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you know one of my favorite things of Life is strange is the soundtrack, i love that kind of music! can you recommend me a playlist or a fanmix please? btw your art is fantastic!

I love that kind of music too, anon. ^^ There are some great LiS inspired musicians like Koethe and Riley Hawke, if you haven’t heard their stuff before. (Also Max’s voice actress Hannah Telle released an album last year!)

Might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but I do keep a list of songs I’ve listened to to whilst drawing LiS fanart.. because everything I draw ends up with one specific song I’ve overplayed whilst working on it. So here’s a weird little playlist of those (b-but if anyone else has proper mix recs..?)

Message to Bears - You are a memory
Fink - Too Late
Wolf Larsen - If I Be Wrong
Julien Baker - Go Home
Sleeping at Last - Saturn
Lucius - Two of Us On The Run
Connor Youngblood - The Birds of Finland
Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Someone to Stay
The Irrepressibles - In This Shirt
Lights & Motion - As The World Goes Away
Blackbear - idfc
The National - Without Permission
Cigarettes After Sex - Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby
Nothing But Thieves - If I Get High 
Arcade Fire - Dimensions
José González - Stay Alive
Angus & Julia Stone - Wherever You Are 
The Antlers - Putting the Dog to Sleep 
Hammock - Tornado Warning
Emmy The Great- Where is My Mind
SOKO - We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow

The Answer’s In The Air: A Miles/Phoenix Mix

Yes. It happened. I’ve been replaying the Ace Attorney games and now here it is. A mix for these nerds. This mix is actually really chronological and the songs are a mix of their separate point of views, so I’d really suggest checking out my annotations to see which stage of the relationship each one refers to/whose POV it is.

This is my first fanmix that has been published to Playmoss first and my first mix about like…solely guys I’ve ever made. Period. SO CONGRATS YOU TWO YOU MUST BE SOMETHING SPECIAL. Also yes there’s an Ace Attorney font you can download and I used it for the graphic.

1. Enough to Go By| Vienna Teng//2. Given It All| Haley Kiyoko//3.An Act of Kindness| Bastille//4. Stray Italian Greyhound| Vienna Teng//5. INSIGHT (English Cover)| Y. Chang and Sapphire//6. Enemy| Jesca Hoop//7. Phoenix Burn| Alpha Rev//8. Hurts Like Hell| Fleurie//9. In My Veins| Andrew Belle//10. Vindicated| Dashboard Confessional//11. Count on Me| Bruno Mars//12. Kimi Janakya Dame Mitai (I Think It’s Gotta Be You) (English Cover)| Y. Chang//13. Aishiteru (I Love You) (English Cover)|Lucy//14/ Freeze You Out| Marina Kaye//15. I Try to Talk to You| Hercules & Love Affair ft. John Grant//16. Some Guy| Anthony Rapp//17. I Do It All For You| SoMo

Play on Playmoss.

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Detailed chronological annotation plus lyrics under the cut:

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mixes for THE RAVEN BOYS from the raven cycle
(click for bigger tracklists)

GANSEY (BYEGONE): listen here.
         “the thought inside it’s been around for much too long, but you already know, i know you know, you take the risk to leave it all, you take the risk to leave it all, you will be the pioneer, you will be the conqueror, of that intimate land”

ADAM (VESSEL): listen here.
         “and i may not see the future, but i see its lonely architect, at the door of my house, i don’t wanna be your vessel any more, i don’t wanna be a vessel of your doubt. truly i never dreamt, of all the dumb accoutrement, i would want for myself, for the shelf”

RONAN (THIEVES): listen here.
         “well i slashed your tires, and i locked your doors, so no one gets out, but there’s a rupture to the structure, of this house that we built, and i fucked it yeah i fucked it and i fucked it until those wolves they took all they could. forgive me for i am not acting myself, but these bees in my breath have to come out”

NOAH (KARCIST): listen here.
         “a frozen wasteland of hope and glory,  of history repeating, failing and creeping, i made a blood promise, i laid my stake here, but no one knows us and nothing feels like home anymore, faith for all of us, questions for older men”

