this is one of the only platonic relationships i feel intensely about weird

Being demisexual: what it’s like for me

I grew up thinking it was normal and expected to attach emotionally before you attached sexually; I think my mother was demisexual as a younger woman (I’d say she’s evolved and become fully asexual now) which led me to believe it was normal, as I was fairly isolated and didn’t have much contact with people as friends until I was well past sexual maturity.  In college, to be precise, where I realized nearly everyone was very different from me in forming their sexual attractions.

As a demisexual, I usually only attach to people with sexual feelings one at a time, and it’s very sudden and usually extremely intense.  It can be agonizing– here is this person you’ve come to depend on as a friend and confidante.  Everything is fine.  Then one day you’re walking down the street and suddenly something triggers sexual attraction– a casual touch that activates sexual response, a chance word that makes me think that person might appreciate ME sexually, whatever.  BLIP– and then the whole relationship is set on its ear and is in serious jeopardy.  Invariably, for me the addition of the sexual component destroys the friendship in the long run.  I’ve tried to keep it quiet when I become attracted, but it just makes things worse when they fall apart.  

As a demisexual bisexual, I have lost female BFFs one after the other because all of a sudden after months/years I was suddenly sexually attracted to them and they were heterosexual and found it unacceptable.  

As a demisexual, my best successful friendships are with people I only see online because there’s much less chance of them triggering sexual response, I suppose– or maybe because they’re remote and the emotional attachment isn’t intense enough for me to become sexually responsive.

As a demisexual, I can’t form long-term meaningful friendships with men because they assume I’m romantically interested and snub me from day one, or because they think I’ll never become romantically interested and when I do, they begin to snub me.

As a demisexual, I don’t normally enjoy any form of porn with the exception of fan fiction (if I’m sexually attracted to one of the characters in the fanfiction, otherwise I get nothing out of it).  

As a demisexual, Tinder culture is absolutely baffling and foreign to me.  I can’t even envision myself texting someone once or twice, meeting up, and enjoying a sexual hookup, then wandering off into the blue, ready for the next one.  I can’t comprehend liking to do that.  I read an article about that culture in Cosmopolitan this week, linked to me by @irrealia, and was just… gobsmacked.  How do people do this thing?  Inconceivable.  In a way I’d love to be able to do this, because I have been all but celibate except for a couple of really awkward hookups when I was young and desperate, and I feel horribly lonely and touch-starved.  But my attraction doesn’t operate that way.  I would be repelled by sex with a relative stranger.

As a demisexual I am unaware of sexual dynamics in most relationships between others until someone points them out to me (aka hits me over the head with a clue stick).  

As a demisexual, I do not know how to flirt or signal my sexual availability to another person.  If I make an overt attempt to imitate the flirtations I’ve seen, I upset people because I’m being weird or awkward– to me, naturally demonstrating attraction is acting in way that friends normally act toward one another.

As a demisexual, I receive emails from friends with beefcake or cheesecake pictures in them, or links to sexy videos, and I’m expected to participate in a mutual lust-fest over the pictures.  I stare at these highly toned beautiful bodies or people having sex dully, without interest, going “please don’t send me more of these pictures; I don’t even know who that is.”

As a demisexual, I respond to personalities more than to bodies, looks, or clothing.  

As a demisexual, I enjoyed Obi-Wan Kenobi platonically for over a decade, aware of his sexual attractiveness only as an abstract, viewing Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness as more or less equal in my esteem until one day I saw Ewan McGregor being sweet and empathic and vulnerable as himself in “Long Way ‘Round” and I suddenly emotionally attached to him and went “HOLY SHIT” and fell head over heels in love.

As a demisexual, I know that if Tom Hiddleston walked in here right now and stripped naked and said “Let’s do it,” I would have one of two responses:  either “I’d better take this chance because I’m never going to get laid again in my life and I know I should want him,” whereupon I would lie there under him feeling vastly uncomfortable, being unable to self-lubricate, and thinking “I could paint the ceiling beige, ugh, there’s a cobweb,” or I would respond “No thank you, Mr. Hiddleston, I know you are a sex god, but I’m unfortunately not interested in you sexually.  Could you invest several months in befriending me first, minimum, then let’s see what happens?”  Same thing for oh, say, Gal Gadot.

This is all just my personal experience, which I conflate in greater or lesser degrees to my demisexuality.  It’s by no means intended to be a statement that all or most demisexuals are like this.  All I know is that one day I saw the term “demisexual” and went and read about it and sat up like I’d been hit by lightning and said “THAT IS ME.”

Dear Who?

Title : Dear Who?

Characters : Jungkook

Genre : Fluff

Summary : With a track record of failed relationship on your left hand, and a pinch of pessimism on your right, you’ve come to terms with the possibility that you’ll be forever writing impromptu love songs for no one to hear. One thunderous Wednesday, though, you discover that a chest of gold needn’t be so far away at a hostile inhabitable island. Sometimes, the most unexpected treasures can be found with effort no more than one phone call.

Word Count : 1,915 words

A/N : This is for @kateheartskpop who requested “Jungkook + Dear No One!” I’ve always love that song by Tori Kelly, but never have any idea on how to incorporate it to any story. I tried my best, though, with the limiting word count and lack of development because it’s supposed to be a drabble (whoops), and came out with a 1.9k short story! 

If you enjoy it, notes and feedbacks are greatly appreciated!

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Dear no one, this is your love song.

”So, what do u want to talk about?“ You say breathlessly, shaking off the droplets of rain from your coat.
You promised Jungkook for a brunch at your favorite french restaurant, and as always, you are late.
"Take a seat first, won’t you?” Jungkook laughs a mirthful one. He pushes you chair out with one of his legs under the table, and you slip into a comfortable position.
It’s been a few days since spring approached, but it’s still freezing cold outside. Today the sky is grey and it’s crying over chances wasted and thoughts unspoken. A cup of dark roast mocha is sitting in front of you, the last tendrils of fume spinning out of its lid.
“Aww thanks for saving me the queue.. you always know best.” You curl your fingers around the cup, warming your skin that was bitten raw by the wind.
Jungkook examines the girl in front of him, skin rosy because of the weather, lips slightly pale, hair windswept, and even more beautiful to him than the last time he saw you. He begins rethinking his decision, is he really going to say what has been bugging him for so long and risk everything he ever had with you?
“How have you been?“ Jungkook attempts to break the ice that didn’t even exist in the first place.
You scan him from head to toe incredulously, brows curling in bewilderment and lips upturned into a smirk.
"What’s wrong with you today? You know you see me too much to ask such perfunctory questions. So, what do you wanna talk about?” You look up to him after taking a sip.
Your eyes are questioning, brimming with genuine curiosity that is usually present when he is about to tell you about the latest news in his boy gang who calls themselves Bangtan. Right now, Jungkook feels like the shy male lead in cliche teen romance movies which only will get a 5 on IMDB, toes curling and lips dry because he’s about to say, to say to the one who’s always so close yet is so frustratingly out of reach, that he thinks of you as more than this. You occupy his mind too much for it to only be some best friend, homie, partner-in-crime, bull crap. And, oh, how can you be this fucking dense?
You’ve spend your whole friendship together with abrupt heart-to-heart conversation that circles around your track records of failed relationship. About Jackson who whispered a thousand “I Want You”s then left when the sun rose, about Kihyun who was younger and more innocent than you who never intended to stay in the first place, about Bogum and his perfect dates yet imperfect (far from it, destructive) nights, about every guy who lingers as momentarily as smoke, but never never never about Jungkook. Never about Jungkook who prays every night and screams to Lord I care so so much about Y/N, who’s there on the phone by the first ring, whom you put on your emergency contact, who just spent the last 30 minutes reciting on how is he supposed to say that he wants to breach the line of friendship, that he wants so much more than platonic.  
He is always so good at hiding his tremor, silencing his palpitating heart and knotting his shaking legs, putting on a smile that dazzles everyone but the one he truly wants. Jungkook is also amazing at listening, amazing at saying comforting words, not so much at saying charming flirtations, though.  
That’s why, he can only listen when you say, all of sudden after taking a few sips from your coffee: “What if I’m truly fated to no one?  What if all the songs I’ve written will never be sung? I may put on a strong, independent facade, but i truly only wish for that young love. I secretly am craving for someone to hold my hand, to sacrifice his jacket when it’s slightly chilly”.
That’s also why his heart aches as he lets the words sink in because, that’s wrong, that’s so so wrong.  
“Okay, enough about me. Now spill what you have to say.” You fidget on your seat, repositioning yourself upright. When you curl your hair back behind your ears, Jungkook reminds himself why he is here and why he shouldn’t fail to at the very least say what has been driving him nuts.  
“It may seem weird, though. I am debating on how you will take this..” Jungkook smiles sheepishly.
“You know you can tell me everything, you’re my best-“
“Stop.” And that might seem like the last straw, but Jungkook isn’t that brave. He isn’t the firm character who can heroically confess his feelings then swoop in for a kiss, with a full chance that his kiss will be reciprocated. Jungkook closes his eyes, pulse pounding against his skull, he’s so sick of the words best friend. Two silly words that create unnecessary boundary. A Label that opens room for fresh bond, yet closes all doors for further development.  
“Stop, Y/N.” And Jungkook curses his memory because he recited this like a perfectly written essay in front of the mirror earlier, yet when he meets with your glass beads eyes, every single coherence is lost.  
“Okay, I feel like we can be something more.”
What follows after that is complete, deafening silence. The restaurant is as busy as ever, waitress shouting orders and friends exchanging stories, but all sort of cacophony is muffled by air that presses tight against Jungkook’s ribcages and his heartbeat that is dancing in staccato.  

To say that you fall instantly in love with Jungkook just because he confesses to you would be an exaggerated make-believe. To say that you aren’t moved at all by the subtle suffusion of apricot on his cheeks, though, would be blatant dishonesty.
You first met Jungkook during freshman year in college in the dorm’s laundry room. Your drier was jammed and he tackled the spinning drum with his barehand. You treat him dinner as a thank you note for saving your clothes from shrinking, and you also didn’t expect anything more than acquaintances. Turns out, the whole four years of college was essentially you receiving kindness upon kindness from the architecture major who lives on fifth floor.
He saves you through many more jammed drier, and you never knew it then, but he also saves you through multiple heartbreaks. Jungkook is a paramedics on standby, someone whom you come running too after having your chest freshly ripped open. Jungkook would always be there, ringing your bell no matter rain or shine with a box of Chinese takeout and one of the Harry Potter movies, ready to mend your glass heart with super glue in form of corny jokes and duct tape in form of exuberant grins.  
By now, a couple of years after you graduates college, you’ve ran out of thank you notes that is actually never anywhere near enough to repay Jungkook and his limitless favor. Therefore, you always wonder why he even bothers to stick around.
Nevertheless, Jungkook wasn’t someone who swept you off your feet with intense forces of attraction, wasn’t someone who ignite the desire inside you, and you guess that was why you always think of you and him as platonic.
This confession of him is something you would never guess. Yet, you have an inkling that it is going to the direction of a pleasant surprise.

