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the night - a playlist by the man who has everything but parents

There’s very little digital yogart I never posted. One thing i thought i might keep working on last year was my Blackrock: Animated type project, but really I’ve come to accept now I’ll likely never draw yog related work again unless Rythian begins to tell the Blackrock story again. 

So, here are my last few unfinished yog related works, which I figured I’d post so I can finally let them go and move on:

The WIP Blackrock Chronicle logo for the animated-style art series: 

A WIP Fanmix cover for a three part mix I was working on. All three covers were going to be atmospheric shots of Tekkit era locations. Of course I picked Blackrock first.

And then I’d always wanted to make one of those long posts of images based off a song. Don’t know what they’re even called, but I wanted to make one for Blackrock based off of Queen of Peace by Florence and the Machine. I made the sketches for it probably about… two years ago now? but never moved beyond that. They’re pretty rough so I’m not even sure how readable they are, but I’d just like to…. share them and say I’m finished with the concept, you know?

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January 16-23

Escaflowne Week is a fan-created event dedicated to the 1996 anime The Vision of Escaflowne.  To take part, all you must do is create something related to The Vision of Escaflowne, whether it be edits, music, fan art, fanfiction, gifs, fanmixes, or otherwise.  Please tag all your creations with #escaflowneweek so they can be found by the mod!

2017 Themes (optional)
There are two “themes” to choose from on each day.  You may choose to participate in one, both, or neither, and all of those options are perfectly acceptable.

Monday, January 16 - light / dreaming
Tuesday, January 17 - survival / loss
Wednesday, January 18 - sisterhood / two
Thursday, January 19 - connection / gravitation
Friday, January 20 - inertia / those who wander
Saturday, January 21 - penultimate / in motion
Sunday, January 22 - departure / future
Monday, January 23 - time / love

Spread the love, be courteous, and have fun!


i. you said i was your everything, you said i was the one, you played me like a radio ii. baby you’re cruel to me, but you see i love it when you make me plead iii. all those years, all those lies, cling to my body like oil and fire, and they will not sleep, they will not tire iv. i’ve had enough, you’re selfish and sorry, you’ll never learn how to love v. i should have known each dress you own is a loaded gun vi. if i could break my love for you how could i ever trust again vii. and i even myself the fool whose fallen for you, so let me down softly this time viii. and in the dark i forget how to lie, now i’m turning on the hook you have me by
an emison mix | 8tracks | playmoss


little love - my ash/kaidan fanmix for @meflashfanwork
(I’m early but you know, MEA at the end of the month!)


for @tallizorah, a great shipper of this pairing and a great friend, thank you <3

The Elven Assassin | Zevran Arainai | [image cred] | [8tracks] [spotify]

“Now, killing… killing and love-making. Killing and love-making and witty retorts. Those I am better at.”

1. killing time - infected mushroom ft. perry farrell | 2. ain’t no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant | 3. can’t sleep, can’t breathe - digital daggers | 4. everybody loves me - one republic | 5. evil and heathen - franz ferdinand | 6. sex and violence - scissor sisters | 7. sexy back - justin timberlake | 8. don’t trust me - 3oh!3

[it’s 3:05 am, her phone’s battery is at 5%, and she just locked herself in the bathroom to look at potter’s instagram. the night couldn’t possibly go worse.] /// [he should definitely be working, or doing something, and not looking at embarrassing pictures of parkinson in bright daylight. what. was happening.] they’re definitely not in love. [listen]

01. the twist / metric
02. i get around / dragonette
03. carmen / stromae
04. you [ha, ha] [ms mr remix] / charli xcx
05. not in love / natalia kills
06. arabella / arctic monkeys
07. my gun / tove lo
08. swingin’ party / lorde
09. caught in the middle / charli xcx


BE IMPRESSIVE  ;;  ( for those cunning folk )

tracklisting: 001. Castle - Hasley 002. The Prayer - Bloc Party 003. A Tribe Called Red - Angel Haze 004. Body of My Own - Charli XCX 005. Kanye - The Chainsmokers 006. Crown On the Ground - Sleigh Bells 007. No Guilt In Pleasure - MS MR 008. Be Impressive - The Griswolds 009. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Lorde 010. Power & Control - Marina & The Diamonds 011. Amazing - Kanye West 012. Fairly Local - twenty one pilots 013. Gold - Imagine Dragons 014. Immortal - Marina & The Diamonds 015. Empire - Of Monsters & Men 016. Hunger of the Pine - alt-J 017. Empty Gold - Halsey 018. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark - Fall Out Boy

[T R I G G E R H A P P Y]


“He stands there with a cigarette in one hand and a gun in the other, aiming it just by his temple. The boy does nothing but stand there, taking it in as he closes his eyes; wanting nothing more than to shoot him. But, there was no chance in hell the gun would be going off. There were no bullets in the cartridge….he loves him too much; fuck, he’ll die before anything happens to Carl Grimes…”


i. skeleton key - kenzie may ii. black out days [future islands remix] - phantogram iii. black - the soft moon vi. i’m so sick [t-virus remix] - flyleaf vs. the legion of doom v. white rabbit - jefferson airplane vi. army [extended intro vers.] - ellie goulding/edit by @marvinriley_ vii. catch me - city sleeps viii. into the dark - amarante ix. the bad in each other - fiest x. glow - porches xi. all the days - haerts xii. litost - x ambassadors

listen (x)

Reverse Bang Artist Requirements 

//Info Post//Schedule//Author Requirements//FAQs//Sign-ups (Coming Soon!)//

Artists, here’s your chance to prompt authors with something you create. Let’s start with the basics.


  • Artists are expected to make at least one new piece of art: a drawing, digital manip, fanvids, fanmix, podfic, etc
    • Art must be at least 400 by 600 pixels in size. 
    • Videos must be at least one minute in length. 
    • Fanmixes need to be at least 8 tracks and cover and back art (minimum size for those are 400x400px). A download link for the mix needs to be included when the mix is turned in, that link will not be in the claims post but will be given to the author that claims it. 
    • Podfics/Audio performances need to be at least two minutes in length (with a maximum length of 5 minutes) and be accompanied by cover art (minimum size for those is 400x400px). A text file of the script must be provided as well, it will not go into the claims post but will be given to the author that claims it.
  • Artists are only allowed to make two separate art prompts – we want to make sure that everyone’s art gets claimed. However, you may create as many pieces of art for each prompt as you like. 


  • Each prompt must feature at least one of the five original members of the One Direction (Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, or Zayn) as its central subject. Other celebrities (or characters) may appear, even as part of the primary pairing, but they should not take the spotlight.  
  • All ratings and all pairings featuring a member of One Direction are allowed. 

Draft Submission for Claims

  • Art must meet the basic requirements above by the art submission deadline of June 20th and be emailed to the mods (1dreversebangmods @ gmail . com). However, at this date, art may be the equivalent of 80% complete/polished. 
  • Artists are strongly encouraged (though not required) to submit short (<500 words), written prompts along with their art. You may want to include your likes and dislikes and your rating preference. 
  • Artists may create additional pieces of art after claims close in coordination with their author. 


  • Art prompts must be new or, at least, never before posted creations. 
  • Artists must wait until their assigned posting day to publicly post art, including previews and drafts. 
  • While the mods will post the art prompts to a temporary host for claiming, these links will not be publicly shared. Artists and authors are responsible for communicating with one another about the final posting place and format. 

banner credit


Lynch – a fanmix for Declan, Ronan, & Matthew (x)

01. the lion’s roar - first aid kit (declan & ronan)
02. dream brother - jeff buckley (ronan & matthew)
03. lemonade - cocorosie (declan & ronan & matthew)
04. eyes shut - years and years (ronan & declan)
05. the mother we share - chvrches (declan & ronan & matthew)
06. dreamers - hopium ft. phoebe lou (declan & ronan)
07. holy branches - radical face (declan)
08. just one of those things - meg & dia (ronan & declan)
09. stronger than ever - raleigh ritchie (ronan)
10. secrets - maria mena (declan & ronan)
11. vagabond - misterwives (matthew & declan)
12. brother song - circa survive (declan & ronan)
13. blue ridge mountains - fleet foxes (ronan & matthew)
14. nobody knows me at all - the weepies (matthew)
15. failure by design - brand new (ronan & declan)
16. brother - matt corby (declan & ronan & matthew)
17. i sing i swim - seabear (matthew & ronan)
18. alien - thriving ivory (declan & ronan & matthew)

cosmignon  asked:

fanmix meme: Raz?

Rasputin by Boney M. (like it really doesn’t fit him at all besides the name but I’m sorry I couldn’t help it)

You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by the Offspring

Man for All Seasons by Robbie Williams

Land of Confusion by Genesis

Run Boy Run by Woodkid (I would LOVE to make a Psychonauts AMV with this one)

Cool Kids by Echosmith

Clocks by Coldplay

This is one of those cases where I wish I knew more music

Those Teens Are Playing With Fire - A Mystery Quartet Fanmix. (Listen on 8tracks)



1. “Geronimo” Sheppard

Dipper Pines

2. “We Don’t Believe What’s On TV” Twenty-One Pilots
3. “Drive” Incubus
4. “Icarus” Sarah Kaufman
5. “Night Time” The XX

Norman Babcock

6. “Walking With A Ghost” Tegan and Sara
7. “Innocent” Voltaire
8. “Flesh and Bone” Keaton Henson
9. “Another Story” The Head and the Heart

Mabel Pines

10. “Shooting Star” Owl City
11. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” Jacquie Lee
12. “Folding Chair” Regina Spektor
13. “Colors Radiate” Camera Shy

Pacifica Northwest

14. “Chandelier” Karen Gillan
15. “Afterlife” Xylø
16. “Lifeboat” Heathers
17. “White Teeth Teens” Lorde


18. “Not Alone” AVPM
19. “Riptide” Vance Joy

Never Let Me Go [a bagginshield mix]

Christina Perri - Arms || Poets of the Fall - Cradled In Love || Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go || Hurts - Somebody To Die For || Bruno Mars - Talking To The Moon || Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most || Plumb - In My Arms || Florence + The Machine - Leave My Body || Avril Lavigne feat. Chad Kroeger - Let Me Go || The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug OST - Courage and Wisdom || Shannon La Brie - Calls Me Home || Skillet - Don’t Wake Me

My eyes are up here, sweetheart
a completely totally 100% serious kavinsky [fanmix]

  1. 3oh!3 - i’m not your boyfriend, baby
  2. backstreet boys - if you want it to be good, girl [get yourself a bad boy]
  3. cobra starship - i kissed a boy
  4. aqua teen hungerforce - i like your booty [but i’m not gay]
  5. 3oh!3 - chokechain
  6. lady gaga - boys boys boys
  7. cobra starship - good girls go bad
  8. bloodhound gang - bad touch 
  9. the lonely island - no homo

UgGHH I came home early from work because I am SICK with a runny nose (now with painful skin from blowing every .44 seconds!!!) and sore throat and hurty head and everything and I want to talk stuff about Logan but I am out of things to say atm, because with the busyness of my new job and working so many weekends I haven’t been back to see it yet *lik dis if u cry evertim angst*!!

okay i have a thing to say thanks to my Bathtime Playlist (I had a bath earlier to try to help with my nose and stuff)


This is one of those I’d like pretty much any cover of, but I’m currently listening to the one done by my beloved Indigo Girls.