this is one of the most iconic sketches


ok heAR ME OUT: Voltron Art School AU (totally self-indulgent and based off the art school I’m going to coughcough nvm) 

I wrote many cool n’ pretty wild headcanons for it so uhhhh, read under the cut: 

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Bro-Things 6:

…when you and your bro are both broke af and can’t afford any presents…

But you both think you’re the most awesome gift anyway and the other one should feel grateful to have you.

Or: That one awkward Christmas we don’t talk about.

Sorry for the rough sketches, but I’m in a hurry. Still gotta wrap a shit ton of presents o_o’


Here’s some really old fire emblem echoes sketches! I think i drew most of these like the week the game came out? Yeah old stuff

That Lukas one was supposed to be a redraw of the iconic scene where he roasts Fernand but i never finished the rest orz

Why Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is SNL’s Best Sketch of the Year

It’s no secret that Saturday Night Live has grown more and more liberal over the years. Sure, they make fun of Democrats, but they really go after Republicans to the nth degree, certainly during this election cycle. With President Trump in particular, the SNL writers hold nothing back and neither does Alec Baldwin.

But in the latest episode, they found themselves a new target: Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

The result? The best sketch of the year.

It’s a bold statement, especially after months of watching Baldwin channel Trump and Kate McKinnon doing an uncanny Hillary Clinton. But there are two reasons why this sketch in particular was best in the class.

First, it was brilliant satire. Melissa McCarthy captured Spicer’s hostility to the White House press corps. While Spicer in real life isn’t that angry, the sketch pokes fun at what he might want to do like jailing CNN’s Jim Acosta or squirting reporters with a water gun. And his now-iconic way to respond to tough questions was completely spot-on like his bickering with a reporter about who starting using the word “ban”. And like the real daily press briefings, the sketch covered a lot of topics including Steve Bannon, the White House’s statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day, and Trump’s Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos (played briefly by McKinnon). It was a long checklist and this sketch nailed every one of them. And the prop comedy was hysterical (”radical moose lambs” had me crying!).

Second, and most importantly, this was the first political sketch that was funny without having to be malicious. Nearly every sketch involving Trump makes him out to be a racist, a fascist, and an utter moron. Even in the cold open, there were more tiresome jokes that eluded to the president being a Nazi and Steve Bannon literally being the Grim Reaper. But in this sketch, SNL managed to poke fun at Spicer without outrageous personal attacks. The writing was good-natured and disciplined. Even the biggest Trump supporters should be able to laugh out loud at this.

Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer is the greatest impression since Larry David played Bernie Sanders last season and this sketch is on-par with Tina Fey’s debut as Sarah Palin. Bipartisan humor that can have both Democrats and Republicans laughing is the winning strategy. While the odds are still strong that President Trump will angrily tweet about SNL at 3 o’clock in the morning, it’s sketches like this that can make SNL great again.

To this day the Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of Sky is still one of my favorite games. I’ve been wanting to draw something related to the game for awhile and decided to draw one of the most iconic boss fights from it (Versus Primal Dialga).

(Speed paint will be on my channel soon, the video editor I use is not working so as soon as I fix that it will be up on the channel). :D

Game: Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky 


Mystic Messenger MC!
I actually enjoyed drawing her the most, she is so adorable and I like to think she is into baggy softy sweaters.

And here’s a bonus MC5 which is my personal favorite because I use that unicorn icon all the time others look a bit creepy to me, sorry

Saw a lot of funny art about MC5 actually being a unicorn xD But I always imagined her in those animal pajamas that are so popular lately *_* should I purchase one?

soundtrack : got7 - just right 

sketched a Lalna last night after a mild emotional breakdown to make myself feel better and uhhh i love this boy??? i dont watch the yogs too much anymore (jongle jom is combo breaker) but lalna ‘duncan’ lividcoffee to this day remains as the origin and most prominent example of my love for mad scientists. and he lowkey remains one of my fav characters :3c

and for something a lil fun, here’s one of my first lalna drawings circa 2012-13

(note: if this art looks familiar to you, any of you really-old-tumblr-yognauts, i was the artist behind asklalna (previously ask-yogscast-duncan) - the OLDEST asklalna, since deleted with the url reclaimed and made into a whole new blog which was deleted again so… i just nabbed it. uh.)

anonymous asked:

Hello, love your art! Random question: do you have any art that is solely Marg and Loras, or the Tyrells? I saw somebody on A03 with an icon of what looked like Loras and Marg and it was your style, for sure. Thank you. I love you have. Hope your enjoying your day.

