this is one of my favorite memories of indonesia

aph-id-sg  asked:

13: what would your character die for? (Ehe)

//Her freedom.

14: What is the cutest thing your character has ever done?

//I don’t think I should be the one to answer this. You guys can be the judge. Thank you, btw. 

34: What is cliche about your character?

//She’s a bundle of sunshine. 


9: How does your character feel about religion?

//She was a devout Catholic, but she’ll be just as devout with any other kind of religion. 

She’s not as devout as she used to, and, I think she’s really more superstitious than religious, tbh.


You seriously did not ask me this question! I cockblock my own ships. ‘nuff said. 

Besides, I shouldn’t be the one to answer this. How the hell would I know?

2: What is your character’s favorite memory?

//Definitely the declaration of Independence in 1898 would be one of them, but that was very short lived.

I’d sell Phili too, after that little dance number.//bricked