ran my hands through my hair and glanced around the room. There really wasn’t much here. What did Jungkook ever do in his spare time? Did he ever have spare time? I wondered. My eyes eventually landed on a water bottle, a capsule of pills, and a note on the nightstand. I slowly reached my hand out and picked up the note. I unfolded the small crinkled mess of paper and found a short note written among it. I scanned over the handwriting. It was quite messy but still readable. My eyes scanned over the words. “In the capsule on the nightstand is some painkillers. I thought you might need them. The stitches are still gonna sting a bit. I left some food and water till I get back. There’s granola bars in the drawer. Stay in this room until I get back.” I finished the words and set the paper back down on the nightstand. What a gentlemen..I sighed and reached for the water bottle. Easily twisting the cap off, popping a few painkillers into my mouth and swallowing them with ease. I twisted the cap back on and tossed the bottle somewhere on the bed. I groggily yanked open the drawer, shifting all the contents forward. I sorted through the endless random junk and porn magazines till I found the granola bars. I huffed and reached for the granola bars when my hand grazed an object. Not only did I find the so promised granola bars.. But I found my phone. My eyes widened and I leaped forward and gripped it tightly. I smashed the home button several times, hoping it would turn on. But of course, it was dead. My breath hitched. I could get help! I could call the police or Minji!

          I could get out! I quickly stood, stumbling, struggling to catch my balance. I gritted in pain. He wasn’t kidding. It felt like a thousand hot needles had pricked the skin of my thighs all at once. The pain really sucked ass. I pushed those thoughts aside and continued searching for a charger. I pushed all the blankets aside to the end of his bed and leveled with the floor, checking for a charger beneath his bed. Nothing there. I pushed myself up off the floor and scrambled over to his desk.  My hands skimming over endless piles of paper and books. Sorting and sifting through the mess, creating my own piles. The loud crack of thunder and lightning outside startled me, causing one file to fall from the desk, landing on the floor, the contents spilling out. “Shit.” I cursed. I knelt down and scanned over the information. It was pictures of bodies. Bodies upon bodies. You winced at the graphic images. Stapled to each image or images was information. You breathing came to a halt and froze. You no longer felt the slight safety you once did. You were reminded of who he was. And boy oh boy was this reminder a slap in the face. Out of the many pictures you found one picture that clearly didn’t fit in. It was a girl. She was young. Looked maybe a few years older than you. Your fingers shook as you gripped the vile image. She lay still on the pavement, sticky red blood pooled around her head. Eyes still open, although nothing remained behind them. It looked like it happened here at the warehouse. From what brief things you’ve seen you could somewhat picture it together. You inspected closer, almost immediately regretting the decision. Whilst scanning over her face, you noticed the initials ‘J.K’ carved into her cheek. Blood seeping out of the letters embedded in her flesh. You paled. Throwing the image down quickly, you scooped the remaining images and threw them into the file and tossed it back onto the desk. You needed to get out of here. Now. You launched yourself off the floor, forgetting all about the pain. Fear and adrenaline completely blocking out the sensation. You stumbled over to his dresser, violently ripping every drawer open. Each time being the same items of clothing. The same disappointment. You froze as soon as you heard the sound of keys at the door. Your head whipped in the direction. You stilled. You slowly shut the drawer, and silently tip=toed back over to the bed. He was sure to know something was up if you had made a ruckus the second he made himself present. You shoved the phone beneath the sheets, and sat with your hands in your lap. The second you landed, the door pushed open.

