this is one of my favorite pictures from their era

The X-Files Graphic Novels: A Visual Guide

Okay, in order to avoid confusion, let me explain a little bit about the graphic novels, what the hell is happening in each one, and why this Audible adaptation is going to be so awesome (in my humble opinion).

They are making the adaptation from The X-Files Season 10, written by Joe Harris.  That’s this series, published by IDW in 2013, which takes place sometime after IWTB.  That’s all I’m going to say about a timeline, because when it was first published, the actual Revival (Season 10 of the television series) wasn’t even being talked about, so IWTB is our only frame of reference in terms of when these events happened.  In it, Mulder and Scully are still living under assumed names, but they’re living together.  Scully is a doctor, Mulder is still kind of a homebody, and then something happens that brings them back into the search for the Truth.  Quite a few of our old favorite monsters, villains, and secondary characters make a comeback, including the Flukeman, the Peacocks, the Long Gunmen, and Gibson Praise.  And again, let me stress…Mulder and Scully are STILL TOGETHER ROMANTICALLY: 

The above series is NOT to be confused with The X-Files, which is also written by Joe Harris and was published by IDW in 2016.  The X-Files, pictured below, is a completely different storyline from the one pictured above.  It’s a Revival-era series which takes place sometime after the My Struggle I, meaning that it includes the estrangement.  This is a story about Revival-era Mulder and Scully, and encompasses the whole breakup and all that jazz, and THIS is the series that Scully has started to see someone else:


Hey! Everybody knows that Paramore is back with After Laughter, so Zach and I are back with #30DaysPmore! We want to show Paramore how much we loved AL and give them a welcome back! Please tag your posts with #30dayspmore and take your time to do it. Have fun!!!

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Just in case you guys wanted to know- these are my current lock screen / home screen wallpaper(s). The dark lock screen really contrasts well with my home screen and Chanyeol’s water picture (?) is from their VCR for Sing For You from Exo'rdium Tour in Japan. 🙃❤️❤️ and Yes CMB/LMR was one of my FAVORITE Eras- after Wolf/Growl Era 😂❤️

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Did you change your icon?? Cause for me it's still Niall but when I click on it it's harry....

I did!  I just saw that great picture of Harry from last night and thought I’d shake things up a bit, as sad as I was to change it from one of my favorite Niall pictures. :’(  I’m guessing tumblr just hasn’t caught up yet?  Or I messed it up since I was doing it on mobile, which is also a very real possibility.  

(This isn’t any big statement of me shunning Niall, btw!  I just love that new picture of Harry and felt like a change. :)  I’m sure I’ll end up switching around a lot in this new era of a ton of content coming from all sides.)

Elizabethan Costume: Rose Patterns during the 16th Century

One of the things that causes me to silently “cringe” is when I see Victorian style roses being used in Elizabethan fashions. I know how much work has gone into creating such a garment, and I feel badly that perhaps no one told them that cabbage styles roses are not Elizabethan. :(. 

Now I’ve seen some historical costumers who jump on any occasion to  point out the errors in others’ costuming; many are extremely rude and even arrogant. I’ve seen this behavior here on Tumblr - citing their attendance to design school as justification, and I’ve seen the same on Pinterest, and even in some of the more popular pages on Facebook. However, I have made it a point to not include myself in this type of behavior! So please, don’t mistake this post as a negative critique! We don’t know, what we don’t know, until we know it! So, I try to teach with kindness rather than hubris. Not everyone has gone to design school, or spent over a decade in research!!

That said, I’m sometimes surprised how often people mix up the Elizabethan with the Victorian era; likewise, when they mix up the Colonial period with Victorian, and sometimes even Colonial with Elizabethan! It’s more common than you think! But, again, I remind myself that not everyone - even well-meaning seamstresses who dabble in historical costume - have delved into history and can separate out each era at a glance.

To help with this confusion, the Elizabethan time period encompasses the years 1558 to 1603. The Victorian time period encompassed the reign of Queen Victoria from the year 1837 until 1901 - During which time the Civil War in the US occurred. The colonial period roughly encompasses the year 1607 to 1776 and the period of the American Revolution.

