this is one of my favourite gags

BNHA week day 3: Team

Team: Todoroki Shouto, Iida Tenya & Midoriya Izuku

I could have picked a more serious panel or something for this team but someone has to appreciate the ‘hand-crusher curse’.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hey all! I don’t think I’ve properly introduced myself to the tag. So I thought I’d do so with my toon, Star Twinklefink. He’s a curious little kitten who’s very naive but also optimistic. He loves adventure and tries his best to fit in around ToonTown. His favourite gags are his dual squirt guns that he loves to do tricks with and blast at cogs. He’s one of the 6 toons that I own, he’s also the main protagonist of my TTR story and mascot for everything else.

I’ve been posting the odd thing to toonblr every now and then but I mainly reblog random crud. I haven’t been drawing for 4 years and I’m currently practicing to get back into the swing of things. My art’s very slow because I’m distracted by gaming, but when I get to it I take my time to make sure it looks nice. Some day I would love to make a ToonTown Rewritten themed animated series and comic just to pay a massive tribute to the game that I’ve loved since my childhood.

So yeah, I hope to see you guys around and maybe even make some new friends. Don’t be afraid to talk to me! c: