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Any praise or complaints on the puppet designs in Labyrinth?

They are lovely and wonderful. I’m sad I didnt grow up with it even though it woulda freaked the shit outta me as a kid. Im not one of those dweebs who hates cgi and wishes it was like the good ol’ days, but there is something wonderful about puppetry and props that cgi cant replace. Especially good lump 80′s muppets

The only puppets that wasnt really working for me was the evil robot(?) door(???) thing. I feel like the Jim Hendson Company was better at working with hairy/scaly critters then they were with inorganic things. Door-robot-man isnt the worst thing ever, it’s charming in it’s own right, but my brain could never not see it as anything but a prop while watching the movie.

OKAY WEIRD THING When I first watched the movie and saw this worm:

My immediate thought was the worm from the Veggie Tales Movie:

They dont even look that much alike, but my brain has permanently welded the sacred teachings of Veggie Tales with Labyrinth

In general, I think The Flash is the better show than Supergirl.

But my husband pointed out that there’s one thing Supergirl does better than any show we’ve ever watched.

F-l-ight choreography. Please assume the pun.

In pretty much all of the Superman shows and movies, Superman lands and starts punching. And occasionally gets thrown through a wall or whatever.

In the Marvel movies, most of the flying is tech based. Iron Man and War Machine dogfight. So does Falcon to an extent. It’s a different thing.

Supergirl uses her flight tactically. When she gets thrown, she catches herself, because you can do that when you fly using telekinesis. If she hits something, you know the writers are saying she got blindsided or hit really hard. It’s always followed up by her taking a bit of time to get up. Ow.

She fights in three dimensions, she thinks in three dimensions.

And that hasn’t been done properly before, at least not in anything I’ve watched.

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Do you think press will ever ask Chris what he thinks about the whole Hydra-Cap thing? Also what about the cartoons? Cap is one of the key members that children love in the Avengers Assemble cartoon.

I think it’s going to come up at Philly Con in one of the panels.  I bet a fan asks in the question line.

It had better not trickle into the cartoon.  The little ones who watch it would be crushed and confused.

About the parts cut out of Uncharted 4

The things I know are not many, about the part Troy loved, it was apparently a set piece, we don’t know anything else, he says: “no one will ever miss what they didn’t know” and that’s it, in fact we only know that it was removed due to technical issues.

The part I wrote in the “Dreaming DLC” post, about chapter “For Better Or Worse” I said it was a cut, because I unlocked the concept art of each chapter and I saw a few pics that weren’t in the game, and I thought “it can just be concept art, but they’ve put more than one in here, can it be a part that got cut?!” And the pics I’m referring to, shows Nate and Elena on a rubber dinghy motor boat (I have no idea if it’s really called like this in English, sorry) going down a river… and I don’t know anything else, maybe they just fooled me but it was just an idea..

But there’s more! I’ve just found this article:
Where they say there are more content than I thought that was removed like -“an interactive cooking sequence, which would have affected the dialogue depending on the ingredients chosen for the food, and an entire sequence in a prison yard, where Nathan is looking for his brother Sam.”- and even more little things that they thought not essential maybe but.. I’m such a huge fan of the series and the hard work they do, I would have loved to play with those details and scenes included.

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so how did Andruil react when Ghilan'nain sprouted wings? Her Dr. Frankenstein habits make her quite good at shapeshifting right? Sylaise appears to be a talented shapeshifter as well. Does Andruil hate her for it if she can grow wings too?

Andruil sulked about it, basically.

Ghilan’nain’s allowed to be better than Andruil at some things because they’re equals, and because Andruil doesn’t perceive her as competition. She was jealous and prickly about it and it led to one of their arguments, because Ghilan’nain has a low tolerance for coddling Andruil’s insecurities on that front.

But they made up. Ghilan’nain eventually just turned up and was like ‘stop being dumb’ and Andruil was like ‘but baaaaabe it’s so embarrassing I can’t even’ and Ghilan’nain was like ‘why would you want to change shapes anyway you are already the hottest thing I have ever seen with my own two eyes’ and that worked pretty well.

Andruil still hung onto a certain kernel of resentment about it, though. Luckily, she found an outlet for it.

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A Notice To People Who Ship LGBT+ And To Writers Looking For An Audience


 I do not hate any shipping community. I butt heads with Bumblebees on a casual basis, but I only do so because I don’t sit down to someone calling me out on things I care about. I am a perfectly personable person and am completely willing to expand my list of LGBT+ shows/stories I go through (In fact I should, because I do really need to get better at this. :/).

 But I understand that fans like these are passionate because there are not many fictional stories currently out there that cater to that particular audience. Yes, we are starting to get there now in the second decade of the twenty-first century than ever before in history. However, not only is that demographic growing ever larger, they are finding themselves in fan niches that don’t completely fit to their tastes. When things like this happen, we get shipping flame wars such as the ongoing one in RWBY with Black Sun vs. Bumblebee.

 There is an easy solution to this, but it is one that takes time.

 Write stories that this audience can enjoy.

 As a believer in creative liberty, I think it’s important that these audiences should be given the stories that they can get behind so they don’t feel quite so disenfranchised and alone. Representation is important for sure in modern fiction, and without it, fandom groups like ours- ESPECIALLY in stories with heavily female-centric casts such as RWBY that tend to attract lesbian and more female viewers- will continue to experience pointless infighting. They are an untapped audience that is just ITCHING for the next story that involves an LGBT+ character cast, and I can assure you that the returns of granting them a story they love will go much farther than monetary success. They will be a very loyal and loving group of people that will stand with you because you gave them something no one else could.

 Hell, even I’m ashamed to admit that I can’t really do it. (Not saying I won’t try in the future, though.)

 But that doesn’t mean you can’t start, my fellow writers.

 Just some food for thought.

 Write on. ;)

 -M.E. Grimm

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Top 5 Brojen headcanons

  1. Bran looses his glasses all the time. Jojen is usually the one to find them because Bran can’t be bothered to look. He doesn’t like his glasses. (“I only need them for reading Jojen. I just won’t read!”/“Bran, thats the biggest lie you’ve ever told. You would read for a living.”
  2.  Bran is a seriously poor sport. He’s broken more than one Wii remote when tossing it after a loss and most board games in the Stark household are missing pieces from when Bran brushes his hands across the board because somebody “cheated”.When things like this happen, Jojen always gives Bran a bit of space to calm down before climbing himself up to Bran’s room, cuddling Bran and telling him horribly corny jokes until Bran is giggling and cuddling Jojen back and feels better. .
  3. Jojen is actually such a fucking shit head omg. He’ll make snide comments during class under his breath, usually sexual ones and make Bran go :$
  4. Bran has a box under his bed completely filled with little memories of him and Jojen. He made it when he was like, eight so it’s covered in glitter and shit that says like “BRAN AND JOJEN BEST FRIENDS FOREVER” and it’s almost full to bursting
  5. Bran is a huge Valentines’ Day nerd. Even before they were dating, he’d get Jojen chocolate or flowers every year. And Jojen is obviously thankful but he always reminds Bran that Valentine’s Day isn’t a real holiday (”YES IT IS JOJEN DON’T BE A JERK.”)

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One thing you and Tom Hardy have in common: Both of you look like you give amazing hugs. Like just really warm and cozy hugs. The kind of hugs that make you feel better when you feel like shit. Anyways I hope you have a nice evening!

best message ever

Rickyl Questions

Let’s play Rick or Daryl!  Answer and tag five others for funsies!  Something to keep us busy during the off-season.

1. Who has the better ass?- Rick.  Hands down. This is fact.

2. Who has the better hair?  Rick when there are Curls!

3. Which one would eat Oreo’s by opening and licking the creme out first?- Daryl.  And then he licks his fingers after.

4. Which one would win at the carnival dunk tank game?- Rick.  He’d focus.  Daryl would just try to throw too hard.

5. Which one still has their childhood stuffed animal?- Daryl- probs one of the few things that gave him comfort when he was growing up.

6. Which one is afraid to fly?  Daryl.  Just because I think he probably hasn’t flown much or ever.

7. Which one is afraid of ghosts? Daryl.  because chucacabra.

8. Who secretly likes 80′s pop music? Rick.  because dork.

9. Who loves to kiss? - Daryl.  Once he gets his first one- he’s hooked.

10. Who loves holding hands?  Rick.  He likes people to know Daryl is with him.

11. Who loves to watch thunderstorms? Daryl.  It’s raw and nature.

12. Who still likes drinking chocolate milk?  Rick.  Because I’ve made him a chocoholic in like a dozen fics! 

13. Who secretly watches Lifetime movies? Rick.  Because Dork.

14. Who is the better bowler? Daryl.  Because I said so.

15. Which one knows how to darn socks? Rick because dork.

I tag @marooncamaro, @noisysunday, @hillbilly-with-a-heart-of-gold, @skarlatha, @pharmgirl71 and anyone else who is super bored waiting for the next season.

