this is one of the only platonic relationships i feel intensely about weird

Jon Choking Littlefinger

I’ll start right away by saying that plotwise, if Jonsa isn’t happening (it is happening in s8), Jon choking LF, didn’t forward the story in any way, at all. 

The crypt scene could’ve easily not have had LF in it, it could’ve just been Jon looking at Ned, then heading out, mounting his horse, turning around, smiling and waving goodbye at Sansa, and it would’ve worked perfectly, no need for the choking scene, but they included it it anyway. Why?

It had already been made very clear to us that he’d die for her, kill for her in season 6. I mean he almost beat Ramsay to death, he fought a war for her. So yeah, there was no reason to show him being so aggressive towards someone connected to Sansa, again; towards someone who declared his love for her, to him.

Again, you gotta ask yourself, why then? 

That scene added nothing to Jon’s plot/story in s7. Nothing, but the fact that he loves Sansa, fiercely.

D&D had him threaten LF, that if he touches Sansa (for a platonic relationship, the word harm, would’ve worked much better, but yeah… D&D settled for touch, more than once) he’s going to kill him. Now, we all know Jon’s threats were meaningless, they literally were empty threats, because LF was meant to be later executed by Sansa, Arya & Bran. So why add that choking scene then? If Jon wasn’t even going to carry out the threat?

D&D for “some 😉” reason wanted to keep reminding us, even in season 7, just how much Jon loves Sansa, just how possessive and protective he is of her, because for “some 😉” reason it’s clearly very important to the plot.

“She’s his sister, of course he’s protective of her.” Ok, fair enough, but the scene where he almost beats Ramsay to death, the scene where Sansa says “He’ll keep me safe, I trust him.”, the one where she tells him “Father couldn’t protect me, neither can you, so stop trying.” and he says “I’ll stop trying to protect you when […]”, and the scene where he tells her “I’ll never let him touch you again. I’ll protect you, I promise.”, were more than enough to get that message across, the viewers got the memo Jon cares deeply for Sansa in S6, no need to waste precious screentime, and money on it any further in S7, and yet, they did. That choking scene, only ended up making the goodbye scene between Jon and Sansa, more powerful, more intense, more meaningful; it gave it a romantic feel.

D&D kept showing us, that Jon is very protective towards Sansa, in a territorial way, almost in a “don’t you dare, don’t you dare touch her, get near her, she’s mine; mine to protect, mine to take care of, mine to love.” kind of way. I cannot see another reason why D&D would simply bother so much, waste so much screentime, to show us just how much he loves Sansa, and how much Sansa loves him, over and over again, if they’re not building them up for romance in S7.

Again, exclude Jonsa, and that scene doesn’t make any sense, exclude Jonsa, and that scene was absolutely pointless/useless. I highly doubt they’d waste money to pay the actors, to shoot a scene that brings absolutely nothing to the plot. No. They wouldn’t. Same thing with the scenes with Tyrion “a sham marriage, unconsummated”, I mean, why add that? Why add a scene with Jon, where Sansa where her (not)bedding is being discussed? lol And Theon, “What you did for her, is the only reason I’m not killing you.”, which translates to, you betrayed my family, I should kill you right now, but you saved her, and she saved me in return, she means the world to me, she’s all I have left, all because you helped her, so I’ll let you live, I won’t kill you.

He’s miles away from her, and Sansa keeps being brought up, he’s miles away from her, and Sansa keeps bringing Jon up. D&D did not want us to forget about Sansa’s and Jon relationship, they didn’t want us to forget their love for each other, even while being miles and miles apart from one another.

So yeah, the only purpose that choking scene served, was of enlightening (some of) the viewers at home (the majority are still clueless lol… my sweet summer children🙈), it served to make Littlefinger (and us) realize, Jon has strong feelings for Sansa, which later led Littlefinger to tease Sansa about a Jon/Dandelion alliance/marriage to see her reaction, to see if she feels the same way towards him, and what he got from her, was an incredulous “You think he wants to marry her?!”. I mean look at her expression, how she raises her eyebrows, she’s literally like, “What? Jon wouldn’t marry her/do that? Would he?”

I must say, Sansa also seems to be quite possessive of Jon, as well. Her reply to LF was odd, for a sister. It’s as if this whole time, she thought she’d never have to share him with anyone, that he’d always be hers, that she’d be the only one he gave his attention and love to. As if the thought, that Jon will marry someone at some point, never even crossed her mind, which would be, well, weird, to say the least, if she only had sisterly feelings towards him, which she clearly does not

This season we also got the “What about happy? Why aren’t you happy? What do you want, that you do not have?” question from Littlefinger, a question which she doesn’t answer, well, she does answer, but by avoiding the question, “At the moment, peace and quiet.”, which is like, at the moment what I’d very much like/want, is for you to stop moving your mouth and get tf out of my sight. lol I love sassy/savage Sansa 😆 Fact remains, she did not answer his question, so it’s left to the audience, to answer the question for her.

I’m pretty sure many of the viewers sitting at home, answered that question in their head. I watched this episode with a group of friends, there were 10 of us, they all thought (me included) that love is what’s missing in her life, that love is what she wants, what she still wants. Sansa, despite all that’s happened to her, she still wants love, I mean, there’s nothing else missing in her life, she’s home, surrounded by friends, she has Jon, and she’s safe, again, the only thing missing in her life, is love. 

I don’t even want to imagine what it must feel like for her, to have feelings for Jon, that she thinks she’s not supposed to have (bc you know, she doesn’t know he’s her cousin, yet), to know they can never be. I think that, that, is what makes her unhappy, and I assume, very, very frustrated too, and I ssume, also pretty mad at the Gods, for being so cruel, for playing sick jokes on her, for denying her love, time and time again. 

Going back to LF, I think at this point, after getting that incredulous, somewhat shocked reply from her, after seeing just how loyal she is towards Jon, that nothing he could say nor do, would ever turn her against him, Littlefinger is pretty sure both Sansa and Jon have strong feelings for each other, and that, that’s why he failed to come between them, why he failed and is continuing to fail to turn Sansa against him. 

Note: Him failing to get between Jon and Sansa, is also why he changed his strategy, and decided to try and pit Sansa and Arya against each other, which, let me tell you, had he succeeded, as a consequence/chain reaction, he would’ve managed to come between Jon and Sansa as well, because Jon would’ve never forgiven Sansa, if she had executed Arya. Had LF managed to manipulate Sansa into killing Arya, he would’ve isolated her from the other Starks, which was his plan/main goal all along.

“What are you talking about, Littlefinger doesn’t think Jon and Sansa have feelings for each other, he thinks/knows they’re brother and sister, he’d never think they could fall for each other.” Yeah… emh, this is the same character who said this, in S2 (season 2 is where D&D started with all the foreshadowing btw): 

Jon’s reaction was completely out of place, he could’ve simply threatened him, told him “you stay away from her/I’m warning you, to stay away from her, or else…” or something along those lines, but no, D&D had him in full snap mode, instead. 

I mean, nothing else LF said got a reaction out of him, nothing. D&D deliberately had him snap at the I love Sansa. As I loved her mother.” He snarled, slammed him on the wall, full force, like, really violently, all the while growling, literally like a wolf (going back to the territorial behaviour), we’ve never heard him growl like that, never, and he almost chokes him to death, but somehow manages to stop himself from doing so.

Then he casually get’s out the crypts, and D&D proceed to give us that beautiful, heartbreaking/heartfelt goodbye. Jon turns, waves goodbye and sweetly, but sadly smiles at her, as if nothing happed just two minutes ago in the crypts lol Sansa waves back, and she also sweetly, but sadly smiles back at him. 😭💔

 And then? Littlefinger comes out the crypts, confused af by what just happened. I think LF here, is supposed to represent the audience. The audience, just like him, should go “wtf was that?/wtf just happened?/wth did he react like that/so violently?”, and then go “oh, oooh, omg! OMG!!!”, just like LF is going in his head. Then he looks up, only to see Sansa looking melancholically in Jon’s direction, even if Jon is no longer in view now, and she looks so worried, sad and heartbroken.

You can literally see all the wheels turning in LF’s head, in the gif above.

Conclusion: If Jonsa wasn’t bound to happen in S8, this scene would’ve never happened. Jon choking Littlefinger, was included because of Jonsa, it had no other purpose, but to further Jonsa, to show the viewers, through Jon’s actions, and LF’s reaction, that Jon’s behaviour and feelings towards Sansa are very intense/strong and “slightly” inappropriate.

#JonsaIsComing 💙

“This is my boyfriend Dan, by the way” || Dan Howell

A/N: This was a really nice request I got, thanks for that. Also the title is a little bit different. Have a nice weekend! 

Word Count: 1.5K

POV: Reader


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It all started on a Saturday morning. I was sitting on the breakfast table by myself. I munched on some toast and checked my emails, like I do it every morning. A cup of hot black coffee was cooling off next to my laptop that was in front of me.

All of the new messages were mostly spam and some business stuff but one email in particular caught my eye. As soon as I saw the title I instantly clicked on it:

“High School Reunion”

Suddenly I was filled with excitement and resentment at the same time.

As my eyes scanned the invite over and over again I heard Dan enter the kitchen. He was wearing his pyjama that consisted of boxers and a loose t-shirt and his hair was a curly mess that still managed to look good.

We had been best friends for years now and shared a flat together in London. Dan noticed my startled expression and immediately asked what the matter was with me.  

My eyes were still glued to the words ‘Partners are welcome as well’ as I answered him.  That sentence alone made me want to not go.

“I was just sent an invite to a high school reunion.” I explained while taking a sip from my coffee.

The dark liquid was still hot and nicely warmed my throat.

Dan yawned and poured some of his favourite cereal into a bowl.

“Why do you look like you were invited to a funeral then?” he asked me confused, as he added the milk and sat down on the table next to me.

“It’s says we should bring our partners and I don’t want to show up alone.” I sighed, the taste of coffee was still lingering on my tongue. It was as bittersweet as I felt right now.

Dan put his spoon, that he was eating his cereal with, down to eye me intensively.

“Why don’t you want to go there on your own?” he asked me, cocking one eyebrow.

I felt myself getting a little bit nervous and abashed. I played with my hands and sighed.  

“I always got teased because I didn’t date a single guy during high school. I kinda promised myself that by the time the first reunion comes around I would have a boyfriend.” I admitted embarrassed and tried to hide my flushed face behind my hair.

There suddenly was a hint of a smile on his lips but it only lasted a few milliseconds.

“Forget it, it’s stupid.” I quickly told him, shaking my head eagerly. I half-heartedly laughed about myself as I hid my face in my hands.

“It’s definitely not stupid, Y/N. If it means so much to you then I could go with you, Y/N” Dan whispered as he gave me a short but warm hug.

“Really?” I asked him in surprise. Was he really suggesting that?

“I’d do quite a lot to make you happy, even pretend to be your boyfriend.” He smiled down at me as I whispered a sincere ‘thank you’ against his broad chest.

We were that kind of best friends that everybody mistook for a couple anyway. We were pretty affectionate towards each other, in a platonic way of course. Making it look like we were in a relationship was therefore not a very challenging task.

I was still nervous though when I got dressed the following Friday. I wanted to make an impression. I wanted people to look at me and think ‘wow, she really made it.’ I wanted to prove all of those people who never saw my potential in high school wrong.  

“It’s just your friends from high school, Y/N.” Dan tried to calm me down as he walked in with his car keys in his hands.

I obviously didn’t grow up in central London, where our flat was, but in a small town about an hour away.

“I had like 4 close friends in high school, Dan.” I reminded him laughing.

I never tried to be popular or fit in, I found 4 wonderful friends and that was totally enough for me. My high school times were therefore quite drama free except for the fact that I was occasionally made fun of and told that I would stay single forever, of course.

We left our shared flat and drove to the place where we were going to meet up.

As soon as we got out of the car again, Dan automatically took my hand as if it was a totally normal thing to do. I looked up at him in surprise and stared at him with wide eyes until I caught on to what was happening.

We were here together, Dan was the ‘partner’ I brought along with me.

“Ohh” I mouthed, feeling a little blush make its way onto my cheeks. I hadn’t really thought about that.

I shot Dan a nervous look before we walked into the restaurant together where most of my old classmates were already waiting for everybody to arrive.

He reassuringly intertwined our fingers, making me smile.

I saw a lot of familiar faces, some hadn’t changed at all, some changed a lot. I didn’t stay in touch with anybody from high school, so I hadn’t seen anyone in almost 10 years.

“Hey Everyone!” I greeted all of them cheerfully.

Their heads turned and they eagerly eyed Dan and I up and down.

“Y/N Y/L/N is that you?” Kimberly, who had always been the straight A student, asked.

“Yeah, it’s me. C’mon I haven’t changed that much, have I? This is my boyfriend Dan, by the way.”

The last sentence felt weird and at the same time so… natural? Dan’s face beamed as the word ‘boyfriend’ left my mouth and I couldn’t hold back a sweet smile either. He said his greetings as well before we sat down at the huge table.

After everyone had arrived we ordered some drinks and started chatting. Everybody was asked to talk about what they have been up to since we all finished high school.

Then it was suddenly my turn.  

“Well… I work as a lawyer for Youtube and me and Dan live in London now.” I told everybody.

Most people seemed impressed by the words Youtube, London and lawyer. Our home town was quite small and boring. London on the other hand being a beautiful big city sounded exciting.

“You studied law?” Somebody asked and I nodded.

