this is one of the best scenes to ever grace my eyes


Someone in the notes of the last Leyendecker post I reblogged mentioned having difficulty telling his work and Rockwell’s apart, and I know from experience that many people get them confused, which is somewhat astonishing as, to my eyes, their styles are very distinct. Leyendecker was Rockwell’s idol and mentor, but they were very different people and were interested in portraying different aspects of humanity, even when the basic subject matter was the same.

Surface-level, here are some differences:

  • Leyendecker smoothed out faults and imperfections (in the young. he stylized them in the old); Rockwell exaggerated them to mild or moderate caricature
  • Leyendecker approached his paintings as sculpture- even the merest clothing folds are carved out of the paint; Rockwell approached his paintings as drawings- the underlying contour always shines through.
  • Leyendecker used broad hatching brushstrokes and areas of smooth shine; Rockwell used more naturalistic texture and lighting
  • Leyendecker created idolized, larger-than-life figures that feel Hellenistic in their perfection; Rockwell created intimate scenes populated by figures that feel familiar in their specificity
  • Leyendecker’s best and most comfortable work was as a fashion/lifestyle illustrator; Rockwell’s best and most comfortable work was as an editorial/humor illustrator 
  • Leyendecker created beautiful still lives with his figures; Rockwell told compelling stories
  • Leyendecker often created erotic tension in his paintings; Rockwell almost never did.

See below: Two paintings of soldiers with women, but in Rockwell’s there is a clear punchline, and while the poses are contrived for the sake of composition, they’re not self-conscious. The women are pretty- as demanded by the central joke- but not truly sexualized anywhere but in the mind of the young soldier who is being overloaded with cake and attention. 

Contrast Leyendecker’s soldiers with a young nurse. Everyone in this image is posing attractively- no one has their mouth full or ears sticking out. Each crease and fold is sharp and sculptural, and the light picks out their best features- in particular the shoulders and posterior of the soldier facing away from the viewer. There is neither joke nor story, merely a group of beautiful young people, portrayed with deft brushwork and graceful lines. (and check out that hatching! That’s indicator #1 that you’ve got a Leyendecker image)

Leyendecker was very comfortable with “hot young things wearing clothes”, and did them very VERY well, but his facility with idealization came at the cost of personalization, which was fine for fashion illustration, but shows in his domestic scenes: 

Beautiful, but… cold. (Also, that hand on the left- who holds a baby with their hand like that??? Good lord, J.C.) Compare a Rockwell illustration (for a baby food brand, I believe) of a mother and baby: this is clearly a real and individual young mother and baby, interacting exactly how parents and babies really interact.

Even when they did basically the same content, and putting aside posing or composition or anything other than objective visual analysis, it’s still obvious who is who:

  • Red: NR’s smoother rendering vs JCL’s super cool hatching
  • Green: NR’s naturalistic cloth folds vs JCL’s sculptural stylization
  • Blue: NR’s natural lighting vs JCL’s world where everything is shiny

Now go forth, confident in the knowledge that you’ll never confuse a Rockwell or a Leyendecker ever again, and can refute any claim that their styles are ‘virtually identical’. 

{PART 27} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; As death enters the room to claim a soul; so does life. Who shall live and who shall die - as you begin to wonder…is this really the end?

“And as he looked upon her face amidst the madness, he saw everything he held close depart his world; while she slipped into the next”

|| Warning: This chapter contains mentions of blood and some scenes that readers may find upsetting ||

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 26} {Part 27} {Part 28}

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Ink and Kisses

Anon said to moi:

“Omg i want a tattoo artist jungkook!!!!!! 😭😩 smut/fluff/and honestly anything!!!! I just love tattoos artists jungkook but there aren’t alot of those fanfic…. can u help a poor girl out ??💖”

FIRst time trying a Tattoo artist AU. I had to do some reading before this, and JK is sO sexy i s2g. Still weird that I don’t really ever feel like doing the do with him. HOPE YOU ENJOY <3 1,400 Words

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Tattooist au!

Part 1 | Part 2 (FINAL)

Originally posted by nnochu

No one would have ever imagined that hardcore badass Jeon Jungkook, the most well-known tattoo artist in the town, the guy who dropped out to follow his passion, was best friends with beautiful, sweet, top-scoring university student, Y/N. 

Physically, they seemed to be polar opposites. He had dragons inked onto his skin, three piercings on his left ear and two on his right, and always wore black; whilst you were a bright, clean slate – but you knew that was what he loved about you.

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anonymous asked:

dark rc would you please consider writing about how victor (and the rest of the Russian skate team) had a feud with the Russian hockey team bc of their constant flirting and attentions towards yuuri (who was completely oblivious at the war waging for his heart)??

This has been sitting in my inbox for over a month and I apologize for that, nonny! I wanted to try my hand at breaking through this writer’s block and this prompt was ripe for the taking. It’s not my best work by any stretch, but it’s something at least! I hope you enjoy.


There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

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Angel in the Darkness (M) pt.4

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

A/N:This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (masturbating, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use……(alot of smut comes in later) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

“You’re a mistake! You should have never even been born!” the group of nine-year old’s like yourself, taunted you.

You were mindlessly walking outside during recess, until a group of kids from your class cornered you. They formed a circle around you, deciding to remind you of what kind of blasphemy you were.

“Just leave me alone!” you screeched back at them, just wanting to distance yourself. You tried to leave, but there was no escape, as they would just push you back into the middle of the circle.

“Where are you going you little bitch?” a boy who was a bit taller than you mocks.

When you glare at him to try to push past, he shoves you roughly back, making you fall on the cold cement. You cringe when you skid against the ground, layers of skin from your elbows and hands being ripped off.

Each of them laugh at you, as you just sit still on the ground, not daring to look up at them. Why did this always have to happen to you?

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(LONG long post. click on the title to go to the link)


The Breaking Wheel (J_Baillier) - The instant classic. Prolonged, nuanced medical angst. The best. (and the 7PercentSolution & J_Baillier sequel On the Rack  )

Lunar Landscapes (J_Baillier) - This author is a genius. And this work has practically every colour of Sherlock angst/whump that exists.

Fratros, Eros and Agape (emma221b) - John finds Sherlock bleeding in Magnusson’s office. What happens next (is glorious)

Harmless Things (J_Baillier) Scorpions do horrid things to Sherlock

All the Best and Brightest Creatures (wordstrings) - This is epic; and heartbreaking and beautiful. So beautiful….

My Will’s Not My Own (SailorChibi) - Read the warnings. This one broke my heart; oh Sherlock. It’s never his fault… 

The Dying Detective Remix (SailorChibi) - When will Sherlock EVER ask for help.

Whenever it’s right (Aliea) - John sees a beautiful man with green eyes on the train. And then the train explodes…

Electric Pink Hand Grenade (BeautifulFiction) - Everyone knows this one. The greatest brain in the world gets the world’s worst migraine…

Dangerous Mould (Benfan) - (Near) death via a petri dish

Raison d’etre (AmphigoricSymphony) - This is like the War and Peace of Sherlock whump. Bloody Mary…

Lopov (AmphigoricSymphony) - Mycroft saves a brutalised Sherlock in Serbia

Addicted to a Certain Lifestyle (sfmpco) - Another fill-in-the-gaps after Sherlock’s collapse at Baker Street during HLV.

Your Visible Ghost (anactoria) - Read the warnings. Sherlock goes missing and John receives a video message…

Staircase Wit (splix) - Sherlock just keeps getting beaten (up). And asphyxiated. Quite beautifully.

The way it was meant to be (whitchry9) - John leaves Sherlock for just four days. And of course; pneumonia.

Fever (thecommonplaceofexistence) - John leaves Sherlock again. Sherlock gets pneumonia. Again.

How to torture John (Dlvvanzor) - Read the warnings. Seriously. Read them. This is Sherlock whump but almost equally John.

The Yellow Poppies (SilentAuror) - Mary is a bad person. Sherlock suffers.

Rush (Valxyri) - Sherlock gets drugged with a massive overdose

In The Silence (ScopesMonkey) - A longer saga (Sugerverse) is worth the read but this section is quite angsty and Sherlock gets concussion. Chapters 3 – 5 esp.

A More Vicious Motivator (ShezzasCompanion) - Read the warnings. Sherlock returns from Serbia and well, things just go from bad to worse…

Perfectly Fine (cabintardlock) - Sherlock gets ill and like an idiot hides it from his doctor…

Pain Management (TheGracefulBlueCat**) - Missing scenes from HLV most about pain and angst and trauma. **So many of this author’s works are wonderful Sherlock / John whump which I am not going to list here but recommend…

The Game has Changed (youtextd) - Mycroft arrives in Serbia too late to save Sherlock from terrible, long-lasting trauma. This is the story of how John and Mycroft help Sherlock back.

Not the King’s Men (StoneWingedAngel) - Oh god. Sherlock :-( this is as far as you can go before Sherlock is too traumatised to recover…

Getting Over It (The_Cool_Aunt) - Something’s not quite right with Sherlock. John starts to notice…

Finger Painting in the Dark (whitchry9) - Read the warnings. Moriarty gets his hands on Sherlock and well… it doesn’t go well. At all.

Tears of the Violinist (SUPRNTRAL LVR) - Moriarty steals Sherlock again. It’s brutal.

Cleansing (CumberbatchCritter) - John stumbles across Sherlock detoxing after being in hospital for so long. It’s a painful process.

Confessions (hockeylass) - John and Sherlock hit the road on a case; and then everything goes to hell.

Not Quite in his Right Mind (BakerTumblings) - Sherlock gets a head injury and it’s a shock for John…

No Incentive So Great (thisprettywren) - Sherlock argues with John. And then gets kidnapped. John is awesome.