I often see a mish-mosh of these time periods (Victorian and Colonial) that are labeled “Elizabethan.” This is mainly the fault of the publication of  “sewing patterns” from such vendors as McCalls and Simplicity. Unless you’ve delved extensively into the authentic cut, pattern, and silhouette of Elizabethan fashions, you wouldn’t know that these pattern sources are more appropriate for Halloween than for an SCA or Renaissance Faire. If you’ve purchased a pattern from one of these sources, I guarantee that the pattern cut is not even CLOSE to period appropriate clothing for the 16th Century and the time period of Queen Elizabeth 1. But that’s ANOTHER topic for another time!  If you want to know more, contact me! 

So were there rose patterns other than a “Tudor Rose” in Elizabethan times? Yes! - but they weren’t clustered together in a bouquet, nor were they realistically “stylized.” - In other words, they didn’t look like a natural rose.

I once read that roses weren’t used in the 16th Century until after the death of Elizabeth; and that the rose motif was a tribute to Elizabeth. I have not been able to find documentation for that.

An example of a NON-Elizabethan style rose is the fabric below, and is NOT appropriate for an Elizabethan or an Early Tudor style ensemble:


Of interest, the picture below is taken of an extant garment from the Metropolitan Museum. Of note is the fabric pattern in the brocade… See it?  Yes, it’s roses! But notice how much more primitive they appears? Not at all like the fabric seen in the Colonial and Victorian eras!

Tudor Rose Embroidery:

Some examples of embroidery motifs that feature a Tudor Rose. The first picture has lilies, thistles, and roses.

Elizabethan Era Fabrics:

One of my favorite examples of floral patterns during the Elizabethan era (1590) is this portrait of Elizabeth Vernon, Countess of Southampton. Now some argue that such patterns were just the artist’s creative license, but when you really delve into embroidery and fibers from the 16th Century - especially in the late 1500s, you will find a great deal more intricate embroidery and woven fabrics that became in vogue.

Another of my favorites is the portrait believed to be Helena Snakenborg, Marchioness of Northampton and one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite ladies. The Tudor Rose and Bud pattern of her sleeves and partlet are stunning examples of rose embroidery.

Victorian Renditions of Elizabethan Portraits:

Something many people are not aware is that during the Victorian era there were many artists who painted “Elizabethan styled” works. It’s often easy to become confused. You search for “Elizabethan Portraits” in Google hoping to find resources, and up pop these portraits with design elements like “Daisies."  While there were ‘daises’ seen in embroidery during the 16th Century, portraits such as the one below of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland has caused a great stir. I’ve yet to find any documentation that the daises represented in this rendition were accurate for 16th Century motifs.

There are many interesting motifs that were popular in the Elizabethan era, roses were only one among them. But be careful about the style you use!  When in doubt, stick to damask and filigree patterns in your fabric! - But be wary of roses!

If you have any questions, I am always available. If I can’t answer it, I have plenty of sources with which to inquire.

~ Cheers!

