this is one of my favourite royal moments ever

thank you to @bellxmyblakes​ aka my partner in instigating a ray of sunshine , for tagging me

Rules: you must answer these 83 statements and tag 20 people

1. drink? I think it was hibiscus water
2. phone call? my sister
3. text message? one of best friends
4. song you listened to? fickle game by amber run
5. time you cried? this morning bc I had a really bad migraine and i was frustrated :(
Have you ever…
6. dated someone twice? 
7. kissed someone and regretted it? nope
8. been cheated on? yes, fucking fuqboi
9. lost someone special? yes
10. been depressed? yes
11. gotten drunk and thrown up? not my finest moments but yes
favourite colors:
12. sky blue, baby blue, navy blue, royal blue,- so blue
13. red/burgundy
14. yellow
in the last year, have you…
15. made new friends? so many! thank the heavens for good friends, a good time and the ladies of @wonkrunet
16. fallen out of love? yes, thank god
17. laughed until you cried? oh definitely
18. found out someone was talking about you? yes :(
19. met someone who changed you? hmm, yes
20. found out who your friends are? yes
21. kissed somone on your facebook list? none 
22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life? jfc the only reason I have a fb is bc university students apparently need one
23. do you have any pets? one doggie, my other one passed away two weeks ago :( 
24. do you want to change your name? i think i like mine, i’ll keep it so no
25. what did you do for your last birthday? i was stuck in mf traffic trying to get home from school
26. what time did you wake up? 7 am
27. what were you doing at midnight last night? watching ironman 1, i’m marathoning all marvel movies
28. name something you can’t wait for: wednesday !
29. when was the last time you saw your mom? like 2 minutes ago lol
30. what are you listening to right now? at this moment? my dad’s backgrounf tv noise, but song wise I’ve been listening to my indie playlist 
31. have you ever talked to a person named Tom? no
32. something that is getting on your nerves? my drivers test anxiety, like m8 i know how to drive fuck off, i’ve been doing it for two years 
33. most visited website? tumblr? netflix?
34. hair colour? red
35. long or short hair? long af, needs haircut
36. do you have a crush on someone? not speaking fictional character wise? a guy in my dance group but he has a gf and contrary to popular belief i’m not the worst ^tm, so i stay in my lane
37. what do you like about yourself? my ability to binge read
38. piercings: 4 on my ears 
39. blood type: no idea, i’ve been trying to find out for years
40. nickname: jezebell, gi, red, gisa
41. relationship status: as single as bellamy blake has been for 6 years
42. zodiac: sagittarius
43. pronouns: she/her
44. favourite tv show: the 100, ouay, shadowhunters, bachelorette lmao, TURn: washington’s spies, and suits
45. tattoos: i don’t have any but really want one but my religion says no :(
46. right or left handed: right
47. surgery: never, never wanted one for my knee bc i’m a baby
48. sport: dance, silks, martial arts and soccer
49. vacation: my house
50. pair of trainers: grey nikes
51. eating: cookies
52. drinking: milke
53. im about to: watch the latest episode of the bachelorette with my sis lol
54. waiting for?: so many books, s5 of the hundred and got
55. want?: a relationship would be ok, or tickets to my fav artist- they are the same value right?
56. get married?: sure, some day
57. career?: international business, and/or lawyer
58. hugs or kisses?: both ! but if i had to choose- kisses
59. lips or eyes?:  eyes 100%
60. shorter or taller?: taller
61. older or younger?: a little older
62. nice arms or nice stomach?:  arms are good shit
63. hook up or relationship?: hook up relationship
64. troublemaker or hesitant?: people seem to say i’m a “troublemaker"
65. kissed a stranger: hehe…yes 
66. drank hard liquor: si
67. lost glasses/contact lenses: all the fcking time- they’re so expensive
68. turned someone down: yeah
69. sex on the first date: no
70. broken someones heart: not that i know of
71. had your heart broken: it felt like it at the time, i can’t be sure
72. been arrested: nope
73. cried when someone died: yes? like, of course?
74. fallen for a friend: try suitemate at college- nice time to find out i’m bi lol
do you believe in…
75. yourself? yes
76. miracles? no
77. love at first sight? yes
78. santa claus? nope, but los magos reyes- fck yes
79. kiss on the first date? sure, but i have to really like you
80. angels? yes
81. current best friend’s name? mariel aka @septicperrie and arantza, alanis, citlalli
82. eye colour: boring brown 
83. favourite movie: catching fire

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Ever After High Ask Meme

Followers!!! Send me one or more numbers and I’ll answer (and maybe even post pictures of my collection)! 
(P.S. if these feel a little boring as-is, add an “and why?” to the end of every question! Teacher voice, “Explain your reasoning…”)

General Questions:

1.     Are you a royal or a rebel?

2.     Who is your favourite character?

3.     Who is your least-favourite character?

4.     Who is your OTP?

5.     Who is your NOTP?

6.     Do you have any crack ships/unpopular ships?

7.     What is your favourite moment?

8.     What is your least-favourite moment?

9.     What is your favourite episode/series?

10.  What is your least-favourite episode/series?

Doll-related Questions

11.  How many dolls do you own?

12.  Which doll/s is/are your favourite/s?

13.  Which doll/s is/are your least favourite/s?

14.  How many sets/series do you own (set/series: Way to Wonderland, Thronecoming, etc)?

15.  What is your favourite set/series?

16.  Which doll do you have the most copies of?

17.  Which doll/s do you have the least copies of?

18.  Do you have any custom dolls?

19.  If you swapped any of your dolls’ clothes, who would you swap?

20.  If you could have any doll that doesn’t yet exist created/produced, who/what would you want?

Collection/display-related Questions:

21.  Which dolls do you plan on getting/collecting next?

22.  Do you buy your dolls online or on-location?

23.  How do you display your dolls (i.e. in-box/never opened, on shelves, all over the place, a specific room, etc)?

24.  Do you create stories with your displays?

25.  Which of the displays that you have created is your favourite?

26.  How do you display the dolls that no longer come with stands (i.e. Nina Thumbell, any of the pixies, etc)?

27.  Do you restyle your dolls for display purposes (i.e. fix hair, secure accessories with bands or take the bands off, etc.)?

28.  Would you rather have an entire room dedicated to displays or just a few (probably very cluttered) shelves?

29.  Do you have any custom displays (such as a character’s room you created from scratch or a set you made for the dolls to play in)?

30.  How often do you rearrange you display(s)?