this is one of the few selfies i've taken that i actually like


Lol so I decided after 2 (or was it 3) years of being on tumblr, to finally post some pictures of myself. Before starting tumblr, like a lot of others, I was constantly kissing up to white people and treating them as the best and hating myself/my appearance and my people.. Until one day I finally realized, that there was no reason to hate myself or my people. Why? Because there’s nothing wrong with me or any of us. It’s our society that upholds these Eurocentric beauty standards which is utter trash. Why should I or anyone have to change ourselves or who we are because it doesn’t fit in with society’s mold. Now, I still struggle with feelings of being ugly/having a smaller worth than others, but it pales to how I used to feel a few years ago. So thanks to tumblr and all the amazing people who helped me to learn and like myself. And especially thanks to whoever came up with the idea of the blackout!! And omfg please don’t talk about my dirty ass room yall 😂😂😂😂