“Yes, at Manchester University, that’s where I met Dan.” I smiled up at my tall ‘boyfriend’.

“So, are you a lawyer as well, Daniel?” Stacy, one of our former cheerleaders asked.

Dan was definitely getting some attention from the female part of our group. I protectively placed my hand on his thigh to show everyone that he was with me… which he actually wasn’t.

In reaction, he showed me his famous half smirk, as if he were saying ‘jealous much?’. I rolled my eyes at him but we both knew that he was right deep down.

“I’m not.” Dan laughed at the thought. “I finished like one semester before I dropped out. I’m a Youtuber now. That’s how me and Y/N met again.”

I could tell that Dan was feeling awkward once again because he didn’t know if people understood his profession.

Luckily though most people did and were now really interested in what Dan was doing.

He was asked all sorts of questions, and most of the conversations were focused on the two of us now since everybody treated Dan like he was a super famous celebrity and those were extremely rare in my old hometown.

I was very proud of Dan while he explained his job and passion. He then talked about me and how we met and that honestly made my heart melt. Could this really be? Who knew that I had feelings like that for my best friend? Everybody but us two probably.

“Who would have thought that you Y/N, out of all people, would hit the jackpot.” Stacy uttered completely stunned and barely able to keep her eyes off Dan.

“Nah, I feel like I was the one who hit the jackpot.” he softly said, while looking at me with loving eyes. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks as some people around us ‘awwed’.

“Dan, stop it.” I whined smiling and gently hit his chest before I leaned my head against his broad shoulder. We were behaving like two lovey dovey teenagers, which we, let’s be real, probably really were.  

“You two are perfect for each other.” Kimberly swooned like some of Dan’s fans on tumblr.

Dan and I’s gazes met as we both blushed.

“We are.” Dan whispered into my ear, making my heart skip a beat.

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Tbh its a bit weird how the writers describe Shiro and keiths relationship as brotherly while writing scenes that are clearly Romantic ... Where do you think theyre going for with these two ?

I honestly feel like Shiro and Keith don’t make sense as anything else but love interests at this point. To keep their bond strictly brotherly is strange given the level of intensity and desperation we see–“your friend desperately wants to see you.” “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” “[Keith’s] always scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong and he’s gonna lose Shiro.” 

You don’t constantly live in fear of losing someone who’s just like a brother. That’s not how anyone feels about their actual brother. You don’t just worry one wrong move will cost them to walk away and abandon you forever. Time and again, Keith chases after Shiro, is willing to throw away everything in his trial just to be with him. Because, as the holo-Shiro says–without him, Keith will be all alone. Keith’s universe is centered around Shiro in a way that just doesn’t correspond to feelings that are purely platonic. 

He also mourns Shiro as if he were a lover, and there’s a clear difference between how he reacts in season 3 and how Pidge responds to losing Matt. Keith lashes out at the other paladins despite the fact that they’re all supposed to be found family. He takes Shiro’s loss very personally–“Shiro’s the only one who never gave up on me. I won’t give up on him.” “We don’t have Shiro anymore either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” “Please no.” 

Keith fully believes no one else cares about Shiro the way he does, no one else gives a damn about finding him. He mourns in a way that’s almost possessive, as if Shiro belonged with him. The team literally has to pull him aside and tell him that they all miss Shiro, but he has to keep going. This notion that Keith must move on while he still carries a torch for Shiro and wants to just run back out and endlessly search for him–he really does seem like someone completely grief stricken who lost their lover and is still in shock. 

Add to that all the romantic themes and parallels, and their dynamic just doesn’t read as anything but romantic to me. Their story is very reminiscent of a classic fairytale: the knight always saving the princess, star-crossed lovers bound by fate, ect. Also, there’s the countless parallels between Shiro’s relationship with Keith and Haggar’s with Zarkon, parallels that clearly no other ship has. By virtue of that alone, sheith seems inherently romantic. I have a hard time believing all those thematic implications are purely accidental. So anyway, long story short, I hope they do end up confirming it as romantic. That seems to be the path it’s headed down so far, and I honestly can’t picture Shiro and Keith being happier with anyone else in canon. 

Let’s analyze the Sterek shit in 6b trailer

Right after I watched the trailer, I immediately started analyzing and searching elements about Derek and Stiles. First thing, obviously, Derek is BACK YES and Stiles appears in the season. 

But now here are things I noticed, and I’m pretty sure it’s just my hardcore shipper side taking control of my mind so please don’t take it seriously ok ?  It’s really far fetched and I don’t want to start a fight with anyone. If you’re not agreeing with me just keep scrolling :) (and if you keep reading excuse my not so perfect english, there may be a lot of mistakes !)

1. They’re back together 

As you probably noticed, Stiles and Derek came back to Beacon Hills and met Scott at the same time and together, right ? And it can’t be a coincidence because neither of them looks surprised to see the other and the “without us ?” looks way too prepared for them to meet at this moment. Except if Stiles’ eyes rolling back in his head is him about to faint from surprise. Guess it’s not.

So I can surely assume that they met before, and came back together.How did they meet, I have no idea : maybe one was looking for the other (and it makes my heart swell to think about it), or maybe they ran into each other, like drawn by fate. Hem. They probably both drove together in the jeep too. Knowing them and their friendly relation, I can guess they talked and bantered with one another during the trip. So they obviously spent time together and that makes my heart happy.

2. Stiles helps Derek

Again, that’s obvious if you watched the trailer, but Stiles helps carrying an injured Derek out of a fight (we’ll also notice that Stiles is wearing a FBI shirt and I  wonder how that happened since you can’t become a FBI agent in so little time but that’s not the point).This short scene immediately reminded me of season 2 in the pool before they went in the water and Stiles had to carry Derek in the exact same position and they had this nice little talk about how they don’t really trust each other and that Stiles is helping Derek just because he needs him to survive. Well, that obviously changed, and we’ve known that for a while now, but I like the maybe involuntary parallel between the season 2 scene and this one where Stiles saves Derek without hesitation. Awesome relationship and characters evolution !

3. No Stydia ?

I’m not trying to throw shade on Stydia, I totally respect this ship, but I couldn’t keep myself from noticing that Lydia doesn’t have a scene with Stiles alone, when Scalia (yay !) has this shower scene and a lot of other one-to-one moments, as Melissa and Chris do. Lydia is mostly alone. Like really alone. She discovers this weird spiderweb thing alone, is in a bed alone, is in the school alone, screams alone (and right after a sterek scene !), is alone. The only moment Stiles and Lydia have together is in the last scene, where everyone is in or around the jeep, listening to the radio. They’re sitting side by side, I can give you that. But we’ll talk again about this scene later. This is surprising, absolutely no Stydia in the trailer, when 6a was all about this ship.

4. Stiles and Derek are a real duo

I’m not talking about romantic (or sexual if you want to see it that way) couple, but these two dorks are a recurrent and good working duo since season 1. It was mostly comic at the beginning, but they learned to trust and appreciate each other. I’m talking about Derek shoving Stiles in walls, banging his neck in a steering wheel and dying on him in season 1. I’m talking about the pool scene and breaking in the police station, Alpha Derek saving Stiles from Isaac, both being paralyzed in the police station (and Matt shipping it) in season 2. I’m talking about them being friendly when Scott gets his tattoo, eye contact, Derek punching Stiles hand, Derek trusting Stiles over his girlfriend, Stiles putting is hand on Derek’s shoulder at Boyd’s death, Stiles hitting him when he’s unconscious, Derek helping to save Stiles when he’s possessed, Derek trying to protect him when Chris points a gun at the Nogitsune, Derek dreaming about Stiles, in season 3. I’m talking about Stiles helping and taking care of teenager Derek, Stiles and Derek together helping Liam, Derek almost dying and Stiles hesitating to leave, fearing he won’t see him again, in season 4. I’m talking about Stiles noticing his initials on the bookshelf at school, Scott and Stiles mentioning Derek in season 5, when nobody else talked about him. 

Even if you don’t ship Sterek you have to see their relation. Trust, care, attachment. If I put to the side the romantic aspect of Sterek and only focus on what is canon, I’d say they are more than friends. Friends for Stiles is Scott. Derek is more, and it frustrates me that I can’t find the right word. They are like supernatural adventures partners. They’d do anything to help the other and trust them without questioning it. They earned that trust, and once obtained it’s even more solid than the one between Scott and Stiles (season 5 shows it). Derek would have believed Stiles in season 5 and supported him against Theo without a second thought. And they sometimes joke and banter together, so it works even more. The trailer shows that they’re not Derek and Stiles anymore. They’re Derek&Stiles, partners in crime. It’s even more emphasized by the “us” that Derek corrects. 

Despite my love for this otp, I see the canon Derek&Stiles more like a platonic relationship. Platonic soulmates. After the end of that war, I just imagine them going back to Washington or New York or wherever and move in together. Hell, they’ll even get platonically married and platonically raise children together, because they can’t imagine someone else to spend their life with. But if romantic Sterek goes canon I’ll be even more happy :D

5. Eye contact in the jeep

This one is the most far fetched and I totally over analyzed it.

In the last scene of the trailer, where Scott, Stiles and Lydia are in the jeep with Peter, Malia and Derek at the windows, I noticed a few things.

First, the Hales are all outside the car, which doesn’t mean anything but maybe it’s important to say it.

And, after a few observations, we can know that this is how they’re placed

(This picture is really awful but anyway)

And now is the interesting stuff.

I can’t really be sure what he is looking at, could be the radio, but I want to believe this very intense look is directed at Stiles. And while we’re talking about him…

Is this Stiles looking back at Derek ? Seems like it. It wouldn’t be the first time these two exchange glances and eye contact when nobody else is looking.

 (You can read this amazing meta theory where the author talks about Stiles and Derek relation and the importance of eye contact among other things :

Peter and Lydia seem rather focused on the radio Scott is holding, we can’t see Malia, and Scott is looking through the window, but then he looks up, maybe at Derek, maybe just for the emphasis of his concentration and questions. No idea.

Also, if you squint really really hard during this scene, you may notice that Peter seems to be looking at Lydia, while she’s turning her eyes towards Stiles who’s looking at Derek. Derek stares back, Scott glances at Malia and we can’t see her face again so she could be looking anywhere. But it’s like everyone is staring at the person they have a connection with. Peter because he played with Lydia’s mind, Scott because he’s dating Malia. Lydia because she’s dating Stiles. And Stiles and Derek ? Because they have this incredible chemistry. Maybe we’re even talking about romantic connections and the show will end with canon Pydia, Scalia and Sterek, who knows ? But after a few slow-mo rewatchs I realized that except Derek and Stiles, they’re more likely to be watching the radio. So take this as you want it, nobody’s holding you back of believing it. 

The dorks look at each other exactly when Gerard (wasn’t he dead by the way ??) says “Welcome back. You must all be feeling rather nostalgic.”

The “welcome back” must be directed at Derek and Stiles, since they were the only ones among the people in the car who left Beacon Hills. So again, they’re addressed as a whole. (Or it’s a general “welcome back”, like “welcome back together, all gathered in the jeep like the good ol’time !”, or a “welcome back in a new nightmare where I’m magically alive !”. )

The “you must all be feeling rather nostalgic” is directed at everyone, and I guess the old man says that because a lot of people are back (Jackson ! The twin ! Kate ????), so I don’t give it much attention, but what I do give attention to is how a shot of Derek and his intense look is followed by a fade to black and then the shot of Stiles looking back at him. That must be the cinematographer inside me talking, but this kind of editing doesn’t come from nowhere. I see this sequence as a special importance giving deeper meaning to Gerard’s words. I see it as Derek and Stiles having felt nostalgic far away from the town and its inhabitants (pack and family included), but also far away from each other when Derek left. In other words, they missed each other. We’ve only seen Stiles’ point of view, when he signed the bookshelf or when Scott mentioned his name and he obviously had feelings (as friend or not) towards the werewolf. I can assume Derek felt the same way, especially after Braeden left him and came back to Beacon Hills without him.

Some people say that Stiles is Derek’s anchor, and I’m pretty convinced of that too. It makes even more sense that they found each other again when they’d lost contact for months, even maybe years. It’s like they gravitate toward each other. Platonic soulmates as I said before. And I can totally see them evolve in this platonic way. Stydia could keep happening, Derek could find a partner (Braeden ?), and they’ll still stay around each other no matter what.

I can totally see them evolve in a romantic relation too, but oh so different than what they both had had before. More serious than any of their previous relations, but they’ll still stay these two adorable dorks who can’t keep themselves from teasing the other and pretending they’re not funny, and always keeping this unbreakable trust and fidelity they already have. I’m totally on board with this. Yup. 

… And this post is way much longer than it was supposed to be so I’m gonna stop ! Don’t hesitate to give me your opinion and thoughts as long as you don’t insult me or anything, be kind please ! :) Have an awesome day !!

Bonus : 6. Something for the viewers

I just realized I forgot to mention something :

 “You didn’t think you were doing this without me, did you ?”

“Without us ?”

This, except being the cause of my cardiac arrest, can also be interpreted. Stiles and Derek obviously said these lines to Scott, but what if the production of Teen Wolf was saying this to us at the same time? A lot of people believed that Derek and Stiles wouldn’t appear in the last part of the show, but here they are ! And that’s a nice message, if it was voluntary :D 

I can still hope that, as a lot of people believe that romantic sterek won’t become canon, boom they’ll throw the love at us with a “You didn’t think this would happen, did you ?” and I can totally see something like this happen. In my head. But who knows ?

