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Summary: Your anxiety gets the better of you doing a photoshoot for an undercover mission and Bucky checks up on you, wonder what happened.

Warnings: anxiety attack, sexual tension, fluff, oral (reader receiving), fingering

A/N: It’s Bucky’s birthday and with all the fics being written for it, I thought I’d go ahead and write a quick one-shot! Happy Birthday, Bucky Barnes!

“I’m sorry, you want me to do what?” You folded your arms across your chest, anxiety bubbling in your chest.

“All you have to do put on a few swimsuits and plant this thumb drive in one of their computers when no one’s looking.” Nat held up a usb drive with Stark printed across the plastic. 

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anonymous asked:

What's your favourite J2 moment? ( I'm new so I'm trying to catch up )

Hi anon! No worries, I’m actually fairly new to the J2 community (specifically the tinhat one) but I jumped in both feet first and never looked back. As for my favorite moment…well, I recently made a post here (actually answering an ask from the lovely @legacies-j2) about how Jared and Jensen are made for it each other, and I added quite a few of my favorite moments in that one.

I’m trying to think of something new to add, because there are a lot of “obvious” moments that have been featured prominently over the years as Ultimate J2 Moments (like the almost-kiss on the red carpet). But you can find those easily. (I have two J2 tags, the regular one and the tinhat one, if you’re interested.)

I really like the gag reels because, even though they’re edited, I feel like we get a glimpse of how the Js are together for real, without critics and fans and people with certain (crappy, unfair) expectations keeping watch on them (like at cons), so they are not putting up any type of facade.

So some of my favorite gag reel moments are these…

Major hearteyes in the season 2 gag reel

Then again in season 7

And season 10

When they do something like this and everyone lost their collective shit:

(from the season 8 gag reel)

And then this moment from the season 10 gag reel:

The guest actor had accidentally drooled while she was talking on one of the previous takes, so during this one the Js messed with her by drooling back. I honestly believe that they did not plan this or talk about it or anything; that’s how in sync they are, and I love seeing little stuff like that which really drives home their closeness and like-mindedness.

There are also cute little moments like this:

(I don’t know what that is from, sorry)

And then this moment from the season 1 video of A Day In the Life:

This was filmed the day before Jensen’s birthday, and Jensen was talking about the director’s viewfinder that Jared had gotten him for his birthday. If you believe tinhat lore, this is round about the time when they got serious about their relationship, and in this moment it looks like Jensen just wants to lean over to Jared and kiss him, but has to settle for a hand on the should and a pat on the chest. It’s so sweet but also a little heartbreaking, that already they were trying to hold back on showing their feelings to the public.

There are also four photos that absolutely kill me every time I see them. Three are from this photoshoot:

Like, I still don’t know what the hell is even happening here?! (I know it was a 2016 photoshoot for Rogue Magazine), but it’s like…it’s like heartbreaking meets erotica meets real-life husbands? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have the photos. But seriously, they are killing me.

The other photo that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it is this one:

When they went to Aspen together in 2015/2016 (for New Years, I believe. Someone correct me if I’m wrong). No joke, that is the most couple-y, loved-up, married husbands photo I have ever seen. And I don’t mean that I have ever seen from the Js. I mean that I have ever seen ever.

So those are some of my favorite moments, anon. I was going to try and make my answer short and sweet but it seems that, when it comes to Jared and Jensen, I can never do short. (It’s always sweet, though <3)

Thanks for the ask, bby! Have a wonderful and J2-filled night!

I'd Love to See You Out of That Cosplay

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Request: Hi. This is my first request so IDK for sure if I’m doing it correctly, but any chance you can make a part 2 to the ‘Falling’ in love one you made for Crankgameplays? It was really good.

Summary: This picks up where “‘Falling’ In Love” leaves off. Reader’s phone gets bombarded with notifications after Ethan tweets about her and they run into each other again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

You can find part one here

A/N: Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post all day even though I said I would, I was social for once. Anyway here she is! As always anything in italics is usually the inner thoughts of a character. Hope you enjoy this one! I was super excited to write this and I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Wordcount: 1094, bit longer than the first

Requests are open!

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Opposite Gender Challenge - Havoc

Rules: Take a photo of your favorite sim in their usual gender/look/makeup/style etc and then take an after photo of them completely genderbended. You may edit their features to match the original sim’s face if needed. Tag 10 other people & tag your challenge with #simsgbd

Tagged by @ninjaofthepurplethings. I may or may not have also done the two sets of gen 3 twins for this too XD And taken loads of pictures of them all >> (Don’t worry Ninja, I’ll only tag you in this one, promise XD) I’ll try to spread the posts out so not to spam everyone with these ;P

I was so happy to see all of Hav’s tattoos actually moved over perfectly! So of course Male!Havoc had to wear a top that shows them off ;)

Don’t know who to tag, seen so many people already doing these. Feel free to tag yourselves if you wanna do it!

