this is one of the most iconic sketches

So my second semester of Graphic Design is wrapping up, and I’m broke as a joke until I can start working in the shop again this summer. So I’m going to put this up for open commissions! 

Small Icons/Sketches: $5

Chibi (with/without background): $10

Flat Color/Bust with no background: $15

Full Body Color w/ Shade: $20

Full Body Color w/ Detailed Background: $25

+$5 for each additional character

I’ll draw just about everything except: 

-Excessive gore

-Excessive Mech/Tech


Of course I’m willing to negotiate prices and I’ll most likely throw a splash of color in for a simple one-color background if you’d like! More simplistic designs will most likely be less, as is the opposite for more complicated designs or characters. For the best results for you and I, I’d love to have a reference picture or two for original characters!

Message me on here or email me at 

For the time being, I only use/have Venmo but if anyone knows of a good source to use besides PayPal I’d be willing to make an account! 

Thanks so much! -Lex


✨[Commissions are Open] ✨ in order of images 👌🏾

Single Chara Sketch - 15 USD (5 Slots)

Inked Single Character - 20 USD (5 Slots)

Watercolor pieces for 10 USD since I’m new to it.

SImple icon comms 10 USD ( like the last image; no limit)

I draw everything. People. Fluffy animals. Your cat. Please take into consideration my style. Most recent work can be found at my Tumblr (

If you would like one please feel free to contact me via DM or

I take PayPal!

My Family Needs Food! 

I had this post set up to help a friend get a laptop, but now after a recent incident with bills in the family we are totally out of funds and running low on food. I hate to beg, so I’m doing really cheap emergency commissions

What you see above is examples of my work. 

$5 - Flat color Icon or Full body character sketch 
$10 - Flat color Expression Headshots (3 expressions) 
$25 - Full Body Flat colored Character
$40 - Full Body Shaded Character 
$60 - Full body, Full background, Shaded character
$100 - Character reference sheet (All of the above combined)


You can reach me on skype Mal-Defekt, or at
My paypal is 

We are looking into getting food boxes, but as a family of six it’s a bit dicey feeding all of us with one food box. The three that have stable jobs get paid next week, but most of that money has to go out to dire bills. Besides medical bills from my mom’s recent surgery, we’re also having to deal with car notes for three cars, two house’s rents, utilities, and all that… Which comes down to us not having food. 

So, if you can help, we really appreciate it! If not, consider reblogging?  ❤

Thank you for reading! 

Bathornis veredus sketch by @paleoart. For use in Wikipedia

Easily the most underated of all theropods, Bathornis was a highly successful genus of predatory, flightless birds related to the more iconic terror birds and the modern seriemas, spawning several species across the Eocene to Miocene… in North America. Some of these were as large as modern ratites at over 1,20 meters of height, ergo the genus’ name, “tall bird”. One species, Bathornis grallator (aka “Neocathartes”), has a reasonably preserved skull, which indicates that these were, in fact, predators.

Hunting leaves one spleepy, which is why this one is yawning.


Blending Books and Art With @lastnightsreading

For more inspiring words from literary faces, follow @lastnightsreading on Instagram.

Kate Gavino (@lastnightsreading) lives and breathes books. By day, the New York City resident works in publishing, and by night she attends literary events around the city. Every time Kate sees an author speak, she illustrates the experience. The habit started two years ago, after an inspiring talk given by acclaimed Dominican-American novelist Junot Díaz.

“One quote stood out to me so much I just had to illustrate it,” she says. Soon, Kate started bringing a small notebook and pen with her to every reading. “Authors have been very positive, which means a lot to me. Most of them don’t know I’m sketching them at the reading, but a few of them have liked the drawings enough to ask me for them, which I am always happy to do.”

Among her favorite author experiences was listening to iconic American writer Toni Morrison. “I like seeing authors who make the audience go ‘mm-hmm!’ after each sentence they say,” she says.

Made in Brazil devotes their latest issue to one of male modeling’s most iconic Brazilians, Marlon Teixeira, whose curly locks, tanned skin, and toned abs have made him a constant presence in campaigns and magazines throughout his many years in the industry. The incomparable Bruce Weber opens the issue with a hand-drawn sketch of Teixeira and a tender introduction comparing him to “some unexplainable aquatic mystery.”


Updated- 10/11/2016 with MOD brush and brush captions

For fun, and for my own reference, I wanted to post my main brushes on here. 
I drew all of these examples for this past the ink one cause I am not a fan of inking unless needed, so I was lazy to draw and ink something. :P
But yeah, that’s my settings for my brushes on Sai. For most part it’s nothing special.
The last three are recent brushes I started using. 

Couple notes:
- Sketch and dark sketch are just a size difference.
- I default draw on a 2000x2000 canvas at 50% size for normal drawings and 1000x1000 for inverted sketches and icons. 
- A better example of the dirt brush in action is this Friday the 13th picture. It was fully colored with the dirt brush. It’s good for coloring mainly.
- Example of MOD brush is this summer image. It’s slightly rougher for inking which I like for fast drawings.