Now I’m really finished ! Thanks for reading :)

My first thought on this is to tell you not to worry too much about Yatori and the possibility of Yato ending up tragically alone forever. From what I’ve seen of Adachitoka’s writing, if Noragami ever returns shit no one heard me say that whoever is doing the writing (I think it’s Adachi?) has a clear sense of narrative purpose and a keen understanding not only of relationships but also what events will ultimately tell the best story with their characters. Honestly, in terms of the plot events of Noragami, the growth of the characters, balance of romantic comedy with action, and the sheer amount of emotional baggage they’re able to parse through, I would not be worried about Yato’s fate. Whoever he ends up—or whatever happens by the end of the manga if we ever get there—will definitely be what is best for Yato. Adachitoka love their character, you can tell. They won’t leave him with a bad end. Even if the ending of the manga doesn’t involve Yato and Hiyori ending up together, happily ever after thanks to their tied plaques, whatever ending we do get, however sad, will be well-written and emotionally fulfilling. I definitely believe in that—have faith in the authors that the end-game they have planned is going to be the best one for Yato!

The rest is under a read more.

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Clearance part 5 (Ethan Mini-Series)


Living within an underground civilization, it is the dream of each member of the community to achieve Clearance.  In order to achieve this, you must be skilled in combat, have impeccable survival skills,  and be able to outsmart nearly everyone you approach.  Once you achieve clearance you are sent to Ground Zero, the main land where you are sent to protect and fight for the humans who have only known the real world, society as we know it. The day of testing comes; some of the trainees in the sector achieve Clearance, while others are held back for further training.  When those who are cleared are sent above, they realize that they aren’t meant to be the heroes they dreamt to be, the protectors that their leaders told them they would be, and the world above was nothing like they imagined it would be.

The indomitable sector trainees realize that all of their lives they were being lied to.  They weren’t going to be Gods to the human race… they were prey.

Word Count: 2,918

Warnings: Language.

Authors Note: This took me forever I know!  I’m so sorry but things have been rough lately!  Hopefully you enjoy this and are still following this series!  If you are, I love you!  If you’re a new reader… I love you!   If you quit reading but see this… I love you!

Part 5: Territory

Y/n trudged through the forest terrain with the others behind her, all of them as alert as she was.  Each noise they heard, whether it was the sound of sticks breaking or a gust of wind rattling the dying leaves, had them on edge.  Ethan was only a half a step behind her which was surprising for him because anyone ahead of him in any sense came across as a threat or challenge to him.

They had walked aimlessly for a day, searching for some sort of area to call their own; an area to make their territory, but they had yet to reach a place that wasn’t open and exposed.  None of them had spoken unless it was to give a suggestion, offer help, or ask a question.  They were all in complete shock that they were encouraged to have high hopes for when they reached Ground Zero only to be welcomed by deteriorated land and people who wanted them dead.

“This is pointless!” Finley shouted, throwing her hands up.  “We’ve been walking around like something’s magically going to show up, but that’s not going to happen.  We need to come up with a plan.  We need to come up with a plan fast.  The more time we waste, the more likely that clan is going to come back and try to make mincemeat out of us.  I don’t know about you, but I want to have a shelter to protect me or at least have some sort of barrier.”

Ethan stepped forward, his chest naturally pushing out along with his confidence, “Then we make a plan,” he turned to face the rest of them, “We need a territory, but we don’t know this land, we don’t know who resides here other than those who we have crossed paths with.”

“Tell us something we don’t know.” Leena mumbled, earning a jab to the side from Talon.

Ethan shot her a warning look before continuing, “If we need to make something out of nothing, then that’s what we’ll do, but Finley is right–we can’t just keep walking around until our bodies give out.”

“So what do you suggest we do, oh Great One?” Leena questioned sarcastically, folding her arms across her chest.

M groaned, “Shut the fuck up, Leena, just let him finish so we don’t have to pretend he’s our leader anymore.”

Y/n wanted to step forward and tell them all to quit making shady comments and just listen, but she knew the irritability had started to set in.  If she even tried to step in, she would become their exhaustion’s target.  

“We walk a bit longer,” Ethan informed them, “If we find nothing, we will do our best to build up something with the available materials around us.  Does anyone have a problem with the plan?”

After they all responded with a “no”, they continued their journey for shelter.  There were plenty of times where they stopped and contemplated whether or not they should treck on, but they pushed themselves further and it was good that they did.

“Y/n,” a voice came with a tap on the shoulder.

Y/n hummed as she turned around to face Selena, “What?  Are you okay?  Is something wrong?”

Selena shook her head, “Nothing’s wrong, it’s actually something good.  I just saw us finding an area to make our territory, it was a quick flash but I’m positive that it is going to happen soon!” she gave a faint smile, trying to avoid bringing attention to them.

Walking in step with Selena, Y/n replied, “Thank God!  I don’t know how much longer I can walk and I don’t know how much longer anyone can listen to Leena bitch about Ethan.  I just hope it happens soon because I’m about to lose my mind.”

Selena’s smile grew, “Five, four,-”

“What are you counting down for?” Y/n asked only to be cut off by Ethan.


Y/n looked back in Ethan’s direction to see him pointing to a mountain of rocks hidden behind a village of trees.  She watched as everyone sprinted to the area, cheers erupting from their mouths as they ventured through their new territory.

“Selena, Y/n, come on!” M yelled, waving them over.  It was the first time M had shown genuine emotion other than anger since they had gotten to Ground Zero.

“Coming!” Selena shouted back, before laughing as she ran forward to join the rest of the class.

Y/n moved to join them but her arm was grabbed, causing her to halt in her place, “Can we talk?” Ethan’s low voice spoke into her ear, the warmth of his breath fanning her skin.

“Sure.” she said, waving the girls off to let them know that she’d be a bit.

Ethan pulled her to the side, his hand still holding her arm.  He noticed what he was doing and immediately let go like he had touched a hot stove and was retracting from the heat.  

“I think we need to assign roles to people.” he said in a hushed tone even though no one was around them.

Y/n’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “Roles?  What roles?  Why?”

“To make this work, to keep ourselves safe, I feel that roles are a necessity.  Did you see the way that clan worked?  They had their leader, their shooters, everything.  They worked as one.  It’s dog eat dog out here and we’ve got to become wolves.” he told her as he leaned in closer, nothing but determination written across his face.

“Is this about what’s best for us or about you wanting to be a leader?” she questioned, one eyebrow raising.

“We’d vote on a leader.” he snapped, his defenses coming up.

She scoffed, “You’d never answer to anyone, Ethan.  It’s not in your nature.  You’re too dominant, it just wouldn’t work.”

He sighed, running a free hand through his hair, “I would never crown myself without being fair.  I may be an asshole, but I’m not one to force anything on anyone.  If they don’t want me as leader, I won’t be the leader and I’ll have to get used to it.”

“What if it was me?” Y/n asked, knowing that she was the last person he’d probably want to let take over.  They had always had a rough relationship, none of their interactions were positive other than when it came to the testing, but those were different circumstances.

“I’d stand behind you.” he answered without delay.  

“Sure you would.” she smirked, turning away from him.

With a hand on her shoulder she was whipped back around again to see that he was more serious than ever, “I’d stand behind you.” he reiterated.  “We may have had our issues, but I would have always stood behind you if you needed me.”

This weird sensation moved through her stomach; a warmth that she hadn’t experienced before.  It was a warmth that made her heart beat faster and her lips want to twitch up into her most radiant smile.  She had never felt something like that and she wasn’t sure how to interpret it.

Whatever it was, she didn’t like it.  It made her feel vulnerable and weak.  It stripped her naked of her defenses and gave him a map to her heart and mind.  She had never experienced the emotion called love or infatuation.  They had been taught about it, but none of them had ever experienced a romantic love, only a platonic one.  And even then, they rarely experienced platonic love.

She knew that she platonically loved Selena.  She was sure that M and Leena also were important to her in that way, but other than that… there was nothing but a business type relationship with everyone else.

But what she was feeling right then wasn’t love.  It was a flutter of interest, but love… that was too complex of a sense for her to experience.  She didn’t know that she’d ever experience it.  Either way, she was always honest with herself and she knew that what she was feeling was triggered by Ethan and it was foreign to her.

She never wanted to experience it again.

“Good to know.” she deadpanned, cutting him off from any other potential opportunity to get under her skin.

He stood there, slack jawed as she walked away from him like he was dust on the floor.  


Y/n worked next to Zeke, using her knife to carve the ends of thick, large branches into points.  Zeke finished the one he was working on and walked to the designated front of their territory and pierced it through the earth’s surface to add to their makeshift fence.

He returned, taking his place next to her and started working on another one.  There was a question she was itching to ask him, one that had been on her mind since she had spoken to Ethan.  She knew that out of everyone there Zeke would be the one with the knowledge to help her the most, so she convinced herself to spit it out.

“Zeke, do you remember when we talked about love in our social cues and skills class?” she asked, keeping her eyes on her carving.

“Love? The intense feeling of deep attraction to someone such as tenderness, fondness, intimacy and warmth?  Yes, I remember.” he said, pushing his knife against the wood.

“Warmth, yeah.” she mumbled under her breath.  “Do you know what it would feel like?”

He shrugged, “I would imagine that you would feel dizzy or something if it’s so intense it causes you to want to be near them all the time and you crave their presence.  Maybe you would feel nauseous or overwhelmed, I don’t know.”

“Nauseous?” she asked, wondering why he suggested that.

“Yeah, I mean, I think that if I felt that intensely, that deeply for someone, I’d feel sick when I’m not around them.  From what I got out of class, love is almost as strong as hate, if not stronger–though that depends on the person and situation but I digress.  What I’m saying is… love is something convoluted, insurmountable, and exotic–especially to people like us who are unsuited for it.  It simply isn’t in our playing cards.”

Taking in all that he said, she nodded in agreement.  When she had gotten that unfamiliar feeling with Ethan earlier she didn’t miss him when she walked away.  She didn’t feel dizzy or nauseous, she just felt… strange.

“You’re right.” she laughed at herself for being stupid enough to think that she would experience something as complicated as love or infatuation.  “Love is something we’ll probably never understand.  I was just curious.”

“I’m always right.” he teased, bumping his shoulder with hers.  

“Sure you-” she went to respond but was cut off by a loud female laugh, followed by a male’s.

“That was amazing!” Selena clenched her stomach as she bent over in laughter.

On the ground was Grayson who seemed to have fallen off of a boulder that he was using to reach up and lock two logs together for the door they were attempting to create.  He was laughing as well with his arms spread wide as he laid on the ground in defeat.

She reached down to help him up, but once he got up their hands didn’t release.  They stood there, staring into each other’s eyes, unmoving.  Y/n tried to process the scene before her, but the fact that they were idol and locked in their own world confused her.  

“Zeke,” she shoved his shoulder, causing him to jump and accidentally cutting his hand that was holding the stick in place.

“Fuck!” he hissed, shaking his hand to ease the pain, “Y/n, you can’t just startle me like that!  This cut is deep!”

She ignored the pain in his voice, “Internalize the pain and channel it into your breathing.  I’ll stitch you up in a second, within the next three weeks blood vessels will be repaired, new granulation tissue will form and new skin will cover the tissue.”

“I know that.” he growled, insulted that she thought she needed to explain it to her when they all knew that he was the most intelligent out of the crew.  He was basically a book of knowledge.

“Okay, then listen to me,” she pointed at Grayson and Selena, “What is that?  What are they doing?  Decipher that!”

Zeke narrowed his eyes as he examined the body language both Selena and Grayson were displaying.  He took in their stance, the length of time they had skin to skin contact along with eye contact.  He took note of how slowly they stepped away from each other and the deep shade of red that colored their cheeks when they did so.

“I’m not sure,” he sounded frustrated, “It’s bothering me that I don’t know.” he tilted his head.

“Exactly, something weird is going on with those two, do you think that they have what people call an infatuation with each other?”

Zeke huffed, “If that’s infatuation then you and Ethan are in a whole different league.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Y/n shrieked, leaning away from him in surprise.

“From what I have observed, those two are somehow connecting on a deeper level than we, or at least I, have ever known.  When I look at someone else all I see is someone who is either going to work with me or going to get into my way.  Some people, like you, I consider a friend I guess… but that?  That is no friend.  That is something else.  But you and Ethan, you look like you want to eat each other for dinner when you look at each other.  But not like you want to savagely tear into your meal, more like you want to sample everything on your plate and then savor it.”

“Ew.” she responded in disgust.

“Tell me about it.” he cringed, “Sometimes I think you two are going to jump onto each other and the rest is to be determined.”

She faked an appalled shiver, “I wouldn’t touch Ethan unless it was absolutely necessary.”

“Well,” he shrugged, “I’ll just say, I don’t think it’s love, I think it’s this place playing mind games on us.  Whatever is happening with Selena and Grayson along with you and Ethan,”

“Nothing is happening with Ethan.”

“Okay, sure, but as I was saying–whatever is happening will pass and it will seem like nothing because that is what we’re trained to do.  We know standard but uncomplex emotions.  We get in, do our job, and get out.  Come time, little moments like that,” he pointed to Selena and Grayson, “will be nothing but an unintended social interaction that will be overshadowed by what’s truly important… survival.”

Again, Y/n nodded in agreement, “It’s good that I have someone logical like you to keep my head on straight.” she admitted.

“You’re welcome!” he smiled and returned to his job.

“Let me stitch you up first.” she said but her attention was pulled away by commotion.