1989 World Tour “Clean” Speech Atlanta, GA October 24, 2015

“I love getting to come here and see you and be with you but unfortunately it doesn’t happen as often as I’d like it to. You know, I don’t get to come to Atlanta as often as I should get to come to Atlanta but when I’m not here, one of the coolest things about existing when we exist in 2015 is that I can check up on you. Like I can go on Instagram or Tumblr or Twitter and check out what you’re doing. And keep in touch even though we don’t live in the same place, um, and I love that because I love checking out your outfit before the show and pictures you took during the show and I don’t know, pictures you took from the event before the show or after the show or something. And by getting to go in and check on you, it doesn’t feel like we’re as far apart as we are geographically because we get to like keep in touch, and that’s my favorite part of existing in 2015. I’ll tell you my least favorite part of this whole technology era that we live in is when I go on one of your pictures and I’m checking out just something you posted and I go to the comments underneath and I’ll see that maybe somebody has left you a really cruel, thoughtless comment, criticizing you or telling you in some way that you’re not good enough. And I think that’s my least favorite part of the whole thing, is that somebody can ruin your day and they don’t have to watch the expression on your face after they ruin your day by making a comment like that. And I wish that, I wish that never happened to any of the 56,000 people in this room because you have been so kind to us. You know what I’ve been seeing as I’ve been looking out into the crowd, I am seeing people who are probably seated around strangers they have never met before. But I’m seeing people dance as if they are completely alone, just absolute reckless abandon. I’m hearing you sing at the top of your lungs. These days we have a lot of people, we all do, we have a lot of people telling us what’s cool, what’s beautiful, what we should believe, how we should act, and a lot of the time the message that we get fed is that what’s cool is to be bored and unaffected and [unexcitable] and “chill” and kind of unmoved by life, even if your life is really giving you a happy moment to be excited about. And I just wanted to tell you that I’m so happy that I’m not seeing that attitude here tonight. Because you know what’s better than being cool? The thing I think is better than being cool and chill and bored and unaffected, I think the thing that’s better than being all that is being happy, and that’s what I’m seeing a lot of tonight, so thank you for being who you are. Let me tell you something, you are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you. And the truth doesn’t come in a random comment under your Instagram picture telling you that you don’t look good. That is not what the truth is. And that’s not real. I’ve struggled with this for a long time because how can we not be curious about what other people think about us? And, uh, it was a few years ago that I decided that I wasn’t gonna prioritize that anymore, and I think the moment when you can take your idea of yourself and remove what other people have told you isn’t good about you and um look in the mirror and not see any of that, I think in that moment, you’re finally Clean.” @taylorswift

What's On Your Desk?

The desk of Joey Tennutti—Post Production Supervisor on “Bob’s Burgers”

Bottle of Fat Burning Pills

“I work out quite a bit and being a former fat kid I’m afraid of getting back to that. So, I constantly take fat burners through out my day to help reassure myself that I’m okay.”


“This is my little lap dog, Meatball, weighing in at 91 pounds. He’s light as a feather, I’d say.”

Bowl of Stuff

“Ironically enough, that little dish used to be Meatball’s food bowl when I used to bring him to work at Bento everyday as a puppy. I decided to keep it here to hold my sex dice, binder clips, and the occasional pack of salt that never gets used.”

Madonna “This picture is of my favorite person ever… Madonna. In cartoon form! Even better! I also have a Madonna tattoo on my arm from that era.

"Be Nice.” “This is the motto I follow throughout the day. If you’re going to be mean, get out of my office!”

Family Guy “I purchased this figure set on one of my visits to the FOX Studio store. Who hasn’t felt like they are fighting a giant chicken at some point in their day?”

Desk Drawer “Well, I never really open this drawer. Hey, there’s my watch! I was looking for that! I should probably deal with that parking ticket in there too, I guess.”

Gold Flash Drive “Joel Kuwahara gave it to me! When I started in April 2011, I helped arrange a business trip to Korea for him. He brought back some neat stuff from the overseas studios and gave me the flash drive. I really liked the color and its light weight. It’s from Dong-Woo Animation Studio in Seoul. Unplug it and the show doesn’t get on the air…”

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what are your favorite looks from man who sold the world era?

I’m not the biggest fan of some of the photoshoots (the sphinx one just looks silly to me, as does the fuzzy jacket+lizard ring one) but any time he puts on a dress I’m all over it.

Tho ngl this might be my actual favourite picture of the era:

that is a level of attractive that he (imo) failed to achieve in any fancy photoshoots of this era but somehow managed while posing with a kettle and a dirty floor. ???

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It was from the pit at the Chiefs stadium in KC. My friend was behind me taking this so my hand ended up being in the picture. I loved it so much since I figured this would be the only picture I’d be lucky enough to get with her. Anyways, this night was so beautiful and I miss the speak now era and the haunted performance and the arm lyrics