this is one of my favorite pictures from their era

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What are your favorite pictures of Frank where he looks very Small, I love the one from DD era where he has his head on Ray's shoulder and looks extra small, that was a beautiful time for Frank.

idk man he is the tiniest boy he looks small all the time. but my mouse tag is pics of him looking extra small. i’ve been neglecting it tho.

Love Is
  • Love Is
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Unreleased

If you guys can see the picture I used for this, isn’t it nice? I love the Never Gone promo photos.

Love Is… One of my favorite unreleased songs from them. It was recorded for Never Gone and we know how most of the unreleased stuff from that era is R&B and that’s exactly what this is. It’s really sexy. Like… Baby-making music sexy. But no matter how sexy I find this song, I can’t get down and dirty to BSB music. Sorry, guys. I’d either start singing along or bust out laughing. I doubt the boyfriend would appreciate either.

I wish I knew who did this song. I would thank them.

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