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I married Kaze last night, because hahahaha of course I did asdfga send help, so yeah anyway I made a thing to celebrate


can we agree that this is still one of the best songs precure has ever had


I still don’t think I’ve recovered from this yet

“I wasn’t too sure what to think of Elena of Avalor until the episode “Prince Too Charming” where she tells Prince Alonzo, “This is exactly how a royal behaves. We serve our people. As a prince who will rule someday, you should know that.” That was the moment I decided I liked her, and bought an Elena plush doll the next day. She is now one of my top 5 favourite Disney Princesses.”

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What is your favorite non-Austen period novel? Movie?

Okay I’m gonna do a rundown of all my favourites because making me pick one is just mean. (Also at one point in my notes on the following books and films I just wrote “Bagels” and I can’t for the life of me think what I might have meant or autocorrected that from. Maybe a shopping list started to take form. I don’t know.)

(If the film Miss Austen Regrets and book Longbourn by Jo Baker count as non-Austen then include them.)


Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India - 2001 (Sports! High stakes! Sticking it to the Colonial Man!)

Mozart’s Sister - 2010 (Beautiful music! Gorgeous androgyny! GIRLS CAST TO PLAY THEIR ACTUAL AGE AND NOT SOME 20-SOMETHING PRETENDING TO BE FOURTEEN!)

Possession - 2002 (I’ve tried the novel, and A.S. Byatt has some beautiful prose but her structures sometimes do my head in, so never finished it. Ignore Paltrow as best you can and enjoy lush Victorian Gothic mystery and the ending is one of the most poignant things I’ve ever been pleasantly surprised with on film, and it leaves you wondering about many, many things…)

Jodhaa Akbar - 2008 (You could put Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in the worst commercial ever made and I would watch it. Costumes, scenery, and, as a friend once put it “I’m not sure how they did it, but they just had a sex scene without any sex.” Bravo.)

Water - 2005 (Deepa Mehta is such a fantastic filmmaker and I loved this whole trilogy but Water is my favourite.)

Elizabeth - 1998 & Elizabeth: The Golden Age - 2007 (The costumes! The caMERA ANGLES!!! The compli-fucking-cated mess that is Elizabeth I.)

[Okay Tumblr won’t let me embed any more trailers, but those ones are easy to find, they’re out there.]

Vatel - 2000 (Any foodie who is also a fan of The Sun King and his era will dig this one. A great score, baddie Tim Roth.)

Alternatively, in the same era: A Little Chaos - 2015. Storyline is a little weak, but it’s so beautiful and the cast is great and the M U S I C. Kate Winslet. Alan Rickman. Helen McCrory. STANLEY TUCCI.)

Also: they’re not films, but TV shows - honourable mentions to the Spanish series Gran Hotel. It’s like a good version of Downton Abbey, only sorta on crack and with a tonne more murder mysteries; and while I have some Issues with its so-called hero and some comparatively weirdo plot-points in S3, overall, it’s fantastic and I’m obssessed. Please don’t mix it up with the Italian re-make which looks horrible in every way. Like, main actors dressed in a poorly-sewn-table-cloth-bad.

And shout-out to the new CBC/Netflix series Anne. I will defend this show to the DEATH, alright? They’ve gone bolder and fresher and have managed to involve period realism in a moving way while retaining the sunshine-and-pinafores element that so many people love about L.M. Montgomery’s work. There’s heaps of women with production credits, and I think it shows. Geraldine James is already my favourite Marilla after one episode, and I feel like R.H. Thompson (HEY JASPER DALE HEEEEY!) and Amybeth McNulty are likely going to become my favourite Matthew and Anne, too. People have complained about this series going off-book and in particular some have condemned it sight-unseen because the writers/directors are putting a feminist spin on it and OH GOD THEY SAID FEMINIST QUICK WE GOTTA SET EVERYTHING ON FIRE BECAUSE CHILDHOOD IS RUINED, but honestly it’s just perky and gorgeous and scrappy and nobody can tell me to my face that Kevin Sullivan didn’t go all the fucking way off-book from the very beginning so I am not gonna sit here and insist that the Megan Fallows Anne of Green Gables was perfection which could never be improved upon because that’s just a plain lie. It was nice and it has its place but it’s time for some new blood. (And NOT the telefilms they’ve also come out with recently with Martin Sheen, bless his heart, but they took a brunette child actor and dumped an atrociously stark box of red hair-dye on her before drawing on her freckles and then telling her to please play everything theatrically to the back of the house even though there is a camera ten inches from her face.) I am HERE FOR ANNE. RIDE OR DIE.


