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The things you find…Hugh Dancy as part of a 2004 round up of “Bright Young Things” for BAFTA. 


Hugh Dancy

Most famous for
Black Hawk Down
Soon to be seen in 
The Sleeping Dictionary
Favourite film
Duck Soup’ – you can’t beat the Marx Brothers.
Best moment 
Filming The Sleeping Dictionary in Borneo. I had the time of my life.
Worst moment
The first time I met Lucy Punch [see right] on set. I was playing Kyle, the Orphan Warrior, in The New Adventures of Robin Hood – a terrible series. The worst moment is perhaps encapsulated in one of my lines: “The orphanage! It’s on fire!" 


Choice Tumblr Meetup! Hi!!! It’s me!! 

I don’t usually post selcas but I thought that this was a good reason to! I’m Alya from Malaysia but I study in the UK as a boarding student :) Everybody’s posts so far are so pretty and cute!

I’m a bit late but I wanted to take part ;vvvv; I’m a self-proclaimed unbiased Choice but I kinda lean towards Jun and Chan. When I first joined the fandom I thought that Jun would DEFINITELY be my bias but I love the rest too much to just have one favourite. I found A.C.E around Feburary and they were my technically my third group to get into! I love them with all my heart and I love the Choice fandom ♡

I’m very multifandom and stan just about every group ~w~


Can anyone guess what my age is? Someone who doesn’t know yet! I’ll give a little reward to whoever gets closest :“)

It’s more Fakémon (Gotta patch’em all!) 2/2

You can check the first part of this post here

So, more Fakemon done in my free time:

I came up with grassnapper after seeing this funny photo a friend posted on twitter, I think:

I guess there was little to come up with, since the photo is so great!

Eggsnooze, Sleepod and Zzet Zzet (sorry for my crappy naming skills XD) are of course based on the Tsetse Fly, vectors of the sleeping sickness in Africa. I was really afraid of this bug as a kid! As you might have guessed, Poison is one of my favourite Pokémon types…

Aaand that is all I’ve got right now. Hope you liked it!

Happy Birthday Babycakes!

Happy Birthday to one of my favourite beans @fionnglynnjackstyles I hope you have an amazing day because you deserve nothing but the best. Part 1a of your gift starts with me so I hope you like it! You know where to go for the other parts!

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Gundam Barbatos. Whichever form you prefer.

My favourite version is the “complete” form of the original. This design was probably my favourite part of early GIBO and one of the only things that kept we watching despite weeks passing by with nothing happening. When this thing showed up it lived up to its name, with brutal attacks and a barbaric fighting style. I like how it has the same colourscheme as your traditional gundam but a radically different appearance, with feet that are almost more like claws and a massive v-fin that really made it look like some kind of medieval warlord. I’ve got to mention the weapons too, the mace was awesome (while criminally underused) and the smoothbore gun was nice as well, although there’s no excuse for the boring katana it got saddled with for a while.

The only real gripe I have is the one a lot of people have with the exposed midsection, if anything that should be one of the more heavily armored parts. Overall 8.5/10

ANOTHER thing that i love about the movies that nobody seems to care about as much as me.. DAVID THEWLIS as REMUS LUPIN…. like i know, he like most of the marauders casting was too old for the part… but idk what it is about him, he just does the role so perfectly, like people always talk about alan rickman being perfect for snape, but david thewlis just captures the sadness and comforting elements of remus so well and the portrayal of remus is one of my favourites in the entire series

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did you draw the one where logan was fanboying about space and was like 'its so hecking cool' and then cried becase (1) same (2) would like to post on Instagram because its my favourite thing and i wanna credit the artist and if it wasn't you then that's fine and if you don't want me to repost it then i wont -fallingamor

Yeah it’s me!! 
I’m a lil iffy about people reposting my work? For the most part, I’d v much rather people didn’t //wheezes 
Although if you’d like me to set up an Instagram and start posting on there along aside Tumblr that’s a thing I could do!! ^ w ^

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i have my first adv english exam that counts towards the HSC next week. the area of study is Discovery and my teacher slammed my first draft. i just can't seem to write 'creatively' for school. do you happen to have any sort of tips/advice that could help me with writing up another draft? other than all the generic "show don't tell" "don't be cliche" etc.