Fresh Start - Home Alone

A/N: Part 8 (EIGHT??) of my Fresh Start series. As promised you will have three parts this week. I’m trying to cue this for wednesday since I’ll be busy, but I have no clue what i’m doing so you might get it today (tuesday). Shout out to my beautiful beta @thorne93. Hope ya’ll enjoy reading. Feedback is always appreciated.

Characters: Dean, Reader.

Pairing: Getting closer to Dean x Reader

Warnings: Some alcohol, some language.  

Wordcount: 2509


*Gif not mine*

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

Hey! I was wondering if you were busy tonight? I have the house to myself and I have stocked up on apology beer.  -(YN)

Dean read the text a couple of times, and then one more time before he answered. He didn’t quite know what to think, if there was something hidden between the words or if it was just a beer and an apology. He really didn’t think you had anything to apologize for though, he figured he crossed a line with you, messed up if you will, and you asked him to leave, he understood that. He decided to not read anything into the text and typed up a reply.

Hey! Apology beer sounds awesome! Mind if I bring an apology pizza?

An hour went by without any answer from you, Dean would never admit it to anyone, but he was getting more nervous by the minute. He checked his phone for what seemed like the hundredth time and was just as disappointed when there was no answer. Dean decided he had to busy himself with something while he waited, as to not go insane, so he decided to go grab a shower. The warm water didn’t do what he hoped it would, it didn’t calm him down in the slightest. Instead he was worrying that he had pushed his luck, that you might think he had another agenda. He tried to push you out of his mind completely as he dried off and went to his bedroom to find some clothes. Dean never put much thought into what he wore, he always wore either a henley or an old band shirt paired with flannel and a pair of jeans. Today he went with an all black henley with a grey flannel over and the only pair of jeans that didn’t have holes or oil stains on them. Just as he was buckling his belt he heard his phone buzz on the kitchen table downstairs and he all but ran out of his room and down to where his phone was. He didn’t quite understand why he felt the need to brace himself before opening the text, but he did.

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EXO Reaction to Cheating On You But Then Regretting It (Baekhyun, Kai, Sehun)

I really hope you guys like this. Once again, sorry I can’t add the original request because it is on my broken computer. But if I can get it fixed, I promise I will go back and edit this. Anyways, I hope you guys like this reaction. It was a little painful to write. <3

Please, if someone cheats on you, really think about if they are worth another chance. No one should be hurt in a relationship and you all deserve only the best.

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

BTS Version (Suga, Jimin, V)

Baekhyun: He stared at Taeyeon across from him. He had pushed her away as soon as he lips attached to his. He didn’t know who initiated the kiss, but he knew it was wrong. This wasn’t him. He wasn’t a cheater, but it was too late. He had already cheated and part of him wanted to continue. He wanted to feel her lips on his again, but at the same time, he wanted to flee the room and deny having ever been there. Before making a decision, Taeyeon leaned in once again and caught his lips with hers. This time he did not bother to push her away; instantly knowing he would regret it.

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It took a few weeks for the pictures to leak on the internet, but the second they did and you saw them, it was non-stop yelling. You cussed him out, tears streaming down your cheeks. You stormed out of his dorm, telling him that you would not be back. At first, he hoped you would come back, return his call, anything. He paced the dorm, ignoring the others and feeling his usual energy vanish as he tried desperately to contact you so he could apologize for what he had done and how bad he hurt you.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

A month past before he saw you again. He hadn’t meant to see you, but when he left the store, he saw you across the street. He wanted to go up and say something; maybe finally tell you the apology he had wanted to say for so long, but that was when he saw the man who came up to you. The new guy gave you a quick kiss before placing his arm around you. You smiled, the smile Baekhyun had missed so much, and turned to look around. For a second, your gaze met his. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it and turned away. She is happy now.

Originally posted by essentyeol

Kai: He placed his hands on the photographer’s his as they kissed. One moment, they were having a typical photoshoot, and the next, they were kissing. He had been so long the past few months since you left to visit your family. He knew it wasn’t right to cheat on you like this, but you hadn’t given him a date when you would return, and he was starting to think you wouldn’t. He knew deep down he was just trying to justify such a terrible action, but he pushed down the rational thoughts. He kissed her more, rolling his tongue around hers when he heard something clatter to the ground.

Originally posted by vitunkpoppi

He turned around to see you staring at him with tears streaming down your face. At your feet are several boxes of what he assumes to be gifts from back home. He pushed the other girl away from him. “Jagi, this isn’t what you think…” He tried to explain, but you ignored him and ran away. You had nothing to say, and he had no way of explaining. You had seen everything, and he had messed up big time. He spent the next few months trying his hardest to think of ways to win you back and get you to forgive him. Without you, he could not find it in himself to act normal, dance, sing, anything.

Originally posted by selubaekai

He knew it was stupid to go back to your apartment, but he needed to see you. He needed to make this up to you. He hadn’t meant to hurt you. He thought you were leaving him. He was just trying to move on. He continued to come up with excuse after excuse. He was a few blocks away from your apartment when he saw you walking out and a new guy walking up to meet you. He had a bouquet of flowers in hand. Just as he had tried, you were moving on. And who was he to try and interfere. He left, walking away quickly and angrily smashed any empty bottle he saw.

