this is one of my favorites hank videos

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What are your favorite podcasts? I've recently gotten into them with Dear Hank and John, but I always want more amazing podcasts to listen to.


i got you. 

here are my favorites:

psychobabble: if you’re into hank & john, i’m guessing you like youtube? this one is hosted by tyler oakley and korey kuhl- they are HILARIOUS and have had me full-on cackling in public.  the episodes aren’t that long, like a half hour or so each, so it’s pretty easy to get into. episode 45, trash talking turtles, kills me every time. if you listen to the show too much you’ll start talking just like them. 

ladies who lunch: another youtuber podcast. but you definitely don’t have to watch their videos to love this show. hosted by ingrid nilsen and kat valdez- two women talking openly and honestly about their lives and their experiences. their topics range from mental health, navigating family relationships, honesty within friendships, pollitics, spirituality, and a bunch more. listening to this makes you feel like you’re doing something good for your well-being and it’s such a comfort. 

gilmore guys: this one is kind of specific, but if you like the show gilmore girls, you should definitely listen to it. it has made me indescribably happy to hear people earnestly discuss one of my favorite shows in such depth. they go through every episode of the show- all 7 seasons plus the netflix revival. episodes are long as fuck (like 3 hours usually) which is why i love having it on in the background while doing life things. it’s made me laugh a bunch and made me feel even more connected to the show & characters. 

dear sugar: hosted by writers cheryl strayed and steve almond. beautiful and wise show where the hosts read letters written by listeners and give advice. no topic is off limits. it makes me feel connected to the world & has for sure helped me through some tough times. and it inspired me to read cheryl strayed’s book tiny beautiful things, a collection of advice columns she’s written. so SO good. my desert island book. 

comedy bang bang: this has been my constant companion for like two years straight. it’s made me laugh so, so hard and given me an appreciation for comedy in general. it’s just a silly improv show in the form of long interviews. the host, scott aukerman, has had some pretty well-known comedians on there (like nick kroll, amy poehler, ben schwartz), and some that i only know from the podcast world (like lauren lapkus oh my god she is so funny). the comedy bang bang tv show is also really really funny. 

my brother, my brother, and me: i can’t believe how long it took me to really check out this show. i just started listening like two weeks ago and it’s quickly become my absolute favorite. it’s an advice show hosted by three brothers- it’s crazy funny, and sometimes genuinely sweet? it’s great. it’s so great. please listen to it. some people recommend starting all the way from the beginning, but i’d start with the newer stuff (in the old days they were a little less woke. but one of the best things about their show now is how inclusive and open-minded they are!) also, you will 100% adopt their vocabulary. i’m so happy this good good podcast has come into my life. also you should listen to the adventure zone! also hosted by them. also great.


A Time Hank Forgot to be Awesome

Back in 2013, Hank Green made this video all about how to deliver an apology when you’re unintentionally hurtful. It’s pretty on point, and it makes use of a lot of content from chescaleigh’s video on the same topic (one of my favorite videos from one of my favorite YouTubers). The takeaway from both videos is that, when someone calls you out for crappy behavior, it’s important to acknowledge that behavior was crappy, whether it was intended that way or not. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It just means that you screwed up, and in the future, you can change your behavior. In light of this video, I thought I would share an experience with Hank that continues to bother me.

Hank and John have addressed a lot of difficult topics in a sensitive and accessible manner, which is pretty great. Every time I see Hank Green, though, I remember a very specific time when he wasn’t so sensitive. My goal is not to demonize or “expose” anyone, but to bring attention to the ubiquity of casual transphobia and the harm it causes.

Some background. Several years ago, the vlogbrothers (mostly Hank) ran an experimental channel Truth or Fail, “YouTube’s first game show.” Users would click the truth between two supposed facts, and the buttons brought them to subsequent videos elaborating on their chosen answer, indicating whether it was right or wrong. It was usually a nice blend of silly and informative for all kinds of topics.