Writing creatives was probably my least favourite thing for English, for both Adv and Ext. My advice to come up with a draft is to:
- go through the rubric. pick out the specific parts that you want to emulate in your story e.g. discovery is confronting, cultural discoveries, leads to new worlds etc.
- minimise your characters. it’s only gonna be anything from 700-1200 words which is not enough time to have a lot of characters. my creative only had 2, not saying this is most optimal, but just my take on it. Even just one character can be good, but you might get a curveball (like my trials) which was about ‘write about how someone else’s story enhances another’s discovery’, which works best for 2 characters. having 1-2 characters also gives you room to develop the characters more, which is what you want with an AOS creative.
- minimise dialogue. this might be an unpopular opinion, but markers dig description- you can even use the landscape to reflect your character’s mood (objective correlative). too much dialogue is hard to follow and doesn’t really flesh out what your characters’ introspection. I think about 7 lines of dialogue throughout my entire story (and I thought that was a lot already). If you use dialogue, make sure it’s actually meaningful. 
- get a setting you’re familiar with. you have one week and it’s a bit difficult to write a really good story whilst balancing the rest of your subjects. write about a common setting (and I don’t mean school and teen drama, unless you write effectively), but places you already know. of course if you research well (and i mean well), by all means, write a historical/culturally different narrative, that could really go in your favour. I wrote an australian roadtrip setting for my story. having knowledge of what a setting is already like gives it a sense of authenticity.

and most importantly,

- actually write about discovery. this sounds super obvious and stupid, but I look back at my term 4 yr 11 discovery and it was a story that had discovery in it but it wasn’t focused on discovery. the tip with discovery creatives: it’s not good because you put a discovery in it (like: wow!!! i discovered a ______!!!). it’s only good when you write about what the character learns from discovery and the ramifications it has on their perspective. I can’t even stress enough that this takes you from a basic mark to a good one. Discovery is a process, not a singular event. Write about what the character gains/loses from it. Looking at the rubric helps you a lot with this. It’s your best friend.

Good luck for your exam!!

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Idk if anyone's said this before but I adore the titles of your fics they're fantastic tysm for writing things and being you <3

THANK YOU one of my favourite parts of writing is titles!!! so i’m glad you like them ilysm anon <3

A little teaser...

A hint of what’s to come: a new and unrelated Polaroid project featuring Jeffrey Mace (surprise, surprise, haha). An early and on-going Christmas gift for @kako-pumpkin , who wanted some candid shots of Mace, and it being centered around the Coulace relationship is my gift to all the other shippers. Since my last project was Skoulson-centered, I wanted this one to be my other favourite ship.

The format will be a little different this time around, as I won’t be doing the short story along with each photo. Instead, I’ll be posting them in groups, with short snippets below explaining a quick backstory.

All that said… Hope you enjoy. I do love having an excuse to make more Polaroids. :) Here’s the first post, a prelude of sorts:

1. 2. 3. Daisy has an entire collection of nothing but goofy shots of her friends. Some of the photos have been snagged as keepsakes by the others, so Coulson made sure that he replenished her stash by capturing some good expressions as well. Mace didn’t find it quite as amusing, but so long as they remained in the office and out of the hands of the media, he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.


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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)


You ever raise worms by putting an electric current to the earth? That’s what this is like.

I think my favourite scene in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure as a whole series is in Part 6 when Jolyne and Hermes are trying to get a carrier pigeon to take a CD out of the prison.

Suddenly, the main villain’s Stand shows up!

They panic because they don’t know which one of his crazy OP powers he’ll use.

Will he create an illusion to scare them?

Will he put them to sleep? 

Will he dissolve them with acid? 

Will he control their minds? 

Will he steal their memories? 

Will he steal their Stands?

But then he




I feel like people tend to imagine achilles as being big and hairy and muscle-bound but I just want to remind y’all that he apparently spent quite a long time disguised as a girl and nobody could fucking tell?? including Odysseus, who had to trick him into revealing himself, but was apparently not smart enough to figure out which of the beautiful women in front of him was a man in a dress???

so like please consider: petite fine-boned achilles. achilles with killer cheekbones and big dark eyes w long eyelashes. ppl meeting achilles and being all “you’re the one who’s supposed to be a scary warrior?” and then later he he picks up trojans twice his size and flings them across the battlefield and they’re like ‘oh’. achilles being significantly shorter than hector and needing to tilt his head back to yell at him. patroclus being able to sling achilles over his shoulder. patroclus giving achilles piggyback rides. achilles needing patroclus to reach stuff down for him sometimes. achilles being the little spoon. tiny pretty achilles okay