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Sehun: He wanted to stay faithful. He had no intention to cheat on you, but there he was, kissing his dance partner. He wanted to pull away, but he just… didn’t. He sat there, completely still as the other girl kissed him. “Sehun!” You screamed as you opened the door to the practice room. The girl pulled away and Sehun found you staring at him with wide eyes; the mix of pain and anger filling them. “Sheun, how could you? This isn’t you. You aren’t this kind of person.” You tried to argue; trying to convince yourself. Sehun couldn’t help it. His eyes rolled, bringing out his automatic sassy defense mechanism.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

There was no hope for your relationship at this point. You had left him right after the incident and he hadn’t bothered to go after you. For the past month, he had done nothing but try to get you out of his mind. He would try to go out with the guys, bury himself in his choreography, or work on music with Chanyeol. But at the end of the day, his mind would wander back to you. His mood would fall and he would give anyone and everyone attitude as he tried to push away any thought of you. Several times, in the middle of the night, he would debate calling you, but decide against it.

Originally posted by dezalvertkr

It had been months and he was sure you were finally out of his mind. That was until he saw you enter his favorite bubble tea shop. He saw you walk in, but you were not alone. You held onto a man’s hand, smiling up at him as you walked towards the counter. Sehun almost chocked on the tea he was drinking. He had not thought about what it would feel like seeing you with someone new, but it was far more painful than he thought. I need to get her back.

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a non-au when jikook are dating and keep it secret but eventually they decide to somehow make it public

The lack of non-au’s is also really ridiculous, so let’s get into Jikook secret dating AU!~

(I know that Korea is not this accepting but please just imagine)

+ Around the time of the group being put together, Jungkook had felt an unexplainable pull towards the boy with the smile that reached his eyes.

+ Over the years leading up to their debut, Jimin and Jungkook had been close friends for a while now, bonding over their home—Busan

+ Jungkook liked that no matter where they were, he always felt as if he was right at home with Jimin by his side. Jimin always holding him at night when he feels lonely and homesick. Keeping him company when he’s alone

+ Before Jungkook even realizes, that strong bond of friendship he thought they had blossomed into so much more—love

+ When Jungkook firsts realizes he’s in love with Park Jimin, he is 17 years old and has locked himself in a bathroom stall during a music video shooting.

+ Seokjin had come by and asked Jungkook if he was okay. He replied from the stall. “Yeah I’m fine,” he then whispers to himself, “except for the fact that I’m in love with my best friend.

+ Of course, Jungkook had unintentionally distanced himself from Jimin, leaving the older wondering what he did wrong. Jungkook getting more flustered around Jimin now having realized his feelings. He feels a shortness of breath if he is within two feet of the older.

+ It was a day he didn’t expect for all of his feelings to come blubbering out. Jimin had been enthusiastically showing Jungkook new dance moves he had learned and that they could put in one of their dances. Jungkook’s eyes had been on Jimin’s smiling mouth the entire time, and when Jimin reached an arm out to show him a movement, Jungkook’s body had a mind of it’s own. Grabbing Jimin and pulling him close, slotting his lips warmly with the other.

+ Jimin had froze—they both had froze, shocked at the younger’s movements. Jungkook pulls back with wide eyes, going to blurt out an apology, but instead—“I love you!” the word vomit came spilling out. Jimin gasps as Jungkook slaps a hand over his own stupid mouth. “I’m so sorry, oh my god. Please pretend that just didn’t happen

+ Jimin had pulled Jungkook’s hand away from his mouth, “Did you really mean it Jungkook?” Jungkook nods, eyes still like saucers. “Every word.”

+ Jungkook let’s out a squeak when their lips smash together again. They stayed like that in the middle of the practice room for the rest of the night.

+ They decided not to tell the boys at first. Too afraid that they wouldn’t be accepting of what they had.

+ Their nights consisted of sneaking into each other’s rooms and cuddling while no one was around. Fleeting kisses in the kitchen, them jumping apart when they hear footsteps approaching.

+ Jungkook trying not to show too much affection around Jimin which resorts to back hugs. Lots and lots of back hugs.

+ One time, they were a bit too lovey-dovey at a photoshoot and Hoseok laughs and makes a joke: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you two were dating.”

+ Jimin and Jungkook had both choked on their spit.

+ It’s extremely hard for them to find time to get intimate because of their schedules and the other boys were always home. One day they were finally about to do it, but yoongi had come back early from recording, and the next thirty seconds consisted of them frantically running around the room and trying to put their clothes back on.

+ Sneaking out on weeknights to go to little food places together

+ When they are practicing as a group, Jungkook’s favorite thing to do is catch Jimin’s eye in the mirror and mouth “I love you.” Jimin usually ends up stumbling over a move or smile like an idiot.

+ The day the boys found out, they weren’t being particularly careful and Jimin currently had Jungkook cornered in the kitchen and his lips were attached to the younger’s—Namjoon of all people had to be the one to burst in.

+ The couple was reduced to a panicking mess, coming up with excuses. All Namjoon said was: “Living room. Now.”

+ The other boys were called into the room and they all sat down, confused as to what was happening. Before either one of them could speak, Namjoon says: “I think we have known this was going on for a while now.”

+ Jimin and Jungkook were shocked and Namjoon is quick to tell them that they have been pretty damn obvious for the past year. The rest of the boys reassure them that it was okay. And They had never been so grateful in their lives.

+ Everything went back to normal for the next few months, But then Jungkook brings up the idea of making it publicly known. Jimin is hesitant at the idea even though their managers are okay with their relationship

+ They end up arguing about it for the next couple of weeks until it finally blows up. “Jungkook, I just don’t think it’s a good idea okay!” “So you’re saying our love isn’t good enough to be honest about?” “No! I just—” Jimin sighs in defeat.

+ It takes a while for him to come around but they finally decide to make it public. Their managers figure that it will be okay since the fans already love all the fan service they do.

+ They end up going on V-live to do it. They make it short and simple. So simple, in fact, many don’t believe them.

+—until the next day they are seen holding hands freely backstage at a performance and Jungkook pressing kisses to Jimin’s temple. (The videos got everywhere and fans around the world about combust at seeing the couple so in love)

+ Jungkook smiles, looking at all the responses on social media. “See? I told you that it wouldn’t be so bad. And now everyone knows that I love you Park Jimin.” Jimin takes the phone from him and sets it down lightly. 

+ “Okay, you win. Now show me how much you love me Jeon Jungkook,” He smirks, pulling him in to a kiss.

Put one of my favorite photos through the Lightroom! I had just been using Instagram editing tools. so I’m Learning all on my own any constructive criticisms or help is appreciated. I’ll be working on other photos but check out the rest of the shoot i did with @mathsanddinos 

Pearl Cosplay by: @mathsanddinos

Jay Park -$olo

Originally posted by jayparkusafans

“Nice to meet you,” you greeted him back politely, while taking a little bow. He smiled at you and opened his arms. Not knowing his intentions you stretched out one of your own arms, thinking he wanted to shake your hand. Jay awkwardly pulled his left hand back, scratching the back of his head while letting out a nervous chuckle. That’s when you realized he actually wanted to give you a hug. You bit on your bottom lip and let out a laughter. “Sorry." 

"Don’t worry,” he replied with a chuckle. His eyes wandering around nervously.

 "Shall we get started?“ You asked him as you lay your bag down onto the wooden floor of the hotel room. He nodded his head in agreement and kneeled down next to you watching you unpacking your luggage. 

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Bias: EXO - Baekyeol BTS - VMIN GOT7 - MARK 💙

~Okay I decided to choose do Baekhyun, Taehyung and Mark- Im going to combine them. I hope you enjoy it!

Deceiving (Baekhyun)

You walked through the door, taking a seat next to Suho and D.O who were waiting for the others to get dressed so you can go to the mall.

“What’s taking them so long” you asked, leaning back.

“Well only Baekhyun and Chen are coming the rest of them are going to record a new song” Suho said, sounding annoyed.

“Well, they need to hurry because the mall will close soon” you spat.

“Can’t we just leave them” Suho whinned

“We won’t miss Baekhyun”D.O snickered.

“Hey don’t say that! I’ll miss him” you said defending the boy whom you thought was innocent.

“How can you like him he’s bad!” D.O yelled.

“No hes not” you defended.

“Just wait until he gets comfortable” Suho hissed.

“Noona” you heard Baekhyun yell as he ran up to hug you, Chen trailing behind him.

He wrapped his larger body around yours as you hugged him back tightly.

“Baekhy I missed you so much. D.O here was just telling me how bad you were. But your a good boy right” You asked confirming it.

Suho rolled his eyes as he scoffed, “Sure he is.”

“Of course. It’s just D.O is always picking on me” he frowned, poking his lip out.

“D.O you need to stop bullying my sweet Baekhyun” you ordered giving Baekhyun a quick ruffle in his hair.

D.o tensed up, his eyes squinting as he eyed his hyung in annoyment. When you turned around to walk towards the door, Baekhyun looked at D.O poking out his tongue in a teasing manner.

When you guys got to the mall, of course Baekhyun was up on you like you were a new favorite toy. Following you to every store you went in and pulling you to every outfit he saw, for you to model in.

“Noona can you try this on for me” Baekhyun asked you, handing you a very tight dress.

“Sure” you smiled, trying it on for him. 

Clueless to what he was planning, you posed for him, turning around for him to see how it fits. 

“It looks very nice on you Noona” he winked at you and you smiled thanking him.

He bit his lip when you turned your back to him, watching how tight it fit on your butt.

“Noona, lets get these matching shirts” Baekhyun proposed, handing up the shit he wanted, and you smiled nodding.

“Of course we can get matching shirts.” 

You and Baekhyun went into Victoria's secret as you split to find the bra you were dying to buy. Your favorite model had wore it and you couldn’t wait to get your hands on it. But what you didn’t know was, Baekhyun hungrily watching you from afar.