“Hey Y/N.. How are you feeling?” He asked blindly walking into the room, tossing his backpack down, unzipping his jacket. “Um. F-Fine..” You stuttered. Once his jacket was off, he glanced in your direction. He stopped and his brows furrowed. “Woah.. You look really pale. Are you sure you’re alright?” He said approaching. He softly placed the back of his hand against your forehead and you flinched. You quickly shifted back and moved to the side. You nodded. “I just need to go to the bathroom. That’s all..” You tried smiling, but it was so obviously faked. You pushed yourself off the bed and limped over to the door. Once you shut the bathroom door behind you, you slid over to the sink, gripping the tile tightly. The real panic setting in and taking toll. You swayed side to side as you brought your head up to face yourself in the mirror. God I look like shit. You had dark circles under your eyes and small scars and bruises all along your eyes and your lip was still healing. You flipped the knob and turned the water on, cupping some and splashing the warm water over your face. You let the water slowly run off your face, dripping from your eyelashes before you reached for the towel that hung on the door. You patted your face and placed it back before taking a deep breath as your hand rested on the door knob. Your fingers were shaking as you wrapped them around the cold metal. You slowly twisted the knob and pulled the door back and found Jungkook’s back facing you. You eyed his frame up and down and noticed he had the file in his hands. Oh god. He knows. Your breathing picked up it’s pace quickly.  “Y/N..” He started, but before he could finish you bolted for the door. You quickly jerked the knob and threw the door open, taking off down the hallway. “Y/N! Y/N Stop!” You heard him yell after you.

You ran down the left side of the hallway, not caring if you would get caught by anyone else. Your main priority was to get as far away from Jungkook as you could. You blocked everything out, the only sound you could hear being your heavy breathing and footsteps. Tears began to fall as panic increased. You felt horrible. The constant burn and pain in your thighs as your foot hit the ground each time. But you couldn’t stop. Stopping meant death. You turned an endless series of corners until you found a door at the end of the hallway. A red illuminated exit sign hung above it. You whipped your head around to see Jungkook just turning the corner. You quickly turned back around and bolted as fast as your legs could carry you to the door. You smashed into the door. At first it wouldn’t budge, but as soon as you slammed against it a second time, it flew open, leaving you to land on the hard gravel. The smell of trees and rain hitting your nose strongly. You had almost forgotten this sensation. The rain wasted no time as you quickly became soaked. Your hair whipping around, sticking to your face as you scrambled to push yourself up. You had stood halfway, regaining balance which was short lived as another heavy weight crashed on your back. You went flying forward, crashing back into the gravel. “Get off! Get off!” You screamed over and over, squirming, trying to get free. “Y/N calm down! Listen to me!” He yelled. You ignored his pleads and threw your elbow back, striking him in the nose. He let out a grunt and retreated. Hands flying up to his nose. Red liquid slowly seeping out onto his hands and lips. You quickly pushed yourself up and stood with your back facing him. This whole area was fenced off. There was no way you could get out. Of course.. it wouldn’t be that easy. You were defeated. You swayed side to side, legs feeling weak. Your shirt soaked in a mixture of blood and water. The bandages on your arms hardly clinging on. The injuries on your arms began to bleed again. You stood still, water dripping off your face, Droplets of blood running down your arms. Your hair stuck to your face, interfering with your view.. Your fingers began to tremble. It was beyond freezing outside and all you were dressed in was a T-Shirt and running shorts.

You rotated to face him. “Are you going to kill me now..?” You whispered. Maybe this was it. Was there a point in continuing after all this? Surely nothing could be normal again. You couldn’t be with Minji. You couldn’t live out your dreams and aspirations like you hoped. He took that away. “Y/N Let me explain please..” He stumbled forward, one hand still clutching his nose. You began to cry. Tears merging with the drops of rain. Your clothes were beyond soaked now. “You’re bleeding.. Y/N come on please.” He wiped at the water droplets that landed beneath his eyelashes. He stood about a foot away now. He stuck his hand out, offering it to you. Your eyes traveled up his arms, then his torso, then landing on his face. His brows furrowed, gazing strong into your eyes as wet hair stuck to his forehead. You slowly lifted your hand and placed it in his. 