So one week, the topic was penises. One of the alleged facts had to do with how FTM bottom surgery is performed. At that point, I’d already struggled a lot with gender identity. Transition wasn’t talked about nearly as much as it is now, so I was always curious what people had to say about it when it was brought up (especially people that I looked up to and idolized like the vlogbrothers). I clicked the false fact about it, just to see what Hank said. Hank… used it as an opportunity to flippantly make a joke about trans guys and being unsure what to call them (referring to them as “ladies”).

Again: this was 4 years ago, and at the time, there really wasn’t a lot of mainstream discussion about trans people. I’m sure that it wasn’t Hank’s intention to be hurtful, but as he and chescaleigh so eloquently point out, intention and impact are not the same thing. I can still remember how surprised and hurt I was when I saw this.

It’s something that’s always just been there in the back of my head whenever I encounter Hank Green, and that makes me sad, because I want to be able to appreciate and enjoy his content without thinking of that whenever I see it. When I saw his video on how to apologize back when it was first posted, it made me feel better. I assumed that if someone brought it to his attention, it would be important enough to him that he would acknowledge it and apologize. So a few months back, I decided I would do just that.

I sent him an ask in April, making an effort to be polite and assure him that I didn’t mean to attack. I know Hank probably gets a lot of asks, so it didn’t bother me that I didn’t get a response right away. When a month had gone by and he’d answered several innocuous asks (some clearly more recent than the one I’d sent), I started to feel a little anxious about it. I sent another ask, emphasizing that I just wanted him to acknowledge it, even if it was just privately.

Since then… more silence. I used to be able to still enjoy his content and his posts, but now it’s hard for me to see any of them and not feel pretty crappy, so I’ve had to unfollow him various places. That doesn’t mean I don’t still see him, though, and see when other people that I also like and respect are collaborating with him. A week ago, I sent another ask, this time more of a “tell”:

“I always felt a little weird/sad after you made that super transphobic joke, which was a shame since I like a lot of the things you’re involved in. That’s why I thought I would ask you to address it – you’re a good guy and I figured I could finally move past it. But now that you’ve ignored it the multiple times I’ve asked you (instead answering a bunch of safer messages that might not endanger your image – that’s what I’m assuming, which is why I said I’d be fine with a pm), I feel way worse.”

Still more silence. And… yeah. I get that Hank doesn’t owe me anything. But I want to reemphasize that this is not about demonizing him. For a long time, this has just been an uncomfortable thing that I haven’t expressed, and that’s maybe why I haven’t been able to let go of it. So while there’s a part of me that hopes this is seen and addressed by Hank, I know that’s not super likely. For anyone else, I hope this can serve as a reminder that our idols are not perfect, and we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to that.

So I was watching Crash Course and my mom walked in...
  • Mom: *sits down and watches the second half of the video with me*
  • Mom: That was informative
  • Me: Yeah, it's Crash Course, basically how I pass all my classes.
  • Mom: And this is all free?
  • Me: Yup, and they have all kinds of subjects, literature, history, biology. My biology teacher loves Hank.
  • Mom: No ads? This is all on YouTube?
  • Me: Yup. The psychology ones are my favorite.
  • Mom: And who is this guy?
  • Me: Well this one was John Green, but Hank Green does the sciencey ones.
  • Mom: What else do these guys do?
  • Me: They have a bunch of other YouTube channels including vlogbrothers and Hank does music stuff and John's an author. You know that new movie The Fault In Our Stars? That's John's book.
  • Mom: This is the Fault In Our Stars guy?!
  • Me: Yes.
  • Mom: Holy crap. He's awesome.
  • Me: Yes, yes he is.

Hey! It’s me, Mike. I’m momentarily peeking out of my How to Adult retirement to share Hank’s latest Vlogbrothers video, which is one of my favorite those guys have ever posted on the channel.

I loved it, obviously. More than that, I needed it. 

Thanks, Hank. I’m a little too frightened to share the details of a recent, nearly self-shattering failure, but you made me feel a little better about it – a little safer as a human – and I’m very grateful.