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For the inbox you one thing you would want to know about you thing, I think a good thing to know would be what you'd want to do on your ideal date x

Well in all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever actually been on one so i’m guessing here. I guess what would be excellent to do would be to go and see a show or something (maybe a musical or an orchestra, i never know which is better tbh). Then afterwards, to go for a dinner somewhere quite relaxed but not too relaxed (somewhere between a posh restaurant and a motorway services basically) and to just have a nice meal and get to know each other better. Of course there would have to be wine at the meal.

Alright, so here’s where it all gets soppier. I absolutely love parks and the stars to bits, so I would love to just lie down in a park, with you of course, and just hug and watch the stars by your side. No distractions, no loud noises, just the two of us sat together holding each other for the night.

I hope that you enjoy the response, Guapo x

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3, 7 and 9

✩ Interview with a Mun ✩

Which of your ships on this blog is the fluffiest?

{Well, you know, Jabra does have a good lot of hair and…. 

Hehe. Thatch, without a doubt. He is so sweet and affectionate, that’s make it easy}

Are there any people you’ve been too afraid of approaching?

{@benn-beckman​ and @worldsmostdangerous​ xd Yes, you can kick my silly ass, I deserve it}

Got any memorable threads on here? Care to mention a few?

{I love all the ones I have with @benn-beckman​, even if Shia looks a bit bipolar between one and another xd 

I love the one I have with @worldsmostdangerous and It was so fun to plot it. Our muses take the place of Hades and Persephone on Greek Mythology, but we’re giving it a very interesting twist and… ups, spoilers

Also the moonlight picnic with @thatchtheawesomecook is the sweetest thing I’ve ever wrote.

And better if I cut off already xd}

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Red, green & black.

Red: I love you

Green: I think you’re cute

Black: I would date you

Wow! This made my entire week so much better! No, not the entire week, the entire month!! Bless you, anon!! Bless you! I love you too 💖 That’s one of the top 3 nicest things anyone has ever told me! You’re such a sweetheart! 😍 Thank you so much for this! 

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*walks into clearing* Hey, a lot of stuff's happened for me, don't know about others. One thing is that I made way too many cookies while trying to improve on baking so..uhm...let the abnormal-amount-of food-for-one-spot begin? *puts giant plate of cookies to the side-ish of the clearing* Glad you got some rest though! I'm just gonna sit over here and rest my legs for a while




Irritation - Sentence Memes 

  • “Childish as usual.”
  • “Ever think you’ll remove that stick up your ass?”
  • “Ah, so you’ve changed your mind… does this one work any better?”
  • “Good job, I think I’ll give you a high five… in the face.”
  • “Look I may be one for good deals but I’m not buying your bullshit.”
  • “I wouldn’t have to manage my anger, if you learned to manage your stupidity.”
  • “Sorry, I got mad and said a lot of things that I meant but shouldn’t of said.”
  • “You know I may be able to tolerate you but sometimes you really push it…”
  • “Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable? Like a coma?”
  • “You’re extremely attractive… when you don’t open your mouth.”
  • “I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you. “
  • “I’m jealous of all the people that haven’t met you.”
  • “You bring everyone a lot of joy… when you leave the room of course.”
  • “I bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing that you never use it.”
  • “If you are going to be two faced, at least make one of them pretty.”
  • “You think you’re so high and mighty, don’t you?”
  • “Beaten on the ground is a good look for you.”
  • “I love how you just wear anything.”
  • “Personally, I find it charming how you’re not obsessed with personal style.”
  • “Wish I could be as laid-back as you about all responsibilities you’re avoiding.”
  • “Oh I’m sorry, is this making you uncomfortable?”
  • “Go ahead, keep goading. See what happens…”
  • “You’re not as interesting as you think you are.”
  • “Oh, you really think that’s a good idea? That’s cute.”
  • “No I get it, you look down on me ‘cause that’s the only way your fragile little ego gets validated.”
  • “I’d like to see things from your point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass.”
  • “Not saying I would, but with the way you’re going someone is bound to punch your lights out.”
  • “Are good manners just something that escapes you? That’s alright, not everyone came from a civilized upbringing.”
  • “Shut your mouth for once, before I do it for you.”
  • “Don’t patronize me.”
  • “You’re shit at defending yourself, so you make up for it in little snide comments.”
  • “I get tired of staring at your mug all day.”
  • “I was having a good day until I ran into you.”
  • “Ooh, what a scary look. Got something in mind there, or are you just gonna carry on like a spineless imp?” 
  • “You say that, but we both know what would happen if you dared to challenge me.”
  • “I haven’t been ignoring you; I’ve been prioritizing you.”
  • “Wait, let me stop you there… is this train of thought actually relevant?”
  • “ I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.”
  • “No no, please keep talking. I always yawn when I’m interested.”
  • “I’m already visualizing the duct tape across your mouth.”
  • “Even when I constantly hand your ass to you, you come back for more.”
  • “Be quick, I don’t have all day.”
  • “You can’t buy yourself class.”
  • “Do you ever think before opening your mouth?”

I don’t know how to put into words how much tonight meant to me and how much this moment meant to me. I found out about G a year ago and reason why I did that book was cause he changed so many things in my life for good and I just felt like saying Thank You. I look so bad in this video lmao but this moment was too precious to not post it on here after I even got the whole thing on video. He was seriously so nice and speechless and he even said I am one of the coolest people he ever met so yeah… Also I basically have it on video that he said he’d follow us hahaha well I will put much better words into this whole experience after tomorrow cause I will head back to Switzerland in the early morning to see him play the show there. Honestly this was one of the best days of my life and I am just so happy I get to live!!

Each MBTI Type When Kidnapped

ISFJ: Why would you kidnap poor innocent ISFJ? What did they ever do to you? Well since you’ve kidnapped an ISFJ be prepared for a few things… mostly that utter feeling of guilt you now have inside of you, but passing that by be prepared for the ISFJ asking questions, and trying to get you to become a better person and to let them go nicely… if this fails you can either expect their friends now turned vigilante to hunt you down… or the ISFJs survival guide knowledge they can put into use… In either case one road will set you down the right path… the other to death or prison… your choice.

ESFJ: Will likely find the entire situation annoying, or terrifying, so you can expect a lot of screaming, flailing, and kicking from this type if female… if male they will break through with their strength and punch you with the fury of a thousand suns… After they’ve either annoyed you by their constant whining and nagging or screaming to save the hassle it is best to let them go… other wise you may find yourself being kicked repeatedly… in the side… or groin before they leave.

INTJ: You… you have a death wish don’t you? Well for what ever maddening reason, you’ve managed to kidnap the INTJ, who has likely developed or researched effective contingency plans in such situations. They will not escape right away, no they will wait till you are asleep, break free, and the next thing you’ll ever notice… and they will make you notice, is cold sharp steel cutting across your throat oh so slowly, no, you don’t get to live.

ENTJ: What is wrong with you? Kidnapping an ENTJ? Are you insane? Is your mind not in the right place? Well if there isn’t an army breaking down your doors right as we speak, the ENTJ will have you measured, weighed, and will have found you wanting… So upon your death… it’s cute how you think you’ll live, the ENTJ will take control of your organization because… opportunity and turn it into the most powerful underground organization ever.

INTP: May or may not find the situation annoying, may even find it a pleasant vacation from their daily work grind. In either case after they’ve placed together all the pieces, and gathered up all the knowledge they will require… you will have found them to be gone… some how, they escaped, you can blame your own stupidity for this one… also there may be the makings of a bomb that they decided was to much of a hassle and simply decided to slip away.

ENTP: They will question every thing you’re doing and why, and debate you on it’s effectiveness. If they’re not doing that, they will likely be mocking you taking enjoyment out of the chaos of the situation, speaking of chaos they were likely the ones that turned your friends against you as well and caused a ripple effect that has now set off an anarchist type movement within the criminal syndicates… and you thought Kidnapping the ENTP was a good thing didn’t you? And just think they did all this with simply their wit… imagine if they decided to do more than just use their wit.

INFP: Would have normally just kind of gone with it like the INTP, letting the situation take them where it will and see what adventures may come from it… unfortunately for you they’ve seen you treat your lackeys like crap, which they dealt with for a time… until they saw you hit a defenseless person and kick a puppy just to show how “serious” or “evil” you were. Now despite common misconception, INFPs aren’t the crybabies you think they are, and you’ve just awoken their inner darkness, for the time being they will take the utmost pleasure in bringing you down and burning you tied inside of your house alive… Also due to their general way of getting along with anyone and treating others nicely you’re lackeys are now the INFPs bodyguards.