She looked over to see Ethan marching over to Grayson and Selena, anger plastered on his face and the way his mouth was moving looked like he was scolding them.  Grayson started to argue back while Selena tried to push her way between the two of them.

Grayson was much taller and more built than Ethan, but Ethan’s skills surpassed his brother’s and if this were to break out into a fight, it could get really bad.  Just as the thought crossed her mind, Grayson’s fist swung and slammed against Ethan’s jaw.

“Finally some entertainment!” Zeke gasped, jumping up and joining the crowd forming around the twins, completely forgetting about the cut on his hand.

“Shit.” Y/n mumbled as she ran over to the fight.

Ethan had tackled Grayson to the ground by time she reached them, but Grayson was doing a good job of blocking his face from any harsh blows.  They rolled, grunted, shoved, and everything in between as both Selena and Y/n tried to break them apart.

After numerous failed attempts, the two girls were finally successful–separating the boys and getting them to their feet.

“You’re such a hypocrite, Ethan!  You’re such a damn hypocrite!  You act like you haven’t done the same with Y/n!” he pointed to her with malice in his voice.

Ethan pushed Y/n behind him protectively, “Don’t put this on her, this is all you!”

“I’m not blaming her, you dumbass!  I’m calling you out!” Grayson retorted.

“We’re trying to build ourselves a shelter, a home!  You’re spending all your time focusing on her rather than working to help out the members of your class!” Ethan argued.

Y/n, not liking Ethan acting like her protector because she could protect herself just fine, stepped around Ethan, “What is going on?” she demanded an answer.

“Nothing,” Ethan snapped, glaring at Grayson, “Grayson just needs to pull his head out of his ass before he fucks something up.”

As Ethan walked away, Grayson bowed his head in a submissive manner, guilt flooding his eyes.  She could tell that he had internally agreed with Ethan and that he was eventually going to apologize and say that he was wrong, even though deep down he might not believe it.

With a quick glance at Selena, Grayson walked away from her without another word, moving to a different area to work, where he remained the rest of the day.


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Being demisexual: what it’s like for me

I grew up thinking it was normal and expected to attach emotionally before you attached sexually; I think my mother was demisexual as a younger woman (I’d say she’s evolved and become fully asexual now) which led me to believe it was normal, as I was fairly isolated and didn’t have much contact with people as friends until I was well past sexual maturity.  In college, to be precise, where I realized nearly everyone was very different from me in forming their sexual attractions.

As a demisexual, I usually only attach to people with sexual feelings one at a time, and it’s very sudden and usually extremely intense.  It can be agonizing– here is this person you’ve come to depend on as a friend and confidante.  Everything is fine.  Then one day you’re walking down the street and suddenly something triggers sexual attraction– a casual touch that activates sexual response, a chance word that makes me think that person might appreciate ME sexually, whatever.  BLIP– and then the whole relationship is set on its ear and is in serious jeopardy.  Invariably, for me the addition of the sexual component destroys the friendship in the long run.  I’ve tried to keep it quiet when I become attracted, but it just makes things worse when they fall apart.  

As a demisexual bisexual, I have lost female BFFs one after the other because all of a sudden after months/years I was suddenly sexually attracted to them and they were heterosexual and found it unacceptable.  

As a demisexual, my best successful friendships are with people I only see online because there’s much less chance of them triggering sexual response, I suppose– or maybe because they’re remote and the emotional attachment isn’t intense enough for me to become sexually responsive.

As a demisexual, I can’t form long-term meaningful friendships with men because they assume I’m romantically interested and snub me from day one, or because they think I’ll never become romantically interested and when I do, they begin to snub me.

As a demisexual, I don’t normally enjoy any form of porn with the exception of fan fiction (if I’m sexually attracted to one of the characters in the fanfiction, otherwise I get nothing out of it).  

As a demisexual, Tinder culture is absolutely baffling and foreign to me.  I can’t even envision myself texting someone once or twice, meeting up, and enjoying a sexual hookup, then wandering off into the blue, ready for the next one.  I can’t comprehend liking to do that.  I read an article about that culture in Cosmopolitan this week, linked to me by @irrealia, and was just… gobsmacked.  How do people do this thing?  Inconceivable.  In a way I’d love to be able to do this, because I have been all but celibate except for a couple of really awkward hookups when I was young and desperate, and I feel horribly lonely and touch-starved.  But my attraction doesn’t operate that way.  I would be repelled by sex with a relative stranger.

As a demisexual I am unaware of sexual dynamics in most relationships between others until someone points them out to me (aka hits me over the head with a clue stick).  

As a demisexual, I do not know how to flirt or signal my sexual availability to another person.  If I make an overt attempt to imitate the flirtations I’ve seen, I upset people because I’m being weird or awkward– to me, naturally demonstrating attraction is acting in way that friends normally act toward one another.

As a demisexual, I receive emails from friends with beefcake or cheesecake pictures in them, or links to sexy videos, and I’m expected to participate in a mutual lust-fest over the pictures.  I stare at these highly toned beautiful bodies or people having sex dully, without interest, going “please don’t send me more of these pictures; I don’t even know who that is.”

As a demisexual, I respond to personalities more than to bodies, looks, or clothing.  

As a demisexual, I enjoyed Obi-Wan Kenobi platonically for over a decade, aware of his sexual attractiveness only as an abstract, viewing Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness as more or less equal in my esteem until one day I saw Ewan McGregor being sweet and empathic and vulnerable as himself in “Long Way ‘Round” and I suddenly emotionally attached to him and went “HOLY SHIT” and fell head over heels in love.

As a demisexual, I know that if Tom Hiddleston walked in here right now and stripped naked and said “Let’s do it,” I would have one of two responses:  either “I’d better take this chance because I’m never going to get laid again in my life and I know I should want him,” whereupon I would lie there under him feeling vastly uncomfortable, being unable to self-lubricate, and thinking “I could paint the ceiling beige, ugh, there’s a cobweb,” or I would respond “No thank you, Mr. Hiddleston, I know you are a sex god, but I’m unfortunately not interested in you sexually.  Could you invest several months in befriending me first, minimum, then let’s see what happens?”  Same thing for oh, say, Gal Gadot.

This is all just my personal experience, which I conflate in greater or lesser degrees to my demisexuality.  It’s by no means intended to be a statement that all or most demisexuals are like this.  All I know is that one day I saw the term “demisexual” and went and read about it and sat up like I’d been hit by lightning and said “THAT IS ME.”

Dear Who?

Title : Dear Who?

Characters : Jungkook

Genre : Fluff

Summary : With a track record of failed relationship on your left hand, and a pinch of pessimism on your right, you’ve come to terms with the possibility that you’ll be forever writing impromptu love songs for no one to hear. One thunderous Wednesday, though, you discover that a chest of gold needn’t be so far away at a hostile inhabitable island. Sometimes, the most unexpected treasures can be found with effort no more than one phone call.

Word Count : 1,915 words

A/N : This is for @kateheartskpop who requested “Jungkook + Dear No One!” I’ve always love that song by Tori Kelly, but never have any idea on how to incorporate it to any story. I tried my best, though, with the limiting word count and lack of development because it’s supposed to be a drabble (whoops), and came out with a 1.9k short story! 

If you enjoy it, notes and feedbacks are greatly appreciated!

Originally posted by jengkook

Dear no one, this is your love song.

”So, what do u want to talk about?“ You say breathlessly, shaking off the droplets of rain from your coat.
You promised Jungkook for a brunch at your favorite french restaurant, and as always, you are late.
"Take a seat first, won’t you?” Jungkook laughs a mirthful one. He pushes you chair out with one of his legs under the table, and you slip into a comfortable position.
It’s been a few days since spring approached, but it’s still freezing cold outside. Today the sky is grey and it’s crying over chances wasted and thoughts unspoken. A cup of dark roast mocha is sitting in front of you, the last tendrils of fume spinning out of its lid.
“Aww thanks for saving me the queue.. you always know best.” You curl your fingers around the cup, warming your skin that was bitten raw by the wind.
Jungkook examines the girl in front of him, skin rosy because of the weather, lips slightly pale, hair windswept, and even more beautiful to him than the last time he saw you. He begins rethinking his decision, is he really going to say what has been bugging him for so long and risk everything he ever had with you?
“How have you been?“ Jungkook attempts to break the ice that didn’t even exist in the first place.
You scan him from head to toe incredulously, brows curling in bewilderment and lips upturned into a smirk.
"What’s wrong with you today? You know you see me too much to ask such perfunctory questions. So, what do you wanna talk about?” You look up to him after taking a sip.
Your eyes are questioning, brimming with genuine curiosity that is usually present when he is about to tell you about the latest news in his boy gang who calls themselves Bangtan. Right now, Jungkook feels like the shy male lead in cliche teen romance movies which only will get a 5 on IMDB, toes curling and lips dry because he’s about to say, to say to the one who’s always so close yet is so frustratingly out of reach, that he thinks of you as more than this. You occupy his mind too much for it to only be some best friend, homie, partner-in-crime, bull crap. And, oh, how can you be this fucking dense?
You’ve spend your whole friendship together with abrupt heart-to-heart conversation that circles around your track records of failed relationship. About Jackson who whispered a thousand “I Want You”s then left when the sun rose, about Kihyun who was younger and more innocent than you who never intended to stay in the first place, about Bogum and his perfect dates yet imperfect (far from it, destructive) nights, about every guy who lingers as momentarily as smoke, but never never never about Jungkook. Never about Jungkook who prays every night and screams to Lord I care so so much about Y/N, who’s there on the phone by the first ring, whom you put on your emergency contact, who just spent the last 30 minutes reciting on how is he supposed to say that he wants to breach the line of friendship, that he wants so much more than platonic.  
He is always so good at hiding his tremor, silencing his palpitating heart and knotting his shaking legs, putting on a smile that dazzles everyone but the one he truly wants. Jungkook is also amazing at listening, amazing at saying comforting words, not so much at saying charming flirtations, though.  
That’s why, he can only listen when you say, all of sudden after taking a few sips from your coffee: “What if I’m truly fated to no one?  What if all the songs I’ve written will never be sung? I may put on a strong, independent facade, but i truly only wish for that young love. I secretly am craving for someone to hold my hand, to sacrifice his jacket when it’s slightly chilly”.
That’s also why his heart aches as he lets the words sink in because, that’s wrong, that’s so so wrong.  
“Okay, enough about me. Now spill what you have to say.” You fidget on your seat, repositioning yourself upright. When you curl your hair back behind your ears, Jungkook reminds himself why he is here and why he shouldn’t fail to at the very least say what has been driving him nuts.  
“It may seem weird, though. I am debating on how you will take this..” Jungkook smiles sheepishly.
“You know you can tell me everything, you’re my best-“
“Stop.” And that might seem like the last straw, but Jungkook isn’t that brave. He isn’t the firm character who can heroically confess his feelings then swoop in for a kiss, with a full chance that his kiss will be reciprocated. Jungkook closes his eyes, pulse pounding against his skull, he’s so sick of the words best friend. Two silly words that create unnecessary boundary. A Label that opens room for fresh bond, yet closes all doors for further development.  
“Stop, Y/N.” And Jungkook curses his memory because he recited this like a perfectly written essay in front of the mirror earlier, yet when he meets with your glass beads eyes, every single coherence is lost.  
“Okay, I feel like we can be something more.”
What follows after that is complete, deafening silence. The restaurant is as busy as ever, waitress shouting orders and friends exchanging stories, but all sort of cacophony is muffled by air that presses tight against Jungkook’s ribcages and his heartbeat that is dancing in staccato.  

To say that you fall instantly in love with Jungkook just because he confesses to you would be an exaggerated make-believe. To say that you aren’t moved at all by the subtle suffusion of apricot on his cheeks, though, would be blatant dishonesty.
You first met Jungkook during freshman year in college in the dorm’s laundry room. Your drier was jammed and he tackled the spinning drum with his barehand. You treat him dinner as a thank you note for saving your clothes from shrinking, and you also didn’t expect anything more than acquaintances. Turns out, the whole four years of college was essentially you receiving kindness upon kindness from the architecture major who lives on fifth floor.
He saves you through many more jammed drier, and you never knew it then, but he also saves you through multiple heartbreaks. Jungkook is a paramedics on standby, someone whom you come running too after having your chest freshly ripped open. Jungkook would always be there, ringing your bell no matter rain or shine with a box of Chinese takeout and one of the Harry Potter movies, ready to mend your glass heart with super glue in form of corny jokes and duct tape in form of exuberant grins.  
By now, a couple of years after you graduates college, you’ve ran out of thank you notes that is actually never anywhere near enough to repay Jungkook and his limitless favor. Therefore, you always wonder why he even bothers to stick around.
Nevertheless, Jungkook wasn’t someone who swept you off your feet with intense forces of attraction, wasn’t someone who ignite the desire inside you, and you guess that was why you always think of you and him as platonic.
This confession of him is something you would never guess. Yet, you have an inkling that it is going to the direction of a pleasant surprise.