“Have you been keeping this from me?” You carefully reply, still stunned.
“For too fucking long.” A smile creeps up his face, discreet and bashful.
Then, every single evidence that your mind can recall flows in sweeping floods of thoughts, fragments and pieces that corroborate why Jeon Jungkook is actually in love -madly!- with you spinning in rapid playback like those outdated DVD players. The day Jeon Jungkook went to all of your classes to take note for you when you were sick, the day he dashed through a snowstorm because you were arrested for buzzed driving, the days you barged in his apartment which he always welcomed with open arms despite having finals the next day, the days you bawled about being forsaken without realising that you were forsaking him, that particular day you told him you were in love and see in his orbs a flicker of emotion that only now you can determine as heartache.
“I may not be aggressive or assertive with my feelings, but trust me when I say this isn’t a spur of the moment. This isn’t desperation that sprouts out of loneliness. This is, I don’t know.. Affection harboured and fondness piled up for so long because I want to take care of you so much more than I do now. I feel like I can give you so much more, at least I give you all I am, compared to those asses you’ve been seeing day in and day out, Y/N. But why don’t you ever look at me?”
And you’re asking yourself too, repetitive in your head like a broken tune: Why didn’t you ever look at him? When he’s always there like a sore thumb and always by your side like a chewing gum on your hair, how could you not see him?
Your eyes are wet with melancholy, but you blink it away the moment you feel the moisture brimming your lids. It is the kind of tears that cannot be classified as sadness or happiness, it lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It is the tear of joy because you’ve just discover companionship within the proximity of home, but it is also the tear of regret because you just knew how much you have wasted, how much you have hurt him by taking him for granted.
“I don’t know.”
He scoffs, a bitter smile plastered on his face as he stare onto a patch of dirt on the wooden table. “Of course, you won’t know your feelings. I understand, I’m your best friend.”
“You are my best friend, Jungkook. But there’s nothing wrong with having a double title, is there?” Your fingertips seem to have a mind on their own when it daringly moves forward to lightly graze on his taut knuckles.
“I think we should try things out.”
Jung kook’s nod is firm when he interlaces his hands with yours, so foreign and unlike those he has used to comfort your bawling self, yet so familiar and akin to those you’ve seen whenever you ask him out to his favourite hawker stand. This whole thing, Jungkook staring into your eyes and you staring back at him, is both exhilaratingly new yet soothingly habitual.  
At this moment, you want to crown yourself as the most ridiculously stupid person who drives so many miles looking for the one, only to find countless disappointments along your way. Here, fuming mocha and cold egg benedict as witnesses, you finally realise that instead of dreaming of things as far as the earth’s edges, you should start to notice what exists right at home.
The sky isn’t crying anymore, winks of sunshine peeking through smugly persisting cumulus clouds.  
On a thunderous Wednesday noon, Jungkook pour out his thoughts -monstrous, screaming, fiery- onto the carved crevices of the wooden table, and you catch that chance before it flees forever.

Dear the one, this is our love song.

You know what I feel starved for? Queerplatonic relationships in fanfic. I’m a multi shipper so I dont really care who ends up whom romantically (although Im partial to some ships) but what I really want to see are the close platonic friendships that are just as intense and touchy-feely and loving as romantic relationships. Ones that defy heteronormative and alloromantic definitions but are yet accepted and understood by their romantic partners.

I want Olivarry fics where Iris is and always will be Barry’s lightning rod and Felicity is Oliver’s Girl Friday and there is no hierarchy of love and affection where their other relationships become mere accessories to the romantic one. Where Felicity is always Barry’s sounding board about superheroing or Oliver or Iris (no, the romantic parntner cannot always do the emotional labour).

I want Westallen fics where Oliver personifies safety and protection for Barry and they both hijack either him or Felicity or Cisco or Cait on some of their dates. Fics where no matter who Barry is dating, Caitlin is his Wendy and his Hermione and he loves her and she is fiercely protective of him because she is the one who knows his DNA sequence and the pattern of his vital signs like the back of her hand and there have been times when she feels like she kept his heart beating through sheer enraged determination against a universe that will NOT be allowed make her fail again.

I want fics where Barry is as there for Cisco emotionally as he is for Barry and he’s the first person to make Cisco feels like he belongs and that his brand of weird is completely normal. Westallen fics where Cait and Iris bond by adopting Cisco as their errant little brother and snarking at him and being protective over him because he doesnt know how to protect his heart, just like Barry. I want Iris to melt over how adorable Barry and Kara are together, agreeing with Barry that Kara is his “platonic soulmate” and calling them the sunshine twins and feeling gleeful that Kara thinks Barry’s science nerding is boring and would much rather talk about journalism with Iris. I want Jesse and Wally becoming each other’s touchstones across universes because they feel like they are the only people who understand what they’ve gone through.

I want Lyla giving up and calling Felicity when she cant rouse Digg from his self-loathing funks and Felicity just cheering him up by flitting about being her sunny self and babbling adorably because Felicity reminds him that he is good enough, even in the eyes of someone unchanged by darkness and yet not an innocent either. And goddamn it I want Thea, Roy and Sin back together, their own unit against the world.

There is so many, many stories and emotions to mine in this gamut of complex, undefinable, amorphous yet intense and necessary human connections. How romance, sexual desire, love, friendship, attachment, need and dependance are all so much more complicated than social convention and amatonormative definitions can accomodate, especially when it comes to extraordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

And yet, what does fandom focus on? Fucking ship wars. Like the romantic partnership is the ultimate prize and everyone else is a side character to the Grand Love Story. I love love stories, but not at the expense of the multi-facetedness of the characters and not if it demands reinforcing the myth that love is hierarchical.

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49 with Piccolo and Nail?

“Don’t be an asshole. Asshole.”

“Take those off. I don’t want a handicap.”

Piccolo scoffed, but removed his weighted turban and cape, tossing them to the side. “Then don’t complain when you lose,” he said, cracking his neck. Nail’s mouth watered at the sight and he mentally chastised himself. Just because Piccolo was the most attractive person he’d ever laid eyes on didn’t mean he could go around staring at him. They were supposed to be sparring, not checking each other out.

Not that Piccolo was checking Nail out, of course, because he’d made it very clear he wasn’t interested in any sort of non-platonic relationship with anybody. Nail could live with that. Though really, it didn’t do any harm to look. He cracked a wry smile at Piccolo, who had shifted one foot back into a fighting position. “Let’s get started, then. You remember the stakes.”

Piccolo’s lips peeled back to bare his teeth at Nail. “Yes, I remember. Now come at me.”

The fight didn’t last long by their standards. Usually, a clash between the two of them would go on for at least a few hours. They’d be exhausted by the end, collapsed on the ground and struggling to breathe, sore all over, and Nail would let himself indulge in those moments, watch Piccolo as he splashed water on his face, let his eyes trail over the parts of his body that became exposed when his clothes were burned away by a ki blast. Today, though, their fight was barely an hour long. Piccolo threw everything he had at Nail, despite usually pacing himself to make their fights last longer. It caught Nail off guard, and he had a terrible start to the fight, getting tossed through a tree three separate times. He cursed himself for being careless, for assuming he had Piccolo all sussed out, for getting complacent just because he knew his foe personally. He should have known better. They were fighting for something today, something Piccolo wanted, and with stakes like these Nail should have known Piccolo would pull out all the stops.

Hopefully without actually killing Nail.

Finally, after nearly an hour of being soundly beaten, Nail weakly raised a hand from his position on his back in the dirt. “I concede,” he said, letting his head fall back. Ugh, every part of his body hurt. “You win, as usual, Piccolo.”

Piccolo landed gently on the balls of his feet next to him, standing over Nail with his arms folded. He’d barely taken any blows, though Nail was proud to see he’d at least left Piccolo with a nice shiner. All in all, neither of them had taken any serious damage–nothing a Senzu or trip to Dende couldn’t fix. The main event now, though, would be what Piccolo asked.

“You remember the agreement,” Piccolo said as Nail struggled to sit up. He moved in front of Nail and crouched over his legs, bringing him to Nail’s eye level. “You have to do what I say.”

Nail looked flatly at him. “Of course I remember. It was my idea.” He was regretting it now, though. Considering that if he’d won, he would have made Piccolo do something incredibly embarrassing–like dance for his amusement, or go a whole day being nice to Vegeta–he could only imagine what Piccolo had in store for him. Especially since he’d fought so ferociously. He must have had something very specific in mind if he wanted to win the chance to tell Nail what to do that badly. But Nail would never let it be said he wasn’t a good sport, so he leaned on one hand and smiled at Piccolo. “What is your bidding, oh great and mighty Piccolo?”

“Don’t be an asshole,” Piccolo muttered. Nail just grinned. “Asshole.” Piccolo knelt. “You have to do one thing I say.”

“Yes, I know.” Nail rolled his eyes. He tried to ignore how close Piccolo was to him. It was so weird. Good, but so weird. Piccolo tended to keep his distance, except around the few people he loved, and–

“Kiss me.”

Nail blinked. “Pardon?”

“You heard me.” Piccolo was still staring at him with all his usual determination and intensity. “I won, so you have to do what I want. And I want you to kiss me.”

“B-but–” Nail shook his head. “Why?”

“That’s not really your business, is it?” Piccolo grabbed Nail’s chin and forced him to look at Piccolo. “I’ve got my reasons. Now kiss me.”

Nail bit his lip. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to kiss Piccolo–it was on his mind a lot, actually. But now, faced with actually kissing his longtime crush–he swallowed and nodded. “Okay then. Close your eyes.”

Obediently, Piccolo’s eyes slid shut and he waited expectantly. Nail gently moved forward and touched their foreheads together, letting his antennae slide against Piccolo’s. When Piccolo didn’t move away, he grew bolder, twining their antennae together, sliding up and down and around, kissing him gently. He longed to push further, kiss Piccolo harder and longer, wrap his arms around him and open his mind to him, but he held back. Slowly, he pulled back and opened his eyes, letting go of Piccolo’s antennae and watching them bounce back into place.

Piccolo’s eyes opened and he stared at Nail with wide eyes, a dark blush spreading over his face. “Oh.”

Nail raised a brow. “Oh?”

Piccolo gingerly cupped Nail’s jaw. “Do it again.”

“Hold on,” Nail protested, pushing at Piccolo’s shoulders to try and stall him. “Tell me what this is about.” Piccolo looked away and mumbled something under his breath. “Piccolo.” Nail gripped Piccolo’s shoulders. “Talk to me.”