The Fix (peg22) - Sherlock goes out for milk. And is injected with heroin.

Blind-Spot in Your Intellect (Only_1_Truth) - Sherlock tests a drug on a military-trained flatmate with PTSD…

The Emergency Contact series (blueink3) - Who Sherlock has as his Emergency Contact when he gets hurt, changes over time…



And a Doctor (StillWaters1) - One of my absolute favourites. Sherlock whump too.  Doctor John everybody; stand clear.

De Ses Cendres (Amphigoric Symphony) - Tortured epic saga where Magnusson goes after Sherlock and well, everybody suffers. Endlessly

The Third Brother (uglycrow) - Another favourite. John gets wounded during a visit to the Three Garridebs.

The River Variations (withoutawish) - John gets hurt during a Three Garridebs encounter and Sherlock fractures

Into Dark Waters (Breath4Soul) - (TFP) John waits for Sherlock in the Holmes mansion’s well. He runs out of time.

We go anywhere but to the ground (geordielover) - Read the warnings. Sherlock is gone and John…. breaks.

There but for the Grace of John Watson / The Boys of Baker Street (skyefullofstars) - Parts one and two of a trilogy where John is kidnapped, drugged and becomes addicted and Sherlock is tested to the extreme. Bonus Sherlock whump amongst this sweeping narrative.

Reaction (Blind_Author) - Read the warnings. What happens to John before the semtex and vest incident at the pool.

Triage (scullyseviltwin) - John gets shot. Sherlock falls apart. The aftermath of that…

Handle With Care (TheGracefulBlueCat) - John gets attacked with a scorpion. What is it with these men and scorpions??

Very Good Indeed (stillwaters01) - John diagnoses what toxin he’s been drugged with and has seconds to guide Sherlock to saving him.

Deal (Basser**) - John underestimates his injury and scares Sherlock (**this author does lovely whumplets)

Vital Organs (firstdrafted) - How can John whump be so goddamned sweet. This is lovely

I sat on stage at Great Comet (8/2 matinee) and let me tell y'all what happened:

* Lucas handed us the basket of dumplings and I basically had an internal freak-out. I didn’t know what to say other than “thank you”.

* He also leaned in REALLY close and sang in my face during the Prologue. Making prolonged eye contact with Lucas Steele is simultaneously frightening and thrilling.

* When Marya said “these gossips and crybabies”, she gestured to our section. My friend and I just shrugged in agreement.

* Mary and Natasha brought over stools and sat in our section during Natasha and the Bolkonskys. Courtney and Denée sang right at us and it was wonderful.

* Denée sat right next to us at the end of No One Else.

* It was probably the best rendition of No One Else I’ve ever heard Denée sing.
* My friend who I was with had a henna replica of Alex Gibson’s bear tattoo on his arm. Alex sat next to us during the Opera scene and couldn’t stop smiling after he saw the tattoo.

* Anatole’ entrance up close was EPIC

* I had never noticed before, but Anatole begins kissing up Helène’s hand/arm. Then, he pointed to his cheek and as she leaned in to give him a peck, he quickly turned his head so it was on the lips instead. Her reaction is the laughter that you can hear during the Opera before Sonya comes back in.

* Speaking of Sonya, I had Ashley Flannagan under studying for her sand she was incredible, but I’ll get to her later. Being up close during Natasha and Anatole felt almost like I was watching something intimate and private that I shouldn’t. Like there was so much sexual tension that I truly felt like I should look away (but of course, I didn’t)

* Lucas does a really cute brain explosion feature with sound effects in between N&A and the Duel

* During the Duel, Lauren Zakrin came over and “did coke” on our table.

* Anatole’s little dance is so funny

* Also Balaga eats out Sonya?!?!?

* I had never realized what happened between Anatole and Marya during that scene until now. Basically, during “here’s to the health of married women”, Marya bends over and Anatole begins spamming her with her riding crop. THEN she turns around and gets on her knees and reaches for his pants… then Pierre cut them off. I had no clue that Grace and Lucas did that until now.

* Also, Nick B and the music director are DJs with a laptop during The Duel and its funny

* Oak’s Dust and Ashes was incredible

* When the chorus comes in, they’re lit up in the orchestra aisles and mezzanine with this soft golden light from underneath them. I had never seen that from the front before, and you can’t tell they’re lit up from behind. Pierre sings up to them, because they are truly the angel’s chorus he’s praying to. Then they leave when he sings “I want to wake up” and he loses that bit of hope because he’s not ready yet. Basically, during my 4th time seeing the show, the poignancy of that moment hit me like a goddamn truck.

* I was in Natasha’s mirror in Sunday Morning behind Pierre which was pretty cool

* Helène draped her cloak over the railing in front of us. It hit me and I wasn’t even mad.

* Being in the middle of the Ball is amazing. I could see the faces Natasha and Anatole were making. And the kiss went on EVEN LONGER than
I remember.

* I began mouthing along to the chorus of Letters and bopping along. Josh and Andrew noticed and smiled at me. They also bopped next to our section for a while.

* I got a letter from Amber Gray/Helène, which made my night

* I’m still amazing that Lucas can hit those notes™ live 8 times a week

* He held out the last “just say yeeesssss” so long that people started applauding

* Ashley Flanagan ’s Sonya Alone was INCREDIBLE. She’s different from both Brittan and Ingrid. But she was on the verge of tears and so was I.

* Some of Lucas’ shaving cream hit me during Preparations

* I also got hit with the green coat™ during the Abduction and it was a blessing

* Nick Belton gave me his guitar and said “hey I need to dance can you hold this for a minute thanks” and I was living for it

* During the really long “whoa” after “everyone raise a glass”, I raised my egg shaker in the air. Lucas shook his head and kept making the “raise up” gesture. I was confused, so he grabbed my waster bottle and shoved it in my hand. Then he smiled and ran back up the steps. He did this all while holding the note, by the way. It definitely gets longer each time.

* Just before he began singing “goodbye my gypsy lovers”, Lucas made eye contact with me and winked. It was glorious.

* The Helène and Marya kiss is possibly my reason for living. Amber had Grace’s lipstick on her for a lot of the rest of Act 2.

* I caught one of the pages of War and Peace during the madness

* Speaking of the madness, what Lucas does with that violin is ridiculous. He just leaned into our section, turned in to face us, and played something ridiculous that I couldn’t even attempt

* Balaga/The Abduction was so fun on stage because I could sing along with everyone and nobody cared. It was the most enjoyable and energetic 15 minutes of my life.

* The Petersburg Note™ was amazing as always

* Amber sat in our section for the last 20 minutes of the show sobbing, which made me sob too

* Basically, it was an unforgettable experience. This is the only show that it’s even possible to have an experience like this. Where else do the actors sit with you, hand you their instruments, smile when you sing along, and just make you a part of their world for 2+ hours? The Great Comet is a unique and unbelievably incredible show that I’m so glad I got to see four times, and I’m even more thankful that my last time was on the stage with this insanely talented company

Loyalty (Jon Snow)

word count: 11, 527 (yeah, i went a lil crazy with this one…)

prompt: Y/N grew up as Eddard Stark’s Ward after the death of her father. Ned fed her stories of the great Ser Arthur Dayne and it became her mission to prove herself worthy of wielding Dawn. However, Y/N’s childish view of honorable and honest knights was diminished after the death of everyone she grew to love. After surviving the Red Wedding, she joins Stannis Baratheon, the rightful king of Westeros and rides North.

warning: there is a small smut scene, not very descriptive

a/n: I was writing a fifty chapter fanfic bc I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Arthur Dayne having a daughter and her wanting to be like her dad, but bc we all know this bitch (me) ain’t gonna finish it, I decided to cramp all of it into this. Hopefully, you enjoy and i might write a second part? 

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Bellamy X Reader: Angst, smut

Request? Yes:

Bellamy smut where he sees one of the delinquents try to get the reader in bed, and he beats him up. Reader argues with him and he tells her he just wants to protect her, and sweet sex comes afterwards.

Author’s note: I wrote this pretty quickly, so I apologize if it’s got some grammatical/spelling errors. I just wanted to give something to my lovely followers that have stuck with me since the beginning. I really appreciate those of you that haven’t deserted me since the Harry era began. I know it’s probably sort of annoying. Xoxo. Hope you enjoy!

It’s probably been the best night you’ve had on the ground. All of the delinquents are surrounding a monster of a bonfire. There’s been no sign of grounders for a week, and everything seems so peaceful. Monty made up a large batch of moonshine and Finn found a stereo somewhere, complete with a collection of music more than a century old. Everyone is bubbly with alcohol and calmed by the tunes. Even Murphy lets his head bob along to the beat.

Your own body is buzzing with intoxication, just to the point of a pleasurable, meditative happiness. All of your nerves are electrified and the music digs its way to your core. It only takes a few moments of observing the scene before you’re on your feet with another small group of delinquents, swaying with your eyes closed. Nothing matters but the soft beat of the drums and the chill of the air.

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Not a Kid - Tommy Shelby

Request: Could you write about Tommy Shelby falling in love with a younger reader? (in their early 20’s)?

Not A Kid Anymore - Tommy Shelby

You were sat in the kitchen of Polly’s house laughing as Isaiah recounted a story about he and Finn trying to pick up a couple of girls down at the pub two nights ago. You, Michael, and Finn were sitting around the table while Isaiah stood up, making hand motions and acting out the entire scene. You were all somewhat tipsy from a bottle of whiskey that Finn had brought with him. 

