this is one of the cutest pictures ever



Today we had two cuttlefish births and they are thE CUTEST LITTLE ALIENS EVER! This one is trying to figure out how to stay level in the water and it’s so adorable. They are about the size of my pinky nail (and I have small hands) which means it’s very hard to get a good, well focused picture/video of them.

Currently, I am feeding them 3 day old Nauplii brine shrimp and baby mysis shrimp. These little guys are breaking my heart with cuteness 💕🐙

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give me the cutest picture of taemin.

I think the cutest pic of taemin doesn’t actually exist since no camera lens could ever hope to capture the amount of cuteness I’m sure he exhales in person by just being and hey I’m not saying this is the one but

this is the one. a baby holding a baby is there anything more pure? no? no. however, honorable mentions do include:


let it be known that this past march i saw hamilton and met diggs and while i was out on the town (near the richard rodgers) daveed approached and these two little ass girls went up to him and were like “WE LOVE YOU!!!” simultaneously and he did that laugh-smile thing of his (ya know the one) and they got this picture together it was i s2g the cutest shit i’ve ever seen in my life and idk why i’m just sharing this short-as-hell clip but i love u bri and i hope you have a good rest of your day/evening/whatever.

Aren't You a Little Bit Too Pretty?

I swear I’m working on my actual fics lol. This is an old one shot that I decided to finally finish before I immerse myself in my work.

Jimin is Jungkook’s favorite stylist AU

Jungkook was a star that had been in the business for nothing short of five years, so it stands to reason that his stylists would change every once in awhile. But there was one stylist that when Jungkook was choosing he’d never let get away. Yes, the great idol Jungkook had a soft spot for one of his stylists and unfortunately, it was a male stylist.

The male stylist was named Parl Jimin and was one of the cutest males Jungkook had ever met. From his oversized clothing to his eye smile that enchanted more than one idol in the business, especially during shows. He was known for pretty laughs and even prettier giggles. If Jungkook were ever asked if he believed in angels he would merely pull out a picture of Jimin and call it proof that they were real. Call him biased but he wasn’t the only one that thought of Jimin as angelic, so some part of it had to be true.

“Oh Jungkook-ah!” Jungkook’s head jerked up as Jimin came into his dressing room, the rest of his stylist’s gone home hours ago meaning that they were alone.

“Why are you still here, the show ended three hours ago.” Jungkook grinned and shrugged his shoulders, feet still propped up on the vanity in front of him. Jimin had his makeup suitcase behind him with the few lights on making his silver hair glow bright.

“I had no reason to leave. Besides I knew you stayed back to talk to the other stylists and the director.” Jimin flushed prettily and tucked a strand of hair behind his ear, a clear flirtation though neither of them chose to acknowledge the tension between them.

“Where’s your manager? Did he leave you here?” Jungkook finally stood up, towering over his tiny stylist and propping himself up against the wall.

“Yeah but he left my car behind and caught a ride with the other coordinators.” Jimin smiled and nodded, coming closer to Jungkook almost subconsciously and shyly looking down at his feet. Jungkook cood internally and let the quiet in the room increase, wanting for Jimin to break it first. They’d been playing this game for years. A push and pull between them that enticed Jungkook and had him thinking of Jimin in the late hours of the night when he got too lonely.

“Right.” Jimin’s voice was only a soft sigh and Jungkook thought that maybe Jimin would finally make the first move but he stepped back one step, automatically warning Jungkook that he couldn’t take it. He’d step back and they’d build tension again only for Jimin to shut it down once more. Jungkook wasn’t willing to wait anymore, his hand circling Jimin’s wrist without thought.

“What?” Jimin flushed slowly as he was pulled closer to the man he’d been with for the past five years. His breath left him in a sigh as Jungkook pulled him flush to his body, his head coming to a complete rest against the broad chest he’d watched grow as the kid got older. They’d always been close since Jimin had been the closest in age to Jungkook when they met. And then suddenly Jungkook became a man and Jimin couldn’t help but notice the muscles the young guy had developed and worked on. 