“Have you been keeping this from me?” You carefully reply, still stunned.
“For too fucking long.” A smile creeps up his face, discreet and bashful.
Then, every single evidence that your mind can recall flows in sweeping floods of thoughts, fragments and pieces that corroborate why Jeon Jungkook is actually in love -madly!- with you spinning in rapid playback like those outdated DVD players. The day Jeon Jungkook went to all of your classes to take note for you when you were sick, the day he dashed through a snowstorm because you were arrested for buzzed driving, the days you barged in his apartment which he always welcomed with open arms despite having finals the next day, the days you bawled about being forsaken without realising that you were forsaking him, that particular day you told him you were in love and see in his orbs a flicker of emotion that only now you can determine as heartache.
“I may not be aggressive or assertive with my feelings, but trust me when I say this isn’t a spur of the moment. This isn’t desperation that sprouts out of loneliness. This is, I don’t know.. Affection harboured and fondness piled up for so long because I want to take care of you so much more than I do now. I feel like I can give you so much more, at least I give you all I am, compared to those asses you’ve been seeing day in and day out, Y/N. But why don’t you ever look at me?”
And you’re asking yourself too, repetitive in your head like a broken tune: Why didn’t you ever look at him? When he’s always there like a sore thumb and always by your side like a chewing gum on your hair, how could you not see him?
Your eyes are wet with melancholy, but you blink it away the moment you feel the moisture brimming your lids. It is the kind of tears that cannot be classified as sadness or happiness, it lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It is the tear of joy because you’ve just discover companionship within the proximity of home, but it is also the tear of regret because you just knew how much you have wasted, how much you have hurt him by taking him for granted.
“I don’t know.”
He scoffs, a bitter smile plastered on his face as he stare onto a patch of dirt on the wooden table. “Of course, you won’t know your feelings. I understand, I’m your best friend.”
“You are my best friend, Jungkook. But there’s nothing wrong with having a double title, is there?” Your fingertips seem to have a mind on their own when it daringly moves forward to lightly graze on his taut knuckles.
“I think we should try things out.”
Jung kook’s nod is firm when he interlaces his hands with yours, so foreign and unlike those he has used to comfort your bawling self, yet so familiar and akin to those you’ve seen whenever you ask him out to his favourite hawker stand. This whole thing, Jungkook staring into your eyes and you staring back at him, is both exhilaratingly new yet soothingly habitual.  
At this moment, you want to crown yourself as the most ridiculously stupid person who drives so many miles looking for the one, only to find countless disappointments along your way. Here, fuming mocha and cold egg benedict as witnesses, you finally realise that instead of dreaming of things as far as the earth’s edges, you should start to notice what exists right at home.
The sky isn’t crying anymore, winks of sunshine peeking through smugly persisting cumulus clouds.  
On a thunderous Wednesday noon, Jungkook pour out his thoughts -monstrous, screaming, fiery- onto the carved crevices of the wooden table, and you catch that chance before it flees forever.

Dear the one, this is our love song.

Fake Love (part eight)

Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky comes to reader for dating tips and doesn’t know reader has feelings for him, reader starts a fake relationship with Sam in order to show Bucky what he’s missing out on

Chapter Summary: Sam is close to exposing the truth but reader can’t let that happen

Warnings: a lil bit jealous Bucky. Sam and reader have definitely gotten closer (platonically)

Author’s Note: This is actually kinda gettin intense. Can’t wait till reader and Bucky actually decided to TALK TO EACH OTHER. Anyways, hope ya’ll are enjoying this roller coaster with me ;-) (P.S. tag list is open. So are requests)

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Ugh I felt like I was dying. I had spent way too much time being locked up in my room. I was getting tired of it. I needed something to do. So, I forced myself to put on some clean, new clothes and face my teammates.

As I made my way into the living room, I heard people talking. 

It was Sam, Steve, and Bucky.

Crap. Bucky.

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You know what I feel starved for? Queerplatonic relationships in fanfic. I’m a multi shipper so I dont really care who ends up whom romantically (although Im partial to some ships) but what I really want to see are the close platonic friendships that are just as intense and touchy-feely and loving as romantic relationships. Ones that defy heteronormative and alloromantic definitions but are yet accepted and understood by their romantic partners.

I want Olivarry fics where Iris is and always will be Barry’s lightning rod and Felicity is Oliver’s Girl Friday and there is no hierarchy of love and affection where their other relationships become mere accessories to the romantic one. Where Felicity is always Barry’s sounding board about superheroing or Oliver or Iris (no, the romantic parntner cannot always do the emotional labour).

I want Westallen fics where Oliver personifies safety and protection for Barry and they both hijack either him or Felicity or Cisco or Cait on some of their dates. Fics where no matter who Barry is dating, Caitlin is his Wendy and his Hermione and he loves her and she is fiercely protective of him because she is the one who knows his DNA sequence and the pattern of his vital signs like the back of her hand and there have been times when she feels like she kept his heart beating through sheer enraged determination against a universe that will NOT be allowed make her fail again.

I want fics where Barry is as there for Cisco emotionally as he is for Barry and he’s the first person to make Cisco feels like he belongs and that his brand of weird is completely normal. Westallen fics where Cait and Iris bond by adopting Cisco as their errant little brother and snarking at him and being protective over him because he doesnt know how to protect his heart, just like Barry. I want Iris to melt over how adorable Barry and Kara are together, agreeing with Barry that Kara is his “platonic soulmate” and calling them the sunshine twins and feeling gleeful that Kara thinks Barry’s science nerding is boring and would much rather talk about journalism with Iris. I want Jesse and Wally becoming each other’s touchstones across universes because they feel like they are the only people who understand what they’ve gone through.

I want Lyla giving up and calling Felicity when she cant rouse Digg from his self-loathing funks and Felicity just cheering him up by flitting about being her sunny self and babbling adorably because Felicity reminds him that he is good enough, even in the eyes of someone unchanged by darkness and yet not an innocent either. And goddamn it I want Thea, Roy and Sin back together, their own unit against the world.

There is so many, many stories and emotions to mine in this gamut of complex, undefinable, amorphous yet intense and necessary human connections. How romance, sexual desire, love, friendship, attachment, need and dependance are all so much more complicated than social convention and amatonormative definitions can accomodate, especially when it comes to extraordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

And yet, what does fandom focus on? Fucking ship wars. Like the romantic partnership is the ultimate prize and everyone else is a side character to the Grand Love Story. I love love stories, but not at the expense of the multi-facetedness of the characters and not if it demands reinforcing the myth that love is hierarchical.

i wish you the best - markiplier imagine

word count ☆ 2329

prompt  ☆ mark and the reader mutually fall out of love. kinda sad, kinda fluffy. i’m in a weird mood just enjoy the imagine, it has a nice ending. i gotta go work on a request but i had lots of motivation for this apparently.

pairing  ☆ markiplier x female!reader

requested  ☆ nope. requests are, however, open.

“We fell out of love, mutually. There wasn’t any use in continuing what was there. I’m happier now.”

“Good morning,” a soft voice found its way into the living room, only getting a grunt in response from the other being there. They didn’t mind, this was how they had been interacting for months now without question.

The house held two people falling out of love after years of promising to hold each other dear for the rest of their days. It wasn’t a drastic change, it had been happening gradually for a while now on both ends of the spectrum. There was no late night cuddling and conversations about the world, when they looked at each other, they no longer saw perfection held in two glowing irises.

It started slowly, little hints and foreshadowing that something was changing. The enthusiasm in the relationship had diminished and neither of them were trying anymore, they were just falling out of love.

Of course, it wasn’t always like this. They had loved each other for a very long time and still did but it was no longer in the way that they desired it to be. No matter how much they wanted it to be different, they lacked the motivation to do absolutely anything about the relationship falling apart right in front of them. They idly sat by, both in a constant state of awareness that eventually one of them had to speak up; the only problem was neither of them knew when would be an appropriate time to bring it up. Time was of the essence, and maybe it was part of the reason they were no longer cohesive as romantic partners anymore.

Whether he was busy with videos and editing or she had to go work on her master’s degree in her dream field, there was seldom a time when they could talk anymore. Their lives had become overwhelmed and they knew that they had to leave some parts of it behind, even if they never thought that the ones they once loved were part of that deal.

Maybe things would have been different, could have been different, if they made sacrifices in their jobs. However, they never felt like it would matter enough and chose their work over each other. It may of hurt their relationship, but they were much happier with the state they were both in now, but not with each other.

They didn’t bring one another happiness anymore, it wasn’t the other that caused so many smiles and laughs. Sure, they had their moments of love but it was over quickly and they reverted to a routine where they wouldn’t have to see each other except the occasional dinner. They weren’t ignoring each other, they were just acting much more like distant friends than lovers now.

And, slowly but surely, they became friends, working together to get to know each other in ways they couldn’t while in a relationship. They talked business, what would help the other move on in life and everything was fine until they realized that they were still, technically, together. One of them knew something had to be said, but they still didn’t know how.

Until that morning.

“We should talk,” the same voice spoke, sitting down next to the other, “I think we’ve both been trying to bring this up for a while and there’s never going to be a good time, so I’m just going to say it: I don’t love you anymore, at least not in the way that I used to.”

The response was simple: “the feeling is mutual.”

Again, with a less tense tone, “I don’t feel like we should be together anymore, Mark. I do love you, I’ll never stop, but I feel that it’s more platonic now than anything. There’s certain things I want to do that I can’t when I’m restricted, not to say that this relationship has been restrictive, it’s been amazing… just, I think it’s time we end it.”

The other voice, a man named Mark with calm brown eyes and tousled brown hair, had to pause for a moment. He was wearing a white sweatshirt and black jeans, looking like he just woke up from his spot on the couch he had been staying at for a few weeks now. Hell, he knew this was coming, they didn’t sleep in the same bed anymore, but he didn’t have the right words to say. He was always ready for this, or at least he thought he was; now that everything was weighing down on him it felt incredibly intense and he felt that if he opened his mouth he might cry. Not because he still loved her, but because it was the end of an era of mutual support and even love. Every relationship end, despite it being a totally reasonable answer that they both felt, still hurt a bit.

He stayed quiet for a while longer, thinking off all the things that they used to say, feel, and do around each other. Simple giggles and kisses while they confessed their feelings in the back of a movie theater, to desperate make-out sessions when things got too heated and they couldn’t help themselves, to telling the other that they loved each other for the first time after a huge fight. All of those things would be gone, they could no longer continue as there was no love to fuel the fiery passion they once had. Funny, that all those ‘forever’s they whispered with just sincerity had an expiration date that was long overdue.

They had both seen this coming for so long and did nothing to stop it, they just let it crumble around them with total knowledge that they might’ve been able to do something. However in reality, nothing could have helped the relationship stay together when there wasn’t anything wrong with it to begin with. There was no infidelity, no lying or anything of that sort, they just didn’t love each other anymore.

It made Mark begin to tear up, something he never prepared himself to do. He hadn’t expected it would hit him so hard, the realization that this woman and him shared a relationship with nothing wrong. They loved each other as much and as passionately as they were capable of, but it just didn’t work out, there was nothing wrong and he so desperately wanted there to be an excuse he could use to make sense of the tears pouring down his cheeks.

She was crying too now, then laughed slowly and moved one of her hands to wipe the tears delicately from his face, “I’m gonna miss you, Mark. Not to say you’ve seen the last of me, but I’ll miss the side of you that I got to love. The next person you date, whether or not that forever lasts longer than ours, is going to be so lucky to have you at their side. You’re an amazing person, Mark Fischbach, it’s been such a damn honor to have you love me. I still love you, and I’ll say that a million times, I wish it was in the same way that I’ve been loving you all those years but it’s not. But you know that, and you feel it too, don’t you?”

He finally spoke up, voice breaking through as he hiccuped through tears his girl- now, ex-girlfriend wiped away each time they showed. Somehow her touch reassured him, and as did her words, that everything was going to be alright between them. There was no ill intentions, no poor feelings towards the other, just two hopeless adults who fell in love and fell right back out of it because the world decided they weren’t meant for each other. Maybe not then, maybe in another life where they could spend more time on each other. Perhaps they would’ve worked out in the long run, but it had just felt right to end things where they were before anyone got seriously hurt.

Mark put a trembling hand on hers, pulling a smile as bright as ever, “I still love you too, you know, always and a longer forever. I promise you that this won’t be the last time we cross paths, and even if its not the way that I thought it would be maybe this is for the better. I wish you the best, my friend. I really hope that we can be better friends, that I can be a better friend than I was a lover. You’re welcome here anytime, and you can stay with me anytime you need if you just need a friend. I’ll always be here for you.”

She hated the way tears fell at his statement, profusely falling over in the way his were. They fell harder, causing her whole body to shake as she fell into his embrace. These warm arms would never hold her in the same way that they did all those times ago, and maybe that was okay, maybe they were never meant to hold her in any other way than this: a friendly embrace of comfort that meant nothing romantically. However, that didn’t mean she would make herself forget all the times that these hugs meant more than what they did now.

Those little hugs where she wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind while he was sitting on the couch to surprise him when she was working late, or the one-armed hugs when Mark was just getting into bed and held her as close as possible to his chest. Mark hugged like his life depended on it, and when he really missed her he would drop whatever was in his arms to scooped her into his arms and twirl her around the room.

She cried because she would miss that, and so many other things. So many little gestures that no one would be able to do like Mark did, all the spontaneous dates when they were both finally free of their schedule where they’d travel out to the middle of nowhere and spend hours just talking about everything and nothing all at once. All those anniversary dinners he cooked just for her, and they’d eat while watching horrible movies standing up together. Since he could never sit still, lots of dates were walking together or hiking, hours filled with chatter with no awkward space. Mark could continue a conversation like nobody’s business, it was one of the reasons she fell in love.

It would be hard to grasp that that was over now, she no longer loved this silly man. She may have loved things about him still, but Mark as a whole wasn’t someone who she loved romantically. It felt so weird to say out loud, she had rehearsed this conversation in her mind so many times but never said out loud before now that she didn’t love him anymore. It felt both heartbreaking and relieving to get it off of her chest, but now it could never be taken back.

“It’s odd,” she sniffled, using a free hand to wipe her eyes as they pulled away from each other.

“What do you mean?” his voice was soft, no longer hoarse from crying. It had changed so quickly, making her wonder how long she was nuzzled in his chest reminiscing on all the memories they shared. He sounded sure of himself now, speaking clearly. If it wasn’t for his cloudy, bloodshot eyes, she never would’ve known he had cried.

“I keep thinking about all the things that we used to do, all these memories keep coming up in my mind. I think I’m in love with the memories, in love with the past and it’s… weird. I don’t love you anymore, but I love the concept of you, the memory of you, but - God, I’m not making any sense, am I?” she shook her head and they both erupted into a small bit of laughter.

“No, I think I get what you’re saying,” the laughs died down until a calm silence settled over the room, “because you did love me then, you have memories of loving me. Those memories will fade until it’s just the idea of what we had, you know? I’ll just be another blurry face you dream about when you’re old and gray with someone who will love you for a very long forever, but I will never regret being that blurry face. Even if you can’t remember my name.”

“I sincerely promise you, Mark, that I will never regret you,” she shook her head, and they both stood up. This was their house, but she needed to go stay somewhere to put her mind at ease for a while. So to all the memories, all the promises, she bid them ado with a tight hug that reassured her that everything would fall into place. They both remained trapped in the other’s embrace, mutually reassuring each other that even if they weren’t together, things would get better.

Though there was no more love, there would always remain the memories of her and Mark Fischbach, the two silly adults who loved each other more than anyone else would be able to comprehend. Memories of falling in love, being in love and falling back out of it much slower than they fell into it. They would never forget each other, her and Mark Fischbach, and they never would even till the end of their days.

“I wish you the best,” Mark repeated.

“Likewise,” she spoke, closing the door behind her with a smile. It wasn’t scary anymore, to think that there wasn’t going to be a partner to come home to or new memories to make with someone she loved. It was a world of new opportunities and a chance to further her education, with a new friend by her side.

There wasn’t a doubt in her mind that she would find the best she had wished for.

pickleandthequeen  asked:

49 with Piccolo and Nail?

“Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”

“Take those off. I don’t want a handicap.”

Piccolo scoffed, but removed his weighted turban and cape, tossing them to the side. “Then don’t complain when you lose,” he said, cracking his neck. Nail’s mouth watered at the sight and he mentally chastised himself. Just because Piccolo was the most attractive person he’d ever laid eyes on didn’t mean he could go around staring at him. They were supposed to be sparring, not checking each other out.

Not that Piccolo was checking Nail out, of course, because he’d made it very clear he wasn’t interested in any sort of non-platonic relationship with anybody. Nail could live with that. Though really, it didn’t do any harm to look. He cracked a wry smile at Piccolo, who had shifted one foot back into a fighting position. “Let’s get started, then. You remember the stakes.”

Piccolo’s lips peeled back to bare his teeth at Nail. “Yes, I remember. Now come at me.”

The fight didn’t last long by their standards. Usually, a clash between the two of them would go on for at least a few hours. They’d be exhausted by the end, collapsed on the ground and struggling to breathe, sore all over, and Nail would let himself indulge in those moments, watch Piccolo as he splashed water on his face, let his eyes trail over the parts of his body that became exposed when his clothes were burned away by a ki blast. Today, though, their fight was barely an hour long. Piccolo threw everything he had at Nail, despite usually pacing himself to make their fights last longer. It caught Nail off guard, and he had a terrible start to the fight, getting tossed through a tree three separate times. He cursed himself for being careless, for assuming he had Piccolo all sussed out, for getting complacent just because he knew his foe personally. He should have known better. They were fighting for something today, something Piccolo wanted, and with stakes like these Nail should have known Piccolo would pull out all the stops.

Hopefully without actually killing Nail.

Finally, after nearly an hour of being soundly beaten, Nail weakly raised a hand from his position on his back in the dirt. “I concede,” he said, letting his head fall back. Ugh, every part of his body hurt. “You win, as usual, Piccolo.”

Piccolo landed gently on the balls of his feet next to him, standing over Nail with his arms folded. He’d barely taken any blows, though Nail was proud to see he’d at least left Piccolo with a nice shiner. All in all, neither of them had taken any serious damage–nothing a Senzu or trip to Dende couldn’t fix. The main event now, though, would be what Piccolo asked.

“You remember the agreement,” Piccolo said as Nail struggled to sit up. He moved in front of Nail and crouched over his legs, bringing him to Nail’s eye level. “You have to do what I say.”

Nail looked flatly at him. “Of course I remember. It was my idea.” He was regretting it now, though. Considering that if he’d won, he would have made Piccolo do something incredibly embarrassing–like dance for his amusement, or go a whole day being nice to Vegeta–he could only imagine what Piccolo had in store for him. Especially since he’d fought so ferociously. He must have had something very specific in mind if he wanted to win the chance to tell Nail what to do that badly. But Nail would never let it be said he wasn’t a good sport, so he leaned on one hand and smiled at Piccolo. “What is your bidding, oh great and mighty Piccolo?”

“Don’t be an asshole,” Piccolo muttered. Nail just grinned. “Asshole.” Piccolo knelt. “You have to do one thing I say.”

“Yes, I know.” Nail rolled his eyes. He tried to ignore how close Piccolo was to him. It was so weird. Good, but so weird. Piccolo tended to keep his distance, except around the few people he loved, and–

“Kiss me.”

Nail blinked. “Pardon?”

“You heard me.” Piccolo was still staring at him with all his usual determination and intensity. “I won, so you have to do what I want. And I want you to kiss me.”

“B-but–” Nail shook his head. “Why?”

“That’s not really your business, is it?” Piccolo grabbed Nail’s chin and forced him to look at Piccolo. “I’ve got my reasons. Now kiss me.”

Nail bit his lip. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to kiss Piccolo–it was on his mind a lot, actually. But now, faced with actually kissing his longtime crush–he swallowed and nodded. “Okay then. Close your eyes.”

Obediently, Piccolo’s eyes slid shut and he waited expectantly. Nail gently moved forward and touched their foreheads together, letting his antennae slide against Piccolo’s. When Piccolo didn’t move away, he grew bolder, twining their antennae together, sliding up and down and around, kissing him gently. He longed to push further, kiss Piccolo harder and longer, wrap his arms around him and open his mind to him, but he held back. Slowly, he pulled back and opened his eyes, letting go of Piccolo’s antennae and watching them bounce back into place.

Piccolo’s eyes opened and he stared at Nail with wide eyes, a dark blush spreading over his face. “Oh.”

Nail raised a brow. “Oh?”

Piccolo gingerly cupped Nail’s jaw. “Do it again.”

“Hold on,” Nail protested, pushing at Piccolo’s shoulders to try and stall him. “Tell me what this is about.” Piccolo looked away and mumbled something under his breath. “Piccolo.” Nail gripped Piccolo’s shoulders. “Talk to me.”

Piccolo took a breath and looked back at Nail. “You know how I’ve always said I don’t want any relationships that aren’t platonic?” Nail nodded. “I’ve changed my mind.”

Nail’s eyes widened. “So you’re saying–”

“I want to be with you. Romantically, I mean.” Piccolo frowned. “I was having a hard time sorting through my feelings but I think this confirms it.”

“Oh.” It was Nail’s turn for his face to flush. He hadn’t thought it possible that his feelings could be returned, but–

“So?” Piccolo’s thumb awkwardly brushed Nail’s cheek. “Will you do it again?”

Nail was still bruised and bloody. Everything ached. He wanted to go see Dende, or at least sit in warm water. But more than that, he wanted to kiss Piccolo again.

So he did.

Disney- 6

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5

The next morning Jughead expected to wake up with his nose filled with the scent of her girlfriend, strawberry and vanilla. But instead all he smelt was unmistakably Archie. Sweat and cheap cologne.  

He pulled himself out of the bed and into the bathroom, eyes almost closed. After he finally cleaned himself up and put on his outfit for the day, grateful that when he came out of the bathroom Archie was already awake. He was so happy that he didn’t have to wake up the cranky sleeping beauty.

“Ok let’s go, we have to go meet the girls in ten minutes.” Jughead said, sitting on the couch while Archie pulls on his blue jeans and a Donald Duck shirt that he probably bought the day before.

They finally changed and closed the hotel room door behind them. They saw two girls sitting outside on a bench, a blonde ponytail resting on a raven haired girls shoulder.

“Hey" Archie said, walking towards the two girls.

They both stood up and adjusted their bags, Veronica never looking at Jughead, and Betty only giving him a small glance and a baby smile.

Oh how much he wanted to go and kiss her on those lips.

But he couldn’t. Because of Adam.

The four teenagers went and found their way onto a bus and made their way to the park of the day, Epcot. They would all usually be excited out of their minds to still be in Disney, but there was some sort of moodiness that had washed over the group, that even the happiest place on earth couldn’t fix.

“I’m going to go talk to Betty and see if she’s ok. I’ll send Veronica back here.” Archie said, tapping jughead on the shoulder. By the time Veronica and Archie switched spots on the bus, they had arrived at the park. They all hopped off of the bus and entered the park, Betty and Archie still walking together.

“So, what’s up with you?” Veronica asked, nudging Jughead’s arm with her own. It was a weird feeling for him. Veronica and Jughead had never really bonded. Or talked alone for that matter.

“Nothing.” Jughead said, trying to ignore the intense stare from her girlfriends best friend.

“Jones, we may not be best friends, but you are my best friends girlfriend. And I can read people. So, what is going on in that dark Holden Caulfield brain on yours?” Veronica asked, tapping her manicured fingers on his knitted beanie.

“Ok, you know Adam?” Jughead said as Veronica nodded along with the taller boy. “Well I know for sure that he likes Betty. And yesterday I saw him and her and they were close. Like very close. And I think she might like him more.”

Veronica just laughed at the boy and rolled her eyes at his stupidity. “Are you kidding me? There is no way that that little blonde princess has any non-platonic emotions for the Justin Bieber wannabe. He may have some feelings for her, but those emotions are not returned.”

“Really?”  Jughead said, smiling down at the little feisty girl.

“Of course you idiot. She’s dating you, right?” Veronica said. Before it could pass through his head Veronica and her black heels were rushing off and grabbing Betty’s arm, pulling her away from the two boys.

“So what was that about?” Archie said as Jughead walked up towards him.

“Just your girlfriends reminding me that her best friend is still my best friend.” Jughead said, smiling at the redhead.

“So let’s go and get food. I’m starving.” Archie said as they went up to the first churro stand that they saw.

Throughout the day Jughead continued to try to get Betty alone to talk, but she wasn’t having it. She would pull Archie away to sit next to her on a ride, or Veronica to go to the bathroom or to go try on something in a store. She did whatever she could to get away from Jughead that day.

After they had lunch Betty and Veronica went and left the two boys for what they called a ‘girl day’. Archie said it was fine but Jughead tried to give Archie a look, saying that he wasn’t okay with it and he needed to talk to Betty about what happened the night before.

Once the girls went off their way Jughead instantly turned to his best friend and pushed him a little but.

“Dude! Why? I need to talk to Betty!” Jughead said as they walked over to where Mission Space was.

“You can find her later. We need to hang out as bros! We never get top anymore since you got a girlfriend.” Archie said, mumbling the last part.

“Um, so what is Veronica to you? Friend? Sister? Girlfriend? Dude! It wasn’t just me and Betty who got together! You and Veronica did too.” Jughead said, giving him a light punch on the shoulder.

“Yeah you’re right. I guess were just too good looking to not have girlfriends.” Archie said, chuckling. They made their way into the Mission Space line, choosing the orange level.

It was about 5 hours of just the boys going around the park and going on different rides, and going and creating more and more cars on test track. They also went and ate every single things that they could find in the park.

Jughead almost forgot about everything that was happening with Betty after spending so much  time with Archie. But then, Veronica came back and popped his bubble. She said a quick hello to Jughead and turned to Archie and started a full on

“Where’s Betty?” Jughead said, completely ignoring whatever the couple were talking about.

“She went around by herself, and I think she wants to go on Ellen’s Energy Adventure later, if you want to find her.” Veronica said, winking.

“Can you ask her when she’s going on it?” Jughead asked, slowly shuffling towards the raven haired princess.

“Fine. Only because you messed up and my best friend thinks you want to break up with her.” Veronica said, making Jughead jump backwards a little bit.

“She thinks I want to break up with her? No!” Jughead said, now standing right next to the brunette, looking over her shoulder at her text messages with Betty.

I’m going in like fifteen minutes. I’m just getting a churro rn.

“There you go! She’s going to be there in fifteen minutes. So, go little Romeo! Go save your relationship.” Veronica said, giggling at the floppy haired boy as he made his way over to the ride that he was planning on meeting Betty at.

He went into the giant room and waited for the blonde to come so he could finally talk to him. He waited and as soon as Ellen came on one of the giant screens and started to talk about Jeopardy, his phone buzzed. He pulled it our of his pocket and saw that Veronica had texted him.

She’s not going there. Decided to do it later. She’s on her way to Spaceship Earth now.