Growing up you’d always been closest to Ada. You were only four years her junior and your mother had been close with Polly. When Ada moved to London you continued to spend time with the Shelby family. Eventually you became friends with Michael and Isaiah though they were a few years younger than you. You got on well with John and Esme but Arthur and Tommy always treated you like a child. Arthur didn’t bother you so much as Tommy did.  

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johnlocked-ianthony  asked:

Hello Steph! Could you recommend some (preferably fluffy) fics where Sherlock experiments on John. I read "A Terrific Soporific" today and really liked it! So something like that?

Hi Lovely! 

Absolutely! I’m adding all kinds of versions of experimentation, so I hope these are to your liking!


  • A Terrific Soporific by antietamfalls (T, 11,269 w.) Sherlock, a long-time sufferer of insomnia, is forced to share a bed with John at a hotel while on a case. To his astonishment, he finds that spending the night next to John helps him sleep and becomes determined to maneuver himself back into John’s bed.

  • Unmapped by 221b_hound (E, 2,385 w.) – Sherlock wishes to explore more about his desires. To this end, he conducts a kissing experiment in the afternoon of Christmas Day. John is all for experiments of this nature. They are going to learn a thing or two together. Part 9 of Unkissed

  • Unrestrained by 221b_hound (E, 5,377 w.) – Another experiment in desire - it’s not just what about what Sherlock likes to experience, but what he likes to do. It turns out that it’s much more about who he likes to do it to, and the way John’s desire has become bound up with restraint. Part 11 of Unkissed

  • Thermodynamics Series by entanglednow (T to E, 16,300 w. over 4 works) – In which there’s no heating and there’s a dead owl in Sherlock’s bed. Sherlock conducts an experiment in John’s bed.

  • To Sleep, Perchance to Smother Your Flatmate with a Pillow by Linpatootie (G, 5,308 w.) – Sherlock wants to conduct a sleep study of sorts. John contemplates smothering him with a pillow. Part 1 of Two Coffees One Black One with Sugar Please

  • Bed-Sharing Between Flatmates by testosterone_tea (T, 5,053 w.) – 5 times Sherlock had an excuse to share John’s bed, and the one time he didn’t need one.

  • You fit me, Sherlock Holmes by orphan_account (G, 10,077 w.) – An unfortunate series of events leads to John accepting being a part of Sherlock’s study in physical intimacy. As the days pass by, John realizes he might be in for more than he bargained for. He doesn’t entirely mind.

  • Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by cypress_tree (E, 10,669 w.) – John helps Sherlock with an experiment: for an entire month, they are not allowed to touch each other and must remain at least one metre apart at all times. {{SOOOO GOOD}}

  • The Genetic Algorithm by Bitenomnom (NR, 3,786 w.) – Some problems defy the usage of cold, clean-cut linear logic. It is impossible to devise a way to take steps that ultimately lead exactly to an optimal answer. Sherlock believes John Watson is one of those problems. Part 28 of Mathematical Proof

  • Nightfall by CKLizzy (T, 8,001 w.) – Awoken by nightmares, John and Sherlock seek each other’s company at night. They find more than either of them knew they were missing. Part 1 of Solace {{more “exploring each other” than experimenting}}

  • On a Sunday Morning by SD_Ryan for jimmytiberius (G, 3,136 w.) – Sherlock has a little problem. He can’t stop obsessing about John Watson.

  • Paired Comparison Experiment Notes, Trials 1-24 by Bitenomnom  (NR, 1198 w.) – Sherlock plays footsie with John for an experiment. Continuation of The Paired Comparison Model.

  • Vatican Cameos by ALLthe-doms (T, 1k+ w., FFNet) – Quick story about the beginning of the phrase Vatican Cameos and the practice that went into perfecting it.

  • Who Else Would I Call? by Lastew (K+, 3k+ w., FFNet) – John sees Sherlock repeatedly entering a number into his phone, but when he questions Sherlock about it, Sherlock is evasive. What’s going on here?

  • The Perfect Place by SilverSmile (K+, 1K+ w., FFNet) – Sherlock attempts to find the perfect place to sleep, but his little experiment proves to be far more difficult than expected.

  • It’s an Experiment by YupThatsMySock (K+, 1k+ w., FFNet) – Sherlock kidnaps John’s jumpers for “an experiment”. John decides it’s only fair to kidnap the skull.

  • Unspoken by PipMer (G, 2770 w.) – Sherlock wanted to test a hypothesis. About John. He wanted a question answered that he couldn’t just ask, at least not under normal conditions, because John would never tell him the truth about that.

  • Last Christmas by Mazarin221b (T, 3,911w.) – That Earth-shaking revelation, then, leads to a problem, and one that Sherlock realizes should be solved quickly, before John’s dates turn into girlfriends or boyfriends, because sometimes girlfriends or boyfriends can turn into wives or husbands while your back is turned. Every time John hums happily at the mirror as he shaves, splashes on a little gift cologne Mrs. Hudson bought him for Christmas, Sherlock is drawn back to that night by the fire, and the way John’s touch had made the world stand still. {{LOVE this one. Not really “experimenting” but more “recreating a situation to make something else happen}}

  • Problematic by MrsNoggin (E, 6,164 w.) – Sherlock Holmes is fine with problems. More than fine. Problems are his job. More than his job. Problems are his life. Sherlock really wants to ask John something. Only, he’s not sure what… 


  • Manipulation by sixbynine (K+, 2k+ w. FFNet) – John Watson is not as unobservant as Sherlock thinks, nor is he above using what he knows. Even if it is just to make sure Sherlock eats and sleeps. {{John is the one experimenting in this one :D}}

  • Never Have I Ever by Hannelore-Grace (T, 2k+, FFNet) – In which the Yarders, Sherlock, and John play the time-honored drinking game. {{Everyone tries to get Sherlock drunk}}

  • A Stupid Person’s Talent by Cumberbatch Critter (T, 1K+, FFNet) – In which John tries to teach Sherlock how to ice skate.

  • It’s a Crime Scene! by Ttime42 (K, 1k+, FFNet) – John tries to coax Sherlock out of a bad mood at a crime scene. 

  • An Experiment in Empathy Series by belovedmuerto (G to T, 62 397w across 13 stories) –  In which John is an empath, Sherlock is Sherlock, and an epic bromance happens. In the aftermath of The Great Game, John creates an unexpected bond between himself and Sherlock. Now they have to learn how to deal with it. John is better at this than Sherlock is. {{I LOVE this SERIES SO MUCH.}}

  • An Experiment in Apathy Series by belovedmuerto (G to E, 28,701 w. over 13 stories, WIP) – John and Sherlock navigate their complicated relationship. I adore this series, and it feels complete where it leaves off :)


  • The Kissing Disease by cottonballz_of_death (E, 30,856w.) – John brings home a boyfriend, shocking Sherlock, who long ago gave up hope that his straight flatmate would ever take a romantic interest in him. In a bid to reconnect with John, he tries to infect himself with a “harmless” virus. Neither of them is prepared for the emotional fallout that results.

  • I’m Pretty Sure This Changes Shit by cwb (E, 7,672 w.) – Sherlock finds increasingly ridiculous ways to get John to patch him up after hurting himself.

  • Ravish Me by amalnahurriyeh (E, 10,025 w.) – Sherlock is experimenting with patterns of wear on lipstick in daily encounters. John is going to go insane.

  • The Great Sex Olympics of 221B by XistentialAngst (E, 58,611 w.) – John Watson thinks Sherlock Holmes should admit that he, Watson, is more of an expert on sex than Sherlock is. But Sherlock refuses to concede the point. He comes up with an experiment plan that will resolve the issue. The results will determine who wins the prize. But sometimes even the best thought-out scientific study has unexpected consequences.

  • The Cuddle Sutra by aceofhearts61 (G, 3,218 w.) – In which Sherlock orders the Cuddle Sutra; he and John try out some of the positions. Part 20 of A Love with No Name

  • A Study in Intimacy by doodle (T, 5,183 w.) – People don’t touch Sherlock Holmes, not like they touch other people. Then he meets John Watson.

  • 34 Minutes by bendingsignpost (T, 4,698 w.) – An experiment in eye contact.


  • Living In Fear by Lady Sam Mallory (T, 4K+, FFNet) – Missing Scene for Hounds of the Baskerville. John suffers from massive PTSD episodes upon their return from Dartmoor. {{The aftermath of Sherlock’s experiment rather than a running experiment}}

  • In The Wake by Ambikai (K+, 2k+ w. , FFNet) – After returning from Baskerville, Sherlock and John deal with the aftermath: unsure of where they sit with one another.


  • Equilibrium by augustbird (M, 12,351 w.) – At Baskerville, John is infected by a virus that turns him into a genius. But when the infection progresses into neurodegeneration, it’s a race against time to save himself. {{Sherlock’s experimenting to save John}}

  • A Symphony of Chemical Reactions by what_alchemy  (T, 2,351 w.) – Cooking’s just chemistry and time management.

  • The Engine by stitchy (T, 8,294 w.)Shortly after the events of His Last Vow, Sherlock has an opportunity to revisit the night of A Study in Pink and get some perspective on the destiny of he and John’s relationship.

