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mbti types as things my 7 year old sister has said
  • ENFP: “I never wanna see you ever again. You’re not my sister anymore.”
  • INFP: “My tears are coming out!!!!!”
  • ENFJ: “You’re a big pile of nothing”
  • INFJ: “I already cried out all my tears!!!”
  • ENTP: “Heads I win. I put a curse on you forever”
  • INTP: “Okay. The moon better STOP following us.”
  • ENTJ: “I want you to break open the window and get out of the car. Get OUT”
  • INTJ: “If I can’t be happy, no one can.”
  • ESFP: “I like my friend Mara because I can dance better than her.”
  • ISFP: “I’m going to be an arteest” 
  • ISTP: “You can’t win. You don’t even know karate”
  • ESTJ: “I’m a big fan of money”
  • ISTJ: “I’m the pants police”
  • ESFJ: “I’m the strongest in the whole family. Not even dad”
  • ISFJ:  “You’re gonna be the slowest in the whole family”

Seven years old, and absolutely terrifying. 


One of the things progressives often get wrong has to do with how fundamental change comes about. The standard reasoning is that people are stirred when they hit the bottom of the bottom—a condition of diminished expectations. It takes an economic depression, or a lot of political repression, to prompt people to rise. We need things to get worse before they get better. Let the suffering come. This appears to be an entirely logical dialectic. But politics as desperation, as we might call the thought, rarely, if ever, proves out. Almost always it turns out to be an error.

Tectonic change comes when people are hopeful and sense something new is possible. Here’s how we build on victories

Headcannon that one Fourth of July Gansey takes the raven gang to his house to celebrate and it’s all very cultured and orginised and legal and generally very Gansey and Adam and Blue are just looking around slightly offended because “this is not how you celebrate 4th of July Gansey, where is the fire and the fREEDOM/ANARCHY?!?!” And Gansey sort of expected this from Blue but not Adam and Adam’s just like “sorry, but this is one thing that henrietta does 10 billion times better than what ever you have created here” in his real accent and he and blue leave to go and light some fireworks and scream about freedom and Ronan goes too because that is his shit and this is the only time when Adam has been COMPLETELY FKN DOWN WITH IT and Gansey just stares after them like “wtf are my friends?”

I was a bit bummed out about being out of the wifi range, I said that it didn’t matter and Ash said ‘well I would rather you had what you wanted, it makes me feel better’

Like seriously, no one has ever cared about what i wanted before… Even stupid things like this, he just wants me to be happy and it’s so cute

I still won’t have wifi but I don’t care that much now, I just want to cuddle him

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why do you need/want a service dog?

Ah- this is a late answer. I am a high-fuctiontioning person who suffers from severe anxiety and seasonal depression. The previous person who stated “service dog” was close, but a little off as to the definition of my pet- I need an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) to help deter me from particularly bad attacks and help calm me on a general basis.

A few months ago I had a bout of the worst attacks I’ve ever had in my life. It lasted over a month continuously of constant crippling anxiety, panic attacks, and during my better hours I was in the deepest depression I’ve ever felt. I felt like I was about to die and tht every breath might be my last. The one thing that was able to help me feel any sort of relief was a dog I met, Jody. Her presence and comfort helped me feel like I wasn’t alone and more in the moment. I stopped disassociating while I was able to hold her and she grounded me. The effect wore off as soon as she left, but ever since then I knew that I needed an ESA.

Since then I’ve had Kota to help me and he HAS taken the edge off of things. He’s been the reason I was able to avoid several Anxiety attacks both inside the house and outside. He’s made it easier to talk about the nature of my anxiety and overall he helped me function when I didn’t feel like functioning. Unfortunately he’s a stubborn, disobedient, free-thingking, unaffectionate, high energy dog. Dont get me wrong, he’s AMAZING…. for someone else. Someone who wants a dog with sass and who’ll just GOGOGOGO for ten hours straight.. Thats not me though. I need something like…. A pug. Or a huggable Golden Retriever. Something meant for being a family-oriented pet that can sit for hours with me or go on a walk when I need to. Something thats not going to CAUSE me anxiety by chasing cats, threatening to jump over fences, knocking over valuables, chewing up my things, and slobbering on my art. I need an ESA, not just any old dog, but the PERFECT dog. I’ve been looking for a while and I’m looking forward to the moment when I move out and I can save up to adopt the right dog.