When their first staff rotation happened Jimin had already begun saying goodbye to Jungkook, the shy boy he’d watched become a man because no idol ever kept the same stylist for longer than a year. To his surprise he was on the new staff along with one other stylist named Taehyung that Jungkook also trusted. It seemed his favorites would get to stay with him another year. Jimin had been so excited to hear the news and celebrated with Taehyung, thanking Jungkook when he saw him.

It’d been night when Jimin properly thanked Jungkook, hugging him though he knew it wasn’t appropriate. Jungkook had frozen for a moment before pulling Jimin impossibly closer and tucking his head into the crook of Jimin’s neck, sighing against the sensitive skin there.

Now was the same, except that Jungkook’s head was on top of Jimin’s and there was nothing to thank him for. Jimin basked in the comfort and convinced himself that it was a friendly hug and Jungkook was just tired from the full schedule he had recently. On Jungkook’s end he felt strong emotions flow through him and shuddered at how strong his feelings for Jimin were. Jimin who had been with him through everything without complaint.

“Jimin, thank you.” Jimin tensed in Jungkook’s arms and jerked back, looking him in the eyes. His brows furrowed in confusion and his lips unconsciously pouted much to Jungkook’s utter pleasure.

“For what?” Jungkook smiled at his tiny hyung fondly, head slowly leaning down as Jimin held his breath in anticipation. His breath left in one sigh as Jungkook leaned his forehead against Jimin’s, smile still in place.

“Thank you for being with me for so long. Thank you for putting up with all of my dumbass tantrums when I was younger, for putting up with my insecurities even though you told me I was okay. Thank you for the unconditional love and support you’ve showered me with.” Jimin smiled gently, tears threatening to overflow but he slowly blinked them away in order to show Jungkook the front of strong hyung he’d been trying to go for since they’d become close.

“Of course Jungkook. I love you and I will always be by your side.” Jimin was confused as Jungkook simply shook his head and leaned closer, lips a whisper away from brushing and causing Jimin’s heart to start beating in overdrive.

“No hyung, I love you. I’m in love with you. I want you to want to be with me forever as I want to be with you. Please accept my love hyung.” Jimin quickly leaned back, surprise painting his face in hues of red he didn’t know he could become.

“J-jungkook! I-I’m a man! You’re my dongsaeng, I can’t just-” Jimin was silenced by a pair of soft lips gently pressing against his own, Jungkook’s hands framing Jimin’s face and holding him still against the more built younger. His hands had nowhere to go but the lapels of Jungkook’s jacket and he found himself leaning into the other’s body. His fingers trembled gently and he was trying his best to act as if he wasn’t nervous, which wasn’t that difficult honestly. After all, he had wanted to be this way with Jungkook for the longest time.

It felt like an eternity before they broke apart, Jimin’s mouth pouting slightly as Jungkook let out small pants. They’d waited so long for this, waited almost what felt like eons to be able to be together like this.

“Jimin, would you accept me? Would you let me protect you and would you let me hold you at the end of the day?” Gentle tears cascaded down Jimin’s small face, lips wobbling as he stared at the man he’d been crazy for since he’d been a boy. His sweet Jungkook, who he remembered watching when he was learning to dance. His sweet little Jungkook that had practiced countless hours until his voice was more angelic with every song he sang. That little dork that had come into the agency with big aspirations and a humility that made Jimin’s heart ache. Here was that sweet boy in front of him, asking him for the one thing that neither of them thought they could have. No way in hell was Jimin going to give this chance up.

“Okay. Okay Jungkook, I’ll be yours for as long as you’ll have me.” Jungkook grinned at that, nose crinkling adorably against Jimin’s own.

“Then you’ll be mine forever.”