Victuuri Week Day 1 - Firsts & Surprises

when he began to dance with me - a Viktuuri fanmix that’s like a soundtrack for the memorable night, their first dance, where Yuuri Katsuki surprises Viktor with his relentless desires, treating him like he’s not the legendary skater atop the lonely pedestal

Listen at 8tracks | playmoss

01. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough Michael Jackson // 02. HandClap Fitz & The Tantrums / 03. Shut Up and Dance Walk the Moon // 04. Only Girl (in the World) Rihanna // 05. Sway Pussycat Dolls // 06. El Tango de Roxanne Moulin Rouge OST // 07. Don’t Stop the Music Jamie Cullum //
08. Take A Chance On Me
ABBA // 09. Marry You Bruno Mars //
(Bonus) I Could Have Danced All Night
My Fair Lady OST

Annotations under cut

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the night - a playlist by the man who has everything but parents


i. everywhere a wilderness, the concrete to the pines, everywhere a wilderness, there’s no place you can hide ii. we run through these streets that we know so well, and the houses hide so much but in the half light none of us can tell iii. in the city where i grew up the kids are dying now iv. there’s nothing left of this town, our time has ceased with such sorrow, there’s no one left here to mourn v. you can’t ignore those evil voices when you sleep at night; if you ignore those evil voices, you might sleep at night vi. in the pines where the sun don’t ever shine, i would shiver the whole night through vii. there’s something howling deep in the forest viii. this town will be the downfall of us all ix. oh, this town, it kills you when you’re young x. i was living in a devil town


Lynch – a fanmix for Declan, Ronan, & Matthew (x)

01. the lion’s roar - first aid kit (declan & ronan)
02. dream brother - jeff buckley (ronan & matthew)
03. lemonade - cocorosie (declan & ronan & matthew)
04. eyes shut - years and years (ronan & declan)
05. the mother we share - chvrches (declan & ronan & matthew)
06. dreamers - hopium ft. phoebe lou (declan & ronan)
07. holy branches - radical face (declan)
08. just one of those things - meg & dia (ronan & declan)
09. stronger than ever - raleigh ritchie (ronan)
10. secrets - maria mena (declan & ronan)
11. vagabond - misterwives (matthew & declan)
12. brother song - circa survive (declan & ronan)
13. blue ridge mountains - fleet foxes (ronan & matthew)
14. nobody knows me at all - the weepies (matthew)
15. failure by design - brand new (ronan & declan)
16. brother - matt corby (declan & ronan & matthew)
17. i sing i swim - seabear (matthew & ronan)
18. alien - thriving ivory (declan & ronan & matthew)

To be honest, people can say whatever they want about the Sterek fandom but absolutely nobody can deny just how talented this fandom is.

The arts, from the doodles to the digitals to the simple edits and the AU edits to the handdrawn ones and every other masterpiece, that are produced by people in this fandom are breathtaking. And so do not even get me started on how amazing the fics and other writing works are. The fanmixes that are created are truly appreciated by me too, because so many of those songs fit our boys so well. The videos I’ve seen? Brilliant doesn’t even begin to describe. The people who make Sterek merch are actual blessings.

Everything. Every God damn thing. Sterek is flourishing because of all of it.

The talent and creativity that the Sterek fandom offers is truly astonishing, and I can’t even find it in myself to feel offended by all the negativity directed at our fandom when I’m surrounded by such gifted people.

Grimmy Appreciation Fest: Week One Masterlist

Thank you to everyone following the Grimmy Appreciation Fest, all those who have created for it and people reading, commenting, reblogging and leaving notes on the fanworks. Week One has been awesome! There is another full week to go and lots more Grimmy stuff to share including fic, art, moodboards and fanmixes.

In case you missed any of the posts, here’s the Week One Masterlist with everything in one place so you can browse at your leisure.


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Once in a blue moon, I crawl out of the woodwork to post a fanmix. This is one of those times. This time, I’ve got a jopper inspired mix! :’B I kept most of it era-appropriate (stuff they might’ve listened to in high school thru the 80s), but there are a few more modern ones peppered in.