New year needs new commission post! I’ve made a lot of changes, so read carefully:

  • Sketch = $5
  • Colored Sketch = $15
  • Lineart = $20
  • Full color = $30
  • Icon set (20 full color icons) = $25

+ $½ of tier price per additional character

+ $5~10 for background, depending on complexity

☆ BONUS - If you buy more than one drawing at once, I won’t charge extra for background, and you get a 2nd character for free!

Everything’s negotiable!! Most of times, I end up adding extras! Payment method: USD, Paypal only. Email me at, add me to Skype, shoot me an ask, or tag me away! Even if you can’t buy, reblogs are always welcome.

☆ Queue as of 15/02/2015 —> Fluffy / Txarja / zack-fair / - / - /

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In the million years I’ve been alive, I never thought I’d be able to add ‘Muppet taxidermy’ to my resume. I’m just over a year deep in it with a couple more ahead of me. Now that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has published some images (this one included) from the Jim Henson legacy conservation project, I’m finally allowed to talk about it. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post any pictures, however, if you wanna chat about it or want me to create sketches or perhaps perform some interpretive dance related to my experiences in the project, holla.

Weekly, I open old busted road cases to find some of the most iconic TV and film characters in entertainment history. I typically don’t have a clue what’s in the box when I get it but it’s consistently gold. Most of it is metaphoric gold, however, much is simply gold-colored airborne particles what used to be various types of foam. The stuff breaks down and that’s simply what happens. I’ve both figuratively and literally been breathing in the essence Henson’s work over the past year. Tiny floating bits of Sam and Friends, Sesame Street, Tales from Muppetland, The Muppet Show, Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas, Fraggle Rock, Storyteller, Dog City, Dinosaurs, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and the list goes on for quite a while. I only hope my future lung tumors resemble Muppets.

In case you don’t recognize the critter in this pic, it’s Fizzgig (”Fizgig” according to the Henson Organization production label), pet companion to the ever-so-enchanting Kira from Henson’s The Dark Crystal. When Fizzgig 1st appeared on my workbench he was just a loose mess of patch-worked animal fur, barely held together by a loosely woven fabric. This fabric was mostly, and accidentally, adhered to the fur by tiny mummified fists of dried, brittle, cast foam latex that once made up his inner structure. That’s just the nature of foam latex. He had no mouth at all when I received him, it completely disintegrated, taking along some of the fur around the set of lips that also used to be there. It appeared seamless from someone’s previous attempt at simply pinning together the fur around the mouth. Those pins eventually rusted in place, taking a few strands of fur hostage when removed. Orange crumbles of dead foam were left behind and the nose and eyelids were well on their way out. The bulk of him was a small pile in the box he had been stored in for so many years. I sifted through the debris and found some slightly bigger chunks which ultimately proved to be a very small portion of the roof of his mouth. I also eventually came across his shriveled little tongue, only ½ the size of it’s original cast form. I performed some re-hydration/suspension voodoo of the dead foam using a “magical,” archival potion. Then I fixed the new mouth plate to the body. I restructured the nose from the inside, building up small layers from within, then filling any tiny fault lines left on the surface of the original foam nose. I removed some inconspicuous fur from his performer sleeve to surround the new set of lips, matching the original design.

After a little match-painting, voila! Certainly not perfection but I’m only allowed to do so much to be considered conservation work. I should mention that since all of Jim’s work is bound for a museum retirement, I can only use a very small library of archival-safe materials to mimic the stuff I would typically build a puppet from, that awesome toxic stuff. This has been the major crux of the entire project. Lots of trial by fire. Lots.

Though never to function again, I have to mention the mechanism in this Fizzgig fella. It is unbelievably tiny and clever. Fizzgig had side-to-side eye movement as well as eye-blinkers and a nose-twitching mech. The tiny 4 mm pulleys mounted to his fiberglass skull fed the even tinier polyester cord through 1 mm plastic tubes embedded in cast foam between the skull and fur skin. The 4 tubes (2 eyes, 2 eyelids), along with a 35mm camera whip (triggering the nose) ran to a second, remote puppeteer who controlled all the facial nuance through the mighty powers of analog action. All the tiny brass and steel mech hardware was soldered with a jeweler’s precision. It is now all seized by heavy corrosion. The mouth was simply hand puppeteered.

Concluding for the moment I want to leave you with some final insight. There is one major destructive force what is the ultimate enemy of all puppetdom in every form; it’s atmosphere + time. This mix has singularly and universally affected every last piece of the Henson collection. Soon, much of Henson’s early engineering magic will be permanently sealed away, if not destroyed by this evil sum. *sighs*  There is just sooo much mechanical genius within the entire collection which should be made publicly visible before it’s too late. I only hope the powers that be will someday allow me to share even just a few of my thousands of images with you. There is an absolute treasure trove in every piece from this collection. I can only suggest that you check in from time to time because just maybe, one day, perhaps…?