Piccolo took a breath and looked back at Nail. “You know how I’ve always said I don’t want any relationships that aren’t platonic?” Nail nodded. “I’ve changed my mind.”

Nail’s eyes widened. “So you’re saying–”

“I want to be with you. Romantically, I mean.” Piccolo frowned. “I was having a hard time sorting through my feelings but I think this confirms it.”

“Oh.” It was Nail’s turn for his face to flush. He hadn’t thought it possible that his feelings could be returned, but–

“So?” Piccolo’s thumb awkwardly brushed Nail’s cheek. “Will you do it again?”

Nail was still bruised and bloody. Everything ached. He wanted to go see Dende, or at least sit in warm water. But more than that, he wanted to kiss Piccolo again.

So he did.

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this ship is like rapidly moving out of ot3 and just being straight up otp like i swear i love them

  • percy and annabeth are just trying to finish out high school and see what’s going on with them for college.
  • and then Jason And Piper Break Up Or Something (i break them up in literally everything dkjfdlfjkd) (but like honestly if piper comes back into the picture Later On in this au uuuum i aint gonna be complaining. just puttin it out there)
  • and hazel and frank also break up and percy and annabeth are just tryna like recover from their trauma and reconnect with old friends so everyone sort of just falls out of touch because it’s Awkward when the seven of them are together
  • i think jason is kind of having a sexuality crisis all throughout hoo, like truly. but he has a really great gf so he feels like it’s not something he’s supposed to explore.
  • ANYWAY jason and piper break up and then piper comes out as bi and i really think jason hears about it (it’s like Big News when popular girls start banging girls lmao like you know this news would spread)
  • and she comes like bursting out of the closet and he’s like kind of annoyed bc like 1. UNFAIR that he should struggle with his sexuality for so long while she’s just having a great time? 2. she’s his ex and everything your ex does is annoying
  • i think he starts hooking up with guys in like retaliation
  • or at least that’s what he tells himself but like even he knows that that kind of excuse is not going to hold up so he just Doesn’t Really Think About It
  • but eventually he’ll come to terms with being bi and stop acting out quite so much
  • which makes jercy really INTERESTING
  • because like Here’s The Thing you know how you like have really gay crushes on people before you have your sexual awakening…that’s jercy towards each other
  • but like once you grow up and sort yourself out and come out and then you run back into those people….it’s SOOOOO much more intense because like you let yourself actually feel the feelings this time and there’s like also an emotional component because you liked them before you understood why and like….it’s intense
  • also like after jason and piper break up it’s gonna be really awkward for them to be like going to the same school and he just wants to like. get away from her, so he moves back to new york
  • he and percy and annabeth spend a lot of time together because like, why not, they all like each other and get along and they’ve been through a lot together, it would be weird if they just like didn’t acknowledge each other’s existence when they’re all in the same camp
  • they get really close in like that like friendship-but-we-actually-like-like each other kind of way, although obviously nobody is going to admit that
  • annabeth goes away to college somewhere and percy takes a gap year
  • which leaves plenty of time for jason and percy to just two alone people, together. alone.
  • and i just like okay pre-relationship jercy is A LOT because like they’re just being bros except that they’re not and like oh my god okay
  • this could get LONG shit.
  • jason finally confesses to percy that the hippie zeus statue seriously freaks him out
  • and percy (after a long fit of hysterical laughter) is like “dude you do realize i have an entire cabin just to myself”
  • and jason’s like “is that even allowed?” and percy’s like “yeah nobody cares, annabeth stays in my cabin all the time.”
  • and then it’s like a second of silence and he’s like “not like—i mean, i didn’t mean it like that” “of course not!” “i mean, i did, but like, not between you and me, because we’re not, you know, Like That–” “of course, of course” and then they’re both like BRIGHT RED oh my god someone help them
  • anyway jercy roommates are fun
  • and like one day jason has a sudden revelation that percy thinks of him as a really good friend and like, he’ll do things like reach out and punch jason in the arm from the bottom bunk because he’s bored and can’t fall asleep, and that’s so completely Different from the Silent and Stoic and Slightly Scary percy that jason first met
  • and percy used to think jason was suuuuper uptight but then figures out that jason can be talked into virtually anything and also is a dork
  • and just i mean like all KINDS of stuff can happen here like “whoops i accidentally got wounded and now you have to carry me to the infirmary but Surprise Surprise i’m cute even while i’m dying” and “i got sick and you’re totally doting on me but then you end up getting sick as well” and “you woke me up screaming and i thought you were dying but actually there’s just a spider on the wall” and “you fell asleep on my shoulder and now i can’t move because i don’t wanna wake you up”
  • and like we could really go round FOREVER with this oh my god oh my god
  • it gets to a point where percy starts to feel Weird about it though, bc there’s only so much he can lie to himself and nothing really feels strictly platonic anymore and he’s kind of just confused and he really loves annabeth so like What Gives
  • he starts pulling away and like jason obviously notices and is like :( but doesn’t wanna push because like “jason you knew he had a girlfriend like how did you actually see this working out. be real, get over it” :(
  • percy ends up driving through the night up to go see annabeth and just like. unloads. like, everything.
  • he doesn’t know what he’s expecting from her but he just wants to be honest, and even if she gets mad or hurt he just doesn’t want to feel like he’s hiding things from her
  • annabeth’s a really jealous person okay like she is but she’s honestly gonna be like “okay like i’m not…shocked. like, i mean, surprised, maybe, that it’s legit enough for you to confess, but like come on didn’t you see this coming a little bit?”
  • and he’s like yeah okay point taken
  • i don’t think annabeth is at the stage in her life yet where she can be like “yeah go get him i’m chill it’s all good” but like she’s also past the stage where she’s like “you can never be in the same room with him if i’m not there ever again”
  • she helps him like, calm down and talk through it (bc like mind u he’s totally having a sexuality crisis on top of all this complicated love triangle stuff) and she also confesses that she’s like Probably Not Straight, it’s been something she’s been thinking about for kind of awhile and like, they’re still young and they can figure it out and it’s cool they’ll get through it together
  • which they do! and percy feels like a million times better
  • she drives back to camp with him because why not like he’s here and it’s the weekend she might as well visit
  • and jason is like Sad and Suffering and totally expecting to be cast aside and barely acknowledged except that they’re both like very chill and friendly and aren’t treating him any differently
  • if anything percy is even more casually affectionate with him and less flustered about the implications of things maybe being Not So Straight
  • and when annabeth sees them together i think she starts to feel better about it too, there’s a little bit of jealousy definitely but they look really sweet and happy together and also like percy clearly hasn’t fallen out of love with her he just..also likes someone else. and she can tell they really like each other.
  • and also like it’s kind of…hot…and she’s definitely…Curious about where it would go
  • and annabeth like goes research happy about polyamory (she probably knows a lot to begin with because like the greeks are not exactly known for monogamy lmao)
  • i kinda feel like she gives percy the green light to just see what happens before she leaves
  • he’s definitely stunned lol but she’s like no i’m serious i’m not tricking you, if it’s something he’s cool with then so am i.
  • it’s not the last time they talk about it but like she eventually manages to convince him like honestly percy i really am okay with this, i actually kind of want to see what happens.
  • i’ll never let go of the headcanon that jason and percy’s first kiss is the opposite of a drunken hookup because they’re the only sober ones at the party.
  • jason gets weird afterwards though because he’s like OH MY GOD I’M AN ACCESSORY TO INFIDELITY I DON’T DESERVE TO HAVE EVER BEEN BORN but it’s cool they talk it out
  • so anyway jercy is really the driving force between the three of them but like i mean now that annabeth’s boyfriend has a boyfriend….well, she can let herself Think About Jason without feeling like she’s doing something wrong
  • and i really like jasabeth okay like i do they’re a good ship
  • so they sort of develop feelings for each other gradually and organically
  • and then lo and behold they’re now a trio instead of percy dating two people
Korrasami Book 1-4 Analysis/Musings/Headcanons

So, now that we know this is the end game, I was reflecting on their relationship over the show as a whole. I think knowing these two women end up in love and walking into the sunset spirit portal together can help color or make sense of their interactions.

We know from Bryan and Mike’s posts that Korrasami wasn’t planned from the start, but rather grew organically out of the writing process, and only became consciously penned in during the second half of the series. For that reason, as characters, the growth of their emotional bond might seem hard to understand. But that’s where my character analyses/head-canons come in! Hopefully this post explains a few things, or fills in the gaps in a way that seems logical and consistent with their characterization.

Warning: it’s lengthy (originally written 12/20/14, updated Feb 2015).

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Roommate: Gray (3/?)

I haven’t read this through for typos yet, but I just wanted to share this with you guys!

Happy hump day :)


On the kitchen table lays the leasing agreement that you’ve signed earlier today.

It has been over four weeks since your talk with Sunghwa, and since then you have found yourself a studio apartment closest to your dream. It’s located in a quiet neighborhood, with more than enough windows, and a small balcony facing the streets.

When Sunghwa went to look at the place with you last week, he completely objected to you living there mainly for safety reasons, “You’re a girl living by yourself. There is no security guard at this place. On top of that, the subway is far away. I don’t want you walking late at night for 20 minutes before getting home.” That was what he said to you, but you have to do what’s best for you.

So, you signed the leasing agreement without his knowledge.

Now you just have to break the news to him– who is sitting in the living room, on his phone, either texting or snapchatting with Ki-seok. He has been in a good mood recently, ever since BeWhy won the competition.

“Sunghwa, this one or this one?” You ask, holding the choker up to your neck. He barely looks up from his phone to glance at you, but he still shakes his head in disapproval.

You switch to the other choker, holding it up to you neck. Sunghwa shakes his head again, “Do you have to wear that?” He asks, referring to the choker.

“What’s wrong with it?” You ask, pouting.

“I don’t like it.” Sunghwa says, holding his phone with both hands, he is definitely texting Ki-seok now.

“Well, that’s just too bad because I’m wearing this one.” You smile, holding up the second choker, disappearing into your bedroom.

The whole AOMG crew is going out to celebrate tonight. They have been celebrating for the past three days straight. At this point, they’re using the victory as a reason to party or ‘turnt up’ as all the guys like to put it.

You spray your favorite perfume on your hand, then you gradually rub it behind your neck before slipping on your oversize, knee-length cardigan that goes perfectly with your tight, high waisted ripped jeans, and low cut crop top. Grabbing a small wristlet, you put your ID and lipstick in it. 

If you remember correctly, the last time you had gone out with Sunghwa to the club was back when you both were 25. Sunghwa spent majority of the night making out with some random girl, and you felt sick just watching him.  