Hope you enjoy!

01.// 10CC / I’m Not In Love /
02.// E.L.O. / Telephone Line /
03.// Roy Orbison / Oh, Pretty Woman /
04.// Jude / I Know
05.// Fleetwood Mac / Silver Springs /
06.// Gordon Lightfoot / If You Could Read My Mind /
07.// Supertramp / Give a Little Bit /
08.// Howard Jones / Someone You Need /
09.// Simply Red / Holding Back the Years /
10.// The Wallflowers / 6th Avenue Heartache /
11.// Johnny Rivers / Slow Dancing /
12.// The Pretenders / I’ll Stand by You /
13.// Smokey Robinson and the Miracles / I Second that Emotion /
14.// George Harrison / Got My Mind Set On You /


I’ve also got a jancy one I made a while back if anyone’s curious ♥


truth is heavier than fiction | a Jughead Jones fanmix

01. when we were young, we never knew the pain that lay beyond, but then we grew / 02. when I was young I fell in love with story, with the eleventh hour, with the blaze of glory / 03. I wanna be quicker, I wanna get closer, I don’t wanna feel worlds apart / 04. with the lights out, it’s less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us / 05. calling out loud with no respect, I’m not the one, I’m just another reject, I’m the voice to offend all those who pretend, unsung against the grain, I’m here to rise against / 06. let me dream with the stars / 07. there were so many fewer questions when stars were still just the holes to heaven / 08. fill the night with your righteous defiance, while you’ve still got the will to run / 09. I know it’s been a long road, prodigals don’t always come home, but I’ll be alright

[ L I S T E N ]

God, forgive my sins;
A Judas Iscariot fanmix
(Found here)

where friend rhymes with end ane brun // no one those poor bastards // innocent sinner dylan leblanc // devils amelia curran // broken crown mumford & sons // waltz for the faithless peter bradley adams // down there by the train tom waits // sinner’s sonnet andrew whitman // iscariot walk the moon // seven devils florence + the machine // there is judgement sons of perdition // evil on my mind .357 string band // graveyard devil makes three // am i to be the one the dead brothers // dope lady gaga


portentum | a graves/credence beauty & the beast au | 8tracks &&& playmoss

“Once upon a time, there lived a boy who had forgotten what it was to be loved. He was beaten and spurned, called ugly things by those who should protect him. He was called a beast and so he became one.”

Soundtrack for my fic, portentum


you had the face of a saint in the cathedral | a Rogan fanmix

01. I lost you in a moment, you caught me in a dream, but if we can see the end, then we can start a new beginning / 02. suddenly I think I feel slightly religious / 03. that magic that we got, nobody can touch / 04. I could love you so I don’t know why I’m holding back now when everything’s right / 05. I will pray so the castle that we’ve built won’t cave / 06. I am in love with what we are, not what we should be / 07. honey can’t you see, I was born to be, be your dead sea / 08. I’m like a movie, you’re like the news, I’m still the one that’s in love with you / 09. all that you are is all that I’ll ever need / 10. now I’ve gotta love your love letters, written on my skin / 11. my girl, linen and curls, lips parting like a flag all unfurled, she’s grand, the bend of her hand / 12. nobody does it better, though sometimes I wish someone could, nobody does it quite the way you do, why’d you have to be so good? / 13. if I had eyes in the back of my head, I would have told you that you looked good as I walked away / 14. all those words came undone and now I’m not the only one, facing the ghosts that decide if the fire inside still burns / 15. so I guess I’m gonna let you go, but you get to keep a little bit of my soul

[ L I S T E N ]

a Yousana fanmix [listen]

