this is one of the things that i got today


kindergarten AU from my first stream ever today! thanks anyone who watched (it was 3 people, i supposed)

something i fished out from the trashcan to color *sweats*

this is the comic for this AU part 1

im thinking that yurio’s grandpa is the kindergarten owner, yuri has to see their grossness every day, and yuuko is the caretaker

can you believe the eycte tour started a year ago today… year ago miles and alex got back on a stage as the last shadow puppets for the first time in eight years….one year ago we got a surprise periscope livestream and heard all the songs on eycte for the first time….one year ago a crazy, amazing tour began….we had no idea what we were in for…..

it was my last day at my job today and it was happy and sad at the same time, but i feel really positive about my exit. i sat with the head of hr and talked about the department and about what i’ve observed and i think she really took my comments to heart, so i hope that puts some gears into motion. and a bunch of people came up to me saying really lovely things and thanking me. and one of my co-workers took me out to lunch and another got me a cookie cake

anyway - it was a really great last day and even though i didn’t like that job, i will miss working there because of the people. but i’m super excited about my next job!!

good things, my guys. good things.


Story time: I had to study for my cardiology exam all week and couldn’t go to the Maggie Stiefvater event, so my sister had to go alone even though we usually go to these things together. @less-than-one, being the amazingly thoughtful person she is, got me a copy of The Raven King and told @maggie-stiefvater about me and asked her to write something. Today after my exam she surprised me with this inspiringly inscribed gift. ❤


Lifted for the first time from Ulta today! I absolutely hate concealing on floor so I never have even tried ulta… until today! I got one thing, a Becca cream highlight!!! it is so creamy and pigmented!! next up is the Carli Bybel palette!!

Also lifted a seam ripper from hobby lobby which is going to be a life saver since I dont want to get a huge magnet


1/100 Days of Productivity

I’ve loved this idea for a while, and I’m finally starting it!

I haven’t done a whole lot, but I have gotten a couple things out of the way. Totally unrelated to anything about school, but I finally added more soil to my little succulents and I moved them outside. They just weren’t getting enough light indoors.

I also started my chapter 5 notes on person-centered therapy for my theories of counseling class! I have a discussion due tomorrow, so I do have to speed things up a bit, so that’s what I’ll be doing with my downtime at work today.

I also finally got some books I ordered, one of which is Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I’ve been wanting to read it for so long! So I’ll probably start it during my 10-15 minute breaks I take during all that studying.

Happy Friday, cuties! Now everyone go study. ;)

ok but ??? women are the best thing on earth. i saw a girl today and i loved her hair colour sm that i asked her how she got it and she showed me all of the products she used but one was on sale and she had the last two ones and smiled at me and said “here, so u can have one and me too so we can both look pretty” and i just.. want to thank every woman for being so kind and not seeing other girls as rivals u all are the real mvps out and deserve so much more attention

I do computer repair work in a 55+ community. One client calls me all the time for the littlest things but I’m happy to help. Today he offered me this gem.

Client: Can you come over and help me with my keyboard and mouse? I need them to reach a little farther

Me: Sure, are they tangled on something? Ill be right over.

Client: I need them extended so I can use them at the counter while I cook.

Me: These are corded devices, they wont reach that far.

Client: Well can you make them wireless? I’ve got some scissors in that top drawer.


Portraits of Halo

15 years ago today (Nov 15, 2001) Halo and the Xbox were released. At first, i didn’t pay the console, or the game, much mind. I had my doubts about Microsoft and this relatively unknown shooter brought over from the computer world, so i figured i’d give the system a pass for the time being. Over the next few months though, i kept hearing good things about Halo. It got rave reviews in the magazines and a few people i knew played it non stop. But still, i held off. Then one night, i stopped by my friends house to hang out for a bit. After a while, he asked if i wanted to play some games and suggested we dive into a few levels of Halo, Co-op.