Hey! Yes, got lots of the Tyrells sketches actually, but I think you are talking about this one here, right? They are crying there cause Loras broke one of Mace’s most expensive flower vase and Marg is crying too just because her brother is crying.
Most of these (i leave some of them i never got to post before here, but there are more tyrell stuff here , here , here and here (tho this last one is pretty old) are sketches I did talking with @khaleesi-in-the-north , she’s pretty fun to talk to tbh ! ALSO she writes AMAZING fics, i’ll leave her ao3 here too <3

this last one is baby marg and mace <3

Sketch lifting: How to paint from grayscale (without it looking muddy)

their’s a fair bit of contention around the best method for grayscale painting and whether it even worth labouring over in the first place

but its a good skill to learn, especially if your interested in concept design, which i know a lot of you are ;^)

the whole grayscale painting shebang can seem daunting and confusing but once you get the basics down its a lot simpler than it seems 

not everyone is gong to use the same technique, and at the end of the day its whatever gets the job done. i’ll be showing one of the methods used most often by those in the industry, and what i think gives you the cleanest end result 

*warning this is a long ass post*

start off with your grayscale under painting or sketch, this was a rougher than i normally use, but it worked out well for the piece  

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Commissions Listing!!

Note: So I made an error with that first upload so I’m doing it again soz

So I’m having a mini internal war about doing commissions so now I’m trying to get it out there before the negativities of my mind take over and I end up never doing them. These are just for listings so I can put you down on my list of “yo people actually want these and are actually prepared to pay for it” thing. Of course I’ll keep you posted when I actually start the process of accepting/taking deposits n what not!! Please only message if you’re serious about this!!

For the first time in my life, I’m finally taking in commission work!! I’ve finally felt good enough with my art that I feel I can start trying to earn some money from it SO on that note! 

You can order a commission from me by emailing me at! I’m also attaching this to my Art portfolio which you can find here!!

Payment should be done via paypal or through Redbubble if you’re wishing to purchase a print/case etc of the product I do for you!

Here’s my commission list so you can see if theres a slot!

Things I will do:

- Fanart
- People from photos (like a drawing of yourself, your friend, partner etc)
- OCs
- Ships (not ship ships but I’m sure y’all get what I mean)

Things I wont do:

- Nothing NSFW
- No furries
- Animals in general because wow they’re hard to draw 

Procedure of how these will be done:

1. Contact me with what you’d like done with references (icon/full body chibis/portraits/gifs/designs + if you want it as a print, and at what size)
2. A response will be sent to  you providing my paypal details so you can put down the deposit on the work
3. Preliminary sketch will be done and sent to you so you can tell me if I need to fix things etc etc
4. Drawing will be done as you wish and final payment (remaining funds from deposit) will be paid before I release the full res to you

A lil note: All prices are going to be displayed in USD


Each icon will be 500 x 500 px! That should satisfy most (if not all) profile picture requirements! You can order more than one at a time (but 3 max). There will be 10 slots for these available!!

What I need:

- Good reference of the character/person you would like me to draw
- Colour choice/detailed background choice (and refs if detailed)
- An emotion/feeling you want me to convey


- Chibi with block or gradient background = $4
- Cartoon style with block background = $5
- Chibi with detailed background = $5.50
- Cartoon style with detailed background $7


Each chibi will come automatically with a blocked in colour background as seen above! You can specify what colour and character you wish! You can order only 1 at a time. There will be 10 of these slots available! 

What I need:

- Good reference of the character(s)/person(s) you would like me to draw
- Colour choice/detailed background choice (and refs if detailed)


- Chibi with block background = $10
- Chibi with a detailed background = $15
- Additional are $5/character


Teeny little gifs was little movement, good for adding to your blogs sidebar panel! Simple actions are perfect for this (like waving, blinking/changing facial emotions etc etc)!!! I’ll have 2 slots available at this time.

What I need:

- Character you’d like me to animate
- Action for the character to do
- Block background colour (single or gradient)


- Gif with full colour = $18


Each portrait will be A2 sized and at 300dpi so you can print it yourself if you wish! I’ll only be doing 2 (unless they’re sketches) to start off with but this will hopefully change later on.