1. Shot Down by Khaled / If we’re keeping it a hundred, you’re all that I need for me
2. One Dance by Drake ft. WizKid and Kyla / Higher powers taking a hold on me
3. Gunerius (Remix) by Amanda Delara / You’re afraid of those with veil
4. Oceans by Seafret / We hide our emotions, Under the surface and tryin’ to pretend
5. Easily by Bruno Major / Just because it won’t come easily, Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try
6. Warm by Majid Jordan / Bring me into your soul where I wanna live
7. Fallingforyou by The 1975 / I’ll never make it right if you don’t want me around
8. LOVE by Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari / Only for life, you’re a homie for life
9. I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk / We don’t have to rush when you’re alone with me
10. Frustrated by R.Lum.R / You give me your kaleidoscope in monochrome
11. Sweet Creature by Harry Styles / We don’t know where we’re going but we know where we belong
12. The Scientist by Coldplay / You don’t know how lovely you are
13. Small Doses by Bebe Rexha / Loving you, it’s explosive, you know this
14. Keep on Loving You by Cigarettes After Sex / When I said that I love you I meant that I love you forever
15. Only Love by Ben Howard / Darling you’re with me, forever and always
16. Yours by Ella Henderson / But with you I’ve learnt just to let it out
17. Home by Gabrielle Aplin / I’ll always keep you with me, You’ll be always on my mind
18. Vi er Perfekt men verden er ikke det by Cezinando / We are perfect but the world is not 
19. Scripture by Dawn Richards / If his love had a description, It’d be the secret to my soul
20. Nefertiti by ArchDuke / You are the glory of this earth girl
21. Hand on Heart by Moko / Hand on heart, soul of mine

anonymous asked:

Have you ever heard the song "Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the Wardrums"? I feel like it's perfect for Dark. It's full of language that reminds me so much of Dark, like "safe from pain, and truth, and choice, and other poison devils — see, they don't give a f*ck about you... like I do," it just screams of Dark. Plus, it's super creepy sounding (in a good way).

Ooh, I very much agree! So much so, in fact, that I had discussed this with tumblr user nerdiestpinup previously! Back in May. A really long time ago. It’s also on the almost 2-hour long fanmix I made for Dark waaaay back when. For those lines that you pointed out exactly! And the verse at the end, especially the line “I’ll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason.”

However, as I listened to more of A Perfect Circle, there’s Pet, which perhaps fits better. It has the same lyrics that made me think of Dark with Counting Bodies, plus some different lyrics, such as “Just stay with me, safe and ignorant.” Both songs fit him very well, especially when you look at the more violent side (Counting Bodies) or the more manipulative and possessive side (Pet)

deus vult [an instrumental fanmix for The Sparrow]

The Jesuit scientists went to learn, not to proselytize. They went so that they might come to know and love God’s other children. They went for the reason Jesuits have always gone to the farthest frontiers of human exploration. They went ad majorem Dei gloriam; for the greater glory of God. 

They meant no harm. 


  • one. Rome, December 2059 (Allegri Miserere - The Sistine Chapel Choir)
  • two. those hands were like the mark of Cain, he thought. (Afterimage 3 - Max Richter)
  • three. for Emilio. (Gabriel’s Oboe - Yo-Yo Ma)
  • four. at least for the moment, they all fell in love with God. (Remember Me - Thomas Bergensen)
  • five. night on Rakhat: they named everything they saw. (Water Night - Eric Whitacre)
  • six. “challalla khaeri” (Ibelin - Harry Gregson-Williams)
  • seven. “God! God, I was born for this.” (The Falls - Yo-Yo Ma)
  • eight. Supaari VaGayjur profited from the presence of the Jesuit party on Rakhat before he knew of its existence. (Ney Improvisation in Makam Huseyni - Sufi Music Ensemble)
  • nine. “Madre de mi corazón.” “Hijo de mi alma.” (Closure - Michael Giacchino)
  • ten. Hlavin Kitheri was a poet. (Overture - Jay Chou)
  • eleven. the city of Gayjur (The Dance of the Soma - Jordi Savall)
  • twelve. ils sont les innocents (Sacrificial Procession - James Horner)
  • thirteen. he would tell the Reshtar: I am here to learn your poetry and perhaps to teach you ours. (Sybilla - Harry Gregson-Williams)
  • fourteen. “You see, Meelo? Your family came for you. I found you for them.” (And He Remembered Noah - Clint Mansell)
  • fifteen. “But it was my body. It was my blood. And it was my love.” (Vide Cor Meum - Patrick Cassidy)