Massive Compilation of the Jungkook Pout

As I promised, here is the compilation of Jungkookie pouting (the cutest thing ever). Please enjoy~ Also, try not to die form the cuteness. Pictures credits to their owners. 

External image
External image

Baby TAT Why am I already crying????

He’s so incredibly cute I can’t even.


Look at this sulky baby bun. How can you resist? The answer is you can’t. Example: The hyungs

Dope Era + Pout = The Best Thing Ever! Look how pretty he is.

I swear, this is like one of his signature selca poses…


Ft. Jimin

When he doesn’t get the attention he wants. 

Ft. Jimin AND Yoongi

Ft. Taehyung

Ft. Eat Jin!

Ft. Manager Sejin

See what I mean? It’s his signature, patented pouty face…

Bless War of Hormone Era tbh.

It’s so natural for him.



Pouting over food, Same Kookie same

These precious moments

Why must you be like this child?

Don’t tell me I’m the only one who died because of this.

Okaayyyyy, this is getting extreme. Relax, you’ll hurt yourself Kookie. 

External image


The feeling when you eat too much ramen…

Okay, this is way too long so I’ll cut it here. But, you see my point right? Why are you pouting so much baby? You’re hyungs give you whatever you want anyway.

so I started writing my post about meeting Team Starkid and it’s ridiculously long but the short (but still long) version issss

I almost had an anxiety attack meeting Joey Richter bc I got myself so excited but he held my hand and rubbed my back and told me I was going great and he got me to calm down enough where could take some of the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen (including a selfie ft both of our crooked jaws!!)

I told Joe Walker he’s my favorite human being and he said “well obviously because I’m the best” and I told him he’s inspired me in theatre to be more outgoing with myself and he gave me a huge hug and he is one hell of a hugger let me tell you

Jaime Lyn told me I was pretty and my dress was really cute and I told her about my friends’ inside joke that I’m the Mouthface of our friend group and she absolutely loved and was so flattered and she referred to me as Mouthface at least 4 times in conversation bc she is a babe

Meredith complimented my hair and told us about how much she loves ducks 

I took a picture with Brian Holden and Joe bc batman and superman and they were so excited when I mentioned it and when we asked Brian to take an ugly he said it was physically impossible for him


I love all of these goofs so much and I haven’t stopped smiling for 2 days because they made me so happy this night and I love them all more than words can say

Signs at a fancy restaurant

Aries: “OMG please, pisces for the love of god I will make you sit out in the car.“

Taurus:“ Umm table for 12? ”

Gemini: “actually 13"

Cancer: “Guys I only brought ten dollars “

Leo: *The one taking pictures of the food for instagram*

Virgo: * Forcefully crammed at the end of a booth next to libra* “Uhhmm”

Libra: “Oh my GOODNESS. Virgo, isn’t this the cutest place you’ve ever seen? Don’t you just love the decor! Do you think I can diy it?. . “

Scorpio: *Carving their name into the wooden table*

Sagittarius: “This was a mistake”

Capricorn: *Reading a book, drinking tea, not giving a fluff about the other signs*

Aquarius: *Changes order ten times*

Pisces: *Trips, almost bumps into a waiter with drinks* “Wow, that could have been bad" *Turns around, knocks an old lady into a fancy indoor fountain* “Everytime… everytime"

💜✨ A huge shout out to @mayor-peachy ✨💜

Today I went to the mail box and grabbed the mail like usual to find one of the best letters! Inside was a hand written letter, the cutest stickers ever, and the best of all  picture of Fang & Kyle drawn by this kind soul. This lovely mayor saw that they were by favorite villagers and drew them as my surprise doodle. Fell in love right away!  💜✨

Everything was so perfect and cute, I NEED MORE OF THESE STICKERS IN MY LIFE. Just saying, haha.

Thank you so much Mayor Peachy for the letter, it totally made my day  💜✨

Less Mondays & more Sundays am I right? 😍

Imagine fighting over the TV with Chris.

