this is one of my favorite red carpet looks ever

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REQUEST: Going to the house of Sebastian’s mum and she shows you pictures of him when he was little (and maybe the same but with you, only if you have time off)💕




Parents were made to be embarrassing. You absolutely knew it.

You had finally brought Sebastian over to meet your family and they were ecstatic to finally meet the man who made you happier than ever.

Dinner went over perfectly. Your father approved of him and you mother adored him. They talked amongst each other like they had known one another for years. You couldn’t help but smile proudly as you watched and listened.

After dessert you all headed to the living room. On the way over, Sebastian spotted your high school graduation picture on the wall. He stopped in his tracks and stared at it. He thought you looked cute with your cap and gown on.

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  • LAURA BROWN: Swimming with sharks is not only scary, it's a big metaphor. How did you learn to swim with the sharks of life?
  • RIHANNA: I try my best to avoid the sharks of life, but I have had my share of experiences with them, and in those cases I just have to handle them accordingly. But I do not swim with sharks … sharks swim with sharks.
  • LB: Did you watch Jaws as a kid? Did it scare you or thrill you?
  • R: Both! It freaked me out because I was a beach baby, so every time a new Jaws came out I would take months off from the beach or just sit on the sand. If I happened to get in the water, my dad would hum the theme music, and I was right back out of it. But that was really my fault because I was obsessed with Jaws. Steven Spielberg was my childhood hero.
  • LB: Would you say you're adventurous? What is the greatest adventure you've been on, and what would you like to do?
  • R: Greatest adventure? Are you kidding me? I just did a photo shoot in the midst of sharks. It's going to be pretty hard to beat that.
  • LB: You are fearless with your style, but in what ways are you fearless in life?
  • R: I think I'm like most people—we fear the unknown and the things that have yet to come to pass, which are the very things that don't deserve to be feared. When you give God complete control, it's very hard not to be fearless.
  • LB: Being famous for a decade now, you would have had to develop a thick skin. In what ways are you tough, and in what ways are you sensitive?
  • R: This skin has been developing since my first day at school. It didn't happen after fame; I couldn't survive fame if I didn't already have it. So sometimes the toughest thing in life is to be vulnerable. I'm not generally a sensitive person, but I tend to be more sensitive toward others and what they're going through. I don't know if that's the healthiest thing, but it's the truth.
  • LB: You're about to release a new album. How ambitious are you, having achieved so much? Are you competitive at all?
  • R: I am very ambitious! It's ridiculous how much I want to put on my plate, which is already full. I am sensitive to what my team is going through. Actually I'm lying. They get no sympathy … we love what we do!
  • LB: You've been killing it stylewise. Do you have to psych yourself up for a daring red-carpet look or do you just go for it?
  • R: The way I dress depends on how I feel. I never have to psych myself up. Usually it just feels like it works.
  • LB: What has been your favorite red-carpet look ever?
  • R: My favorite red-carpet looks are usually the ones I get to help design: the Adam Selman Swarovski crystal dress at the CFDAs, the Stella McCartney all-white dress at the Met Gala, and the Adam Selman white jersey dress from the VMAs. But the red Azzedine Alaïa at the Grammys is also one of my favorites.
  • LB: Whose style would you like to steal for a day?
  • R: Zac Posen and his sick custom suits … and the hair.
  • LB: Is there a line, fashionwise, that you would never cross—something you would never wear?
  • R: I don't like to commit to those kind of rules. You never know.
  • LB: How much maintenance does your style take—hair, nails, fittings, et cetera?
  • R: At times a lot of maintenance, and at times none. I have a job that requires quite a lot of glam, and I have a great team that helps me with that. But sometimes, like when I'm in the studio or on vacation, there's little to no maintenance.
  • LB: What was behind your return to Instagram? Did you miss it? How much does connecting with your fans daily mean to you?
  • R: I … like … pictures! And that's the bottom line.
  • LB: How do you feel about censorship on social media? Should the nipple be truly free?
  • R: The C-word?!!! I don't even know how to spell that.
  • LB: What makes a BadGal in 2015?
  • R: You're about to find out.
  • LB: What do you want to achieve this year, in life and in love?
  • R: The same goal I set every year—to be happy.
  • LB: Who is your most unexpected friend?
  • R: I have friends from rock stars to Rastas; I don't even know what an unexpected friend is at this point.
  • LB: Do you make new friends easily?
  • R: No.
  • LB: What is a perfect day for you?
  • R: The day I wake up without cellulite? Now that would be the perfect day.
  • LB: What is your guilty pleasure?
  • R: Reality TV. I can't get enough of it.
  • LB: Finally, how do you eat goddamn pasta every day and still look like that?
  • R: You mean how I got my cellulite?


The celebrity makeup artist tells us about the bold looks she created for Jamie Chung and Andreja Pejić.

When it comes to beauty, it’s important to learn the rules. Why? So we can break them. It’s all a part of showing off what makes us feel beautiful while expressing unflinching individuality. MAKE UP FOR EVER is channeling our inner cosmetic rebellion in its latest campaign by championing us with its new motto: Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You. Andreja Pejić, now the first transwoman supermodel to be the face of a cosmetics brand, teamed up with actress and blogger Jamie Chung to star in the campaign. From a dual-toned lip to a shimmery gray smoky eye, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Consulting Pro Artist Mélanie Inglessis created undeniably attention-demanding and completely fresh looks for both models—all of which represent the brand’s creative and daring spirit. Below, Inglessis tells us the inspiration behind the looks, what it means to be bold, and her top beauty picks. JESSICA VELEZ

What inspired you to work with MAKE UP FOR EVER on this campaign?

MAKE UP FOR EVER has always supported me as an artist. I’m incredibly honored to work with this wonderful brand that has done so much for me. It’s a pro-grade brand with an extensive range of products that allow me to do my best work on the red carpet and at photo shoots, as well as with everyday women. The products are extremely high quality and long lasting—the brand has been in my life and in my kit forever.

What do you love about the new campaign?

The Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You. project celebrates individuality and creativity, which means a great deal to me as an artist. I have my own style, my own strong personality, and I love working with a brand that truly celebrates this.

What does being bold mean to you?

Being bold for me means two things. It means going after what I’ve always wanted to go after and taking risks. You have a goal and you just go for it! Being bold in my career is also about making makeup choices that sometimes are a little unconventional. I have stood by those choices and constantly experimented with colors and shades to push the envelope.

What are some of your favorite MAKE UP FOR EVER products?

The new Ultra HD Foundation is one of my favorites. It comes in 40 shades, so the range truly offers the perfect match for every woman. It provides a flawless, invisible finish, which is unprecedented. I can use it on the red carpet and I can use it on photo shoots and in real life—it’s phenomenal. One of my other favorite MAKE UP FOR EVER products is the Artist Plexi-Gloss range. The glosses are highly pigmented and never sticky—which is a must on the red carpet. Finally, the Artist Shadows: they are available in over 200 shades with fantastic, blendable, and seamless textures. I love them!

Tell us about the looks you created for Jamie Chung and Andreja Pejić.

I wanted to ensure that the looks I created were each very distinctive and could be recreated by women everywhere. Jamie Chung’s looks evolved from a bright two-toned orange and red lip to a gorgeous smoky eye, then to a more editorial summer look. Andreja Pejić’s looks transitioned from a bold red lip to a playful eye, then to a stunning, messy smoky eye.


anonymous asked:

Show me the hottest picture of Jensen you have in your computer. It can be more that 1 because I know it would be hard to choose only 1.

 The best thing to do would be to check out my tag I work on all the time

—> My Jensen obsession 

Because I am fucking obsessed with Jensen if you cannot tell and there is no way I can narrow it down to one. I have to do collages of him all the time because I can NEVER just pick one pic or ten or fifty or even one hundred…..

Because this man….

is fucking PERFECT


so damn hot and sexy

He has NEVER taken a bad picture

and when you try to look up one pic of him you find a billion hot ones you must have

He is just so fucking hot

and there is like con pics, pics with a beard pics without ….

pics with sunglasses, hair porn, eye porn, arm porn, scruff porn He should be in porn but he doesn’t need to be because he is that damn hot

then there are the clothes he wear and omg him in a red shirt and tight skinny jeans (sorry got a little distracted there)

but then there are cute random candid pics, b&w pics…

pics fans took that are fucking amazing

pics or screen shots of Dean…so hot…

pics of sexy faces he makes

beautiful pics of him looking sexy as hell

don’t get me started on gifs…

ugh he is just so so SO hot how I could never pick less than a few hundred pics as my favorite

Because it doesn’t matter if it is a male modeling son of a bitch picture…

or a smoking hot con pic….

…or him looking sexy as hell at some event…

…or just some random pic…

I could never ever ever pick one he is too adorable…

…and sexy

…fine as hell….

gorgeous, even in random pics, those are especially hot but so are the ones like that ^^ in like a tux on the red carpet because…








random thought for the day i think my favorite moment of any celebrity-on-celebrity interview of all time was that time that i think at one of the twilight premieres ariana grande was interviewing kristen stewart and she asked her something like “what’s your least favorite red carpet look you’ve ever worn?” and like held up a thing of pictures of kristen at events and kristen was a bit taken aback/offended by the question and ariana laughed nervously and said out loud, “they all look amazing, they made me ask you this question” and they shared a moment of “alas we are in this hell together” i could write a whole f/f dystopian sci-fi novel around that one moment in time i think.