We played the first 4-5 areas straight through and about 30 minutes in, i was completely hooked. I can’t overstate the amount of joy and fun i had. Headshotting grunts, driving the warthog off cliffs while blasting the horn, and watching groups of Covenant scatter and curse at me in their alien language as i chucked a grenade right in the middle of them, had me smiling from ear to ear. And playing it all with a friend, cooperatively (which was something i had never really done before), brought the experience to a completely new level. The controls were tight, the AI was fantastic and the levels were massive. I couldn’t ask for much more when it came to gameplay.  

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Nurses and doctors ran from local hospital to save lives in London terror attack
Many Brits are saying emergency services have made them most proud of their country today
By Nicola Oakley

I don’t ordinarily share tablodi articles, but I felt it important to share this one. More than ever, today I’ve been reminded of that Mr. Rogers Quote:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”    
And today we were reminded again of the helpers. I saw a clip in which a police officer called to transfixed passers-by, urging them to run to safety, making sure they got out of the way of danger. I saw the clips of passers by, doctors and nurses from Tommie’s run to the aid of the people who’d been injured. Pictures of politicians giving first aid to victims. 

But also, because, out of all the tragedy and chaos, this image summarises all that is great about the NHS.  A Ward Sister has evidently run out, blankets in tow, ready to distribute them amongst the victims. I don’t know who she and her colleagues are, but I recognise their resilience and their initiative because I see it every day in my amazing nurse colleagues. Despite the pain, I smiled when I saw this image, because of course a Sister would make order out of chaos and sort things out.

Rather than sharing images of the victims at their most bulnerable, I wanted to share an image of some of the formidable people who ran in when every fibre of your being is telling you to run away.

I’m proud to work amongst such people. And though I wish that we didn’t face such difficulties with the NHS, or face attacks like today, there’s nobody else I’d rather be stuck in this situation with than people like them.

There’s a massive spoiler in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (Rogue One cover) with “Once Upon a Time” confirming the AU No-Dark Curse storyline is happening as there’s a picture of Emma in a princess style dress and braid standing with 50-60 year-old Snow & Charming in royal outfits & aged makeup/wigs!!! :D The new issue is out early with Thanksgiving coming and I got my copy in the mail today. I don’t have a scanner but there’s a picture and a description for the mid-season finale talking about someone making a wish from the genie that was in the lamp Aladdin has and how it’ll change things for the mid-season premiere in EW’s “What to Watch” section for Sunday, December 4th. I’m positive EW will be posting an article online soon as they usually do for non-subscribers.

Today, I fucked up... by not sampling a new product.

I was having one of those pampering days and I was AMPED about it. It’s never usually planned, at least for me, when I decide to treat myself to a little extra beauty care. I was doing my teeth whitening routine (a usual thing) and got some new moisturizer I was applying, fresh out the shower, and I was just feeling myself? I was planning a trip that weekend to visit some friends a few states away so I needed to look my best.

I decide I’ll do a facial mask to top off the evening. Circa Summer 2016, my boss had these sample face masks he wanted to use and it was a very nice experience. My ONLY complaint was this was a peel-off mask that was VERY difficult to take off, so I knew right away I didn’t want to go through that again. 

I’m looking for a non-peel off mask through these sample packets and I come across this soothing banana mask. I read the warnings and directions as you should (seriously, always do this) and it says it’s a 7 minute mask, it’ll make your face feel cool and replenished, and if you feel irritation, wash off. These are pretty normal warnings.
So I slab this stuff on. Right away. WHILE I am doing this, I thought, very briefly to myself, “I should test this before just throwing every last bit on my face.” A sample test is a very crucial step that was probably on the back off the product in the warnings that I blatantly ignored. I am reckless, I thought. I am woman, and I will throw caution to the damn wind and I literally blasted this shit on every square inch of my face with a ring around my eyes, nostrils, eyebrows and lips. At first it feels like a dream. It’s cool and tingly, smells incredible. I am enjoying this ride. I’m three minutes in and feeling mild irritation, but my skin has been known to be a little sensitive, so I’m like aight whatever. 