  • A Quiet Murmuration by cathedral_carver (T, 4,684 w.) – Just pay me back with one thousand kisses. {{Not really “experimenting” more than “Sherlock is paying John back”. Still fantastic.}}

  • Too Visible by chappysmom (K+, 23k+ w. FFNet) – With his gift of being invisible, John has always worried about being locked away in an experimental government lab. Baskerville is quite literally John’s worst nightmare—and the hound has nothing to do with it. It’s all Sherlock’s fault, but will he realize that? Sequel to “Invisible” and “Still Invisible.” {{This was one of the first AU’s I’ve ever read, and I still love it. Read “Invisible” to make sense of this one}}

  • Experiments in Trust by oleanderhoney (T, 5k+ w., FFNet) – “I can glance at a dead body and instantly know their life, and where they work, and who their lover is, but with you I can’t tell what it means when you look at me and your eyes are so dark they look brown even though they are blue. Or what it means when your hand starts to shake at certain crime scenes, and yet can be as solid as iron after you kill a man…”

  • You Remind Me of a Man by columbine-and-asphodel (M, 17k+w., FFNet) – Sherlock is a living human experiment. John, an android medicinal ethics monitor, reviews the place that’s been experimenting on Sherlock and is thrown by what he finds. Inspired by but no spoilers for The Hounds of Baskerville. {{This is an abandoned WiP from years ago, sadly, but what is here is very good}}

  • 33 by Indigo Blue.x (K+, 2k+ w., FFNet)  “I haven’t made a zombie,” Sherlock says scathingly, which would be more convincing if there were not a zombie in the flat.

  • A Study in Linguistics by rizandace (T, 12k+w., FFNet) – Sherlock Holmes and John Watson had their own language. It was a language of few words and minute facial expressions, and John had learned that it was nearly the only way to have an honest conversation with his eccentric flat mate.

  • A collection of seemingly unrelated things by Volitan (T, 3k+w., FFNet) – An Axe Murderer, Five Stitches, a Banana and a New Pair of Shoes… They’re a seemingly random collection of things, unless Sherlock and John are involved, and then the items as a collective make complete sense.

  • LHR-HNL by scullyseviltwin (E, 35,066 w.) – In need of an endangered flora sample, Sherlock and John must make a trip to an unexpected destination.

  • The Semantics of Crop Circle Formation: a case study by Sherlock Holmes [unpublished] bycanolacrush (M, 41,710 w.) – “Look at these photographs,” I said, gesturing to the wall of crop circles. “What do you observe?”“Crop circles,” John replied.“Obvious. What else?”“Are…are those intestines surrounding them?”“Yes. The majority are bovine and ovine in origin. The farmers who have acquired these crop circles in their fields have also had a tenth of their livestock murdered and arranged thus.”“Why?” John said, presumably in a rhetorical fashion. I detest rhetorical questions. “That is what I must find out, John.”

  • The Dying Genius by JuweWright (K, 8k+w., FFNet) – John’s POV. Mrs Hudson comes to John’s clinic with alarming news: Sherlock has contracted a terrible illness and might be dying…

  • Dying Changes Everything by whitchry9 (K+, 1k+, FFNet) – Sherlock is having an existential crisis and wants to have a near death experience like John did to gain some perspective. “Shoot me John!” he insisted, gesturing to himself. John just looked at him. “Are you completely mad?” {{Unhappyish ending, TW for gunshot}}

  • Six Months by dreamergirl090 (T, 16K+ w., FFNet) – John doesn’t show up to a crime scene. Lestrade wonders if John and Sherlock had a row. Molly knows it’s more complicated than that. {{TW Major Character Death and hardcore angst!!! Sherlock is experimenting throughout the fic}}

Feel free to add some of your own, y’all!

anonymous asked:

(1/2) i love lance more than anything but i'm also in love with the percy jackson series and recently i was thinking; unclaimed!lance, stuffed into the hermes cabin, and all alone even with everyone around him. because his friends are out there, having a jolly good time being claimed (Hunk is Hephaestus, Pidge is Demeter, Keith is Ares, Shiro is Ares.) and he's stuffed with Hermes. And he's so sad over it, yknow? because he doesnt know what he is, who he is, and he feels so left out

(2/2) because he sticks out like a sore thumb in the hermes cabin, he’s not all cunning and thieving like they naturally are (hermes is the god of thieves) and it kind of just kills him bc he’s always had a big & close family and all of a sudden he was torn away from them and hauled into this camp and then he finds out he doesnt even know whose kid he is?! (i like to imagine him being claimed as a son of poseidon and finally, finally feeling at peace bc he knows who he is now)

I am weak for Percy Jackson, how did you know Okay so, lets say this is in canon verse for the Percy Jackson series- they had the war and they won and shit- and imagine, Lance, who doesn’t know who he is, who is kinda good at sword fighting but much better at long range archery, who gets a long very well with Will Solace and the Apollo cabin, move into a cabin that is almost always empty. 

Yeah, he’s excited to be Percy Jackson’s sibling and all, but holy fuck, is it lonely in the cabin. Percy is at collage now, and Tyson is in Rome with Ella, and the cabin is so lonely and silent and it honestly bothers him. That is until Percy and Tyson find out they have a younger sibling. (In canon, Percy is like 18-19, and in this AU pretty boy, Lance, is like 16, and Tyson is a cyclops their age scales work differently.) And they’re like rushing to camp to meet them. All of the seven do. And of course he hung out with Nico, cause you know, friends with Will Solace, so hes already cool with him, but now he’s friends with all the demigods that are like… cool as shit and strong as shit. And he hangs out with Jason Grace- little known fact about Lance, he has a crush on one Jason Grace, much to Keith’s annoyance. 

So he starts hanging out with the seven plus everyone else, and his friends are like, “What” because now Lance is really cool, and being recognized for being really cool, and he has all these new friends, and Hunk doesn’t want to be replaced. Cue a big emotional scene were they talk it out and Hunk is introduced to everyone and Leo is like, “Oh yeah that’s my brother, hes a nerd.” And Pidge takes a little longer too come around to Lance but when she does. Oh boy. Pidge hugs and cuddles Lance to death and won’t let him go because she doesn’t want Lance to forget her like her family had too in the awe of his new friends. Next is actually Shiro, and his is a little less emotional, and they just talk it out about how he wants too be Lance’s friend, always. So… Keith.

Keith, golden boy of the ares cabin, can not deal with the thought of Lance abandoning him for his new friends especially Jason mother fucking Grace. And all of his siblings are like, oh just confess to him you wimp, except Clarisse because she gets hot hard it is to love someone who is in love with another person Selina  so she doesn’t tell him anything, instead, she tells him he should talk too Nico about it- Because lets face it, Nico is great and probably waited around doing that mutual pinning thing for will for like two weeks until they got together (This disregards canon because canon is dumb when it comes to how they got together) and he knows. So Keith goes to Nico, they talk, and Keith tries to confess to Lance. Except he accidentally challenges Jason too a duel instead. And holy chicken fry, Lance ain’t prepared. Like to see his major crush, challenge his minor crush, and have his minor crush accept? (Piper’s laughing her ass off and taking bets.) He is shook. Especially when Keith tells him in the Poseidon cabin that hes fighting for Lance.  So the day of the fight he walks over to Lance and tells him to keep his eyes on him, and Lance does. Keith wins- to everyone’s surprise and since no one won in the betting pool Piper keeps all the winnings and he just, kisses Lance. And Lance kisses back. So now Lance has family, friends, and a boyfriend- BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE

Because Sally is the best mom ever to exist, she invites Lance over, and just smothers him in affection, because his own mom is in Cuba. He cries, she makes cookies, Paul is happy to have another person that they consider a son, and Sally is going to give birth soon, its going to be great. 

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Please do a jealous Jughead fic that ends in smut

okay so I am slowly but surely getting through your asks! Thanks to everyone who has sent me ideas! I promise I will get to them all, please be patient with me though haha

anyway thought I would knock a few birds out with one stone with this one! Thanks to all the wonderful anons who sent these requests! Full disclosure most of my asks is smutty requests haha so get ready! 

Anyway hope you enjoy it ;) sorry it’s a bit long! 

warnings: smut, smut, smut, sin and smut. [with a bit of plot for good measure]

ENVY: The colour of sin

Jealously was not an emotion Jughead was overly fond of. In fact he thinks it’s his least favourite of all the emotions on the broad spectrum of human feeling.

The cause of such jealously; Archie Andrews not so subtly attempting to gain the attentions of Betty Cooper.

It was a paradox- Jughead being jealous of Archie’s jealously and he knew it made zero sense. Yet he couldn’t help the green eyed monster rearing its ugly head when he saw the pair exit the doors of Riverdale High on Friday afternoon.

Well actually if he was being honest, the green eyed monster had been rearing its ugly head for a week now. He had noticed Archie’s preoccupation with his girlfriend grow over the weeks and while he had at first dismissed it as missing his best friend and seeking comfort in her after everything with his dad, Jughead now knew it was actually due to seeking her affections. He hadn’t worked out yet whether Archie himself was actually aware of his change in behaviour toward Betty, but it was irking Jughead none the less. And so he had taken it upon himself to brave the civil war-esque dangers of being at Riverdale high and pick his girlfriend up from school that afternoon; rather than endure another tortured afternoon imaging the moves Archie was putting on her while they walked home.

Betty was sporting her usual pony tail and radiant smile, looking gorgeous as ever, so yeah he got why Archie felt inclined to be attracted toward her. What he couldn’t comprehend was his “best friend’s” need to tug on her pony tail and let his hand linger in the golden locks longer than necessary, before slinging his arm across her shoulders.

Jughead’s eyes narrowed despite Betty casually lifting Archie’s arm off of her with a laugh.

Unable to watch the scenes of ‘All American Boy Next Door tries to win heart of Girl Next Door after realising mistake of letting her go’ any longer Jughead pushed himself off the side of the truck.

“Hey you,” he called casually across the car park in the direction of the pair.

Betty’s eyes instantly strayed from Archie, her green orbs landing on him and immediately alighting. The surprised smile that graced her features temporarily dousing the flames of the burning aggravation inside him.

“Juggie!” she exclaimed through a laugh, practically skipping toward him.

