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A few days ago, I’ve reached 1K followers and I’ve decided to do a follow forever to thank you all cuties <3
I never thought that so many people would follow me and I’m extremely thankful for every single one of you who deemed my blog worth following. This means so much to me and I hope many wonderful things will happen to you because you deserve it *hugs*

I would also like to thank you for making my days better. Just seeing you on my dash make me happy and I can keep fighting because you’re there. You’re all amazing. Don’t ever change lovelies <3

*mutuals and you’re all my faves*

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Off on another film expedition today to test our our new Leica bodies and lenses, along with putting our Sony, Nikon and @gopro to work.
It’s enticing to be such a big part of a growing community in film, @indiefilmlab and I are in close relation working on several things all at once to encompass the idea: process is better.
We are heading out to Tahkenitch instead of Crater and are excited as ever to explore new places. Oregon’s built for that.
So, we’re ready. Film in hand, cameras to test and play with, camping gear at the ready and coffee in hand.
Thanks to everyone who supports the @1924us crew. Thanks for making our efforts at preserving history a good one.

If you had to describe your best friend(s) in one word, what would it be. Tag them and let them know!
@burtoo - sociopathic
@paintinginpurgatory - apathetic
HAHHAA I love you guys, let’s go on this adventure already.
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How fortunate I am to have formed and maintained friendships with certain people. I say this because I am quite possibly the worst person to form a friendship or anytime of relationship with. I am the friend that is rarely in contact and when I am it’s: oh I need to vent or I am in need of something, god what a selfish human being I am. But regardless of this, how in my time of need, when I feel like I am on the verge of failing, these people never fail to come to my aid. Gahhh, the amount of love and support I get sometimes, how blessed I am, I cannot even begin to express in words. I feel like I am glowing, light doesn’t even come close. I am going to work on my friendships this year, more texts, more emails, more love, the women in my life are everything!

craig-boone asked:

I've been following you for a while, and I want to thank you for making that post which perfectly captures everything about Fallout 4 that makes me uncomfortable and ruins the game for me. It's kind of tough to enjoy a story that's so heteronormative and forced or to constantly be reminded that they didn't even care enough to record lines with she/her pronouns because, they obviously expected everyone to play as het dude. So, thanks, you said it better than I ever could.

i’m glad people are talking about it tbh. it’s nice to get some kind of confirmation that you/i/that guy/my dude are not alone in noticing all these little tiny things that keep piling up to eventually toss you out of the story in one way or another because you’re somehow Playing It Wrong (i.e not interested in playing Nate McLastOfUs, wanting something less token than flipped switch playersexuality, wanting the freedom to actually role play in a role playing game, etc etc etc).

no one likes being an afterthought in something they enjoy, you feel me.

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you ever get emotional over Obi-Wan Kenobi and how sad his life was? cause i fricking do

Have you seen my blog? That’s literally the only thing I ever do anymore, dude. Bitch and moan and fret over how unfair poor Kenoob had it. 

Worst part is, it feels like half the time one small, teensy thing could have made a world of difference. What if he’d dodged Maul’s fucking kick? What if he’d gone with Anakin to protect Padme? What if Anakin or Padme  had just trusted him enough to say “Hey we’re secretly married and having a kid what do?” WHAT IF HE’D JUST TOLD PADME HE WAS GOING WITH HER SO THAT THEY COULD HAVE FORMULATED A BETTER APPROACH TO CONFRONTING ANAKIN ON MUSTAFAR LIKE I DON’T KNOW SENDING THREEPIO OUT FIRST TO GAUGE THE SITUATION???? I’M PRETTY SURE BETWEEN THE TWO OF THEM THEY COULD HAVE COME UP WITH A SCENARIO THAT DIDN’T END IN AMPUTATION, BURNING, AND DEATH BOTH EMOTIONALLY AND PHYSICALLY.

Obi-Wan’s life wasn’t just sad, dude. It was unfair. It seems like the guy had a chronic case of people not trusting him enough, followed by an even heftier case of guilt when anything bad happened because he thinks he should have been able to change the outcome. And the fact that through it all he still kept his head high and never fell to the dark side? Fuckdammit that makes it so much worse. He had every reason to stop giving a fuck, but he didn’t. I will always be overemotional about him. I love steadfast red-heads that have had nothing but loss in their life, yet still persevere. I think it’s my type. Probably why I love Dain Ironfoot, too.

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gimme some dirty talkin fics pronto

yeSYES these are my fav kinda fics ;)
here’s my favorites!!

Taking Advantage wordcount: 5,300 
Summary: Jared is not a hooker.

