this is one of my favorite songs off this album i think

from Adam 

CAN’T FEEL MY FACE - THE WEEKND (I don’t know if you even realize you’re doing it, but you mouth along with the words every time this song comes on the radio) 
HARD OUT HERE - LILY ALLEN (yeah, yeah, it’s a girly song but Lily speaks true)
HERE - ALESSIA CARA (I don’t think anyone has ever described so well what it’s like to party with our classmates. At least, I assume, I don’t know, you’re the one who actually gets invited, you tell me)
STRAWBERRY SWING - FRANK OCEAN (I know you love Coldplay, but trust me - one you hear this, you’ll never go back to the original)
GRADE 8 - ED SHEERAN (idk, this song just reminds me of you)
WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE - ADELE (all hail Adele - this is my favorite off her new album) 
SUPER TROUPER - ABBA (I’ll be in the crowd in spirt. Have a good game)

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Robyn, I totally forgot to finish this discussion with you, so let me ask - what are your top 5 Tegan & Sara songs? And which is your favorite album?

Hey Ari! So my favorite overall song of theirs is “Closer” because it’s the first one that made me a fan and when I heard it I thought it was such a perfect pop song. “The Con” is my overall favorite album, a lot of my favorites of theirs are off of it. “The Con” is my favorite Tegan song and “Like O, Like H” is my favorite Sara song, I think both because I feel the intensity of the emotions behind them. I love their last two albums too, loads of great stuff there. I like “I Was A Fool” “Now I’m All Messed Up” “That Girl” “Boyfriend” and “BWU” the most. LY2D actually gives me loads of Vauseman feels between “That Girl” and “U Turn” for Piper and “Stop Desire” and “100x” (ugh, so many Paris feels) for them both.

Some of my favorite things from The Emotional RoadShow: Boston Edition

1. Tyler standing on the wall behind me
2. “My mother and sister are here tonight. They kind of look like me, but with more hair” -Tyler
3. When Tear in my Heart starts, Tyler says “shes here too”
4. About a fifteen minute setlist of mashed songs from their first album
5. TWO ENCORES (Goner then Trees)
6. The hamster ball
7. Josh Dun being a cutie and motions to tyler when tyler gave josh a shout out
8. “My best buddy, Spooky” -tyler
9. Josh being a hottie and stripping his shirt off
10. “ we’re about a couple of week into this tour, and this is the first time this has happened. It usually happens about a month in, but i can already smell myself…” -tyler
11. “… I can always smell Josh” -tyler
12. “You guys think I’m playing pretty stuff on the piano, but I’m actually wasting time so i can catch my breath” -tyler
13. Josh Dun playing the pennywistle solo for My Heart Will Go On on trumpet
14. Tyler teaching himself the bass
16. Tyler trying a bass solo that lasts teo chords
17. A giant floating josh dun head whos mouth opens to a galaxy
18. The collection of Clique in the nearest Shaws and Star Market buying water
19. Me trying to get a vid of josh backflipping off the piano, but getting a text message in the middle and missing it
19b. Me rage screaming and messing my friend’s vid up
20. Confetti
21. The “don’t go on stage” blurryface montage for Josh


dang i wish we put a “u” in the title one for my british friends. was thinking of the secret order kids, the fobrock messageboard kids, lj kids, the ones from the very beginning on this one… my favorites always feel a bit off and out of place- maybe thats why i love you so.


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You’d think there’d be an inundation of Tove Lo remixes by now, considering her infectious pop music off debut album Queen Of The Clouds, a terrific album that was fashioned with multiple “chapters”. I don’t mind, since it gets a bit tiresome sometimes when I get sent a million (ok, exaggerating) remixes of the same song for weeks on end. But I’m eternally grateful for this new remix of the Swedish songstress’ Talking Body by New York based producer Gryffin, who’s also one half of The White Panda, if you didn’t know (fun fact for you for the day?). Talking Body is one of my favorites off Queen Of The Cloud, and Gryffin takes full advantage of Tove Lo’s ethereal vocals and snappy beat on the song to formulate an intoxicating and sublime house remix. It’s a blissful extravaganza filled with uplifting build ups and serene smoothness.

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So, I’m completely in LOVE with Rihanna’s new album, #ANTI, & I was asked to do a remix of one of the songs… This one in particular. At first, I was skeptical… Didn’t think I could pull it off… But I can honestly say that this is my FAVORITE remix that I’ve done.

Thank you all for taking the time to listen to my music. I appreciate the support that I’ve gotten so far, & I welcome more!

ALPHA, soon. ✊🏾✨

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All Time Low – “Something’s Gotta Give”, Single
Record Label: Hopeless Records
Release Date: January 12, 2014
Reviewed By: Chloe Boden

All Time Low released single, “Something’s Gotta Give,” off their highly-anticipated album, Future Hearts, and it definitely did not disappoint.  This song left me wanting more, and Future Hearts is one release that surely should not be missed this year!

“Something’s Gotta Give” is already stuck in my head after just a short time of listening to it because like most of All Time Low songs, the melody is unbelievably catchy.  My favorite part of this song is how much the intensity builds between verses and the chorus.  The verses stand out in their own way without revealing too much about what is to come in the song, and the chorus really pulls out all the stops.

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VIXX Zelos Rant

I understand where people are coming from when they say that they don’t quite enjoy VIXX’s newest single album but I feel like I need to address a couple of things.
1) I admit, some of my favorite VIXX eras are their dark eras, but does this mean I always want dark VIXX? No. That would get boring. Wash, rinse, repeat is basically what people are asking for when they ask for constant dark VIXX.
And also, I don’t think VIXX wants to be known as “that one dark group”. I feel like they want to be known as more than that.
2) Please, I beg, stop saying that Dynamite is a Love Me Right rip off. In all honesty, I don’t care if you genuinely think the two songs sound alike, or if you’re just saying it because others are, either way it’s getting really annoying really fast.
3) Just because you don’t like a song, doesn’t mean it’s the worse song ever and that everyone should dislike it. You see, this is an example of why knowing the difference between facts and opinions is important. A fact is something that has been proven, is constantly true, and has an incorrect (or many incorrect) counterpart(s). An opinion is something that varies depending on who you ask, and is usually never wrong if the opinion is genuine. Some things can’t have an opinion formed on them, it’s either right or wrong. And some things can’t have a fact formed on them. Of course, facts could be used to support an opinion. But let’s move on from definitions and actually focus on my point.
I’ve seen people saying that this is a horrible album and how they don’t understand how people could like it. This just really gets to me because, the answer is so simple. People like it because everyone’s opinion varies. End of story.
4) Even if you think you’ll never like it, and even though you may be right, I always suggest to people to have an open mind. Because if you do, you’ll be surprised with how you can change. I have many examples, but one staying true to the topic is this:
When I first heard Error I wasn’t really feeling it all. I listened to it many times, but it still would never really appeal to me. But after keeping an open mind and taking a few more listens over a span of a few weeks, I had finally realized that I did like the song. It just took me a while to figure that out. It’s now one of my favorites.
Now, am I saying to listen to a song that doesn’t appeal to you on repeat for a month? No, of course not. All I’m saying is to keep an open mind. I don’t want to say some corny quote that I just came up with on the spot that has probably been said before, but in my opinion, an open mind is an open door. (I’m sorry, that was really bad.)

Personally, I quite enjoy the 3 songs on the album. I understand that others don’t. And, personally, I enjoyed the songs on the Chained Up album, and, once again, others didn’t. And that’s fine, we’re allowed to disagree.

Thank you for reading, though I bet you wish you hadn’t because I probably bored you half to death, and/or made no sense whatsoever. Bye!! 🌟

i feel like taylor really doesn’t like red that much and it’s a shame because that album is seriously a masterpiece. there are so many perfect songs on it and it maybe isn’t as ‘sonically cohesive’ as 1989 but that’s actually one of my favorite things about it. because she wrote each song to sound like what she was feeling and i knew you were trouble sounds more chaotic and sad beautiful tragic sounds more defeated and 22 sounds happy and they don’t sound anything alike but it works. and red is about heartbreak and 1989 is about dusting yourself off and when you think about it that way it makes sense that red goes through all those different emotions/sounds and 1989 is looking back on a relationship and telling the story of it without quite the same range of emotions.



Not the same performance as the one on the Earthling in the City EP (and it’s amazing how much variation there is between the performances) that I randomly got in 1997 bundled with a magazine but have treasured for nearly twenty years; the version I’m thinking of was taken off YouTube. But it is one of my favorite Bowie songs regardless of variant. (There is also an album version on Outside and a Trent Reznor mix. The official video, using the album version, is very “Closer”-esque and done by the director of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”; you gotta be in the mood for it. I can’t remember which version was used in the closing credits of Se7en–if that rings a bell for you–but that’s actually where I first heard it.)


Hey there!

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I was just wondering if any/all of you would oblige my latest curiosity and reblog this post with your top three favorite songs that you think describe or fit our ship!

I just… am wondering if anyone has similar musical interests as me, or if there’s more music out there to discover that suits my number one OTP!

So please tell me which three songs you think fit the glory of Pokeshipping in a reblog! I would also greatly enjoy a link to these songs as well, if they happen to be available for listening on Youtube or something! Thank you!

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My personal top three list:

  1. Ne-yo: “Never Knew I Needed”
  2. Kelly Clarkson: “Beautiful Disaster” (also listen to the ballet/slow version here, which I like better but it’s only available as a live recording, not an album version, as far as I know)
  3. Marianas Trench: “Haven’t Had Enough”

Please also feel free to comment on the music that’s already been added to the list, including mine, of course!

I think the lucky one” doesn’t get enough credit as it should. It was one of my favorite songs off of the RED album because it describes that fame isn’t everything it’s all made up to be

The cameras,
Everybody is watching your every move,
You turn to other things to feel the void of being lonely,
You start dating people to replace the love and emptiness you feel you don’t have, but realizing, you don’t even know the other person in the end, so it’s over
It’s over, but the media has another story behind it, they get to makeup what they want, say what they want, call you they want, but that is the price you pay for being what everyone thinks is “The Lucky One”

I’m sure Taylor wishes she could be normal sometimes and she is, the only difference is we all know who she is and she is making a huge impact on our lives w/ every lyrics she writes because we can relate to it, and I’m sure being up on stage and being loved by each of us all the time is helping her get through life.

I also know she knows when it is time to stop making music and not lose herself in the media, and I’m glad when the time comes she’ll stop before it hurts her permanently. I’m glad she knows who she is a person and her worth and I pray that you know that We love you taylorswift and there is absolutely nothing you could say or do that can ever make me Unlove you!