He watched how you picked up every bra holding it up to your chest to see how it would look. He steadily licked his lips as his eyes followed you to the changing room. He slowly walked, following you. He watched you disappear behind one of the curtains.

“Noona” he called, in his sweet innocent voice.

“Hold on, Baekhyun i’ll be right out. I’m just trying something on” you called back.

He smirked as he followed your voice to the last curtain. He slowly peeking through the sheer curtain to wait for just the perfect time. You clipped your bra on and bent over to pick up the clothes that fell off the bench.

“I like the black one better. It’s my favorite color” you heard a voice behind you.

You jumped, covering your exposed chest with your arms as you looked up, you saw Baekhyun in the mirror’s reflection.

“Baekhyun what the hell are you doing” your voice trembling, slightly flushed at the sight of him staring at you.

His hands snatched your arms down. Taking a good look at you half naked, he smiled. Licking his lips at the beautiful sight.

“Oh Noona, i’m about to show you just how good I am.”

Let’s play a game (Taehyung)

“Taehyung lets go now” you warned, grabbing his arm.

He was in the ball pit, playing with the little kids and for the 5th time you told him to come on he payed no attention to you. You were getting annoyed that you had to keep trying to contain him.

“But Jagi.. They want to play with me” he whined.

“Tae. They have games for the big kids. That game is for children and your not a child you are an adult” you said for the 3rd time in your calmest voice.

You were exhausted and tired from babysitting your boyfriend all afternoon. He always got lost in the ball pit or accidentally smothered the little ones when he pretended he was drowning. You were getting all types of stares from worried parents.

“Fine” he frowned, lugging his body as you pulled him towards the exit.

“Wait! Jagi, I’m not done playing” he whinned.

“Since you want to be a little kid. When little kids don’t listen, they have time out. Now let’s go home Tae” you ordered pulling his arm out the door.

You got him into the car and started the car, pulling out of the parkinglot and towards your house. Taehyung was everything but quiet, he was playing with the string on your sweater and making weird faces in the mirror.

“Tae, can you please stop doing that you’re distracting me” you hissed, as your eyes quickly traveled from him and to the road.

But he continued playing with your string, and pulling at it, making your hood tighten around your neck.

“Tae!” you shouted, slapping his hand away.

“Sorry” he mumbled, “I’m just bored and you’re no fun” he folded his arms in protest.

You pulled into the driveway, and begin walking towards the house.Taehyung following behind you as he hung his tongue from his mouth. You dropped your bag on the couch and walked towards the kitchen before you were grabbed back and pressed against the counter.

Looking at your boyfriend in shock.

“Tae..what are you doing” you asked, breathing heavily.

His eyes weren’t like his usual. They were low and seductive. Bedroom eyes. He looked down at you as he bit his lip.

“Shhh princess.. Let’s play a game” he smirked,as he licked his fingers.

Let me show you (Mark)

You sat on the edge of the table as you watched Mark get his touch ups from the make up artist. It was something about Mark that you had been so interested in. He was the quietest of the group but still you felt as if he was holding back with you.

You both liked each other, but with Mark it was hard to take things further because he always held back when he was around you. A change in attitude- you hated it.

Every once in awhile he would give you a small smile which made your cheeks flush every time. You were watching him take his photoshoots and he had invited you to come watch him which you couldn’t decline.

“Okay Mark, we need you to look sexy. So on the count of 3″ the photographer said as he held up 3 fingers.

Mark nodded, licking his lips before he got into character. He slowly parted his lips as he gave the camera a dark look. You bit your lip at the sight of him, he was beautiful, sexy even. The way he tugged at his undershirt making you stare at him in pure lust.

“Okay. All finished, I will send you the shoots after I edit it” The photographer said as he waved goodbye.

Mark nodded, grabbing his jacket and walking towards you.

“Like what you saw” he asked, his face still the dark look he gave the camera.

“As a matter of fact I do. That’s the first time I seen you look like you're not holding back ” you said, chewing on your bottom lip.

You followed him towards his dressing room, closing the door behind you. You watched him organize his clothes and pull off his shirt to put his other clothes on.

“You couldn’t handle me if I didn’t hold back” his voice was stern and his eyes quickly glanced at you before turning away.

You scoffed at his response, folding your arms. He turned around halfway facing you to unbuckle his pants and put his other pair back on. Your cheeks flushed at the sight, and you didn’t know whether you were suppose to turn around or watch.

He smirked, his eyes watching how nervous and focused you were.

“Why do you always hold back when you with me” you asked.

Mark sighed and bit his lip before responding. He stared at you in amusement and you looked away, locking your sight on to something else.

“Y/N” Mark called.

“Mhm” you turned around to see Mark, inches away from you and you could feel his hot breath on your neck.

“Oh” you mumbled, biting your lip in embarrassment.

“Do you want me to tell you why I always hold back when i’m with you” Mark whispered into your ear sending shivers down your spine.

“Yes” you nodded slowly.

In a flash, your body was being lifted up on the door and his hands held your wrist pinning them above your head. You were forced to wrap your legs around his waist to balance yourself.