Ruiner Of Things wordcount: 9,400 (weecest)
Summary: Sam is never telling Dean anything ever again. He’s not even sure why he ever told him anything before. Not that he actually told Dean about this so much as he just didn’t deny it when Dean accused. Any which way, though, dying a virgin would be better than having Dean trying to pimp him out to every girl in a ten mile radius.

There’s no title lmao wordcount: 5,300 (Sam/omc but mostly wincest)
Summary: They like to call him puppy. Sam doesn’t mind

Take Your Brother Outside wordcount: 2,900 
Summary: Dean doesn’t need an excuse to fuck his brother

Gun Metal Black wordcount: 2,609 (SOOOO DIRTY)
Summary: Dean discovers Sam’s piercings and has some fun.

Surprising Knowledge wordcount: 3,430
Summary: Sam wonders why Dean’s bought a new gun, and why he then ruined it by getting rid of the sight. Dean has his reasons, and he’s going to share them with his brother. 

Tight wordcount: 4,800 (weecest)
Summary: Sam is so tight that he needs Dean to stop a few times between pushes. Dean doesn’t want to hurt him, but Sam is desperate for it. So, they keep going. After the pleasure/pain of it all, Sam insists Dean stay inside of him. I’ve never felt so whole before, he tells Dean.


Losing him made me lose myself, but it was beautiful. The process of recovering—it was stunning. I didn’t know how to be the girl I used to be, so I found myself again. I rediscovered myself as who I wanted to be from now on. I decided that I wanted to be stronger. I wanted to be kinder. I wanted to be the one who made everyone feel like someone. So I smiled at strangers. I asked people how they were. Maybe I lost him, but I bettered myself, and that’s the best thing that ever could’ve happened to me.
—  excerpt from an unfinished book #31 // i found myself and i will never lose myself again
Sleepy Hollow One Life

That episode tho. All of the shipper feels!

- Pining!Crane
- Angsty!Crane
- Watching poor Crane try to reheat a frozen lasagna was one of the most depressing things ever. You could see the thought bubble over his head “This isn’t how Abbie makes it”
- Crane is ready to get an Abbie Mills tattoo any day now
- And I’m so here for all of this

Thoughts kill me more than words

This second semester I somehow lost my urge to be a part of something worth being proud of. I usually consider being all alone in the house rather than talking to my mom and sister. I spend most of my time watching videos, listening to music, reading random stuffs online. I can’t focus on my studies. I want to be productive, but it seems like I’ve lost my skills I had 2 years ago.

Disappointment is what I am right now. No, no one ever told me that. In fact, I know that they consider me as a blessing. I just like to say that to myself because that’s the feeling I am getting right now. My thoughts have destroyed me more than those nonsense words I hear every now and then. It was not long ago when I blogged about being better this 2016. It’s just the second month of the year and I am too tired of trying to build and fix things up. Everything is just a blur. It’s slowly killing me. 

This is not a cry for help. This is a cry to release the burden I wish I never had. 2015 was a roller coaster for me, and I am judging my 2016 to be another one. I crammed, procrastinated, admired someone, lied about being okay, listened, talked a lot, and opened my heart to someone – I guess normal things beat the shit out of me. 

 I shall clear my mind.

Worst Halftime Ever.
  • Yeah, more like Bruno Mars and Beyonce feat. Coldplay. They barely did anything worthwhile beyond two already overplayed songs and one I hate because it’s not what I grew up with (I liked X&Y-era better. Viva la Vida had its moments. They sound way too pop now)
  • Bad audio mixing
  • No dancing sharks
  • The daytime atmosphere really subdued things.
  • Shoehorned Bruno Mars (who’s already had a turn doing halftime) in just for Uptown Funk
  • Beyonce got the taste of the previous out of my mouth, but it still wasn’t enough. She’s also already had a turn
  • No dancing sharks
  • You paid tribute to previous halftime shows by just namedropping songs from them. Boring.
  • No dancing sharks
Ella Enchanted RP with humanities-strongest-beta


Ever since he was born, he was special. He had a gift like no one had ever had. It would be his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. He had the gift of obidience. If he was told to do something, he would, whether or not he wanted to. Soon after giving birth to the healthy baby boy, unfortunetley, Carla, his mother passed on . That meant his father had to remarry. Of course he had to marry this ungodful wench that treated Eren like Cow Manure. Her sons werent any better. Jean and Aurou alwyas comanded him to do horrible things, like steal. Eren had no choice but to obey and his life became a living hell… until one day…


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Favorite Fictional Character: I don’t knooow
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What I am Currently Wearing: Pjs (it’s noon I need to get my life together)
Height: 5′5″
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Do you get asks on a daily basis: No, but I wish I did :-(
Why did you choose your URL: I’m a involved member of the youngjae protection squad
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some late night advice for everyone:

never ever EVER give someone all of your friendship/time/care when they never ask how you are and never make sure you’re okay.

friendships shouldn’t be one-sided. if someone deletes themselves from your life, they’re probably supposed to stay deleted. if you’re in a toxic friendship or relationship, never be afraid to cut things off for the better.

you’re important. be strong.