After that you might assume my L.M. Montgomery recommendation would be Anne of Green Gables and sure I won’t say DON’T read them, but for my money the Emily of New Moon trilogy is more my jam and I wish to God and Netflix in all my prayers that there might someday be a decent adaptation of them.

I was really into Cassandra Clark’s Abbess of Meaux mystery series for a time, but then things went a bit pear-shaped in what I think was the fourth(?) book and everything was OOC and honestly I haven’t caught up on the later books after that and they seem to be self-published now but I am a sucker for nuns and mysteries so I’ll probably get back into it when I have time.

The Princess Priscilla’s Fortnight and The Solitary Summer by Elizabeth von Arnim. Vacation-reads! Beautiful prose, some wry wit, and fun hijinks. If you’ve ever wanted to run away and live in an isolated cottage in the wilderness for a little while, these are for you. [ETA: I recently got my hands on a copy of The Jasmine Farm so THANK YOU to one of you who recommended it I am loving it so far only I don’t see the appeal in Andrew so wtf Terry you can do better.]

Edward Rutherfurd’s geographical history novels–Sarum is the classic to start with, but the others I’ve read are very good, too. (London, New York, and I’m now working my way through a first-edition of Russka.)

Amy Levy. A M Y   L E V Y. Criminally under-recognized Jewish Victorian novelist and poet. Novellas Ruben Sachs and The Romance of a Shop. (RS a beautiful and bittersweet story about the conflicts between love, identity, and expectations, and some would say a response to George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda. TRoaS reading a bit like a less treacle-sweet variation on Little Women, where four sisters try to make their way in the world by setting up their own photography studio in late 19th century London.)

The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgkin Burnett. Colonialist racism appears in this one, so be warned. Still the book is a THOUSAND times better than the utterly dreadful adaptation known as The Making of a Lady. Jane is better, Emily is better, Walderhurst is better, pretty much EVERYONE IS BETTER. The pacing is better. The plotting and suspense make actual sense.

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy. A classic, and the grand-daddy of every secret-identity superhero.

The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy. Like, it makes me MAD how good these books are.

And last but not least, a non-fiction selection in Vere Hodgson’s WWII diaries: Few Eggs and No Oranges. Nothing else has ever brought the experience of living (or trying to) under the shadow of the bombs and the threat of invasion quite like these diaries. Fascinating details, engagingly written, and at times a stark reminder that the Allied victory we take for granted in our history could by no means be counted on by the millions who dwelt in daily uncertainty.

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I was at school and this one guy gave me his lunch cause i didnt have any money and before i could think twice i said "Thanks Daddy " and that is the story of how I met my platonic asexual Boyfriend. We have been together for 5 years now

this is

my favourite story in the entire world

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Can you give any recs for fics that are your favourite books? Also your dialogue and characterisation in your aftg works are 🙏👌🙏🔥

these questions are always so relentlessly tough (I bring them on myself though I’m always like I love fic!!!!! and y’all are like which fic?? and I’m like :))) ???) because I’m shitty at keeping track of my favourites and they’re scattered across a range of fandoms so broad that i can’t even make sense of them

but the very first one that came to mind is What Stays and What Fades Away by burn_it_slow which is one of the best trc fics of all time and I instantly started rereading it when I got this lovely ask

I also made this huge compendium of my favourite trc fic here

some of the highlights are: anything by momebie bestill my HEART

Son of a Nuclear A-Bomb by nimmieamee (among wonderful others)

keep those eyes wide by fahye  (also among scads of others)

genuinely all of these authors are beyond good, the prose lines up with the characterization lines up with plot that toes the line of outside the box and so gorgeously inside the box that you feel absolutely at home

there’s other stuff that sticks in my mind like a haikyuu how to train your dragon au which shouldn’t work but guess what bitch!!

lessons in cartography is always a favourite for aftg but you all know that

all sorts of embarrassing voltron fic and yuri on ice fic and captive prince fic and bts fic and old shameless fic in my bookmarks on AO3

all sorts of beautiful aftg fic that I’m bad at rating or classifying but it’s mostly here

I’m all over the place but these are all the ones that give me that jittery feeling like I’d rather be reading them than sleeping or paying attention to lectures 

And to cap that off – the biggest fuckin bottom of my heart thank you for the compliment, I’m feeling very misty and sentimental about writing after answering this. love u

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whats your favourite hair that the boys have had? is it the ones that you draw them with or do you just draw them with the style they have currently?

I just draw them with their current hair so that they could be recognizable! But as far as fave hair goes, my fave is pinkmon but i love drawing joon in his mint eggmon head. I also really love grapemon though :’) For Jin, when he turned blonde, that got me fucd up my jaw was hanging for like an hr just looking at his head. For yoongi, i really loved mint yoongi and gray hair grandpa yoongi (do u see the pattern here what im saying is i love fire era sm shdbsbdds), I love jimin in black hair! But also gray. Then for Hoseok i love his orange/pink hair!!! And i think he’s the absolute cutest everytime they curl his hair :’-((((( For Kook, it was a while back but it was lightbrown/blonde-ish??? That was a GOOD LOOK ™. AND FOR TAE HIS RED HAIR SAVED ME bring it back :’( But also his haircut when he went blonde fucd me up cause eyebrows

The Breakfast Club

A/N: I’m running out of IDEAS HERE, feel free to send me some requests or something, HMU… Anywhoo, this isn’t my best work, i personally am very iffy about it but eh, i might as well post it. Very sorry for any mistakes, Hope you enjoy!

Request: XX

Writing Prompt: “We both came here to buy the same movie but there is only one dvd left, let’s split the cost and watch it together i have popcorn at home”

Summary: You go to the store to get your favourite movie, however when you get there you see the one and only Jason Todd holding the last copy.

Relationships: Jason Todd x Reader

Warning(s): XX

Word Count: 497


You and your friends always had movie night on Saturdays, usually having it end up with multiple bowls of popcorn and cans of beer scattered on the floor. However today, when you called your friends to plan which movies you’ll watch today, you found out one of them had extreme food poisoning and the others were on vacation.

With that, you were at the store alone on a search for the last copy of a certain movie you’d needed to watch. The Breakfast Club was one of many classics that made it to your top 10 favourite movies, you first watched it when you were ten years old and it was one you’d find yourself watching on a weekend when you had a terrible hangover. When you went to the store website, you saw they had one copy left and it was a must need to your collection of movies.

As you raced around the corner to the large movie section, your heart nearly shattered when you saw the one and only Jason Todd holding the dvd carelessly in his hand as he scanned through the many other movies there.

You met Jason a while back when you first went to the Wayne household, your parents being close friends with Bruce Wayne. You and Tim seemed to click and get along the most, Dick was almost like a big brother to you and too sweet, you didn’t talk to Damian all that much as he only seemed to glare at you when you tried to start up a conversation. When you talked to Jason it was simple small talk, he had an obvious vibe of, “I have no reason to be here and I have better shit to do”

With a whole lot of confidence, you marched right up to the older man with a slight glare, “Well if it isn’t the one and only Jason Todd,” you spoke up, your eyes shifting from the movie in his hand to his face.

He turned to look at you and couldn’t help but smile, “Y/N! I haven’t seen you in a while, how’s your little relationship with Tim? Hmm?”

“There’s no relationship with Tim, we are just very good friends… Uh, now Jason because you have a masterpiece in your hands, I’m just gonna take it from ya,” You eye the Dvd as if it were prey, quickly removing it from his hands at a quick speed, turning to take off for the cash register. Being stopped by his hand firmly grabbing your arm and jerking you back to face him.

“Or, we can split the cost and watch it together? I’ve got popcorn back at my apartment..” You had to think about it for a moment, seeing his shit-eatng smirk plastered on his lips.

“Only if I get to keep the movie, then we’ve got a deal,” Jason only shrugged at that, releasing your arm from his tight grasp.

“Nice workin’ with ya, Todd”

“My pleasure”

People look at me,” he says, “and have fear and sadness in their eyes, which they think they’re seeing reflected back at them. They wouldn’t see what I’m really feeling, which is, ‘I’m OK!’ But people are afraid. I did an interview with Larry King and it was a little more disjointed and fractured than usual, and I realized that it was the first time I’d talked to him since my diagnosis and that he was afraid. So I had to understand that before people deal with me they’re going to deal with what they think I’m going through. Then time will pass and they’ll realize that this is just my life, the stuff I was given to deal with.
—  Michael J Fox to Rolling Stone (September 26, 2013)

I just realised that one of my favourite genres is the weird kind of experimentalism you sometimes find in media. Like, when the medium itself isn’t afraid to take everything it could be and put it into one thing. I don’t know how to put it into words, but there are some examples.

Book-wise I instantly think of Danielewski’s House of Leaves, which is a piece of ergodic literature, meaning it demands some kind of efford from the reader to be read. You’re never really sure in which order to read it in since it contains a frame narrative, several lengthy footnotes that can stretch over pages, and an appendix (amongst other things). But that’s the thing; it takes the medium ‘book’ and looks at everything that can be done with it and includes it in one brilliant story. It toys not only with narrative techniques but various unusual format styles as well. If the character in the narrative enters a black room you’re suddenly confronted with a black page. If he goes down a staircase that gets wider, the words are spaced  farther. It’s just great so see someone try out something new and use every option they are given

When it comes to tv the new show Legion is a brilliant example. Considering it deals mostly with the mental ‘problems’ of a person and what it can achieve, it uses the medium ‘television’ quite creatively to depict the workings of the mind. For example, in one recent episode the main character tries to figure out what’s going on, so he pictures a classroom and writes down key terms onto a blackbord. Those terms slowly turn into drawings which then become an animated sort of movie. The show often works with music and noise to underline states of mind, so in one case they cut away all dialogue and replaced it with intertitle cards you find in silent movies. Again, it takes various styles and effects and manages really well to include it in one series, making it a thrilling ride that doesn’t even have a chance to get boring because you’re always confronted with something new.

Lastly (and you know this was coming) we have Nier in the video game corner. It’s often with video games that they could also work as a movie. The narrative is straightforward (not that that’s bad) and the difference between the game and a movie is simply that the players themselves take control. But Nier is a video game through and through. It features multiple, genre-crossing aspects, shifting between 3rd person action, platformer passages, bullet-hell game and space-invader like shooting sequences. It presents its narrative in a way only a video game can, with certain things being only revealed in new playthroughs and different endings that are all needed to understand the greater picture. It doesn’t just take a story and builds a game around it, it interlinks game and story, making them basically inseperable.

Now, these are just examples and I’m sure there are many more things where an experimental approach like this can be found. In fact I hope there are and I hope there are many to come because I desperately need to be surprised, shocked and baffled by the media I’m consuming.

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Please post more Madara stuff on here, I think I can say I'm in love with that 2D character!! 😫😫😫😍😍😍😍💓 He makes my heart throb! Anything will suffice! Funny comics serious comics Maybe even a skit of him being romantic yet cynical like that hottie he is! Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleaz!

Alright then, allow me to post the most iconic image of Madara ever produced.

It’s the very same one used as the avatar for yours truly:

Because there’s nothing greater than Chibi Madara. 

Also, because I’m nice, I’ll post one of my favourite quotes of his:

“This world is full of things that don’t go as you wish. The longer you live the more you realise reality is just made of pain, suffering, and emptiness… Listen… In this world, whenever there is light, there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exist, there must also be losers. The selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars and hatred is born to protect love.”

I especially like the bolded part! So embrace the Madara feels anon >:D

alison fernandez is my new favourite child. she must have had a great teacher because I’ve never seen a kid so absolutely committed to never using the same word twice in their posts like look at her trying to avoid using beautiful again

like what a Good Egg!!!

(on the one hand I want to tell her that tantalising and alluring aren’t the most appropriate words to use here but on the other hand I want to give her an A+ for communication because her vocabulary is so. frickin. broad.)

I just… Alison’s excitement is palpable. I’m so happy for her!