- Sketch (traditonal or digital option) = $7
- Lineart = $15
- Lineart + colour tones + hatching = $20
- Painting = $35

PHONE CASES (Redbubble) :

Looking for a cute lil pattern to on a phone case so you can show which fandom you’re dedicated to? Look no further!! I’ll be taking a 3 commissions for phone case patterns which you can buy through Redbubble! The Redbubble range includes snap cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 -> Samsung Galaxy S8+ range and iPhone 4 -> iPhone X range and wallet cases for the iPhone 6 range. I’ll be doing 3 of these!! 

What I’ll need:

- Characters/Objects you wish for me to design a pattern around
- Simple background colour (as shown above)
- A colour scheme (optional! It’s not necessary!!) 


Understand that the pricing for this can be vary depending on phone type. Payment for this however, will differ from what I outlined above (Procedure bit). I will instead request you pay for the pattern up front, and in exchange, will remove the markup on Redbubble so all you have to do is pay redbubble for their printing charge. 


- Pattern = $15
- iPhone wallet case: $37.22
- iPhone snap case/skin: $13.75 – $29.62
- Samsung snap case/skin: $16.25 – $35.01 


If you wish to get something from the categories above made into a print (may it be for a poster, greeting card, tote bag etc etc), please notify me what you want when you’re messaging me about your commission so I can add the Redbubble printing cost to your commission. This will include a 15% markup (which is 30c -> $3.50) and the price I email to you will not include shipping.

400+ followers art raffle!!

//I have never done anything like this before, so I do mostly how I saw others doing it.


  • You have to reblog this and be following me
  • I only do sfw

There will be 3 randomly selected winners, all three of them will get the same type of art because I find that the most fair (but if the person wishes, I could make it less complicated like a sketch, icon or smt smol)

You can expect me to make art like this example (just to make sure you are ok with this style):

(note: if you don’t want a background tell me, but if you are just not sure, I will make them like this one.)

Announcement of the 3 lucky winners will be: 11th of august, (Friday)

Thank you everyone, have a nice day! :)

katytriestolearn  asked:

Hi! Do you have any German tv shows/movies/youtubers that you would recommend to me? I'm starting to learn but i like to listen and recognize the sounds and I'm getting bored of just write and learn grammar.

Hi! Yes, of course. I definitely recommend trying to get a grip on basic grammar and vocab first but since you seem to have that already, here is a list of things that you might want to check out, some of which I love very much (so this list is definitely influenced by my personal favourites haha but not all of them, I promise).

Before I start, though, I’d just like to say that most movies have German dubbing. Maybe try watching Harry Potter or something of the sort in German because you already know the plot and will know what they’re saying because you might have seen the movie many times before. But here goes the list:

Shows & movies:

  • Vincent will Meer - my favourite German movie about three people who drive to Italy. Vincent has tourette syndrome, Marie anorexia and the third guy has OCD. They flee from their psychiatry to drive to the sea and I just love the movie.
  • Lola Rennt - one of the best known German movies, a movie that has three different endings.
  • Fak Ju Göthe - comedy, quite vulgar sometimes but one of the most popular movies amongst young people
  • Kokowääh - movie about a man who suddenly has to take care of a little girl, has a sequel: Kokowääh 2
  • KeinOhrHasen - movie about a guy who falls in love with the kindergarten teacher he has to work with during probation, sequel: ZweiOhrKüken
  • Berlin Station - on Netflix (at least here in Germany) it’s a show that takes place in Berlin and mixes English and German with quite a few native speakers. Its German is rather advanced though and they mumble quite a bit but the series is really good.
  • Schuld - a new series with well known German actor Moritz Bleibtreu, each episode stands for itself and it’s about a defense lawyer and his cases. It only has one season thus far, though.
  • ZDF: Heute Show - pretty similar to the American “Daily Show” with Trevor Noah, Heute Show is a show of political satire held in Hochdeutsch that talks about the news. It’s currently on summer break but you can find a few episodes online still.


  • Coldmirror - the most iconic German youtuber. She speaks quite quickly though and can impersonate a variety of dialects. But she’s hilarious. She even re-synchronised the entire first five Harry Potter movies.
  • LeFloid - presents news and makes short sketches, even made a Game of Thrones sketch with Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’gar) 
  • SpaceFrogs and SpaceRadio - comedy duo from Berlin who speak quite clear Hochdeutsch and make all kinds of funny videos
  • Gronkh - the most popular German LetPlayer
  • SarazarLP - another popular German LPer
  • KellyMissesVlog - vlogger and comedian 

My first commissions!! I’m super excited to finally get this rolling so I can have some mones

Because I’ve never done ~real official~ commissions before, I’m only taking 3 per batch to keep from being overwhelmed. Each batch, depending on what’s ordered, could take anywhere from a week to a month, and each individual product could take a day or two to a week (AT MOST!).