“Because I’m afraid of breaking you” he purred before kissing you roughly.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a scenario #Y/NDaily with namjoon? He upload a picture of you one day and it's the first time ARMY saw you and they were saying your really pretty and they want more pictures so namjoon just spams Twitter with readers pictures and just fluff? Please and thank you (◕‿◕✿)

“Right here is good. Can you take my picture?”

“Namjoon, we’ve taken like ten pictures already!”

“I want a variety so I can pick the best one to post! Please?”

“Ugh, fine. Give me your phone.”

Namjoon handed over his phone eagerly, running into position and striking a nonchalant pose, as if he were too cool to notice the camera. I rolled my eyes, aiming it at him. Namjoon had taken me out for a walk, but I knew it would eventually result in him wanting to take his Kim Daily photos. However, I wanted to spend time with him since we didn’t get much time alone, so I took the bait and decided to suffer later.

This was my later.


“Take another.”

“Come on Joonie, I’m tired!”

“Just a few more?”

“…Only a few.”

Why did I cave? That smile he flashed at me, his dimples appearing on his cheeks, made me melt. Those pearly whites framed by his plump lips. Those eyes, full of passion and excitement that turned into tiny slivers when he smiled widely, or laughed until he couldn’t breathe. His body would shake with laughter as he clapped his hands like seal would its flippers, his body falling to one side dramatically as if laughing took up all his energy and control. Seeing him happy, seeing that smile and hearing that laugh, made my stubbornness wash away.

He was good at suckering me into things.

“How’d those look? Let me see.”

Namjoon came over after his miniature photoshoot, looking through the new additions to his long portfolio of amateur photography. His smile grew every time he swiped, looking at each picture and mentally evaluating their quality.

“These are great. I’ll edit and post one later. Thanks Jagiya.”

Namjoon placed a kiss on my forehead, his strong arm wrapping around my torso as he pulled me close to him.

“You look good today too.” Namjoon pointed with his index finger towards the wall he had just posed in front of, “Go over there, I’ll take your picture.”

“My picture?”

“Yeah! You can be a part of the Kim Daily tag as well!”

I hesitated, suddenly feeling shy. Namjoon pushed me towards the wall gently, urging me to strike a pose.

“Come on, it’s your turn! Pose for me!” He exclaimed, holding his phone up to snap a picture when I was ready.

I stood there shyly, feet pressed together, flashing a small peace sign at the camera, along with a small smile to match.

Namjoon chuckled, “Cute. Let’s take another. Loosen up a bit, you’re so stiff!”

I let my shoulders slack in an effort to relax and get into the feel of being on the other side of the camera.

“Why don’t we try a more mysterious picture this time?”

“Joonie, that’s more your thing.”

“It can be our thing. Just try it once!”

I nodded, looking away from the camera, my head tilted slightly towards the sky. I kept a stoic expression, trying to look troubled and mysterious.

“Great!” Namjoon yelled as he snapped the photo, “That one was really good.”

He joined me near the wall, allowing me to witness the fruits of my labor for myself.

“These are really great. Why don’t we take one together?”

Before I could respond Namjoon was positioning the camera in front of us, again wrapping his arm around my waist in an effort to bring me closer to him. His smile radiated from his lips, reflecting in the screen and therefore receiving the same wide smile from me. What can I say? His happiness is infectious.


“You know, I think this one is my favorite.” Namjoon said, looking over the result of our selfie, “Maybe today will be a special edition to Kim Daily. My awesome photographer can share the limelight with me.”

“I’m not that good.” I said, a slight chuckle in my voice.

“You are to me.” he replied.

I could feel my face heating up, and he seemed to notice as well.

“Ah, you’re too cute! Come on, let’s get going.”

Namjoon pulled me along down the road, one of the brightest smiles I’ve ever seen plastered across his face. I couldn’t help but smile too, feeling the same way.

Upon first entering our place, Namjoon’s first thought was to post his Kim Daily for the day. He flopped onto the couch, looking back through the pictures once again, deleting the ones he didn’t like as much as others. I sat beside him, watching sort through the pictures, add filters as he felt were needed, and make final decisions on which ones to post. I saw him click on the solo picture of myself looking into the distance, and the one of us together. He scrolled back-and-forth between the two, seemingly having trouble making a decision on which to use.

“Jagi, which one?” he asked me.

I shrugged, watching him silently.

Namjoon contemplated the idea a little longer, finally sighing, “I’ll just post both.”

“…Okay.” I said quietly, trying to sound nonchalant about it, though my heart was beating out of chest in reality. I could feel my ears getting hotter, the drumming of my heart seemingly so loud a deaf person could feel and hear its reverberations. My hands got clammy as I watched Namjoon finish and write a caption on his newest post. It didn’t take long after he posted it for fans to begin responding. My breath hitched as I looked through the comments, but to my amazement and relief, comment after comment was of people complimenting both me and Namjoon. Of course, not every comment was positive, but the positive outweighed the negative.

“Looks like the fans have good taste.” Namjoon commented, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

I smiled, “I guess.”