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Hi! I'm Native American, African American and German. And what you said I completely agree with. Independence Day isn't about White people taking Natives Land! Also, not only Natives have been ridiculed in America. During the 10s and 20s in America, the Irish were ridiculed for coming over. As were the French, Asians, Africans, Italians, Jews and Germans. Everyone at one point has had hard times in their ancestry. But if we dwell on then, we won't ever have a better future. Thank you! ❤️

Hiya thank you for pitching in aa aa

I know it’s mostly a race thing but this is a good point thank you a lot

girls like girls plot, where the two muses are best friends and are part of a cool kids group. they feel themselves falling for each other, even though neither one has admitted to liking girls, and despite muse a having a boyfriend. they don’t ignore their feelings, and they play it off as platonic for a long time. but after seeing things go down between a and her boyfriend, muse b can’t stop herself from insisting that she’d be better for her than he ever could be. 

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do you think pescetarianism is a good alternative to veganism? I just know that I can't go vegan right now in my life - not for belief reasons, just for the logistics of it all. but I feel guilty sometimes consuming dairy and eggs (etc.), like I'm taking away from animals! thoughts?

Hi anon,

What is it specifically that is keeping you from going vegan logistically? It can seem like a nightmare before you start but once you get into it it really is very affordable and pretty easy once you get used to it! If it isn’t a possibility for you right now then any reduction of animal products you consume can only be a good thing. However, pescatarianism should really only ever be used as a stepping stone into veganism
when you are in a better position to transition.

Eating fish is unfortunately one of the most destructive food choices a person can make; it does untold damage to oceans and a variety of marine life, not to mention that fish do feel pain like other animals. We all do what we can at whatever stage we are at in our lives, I would advise just cutting out everything that I can at this stage.

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Seriously, Jeff and MTV missed the mark so so so bad with Marrish. It's just so innapropriate and awkward and disgusting. It better not last a lot of episodes because It's one of the worse things TW has ever done. Lydia is almost better off with Jackson than she is with that grown ass man.

its like they WANT lydia to be in unhealthy relationships
first jydia
then lowkey aiyda
and now marriew

but ok ok
in the end its stydia so who cares tbh


Thanks for tagging me, Meggers. Nine movies, right?

Eurotrip (2004) because I’m a trash teen

Bring It On (2000) because they let the good guys win at the end

The Flying Deuces (1939) because it’s made me laugh for twenty years

In the Mood for Love (2001) because it’s beautiful and gorgeous

Infernal Affairs (2002) because no movie captures the spirit of a city better than this one

Saving Face (2004) because the two things I love the most in the world are Asian moms and being corny about love

Love & Basketball (2000) because the other two things I love most in the world are basketball and being corny about love

Ocean’s Eleven (2001) because it’s so god damn cool

Taxi (2004) because Queen Latifah is a national treasure

Additional movie thoughts / notes:

Harold & Kumar is the best movie about Asian Americans ever, but the sequels are terrible.

Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder are the best movie couple ever.

American Pie films (which I have seen all of), in order: 2 > Band Camp > 1 > The Naked Mile > Wedding > The Book of Love = Beta House > Reunion. I did not like Reunion.

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What do you think about the ashton thing? the 14 year old chicks or what ever he said I cant believe he said that. I'm starting to agree with what people said about him changing. i just thought i would ask your opinion since you are an ashton girl

I was hoping someone would ask me this. The whole time I have been thinking one thing. This is my opinion. You have the full right to disagree with me

If you read the full article what he is saying is put into context. Yes he could have worded it better but overall he didn’t mean to cause offence.

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I have question about Anders. Does he nibble his nails or just wait when they break? I mean when they too long? I'm asking cause you write quite much about his appearance and I think too long nails would be one of those things he would be annoyed

Anders definitely bites his nails. Anything that causes a bit of a sting to take his mind off his memories is fair game. His nails are described as ‘uneven’ a few times but I don’t think I ever mentioned how he cares for them. They’re all better now though. Anders x Bath OTP.

4th of july alone

me: bah humbug… i am upset that i have no one to spend this fun party holiday with.

*george washington materializes out of nowhere*

george washington: i am the  president of 4th of july past

me: holy shit!!!hi george this day is getting better, theres only one thing that could uimprove today

*obama materializes too*

me: holy shit! presidents present! its obama!

*another guy wearing a mask materializes*

me:oh no.. the bad future? who could it be?

3*guy takes off his mask* *its bernie sanders*

bernie: hey guys whats up

me:agh the Best holiday ever

fabricati-diem-pvnc said: I also want ice cream, that’s how I came up with the ask actually :)

And what ice cream would you have right now if you could? :)

upslapmeal said: With the ageing thing couldn’t they just say that time had passed? Eleven aged in his last ep so they should be able to do the same for Susan. But yes, she’d have to be written well especially as people seem to just remember her now for screaming.