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what is your guys story? ☺️

It’s quite a long complicated one!

I started working with Michael seven years ago. I don’t believe at that time, either of us really liked one another. We were just coworkers and kept it at that. My boyfriend at the time knew who Michael was and was not fond of him, so I of course didn’t like him either.

Years passed and we became better friends. He was always there for me when things were going wrong with my relationship and finally one day I realized that my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me(again). I caught him pretending to be someone else for a girl on the east coast that would send him nudes, so I called it quits.

This time apart made Mikey and I closer. We hung out a lot and declared ourselves “work husband and wife” and dated quite a bit. But I ended up getting back with my ex which I regret more than ever now.

I cut off all extra contact with Mikey aside from work and went to a “I can’t stand you” mentality. But once my relationship with my boyfriend at the time finally ended, I spent time with my friends, found myself even more, and things just clicked with Mikey. I invited him to my sisters wedding and he showed up so like my courageous, drunk self would do, I made the first move by grabbing his hand, which led to the best night of my life to date and we’ve been inseparable ever since!💕

We’re basically like an old married couple who really loves beer, traveling, weekly Thai food dates and hanging out with all our friends.

11 questions tag

I was tagged by @beaniebearlou yayy :)))

The rules:

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ok lets goo

1. Have you ever been caught in a lie? How did it happen, and how did you handle it?

oh shit yeah basically my parent found out i was lying to them (lets not get into what it was about) and they were mad but did the im not mad im disappointed thing and i handled it by getting them to stop being mad at me lmao

2. Favorite song from middle school? The more embarrassing, the better.

agggh ok i dont really remember but i know that in middle school i mostly just like whatever was cool,…,., i think i really liked call me maybe rip

3. If you could live in one fictional fanverse, what would it be? (Could be books, television, movies etc)

this is hard because everything i like takes place in a really shitty universe but it makes for a good plot so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  but i would choose the world from the graceling/fire/bitterblue trilogy because i luv it vv much 

4. Rainy weather or sunny weather?

i love them both!! :)))

5. What’s your favorite meal?

shit man i like most meals but i dont eat meat so any thing without meat i guess ?? also im a big fan of spicy food

6. Describe your aesthetic

a soft angel princess qui est aussi française

7. What is the meanest thing you’ve ever done?

ooooh i dont know.,.,,,.. to be honest im not actually that mean but i have called fuckboys out in front of people before (idk if its really mean cuz they deserved it)

8. In your honest opinion, what is the greatest Spongebob episode?

ok hahaha haha my mother didnt like spongebob cuz it creeped her out so we never watched it so basically i dont know because ive never actually watched enough spongebob to find out

9. What is the biggest change you would make to your life right now?

i would eliminate all my anxiety and go live the carefree life i was made for

10. What is your favorite One Direction era?

aLL Of tHEm!!!! (but actually i rlly like the blurred line between the end of wwa and the beginning of otra) but theyre all so good how can you make me pick like this

11. How have you been this week? :)

:))))))) awww i have been in a state of relaxing anxiety and procrastination rip me

ok my turn :)

1. if you could change the name of planet earth, what would you call it?

2. what color are the walls of your bedroom?

3. is there a fruit that you hate a lot? which is it?

4. if you had to live a day in the life of one of the members of one direction, which would you pick and why?

5. what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

6. what is your favorite eye color?

7. if you had a significant other (or if you do) what cute nickname would you give them and how did you come up with it?

8. your opinion on valentine’s day?

9. what would you say to louis if you met him?

10. describe a dream that you remember.

11. which hogwarts house do you think you belong in?

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“‘Why isn’t [Harge’s] family cordial?’
‘They never cared for me. They’ve been complaining ever since Harge met me at some deb party. They’re very good at criticizing. I sometimes wonder just who would pass with them.’
‘What do they criticize you for?’
‘For having a furniture shop, for instance. But that didn’t last a year. Then for not playing bridge, or not liking to. They pick out the funny things, the most superficial things.’
‘They sound horrid.’
‘They’re not horrid. One’s just supposed to conform.’
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt