this is one of my favourite videos okay

24K: When his girlfriend proposes to him.

Okay this was fun. This was really, really, reaaallly, fun. Like, I never imagined getting this idea but it’s brilliant because I love watching videos where this happens, it’s literally one of my favourite things ever. So yeah if you guys know any videos where this is happening and you want to link it to me, go for it, because I am all for that. Anywho, I hope you enjoy!!!

Cory: *Shows off to members* Guys, guess who finally popped the question!!!~ Isn’t my girlfriend just amazing? I mean, just look at this rock! 

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Sungoh: Hey wait that kind of look like the ring that I got for– How did you– When did you–… Is this your way of saying yes?

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Kisu: You realize I’m filming for V app right now don’t you? I’m going to tell her yes but just to makes things interesting…  *Looks at camera* What do you guys think I should do? 

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Daeil: *Covers face* Oh my god– Yes!– Yes of course I will marry you!!! *Tears up* And to think I thought things like this only happened in rom-coms!!!

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Jeunguk:  Yeah she liked it so she put a ring on it!~♪ *Keeps jamming out of excitement*

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Hui: *In a situation where they had to cross-dress* Oh haha very funny– W-Wait you’re being serious?! Did she plan this get-up from the start?! 

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JinHong: *Looks at the promise ring* Does this mean we’ll get married once we’re able to? I never realized she felt this strongly about me, like I do for her.

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Get to know me!

Favourite anime/manga: Cowboy Bebop, One Punch Man, Gundam (I like a few, 08th MS team, started with Wing, I wanna finish 00 cause that was good, Gundam usually never disappoints me. XD) DBZ (was my gateway) 

Favourite video games: Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue, Final Fantasy 7, 10, 12, 14, 15. (There’s a lot okay. >.>) Metal Gear Solid (and 3, 4, I just like the series okay!) Devil May Cry 3 + 4 (I preferred 3 story-wise) Hi I like games where brothers are the protaganist/antagonist apparently. God Hand… I know I’m missing a lot. But these are the few favs that come to mind.

Favourite books: The Old Man and the Sea, A Farewell to Arms, (I like hemingway) Jurassic Park, Sphere (I also like Michael Circhton books.) I honestly don’t read that much. @_@

Favourite TV shows: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (I’m watching right now and I love it.) The list grows, I just gave you a few I really like!

Last song I listened to: 

Languages: English, (understand spanish but learning how to speak.)

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If we don’t talk, and you wanna do this. Do it! Tag me, give yourself an excuse. I’d like to see it just for the song honestly, I’m always up for new musical exposure. Hahaha.


I recently found out that @thelaurenshippen creator of my favourite podcast ever (@thebrightsessions) also has a series of videos on youtube in which she describes fandoms as someone who isn’t in that fandom on tumblr. She did TRC a while back and it’s funny to see what she got right and what was wildly off (”again guys, chainsaw is a person”) 

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Do you have any tips on colouring kpop gifs? Like, yours always look amazing o(≧v≦)o and I'm used to using quite bright PSDs on my gifs which whitewashes them 😭

AHHHH ALSDJALKDJAS THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE SUPER NICE ANON!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME! i always try my hardest at a certain colouring, so these words mean a lot to me. there’s a couple of really good tutorials on colouring poc, but among my favourite is this one. but it’s a tad complicated, so i kind of simplified my own version. with kpop gifs, it really depends on the quality of the original video, i usually start off with a colour balance layer to balance out all the colours. but i think the most crucial part is messing around with the curves, selective colours (white, black, red, yellow) and vibrance i’ma include a sample under the cut okay? 

warning: image heavy

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8 PM Okay I’ll just read one more chapter then get a good
night sleep for that chem test tomorrow

12 AM So maybe not a full night of sleep but I’m at a really
good part right now so I can’t stop

3 AM ……Welp…. I’m still not tired so fuck it

6 AM Ugh. Why do I do this to myself every single time?
Tonight I will go to bed early.


Okay maybe I’m just hormonal or something but this Youtube channel is amazing: it’s called VetRanch and they post videos about shelter/neglected animals that they treat and help re-home! 

I just watched about ten videos and am basically a sobbing mess now. It’s often a bit graphic/gruesome with footage of the terrible condition they arrive in and the surgery they undergo but it’s definitely feel good viewing and even though you start off hating humanity, your faith will be restored by the end!

This is one of my favourite videos because I have a dog that looks like this: Calvin at VetRanch. 

This dog is so freaking adorable and the ending is precious (well, they all are): Hank the Tripod.

Support them if you can, they’re awesome people! 

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okay, for the video game ask meme, how about, 3, 8, and 11?

yay, thank you! :)

3: Best game you’ve ever played?

Hm. Max Payne 1 & 2? Silent Hill 2? Any of the Witcher Games? KotOR? Red Dead Redemption? Alan Wake??? Ugh, there’s so many… don’t make me choose! 

8: Best soundtrack?

Already answered that one. This is my absolute favourite.

11: Hardest game you’ve played?

I don’t really play games for their difficulty/challenge. I just change the difficulty setting when it gets really hard and reading up on strategies doesn’t work. I remember when SWTOR first came out I played a gunslinger and one class story boss on Tatooine used to be ridiculously hard on your own (really, to the point of things being unfair - they fixed it soon after). It took me like 10 tries until I got it right but it also taught me a lot about strategy and classic mmo roles. 

Rules: List 5 or 10 of your favorite kpop boy/girl groups. Put your very first bias of each group and name the m/v you first saw the member in.

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  1. got7 - Jackson and believe it or not the very first got7 video i ever saw was the i like you dance practice
  2. girls generation - yoona - run devil run
  4. b.a.p - yongguk - i don’t remember sadly but i think warrior???
  5. exo - sehun/kai (don’t ask) - wolf 
  6. sonamoo- d.ana - deja vu
  7. 15& - Jimin - Real 15& episode 1
  8. NCT - Taeyong - open the door
  9. twice - Momo - most of us probably watched sixteen but let’s just go with like ooh ahh
  10. bts (obviously not my favourite anymore but i dont have another group left lmao) - jhope - the dance version of no more dream

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Our overall view on this album is that it lacks cohesiveness, it often contradicts Fifth Harmony’s feminist views, the solo distribution is disgusting in many of the songs and Camila’s screechy voice is very prevalent. All in all, I was expecting so much better. Oh well. Overall this album gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3 stars). 

TRACK 1: That’s My Girl

L - A catchy, upbeat song, not my favourite but amazing that it’s on the Rio Olympics ad. 4/10

V - Very upbeat, I like the whole message. Not much I can say about this song other than its one of my favorites. 8/10

TRACK 2: Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

L - Why does Camila over do her runs in every live performance? I skip this every time I hear it.. not great. It’s repetitive and boring. The music video is fire tho. 3/10

V - So overplayed. But definitely a step up from worth it. 5/10.

TRACK 3: The Life

L - An okay song but don’t make it a single! Camila sings basically every verse in this song, so it sucks overall. Lyrically, it’s okay. 2/10

V - Very underrated. Only people with high intelligence would understand this song, overlooking the fact that Camila leads, 15/10.

TRACK 4: Write On Me

L - I liked this song when I first heard it but really? Camila acted like this was lyrically the strongest song on the album when in reality, I have no idea why I’d want someone to write on me. The music video was very pretty and visually appealing, nothing special tho. 2/10

V - Cute song, but boring and makes no sense. It has a shitty metaphor, or wasn’t delivered properly. -10/10.

TRACK 5: I Lied

L - Everything about this song is pretty amazing. MAKE IT A SINGLE PLEASE. 10/10

V - Normani did a high note. Enough said. 20/10.

TRACK 6: All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap 

L - I liked the live performance at the BBMA’s of this song and I’m happy that it’s lead by Dinah, but it’s nothing special or outstanding. 6/10

V - This song is shit without fetty wap. Lauren saves it with the pre chorus. 9/10.

TRACK 7: Squeeze

L - I love the message of this song, it’s catchy and cute, but every time I hear the word “squeeze” I cant help but feel like theyre talking about squeezing (choking) me to death, lol. 9/10

V - Okay. Its average, nothing special but I kind of liked it. 7/10.

TRACK 8: Gonna Get Better

L - Beautiful song, well done fifth harmony! And Ally slayed on this track. 11/10

V - I was pleasantly surprised by this song. Not bad. Dinah lifted this song up to the heavens after effortlessly singing her high note at the end. 10/10.

TRACK 9: Scared Of Happy

L - The beat in the song is lit, but the message of the song is dumb, lol, lyrically it makes 0 sense. 3/10

V - This song makes no sense. How the fuck can you be scared of happy??? Next. -10/10.

TRACK 10: Not That Kinda Girl ft. Missy Elliot

L - This track sucks. 0/10

V - This is the slightly better version of “NO” except it sucks because it slut shames. Even the title suggests the misogynistic phrase “Not like the other girls” like bitch please. -100/10.

TRACK 11: Dope

L - Probably one of the best songs on this album, in my opinion. I don’t know what else to say but this song is pretty fucking dope. (pun intended) 10/10

V - Best song off of this god forsaken album. My ears healed hearing this after all the other songs. The chorus is fucking everything. 100/10.

TRACK 12: No Way

L - I vibed quite well with this song and I don’t skip it. Lyrically it is good, the tune is okay, but I can’t see this song getting big.. 8/10

V - Couldn’t find myself getting into it, sorry. 2/10.

TRACK 13: Worth It - No Rap

L - So they obviously wanted to revel in their most successful song and were unable to let it go. I feel as if including Worth It on their new album was a sign of weakness, perhaps an indication that they thought that their new songs wouldn’t reach the success that Worth It attained. -1/10

V - Can’t believe the girls had the DISRESPECT to bring this repetitive ass song and its horrible ass memories along with it. -20/10.

BONUS TRACK: 1000 Hands

This song should have definitely been on the actual album. Lyrically very good although I dont get why’d you want 1000 hands on you…. 

BONUS TRACK: Big Bad Wolf 

Again, should have been on the album, although it’s slightly misogynistic and cringe worthy. A catchy tune, nonetheless.

K, I’m starting this rant.

Okay, so if you know anything about me, you know that I’m an egalitarian, which means I love all people and respect all people. I’m also a gamer, and video games can get pretty controversial at times, more so the gamers themselves. 

So today I’ve been pretty pissed off by the majority of people who play Assassin’s Ceed. Now I love me some Assassin’s Creed it’s like one of my favourite game serials, my absolute favourite is the new one Syndicate, but I’m so pissed at the people who comment on it. Know why?

This man right here

This is Jayadeep Mir, or more commonly known in London as Henry Green. For those who don’t know, he’s an Assassin from India and was sent to England essentially to prove himself a capable field agent. 

Henry’s father was an Assassin and raised him into the life but Henry was never good at being an Assassin, he much preferred books and the pursuit of knowledge to killing and his field missions often went awry due to his lack of genuine skill as a fighter. The Frye twins Jacob and Evie meet Henry in London where he helps them settle in so that they may start their plans to take back the city from the Templars. 

Now, literally when I first saw Henry the first thing I thought was “bae. this man is bae right here. god he’s so handsome, damn he’s cute I love him and I want him to be with me” (I was playing Evie at the time and I shipped it instantly) 

Not only is Henry good-looking but you find out quite quickly he’s also very charming, he’s extremely intelligent and learned, he’s kind, he’s the perfect gentleman and he’s witty. He also has so much patience, he never gets irritated with Jacob once no matter what stupid thing he does. If you honestly don’t want to marry him on the spot there’s a problem.

He hits it off with Evie and the two have chemistry from the very start, they’re both avid readers and lovers of books, they love learning things and researching things and their values in life are very similar. They’re both giant nerds in love is basically what I’m saying. Henry has a cute quirk, his hobby is collecting pressed flowers and Evie helps him by collecting flowers around London. Each flower has a message of course and (spoilers) he uses the flowers to make a declaration of love to Evie and ask for her hand in marriage, which is so cute. 

Henry’s not the best field agent, he’s okay in battle but he’s not exceptionally skilled, so when on a mission with Evie, in creating a distraction he gets captured and Evie is forced to abandon the mission to free him. He elects to stay behind after that, not wanting to cause problems again. 

He’s a very gentle, understanding and loving man and he cares greatly for Evie. He was more concerned about her being angry her mission went sour than her being upset because she’d been concerned for him.

I love Henry and honestly don’t understand why so many people are for some reason hating on him and his relationship with Evie.

I’ve seen so many comments hating on Henry as a character and also for being a love interest for Evie. Things like “he’s ugly” and “he’s not good enough for Evie” and “this relationship doesn’t fit Evie’s character”

Okay first of all, beauty is subjective, and if you don’t personally find Henry attractive that’s okay, but what does that have to do with loving someone? You don’t have to be gorgeous to be in a relationship. And besides Henry IS drop-dead gorgeous so that shouldn’t even be an argument. 

He’s not good enough for Evie? And what kind of man exactly would suit her better? Literally no one. Henry shares her interests, Henry respects her as a woman and as an Assassin, Henry never once tries to dominate her or try to protect her because she’s a woman and needs protecting by him no, he knows she can take care of herself and is a lot tougher than he is and he lets her do what she likes. Henry follows Evie’s lead on everything, especially their slightly awkward courtship. When she was confused, he backed off and let her figure it out herself, he never once pushed her or forced her into anything. He listens to her, he respects her opinions and puts her concerns first. He’s just as smart as she is and isn’t interested in violence like her brother. He’s kind to everyone.

What makes him unsuitable for her exactly?

And, it doesn’t fit her character? You ever heard of a character arc? Because she has that. Evie is an Assassin, she’s cold and withdrawn like her father taught her to be. She doesn’t let personal feelings interfere with her work, but she’s not a heartless killer. Evie is very compassionate and caring, concerned for the welfare of the innocent people of London. Shes curious and loves to read and research to learn new things, and avoids brash violence, preferring to work from the shadows and kill when necessary. 

When she first meets Henry she’s the picture of an Assassin. She’s a get-the-job-done person, don’t let feelings matter, a stone cold killer of evil. But Henry gets under that, he gets passed her personal safeguards and her barriers, he sees the loving and kind woman beneath the Assassin. When his mistakes mess up their mission Evie fully lets feelings compromise the mission and while she is mad she’s more mad that Henry was hurt than her plan failing. She’s confused about her feelings for him, she wants to be stone cold and not let herself feel like her father taught her, and like her brother keeps scolding her for, but she wants to like Henry and wants to let this part of herself be without it ruining her career as an Assassin. That’s her character arc, learning to be a complete person, knowing she can be an Assassin and be in love at the same time. The relationship not only fits her character, but is essentially what helps mold her character. After all doesn’t Evie deserve to be loved?

Most of the comments I see regarding their relationship take issue with a white woman being with an Indian man. Actually that’s wrong, because no one ever calls him Indian, they yell out any racist stereotype they know associated with dark-skinned people. I’ve seen him called Pakinsatini, Arabian etc which ‘es not he’s bloody Indian for crying out loud even an idiot would know that. I’m not good at telling nationalities but I knew he was Indian the second I saw him, and his character bio confirms that. But on that note why the hell does it matter so much about his nationality? If anything that makes it more adorable because we are in Victorian England people, mixed race couples were mostly unheard of, but Evie sees passed race and that’s beautiful, another testimony to her character. 

Their romance is not a cliche, it’s not sexist, itsn’t not disgusting in any way, shape or form. Stop hating Henry just because you want to do Evie yourself, who is may I remind you, a fictional woman. And yes I’m here defending Henry because like Evie he’s fictional and it’s not like he can defend himself.    

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Hey it seems like you're having a rough time right now based off of some of your tags and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that things suck. You seem like a cool Champ and it blows that you're not getting the respect you deserve. Idk how to Technology or I'd make a link appear, but one of my favourite cheer up videos is "teaching our puppy Pacino to catch" on youtube. Also no pressure to reply/post this if you aren't feeling it. Anyway, ur blog is good and ur good. Keep up the good work ✌️

aha it’s just a bad day/mood it’ll pass
thank you!!! bless your heart tbh I appreciate the this ask (and you!!) so much,,, im gonna go checkout that video now 💗 thank you 💗. edit: okay I watched it and omg it’s so cute thank you!!!

Okay so new idea for a monthly series on youtube:  It’d be like a favourites video but instead would talk about all the media (films, tv, music, games, books, ect.) I watched/read/played/listened to that month. Would you guys be interested in something like that? Should it just be a favourites video? Have you got any ideas on how I could improve this idea or my channel in general?

Playing The Last Of Us: Easy Vs. Grounded Difficulty (Sneaking)

Easy: Okay, Using my hearing ability I know this last room has 3 enemies all with weapons so I know how to approach this room and take them all out.


*walks into said room to find 8 enemies all with guns, clubs and Molotov Cocktails* 


*looks down at a brick in his hand*


Get to know me meme[2/5] music videos → Echo by Girls’ Generation

“It’s a crime to be clueless
No matter how much I shout in my mind
I can’t hear it because it’s part of the penalty
But it’s not easy to give up either.“

The more you know

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name: Nope that is reserved for really good friends…lets go with Cori
nicknames: …too many…Cori, Ryu, Papa, Nerd….Sunshine…so many
gender: I’m human.
star sign: Libra
time right now: 12:50pm
last thing i googled: The Voice Season 12. 
song stuck in my head: Cutest song ever! Hangout with you - Mary Lambert (cutest music video ever!)
height: 5′6′ish?
sexual orientation: Lesbian Demisexual Asexual (yeah I know really that long)
lucky number: 6 and 7
hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
pokemon team: Instinct. (what it matches with my Hufflepuff!)
last movie i watched: Oh…one of the One Piece movies otherwise…John Wick XD 
favourite colour(s): Blue, Red, Green, Black…Grey…
favourite animal: uhh…too many but I love otters okay?
last tv show i watched: Uhh clips of the Voice? if your talking fully? Supergirl.
what im wearing right now: Purple and grey sweater and Blue Plaid Jammie Pants…
average hours of sleep: 5-6…I think?
cat or dog person: Both?
favourite fictional character: Uhh too many! i’m gonna go really oldschool and go with Tanis Half Elven from Dragonlance @riddlemostpowerful (<33)
number of blankets i sleep with: 3…it’s soo cold!
favourite singers/bands: Too many…Coldplay…Disney songs…
dream trip: Hmm all around the world? Currently mostly Europe since I haven’t gone on that side of the pond before…
dream job: …I have no idea ideally something to do with helping people…
when was this blog created: May 19th, 2016 (yeah I remember when I made this blog…i’m that nerdy)
the kind of stuff i post: I swear I still RP! Uhh…I reblog a ton of my friends stuff, HP things…interesting things…
why did i choose my url: …good question because Remus Lupin?
current number of followers: …more than I deserve …I haven’t been active. XD 

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20 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

20: all the questions!! (and/or your own)
• All of them?! Well okay then here we go~

1: Video game you’d recommend
• Not much of a gamer so I got nothing.

2: favourite pair of socks
• All my blue ones. (Blue is my favorite color hehe)

3: an odd thing from your room
• Paper bats hanging from the ceiling. (We made em for Halloween and now we’re too lazy to take em down lol)

4: if you made a gang what would the design/text on the back of our matching jackets be

5: if you were in a fantasy world what would be your ‘trademark’ item/feature
• Some kind of special weapon maybe.

6: if you were an npc what quest would you give (and what reward)
• No idea.

7: dream Lego set
• Don’t have one~

8: do you have any scout badges
• Nope

9: a book you’d recommend
• Ehhh The Book Thief was pretty good.

10: favourite 'made-up’ creature from any universe
• Bruh, sea serpents tho.

11: what instrument(s) do you play/any you wish you could play
• Clarinet and I would like to learn how to play the trumpet too.

12: a character you wish you could pull off the perfect cosplay for
• Ruri tbh I really like her Resistance outfit.

13: favourite Terrible™ movie

14: do you speak any other languages
• I speak English and Spanish.

15: how many time telling devices are in the room with you?
• Seven

16: a random useless fact you know
• Great liars are better at knowing when others are lying.

17: create a tag urself meme description of yourself
• Nooooo

18: what is your weapon of choice
• Gun

19: do you like _________ [default word is waffles]
• Yes I like waffles ♡