Jughead’s blue gaze softened, the iciness directed at his friend instantly morphing into amused adoration as his girlfriend bounded into his arms. Betty’s own arms wrapped around his shoulders while his found perch on her slender waist.

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Identity Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

Originally posted by hollandoakes

Word Count: 1302

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: Okay but real talk this gif is an accurate representation of me after watching homecoming. I have so many new ideas now and I loved Ned so much he was such a great character. If you’ve seen the movie let me know your thoughts because I want to discuss. Personally it has become my new favourite spider-man movie which is a lot for me to say. You can read part one , three four and five here :)

Your fourth period science lesson seemed to drag on longer than usual; the various formulas that scattered the board appeared to be nothing but nonsense to you. Sadly science was never your calling and it was starting to show in your grades. You wouldn’t know what you would do if you didn’t befriend the bubbly goofball that was Ned Leeds, he was the reason you were passing the subject now as he took it upon himself to tutor you. He also became one of your closest friends over the past few years and just so happened to be the best friend of Peter Parker. After everything that went down yesterday you were unsure of a lot of things. Like if Peter was actually Spider-man, if Peter had feelings for your best friend or if you had feelings for the boy yourself. And most importantly what you were going to do about homecoming. 

An idea surfaced your mind at the thought of the upcoming dance as you glanced beside you at your science partner. Nudging his shoulders shyly you became a little embarrassed about the situation but you wouldn’t let yourself back out now. “Hey Ned.” The boy was busy concentrating on his notes when you interrupted his thoughts. He turned to you with a friendly smile on his face as always. "What’s up?“ 

Your nerves were showing as you looked at the table instead of his face; words leaving your mouth in a rush. "I hope this doesn’t freak you out but…do you wanna be my date for homecoming? I know you’d probably rather go with anyone else but Liz bailed on me and I just want to be around a friendly face-" 

Your rambling was cut short when you felt Ned place his hand on your shoulder reassuringly. "Don’t over think this Y/N. Of course i’ll go with you, I’d be a shitty friend if I declined.” Looking up you grinned widely at your friend and immediately engulfed him in a bone crushing hug.“Uh you’re honestly the best.” Pulling away from Ned another thought crossed your mind that caused a smirk to appear on your face. “So how’s it going with Betty?" 

At the mention of her name Ned instantly gets red in the cheeks; sighing as he leaned forward on the desk.  "That would mean something would have to actually start.” Those words made you break a little inside. Ned was one of the nicest guys you knew and he’d been hung up on Betty Brant ever since kindergarten yet not once had he made a move. It hurt to see your friend this way, especially since you knew they would be perfect for each other. 

Trying to cheer him up you slung your arm around his shoulder playfully. “Oh come on Ned, she’d be crazy not to like you. I know Betty, she’ll so be into you.” He seemed to perk up a bit at the thought, peeking over his shoulder to talk to you. “You really think so.” A light chuckle left your lips as you ruffled his hair a little knowing that it annoyed him which you were successful in doing as he hastily tried to fix it by running his fingers through it.

 "I know so.“ His mood seemed to brighten after your words of encouragement, a small smile gracing his lips at the thought of Betty Brant liking him. His feelings for the girl never ceased to make you aw as if he were a small puppy dog, he sure had the heart of one. Now visibly happier than before, Ned decided to change the topic back to you. "So how are things going with your hunt for spider-man?" 

You were so caught up in the Betty and Ned drama that you’d almost forgotten about how you’d practically discovered Spider-man’s true identity. And now sitting besides Peter’s best friend you couldn’t help but wonder if he knew about the secret too. Dropping your voice to a low whisper, so that you couldn’t be overheard by nosy teenagers, you leaned in closer to the boy. "Actually you could help me with that…" 

Ned’s body instantly stiffens at your suspicious words, not doing a very god job at hiding his knowledge from you. After a moment he seemed to snap out of his trance as he shrugged his shoulders, pretending that he had no idea what you were talking about. "What do you mean?" 

"Peter Parker. He’s your best friend and i’m almost certain he’s secretly Spider-man in his spare time.” The reaction Ned had to your suspicions only raised them as his eyes widen and he visibly gulps in discomfort. "Y-you’re crazy. As if Peter was-“ 

"You know! Don’t you.” Cutting him off mid sentence you excitedly lean in closer, practically begging for your friend to tell you that you were right about this. However the boy chooses to keep his mouth shut and avoid the situation as he scrambles to grab his belongings off the desk, obviously not wanting to spill his best friends deepest darkest secret to you by accident. “I-I…I gotta go." 

Raising your brow sceptically at him you almost let out a laugh at the scene. "But it’s the middle of class?” Slinging his backpack over his shoulder he rushed out a lame excuse before heading out the door and leaving you to giggle at how terrible a liar Ned Leeds was.

“So found Spider-man yet?” The voice of your best friend broke your thoughts as you walked through the school hallways between fifth and sixth period. At the mention of the Spider-man, Peter Parker, you instantly freeze up a little. “Oh um no, not yet." 

Lie. You just lied straight to Liz’s face and you were unsure as to why. A slight frown appeared on her face at your words, guilt slowly creeping away at your mind at the sight. "Oh bummer, I’ve been thinking about what you said yesterday and you’re right. I do really like Spider-man so when you find out who he is can you tell me, please?" Suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the situation you replied with a short answer, you hated lying to her but you knew it was for the better. "I-sure Liz.”  

Pulling you into a tight side hug Liz almost squealed into your shoulder. "You’re the best Y/N.“ You couldn’t just go around telling people Peter was Spider-man, even if it was your best friend it wasn’t right. Even so it still didn’t make you feel any better about lying to your friend. But there was something else stopping you from telling her the truth and honestly you were scared to find out what it was. It felt almost selfish to keep this from her, like you was stopping her from meeting possibly the guy of her dreams. You didn’t…you didn’t have feelings for Parker, did you? Oh god no.

Luckily you didn’t have to dwell on the thought for long as the sound of blood curdling screams echo down the school halls. People were running and screaming in fear in the opposite direction immediately causing everyone around you to panic and follow. You didn’t waste a second before sprinting down the halls like everybody else, that was until you lost sight of your best friend who was just beside you only moments ago. Instantly stopping you looked around frantically through the crowds of people trying to locate her. "Liz! Liz!” What if she was in trouble? You couldn’t leave her behind. 

After a minute or so of retracing your steps and looking in classrooms the girl was nowhere to be found.The halls were completely empty now so you figured Liz made it outside already. Just as you’re about to head back the most horrendous sight appears in front of you, a gigantic Lizard. 

creep. pt.1

pairing: g-dragon/kwon jiyong x reader
rating: m (language, sexual content)
genre: angst, smut
pt.1, pt.2, pt.3, final


Originally posted by rep-lay-ed

i don’t care if it hurts. i wanna have control.

“This movie is way too cheesy, Ji.”


“How can you watch this crap? Let alone enjoy it! You already know she’s going to end up with mr. fancy pants from the get go! They already had a slow-mo kiss scene!”