Yeah, Eleven aged a lot so they should be able to explain anything for Susan if she was to ever come back. Definitely one of the problems of having Susan back, is that horrible idea of her being really action-y and then everyone saying ‘look how much better she is in the new series’ ‘she’s not a silly screamer anymore, she actually uses her brain and fights now’ ugh, especially if she regenerated and was a new young actress. We think we’d rather just see her in a vision or something. :)

lmao i guess i don’t need to distract myself anymore because apparently writing long angry rants about things unrelated to my crises make me feel … better?

anger therapy. get yourself incredibly upset about something unrelated to why you are currently upset, and in the process forget what was upsetting you before! this has been proven by Science*

*science refers to a thing that happened once to one person in one particular situation and i felt like pretending applies to everything ever

i have mixed feelings about the 4th of July. I realize that as a white person, this day really only benefits us. and thats unfair, I wish it really was an independence day but for so many other people it is not. I also am aware of the many other issues that still hurt POC and my LGBTQ community so thats another thing that makes this day a bummer. And I honestly dont care all that much about “god bless the troops” because when have they ever “freed” gay people? when have they made it okay for trans people to walk around safely? They arent the ones who make us “free”. WE are, we are the ones protesting and fighting for rights. 

But i like to think positive in all situations so today, while not forgetting the myriad of other issues most people in this country deal with, I am happy that at least the people of my country are working towards a better way of doing things. Im celebrating the fact that I am allowed to be openly gay, because many other countries dont have that. If anything, just take this day to celebrate your own victories with your family/friends and enjoy that time together. 


film meme: (5/10) films 
Her (2013) - “It’s like I’m reading a book… and it’s a book I deeply love. But I’m reading it slowly now. So the words are really far apart and the spaces between the words are almost infinite. I can still feel you… and the words of our story… but it’s in this endless space between the words that I’m finding myself now. It’s a place that’s not of the physical world. It’s where everything else is that I didn’t even know existed. I love you so much. But this is where I am now. And this is who I am now. And I need you to let me go. As much as I want to, I can’t live in your book any more.

Why you want each sign as your friend
  • Aries:They will defend you to the death when you most need it, and joke around with you as if nothing is wrong. They can excite you and have a good time with you, as well as serve as your protector when the time comes.
  • Taurus:There is no one better to have low key movie days with. Not to mention, they'll hold you in extremely high importance, and cook you food that's most likely going to be better than anything you've ever eaten before.
  • Gemini:They will never fail to keep you entertained. They will fill you in on everything going on with them, as well as their opinions on your matters. A conversation is easy to keep up and will likely not die so quickly with a Gemini friend.
  • Cancer:They will always say or do things that remind you how great and important you are, even if you are not feeling so fabulous at the given moment. They will make you feel extremely secure; this is a friend you know for a fact you can (and will want to) trust, no ands, ifs, or buts.
  • Leo:They will let go of past arguments almost always, even if they shouldn't be forgotten. Often, they will make it a point to treat you like royalty and uplift you. They never fail to see the value in a friend, regardless of prior circumstances.
  • Virgo:A Virgo friend will analyze anything you come to them with, and try to strategically find the most beneficial solution. Therefore, a Virgo will always clue you in to what they think is best for you, even if it's not what you had planned for.
  • Libra:They will always understand where you are coming from, even if they do not completely agree with what you're saying or doing. They will also push to make you understand where someone you may be arguing with is coming from, which is sure to only be beneficial to you and help resolve the issue.
  • Scorpio:As long as you treat them will, they will project that same treatment and loyalty back on to you. Any act of kindness, you are certain to receive projected back toward you. A friendship with Scorpio is bound to be a purely symbiotic relationship as long as good feelings are passed on from one to the other.
  • Sagittarius:They will always accept you and show you tolerance and a certain love for who you are, no matter what. They will make you laugh, and do nice things for you just to see a smile come onto your face. Ultimately, they will do anything to make you happy, just for the sake of making you happy alone.
  • Capricorn:They won't make you suffer through anything by yourself. They will offer so many solutions to help you return back to your old self again, and will not leave your side until they have seen you try the methods and begin to regain your health of the spirit.
  • Aquarius:They are so full of unexpected ideas and things to do, and are certain to surprise you with something uplifting to make your day even when you are at your worst.
  • Pisces:They will not only talk about whatever problem you may have, but go out of their way and take it upon themselves to put effort into FIXING that problem, so you may once again turn to happiness and all around good vibes. They show their compassion and generosity through both words and actions.