ENFP: You actually managed to catch the ENFP? Or do you simply think you’ve managed to catch the ENFP? The ENFP is likely just to excited by this situation to not want to ahem… “try it out” as such they will stay with you, but not bound like you wish, and due to their hyper activity on all the ideas coming to them, you have some how, in some strange explainable way… found yourself in the Twilight Zone, you don’t know how you got there, all you know is that the ENFP said something and then got you to tag along and the next thing you remember is waking up here with no way back and no understanding on how it all happened… but he/she was so fun though!

INFJ: Has somehow managed to predict that they would be your next target, and as such is adequately prepared… you’ve seen Home Alone right? Well if the INFJ doesn’t feel bad for you… which they likely won’t at this point, that is exactly what’s going to happen to you, to get to them you must first get through their traps, and by the time you get through their traps, they’re already long gone… as if they were going to stick around and wait for you to nab them… also there’s that gas stove that’s on… and that lit candle… how fast do you think you can escape? And thanks to their feeling function, everyone will think the INTJ did it and not them.

ENFJ: Is very upset with you, your life choices, and everything you’re doing, and they aren’t afraid to let you know it. As such will advise you to pursue a better way of life, but first serve your time as penance for the awful crimes you have committed. This is not the life you should be in, and there is a better future out there for you, you’re not a bad person just made bad choices. Luckily for you the ENFJ will help you go the right path in life and make the right choices, that you can’t help but feel and follow all while apologizing profusely to the ENFJ for kidnapping him/her.

ISTP: Congratulations, you’ve just kidnapped the Macgyver of the MBTI types… somehow, I’m not sure how but you did it! You should pat yourself on the back… no really, because that is the only moment of success you’ll ever have. Also remember that partially put together INTP bomb? Well the ISTP decided to finish it… they’ve also broken free, and yes the entire building is going to blow up with you inside it. The ISTP will naturally be watching a fair distance outside with their sunglasses on and a smile on their face.

ESTP: Action! Adventure! Getting kidnapped by a bunch of guys and beating the living crap out you all! All in a days work for the ever active ESTP, who for the sake of said action, adventure, and general fun time, decided to let themselves get captured for just this purpose alone… because you know, they have some friends they would absolutely love to tell this story too as well as take pictures of all the action along the way, you didn’t want to, but the ESTP has forced your hand and now you must go out guns blazing against the ESTP who will let him/herself get shot once… and once only to show live “proof” of the situation the ESTP had been in.

ISTJ: So… uh… just fair warning but… are you sure this is a wise idea? I mean this is the Judge Dredd of the MBTI types after all… anything they do to you from here on… which will yes… result in death. I mean I’m not sure how you did it, but the ISTJ has got the experience and knowledge to back themselves up and get themselves out of this situation, and depending on how irritated or angry they are, you may have just found yourself with a live version of a Judge Dredd type character… well it’s your funeral, the best result you can have now would be to not resist arrest.

ESTJ: Ok so I get why you’d go after the weak ones… or the apparent weak ones, but why must you go after the ones with power? In either case you haven’t paying your henchmen nearly enough money have you? No of course you haven’t otherwise you likely wouldn’t have resorted to kidnapping the ESTJ… well in either case, the ESTJ has now found this out, and your Henchmen is now the ESTJs henchmen, as the ESTJ has and is capable of paying them more than you ever were… and with the ESTJs new found freedom, and henchmen, it’s now time for you to pay the price with a severe beating and jail time.

ISFP: They didn’t want to act you know, they just wanted to do their own thing you know… walk or run across the park, spend some time with the animals and smelling the flowers, drawing pretty pictures or simply following whatever their passion is… but you’ve gone done and screwed that up… as such you’ve just turned the ISFP into a vigilante who thanks to you has questioned themselves, reality, and all the corruption in it… some one has to do something about it, might as well as start with you. The next you wake up you will have found yourself tied and gagged and left in front of a police station full of evidence as the ISFP now goes on their adventure of being a new found vigilante.

ESFP: The only reason you’ve managed to get the ESFP is because they wanted to go along with it, enjoy new sensations, and much like the ESTP enjoy a sense of action and adventure. They are probably thoroughly enjoying this situation, and all the things it presents for them… they however, aren’t too thrilled with remaining a kidnapped person so they will likely break out like the insane contortionist type of person they are, and in their fighting will turn it into some kind of crazy rhythmic dance of a fight which of course they will win. Enjoy trying to break yourself out of that pretzel you’ve now been turned into without any help.