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Ok guys, I think I can finally wrap my brain around this enough to give a coherent recap. I’m a processor, so I had to live it in the moment, and now that I’m on the plane leaving the experience behind, hopefully I can make sense of it. I posted pictures in order of event. Sorry I can’t write in between each pic, but I’m on my iPhone and it won’t let me add pics as I go. Anyway, to get on with it…
I started my epic adventure with a 4 hour layover in San Francisco which isn’t as bad as it might seem, because I’ve been married for 25 years and have 4 kids and rarely get to be alone! Let the adventure begin. I roomed with the amazing @sileas84 who is 100% responsible for me attending this con. She employed shameless peer pressure and I crumpled like a card tower in the hands of a toddler. I have no regrets. We arrived at the con at 6:30 am and immediately met up with a group of awesome women (in picture two - this is @myguiltyolpleasure’s pic btw). We were determined to be up close. FIVE HOURS OF WAITING later, we sat on row 5 center and I was thrilled. I was really hoping for a good view. And boy did I get one! Sam twirled in that kilt and I didn’t even try to look, his knickers presented themselves to me! Simple black boxer-briefs - always a classy choice 😂. For most of the panel I could see right up his thigh just because of the way he was sitting in relation to where I was sitting. It’s not that I looked, it’s just that it was thigh porn and I totally looked. At one point we were directed to take a selfie, so we did. (Pic 3) If there’s one thing I can tell you about this particular con, it’s that it was all about obedience. I have never been yelled at by adult strangers so many times in one day since I was a pre-teen. If you stepped out of line, and I mean that literally and figuratively, you heard about it.
I won’t talk about the panel because all y'all have seen it. It was fun, they were adorable and I love them. The hour flew by and I could have sat there and listened to them for the rest of the day. Sam’s unintentional joke about reading about stuff on Tumblr cracked me up, mostly because he was mortified and blushed.
After the panel the autograph session filled up immediately, so we went to get lunch. Ladies, I got up at 4:30am. It was 12:30. I was starving, parched, desperate to pee - cons are not for the weaklings of the herd. That Diet Coke was on par with meeting Sam. I’m just sayin’. Lunch was a tiny little respite in a sea of hurry up and wait. Following our brief lunch we did our photo ops. You need to understand, those two photos took 4 hours. Compare the photo with only Sam vs the photo with both and look at Sam’s eyes. By the time we got to group photos, he was literally exhausted, yet he treated us exactly the same both times (as did Cait) - warm and welcoming, said hello, eye contact, a little squeeze of the hand on the shoulder (ded. I am ded) They were ultimately respectful of the fans and the time and money we put into this. Said thanks and goodbye as we left. I am so impressed with both their professionalism and their basic humanity. These are quality people. The solo photo op is where I had my hair/armpit incident. We walked up and Sam just throws his arms open to engulf you in his superior humanity. As he was putting his arm around me (did I REALLY just type that!) he caught my very long hair with his arm and I ended up being trapped right up against him with my head sort of forced to lay against his arm. I. Am. Not. Complaining. I’m stunned that I had the presence of mind to smile. All I could think of was that I was pressed up against Sam so tight that I could feel how soft the leather of his jacket was. I didn’t even notice that he had changed from kilt to jeans until later.
My first thought about Caitriona when she entered the panel stage is that no picture or video can ever prepare you for how tall and thin she really is. And how gorgeous and graceful she is. And how charming and funny and silly and well spoken and sincere and kind. Ok, I’ll stop. Just look up all the positive adjectives.
Next we went to the autograph line. I was there when the lights went out and Caitriona joked about that not being the way to get to Sam and also when he was jokey about being bored because he had no one at his station so he teased her about taking too long and went over to harass her at her table. They were funny and relaxed and enjoying themselves and it was great to see the spontaneous interaction. Every event was very rushed, but they again did their best to say hello, make eye contact, say a little something to you, and thank you for coming. I had them sign my original Outlander book that was given to me by a friend about twelve years ago, who said, “You might like this.” Famous last words. As you can see, it’s lived a good life. I’ve lent it out many times. I said at dinner last night that I was too nervous and hadn’t really say anything to Caitriona, until I literally went oh my gosh! I did say something to Cait. I had totally blocked it in my nervous state. She commented on how well loved my book was, and I said ‘yes, it’s been read many times by many people and it opens right to the wedding scene’ and then I proved it, by opening it right to that scene. So, yep. I did that. I blushed so hard my eyeballs turned red when I remembered that. Sam was equally adorable, but I just had 'do not say that to sam’ on repeat so then I didn’t really know what to say to him. He was so sweet. His handler was rushing him a little bit and he sort of looked at him and then apologized to me for being rushed along. He looked me right in the eyes. He winked at me and smiled. Ladies, the smolder is real. I was POSITIVE I was immune to the Sam effect and I am NOT. I literally went weak at the knees. My stomach churned. I started shaking. I giggled. I could not think. Well, I could. But the only thing I could think was 'Sam. Sam winked at me. Sam’s eyes are so blue. Sam is so beautiful. Sam. Sam winked at me.’ My brain sort of jammed.
After dinner a huge group (like 17) of us went to dinner. It was awesome. It was amazing. These ladies are incredible. Our fandom is incredible. Last night we went to a smaller dinner and stayed for hours. I can’t tell you how hard we laughed. It was so much fun. I seriously love this place for so much more than Tumblr. We are such a diverse group. Different cultures, different educational and socio-economic backgrounds, different personal and relationship statuses, and most importantly, different ages. We have so much to teach each other and so much to learn, and as a group, we are so generous with our time, talents, resources, emotional support and wisdom. I treasure this. I am so grateful I went. I loved meeting Sam and Caitriona. It was great fun. Meeting dear friends who will remain forever was life changing. I look forward to doing this again one day and meeting even more of you.
Sorry I bombarded you with a DG length post, but thanks for making it through. All I can finish with is if you didn’t leave with a Totes McGoat tote, then you didn’t con right!!

anonymous asked:

Betty gets detention and juggie is there. They spend heaps of time together and end up getting together

this is AU where the Blue and Gold doesn’t exist and Betty looked into the murders alone, she and Jughead hadn’t started dating yet and Jughead and Archie have not become friends again. Set around the time of F.P.’s arrest.


Betty shuddered, feeling the wall at her back reverberate at the volume of her mother’s shouts for her. She stood from her perch on the window ledge. She had been waiting for this moment for the hour between her entry to the Cooper residence and her mother’s. Her fingernails bit into the scarred skin of her palms as she mentally prepared herself to face the rage of her mother, the formidable Alice Cooper.

Detention. The word followed her like the stench of a skunk through the halls of Riverdale High. The perfect Betty Cooper had detention. Word traveled fast in a town as small as Riverdale. Another Cooper girl fallen from grace in the eyes of their mother and the community that had been waiting for the fall of the picture perfect Coopers ever since the rise of Alice out of the trailer park on the Southside. 

Betty tightened her honey blonde ponytail high on her head as she walked through the halls of Riverdale High, feeling the sting of the whispers of her classmates buzzing in her ears as she passed.

Perfect. The word had haunted Betty since the day she was born. Perfect skin, perfect clothes, perfect attendance, perfect grades, perfect family. That’s all anyone saw of Betty Cooper, they didn’t see the fire, the dark side. The side that yelled at principal’s and dug around crime scenes. No one truly knew Betty Cooper, not even herself. 

She entered the detention room, prepared for the knife-wielding trouble makers that she had seen in detention in movies. Instead she was met with only one face. Jughead Jones.

Jughead had been ignoring her since the summer. She wasn’t sure why, probably trying to make it so she didn’t have to decide in his fight with Archie. Little did he know, she would have chosen him. After her girlhood crush on Archie had faded that fall, she had missed Jughead with everything that she had. Archie was a good friend, but he had always been chasing skirts and music, but with Jughead, Betty had always been at peace. She had always known that his mind wasn’t far from his body the way that Archie’s was when the hung out.

But the beanie-clad boy had made the decision for her. He hadn’t answered any of her texts or calls for months. Betty desperately missed Jughead, but he had made it very clear that he had not missed her. Betty sat in a chair at the front right corner of the room, so that she wouldn’t intrude on Jughead’s space in the back left corner. 

The room was silent for several minutes, Betty fidgeted with the edge of her soft pink cardigan, the only sounds in the room were the ticking of the clock and Jughead softly flicking the pages of his well worn copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.  Eventually it was Jughead who broke the silence, peeling his piercing blue eyes from his book to bore holes in the back of Betty’s head.

“Thank you” he said, so softly Betty was unsure that he had said anything. She turned to face him, green eyes meeting blue.

“Thank you.” he said, a little louder this time.

“For what?” Betty was genuinely perplexed that her former friend was thanking her.

“For trying to talk to Sheriff Keller about my dad’s innocence, he told me. And for trying to talk to Weatherbee about my transfer and my safety. I don’t know why you cared, but thank you.”

“Juggie. You’re my friend and I care about you, whether or not you feel the same. Plus I’ve been on a bit of a truth and justice kick lately.” she chuckles falsely, staring at her pink Keds as she scuffed them across the floor. 

Jughead stood abruptly, Betty continued to stare at her scuffed shoes as he moved to the seat next to her.

“Betty. I’m sorry.” 

She could feel the tears burning behind her eyes. She had been waiting to hear those words for months, but she didn’t know if they meant he was coming back. She missed her best friend. 

“I’m sorry, “ he continued, “for leaving you behind with your mother, for not letting you in when I know you would’ve been there, for not letting you be around because I was mad at Archie. I miss you Betty Cooper. I was stupid and I’m sorry. Now my dad is in jail and you’re saving my ass even though I was so awful to you” 

Betty looked at Jughead, tears beginning to seep through as she noticed the tears brimming in his eyes too.

“Your dad is innocent, you know that right?”

“Yeah” he brushed the tears away with the sleeve of his flannel. 

“Where are you going to live?” Betty asked, genuine concern wrinkling in her face

“Bets, I haven’t lived with him for months.”

“Where have you been living?” Betty’s brow furrowed further in confusion

“Here and there, ya know?” he smiled weakly at her

“Jug, why didn’t you tell me?” her hand gravitated to his shoulder to gently rub it.

“You have enough on your plate.”

Betty pulled Jughead nearly off of his chair into a hug

“I’m your FRIEND, I’m here for you Jug” she whispered into the soft shoulder of his blue flannel. They pulled apart as the previously absent teacher clacked into the room in her too small heels

“You’re free to go for tonight.” the teacher said, voice dropping out of sheer boredom, clearly wishing she could be anywhere else. They stood up, collecting their bags from the floor. 

“Where are you going to sleep tonight?” Betty asked, the light snow kissing her face as they walked home. 

“Dad’s trailer. Social Services doesn’t know yet that mom left.” Bety’s heart dropped into her stomach, Jughead may have a cold, uncaring exterior, but she knew that it had hurt him when his mother left with Jellybean. Fate was cruel, putting such a smart kind guy in such desperate circumstances at such a young age. 

They hugged goodbye, a plan hatching in Betty’s head. 

They next day when they arrived in detention, Betty pulled Tupperware container after Tupperware container out of a bag she had lugged to school. Each was filled with part of a large homecooked meal, the likes of which she knew Jughead hadn’t seen since the end of his friendship with Archie. She placed them on desks around Jughead, seeing his eyes widen.

“I figured you probably hadn’t been eating great and I know you have that hollow leg.” Betty offered with a shy smile, seeing the joy spread across his face.

“Elizabeth Cooper, I love you so much, you beautiful, beautiful soul.” Jughead said through a mouthful of potatoes. Her full name sounded a lot better than the last time that she had heard it. 

As Jughead ate, they talked, about his family, her family, and anything and everything else. But as they spoke, Betty couldn’t help but run his words through her head again and again. She knew he was just grateful for the meal, but it had opened up a strange feeling inside her. 

Each day continued as the last had, Betty lugging a large bag of food to detention, Jughead professing his love as he tucked in, and them talking for hours, as though the months apart had been only moments. 

Betty couldn’t help but stare at his lips as he talked, how soft and smooth they looked. She shook herself back into the conversation, he was talking avidly about the issues with existential growth in capitalism. She couldn’t help but smile at the passion in his voice, this was the Jughead that she had missed. Fiery, passionate, weird, close. Most of all close.She didn’t know what she was feeling but it wasn’t normal. 