We scrolled through the comment after comment, enjoying the positive responses. My heart felt light, and I felt as if I could float away in that moment, and I’d only want to take Namjoon with me, where we could soar through the skies together, hand in hand. For now, I was content with being anchored down by gravity, because Namjoon was still by my side through it all, and that was all that mattered.

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“I’ve been a massive fan of The Walking Dead since the very beginning, and I have been longing to do anything on it, like a tiny role. When I got this part, I had no idea what it was I was playing, if I was in one scene or two scenes or what. An audition came in for a part that wasn’t Paula. It was a woman who was doing a bank robbery, and it had nothing to do with the apocalypse, or zombies, or anything. I found out the next night as I was having dinner that I was getting on a plane to Georgia the next morning, still with no script, no idea what I was doing. So I was literally boarding the plane, and I get this script, and not only is it just a kickass part, but it’s opposite my favorite actor on the show, Melissa, and I’m just so glad I got that opportunity. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life.” - Alicia Witt

EXO’s Reaction to: You Fangirling About a KDrama Actor


Something SUUUPER CUTE happens on screen and both of you squeal. You shove him over as you’re screaming, “OH MY GOD HE’S SO CUTE XIUMIN HELP.” And at the sound of you saying that he snaps back, “Hey, don’t forget who you’re with, alright?” (He might be a bit salty about how you fangirl more about the actor than you do over him.)

*Gif: You’re Chen*

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The both of you are riding to some place when your phone buzzes in your pocket. You pull it out to check, and your favorite kdrama star just tweeted pictures from his new photoshoot. “LUHAN I’M DEAD LOOK AT HIM OMGOMGOMGOMG-” You shove your phone in his face and Luhan *Gif*

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It was Kris who wanted to watch the new kdrama, not you, but after watching the first episode you had fallen HEAD OVER HEELS for the main guy. When he does something cheesy, you grip Kris’ arm and he’s just like, “Why did I even show it to her -.-” while turning the other way.

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You were in love with the kdrama and when you went to their dorm, you forced all of EXO to watch with you. Even though you were snuggled up to Suho, you still died every time the main guy said something heartwarming and Suho leans back to shoot the other members a Help Me this Actor Is Taking My Girl and IDK WHAT TO DO look. 

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You were on a third date with him when you blushed and smiled to yourself out of nowhere. He caught it, grinning to himself while he said, “Did I make your heart flutter?” Your eyes grew wide since you still weren’t used to him being this way and you quickly told him, “NONONO! I just remembered something my favorite actor did in this kdrama I really like!” 

Lay: *Gif* Oh my god this girl XD

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He sees you fangirling like crazy over this actor dude and he just *gif*

Baekhyun: I’m losing to a guy that she doesn’t even know in person T-T

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When your fav actor does something super AHHH OMG, he just leans over and snuggles up to you with that amazing smile of his to remind you that he was still there and not that actor and that you loved him not that actor and-


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At first, when you fangirl like crazy, Chanyeol jokes around and goes off about “WHY DON’T YOU EVER FANGIRL LIKE THIS ABOUT ME HUH?” But then you look at him with a very serious face and say, “Because you don’t do things to make my heart flutter like that actor does.” 

Chanyeol: *Gif* omg gah

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You were watching the kdrama with him and, yes, you were actually trying reeeaaaaally hard to hide your feels. But when your fav guy said something suuuuper heart melting you just COULDN’T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE. You squealed and shook Kyungsoo’s arm and he’s just like ‘are you serious right now’.

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Before you can finish, Tao takes out his phone and looks at his reflection.

Tao: “Does that mean the police are coming to get me at any second, now?”

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At first he was cool with watching the kdrama with you, but once you started going off about how hot and cute and amazing the actor was he grumpily plugs in his earphones, takes out a book, and begins to ignore you. Of course, this is just a ploy to get your attention and the moment you start cuddling him and showering him with kisses he grins and gives in to you~

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You’re stalking your fav on your phone, scrolling through his photos and admiring how cute he is. That’s when Sehun comes up behind you and looks at your screen. After you giggle at how cute one of the photos are, he laughs out loud, saying, “Omo- you think he’s cute?? When you’re with me?”

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- Karina :D

BTS - [NOW ] BTS in THAILAND (Photobook + DVD) (Limited Edition)

Hello beautiful people ~ I’m finally here with a new review. Yay ! It’s always a pretty nice surprise when I received package in the mail, so this fabulous photobook was a big one since I never really know when my stuffs came. I thought that I was going to wait until the end of the next, but not anymore.

I had the change to pre-order the photobook on Kpopmart before it came out of stock/out of print and since the publisher had no intention to reprint the photobook, I was like “Nope, I don’t care if I’m poor, I’m going to buy you piece of art”.
So, it was my first ordering from here. I like the fact that they send us a picture of the package before it got shipped.
It took my package 24 days to come and sadly the box where my photobook came was pretty damaged. I should have taken a picture of it. There has a big hole on it, and the book got slighly damaged since there was also a lack of bubble wrap and the box a bit too big.