For the first time in your ‘platonic’ relationship with Sunghwa, you knew then he never saw you as a love interest. It hurts to come to that realization but it did not stop you from continuing to fall for him. Nor did it stop you from loving him any less.

Looking at your own reflection in the mirror, the double-strap choker definitely put the last touches to the appearance you’re going for. Your hair combs your face effortlessly.

You look good.

It only took you 29 years to say that statement with absolute confident. You hear many people say confidence comes with old age, and they are right. You never felt so more at ease with yourself at the age of 29 years old – soon to be 29.

Exiting your bedroom, you closes the door behind you. Sunghwa is still rooted to the sofa, more concentrated on his phone than anything else, but you don’t mind as you walk pass him to the apartment’s entrance.

Just as you passes Sunghwa, he looks up at you, watching intensely as you pick out your shoes. When you look up to face him, you see him staring but couldn’t read the expression on his face. Locking eyes with him, you ask, “Should we head out?”

Hurriedly, Sunghwa looks away from you, as if you just catches him doing something wrong. As he rises from the sofa, his expression remains unreadable. You watches him for another split second – and just as you’re about to bend down to fasten the strap on your heels, Sunghwa beats you to it, throwing you off balance in the process. You swiftly places both of your hands on his shoulder to balance yourself.

‘Is this too tight?” He asks you, adjusting the strap carefully.

“No, it’s good.” You reply.

Sunghwa then stands up a little too quickly without giving you a warning, causing you to lose balance again. Acting fast, you link your arms around his neck, falling into his chest. You look up behind your lashes to see him looking down at you, expression still unreadable.

The two of you just stands there, unmoving.

Sunghwa deliberately leans in, his bottom lip touches the spot behind your ear as he places gentle hands on your hip. Your whole body tingles at his touch. Hot breathe on your neck, you feel him taking a deep breath in, “You smell nice,” he whispers softly.

His action and comment completely surprised you, causing you to panic. You hastily un-link your arms around his neck, one hand falls to his shoulder, the other one falls to his chest, pushing him back from you. You look at him, and he sees the distress in your eyes.

You quickly break away from his gaze. Mentally counting to 10, you try to calm yourself down. When you look up again, Sunghwa’s gaze is unyielding as if he’s closely studying you. You didn’t like it. Why is he looking at you like that? It’s unnerving.

“It that a compliment?” You ask, breaking into laughter to lighten up the weird mood that the both of you are currently in. Sunghwa looks away, disappointment shows on his face as he releases the hold on your hip.

You bring the hand on his shoulder to his face, cupping it gently, “What’s wrong?” You ask with concern, trying to get him to look at you.

Sunghwa shakes his head, “Nothing. Let’s go,” he replies with a reserve smile, the tone of his voice is stronger this time.

You didn’t want to press the subject any further so you release your hold on him. Sunghwa opens the front door for you. You walk out of the apartment with him following right behind you.


In the taxi ride to the club, Sunghwa is talkative, more so than his usual self as he tells you a story about one of Loco’s drunken antics – you rarely go out with the AOMG guys so it’s nice to hear stories from him. When Sunghwa laughs at his own story, you can’t help but feel relief that the weird atmosphere earlier did not ruin his mood.

As the taxi pulls up in front of the club, you see a long line of people waiting outside to get in. Sunghwa thanks the taxi driver as he pays. With him holding the door open for you, you slide across the seat to his side and Sunghwa reaches out a hand to help you exit the taxi gracefully.

“Stay behind me,” He says, holding your hand tightly. He quickly navigates through the sea of people without making a scene. When the club bouncer sees Sunghwa, he lets the two of you in easily.

As soon as you enter the club, you hear music booming and smell the whiff of cigarettes in the air. It has been such a long time since you’ve been in this type of environment that you feel your heart racing fast, your adrenaline is kicking in. You kind of miss this – miss the foolish mistakes of youth.

Sunghwa’s tight grip on your hand is what keeps you from wandering off. His movements are swift as he leads you to what you believe is the VIP lounge. There are two tall bouncers guarding the entrance to it. Just like earlier, the bouncers greet Sunghwa kindly and the two of you passes by easily.

As expected sooner or later, Sunghwa lets go of your hand thus allowing you to walk forward on your own. His pace drops behind yours. Your heart is still racing as you continue to walk without his guidance – not that you need it.

Entering the VIP lounge, there are many familiar faces. You spot Loco first, talking to Hyo-Seob. Hyo-Seon sees you and waves, signaling for you to come over. Before you could turn back to look for Sunghwa, you feel hands on your hip.

“What do you want to drink?” Sunghwa’s lips close to your ears.

“I’m feeling nostalgic – can you get me a rum and coke?” You turn your head slightly to meet Sunghwa’s gaze.

“Oh dear, I’ll be back.” Sunghwa laughs at the distant memory of you.

Rum and coke, your first drink ever. You were 19, going out with friends at the dorm. Before you could even make it to the club, a classmate had to call Sunghwa to come pick you up because you had already passed out from that one drink you had – rum and coke. The next morning, Sunghwa teased you about it over and over again. You were so embarrassed and angry that you slapped him hard. The two of you ended up not talking for a week but made up after you cooked him a package of ramen – this was one of your foolish mistakes of youth.

You smile at the memory. It’s bittersweet. Sometimes you wish you could go back in time and change your fate with Sunghwa – but the relationship that you have now with him, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

As Sunghwa leaves to go get your drink, another familiar face approaches you. He casually wraps his arm around your shoulder, taking you by surprise. When you finally realizes who it is, you turn to bear hug him tightly.

“Oh my god! How are you?” You exclaim, happy to see Haesol.

“I’m good, doing better now than a couple of months ago.” Haesol says as you releases him from your hug.

“Good, I heard what happened with ___.” You say, giving him a sad look.

“Oh come on, don’t give me that pity look. It is what it is. How is she doing? I hope she’s not skipping any meals. Is she surviving through her rotation?” Haesol asks.

“I had dinner with her the other day actually. She’s good.” You say awkwardly.

It’s weird, talking about their breakup.

You remember being so jealous of your friend when she confessed her love to Haesol, especially when Haesol returned her feelings. She was like you, suffering from an unrequired love until she had enough. You thought that they were what Sunghwa and you could have been. You envied them and their love for each other.

It’s cruel to say this, but you’re glad that you never confess your love to Sunghwa. Especially now seeing how your friend lost her best friend – Haesol to this thing call love. You don’t want to ever lose Sunghwa, even if you have to bury your feelings for him.

“You know, you should call her.” You say. Haesol looks sadly at you, and you suddenly realizes that this topic is off limit.

“How are you and Sunghwa?” Haesol asks, trying to change the subject.

“We’re good. I’m moving out, finally.” You chuckle.

“No way. Sunghwa is okay with this?” Haesol asks with a shock look on his face.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t he be?”

“Why wouldn’t I be what?” Sunghwa asks, coming out no where to hand you your drink.

“Nothing.” You reply, smiling.

“Okay. I’m gonna go say hi to couple of people. Don’t wander off, okay?” Sunghwa says before trailing off the opposite direction towards Ki-seok.

Haesol waits for Sunghwa to be out of earshot before saying, “Are you ever planning to tell him?” He asks.

“No, I like the way we are now.” You reply, sipping on your drink to avoid saying anything else on this topic.

Haesol knows for a long time that you like Sunghwa. He always encourages you to tell Sunghwa, but you just couldn’t do it. You always tell him it’s because you don’t want to lose what you have with Sunghwa. In reality, you are just afraid of losing him.

“I’m going to go say hi to Hyo-Seob. I’ll talk to you later, okay?” You excuse yourself before it gets strange with Haesol.

Hyo-Seob is still standing at the same spot. Loco is gone by now, mingling with Jay and some other rappers that you don’t know very well. Taking Loco’s spot is a youngling, who looks very familiar but you have no idea where you have seen him.

“I can’t believe Miss Anti-Social decides to show up.” Hyo-Seob teases you, grinning.

“It’s nice to see you too, Hyo-Seob.” You flashes him a smile.

“Wow, I haven’t seen you in ages.” He opens his arms and you just walk into it, letting him engulf you in a tight hug.

“I know!” You yell.

Hyo-Seob pulls away from the hug but his hands still gripping your shoulder, “Wow, Sunghwa lets you walk out of the house in that outfit?” He asks.

“What do you mean?” You exclaims, laughing at his weird comment.

“Isn’t it too sexy? Especially this,” Hyo-Seob touches your choker as he examines it, “Don’t you think so?” He turns to ask the forgotten figure witnessing the interaction between the two of you.

“Hyung, I don’t ever think being too sexy is a bad thing.” The young man replies, flashing you a smile that could melt a lot of young teenage girls’ hearts – but you’re way pass that stage in your life.

He has a boyish charm that guys his age group loses when they turn 20.

“In fact, I like this.” The young man reaches out to touch your necklace - he’s also very straight forward compare to guys his age.

“I don’t think we met before.” You say, turning to look at Hyo-Seob for clarification. Instead of waiting for Hyo-Seob to introduce him, the young man introduces himself to you.

“My name is Kwon Hyuk. But nuna, please call me Dean.” You lock eyes with him then. There is a mixture of flirtation and mischievous in his eyes as his lips curves up.

You have to admit.

He is attractive.

With that, you met Dean. A young man at the tender age of 23 who is taking the music industry by storm.

mysticmulatto  asked:

I really like your idea of bed hopping freelancers. So here is a fluff prompt: platonic cuddling freelancers.

Physical Therapy

(Credit where it’s due. Partially inspired by this post by @submarinefleet)


It’s a quirk of the Freelancer agents that none of them sleep alone if they can find a bedmate.

They all have their go-to sleep partners.  Maine and Connie are Wash’s personal favorites.  Connie is just the right size to hold in his arms and tuck up under his chin.  She wraps an arm around his waist and throws a leg over his, and with her head cradled into the crook of his shoulder, they can sleep like that all night without moving.

Maine likes to treat Wash as his own personal stuffed animal.  Wash has been spooned, flopped on, enveloped, laid on, used as a pillow, used as a blanket and, in a hideous reversal that York unfortunately got blackmail photos of, held close and tucked up under Maine’s chin.  The man is a cuddling machine, and he has no off switch.  Not that you’ll catch Wash complaining.  It unknots something deep in his chest that gets clenched tight when they’re away on missions for days, trying not to die while killing other people as effectively as possible.

“It’s pretty fucking odd,” Niner informs them during one of her spectacular time-killing rants on the way back from some destination they were ordered to rain hell on.  “I can’t tell if it’s a marathon orgy you assholes don’t have the courtesy to let me in on, or if you’re in some kind of nine-way poly relationship, or if it’s the galaxy’s laziest game of tag.”

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Bamon meta: 7.21 [SPOILERS]

Ok, so now that I’ve rewatched the episode and gathered my thoughts, I’m ready to share. Brace thyself, this is kinda long. Slightly anti BJ and DE, but not really. Now, before I go into any specifics on Damon/Bonnie/Bamon scenes, I just want to point a few of general things I noticed in this episode.

1.Enzo calling Bonnie his girl multiple times, once in a scene right before Damon tells comatose Bonnie that he’s skeptical of the Bonenzo relationship (right before holding her hand I might add), and Damon later referring to Elena in a similar fashion in The Porch Scene. I think BE is cute and I’m not even going to deny the validity of DE, but scene placement and parallels call to question the nature of both relationships. Both are CANON ships, both have each half of BD in love with other people, but when it is framed like that, it suggests that neither was meant to last. Atm DE is done and dead, and now there is a hint that BE will soon be like that too. (Can’t say I’m too bummed, since I’m a Bonkai and Bamon shipper first and foremost, but it’s good to see Bonnie get some genuine RECIPROCAL loving - looking at you baby Gilbert.)

2. Speeches about respecting choices and doing horrible things for the people you love. This was talked about and paralleled EXTENSIVELY in relation to several relationships: Steroline, Stelena, Baroline, AND Bamon. (Notice only one of these relationships is 100% for sure platonic.) Damon makes his choice to be mean to Bonnie after his phone call with Stefan. Beforehand, he was nervous about going in with Bonnie because he was afraid that with her still so angry at him, he wouldn’t be enough to wake her up. Her oldest friendship couldn’t do it, her relationship with her boyfriend whom she really loves (and even though I think it’s a filler ship, she does genuinely love him and admitted the way he loves her - protectively, equally (unlike beremy, cough cough) - is something she’s always wanted. Which is heart breaking bc Damon, her undefined relation, loves her in the same way, more intensely) couldn’t do it, so how could he? Damon makes his decision to ignore Bonnie’s choice to die (AGAIN? Wtf?) once all that has been said. In regards to his ‘Stefan approach’ about respecting her choice, he says “I gotta be me” then he dived in to annoy her into wanting to live. At first I was upset about Damon doing this bc it took me back to the toxic, abusive aspects of DE, but then I realized: Damon isn’t making a choice FOR Bonnie he’s making his choice AGAINST one of hers. She wants to martyr herself, he wants her to live, and he’s going to do it BY BEING HIS ANNOYING ASS, DORKY, DICKWAD SELF. This is something beautiful bc in all his previous romantic relationships, Damon had to change who he was. Become more dark and selfish for Katherine, become less dark and selfish for Elena…neither of which were really him because he falls somewhere in between. With Bonnie, he’s himself and it’s enough.

3. Constant Elena mentions in SC/BD dialogue. This does several things: reminds us of Elena as an obstacle to romantic BD, reminds of Damon’s intense love for Elena and how he is basically letting it go to try and get Bonnie back to herself and living, and it brings up a catalyst to who Bonnie is and how the DB relationship started. Bonlena was never developed the way it should have been, but Bonnie and Elena are supposedly like sisters, and in all of season 7 we never got to see her truly mourn the girl. Like yes it’s been about 4 years, but Bonnie kinda latched on to Damon as her new bff and never really seemed to revisit any feelings that she will NEVER see her “sister” again. Caroline, as a vamp, doesn’t have this problem, so it’s weird. Damon uses Elena to remind Bonnie of the love she felt for her friend and in doing so, reminds viewers of how Bonnie and Damon first met and how their relationship has evolved since. It’s an important call back.

Important Bamon moments:

Since I literally just talked about Elena being a call back, I’m going to talk about that ending with Damon and Enzo and this little snippet from Damon to Bonnie:
“See the history that we have? Depth and feeling, I mean it’s almost like -”


BD literally have the single most complex and layered relationship on tvd. They’ve been enemies, allies, frenemies, best friends, and something that’s not officially NAMED lover status but in nature is, just w/o sex (for now 😏). They’ve been abusive, toxic and violent. They’ve overcome that to be healthy and reliant with inside jokes and friendly 'mind reading’ and very much ride-or-die, this-is-my-person-and-i-will-fuck-you-up-if-you-breath-at-them-wrong attitudes. They have felt literally felt every emotion and thunk every thought a person can in regards to each other. So when we’re reminded of that through their Elena dialogue, when we hear him mention how deep their story goes, it’s just one aspect of why he’s so damn heartbroken when he says to Enzo “This isn’t a celebration… I couldn’t get through to her. I would’ve been just another notch on her belt if Matt Donovan hadn’t stepped in.”

The other aspect has to do with THE PORCH SCENE THAT RENDERED MY DAMN HEART USELESS and that fucking tear jerking Bamon fight.

Right before Bonnie wakes up, she psychically links herself to Damon by ripping his heart out. (And can I just mention HOW SYMBOLIC that is? Damon’s signature move, on Damon and the fact that she literally held his heart in her hand? And when she wakes up, he’s all clutching his chest and low-key flirting with her to hunt him down, #icanteven.) BONNIE FEELS WHAT DAMON FEELS AND KNOWS WHAT DAMON THINKS. So when Damon is laying it all out, telling her he admires her, believes in her, loves her, is begging her for forgiveness and genuinely willing to die at her hand even though he’s hoping he’s enough for her…she knows he’s being genuine. We can see it in his actions and expressions but she can literally FEEL it. That’s why she hesitates. That’s why she’s crying before the hunter instincts take over again. Because Bonnie knows Damon means it when he says he love her (Which is why I’m not even sweating the Elena tack on. He hesitated before he added it anyway, probably bc he thought his love alone wasn’t enough, especially since Bonnie just said she hated him.) and she FORGIVES him. And that, my fellow Bamonators, is what really wrecked my shit tonight.

There’s so much more I could add, but it’s past midnight and others have probably already said it. So TL;DR - when has your ship ever?

sayhellotothepoodlepercy  asked:



  • mario kart and super smash bros
  • i swear the brawling over the best controllers and the screaming and leaning like that actually helps you go faster and having off limit characters because some of them are cheap wins and limits on how many times you can do the same move in a row and. NERDS.
  • they tried call of duty but it got too intense they had to put it to rest.
  • they’re such parents though, like they really are. like between the three of them they always know everything that’s going on with the kids at camp and help take care of them.
  • imagine the gossip in the aphrodite cabin once their sister gets a hot new girlfriend and boyfriend like, oh my god, they’ll be insufferable
  • see the thing is it would probably start with pipabeth but i have a thing for pipercy so that’s what imma do
  • like jason and piper are broken up because can we just be honest, jason and piper are definitely breaking up at some point lol
  • anyway, piper’s initial reaction to percy was like “meh” but after piper’s breakup she comes back to camp half blood and the three of them spend a ton of time together because, well. it’s only the three of them there.
  • and piper and percy really hit it off. like, really hit it off. which isn’t surprising, it’s pretty universally accepted that they’d be the coolest friends in town if they were actually friends.
  • and piper has always had a thing for annabeth it’s just that she’s super closed off to the idea because come on, be real, never gonna happen don’t even go there pipes
  • i truly believe even in canon piper thinks of annabeth like “i’m very happy to platonically be in your life and i don’t even really have romantic feelings for you but if you ever said you wanted to run away together and get married then i would say yes”
  • but piper and percy get really close and they get along well and piper is so good at reading people and percy is like such a magnet for good people and good relationships so it just naturally evolves into talking about really personal really deep things in a nonchalant way
  • and one night they get to talking about super super deep and personal and sort of embarrassing stuff kind of like at a sleepover (i think they were drinking but it still works if you think percy never drinks because like, that is just what happens between friends at 3 in the morning. ((especially if there’s booze, tho)).
  • of course annabeth comes up
  • and piper’s like “are you aware that i would fuck your girlfriend like. tonight. if i could.”
  • and he’s like “yeah she’d probably do you too to be honest”
  • which turns into like an hours long discussion about how all three of them are kind of into each other and it should be weird but it’s not weird and they have no idea how annabeth feels about it but for some reason neither one of them is remotely bothered by the idea?
  • and then they wake up the next day like “hhhaaaaaa that was a weird conversation.” “huh.” “funny.” “weird.”
  • and then things get kind of weird and all three of them hang out all the time so annabeth picks up on how something must have happened between them
  • so of course being a good couple doing Couple Things annabeth prods percy for like two minutes and he’s like yEAH WELL OKAY I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO SAY THIS BUT BOOOIIIIII
  • annabeth’s weirded out in the beginning like lbr
  • but then she gets Attached to the idea in a “i can’t stop thinking about this” kind of way
  • and then she ends up being the weird one who zones out when they’re hanging out together and always looks distracted
  • and then one night they’re playing truth or dare with like a bunch of the other counselors and there’s probably drinking involved and it’s late and the games been going on for awhile and it’s dumb because truth or dare is dumb and they’re too old for it and then
  • it’s annabeth’s turn to dare piper and she takes a deep breath and looks her in the eye and says “kiss my boyfriend.”
  • it gets soOOOoooo quiet and everybody’s like oh man oh man shit about to go down what happened what’s going on what drama have i missed hoooooooo boy
  • piper doesn’t know what she’s playing at and percy is wondering if this is some kind of test or punishment but
  • piper does the dare
  • and everyone laughs it off because nobody wants to make it awkward
  • but the tension doesn’t dissipate between the three of them as much as they pretend
  • and then all three of them agree to have a serious talk because they gotta communicate about what the hell is going on here
  • hence they wind up in a healthy happy sexy poly relationship
  • the sex is good
  • really good
  • u know it’s good
  • and of course being the dysfunctional demigods that they are they forget to tell everyone what’s going on between them
  • so like everyone is fully convinced that piper and percy were cheating on annabeth and annabeth caught them and got revenge during the truth or dare game and nobody knows how to react and they feel so uncomfortable and never know what to say lmao
  • there is so much gossip like SO much gossip
  • piper and percy have the coolest relationship ever, like it’s kind of like the very best of best friends except with a lot of sex and making out
  • like piper banging on the shower door every twenty seconds until she gets so exasperated that she just gets in
  • or piper yelling and percy and annabeth to keep it down, she’s trying to sleep, dammit,
  • or piper and percy eating chinese food on the couch binge watching america’s next top model
  • sweatpants, they are all sweatpants enthusiasts
  • piper and annabeth fight for percy’s sweatshirts, very passive aggressively too
  • they’re definitely a dog couple
  • piper sitting on the sidelines watching them beat each other up or work out and cheering obnoxiously for both of them
  • all three of them are so hot i swear like it’s completely unfair and everyone is annoyed
  • they know it, too. well. no. piper knows it. piper knows that she’s hot and her bf and gf are off the charts hot and she is not sorry.
  • imagine the rest of the seven finding out though
  • they’d be so confused
  • lmaooooo they’re allowed around the ancient “no boys and girls alone in a cabin” rule because they’re not alone ;)
If You Love Me

this is part 1/3 of Jealous!Soul: the trilogy, formally called If You Love Me Let Me Know, which can also be found on ffn and ao3. a huge shout out to ProMa, Lunar, Ash, and Bendy for looking this over.

Summary: When another weapon asks Maka out on a date, Soul has to work through his own feelings of jealousy and loyalty as he watches the one he loves slipping away. But is it really too late?

A pigtail dangles into view first on the other side of his doorway, at the edge of his vision, followed by a groomed brow and the delicate curve of a rosy cheek. She’s not as inconspicuous as she thinks. But then again, he doesn’t need to see scarred fingers curling around the doorframe or half of a face peering into his room to know it’s Maka. He feels her like a sixth sense.

She pauses, blinking once, twice —

“Hey, Soul?” She is the harmony of silence. “I’m getting ready for my date. Can you help me curl my hair?”

Snark is his armor: “Does this look like a hair salon to you?”

Determined not to look into her pleading green eyes, he abandons plucking at strings that have calloused the pads of his fingers to wave around his room, pointing out his posters and weird knickknacks. Certainly his acoustic guitar is not as interesting as Maka, but he’s invested an entire week of attention to it since learning of her unexpected curiosity about dating. While redirecting his energy to ignoring the envy gnawing at his insides may not be the greatest coping mechanism, it’s a marker of his personal growth that he hasn’t sought comfort in lazing around, snarling bitterly and sulking.

Please?” The way she enunciates these words breaks his will.

“Bring your thingy,” he relents, setting the guitar aside and wringing his hands in preparation for handling stick straight golden hair. Surely she absorbs sunlight like a flower, and he only hopes he’s worthy of touching such heaven.

Flashing a vibrant smile, she vanishes down the hallway as quickly as she appeared, socks muffling her footfalls. “It’s called a curling iron!”

And like always, he’s left with the aftershock of both boxing away his feelings and making space for them. Little moments like these highlight how undeniably, incurably, and rampant his feelings for Maka have grown. Every gentle word and soft look she gifts him only nurtures the longing he perpetually fails to smother.

Envy and regret might corrupt him.

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What if

But wait what if…

* Baekhyun likes to act confident on stage and in front of the cameras cause it’s usually scripted
* But he’s a noob and shy af
* He’s not too great at ordering things from shops
* He refuses to call people
* Talking and making friends with the other members is hard
* Doubt always tells him that they don’t like him
* Minseok, especially
* He only really connects with Chanyeol
* They tend to spend a little too much time together in their room doing random stuff
* Chanyeol is Baekhyun’s voice
* Chanyeol tends to order for Baekhyun
* Chanyeol always calls people and starts the conversation before handing the phone to Baek
* Conversing with Minseok goes smoother with Chanyeol
* Whenever a conversation goes south between Baek and the other members, Baek shuts himself in his room
* Chanyeol goes in to comfort him
* Baekhyun turns away, sulking and probably crying cause he’s a softie
* Chanyeol sits on the edge of the bed and sings softly till Baek stops crying
* Then Baek leans against Chanyeol’s broad back
* Sometimes he likes to sprawl his hands on Chan’s shoulder blades and feel the vibrations throughout Chan’s body as Chan sings
* Then he’ll rest his hands on Chan’s hips
* “Baekhyun,”
* “Hm?”
* “The members love you, you know.”
* “Kyungsoo and Minseok give me the stink eye. Junmyun doesn’t talk to me anymore. I can’t seem to do anything right. Everything I say seems to make them go away. I’m a human repellant.”
* Tears well up again
* Chan turns around and hugs Baek
* Baek somehow ends up in Chan’s lap, legs wrapped around the giant’s slim hips
* Baek is trying to keep his breathing calm
* But a blush is already making its way to his cheeks
* He’s snuggled against the broad chest
* Chan’s hands are tangled in Baek’s hair
* His fingers scrape Baek’s scalp gently and they tug at the strands
* Baek loves it
* He’s been pining for Chan since they met
* And it seems they only platonically cuddle
* Something in his mind tells him this isn’t going to last
* Such an intimate relationship can only go so far with friends
* Baek wants so much more
* But he knows one of these days Chan would go away too cause he’ll be done with Baek
* Baek feels he doesn’t deserve the attention he’s getting anyway
* He’s keeping Chanyeol from hanging out with the other members
* Who are laughing at some show
* Baek is fine being on his own
* Bake pushes away from Chan and pulls his legs back
* “You should go and hang out with everyone else.”
* Chan frowns
* “What about you?”
* “I’m used to being alone. I’ll be fine.”
* “But Baek, the members want to be better friends with you, but they don’t know how. You seem so isolated and they don’t know how to approach you.”
* Baek shrugs, pretending to be indifferent (but he always though himself as open and approachable)
* He gets up to get out of Chan’s lap but Chan grabs his hand
* They lace fingers
* Baek is dying internally
* “Please join us when you’re ready.”
* Chan gets up and walks out

* An hour later, Baek emerges
* He’s wearing pajamas and is wrapped in a comforter
* It’s dark and Kyungsoo and Yixing preparing dinner
* Chanyeol, Jongdae, and Jongin are watching some tv show
* Minseok and Junmyun are playing cards
* Baek walks over to the couch
* There isn’t enough room on it for another person (you’d think the company would give them a decent budget)
* He quietly sites down next to the arm rest on the ground
* Chanyeol is leaning on the armrest while on the couch
* He reaches down and begins running his fingers through Baek’s messy hair
* He rubs a thumb over Baek’s forehead occasionally
* Baek falls asleep into the touch

* Baek finds himself being gently nudged for dinner
* He gets up, sheds his blanket and goes to the table
* No one really talks at first
* Then, as usual, Chan starts a conversation
* Soon the room is abuzz
* But Baek is not looking at anyone and poking at his food
* Chan places a hand on Baek’s thigh and squeezes gently
* Someone calls for Baek and they make small talk
* Baek feels more confident with Chan there
* Baek and Junmyun make bad jokes and laugh a bit

* After dinner, Baek slinks back to his room
* But Junmyun calls out for him to join the other members in playing some dumb board game
* Baek’s heart swells
* He nods and sits down with everyone else
* He feels happy
* He doesn’t want to keep relying on Chan
* Probably being an inconvenience anyway

* Chan is happy for Baek
* But wanted to cuddle a little more
* But if Baek is being social, he shouldn’t stop him
* He’s a little scared though
* What if Baek stops needing those comforting cuddle sessions altogether
* Chan really likes those

* Baek can sense Chan’s distress but only mentions it when they’re back in the room getting ready for bed
* It’s cause Chan is being unusually quiet
* Baek can tell the giant is avoiding him
* “Chanyeol,”
* Baek tugs on Chan’s shirt
* “Hey Baek.”
* “Is everything good?”
* Chan is silent for a moment
* They exchange an intense stares
* “Yeah, why?”
* “You seem upset.”
* “I’m just tired. We’ve had such a hectic week.”
* Baek just nods but doesn’t believe a word

* Baek wakes to Chan tossing and turning
* He’s mumbling in his sleep
* Baek hears his name
* “Chan,”
* More shifting
* “Chanyeol,”
* The mumbling stops but Chan keeps moving around
* Baek gets up and climbs onto Chanyeol’s bed
* Chan jolts awake and is up on his elbows, staring Baek in the eyes
* “You scared the crap out of me.”
* Chan shakes his head
* Baek laughs.
* “You’re just tossing and turning. You ok?”
* Chan falls back to his pillow
* “I guess so.”
* “Tell me.”
* “Tell you what.”
* “Your dream. What was so bad?”
* Chanyeol coughs and turns his head away
* He’s grateful for the darkness because his face is flushed
* “I had a nightmare.”
* Baek runs gentle fingers over Chan’s forehead
* “About what?”
* “I was in a hallway. You were there, too.”
* Chan sat up, leaning into Baek’s shoulder
* “What was I doing?”
* “Running away from me.”
* Baek laughed a bit.
* “I’d never do that.”
* “Please don’t. I don’t know what I’d do.”
* Baek’s heart sped up.
* “What do you mean?”
* Chan looked Baek in the eyes
* Then he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on Baek’s lips
* He laced their fingers
* He bumped their foreheads together
* When he pulled back, Baek was still
* On the inside, Baek was freaking out
* “You’re my best friend, Baek. And now that you seem to be getting along with the members, I don’t want you to go. I love you.”
* Baek’s breath hitched.
* Chanyeol continued his speech.
* “I-I know this might be weird and sudden. I don’t want this to ruin our friendship, please. I still want you to rely on me like you had before. I’ll still comfort you and-and…”
* Baek closed his eyes and smiled
* Then kissed his dumb giant
* “You’re such an idiot.”

Just imagine it and die internally

Eww, you ship Skoulson? But...

…he’s her father. 

No he isn’t. We met her father. He wasn’t Coulson.

…he’s like her father. 

Well, he’s her family and the show has left the exact definition of that fairly open ended. The father/daughter reading is actually an interpretation of the text, which you can tell because Coulson and Skye specifically avoid that kind of terminology,*** barring the fourth episode where Skye refers to “mom and dad” sarcastically…and then later invites Coulson to slide on in to the back of the SUV with her (which people rarely mention when bringing up the “mom and dad” point in that episode, for some reason, I don’t know why).

My interpretation of the canon text is that Skye and Coulson share a more undefined – and, yes, platonic – love. I’m not arguing for canon as being anything other than platonic, okay? But the fact that it is undefined, not shoehorned into this “father/daughter” thing is important to me.

All shipping concerns aside, I feel my reading is a better one for capturing the complexities of Skye and Coulson’s relationship. Once they’ve actually gotten close (after Skye’s agenda is out), the only people who use the father/daughter comparison in universe are people being treated as villains/antagonists, and who don’t know Skye or Coulson very well. Even Cal cuts that shit out once he starts to come around. 

The people who know Skye and Coulson well refer to the intensity of their relationship, to them “whispering,” to the fact that Skye is more than just an asset to Coulson, to the fact that Coulson might be compromised by his feelings for Skye, and Hunter and May both insinuate that Skye and Coulson’s relationship has similarities to their marriages.

Skye and Coulson refer to each other as family, and Skye asks him to be her friend. 

Those are the ways they directly refer to each other. (Well, that and the red corvette/”most beautiful thing I’d ever seen” thing.) So, you know, I think “undefined, really intense, but platonic” is a pretty good way of looking at their relationship in canon.