He rolled his eyes and rushed out of the dark room, running towards the big golf ball that was in the middle of the well known park. He made it to the very end of line to enter the ride. He waited almost 20 minutes until he was right about to enter spaceship earth, until he saw an unmistakable blonde ponytail bobbing away from the line. She probably decided that she wanted to get off of the ride or she needed to go to the bathroom or something.

“Oh crap. Betty!” Jughead screamed from his spot in the line, getting ready to hop over the metal barrier that kept the line in, well, line. He grabbed the top part of it and jumped over it, both legs at the same time. He bolted away from the line, ignoring the cast member that was getting mad at him for jumping the barrier. He ignored the yelling that was coming from behind of him.

“Betty! Betty Cooper! Bets!” Jughead yelled, smiling when she turned around after she heard her nickname.

“Hey Jug.” Betty said, only a small smile forming on her face.

“Hey! I’ve been trying to find you all day.” Jughead said, walking up towards the beautiful blonde that was in front of you.

“Oh, sorry. I just wanted to hang out with Veronica and then she wanted to hang out with her boyfriend so I decided to walk around a bit myself.”, Betty said, lightly shrugging her shoulders.

“Makes sense. Anyway, I need to talk to you about something.” Jughead said, grabbing one of Betty’s hands. She looked down and Jughead could see a small blush creeping up on her cheeks, but she wasn’t smiling.

“Yeah, sure. Why don’t we go sit down.” Betty said, pulling her boyfriend to a bench on the outside of a store.

“First things first, I don’t want to break up with you.” Jughead said as soon as they sat down on the wooden bench.

“You don’t?” Betty said, her small smile turning into a full grin.

“No, of course not. Never in my life would I want to break up with you Betty.” Jughead said, tucking a small piece of blonde hair between her ear.

“Well then why were you ignoring me yesterday? And why did you want to switch rooms?” Betty said, looking down at their conjoined hands.

“I saw you with Adam yesterday when I went to the bathroom, going onto Expedition Everest. And I know that it’s not a good reason to be annoyed and I trust you completely, it’s just him I don’t trust. And I thought that if I spent a night not with you and witch Archie I would feel better in the morning, but I didn’t. I needed you and I was the one to leave. And seeing you sad last night and today showed me that if were apart, we don’t work. We need to be together. I love you and always want to be with you.” Jughead said, now leaning his forehead against hers.

“I love you too Juggie.” Betty said, standing up. He raised his eyebrows in confusion, but instead of answering him she just giggled and pulled him up.

“We have a fireworks show and dinner dumb butt.” Betty said, pulling him towards Italy, where they would be having dinner that night.

“So you guys made up?” Veronica said as they sat down for dinner, smiling at their hand holding.

“Yep.” Betty said, smiling at the three other teens sitting at the table.

Throughout dinner, they talked about their favourite memories, their Instagram posts, how much their parents have texted them, and how much they will remember the best trip ever.

Dinner finally ended and they were on their way to where they were going to watch the final fireworks show of the trip. The sky was darkening and people were gathering around them, ready for the show that was going to be happening.

As soon as they were starting to complain about the waiting, the first firework went off. It was bright red and ginormous, and soon white, orange, green and blue fireworks joined it, going along to very famous Disney songs.

The show was almost over and Betty turned to Jughead, who was very intently watching the bright colours explode right in from of his face.

“You promise you will trust me?” Betty said, snapping Jughead out of his daze.

“I promise.” Jughead said, leaning down to her height.

And, as all cheesy movies end, they sealed their promise with a kiss, and with perfect timing the last firework went off behind them.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed my longest Multi-Chapter fan fiction, and I am here to let you know that this is officially the last chapter of Disney World! I really wanted to finish it because I have many more ideas in the works!

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  • mario kart and super smash bros
  • i swear the brawling over the best controllers and the screaming and leaning like that actually helps you go faster and having off limit characters because some of them are cheap wins and limits on how many times you can do the same move in a row and. NERDS.
  • they tried call of duty but it got too intense they had to put it to rest.
  • they’re such parents though, like they really are. like between the three of them they always know everything that’s going on with the kids at camp and help take care of them.
  • imagine the gossip in the aphrodite cabin once their sister gets a hot new girlfriend and boyfriend like, oh my god, they’ll be insufferable
  • see the thing is it would probably start with pipabeth but i have a thing for pipercy so that’s what imma do
  • like jason and piper are broken up because can we just be honest, jason and piper are definitely breaking up at some point lol
  • anyway, piper’s initial reaction to percy was like “meh” but after piper’s breakup she comes back to camp half blood and the three of them spend a ton of time together because, well. it’s only the three of them there.
  • and piper and percy really hit it off. like, really hit it off. which isn’t surprising, it’s pretty universally accepted that they’d be the coolest friends in town if they were actually friends.
  • and piper has always had a thing for annabeth it’s just that she’s super closed off to the idea because come on, be real, never gonna happen don’t even go there pipes
  • i truly believe even in canon piper thinks of annabeth like “i’m very happy to platonically be in your life and i don’t even really have romantic feelings for you but if you ever said you wanted to run away together and get married then i would say yes”
  • but piper and percy get really close and they get along well and piper is so good at reading people and percy is like such a magnet for good people and good relationships so it just naturally evolves into talking about really personal really deep things in a nonchalant way
  • and one night they get to talking about super super deep and personal and sort of embarrassing stuff kind of like at a sleepover (i think they were drinking but it still works if you think percy never drinks because like, that is just what happens between friends at 3 in the morning. ((especially if there’s booze, tho)).
  • of course annabeth comes up
  • and piper’s like “are you aware that i would fuck your girlfriend like. tonight. if i could.”
  • and he’s like “yeah she’d probably do you too to be honest”
  • which turns into like an hours long discussion about how all three of them are kind of into each other and it should be weird but it’s not weird and they have no idea how annabeth feels about it but for some reason neither one of them is remotely bothered by the idea?
  • and then they wake up the next day like “hhhaaaaaa that was a weird conversation.” “huh.” “funny.” “weird.”
  • and then things get kind of weird and all three of them hang out all the time so annabeth picks up on how something must have happened between them
  • so of course being a good couple doing Couple Things annabeth prods percy for like two minutes and he’s like yEAH WELL OKAY I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO SAY THIS BUT BOOOIIIIII
  • annabeth’s weirded out in the beginning like lbr
  • but then she gets Attached to the idea in a “i can’t stop thinking about this” kind of way
  • and then she ends up being the weird one who zones out when they’re hanging out together and always looks distracted
  • and then one night they’re playing truth or dare with like a bunch of the other counselors and there’s probably drinking involved and it’s late and the games been going on for awhile and it’s dumb because truth or dare is dumb and they’re too old for it and then
  • it’s annabeth’s turn to dare piper and she takes a deep breath and looks her in the eye and says “kiss my boyfriend.”
  • it gets soOOOoooo quiet and everybody’s like oh man oh man shit about to go down what happened what’s going on what drama have i missed hoooooooo boy
  • piper doesn’t know what she’s playing at and percy is wondering if this is some kind of test or punishment but
  • piper does the dare
  • and everyone laughs it off because nobody wants to make it awkward
  • but the tension doesn’t dissipate between the three of them as much as they pretend
  • and then all three of them agree to have a serious talk because they gotta communicate about what the hell is going on here
  • hence they wind up in a healthy happy sexy poly relationship
  • the sex is good
  • really good
  • u know it’s good
  • and of course being the dysfunctional demigods that they are they forget to tell everyone what’s going on between them
  • so like everyone is fully convinced that piper and percy were cheating on annabeth and annabeth caught them and got revenge during the truth or dare game and nobody knows how to react and they feel so uncomfortable and never know what to say lmao
  • there is so much gossip like SO much gossip
  • piper and percy have the coolest relationship ever, like it’s kind of like the very best of best friends except with a lot of sex and making out
  • like piper banging on the shower door every twenty seconds until she gets so exasperated that she just gets in
  • or piper yelling and percy and annabeth to keep it down, she’s trying to sleep, dammit,
  • or piper and percy eating chinese food on the couch binge watching america’s next top model
  • sweatpants, they are all sweatpants enthusiasts
  • piper and annabeth fight for percy’s sweatshirts, very passive aggressively too
  • they’re definitely a dog couple
  • piper sitting on the sidelines watching them beat each other up or work out and cheering obnoxiously for both of them
  • all three of them are so hot i swear like it’s completely unfair and everyone is annoyed
  • they know it, too. well. no. piper knows it. piper knows that she’s hot and her bf and gf are off the charts hot and she is not sorry.
  • imagine the rest of the seven finding out though
  • they’d be so confused
  • lmaooooo they’re allowed around the ancient “no boys and girls alone in a cabin” rule because they’re not alone ;)
Korrasami Book 1-4 Analysis/Musings/Headcanons

So, now that we know this is the end game, I was reflecting on their relationship over the show as a whole. I think knowing these two women end up in love and walking into the sunset spirit portal together can help color or make sense of their interactions.

We know from Bryan and Mike’s posts that Korrasami wasn’t planned from the start, but rather grew organically out of the writing process, and only became consciously penned in during the second half of the series. For that reason, as characters, the growth of their emotional bond might seem hard to understand. But that’s where my character analyses/head-canons come in! Hopefully this post explains a few things, or fills in the gaps in a way that seems logical and consistent with their characterization.

Warning: it’s lengthy (originally written 12/20/14, updated Feb 2015).

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Undevoted (With Kai)

genre: angst, smut
3371 words

Summary: Typical best friends love each other, typical friends with benefits thing doesn’t work out; it’s just a typical plot.

- Friday, 9:45am

Where is she? He watches the door for his best friend to surprisingly pop out in the classroom and spit out excuses they both know are lies. She’s never this late.

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Eww, you ship Skoulson? But...

…he’s her father. 

No he isn’t. We met her father. He wasn’t Coulson.

…he’s like her father. 

Well, he’s her family and the show has left the exact definition of that fairly open ended. The father/daughter reading is actually an interpretation of the text, which you can tell because Coulson and Skye specifically avoid that kind of terminology,*** barring the fourth episode where Skye refers to “mom and dad” sarcastically…and then later invites Coulson to slide on in to the back of the SUV with her (which people rarely mention when bringing up the “mom and dad” point in that episode, for some reason, I don’t know why).

My interpretation of the canon text is that Skye and Coulson share a more undefined – and, yes, platonic – love. I’m not arguing for canon as being anything other than platonic, okay? But the fact that it is undefined, not shoehorned into this “father/daughter” thing is important to me.

All shipping concerns aside, I feel my reading is a better one for capturing the complexities of Skye and Coulson’s relationship. Once they’ve actually gotten close (after Skye’s agenda is out), the only people who use the father/daughter comparison in universe are people being treated as villains/antagonists, and who don’t know Skye or Coulson very well. Even Cal cuts that shit out once he starts to come around. 

The people who know Skye and Coulson well refer to the intensity of their relationship, to them “whispering,” to the fact that Skye is more than just an asset to Coulson, to the fact that Coulson might be compromised by his feelings for Skye, and Hunter and May both insinuate that Skye and Coulson’s relationship has similarities to their marriages.

Skye and Coulson refer to each other as family, and Skye asks him to be her friend. 

Those are the ways they directly refer to each other. (Well, that and the red corvette/”most beautiful thing I’d ever seen” thing.) So, you know, I think “undefined, really intense, but platonic” is a pretty good way of looking at their relationship in canon.

It’s particularly important to me as part of representing Skye’s importance within the text and outside the text as the first woc superhero in the MCU. The idea that her most important relationship should be with a traditional father-figure, instead of with someone who is just totally fucking awed by how wonderful she is (which Coulson totally is), 

is sort of icky. I think the way the show presents them is wonderful, and it’s fandom insisting on the father/daughter label that irritates me and feels like minimizing Skye’s importance in her own narrative.

However, as long as someone is able to see Skye and Coulson having a father/daughter relationship that is built on Coulson growing and changing because of Skye’s presence (the opposite of this – of Coulson really teaching her much – is pretty minimal, honestly, tell me what Coulson really teaches Skye?) then we can get along.

(And belief that he would call her ‘pumpkin’ or adopt her or ground her will be met with scoffing from me. Yes, even jokes. Yes, even when Clark does it.)

…the age gap. 

Fair enough. I really get it if you’re squicked by the age gap. There are plenty of scenarios where an age gap would squick me, okay, and I’m not going to try to talk anyone out of their squick. 

…there’s a potentially abusive power imbalance. 

So, I think that Skye and Coulson are set up beautifully to avoid the kind of power imbalance that might come about because of their age gap or his position as her boss. Coulson’s recent return from the dead positions him as a new man, (re)discovering himself. Skye’s presence is an important catalyst for his self-discovery and an important influence for his developing ideologies, which puts her in a position of more power. 

Coulson begins digging into Tahiti after learning about Skye’s own mission to find out about herself. Coulson develops the new SHIELD with no levels after Skye schools him on how levels place a gross value scale on human life. 

Coulson deals with his issues about Tahiti after seeing Skye deal with her issues about the shadow protocol and the horrific emotional trauma in her early life. Coulson overcomes his carving after bringing Skye into the matter. Skye is an important catalyst for all of Coulson’s best character developments (and his whole arc actually ends up being about her), while not a tool of those developments. (She’s got her own plots and her own shit to do.) 

In 2x14, Coulson states that he trusts Skye to do what’s right/best for her – that he’s not going to pretend to have answers, and that she’s the person he thinks is most capable of making decisions about what she should do. This is important, and it shows a mutual respect of personal agency between them that is literally everything to me (oh god, it’s everything). An example of the reverse is Skye agreeing to torture information out of Coulson in 2x07, even when it’s horrible for her to do so. He tells her it’s his call, and she agrees, she gives him the right to decide this for himself. And then here, in 2x14, he lets this be her call.