The warm water stung against your cold frame. Your beaten reflection could be seen in the water that now became a light pink. It felt numbing as the warm water rushed over the cuts in your arms. The flesh being exposed to the air in such a fragile stage. Just on the other side of the curtain he sat. It was silent except for the sound of the water running. You didn’t want to believe your harsh reality. He really has the audacity to think shit would be ‘okay’ after this. You reached your hand out and twisted the faucet, turning it off. The screech it left behind filling your ears. You sat with your knees pulled up into your chest, head glaring into the water below. You couldn’t even recognize yourself. You slowly reached a finger out, poking the reflection, sending ripples across the water. Distorting your image. You heard shuffling on the opposite side of the curtain and stiffened. “I’m going to go get new bandages. Stay here.” He spoke. You heard footsteps leaving and the door shut. A small click following, indicating he locked the door. You let a small sigh out, which progressed into more tears. You clutched tightly to your knees as tears cascaded down your cheeks, falling into the water below. You stayed completely still. You didn’t know how to process things like this. This entire concept was foreign land. You felt so wrong and out of place. Silence becoming your new best friend. Everything felt numb. Not only physically but mentally. You jumped slightly at the sound of the door swinging open again and you quickly wiped the tears from your eyes. “Get out and get dried. I have a change of clothes.” He said firmly. You waited for the sound of the door opening and closing again, signaling he left, but it never came. Was he serious? Why isn’t he leaving? “Are you.. are you gonna leave so I can change?” Your voice peaked from yelling and crying so much. “Y/N you could hardly walk in here. Especially with the wounds on your arms now without bandages. I need to help you.” He sighed. You could now tell he was standing right next to the opposite side of the curtain. “I already changed your clothes the first time I brought you in here with Jin.” He followed up. “I don’t care.” You retorted. There was no way in hell he was getting near you. “Y/N I’m not arguing with you. Get out-” “I said no!” You yelled, voice raw, startling him. “I will do it myself. Get out.” You snapped. “Fine. Have it your fucking way.” He cursed, slamming the bathroom door behind him. You flinched and let the water begin to drain. You gritted your teeth and placed your hands on either side of the tub. You slowly applied pressure and pushed yourself up. You let out a grunt as pain quickly escalated in your legs. You wobbled a bit before clutching onto the curtain with one hand, stepping your right foot out onto the cold tile. You reached for the towel on the counter and dried yourself off. Grabbing the clothes Jungkook provided, just another white t-shirt and some sweatpants. You let out a hiss as the fabric came in contact with your wounds. The fibers scratching up against the sensitive flesh. You let a loud whine slip out of your mouth as you finished pulling the shirt down over your torso. A knock on the door made you turn. “I’m fine.” You growled. You quickly dried your hair and pulled the door open. Jungkook sat on his desk chair, facing the bathroom door, waiting for you.

“Sit, please.” He turned in the chair to face the bed. You complied and sat on the far end away from him. He rolled his eyes and moved over in front of you. He pushed the sleeves of your shirt up and reached for new bandages and ointment. You carefully eyed his motions. He placed a small amount of the ointment on the tip of his finger and delicately placed it around the wounds. You hissed as his finger came in contact. He mumbled a quick sorry before grabbing the new bandages, securing it around the wounds. “Let me explain Y/N.. those pictures.. it’s not-” You cut him off. “Explain what Jungkook? The fact that you lied to me? That you’re some cold insane killer?” He frowned. He grabbed the mess left behind from the bandages and tossed them in the garbage. “You’re no better than any of them out there. You’re no better than Namjoon.. No better than Taehyung..” You paused before mentioning his name. Jungkook balled his fists. He was not happy. How could you compare him to them? He was nothing like them.. especially Taehyung. He was trying to protect you. Trying to help you. Couldn’t you see that? I’m not like Taehyung.. I’m not.. she’s lying.. she’s wrong. He repeated in his head. “You did this to me. This is your fault. I’m supposed to be at home with Minji. Not here with you.” You continued to yell at him. Each second his anger increasing. He had a short temper and you were pushing it. Bad. “Stop.” He left his head low. “Or what Jungkook? You gonna wave a gun around in my face and threaten me some more?!” You mocked. “Stop!” He yelled, standing, sending the chair back into the desk. “I’m trying to help you and this is the shit I get in return? I’m trying to help Y/N! Can’t you fucking see that?” He yelled, progressively getting louder. “You.. You really think you’re any safer out there than in here with me?” “Do you even know what you’re dealing with if you leave this room?” He laughed. “Because I don’t think your pretty little head will be able to wrap itself around the concept of what’s out there.” He was full on yelling. “Go ahead! Take a damn chance Y/N! You’ll make it a good 4 minutes if you’re lucky.” He’s just trying to scare you.. don’t listen to him. You told yourself. Although deep down you really didn’t know what his intentions were anymore. You stayed silent after his outburst for a minute or so. “I’m just a burden. So either you’re gonna kill me or let me go. Figure it out and get it done.” You said, directing your attention to him. He let out a deep breath, coming down from his sudden outburst.  “I’m not going to kill you Y/N. I couldn’t hurt you. Not even if I wanted to..” He mumbled the last part. “Those pictures.. whatever else you saw… There’s reasons. Trust me, if I didn’t have to do it, I wouldn’t have. They pushed my hand. I had to.” He said sitting back down in his desk chair. “The initials.. Why?” You questioned him. “Namjoon has us do it. All of us. Each kill we get we carve our initials. A warning to the opposing group. Like some sort of fucked up game.” He said fumbling with the hem of his shirt. “I already told you Y/N.. they pushed my hand. It was me or them.. maybe I should’ve let it be me..” He mumbled. 