It’s particularly important to me as part of representing Skye’s importance within the text and outside the text as the first woc superhero in the MCU. The idea that her most important relationship should be with a traditional father-figure, instead of with someone who is just totally fucking awed by how wonderful she is (which Coulson totally is), 

is sort of icky. I think the way the show presents them is wonderful, and it’s fandom insisting on the father/daughter label that irritates me and feels like minimizing Skye’s importance in her own narrative.

However, as long as someone is able to see Skye and Coulson having a father/daughter relationship that is built on Coulson growing and changing because of Skye’s presence (the opposite of this – of Coulson really teaching her much – is pretty minimal, honestly, tell me what Coulson really teaches Skye?) then we can get along.

(And belief that he would call her ‘pumpkin’ or adopt her or ground her will be met with scoffing from me. Yes, even jokes. Yes, even when Clark does it.)

…the age gap. 

Fair enough. I really get it if you’re squicked by the age gap. There are plenty of scenarios where an age gap would squick me, okay, and I’m not going to try to talk anyone out of their squick. 

…there’s a potentially abusive power imbalance. 

So, I think that Skye and Coulson are set up beautifully to avoid the kind of power imbalance that might come about because of their age gap or his position as her boss. Coulson’s recent return from the dead positions him as a new man, (re)discovering himself. Skye’s presence is an important catalyst for his self-discovery and an important influence for his developing ideologies, which puts her in a position of more power. 

Coulson begins digging into Tahiti after learning about Skye’s own mission to find out about herself. Coulson develops the new SHIELD with no levels after Skye schools him on how levels place a gross value scale on human life. 

Coulson deals with his issues about Tahiti after seeing Skye deal with her issues about the shadow protocol and the horrific emotional trauma in her early life. Coulson overcomes his carving after bringing Skye into the matter. Skye is an important catalyst for all of Coulson’s best character developments (and his whole arc actually ends up being about her), while not a tool of those developments. (She’s got her own plots and her own shit to do.) 

In 2x14, Coulson states that he trusts Skye to do what’s right/best for her – that he’s not going to pretend to have answers, and that she’s the person he thinks is most capable of making decisions about what she should do. This is important, and it shows a mutual respect of personal agency between them that is literally everything to me (oh god, it’s everything). An example of the reverse is Skye agreeing to torture information out of Coulson in 2x07, even when it’s horrible for her to do so. He tells her it’s his call, and she agrees, she gives him the right to decide this for himself. And then here, in 2x14, he lets this be her call.

It’s…honestly, it’s a pretty great dynamic, okay? It’s a situation in which a young biracial homeless woman is a huge influence on a middle class white bureaucrat. (And then, you know, alien blood and cosmic ties and superpowers on top of that.) It’s two people who have both had people fuck with their bodily autonomy and agency, who respect the fuck out of each other’s bodily autonomy and agency. 

…she’s just someone young for him to take to bed.

Yeah, no. Coulson loves Skye. Sure, he compared her to his sexy red corvette, but he loves her. That’s the reason I ship this, okay? Because Coulson is – canonically – the person that loves Skye the most. And – canonically – Skye knows this. (I’ve seen people be super pissed off about this – “What do you mean Coulson is the only person to really try to take care of you? What about Fitz and Simmons and May, you bitch?” etc – so I know people know it. They don’t like it, but they know it.) 

The amount that Coulson loves Skye, and the fact that Skye deserves to be loved that much, is why I ship this. The fact that Skye deserves an epic love story with someone who was brought back from the dead to find her is why I ship this. 

…why would she be attracted to him? 

Why indeed.

For the record, I’m not that much older than Skye – much much much closer to her age than Coulson’s – so it just doesn’t strike me as that weird for her to see Coulson as a very attractive sexual being. Hell, she directly confronts him about being a sexual being the second day she knows him:

And, of course, she looks at him like this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

So, you know. I don’t think it’s really far fetched for Skye to be attracted to him is what I’m saying. 

…you’re sexualizing Skye by writing a bunch of porn about her.

Yup. Sexualizing that twenty-seven year old woman, icky icky me. 

Look, I’m really uncomfortable making statements about the the biggest problems Asian women face as far as being exploited sexually because I’m not an Asian woman. Fetishization of Asian women’s bodies is obviously a real problem, and if I felt someone was presenting Skye in a grossly fetishized way, I would be incredibly offended and say as much. But I’m less concerned about the exploitation/fetishization of Skye’s body in this fandom and more freaked out by how many people forget that she’s a fucking adult. 

Seriously, y’all. Skye is older than Natasha was in Iron Man 2. She’s actually the age Natasha was in the first Avengers movie. (By my count, Nat would have turned 28 a few months after the action of the film.) Skye is an adult.  

The overwhelming tendency in some parts of this fandom is to write AUs where Skye is a literal child. Like, a distressingly large number of AUs are like that. And even when there’s not such literal treatment of Skye as a child, it happens metaphorically when the mere fact of her having sex is seen as somehow gross. The infantilization of Asian women’s bodies – treating a young Asian American woman like a child, speaking as though portraying her as a sexual being is in line with pedophilia – strikes me as a much more prevalent and distressing form of racialized misogyny in this fandom than fetishization. (I mean, someone tell me if I’m off base with that, but seriously, this is something that bothers me a lot.) So you can squick all you want at the presentation of consenting sex between two adults you don’t want to see that way (honestly, we can be cool even if you don’t like my ship, as long as you’re not a douche about it), but at the point that you behave as though treating Skye as a sexual being is wrong, you’re either 1) practicing a different kid of racialized misogyny, or 2) utterly misrepresenting the Skoulson fandom.

It’s a true fact that the Skoulson tag on AO3 is, relatively speaking, the porniest place in AoS fandom. It’s probably a contender for porniest place in the whole MCU fandom, tbh. (It sounds like a theme park!) But this is all relative to the fact that over 75% of our fics (totaling only 692 as of right now) are written by, like, 6-8 people, many of whom are fans of writing erotica. It’s all relative. And by and large, we are a fandom very dedicated to enthusiastic consent, safe sex, explicit kink negotiation, women in positions of power, and sex as an emotionally significant part of a romantic relationship. (And also to the fact that Phil Coulson is obviously really good with his tongue. And his hands.) That’s like…what our porn is mostly about. (And I can say that because I’ve written almost a fifth of the E rated Skoulson stuff, just by number of fics, not even chapters/word count. Which…is a lot of porn.) 

…the actress doesn’t like the idea of the ship. 

Okay, that’s why I don’t tweet her or contact her or harass her? Chloe is a great actor, she brings Skye to life and I love her, but she’s not the arbiter of Skye’s place in fandom. I don’t choose my ships based on what the actors want or what they say about a ship, I base it on the text. And then I don’t bother the actors about it because that would make me an asshole. 

…it’s not what the show runners intended.

This is where we come to the fact that I base my viewing of the show off of what is presented in the text. Getting into discussions of what is intended is not a productive way to discuss what actually happens in a text, imo. I’m not saying that reasonable people can’t have some disagreements about this, but I’m also just not going to engage with that stuff. (Engaging with that stuff is why people can pretend that Skyeward could still totally happen.) It’s a waste of time to engage with that stuff as more than a spectacle and a way to see adorable people being adorable dorks, especially since everything every show runner, producer, or actor has said has something that contradicts it elsewhere. 

Also, Skoulson isn’t a ship that I am campaigning to be made romantic in canon. It’s an appreciation for the canon relationship that exists – the amount that Skye and Coulson love each other in an undefined way, which the show is often really weird about presenting through romantic tropes (a la Mulder & Scully). You can argue for days about intentions (with yourself, I mean, because I don’t care), but this is what the text says about the development of Skye and Coulson’s relationship over the past two seasons from the last scene of the Pilot to the last scene of 2x22:

I think just that speaks volumes about the centrality of the relationship in the narrative, about how it is a partnership, and about how their relationship has evolved as mutually respectful and equal, even putting Skye in a more leading role. That’s the text. 


***ETA: Okay, in 3x18 (”The Singularity”) Lauren LeFranc made Coulson say the thing, and the thing has now been said. You can officially be a douche and throw that in my face if you need to do so. I know how some people loooove being assholes.

Look, I’ve always believed that whatever love Coulson feels for Daisy in canon has confused and worried him – because it is intense and because he’s done extreme and possibly stupid shit because of/for her. So it’s relatively easy for me to see Coulson looking for a label for something complicated, and it matters to me a lot that it was him and not Daisy who expressed that label. 

(I think Daisy would be a combination of upset, insulted, and kinda sad for Coulson if he expressed this to her.) 

Even the context in which he said the thing was part of realizing that what he had been giving her was not enough/not what she needed. So. That’s what I’ve got. 

My first queerplatonic love, and some advice on forming significant platonic relationships with non-aces

I’m a 28 year old grey ace and am fortunate to be in a long-term, committed queerplatonic life-partnership that’s been developing for 7 years. But my road to get here has been hard, confusing, messy, exciting and at times scary as hell. I struggled to figure out my sexuality through my teens and early 20s and have explored queerplatonic, romantic and sexual relationships but have since managed to figure out myself and create my perfect queerplatonic partnership. I want to share my experience on this new blog I’ve started and I will be posting about my current relationship and past relationships with the hope of making younger (or older) aros/romantic aces/greys/demis and aces of all kinds aware of some of the mistakes I made and successes I’ve had to help them navigate through the complicated world of queerplatonic/romantic/sexual relationships. This post is about my first ever significant platonic relationship/partnership.

I am capable of feeling romantic attraction (and low-level sexual attraction in rare circumstances). When I was a young teen I always knew it was a bit different to how often and how strongly other people said they felt it, but I believed it would increase when I got older and I put it to the back of my mind, it just never did increase and I’ve always been ok with it. So my first love was a purely platonic love. It started around the age of 13 with my best friend, the way i felt for her was different to my other friends - I had cravings to be around her, i felt excitement when i saw her enter the room. We’d be round each other’s houses all the time, hanging out, doing stupid things - just wasting our time together, we’d sleep in the same bed (kinda weird our parents let  us do that so young, but hey). As we got a few years older and continued like this everyone assumed we must have been boyfriend-girlfriend, and as much as I loved her, I just felt no desire to do romantic things like kiss or hold hands or anything more than hug really, and neither did she. We’d often talk about that and confirm it to each other because other people would always raise the issue. One day we were sitting on a bench by the beach, aged about 15, and she said, ‘everyone just thinks we’re a couple - shall we just tell them we are?’ But I didn’t want to, (at that time what we had was incompatible with my understanding of ‘couple’ which I thought had to mean romantic). We were both happy with what we were to each other, i was proud of how unique it was but she was feeling pressure from the outside world to conform.  I asked her if she wanted us to be girlfriend and boyfriend and kiss and stuff and she said 'no, but it might be easier if we tell people that’s what we are’. That was when I realised things couldn’t last forever and I should have talked about what I wanted - but I didn’t have the language, I’d never heard of QPR’s, asexuality,  alternative relationship styles. Back in these days there was not a huge amount on the internet and we didn’t use it like people do now. I didn’t feel I had a way to find out what I wanted, so this relationship carried on with no label, no context, no discussion of the future. One time we actually kissed under intense peer-pressure during a ridiculous game of spin the bottle at a friend’s party. It felt really weird for both of us and we both knew we’d never want to do anything like that again but it didn’t change how close we were. The relationship almost defined my life until she was 17 and I was 16 and she started dating guys romantically and monogamously. That came with all kinds of problems for our relationship especially when one bf became serious and she started seeing me less and less, until we talked about it. I was young and stupid and said some horrible things. There were lots of tears and we both realised we’d have to become just typical friends… but the shift was so painful for me I ended up distancing myself entirely. After a while the pain subsided and we managed to be friends, but never the same. Over the years we both grew up, went to university, had other relationships, moved in different directions, she’s happily married now and I’m happy in my situation. We rarely see each other but it’s good when we do. Do I regret getting so close and going through the pain? No way, being close to her was one of the happiest periods of my life, maybe the first time I felt true happiness with my overall situation in life, and the relationship was worth every bit of pain. I still feel happy more than 10 years later when I think about the things we did together. 