It’s…honestly, it’s a pretty great dynamic, okay? It’s a situation in which a young biracial homeless woman is a huge influence on a middle class white bureaucrat. (And then, you know, alien blood and cosmic ties and superpowers on top of that.) It’s two people who have both had people fuck with their bodily autonomy and agency, who respect the fuck out of each other’s bodily autonomy and agency. 

…she’s just someone young for him to take to bed.

Yeah, no. Coulson loves Skye. Sure, he compared her to his sexy red corvette, but he loves her. That’s the reason I ship this, okay? Because Coulson is – canonically – the person that loves Skye the most. And – canonically – Skye knows this. (I’ve seen people be super pissed off about this – “What do you mean Coulson is the only person to really try to take care of you? What about Fitz and Simmons and May, you bitch?” etc – so I know people know it. They don’t like it, but they know it.) 

The amount that Coulson loves Skye, and the fact that Skye deserves to be loved that much, is why I ship this. The fact that Skye deserves an epic love story with someone who was brought back from the dead to find her is why I ship this. 

…why would she be attracted to him? 

Why indeed.

For the record, I’m not that much older than Skye – much much much closer to her age than Coulson’s – so it just doesn’t strike me as that weird for her to see Coulson as a very attractive sexual being. Hell, she directly confronts him about being a sexual being the second day she knows him:

And, of course, she looks at him like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

So, you know. I don’t think it’s really far fetched for Skye to be attracted to him is what I’m saying. 

…you’re sexualizing Skye by writing a bunch of porn about her.

Yup. Sexualizing that twenty-seven year old woman, icky icky me. 

Look, I’m really uncomfortable making statements about the the biggest problems Asian women face as far as being exploited sexually because I’m not an Asian woman. Fetishization of Asian women’s bodies is obviously a real problem, and if I felt someone was presenting Skye in a grossly fetishized way, I would be incredibly offended and say as much. But I’m less concerned about the exploitation/fetishization of Skye’s body in this fandom and more freaked out by how many people forget that she’s a fucking adult. 

Seriously, y’all. Skye is older than Natasha was in Iron Man 2. She’s actually the age Natasha was in the first Avengers movie. (By my count, Nat would have turned 28 a few months after the action of the film.) Skye is an adult.  

The overwhelming tendency in some parts of this fandom is to write AUs where Skye is a literal child. Like, a distressingly large number of AUs are like that. And even when there’s not such literal treatment of Skye as a child, it happens metaphorically when the mere fact of her having sex is seen as somehow gross. The infantilization of Asian women’s bodies – treating a young Asian American woman like a child, speaking as though portraying her as a sexual being is in line with pedophilia – strikes me as a much more prevalent and distressing form of racialized misogyny in this fandom than fetishization. (I mean, someone tell me if I’m off base with that, but seriously, this is something that bothers me a lot.) So you can squick all you want at the presentation of consenting sex between two adults you don’t want to see that way (honestly, we can be cool even if you don’t like my ship, as long as you’re not a douche about it), but at the point that you behave as though treating Skye as a sexual being is wrong, you’re either 1) practicing a different kid of racialized misogyny, or 2) utterly misrepresenting the Skoulson fandom.

It’s a true fact that the Skoulson tag on AO3 is, relatively speaking, the porniest place in AoS fandom. It’s probably a contender for porniest place in the whole MCU fandom, tbh. (It sounds like a theme park!) But this is all relative to the fact that over 75% of our fics (totaling only 692 as of right now) are written by, like, 6-8 people, many of whom are fans of writing erotica. It’s all relative. And by and large, we are a fandom very dedicated to enthusiastic consent, safe sex, explicit kink negotiation, women in positions of power, and sex as an emotionally significant part of a romantic relationship. (And also to the fact that Phil Coulson is obviously really good with his tongue. And his hands.) That’s like…what our porn is mostly about. (And I can say that because I’ve written almost a fifth of the E rated Skoulson stuff, just by number of fics, not even chapters/word count. Which…is a lot of porn.) 

…the actress doesn’t like the idea of the ship. 

Okay, that’s why I don’t tweet her or contact her or harass her? Chloe is a great actor, she brings Skye to life and I love her, but she’s not the arbiter of Skye’s place in fandom. I don’t choose my ships based on what the actors want or what they say about a ship, I base it on the text. And then I don’t bother the actors about it because that would make me an asshole. 

…it’s not what the show runners intended.

This is where we come to the fact that I base my viewing of the show off of what is presented in the text. Getting into discussions of what is intended is not a productive way to discuss what actually happens in a text, imo. I’m not saying that reasonable people can’t have some disagreements about this, but I’m also just not going to engage with that stuff. (Engaging with that stuff is why people can pretend that Skyeward could still totally happen.) It’s a waste of time to engage with that stuff as more than a spectacle and a way to see adorable people being adorable dorks, especially since everything every show runner, producer, or actor has said has something that contradicts it elsewhere. 

Also, Skoulson isn’t a ship that I am campaigning to be made romantic in canon. It’s an appreciation for the canon relationship that exists – the amount that Skye and Coulson love each other in an undefined way, which the show is often really weird about presenting through romantic tropes (a la Mulder & Scully). You can argue for days about intentions (with yourself, I mean, because I don’t care), but this is what the text says about the development of Skye and Coulson’s relationship over the past two seasons from the last scene of the Pilot to the last scene of 2x22:

I think just that speaks volumes about the centrality of the relationship in the narrative, about how it is a partnership, and about how their relationship has evolved as mutually respectful and equal, even putting Skye in a more leading role. That’s the text. 


***ETA: Okay, in 3x18 (”The Singularity”) Lauren LeFranc made Coulson say the thing, and the thing has now been said. You can officially be a douche and throw that in my face if you need to do so. I know how some people loooove being assholes.

Look, I’ve always believed that whatever love Coulson feels for Daisy in canon has confused and worried him – because it is intense and because he’s done extreme and possibly stupid shit because of/for her. So it’s relatively easy for me to see Coulson looking for a label for something complicated, and it matters to me a lot that it was him and not Daisy who expressed that label. 

(I think Daisy would be a combination of upset, insulted, and kinda sad for Coulson if he expressed this to her.) 

Even the context in which he said the thing was part of realizing that what he had been giving her was not enough/not what she needed. So. That’s what I’ve got. 

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this ship is like rapidly moving out of ot3 and just being straight up otp like i swear i love them

  • percy and annabeth are just trying to finish out high school and see what’s going on with them for college.
  • and then Jason And Piper Break Up Or Something (i break them up in literally everything dkjfdlfjkd) (but like honestly if piper comes back into the picture Later On in this au uuuum i aint gonna be complaining. just puttin it out there)
  • and hazel and frank also break up and percy and annabeth are just tryna like recover from their trauma and reconnect with old friends so everyone sort of just falls out of touch because it’s Awkward when the seven of them are together
  • i think jason is kind of having a sexuality crisis all throughout hoo, like truly. but he has a really great gf so he feels like it’s not something he’s supposed to explore.
  • ANYWAY jason and piper break up and then piper comes out as bi and i really think jason hears about it (it’s like Big News when popular girls start banging girls lmao like you know this news would spread)
  • and she comes like bursting out of the closet and he’s like kind of annoyed bc like 1. UNFAIR that he should struggle with his sexuality for so long while she’s just having a great time? 2. she’s his ex and everything your ex does is annoying
  • i think he starts hooking up with guys in like retaliation
  • or at least that’s what he tells himself but like even he knows that that kind of excuse is not going to hold up so he just Doesn’t Really Think About It
  • but eventually he’ll come to terms with being bi and stop acting out quite so much
  • which makes jercy really INTERESTING
  • because like Here’s The Thing you know how you like have really gay crushes on people before you have your sexual awakening…that’s jercy towards each other
  • but like once you grow up and sort yourself out and come out and then you run back into those people….it’s SOOOOO much more intense because like you let yourself actually feel the feelings this time and there’s like also an emotional component because you liked them before you understood why and like….it’s intense
  • also like after jason and piper break up it’s gonna be really awkward for them to be like going to the same school and he just wants to like. get away from her, so he moves back to new york
  • he and percy and annabeth spend a lot of time together because like, why not, they all like each other and get along and they’ve been through a lot together, it would be weird if they just like didn’t acknowledge each other’s existence when they’re all in the same camp
  • they get really close in like that like friendship-but-we-actually-like-like each other kind of way, although obviously nobody is going to admit that
  • annabeth goes away to college somewhere and percy takes a gap year
  • which leaves plenty of time for jason and percy to just two alone people, together. alone.
  • and i just like okay pre-relationship jercy is A LOT because like they’re just being bros except that they’re not and like oh my god okay
  • this could get LONG shit.
  • jason finally confesses to percy that the hippie zeus statue seriously freaks him out
  • and percy (after a long fit of hysterical laughter) is like “dude you do realize i have an entire cabin just to myself”
  • and jason’s like “is that even allowed?” and percy’s like “yeah nobody cares, annabeth stays in my cabin all the time.”
  • and then it’s like a second of silence and he’s like “not like—i mean, i didn’t mean it like that” “of course not!” “i mean, i did, but like, not between you and me, because we’re not, you know, Like That–” “of course, of course” and then they’re both like BRIGHT RED oh my god someone help them
  • anyway jercy roommates are fun
  • and like one day jason has a sudden revelation that percy thinks of him as a really good friend and like, he’ll do things like reach out and punch jason in the arm from the bottom bunk because he’s bored and can’t fall asleep, and that’s so completely Different from the Silent and Stoic and Slightly Scary percy that jason first met
  • and percy used to think jason was suuuuper uptight but then figures out that jason can be talked into virtually anything and also is a dork
  • and just i mean like all KINDS of stuff can happen here like “whoops i accidentally got wounded and now you have to carry me to the infirmary but Surprise Surprise i’m cute even while i’m dying” and “i got sick and you’re totally doting on me but then you end up getting sick as well” and “you woke me up screaming and i thought you were dying but actually there’s just a spider on the wall” and “you fell asleep on my shoulder and now i can’t move because i don’t wanna wake you up”
  • and like we could really go round FOREVER with this oh my god oh my god
  • it gets to a point where percy starts to feel Weird about it though, bc there’s only so much he can lie to himself and nothing really feels strictly platonic anymore and he’s kind of just confused and he really loves annabeth so like What Gives
  • he starts pulling away and like jason obviously notices and is like :( but doesn’t wanna push because like “jason you knew he had a girlfriend like how did you actually see this working out. be real, get over it” :(
  • percy ends up driving through the night up to go see annabeth and just like. unloads. like, everything.
  • he doesn’t know what he’s expecting from her but he just wants to be honest, and even if she gets mad or hurt he just doesn’t want to feel like he’s hiding things from her
  • annabeth’s a really jealous person okay like she is but she’s honestly gonna be like “okay like i’m not…shocked. like, i mean, surprised, maybe, that it’s legit enough for you to confess, but like come on didn’t you see this coming a little bit?”
  • and he’s like yeah okay point taken
  • i don’t think annabeth is at the stage in her life yet where she can be like “yeah go get him i’m chill it’s all good” but like she’s also past the stage where she’s like “you can never be in the same room with him if i’m not there ever again”
  • she helps him like, calm down and talk through it (bc like mind u he’s totally having a sexuality crisis on top of all this complicated love triangle stuff) and she also confesses that she’s like Probably Not Straight, it’s been something she’s been thinking about for kind of awhile and like, they’re still young and they can figure it out and it’s cool they’ll get through it together
  • which they do! and percy feels like a million times better
  • she drives back to camp with him because why not like he’s here and it’s the weekend she might as well visit
  • and jason is like Sad and Suffering and totally expecting to be cast aside and barely acknowledged except that they’re both like very chill and friendly and aren’t treating him any differently
  • if anything percy is even more casually affectionate with him and less flustered about the implications of things maybe being Not So Straight
  • and when annabeth sees them together i think she starts to feel better about it too, there’s a little bit of jealousy definitely but they look really sweet and happy together and also like percy clearly hasn’t fallen out of love with her he just..also likes someone else. and she can tell they really like each other.
  • and also like it’s kind of…hot…and she’s definitely…Curious about where it would go
  • and annabeth like goes research happy about polyamory (she probably knows a lot to begin with because like the greeks are not exactly known for monogamy lmao)
  • i kinda feel like she gives percy the green light to just see what happens before she leaves
  • he’s definitely stunned lol but she’s like no i’m serious i’m not tricking you, if it’s something he’s cool with then so am i.
  • it’s not the last time they talk about it but like she eventually manages to convince him like honestly percy i really am okay with this, i actually kind of want to see what happens.
  • i’ll never let go of the headcanon that jason and percy’s first kiss is the opposite of a drunken hookup because they’re the only sober ones at the party.
  • jason gets weird afterwards though because he’s like OH MY GOD I’M AN ACCESSORY TO INFIDELITY I DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE EVER BEEN BORN but it’s cool they talk it out
  • so anyway jercy is really the driving force between the three of them but like i mean now that annabeth’s boyfriend has a boyfriend….well, she can let herself Think About Jason without feeling like she’s doing something wrong
  • and i really like jasabeth okay like i do they’re a good ship
  • so they sort of develop feelings for each other gradually and organically
  • and then lo and behold they’re now a trio instead of percy dating two people