A knock on the door startled the two of you. Jungkook pushed himself up and made his way to the door. He pulled it open and a guy stood. He had black hair and wore all black attire. He was shorter than Jungkook. “Uhh.. her stuff is here. We had Jin set it up back in her room.. just so you know.” He glanced between you and Jungkook. “Thanks Sungjae.” “Mhm.” He hummed as Jungkook shut the door behind him. “Hear that? You can go back now.” He said walking over to his dresser, pulling out a change of clothes to sleep in. You didn’t know how to react. Go back to what? Sitting in that vacant room for god knows how long? What was I supposed to do? You felt truly lost and out of place. “Jungkook… What am I supposed to do..?” You furrowed your brows as you stared at the floor. “What do you mean?” He asked, pulling his shirt off over his head. “I’m not like you. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. How to get by here… Is that even a thing? I mean what kind of people are out there if I’m only gonna last 4 minutes on my own.” You said, quoting him from earlier. He sighed and moved to sit next to you. “Y/N I told you. There’s bad people here. Really bad people here.” He drew in a sharp breath. “If it ever comes to a time where I can’t be there with you in the halls.. Do not go into Hall D. It’s the West wing. Namjoon calls them ‘The Dogs’. They’re a bunch of rapists and murders.. Just trying to get by.. Namjoon pays them in return for dirty work and getting what he wants out of others without risking the important members. They’re complete animals.” He finished. You didn’t necessarily know how to react to that. You couldn’t do this. You couldn’t handle people like that on your own. But you couldn’t trust anyone. Surely some trust resided in Jungkook but you didn’t know if that was a reliable option. “That’s why I want you to keep this.” He stood up and pulled a small pocket knife from out of his top drawer. “I won’t always be there.. I can’t be. Until I can fix things you need to promise me you will keep this on you at all times.” He said reaching for your hand. You allowed him to pick up your hand and place the small blade within it. He pushed your fingers down, allowing you to grip the weapon. You stared at your palm as his hand left yours. “You’re scaring me.” You eyed up to his face. “That wasn’t my intention, I apologize. But I’m serious Y/N. They get worse than Taehyung.” He concluded, standing from the bed. “Get your insulin off the nightstand. I’ll walk you back to your room.” Jungkook announced. He walked over and pulled the door open, holding it open with his foot. You slowly approached his nightstand and grabbed the small pouch. You glared behind you to see he wasn’t paying attention so you quickly reached your hand out and gripped your phone. You shoved it into the pocket of your shorts and left with him.

The moment you stepped out into the hallway, nothing seemed the same. The once bland walls seems so menacing. The many hallways becoming a dangerous maze. You wished you had never found out what was held in these walls. You’d rather have it take you by surprise in the moment, rather than dread and worry.  “Let’s go.” Jungkook said, gripping your hand tightly. You looked at him for a second, questioning the maneuver, before deciding it was for the best and to just agree with it. You walked down the hallway in silence, reaching about halfway until it was acknowledged. It was quiet. Really quiet.. like unusually quiet. Jungkook visibly tensed which put you on end. If Jungkook seemed threatened, you were in deep shit. You began to tighten your grip on his hand subconsciously, and he turned to look down at you. “What’s wrong?” He questioned. He could see right through you. Even a simple motion like that implicated many signs to him. “You seemed tense.. I just got worried.. I don’t know. Just forget about it.” You rambled, beginning to walk forward, assuming that it was indeed nothing but Jungkook didn’t budge. You turned around and furrowed your brows. 

          But landing in your line of sight was not only Jungkook, but at the far end of the hallway… A man with blonde hair stood. You could recognize him slightly.. Yoongi.. wasn’t that his name? He was staring dead at you. You tugged at Jungkook’s hand, becoming worried. “Jungkook… he’s there..” You whispered. Jungkook caught on quickly to the situation, even before you said anything. “Y/N.. I want you to go back into my room. Lock the door behind you and do not come out.” He whispered, pulling you backwards into him. “Jungkook..? What? Why?” You mumbled but Jungkook kept shoving you in the direction of his door. Yoongi caught on quickly and began to move towards the both of you. “Aish! Come on Jungkook! Don’t send her away! I just spent forever wandering about this warehouse to find you both!” He smiled wickedly. What would he want with you? Why you? He drew in a breath before speaking again. “I was really hoping Joonie would be here… We could’ve finished our deal..” He sighed, getting dangerously close to the both of you. Jungkook pushed you behind him and neared his back to the wall, shielding you. He knew his intentions. He didn’t care about Jungkook. He cared about getting to you. Using you as a pawn. “It’s not gonna work Yoongi. Namjoon handed her over to Taehyung. She has no worth for what you’re trying to do.” Jungkook glared coldly at him. He just chuckled before standing about 2 feet in front of you both. You peered your head around Jungkook’s shoulder to see him better. “Ahh really? How harsh of him.. Taehyung really doesn’t know how to play nicely.. does he darling?” He cocked his head to the side. You eyed up and down his frame and noticed he had a gun tucked in his waistband that he was slowly reaching for. You moved back to your position behind him and clutched onto Jungkook’s shirt. “Well.. while she isn’t of importance to Namjoon, surely she’s of importance to you right?” He said finally pulling the gun from his waistband. “And you’re of importance to Namjoon. You can get the information to him and finish our deal..” He inched closer and closer. “Come on, you owe me one anyways don’t you!” He said referring to his shoulder where Jungkook shot days before. “It all works out. It’s quite simple. She’s important to you, and you’re important to him. That’s how we get the upper hand.” He smiled like he had it all figured out. “How unfortunate would it be for Joonie to find out one of his most important men and this lovely beauty are dead? Truly heartbreaking isn’t it?” He said cocking the gun. You began to tremble. Did Jungkook care about you? After all he said earlier..? Was he really trying to help you? To protect you? Guess now’s the time to figure out if you’re ending up dead or free. “I get it. You want what he took. But she doesn’t have anything to do with this. I’ll comply if you let her go.” Jungkook spoke up. “Ahh.. see about that.. she’s the key to getting you to agree and comply with us..” He said moving closer. Now standing just in front of Jungkook. Yoongi glared down the end of the hallway like he was waiting for someone or something to interrupt before turning back to Jungkook. “Sorry.. this is gonna hurt.” Before Jungkook could even register the words, Yoongi slammed the back of the pistol against his temple. He stumbled back, crashing into the wall before sliding down, unconscious.

          Panic began to rise. Tears began to escape your eyes as you stumbled back. Trying to create as much distance as possibly between you and him. Feeling incredibly threatened and small beneath his presence. Unfortunately, that was short lived as you crashed into another figure. Before you had time to react, they quickly used this advantage you had given them and strapped their arms around your upper body. You squirmed against their grip, kicking, flailing, hell even trying to bite anything within reach. They grunted and brought their free hand up to your face. Seeing a white cloth appear in the corner of your eyes only sparked more fear. You were beyond sobbing. “Please.. P-please don’t.” You sobbed. They only huffed and shoved the cloth against your face. The toxic smell and the color of white being the last things you comprehended. You let out muffled screams before darkness registered completely.