All the nitty gritty is under the readmore 

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stubbom  asked:

Out of interest, who is the most beautiful woman in art history in your opinion?

This is exactly the kind of question I love! First up at the plate is Emma Hart (later Hamilton), my icon and dream girl:

(Sketch of Emma Hart as Circe by George Romney, 1782)

Bouguereau’s work is also up there, especially this one:

(The Wave by William Bouguereau, 1896)

I love this sculpture by Antonio Corradini, partly because it is insane to me that you can make marble look like that, and also because…I mean, that body:

(Veiled Truth by Antonio Corradini, c. 1750)

And Luis Ricardo Falero’s witches also deserve a mention. I like a girl who looks like she could eat me alive:

(Vision of Faust by Luis Ricardo Falero, 1878)

FlameEliwoodArt is Doing Commissions for $15/hr

Hey guys!  My name is Corey but most of you know me as FlameEliwood (or Eli, for short).  I’m currently open for commissions and I’m hoping that I might be able to be worth your money!  Now I understand that $15/hour might sound like a scary amount however that is only just the baseline for the price of my commissions!  You only need to agree to one price upfront and that price will be mutually agreed upon. The hourly rate is just what I base my prices off of, and what you can get is potentially endless, I’m willing to do most things and all you have to do is ask!  Avatars? Icons? Banners? Backgrounds for your themes?  Want me to color a picture? Just lineart? Sketch only?  The possibilities are endless!  All you need to do is just ask! I’m also willing to work with you if you’re on a bit of a budget.  So just feel free to ask!

Not convinced?  That’s understandable.  Just because you have an hourly rate doesn’t mean you know how much I can get done, so here are some examples with both prices and hours posted next to it


Single Character Flat Colored No BG - (2 hours / $30)

Two Characters Flat Colored - (1.5 Hours/ $22.50)

Single Character Shading - (3 hours / $45)

Rough Character Sketch - (30 minutes / $7.50)

Colored Sketch - (45 minutes / $11.25)

Detailed Sketch with BG - (3 Hours / $45)


Alright I’m taking up most of your dashboard up already!  If you’d like to see more information


Or you can contact me directly through commissions!  If you can, I would definitely love it if you could spread this information!  I really need this so that I may continue working as a freelance artist

sketch commissions

hey everyone, I’m gonna open sketch commissions for a bit. My tablet’s dying, the only thing that actually keeps it functioning right now is electrical tape, and I’d like to raise enough to get a new one. I only need 5 commissions to afford one, but the slots are unlimited. Right now I’m only offering sketches, flats, and simple color just because it’s a little bit touch-and-go, but afterwards I’ll open for painted/icons/etc. I won’t do nsfw, mech, or backgrounds but pretty much anything else is open. Sketch pages go up to 3 drawings per page.

if you’re interested, please feel free to dm me ! if not, please pass it on ! thank you !


To celebrate hitting over 500 followers (I never thought there would be that many Python fans on tumblr) I’ve drawn the Monty Python lads in some of their most iconic roles.

Hope you like them, let me know what you think or if you want to know what sketches they’re from!

//please do not repost without my signature or crediting me; artists struggle enough as it is//

anonymous asked:

I LOVE YOUR ART, what brushes do you use??

i actually use the same blocky/chalky textured looking brush for almost everything! most my sketches, lineless stuff, and digital painting, alluvit yo. it’s actually just one of photoshop’s default brushes tweaked a bit. *i work in cs5*

so the brush i use is hidden away a bit. for those unaware; in the brush settings menu (little arrow or gear icon to the right of where you type in brush size) you’ll find a bunch of brushes photoshop has hidden away! click on the dry media brushes. i recommend selecting ‘append’ in the following dialogue box, this means the new brushes will be added to your current brush inventory instead of replacing them.

you’ll then get the highlighted brushes below, which are all part of the dry media brush pack:

i go with the rectangular looking one that defaults to 36 px size, here’s what it looks like with all its defaults untouched:

i customize it in the dual brush tab in the brush’s individual settings by adusting spacing to 10% and scatter to 90%

y voilà! you have the brush i use 90% of the time. hope that is helpful!