Another 30 seconds goes by and NOW it feels like every bit of my skin that this mask was touching was being kiSSED BY A VOLCANO GOD. I am distressed, and instead of rushing right to the bathroom to wash it off, I go on a detour discovery mission to see if I can see anything unusual. By the way, don’t do that. If it’s burning, get it the FUCK off of you. I’m not sure what looking at my melting flesh would do to benefit me whatsoever, but clearly I thought this to be important. This mask is completely clear, and I can SEE A COMPLETELY CRISP LINE OF REDNESS WHEREVER THIS MASK IS MAKING CONTACT WITH MY SKIN.

Now I decide it to be pressing enough to wash this off. I rush to my upstairs bathroom and there’s only hand soap in there. It’s not a fully equipped bathroom like my downstairs bathroom. But I wanted to avoid downstairs as long as I could since my dad was down there and I knew he’d panic if he saw me in bad condition. So I wash it off with water, I look at my reflection and it looks like a legitimate sunburn. You could see defined, crisp, clean lines wherever the mask rested on my skin and my face feels like it is swelling to the size of a watermelon with elephantiasis.

I think the worst is over, but I’m really not thinking properly among the stress of the situation. I just sort of sat on the floor in the hallway, my hands pressed to my face trying to cool down, while it feels like my cheeks have a pulse. Me washing it off with water wasn’t going to cut it. I needed to completely wash my face of this residue with a face wash or soap (ANYTHING), but I needed the time to catch my brain up with what was happening. 

Once I did, I was like “Dude, I need to properly WASH my face.” It was mostly gone, but I could still feel it in the deeper parts of my skin. At this point, there’s no avoiding my father who, conveniently was stationed at the bottom of my stairs on a phone call. We went through the whole rigamarole of a worried father, conveniently chatting on the phone with my worried mother. He gave me a solid “What the complete fuck did you do to your face?” Classic pops.

Anyway, after briefing him on the situation, I shuffled embarrassed to the bathroom to wash it off and spent the next few hours applying aloe and waiting to make sure the swelling went down before I sought medical attention. I was grateful that it didn’t progress and my skin went completely back to normal by the morning, but the entire experience was a dark and regretful time in my life. So, I guess you can take this with you: sample, sample, sample. Don’t be like me.
TLDR; I used a Satan’s Semen facemask and burned the shit out of my skin
Wedding Day

Summary: Stan walks Melody down the isle.

Stan and Melody bonding calls to me.

Stan takes a breath and adjusts his tie in the hallway mirror. He’s just finished up helping Soos get ready and he’s getting ready to get Melody to walk her down the isle. Now his mind is consumed with doubts and the memory of her asking him to walk down the isle.

You’re the closest thing to a dad I’ve had for a while.

Her father died several years ago so he couldn’t be here to walk her down the isle.

He remembers his throat being tight hearing those words. They were similar to the words he remembers Soos gave him the first father’s day he had the confidence to give his boss a present.

You’re the closest thing to a dad I’ve ever had…

He supposes those words were the reason he hadn’t hesitated after his initial shock to say yes.

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ok but i think out of the frogs nursey is the one who keeps like,, a really up to date calendar

except it doesnt really have anything that revolves around him? 

its just a detailed list of dates that are important to his family and friends

like of course there’s birthdays and anniversaries and stuff 

but then there is also the day of chowder’s first shutout, and when his ma’s first book was published and when dex first fixed betsy 

just derek nurse is a sentimental selfless person who really loves the people he loves

I continue to hear saying such as “in 2016 I learned…” “in 2026 I decided…”. But what I have realized is that I often don’t let the New Year label my knowledge and experiences into a category of 365 days. What about what I learned this month? What about what I experienced this week? What about what I decided today? Are they less important as smaller, less-substantial actions because they were day to day and not a larger scale? Instead of looking at a whole painting, why not look at one parish stroke. Or maybe a group of strokes or colors mixed together. Without one detail, the whole masterpiece would be incomplete. Don’t let yourself gaze over your artwork because you got caught up in the wide scale of things. Details are vital to this world, you are vital to this world. So next year, when you finish another painting. Take a moment to stop and look at the different brush strokes, and remember how it felt to complete each one.
—  hmbrownie018