As you can see on the picture, the texture of the cover is pretty nice with a lot of relief all over the photobook’s jacket. Or I don’t know how to name it so  ~

1. 화보집 콘텐츠 리스트(250P) 
-Pt.1 Hotel Room 
-Pt.2 Resort 
-Pt.3 Sports 
-Pt.4 Pool
-Pt.5 Hotel at Night
-Pt.6 Pattaya
-Pt.7 BTS Top Model (Group Mission) 

Interview : “NOW" 
Special Thank to. 

2. DVD 콘텐츠 리스트 
DISC 01 : 

A little close up on the BTS official sticker on the back of the book’s jacket.

And this is how it looks like when you open the book’s jacket. 

The photobook also includes 3 postcards and a mini poster who’s around the same size as the photobook, 18,5 x 26 cm. 

Cover of the photobook. Yay ~ I didn’t forget about the DVD, I’m just going to talk about it in the last part of my review so (❁´◡`❁)
Godness, I’m going to talk about this fabulous photobook who contains 250 pages of pure gold. Also showing some of my favorite pictures of the book. And since the photobook is really thick, it was a bit hard to take beautiful pictures. I swear to god I tried my best to have good quality pictures ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)
Please, do not take, reblog or edit my pictures unless you ask for a permission first. 

The contents pages are so flashy seriously. There was also group photo on top.

Part 1. HOTEL ROOMAt the start of each part, there’s a camo design with the name of the ”chapter“. Also each of these pages got a different color ~

This is the 1st picture of the photobook. So much gold. And legs. There’s a lot of skin in this book tho. All of the photos are freaking beautiful, in high quality and all. There’s probably a couple part in the book where the pictures are in less quality because it was taken outside, in the dark. But still, they’re all so pretty anwsome ╮(─▽─)╭

Pretty Hobi (⊙△⊙✿)Jin & Jimin in the bath is one of my favorite part of the book ~

Part 2. RESORTThis is one of the part where the pictures are a bit low in quality, but they were taken during the night (as you can see on the DVD too) and they’re still pretty nice quality tho.I took more pictures of J-Hope. He’s one of my bias so I’m sorry for spamming you with is beautiful face (。≖△≖。✿)Flower boys ~

Part 3. SPORTSI think this is the part I took most of the pictures ~

J-Hope & Taehyung were playing Tennis.Rap Monster, Jin & Kookie were playing Ping PongFinally Suga & Jimin were playing Basketball.

Part 4. POOLSweet jesus lord oh I wish I had taken more pictures of this part. THIS IS MY FAV. So much gold, skin and half naked Kookie and Jimin in the pool. Pretty nice. I sound like a perverted noona ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)Jin being the princess he is (◡‿◡✿)

Part 5. HOTEL at NIGHTI really liked the concept of this part, even thought the quality is not at is best. But it’s better than nothing yo ~

Part 6. PATTAYA Oops ~ J-Hope again. And forever. Pretty boy.


At the last pages of the photobook, the boys had a kind of mini interview, with all the same questions for each members and they had to choose there’s favorite picture, as you can see on the bottom corner ⊙ω⊙

The credits part. This picture is so fabulous ~

And finally, sweet god, the back of the photobook. I really liked the concept for their cover photobook. Took from their sport part ⊙△⊙

DVDIt took me around 2 days before listening to the DVD. I had so much feels when I got my photobook, so watching this was not in my top priorities. 
The DVD is an all region category, with english, japanses and korean subtitles and the duration of the disc is around 30 minutes. It contains the making-of of the photobook and the surprise mission, who was on their last part in the book.

I don’t know what to say… Haaa ! This was pretty nice to see the behind the scene for the photobook. They showed up the making of each part, and the boys chilling out at each locations. There were some part that was pretty funny too.
For their mission, the boys were seprarated in 3 groups : Jin & Suga, RapMon & J-Hope, and the maknae line, Kookie, Jimin and V. They had to chose a theme and a location for a photoshoot. And if I remember well, the winning team was going to have full pages with their pictures on it. The funiest thing is that Jin & Suga had like only 7 minutes to do their photoshoot, while the other boys had around 20 minutes.
For the winning team (☞゚∀゚)☞ I’m not going to tell you. Nah. I’m kidding. The maknae line won this run. 
They also talked about their experience in Thailand, how the mission was and all. 

At last, those 30 minutes were pure gold. And I couldn’t stop giggling like a little schoolgirl having a freaking crush. Like. Yeah. Help ಥ‿ಥ

FINALLY, I just wanted to say despite his price that was kinda expensive with the shipping, I don’t regret anything. Every A.R.M.Y need this piece of gold, or at least, watch it one time in your lifetime. I hope to see more from the boys and up until now, they never disapointed me. 

Hope you liked my kind of review. Sorry for my long post and grammatical error. And stay tunned for my future release. And who knows, probably a giveaway ≖‿≖


“There were times I wish I could have had a more normal upbringing, in terms of being in one place and going to the same school the entire time. I’m very grateful for where I came from and the way things worked out. I already feel like I’ve come a long way. If this is what’s happened so far, if I keep on the line I’m going, then perhaps many other great things will happen. It’s just the beginning.”