(A/N: I’ve had this done for a few days now I just didn’t get around to posting it lol. I’ve been busy with my art stuff (@minsakiiart on ig lmao shameless promotion) and working on an animation. I’m also going out of town and seeing Monsta X next week ahh! I’m so excited to meet them. Anyways, thanks for reading and sticking with me.)


Relationship: SPN Cast X Sister!Reader

Words: 3,468

Summary: After fighting for so long, the Reader finally loses her battle to depression. But when she gets a visit from a little divine intervention, she’s able to see that everyone means something to the world.

Warnings: MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING!! Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt (pretty graphic), self-hate, depression, lots of angst. Please, please, please read with caution.

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @deathtonormalcy56

A/N: This is some super heavy stuff, guys. You’ve been warned.

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A single tear traced your cheek, sliding around the curves of your tired features, before splashing quietly onto the paper below. With an unsteady hand, you placed the pen down on the counter, and stared unseeingly at the note in front of you.

This was it. Your final words. They would come in here, your friends, the men who had become your family, after everything was said and done, to clean out your trailer, and you hoped they would understand. Hoped they would read the note and see that this was for the best – for everyone.

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Pairing: Implied:SherlockxReader, Eventual!SherlockxReader (There will be a part II)

Warnings: Cliff hanger, kidnapping, mentions of prostitution (not the reader), mentions of murder and violent/graphic scenes, and very creepy Moriarty.


“That isn’t fair!” How could he give you a ‘C’ when you did more work than everyone else? Even he admitted it was the best piece, and most supported article! But no- he gave you a 'C’ because it had nothing to do with “current events”. Because the brutal slaying of a prostitute doesn’t seem to qualify. Does no one else think even they deserve some ink? 

“Your essay was supposed to be on a current topic, not the mutilation of a street-” That’s where you drew the line.

 "So, if I had done the assassination of a diplomat, I would’ve gotten an 'A’?“ You snapped. No one wanted to admit that they thought whoever killed people like her were "cleaning up the place”. But that woman had a life, just like any other victim. How was her death any different, or less impactful on the world? She was someone’s little girl, a sister, and a mother to two boys. But that’s not how anyone else saw it, and that really burned you up inside. 

Almost sheepishly, he replied, “Yes.” Now you wanted to tear his stupid office apart, but you knew it would do you absolutely no good. You’d handle how the general public saw the people working on the streets when you were an actual journalist. For now, you’d have to find away to fix your grade. Taking a deep breath to steady yourself, you carefully chose your words.

 "Can I fix this, in any way?“ And that’s the question that led you to start researching the one and only: Sherlock Holmes. If you could just get the story to make any other journalists’ career- he’d fix your grade. How could you say no to such an opportunity? You couldn’t, and that’s what lead you to take the flat right below him at 221C Baker Street.

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A/N: I hope you all enjoy this one. Before reading you should know that trigger warnings apply to this imagine. Nothing graphic but it’s based on a human trafficking case on the show. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: Not On My Watch

Requested by: Anon - “do you remember the episode in which tony had to jump in a river or something like that in order to save gibbs from drowning. can you write an imagine in which gibbs is the one to save you from drowning? thank your for the great work!”

Word Count: 1,099

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Tony had a terrible feeling about this. Undercover was a delicate operation when done right, it was a ticking time bomb when something went wrong. After seeing you and three other girls being bundled into the back of a black SUV - which hadn’t been part of the plan he rang Gibbs straight away and tailed them, that was until another SUV ran him off the road. Luckily he only had a few cuts and a bump to the head. He pressed hang up on the screen of his phone and sighed, “She’s not answering her burner cell either. Somethings off, Boss.” DiNozzo said as he came back into the bullpen of desks rounding McGee’s, leaning over him, “You got a fix on that SUV yet Probie?”

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Taeil x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Genre: Slice of life

Warnings: Some content is of a sexual nature ((shouldn’t really be a warning but just incase innocents read this thinking it is purely fluff))

A/N: This scenario came to me after reading a single sentenced tumblr post :’) I haven’t updated in almost 2 months so hopefully this will suffice until my exams are over. 

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