The final day of detention ended. They walked home in comfortable silence, occasionally exchanging quiet jokes about her neighbours as they passed. 

They approached the Cooper house, stopping in the empty driveway. 

“We’ll still be friends after this?” Betty asked quietly, staring at the ground, afraid of the answer she might get.

“Of course.” Jughead pulled her into a warm embrace, resting his head on top of hers “You’re not getting rid of me that easily again.” She smiled into the denim of his jacket. She felt what might have been a kiss brush over her head, but it may have been him moving his head. They pulled apart and jughead looked as though he wanted to speak, but said nothing as they stared at each other. 


Jughead grabbed her face and gently pulled her, as their lips met, Betty felt a feeling that she had never felt before. She felt like she had found a home for her true self, light and dark, in her best friend’s lips and, hopefully, in his heart.

Worth The Risk {Part 14} - Final Chapter!

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risks?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13

Word Count: 2318
Warnings: none! Just some well deserved fluff ;)

Originally posted by seabasschino

“You’re lucky him and Wanda thought you two were cute.”

You froze, eyes widening as you stared at Sam in horror before letting them flicker up towards your friend.

Bucky had stopped as well, his spoon full of cereal held midair. 

Usually you ignored Sam’s unwanted comments, but this time the words slipped out of your mouth before you could even think them through.

“Fuck off, birdbrain.”

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Like a Princess » Jung Jaehyun


summary: “could I request a Jaehyun scenario where you are best friends and you like him, but you think he doesn’t like you because you’re on the bigger side. You have a lot of insecurities about your body, and Jaehyun sees that. He ends up liking you and tells you that you’re perfect the way you are.”
words: 1824
category: jaehyun x chubby!reader, angst, fluff
a/n: literally i need to write more chubby!reader scenarios bc they’re always so cute and i’ve only written like two i need more

Originally posted by neotechs


You sighed, staring at the piece of paper you had just pulled out of the mailbox. It was finally here, the dreaded invitation that you had been hoping would never come.

Your sister was getting married, and she wanted you to be the maid of honor. That was nice of her, of course, if only you didn’t have to wear a dress. Being maid of honor drew another concern, which was that you would have to stand up on the podium during the entire ceremony, practically begging to be ridiculed.

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And Everybody Wanna Taste [oak x reader] [NSFW]

Pairing: Oak x Reader

Requested?: yes m’am! “Your writing is sooooo good! It’s rare to find a good smut writer, and you are great! Can I request some Oak smut, please? Reader is jealous of his new co-star because they play love interests. She finally breaks down and admits her jealousy after a night out drinking with a group that includes the co-star. They get home & he shows his dominate side to prove to her that he belongs to her. There’s just not enough Oak fics! Thank you!”

Summary: After hanging around set and soaking in the experience of watching your love do what he loves, you’re startled by the jealousy that blooms in your chest when watching Oak interact with a new costar- one that conveniently plays his love interest, a role you’re used to filling in Oak’s life. Needless to say, Oak brings out your dom/sub roles (see what I did there??) once alone and squashes your doubt.

Includes: all o’ dat sinny sin sin hunnies (a touch of daddy kink but not a ton, mega dirty talk, some dom/sub dynamics etc etc)

A/N: i made myself turned on while writing this?? goddamn sami u need to chill. also, I added in the (fictionalized) role of dolley madison to the show in this fic, as I figured she’d be the best direct love interest for oak to have in the show since he not only plays madison, but dolley and eliza were friendsies irl. hope that makes sense! sometimes you gotta take a bit of creative license

“Babe, you ready to head to the theatre?”

Oak’s deep voice rolled through the apartment you two shared, washing over you as you slipped a paperback into your bag. You doubt you’d need it, considering you were looking forward to watching Oak work with his craft, but you liked to come prepared.

“Yup, ready when you are!” you called back to him, where he was presumably doing the same as you and getting ready for the afternoon at work.

Oak walked out of your bedroom, bag in tow, and took your hand in his as you walked through the door, locking it behind the two of you.

As you walked to the sub station, you swung your connected hands back and forth. “So, you nervous for working with the new actors?” 

Oak shook his head, swiping a metropass through the turnstile. “Nah. Mainly just nervous for the scenes involving Dolley and James interacting, since that’ll really be my only serious interaction with any of the newbies onstage.”

Previously, a close friend of yours had played the role of Dolley, an instance you had no problem with. You trusted your friend with your whole heart, plus she was a mutual friend between both you and Oak. You’d always been content in the knowledge that absolutely no feelings were shared between the two of them.

But the reminder that someone new would be getting up close and personal with your boyfriend hit you in the face. When Oak had originally told you the first time, it hadn’t quite sunk in, since both Oak and your friend had been fixtures of the Hamilton cast since the beginning of the show. But now, confronted with watching the first practice between Oak and some random new girl, you weren’t quite sure how to feel.

You bit your lip nervously before replying, “I’m sure you’ll do fine babe.”

Oak, not noticing your tension, squeezed your hand softly and gave you a warm smile of thanks in reply.

“Also, I almost forgot, most of the cast is going out for drinks tonight to welcome the new castmembers, and of course you’re invited with the other significant others, so are you down for that?” 

Your stomach dropped slightly. Great. Drinks, likely in some sweaty club with a big crowd and loud music, were a perfect opportunity for new-Dolley to wedge her way into Oak’s personal life.

You shook your head, thinking, God Y/N, have a little faith, will ya?, before replying brightly, “Sure, I’d love to meet everyone!” as the subway car stopped at the correct station.

Oak returned a smile as the two of you stepped off the train and headed for the Richard Rogers. 

“OAKKK!” Daveed bellowed as soon as the two of you were backstage.

You rolled your eyes, chuckling, as you commented, “You guys saw each other yesterday.

Daveed turned to you after finishing an intense bro-hug with Oak, “What? Not my fault you’re always stealin my man. Can’t I be happy to see him?”

You laughed as you headed out to your favorite seat in front of the stage. It was smack in the center, a few rows back, giving you prime vantage point to see your boyfriend and his friends and colleagues work their magic.

Unfortunately, it also gave you prime viewing of new-Dolley, as you’d mentally nicknamed her.

She was gorgeous, with hair flowing like a river as she moved in tandem with Oak during the scenes involving James and Dolley. Lac’s music wrapped the room in warmth, only elevating the mounting jealousy you could feel bubbling up inside. They moved so perfectly together, hips swaying, arms wrapped around each other, deep looks into each others’ eyes. 

Halfway through rehearsal, you couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbing your bag, you sped up the aisle to the public restrooms, not wanting to get snagged backstage. 

Once surrounded by the porcelain tiles, you splashed cool water onto your face, willing yourself silently to calm down. You know he’s not going to cheat on you or anything of the sort, you thought, so why so jealous of the other girl? Deep down however, you knew. Whether you liked it or not, and whether Oak believed it or not, the girl was hot. She was slim and trim and graceful and part of his profession and-


You turned to face Pippa, who was silhouetted in the doorway. 

“Oh, uh, yeah?” You discreetly glanced at your watch, having lost track of time.

A warm smile crossed her face as she beckoned to you. “C’mon, we’re all heading out for drinks now, I hope you’re coming with!” 

You managed a weak smile in return and followed her to climb in the Uber with Daveed, Lin, Oak, and Renee. 

Once at the bar, Lin opened up a tab, boisterous as ever, shouting, “Let’s get this party started and show our new members how Hamilton rolls!”

You rolled your eyes, smiling as you joined Oak and a few others at a high table. Lin was so energetic that to those who didn’t know him well, he likely already seemed drunk despite being entirely sober.

A voice pulled you out of your thoughts, asking, “Yo, Y/N, you want some shots?”

You turned to find Rafa standing next to you, and grinnned. “Rafael Casal, what are you doing here?”

Rafa lazily replied, jerking a thumb in Daveed’s direction, “Well, Diggs can’t get a girl, so I’m his S.O. for the night. You want some Jack?”

You nodded your head at the dirty blonde, desperately wanting the feel of Jack Daniels slipping down your throat to distract you from your self-imposed misery.

Across the table, Oak and new-Dolley were engaged in conversation, heads close together. You dug your nails into your palm, trying to placate your rising acidity.

Dammit, where was Rafa with those shots?

After several minutes of tension and attempting to tear your eyes away from Oak and his castmate, Rafael returned with a small tray, with four shotglasses neatly balanced on the shiny surface.

You quirked an eyebrow. “Four?”

He smirked at you. “Two each. You need to loosen up or you’ll scare off new-Dolley.”

You stuck your tongue out at your friend. He knew you all too well.

Linking arms, you each grabbed for a shotglass and knocked it back, grinning at each other as the amber liquid burned and then subsided into a satisfying warmth.

Pippa and Jazz, seated cattycorner to the two of you, chanted playfully, “More! More! More!” 

Not wanting to disappoint, you and Rafa pulled a party trick you’d both perfected in college- balancing a shotglass on the tip of your pinky at just the right angle for it to pour into the other’s mouth. 

Pippa and Jazzy cheered at the display, clearly tipsy, before pulling your onto the dancefloor. For a while, you completely forgot about your boyfriend and your worries about his hot new costar, getting lost in the beat with two of your wildest friends. 

After many fast-paced songs, you decided to go for a break and returned to the table to rest. Upon arrival, you noticed that Oak and new-Dolley were still cozied up, and you leaned an elbow on the table, chin in your palm, observing the avant-garde modern art on the walls of the bar and directing your thoughts anywhere but in front of you.

“Um, Y/N?”