What I learned was that most romantic/sexual people in life will eventually want a relationship with someone else that will supersede any platonic relationships they have. There are rules that most people live by which say that romantic relationships are more important than platonic ones, and rules of emotional fidelity within monogamous romantic relationships that may make it impossible to carry on an intense platonic closeness with someone when a romantic partner sweeps them off their feet. If you cannot cope with the idea of getting close and then things changing, you may need to wait for another person who wants, at least in their primary relationship, to pursue platonic partnership - that would be perfect, right? But where are these people? In the meantime there are safe ways to get platonically close to a person who will eventually find a romantic partner that they’ll invest more time in than you. Use what I didn’t have - online resources to help you figure out what you really want and what options are available and communicate these things to your platonic partner/ special friend/ whatever you want to call them. Be honest with this person and tell them what they mean to you, they might love you platonically as much as you love them, but they might not feel the same way about what that love means, and how important it is compared to other kinds of love, don’t make them feel bad about that and, if you believe it’s true, tell them you will be able to cope when they eventually want romance with someone else - if they feel it’s going to be a problem it will only stop them being close to you. Try not to hope for permanence but appreciate every moment. When change comes, it might hurt, but help yourself - talk to others in the community, focus on hobbies, be creative and don’t hate the person, it’s part of their nature to seek out romantic love and prioritise it. Support them and don’t compete with the romantic partner. Try to see the shift into less-intense ‘friends’ as an inevitability. The hurt will be  temporary but your good memories will be forever.

The Deal

Summary: A series of coincidences lead Asexual!Phil (who is still mostly in the closet) to learn that his flat mate/best friend has just figured out that he too is ace. And that they have a shared desire for their relationship to become more-than-platonic.

Genre: AU, Angst, Fluff, Asexual!Phil, Asexual!Dan

Warnings: sex mention (but no actual sex)

Word Count: 2.9k

A/N: If anyone has any Ace!Dan, Ace!Phil, or Ace!Both prompts, send ‘em in, because I love writing these! I may or may not have a chaptered soulmates AU with Ace!Phan on the way oops

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anonymous asked:

Part1 I know some people don't understand or disagree with me on this, but I've always felt with certainity that Oliver's lack of compliments towards Felicity's apparence has always been deliberate and fitting. Whether it's Stephen's or the writers doing, I think Oliver may feel like these passing compliments or comments are nearly not enough, or he just can't let them out.

Part2 Nevertheless, he is incapable of hiding his appreciation and devotion from his eyes, which IMO somehow makes the reaction to Felicity’s outfits and looks much more. Doesn’t mean I’m not all for him actually voicing his admiration in s4 though.

A very interesting point, anon.

(And of course I have to ramble about it, I apologize for this randomness. Think of this as a look at what my brain is like when I’m thinking on a story: a hot mess.)

Part of the magic of Olicity was how much was said without actually vocalizing anything. They have entire conversations with their eyes alone:

(Yes, this is me using Olicity gifs that have next to nothing to do with the question. Are you arguing with me about this?)

It’s 100% more intimate and fascinating than if he did say something.

Now, why doesn’t he say anything?

Well, Oliver isn’t much for vocal appreciation when it comes to appearances, in my opinion. In fact, I would argue that outward appearances are pretty damn low on his list of things to care about. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about them, because he’s a red-blooded fella, of course he notices things, but it’s not high on his priority list. He’s learned the hard way that people aren’t what they seem on the outside.

(Also, the guy is stoic as fuck and incredibly tactile, that is predominately how he shows his appreciation - that lucky goddamn Felicity.)

I think vocalizing things when it’s not entirely necessary makes him uncomfortable. Pre-island Oliver was incredibly vocal about appearances, because it got him places and it got him things; he was also very aware of how pretty he was, to the point of being cocky. Post-island Oliver plays everything much closer to the belt - he’s very, very aware of the power of words and perception, and he’s very aware of the power of his looks and, at the same time, lack of power, depending on the situation. He’s not that guy anymore, so it’s not something he partakes in unless it’s to his advantage in some way.

I think that is why he’s so quiet about his appreciation more than anything, especially when it comes to Felicity because he’s always been incredibly upfront and honest with her. He’s not that guy anymore and he didn’t have to put on the show around her, so it wasn’t something he did (at least outwardly).

But… let’s take a gander down this road anyway, because I’ve thought about it for fanfiction reasons. Here’s my quick perception of Oliver Queen in this regard, that applies to both canon and building his character in fanfiction:

Why doesn’t he say anything?

Because the dude’s head over heels in love with this woman. 

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sophies-sideshow  asked:

Since you asked...I'd like to request #31: "You lied to me" for Nick and Judy. Preferably with a romantic subtext, but I know you don't ship them and your platonic stories are amazing, so I won't make you do that if you don't really want to. Unless, of course, you've already done a drabble with that theme, in which case I would love it if you'd shoot me a link cause I clearly missed it >.>

Of course, Darling! Here you go! Thanks for all your wonderful support! I did my best to angst, but I found the more I tried, the sillier it got. So here’s a lovey dovey thing that spilled out of me at one in the morning.

Sorry. Wanted it to be better. But… I tried. Tired me is tired me.

Please accept this crappy little weird piece of fluff as gratitude.

You’re the best. You’re all the best!


Game of Chance

In Which Judy Plays Poker

Living Arrangements are Discussed

And Nicholas Wilde is Afraid for more Reasons than he Thought Possible

Nicholas Wilde was always aware that he was a coward. A flight risk. The kind of Fox that would screw you six ways to Sunday and barely feel a lick of sin. Courage wasn’t something he had in large supply.

So it was somewhat of a strange, terrifying, and weeks-spent-rehearsing-in-mirrors sort of moment when he realizes that he has to have just that.

He does his best.

And weeks spent rehearsing to clones in fogged up windows and speeches sent out in text posts to Finnick (who always replied in censored versions of why he should not be sending him any of that and should stop asap) and words like “love” and “artful” and “really really good” and “financially smart decisions” written out on old cafe napkins shoved into pockets, culminated into a final, bright, intense moment that he was sure would rock the entire course of his life.

He asks her to move in with him on a rainy Tuesday morning pressed together on his raggedy sofa. He’d looked at anything but her, tapping his fingers against her knee, and forgot about texts and notes and dirty napkins and just gathered up every ounce of absent courage and asked.

And she says no.

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How do I know CS is Endgame?: The Korrasami Problem

Anonymous said:
Hi. I don’t know if you have seen or heard about Legend of Korra and what they did with Korra and Asami (and I want to clarify that I’m not a troll, I’m genuinely curious and ngl slightly worried about this). So in summary if you haven’t seen LoK, Korra and Asami started out as friends, and even dated the same guy at different points in the show, but in the end the creators confirmed that they had fell in love with each other. My question is of course related to OUAT and SQ.
The creators of LoK clearly stated that Korrasami was not in their initial plans, but that as the show evolved the characters did too and it was the logical conclusion for them (afterellen(.)com/entertainment/405875-legend-korra-creators-confirm-korra-asami-love).
A&E and other writers have said several times that S-Q has never been in their plans either, but quite frankly and as much as fellow CSers may hate me for this, they HAVE added a lot of subtext to them, and even if it’s just a friendship right now, what’s to say that they wouldn’t also come to the conclusion later on that the characters have evolved and (let’s face it) give into pressure from the S-Q community and make it happen and/or endgame? I think it’s a reasonable thing for S-Q fans to expect, and I can’t help but be a little wary because I just can’t help that my heart belongs to CS, and we’ve all said tons of times that S-Q would never make any sense romantically due to a lot of things, but I bet that people watching LoK at the beginning also thought that Korrasami wouldn’t make sense romantically.
Idk, this is probably jumbled and weird but I really wanted your opinion because you are always so down to earth with your opinions (and don’t hate Regina), so yeah. Do you think they would change their “plans” like this for whatever reason at some point in the future?

First of all thanks for entrusting me with this the question.  And thanks so much for your patience - I know this took me a while.

To answer this question I think it’s important to look at who Emma Swan is as a character and think about what she needs from a romantic partner to have a healthy and happy relationship. Emma’s emotional walls are the result of a history abandonment and betrayal.  She’s felt unloved and unwanted and never been put first; she’s been made to feel like she was worthless and didn’t matter.

I recently posted a this meta on why Hook is Emma’s soul mate - how he was written to fill all the wholes the writers had written into her heart and to assuage all the fears she’s had over opening her heart to love again.  To summarize:

Emma needs a partner who would:

  • never abandon her
  • never betray her
  • build up her confidence with praise and never put her down
  • understand her past - and not judge her for it
  • be a survivor (she fears losing loved ones)
  • put her first
  • give her the warmth and tenderness she’s never had

Other characters may seem like a good match when fans are looking at plot lines and speculate on what “should” happen to make a good story that fits with their ideas of a neat and tidy or even socially “groundbreaking” fairytale. 

But Emma Swan is not a plot device - she is a character in her own right, a central one at that, and she deserves her OWN happy ending. Emma’s love story needs to be about her own needs, not Henry’s or her parents.  Her romance should fulfill her as a person - not create a nuclear family for Henry or serve as a resolution to her parents longstanding battle with the Evil Queen.  Those could have been nice tales - but they don’t fit with how Emma has been written.

All the important emotional development Emma Swan achieved through interacting with Hook isn’t going to be cast aside only to have her find True Love with another character at the last minute. Especially with a character who has been instrumental in creating her pain.

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