this is one of my favourite moments!!!

So, I’ve been wanting to get more into modelling ever since last year when I put on my first pin up dress and pranced around the local historic village getting pictures taken by my mother, but this was just such a fun thing to be able to do.

Huge thanks to @thehypnobunny for taking these pictures I really love them and had such a great experience shooting with you. If you ever get the chance to work with her, do it!

Also huge thanks to @hypnoobiwan for making this possible.

This was one of my favourite moments of Entranced this year and I’m so happy to have these pictures now.

(And yes I’m a total hipster and had to add the sepia to some of the pics for a more old school feel, okay I’m a sucker for old pictures what can I say, I love vintage looking things. 🙈😂)

Favourite Jikook Moments

GCF Tokyo

This made all KM stans loose their shit. The way Jungkook edited it and the song with the lyrics he chose is just special.

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White suit back hug

This is actually one of the first moments I saw of KM and it made me think that it’s too intimate to just be friendly.

Bts Run Episode 12 ( jibooty smack )

This is actually my fav run episode. JK was so into jimin in this episode and Jimin loved every second of it. The way Jungkook picked up Jimin with such ease is to cute.

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Lost in in their own world

They are lost in their own world nearly all the time, especially in interviews. The members reactions are so funny.

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Lengedary V-Live ( lost in eachothers eyes )

I don’t have words for this.

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When Jungkook looks away as soon as Jimin looks at him

My question is why did Jungkook look away? Did he want to say something to Jimin? Was Jimin looking too sexy that he was lost for words? What happened

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I think one of my favourite moments in the sheith fandom was when the show and crew kept giving us these hints that sheith could become canon and we all just refused to believe it.

The people that should want sheith to become canon the most were the same people who were refusing to believe it. And even now, people are just like “I won’t get my hopes up” and coming up with a lot of reasons as to why it won’t become canon instead of why it will.

It really just goes to show how calm sheith shippers really are. While other shippers are out here harassing the staff, mocking the show and writing big-ass posts saying how their ships should become canon, sheithers are just like “if it becomes canon, I’ll be happy. If it doesn’t, I won’t exactly be happy but I’ll live” and that’s more than I can say for most of the shippers in the fandom.

That’s why I love being a sheith shipper. It’s so calm on our side. Regardless of how the show ends, we’ll still be ok.

Wanted to leave a note on @starsstarstars post, but it got too long, so here it is.

I’m afraid I come across as someone who condones abuse of any kind when I talk about this topic, but I never looked at Deran&Adrian’s story as a boy meets boy, boy falls in love story. They are best friends and Adrian is the only one who knows how fucked up Deran’s life is at home. They would help each other out in any situation. When J comes into picture and destabilizes Deran’s position as Smurf’s favourite and the baby of the family, he starts going all ballistic. Adrian says “you beat me up in a public restroom when that kid showed up to keep it from your mom”. From this I take he knew who J was the minute he showed up in the bathroom and the moment Deran knocked him in the eye with his knee (oh my, horrible), he knew what was going on and sort of went with it, to help Deran out. I mean he is the size of Deran, he could have punched him back or at least say a word, say Deran’s name or “hey” or “man” or “STOP!”, but he didn’t. He let Deran beat him up because he knew he was protecting him that way. He was being the best friend who took the punch(es) to keep Deran out of trouble. “You didn’t have to get the kid in on it” aka he knew what was going on, Deran didn’t have to make a whole scene about it. It’s the only explanation I have - from what the writers gave us - why Adrian was able to forgive him. This doesn’t make Deran’s behaviour any less gruesome, it only makes Adrian an even better person if that makes sense. If it was a boy meets boy story he would not have forgiven him and I’m sure the writers would have handled it differently too. I hope so, at least. “Like that kid I grew up with” was there to explain why Adrian comes back - they were always friends first. Could I forgive my best friend for such a thing? I don’t know.

Adrian got over the bathroom thing pretty quickly, bacause he understood the situation, it was between the two of them. The real problem started when Deran had Dave thrown into the ocean. Unlike the beating up in the bathroom (which was the impulse of a scared Deran), throwing Dave off the boat was planned and I think that showed Adrian the real vile side of Deran and it truly scared him.

I agree with the other comments, we love to bask in the idea of this tender love between them and they ARE in love and adorable, but yes, Deran is still a criminal, he’s not become a much better person since S1.

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You have written original novels that are available to buy, right? Which one would you recommend to start with? Or which are you most proud of? I've only got the budget for one at a time at the moment.

Ha! You’re asking someone who can’t choose a favourite colour to choose a favourite story! 

Honestly, probably this one. My readers seem to like it the most:

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Hi! 💜 I'm literally in love with all your recent prompts! I'm nearly done with my Ancient Egypt AU and it ends with Beatz leaving but Nathan (the Pharaoh) wants her to stay. How would he beg her to stay/reconsider her choice of going back to her era (Because he loves her and they're already together)? I'm stuck on that part of the story ;u; Any ideas? Thank you again! Your blog is one of my favourites 💞 ~Mochi 🌹

“Why would you want to leave?” He looked at her from his seat with a little frown. “You belong here. You have a life. You have me.”


“Please,” his whisper seemed to echo in her ears. “Please, don’t go. Don’t leave. Please, I love you so much. Please stay.”


She could tell, in that moment, that he didn’t know what to say. As a King he had everything he had ever demanded brought to him without question. Nothing was taken from him unless he commanded it. 

He didn’t know what to say. He just clung to her hand, fingers threaded through her own.

((I hope these help you out!I didn’t want to write anything sure demanding, because I think if you want someone to stay you can’t order them to do it. :D))

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Your Dating Site AU is one of my favourites at the moment. Keep up the good work and thank you so much!

omg thank YOU so much ♥♥ ;; It means a lot to me!!! Sweet messages like this motivates me to continue this comic ;u;


Top 5 Achievement Hunter Friendships (as voted by the fandom):

1. Jeremy and Ryan AKA Battle Buddies


“I have an idea, Mary. If Kreizler and Sara can enjoy some respite together, so can we. Put on your best dress, I’m taking you out.”
└ The Alienist (2018) S01E04 - These Bloody Thoughts 


Ring! Ring! Sehun is calling! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