Thank you to @smilexcaptainx for the prompt, I read it and immediately started to write ‘cause I pictured the cutest story in my head and had to get it out. So thank you, I hope you and everyone else enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

You stood at a small distance and watched your bag of microwave popcorn rotate and pop in the machine. Ever since you were a little kid, you had been told that you shouldn’t stand in front of a microwave while it was in use as it cooked not only the food you were waiting for but your insides as well. It wasn’t true- you’d found out a little later in life- but it was an irrational habit you couldn’t get rid of.

“Whatcha doing?” You heard your husband, Chris ask, and you turned to him; he was getting a bottle of beer out of the fridge.

“Just getting some popcorn ready for my episode of Supernatural,” you told him and his eyes narrowed. “What?” You looked at him weirdly.

“But it’s Sunday afternoon, you do the laundry on Sunday afternoons.” He stated as a matter-of-fact and you heard yourself scoff in disbelief. “You can’t watch the TV.” He told you in an abrupt, slightly harsh and authoritative tone.

“Excuse me?” You frowned, your hands now on your hips. “If you think for a sec-”

“No, babe.” He held his hands up in surrender; his blue eyes filled with slight angst. “No no no,” he chuckled, softening his expression and tone. “What I meant was- football’s usually on when you do laundry so…” He trailed off, pressing his lips together.

“Oh,” you felt your demeanor soften; you’d completely forgotten about his football.

“I was just referring to the time clash, I would never mean it like that.” He laughed and walked over to you, hugging you with one arm and drawing a smile from you. “You can watch all the TV you want, my love.”

“Since I can watch all the TV I want,” you spoke in his chest; your voice muffled against his shirt. “I’m going to watch Supernatural.” He pulled away from you and groaned, causing you to giggle. “I really appreciate you giving up your Sunday afternoon football.”

You weren’t really going to make him surrender his Sunday afternoon football; you knew how much it meant to him and you could always watch Supernatural tomorrow when it released on iTunes. You just really enjoyed messing with him because it was the little things that kept you entertained.

“Y/N, you know I love you.” He began as you padded back over to the beeping microwave. “There are a lot of things I would give up for you, and a lot of things I would do for you-” You cut him off before he could get to his “but…”

“Thank you, sweetheart.” You threw a smile over you shoulder and pulled out the piping hot bag; the smell of butter filled the air. “This is why I married you, you’re just the most thoughtful guy in the world.”

“I have never missed a game!” He protested, following behind you like a pouty puppy as you walked into the den where the TV was. “Y/N, please. You are going to buy Supernatural on iTunes anyway, why do you have to watch it on TV?”

“Because it’s the premiere I’ve been waiting months for, I’m not going to wait till tomorrow to watch it.” You told him like it was the most obvious answer. “Everyone else will have watched it already, I’d be risking spoilers.”

“But-” he cut himself off with a whiny whimper that sounded similar to a puppy and you suppressed your urge to laugh. “No, you know what- no.” He said and you turned around, raising an eyebrow at him. “You are the one who said we only need one TV ‘cause you watch your shows through your iPad.”

You chuckled softly because you remembered that argument very well when the two of you were shopping for your new house. He had wanted to put a TV in the bedroom but you argued against it, stating “the bedroom’s a place for sleep and sex, nothing else.” He reminded you of this every time you laid in bed watching series and movies from your iPad, to which you’d counter with “it’s not a TV, it’s an iPad.”

“Wow.” You faked disbelief. “Look who’s going back on his wedding vows now?” You said and he rolled his eyes. “All I want to do is to make you happy, Y/N,” you mocked him in a deep voice and he cracked a smile. “You know what- fight me for it, Captain America.”

“What?” He laughed.

“Fight me for it,” you repeated then ran towards the den.

“Hey!” He ran after you, laughing. “My game’s already on so technically I’ve won.” You stopped, glanced at him with a smug smile before turning your attention to the remote laying innocently on the couch. “Don’t you dare,” he warned playfully, pointing at you.

You threw your bag of popcorn aside and pounced for the remote. It was definitely unnecessary but you were an enthusiastic person who found entertainment in the little things. Of course you’d have a mess to clean up later but- it was worth the fun now.

“Seriously?” He stood in the arc frame, his eyes on the bits of popcorn all over the floor; both of you were trying hard not to laugh. “I wasn’t even going for the remote.” He shook his head, chuckling. “You really need to rein it in, sweetheart.”

You switched the channel to Supernatural then held out the remote with a smirk on your lips. “You going to fight me for it, Cap?” He rested his hand on the side of his face and chewed on his middle finger, watching you with amusement. “'Cause it’s the only way you’re going to get to watch your game.”

“Fine,” he dropped his hand and put his beer down on the mantel above the fireplace. “If that’s the game you want to play, let’s fight for it.” He smirked then pounced on you, tickling your sides. “I know all your weaknesses, Y/N!”

“Oh my God, no!” You shrieked with laughter, squirming as he attacked you. “Chris- that’s- no no no!” You clutched the remote tightly, choking on your laughter. “Stop! Stop!” You begged, feeling the tears well in your eyes from laughing too hard.

“Give me the remote and I’ll stop,” he told you, chuckling.

“Fine fine fine,” you shoved it into his chest and he stopped, smiling. “Get off me, you jerk.” You giggled, slapping his chest lightly. “That’s was cheating, you know how badly I hate getting tickled.”

“Now you know not to mess with my Sunday football,” he poked you in the cheek.

“It was never in my intention to mess with your Sunday football, I just wanted to mess with you.” You teased him and he chuckled. “I’ve been with you for five years,” you reminded him. “If I still don’t understand how important football is to you, then- Cap, I think you’re going to need to find yourself a new girl.”

“I don’t think I can aim any higher,” he told you; you smiled when he brushed your hair out of your face. “I shot for the stars and got the moon instead, Y/N. And if being with you means missing a few football games then, fine. ‘Cause as long as I have you, you’re all I need.”

“Was that plan B?” You laughed. “Guilt me into letting you watch your football?” He shrugged, pressing his lips together to hide his cheeky smile. “You’re real smooth, you know that? That would have definitely got me.”

“What can I say,” he winked, “I’m as smooth as Tom Brady.”

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OKAY HOLD THE PHONE BECAUSE I JUST GOT THE ACTUAL CUTEST THOUGHT EVER: you know how there's some scattered concept art out there of moana sitting on maui's back when he's in hawk form? picture this: one day when maui's carrying her around like that (probably after she begged him for HOURS) moana just happily throws her arms in the air and calls out "I want to SOOOOOAARR!" just like how she does in the more outtake


honestly that concept art is beautiful i am still shook every time i look at it? like how dare they make me look at something so gorgeous with my own two eyes

maui would totally make some dumb joke about how “you’re already soaring, curly, you can put your arms down now, no matter how you flap ‘em you’re not gonna grow wings” but he secretly loves the fact that she’s OBVIOUSLY enjoying herself

after that it becomes much much easier for moana to convince him to let her fly with him

sorry is it too late to do this? I don’t care. Have a picture of me and my cat

Hey, I’m Reagan but people call me Ships. I’m just barely 17 (one year of being a child left-kinda scary, lol)

I’m hella pan (with a huge crush on the cutest girl) and I honestly love Thomas for everything he’s doing like, it would take me all night to list everything. He’s so sweet and funny, and isn’t mean ever and I try to be as kind and accepting as him

His videos help me every day, usually as a distraction or giving good advice.

I just watched a video the other day that helped me when I was feeling bummed out about being single, and his videos about coping with anxiety make life so much more bearable.

If Thomas sees this, thank you for being you, and for sharing yourself with the world! You’ve honestly made me feel so much better about myself and I can’t thank you enough.