You shook your head slightly, clearing your eyes, and turned to find none other than new-Dolley holding a palm out to you. 

“Hi, I’m Kelsey, I play Dolley now. Are you a friend of Oak’s?”

Your body blazed in flame. You gritted your teeth, giving her your signature sugary sweet I’m-not-going-to-destroy-you-because-I’m-polite-but-you-fucked-up smile. “Hmm, you could say that I’m a bit of a friend, I suppose.” you hissed.

Kelsey replied simply with a gracious smile and a “Nice to meet you,” before returning to her seat.

Daveed and Lin shared a look across the table.

Oak, cheeks reddened by the entire situation, slipped off his barstool quickly and strode the short distance over to you. Laying down two twenties onto the table to pick up your shared portion of the tab. As he clapped a hand to Lin’s shoulder in thanks, he announced to the group, “We’re going to head out, Y/N’s got an early start tomorrow and I don’t want her to be too sore from all this partying!” 

His fellow castmates playfully groaned in return but bid you goodbye and goodnight as the two of you made your way outside to the waiting Uber.

Once inside the leather interiored car, Oak slipped a hand over your thigh and spoke lowly, “I lied. The only reason you’ll be sore tomorrow is because of me.”

You swallowed as the car moved towards your apartment, navigating easily through the New York night.

Once home, Oak strode through the door ahead of you, purposefully, as you set your purse and keys onto the small table by the door before heading to your bedroom. Before your feet even made it over the threashold, Oak had you firmly lying on the bed beneath him.

“Baby girl, what got into you tonight?” he intoned.

You struggled to find words. “I’m not sure.”

Oak chuckled, his laugh rumbling through his chest. “I think you know, darling.”

You squirmed beneath him at the proximity of how close he was to you.

“I think you were jealous.” Oak breathed out, air warm as it moved across your skin.

“Maybe.” you bit back at him.

“Well I think you have absolutely no reason to be. You know why?”

“Why, Oak?”

His hands dipped down below your dress, just brushing slightly at the wetness in your panties.

“Because I belong to you, and you belong to me.” he whispered.

“I don’t think that’s as good of a reason as I’m looking for.” you replied, half-kidding, half-serious.

His free hand came to rest at your throat, thumb fluttering in the hollow of your neck. Oak’s lips closed the distance to graze his next words over your slightly parted ones.

“Would you like me to show you?”

Yes. Everything.

You could only manage the smallest of nods. 

“Out loud, Y/N.” Oak’s quiet insistence fell hot on the shell of your ear.

You wet your lips with your tongue. Decided. Truthfully, you’d decided as soon as the first sip of Jack Daniels made it down your throat.

“Yes. Oak.”

The first word was a response, but the second was pure desperation. Both of them Oak lapped up with a growl and another sobriety-banishing kiss.

When he drew back that time, he did it fully, releasing your wrists and parting your bodies with a backward step. You could see the rise and fall of his chest and you were sure your own wasn’t faring much better.

This is happening.

“Safeword.” He was dead serious. Your heart leapt into your throat.

Oh god, oh fuck. Happening. Finally.


You received a single nod to your blurted safeword, and it was your only warning before Oak made the gap between you two disappear again. This time his hands found the small of your back. For whatever reason, even more than the kiss, the intimacy budding now felt volatile. On a hair-trigger, a torrent of lust could come rushing down and bury you both; molten, devastating.

And then Oak opened his mouth.

Pressing kisses down your skin as he slipped off your dress, he spoke, “I know you want to feel owned, sweetheart. Possessed. Possessed like your very existence is defined by the need to do exactly as you’re told, and then beg daddy for more. More of what? Well that doesn’t fucking matter. What matters is that you’re mine, and you belong to me, and you know it. Just as how I belong to you. We’re inseparable. We fit together like puzzle pieces.”

Oak paused in his monologue as he slipped off your bra and panties before continuing.

“I know you try to pretend. Pretend like I don’t have absolute power and control over you. A power to make you feel sexy. Insatiable. To be mine in every fucking way because only I know that that is exactly what you want. Exactly what you need. A power you give me to make you my whore. My whore, hungry and eager to be a slut for me. Only for me. And you know what? I would never have eyes for another woman after experiencing a life with you. The amount of trust and love you’ve placed within me to provide you pleasure by humiliation. To know your deepest darkest secrets without judgement or shame. I could never ever find this love and trust with any woman but you, Y/N.”

You gasped a shuddering breath in. “Oak…” you groaned out.

Oak’s fingers swiped a gentle stripe up your slit. “You’re already wet at the thought of my hard cock filling your pretty pussy, aren’t you? Oh baby girl, don’t even try to deny it. I see it written all over your beautiful face.”

All you could do is moan in response as Oak continued his artful torture.

“Do you see the way I look down at you, my eyes heavy with lust and drinking in every inch of your beautiful sexy body? Do you see the way I kneel and slip my hands into the crook of both legs, behind your knees, and spread those sexy fucking legs wide? Do you my love?”

You nodded at Oak’s emphasis of his adoration for you, his reassurance that not matter what, he’d choose you over any silly costar.

He continued. “Good. Now lay back. Lay back so I can taste my pussy. I want to play with my toy.”

Oak leaned forward, tongue licking a wide stripe up your slit, collecting the wetness on his tongue. “Mmm, you taste so fucking good baby.”

He began to go to work, alternating attention to your sensitive clit and your dripping wet pussy. Your hands went to bury themselves in his hair, more grown out than usual.

“Ah ah- take your hands off me.”

You refused to follow Oak’s instruction, hips bucking against his mouth and tongue as he slipped two fingers into your pussy.

“I said hands off. Now. You won’t be ready for this cock until you’ve cum on my face first.” he scolded, pulling his fingers away from your aching core.

You moved them to your sides, clenching at the bedsheets as Oak’s thick fingers returned.

“Good girl. And mmmm… baby girl I’m making such a mess of your cunt. Such a wet greedy mess. But I know you love it. And I love showing you how much I love you.”

You moaned out in response to Oak’s statement, “Fuck, Oak, you feel too damn good-” threading your hands through his hair once again.

“Ah ah. Hands. Off. Out of my hair. I warned you. Do you want this cock?” he questioned while circling your clit roughly with the pad of his thumb. “Answer me sweetheart. Do you want this cock?”

“God Oak, please fuck me, please I just want to be filled with your cock.”

“Hmmm of course you do baby girl, of course you want daddy’s cock. You’re so fucking hungry baby.”

“Fuck daddy, you’re going to make me cum, fuck-”

Your statement was cut off by your own piercing moan, as Oak’s skilled fingers and tongue brought you to a crescendo of pleasure, tipping you off the cliff of your orgasm.

Oak fucked you through it with his fingers, murmuring, “Mmm… oh my… good girl. Fuck, I love it when you lose control like that.”

After a few blinding moments where you could barely catch your breath, you blearily opened your eyes and reached for Oak, bringing his lips to yours in a firm kiss. 

When you both pulled away, Oak smiled at you warmly, praising, “You’ve done well baby girl. I think you’re ready for me now. Turn around for me, up on all fours.”

Rising onto your hands and knees, you positioned yourself in the center of the bed as Oak walked behind you, slipping off his own clothing.

“God, you look delicious. Fuck, baby girl, how could you think I could ever want another woman when I have your gorgeous, intelligent and fiery soul all to myself?”

Though Oak’s words warmed your heart and lit up your love, you could only let out a strangled moan as the thick head of his cock parted your soaked folds and began to stretch your pussy.

“Mmmm, yes. Oh baby girl, I love the way you take my cock. So tight but so yielding, so wet… so tight… so fucking hot… fuck.”

You reflexively arched your back in response to Oak’s statement, wanting only to have his cock further inside of you. He held your hips as you bounced your ass back towards his hips, allowing him to fuck you hard.

“Fuck, daddy, you feel so fucking good in my pussy, god I needed you all of tonight-”

“Tell daddy what you need.”

“I need your cock filling me up, pounding into me, please I just need you to keep fucking me.”

Oak let out a moan of his own. “Yes, that’s right. You need my cock. You need me to fuck you like this, slamming my entire thick, hard cock into you. Pounding your cunt. Fucking ruining you. Fucking you the way I know you love it.”

His thick length was merciless, rubbing at the most sensitive spots of your walls. He hit home, thrusting at just the right angle to apply pressure to your g spot, and you moaned so loudly the neighbors below likely heard.

But you didn’t care.

“Good. Good girl that’s it, I love pulling your hair like that, hearing you moan like that.” Oak praised as you crept closer and closer to your second orgasm of the night.

“Fuck, fuck, Oak- fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m going to-”

“Do it. Come for me, baby girl. Fall to pieces all over my fucking cock. Explode for me. Be a good girl for me and cum for me.”

You let out a scream as your orgasm came tumbling over you, sparking every nerve ending in your body and blinding your vision.

Oak followed you seconds later, thrusting through your orgasm and his own before collapsing beside you, spent.

After your breathing slowly began to even out, you eased your eyes open and looked at Oak beside you, who was already admiring your beautiful features.

You smiled softly. “Thank you.”

He pulled you into his arms, tucking your head into his strong chest as he rubbed a hand over your back soothingly. “I just wanted to make sure you felt loved and appreciated, baby girl. I truly would never trade my relationship with you for anything in the world.”

“Yes, but you still have a very hot costar to look at all day-” you jokingly pandered, but got cut off by Oak cheekily pinching at your ass.

“Do you honestly think that I ever look at any other woman after seeing your gorgeous body undressed for me? No m’am.” he clucked, and you giggled in response.

“I love you, Oak.”

“I love you, Y/N, and I always will.”

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